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All 6 of the numbers matched. Dexter was just in shock as he held his ticket in his shaking paw, staring from the string of numbers on the crumpled paper to the television and back again. Standing up in front of his run-down sofa in his small apartment, the young canine just couldn’t believe his eyes. He had just won something, the first thing in his life, and it was the biggest lottery in the history of the country. He had only bought a ticket on a whim, just hoping secretly to get at least some money out of the drawing. To think that he had won though made the wolf nearly faint as he watched the numbers appear on the screen. He had no idea what he would do with so much money, not even a hint of an idea in fact. Bigger house maybe, never working again… Those had been things that the canid had never even considered. Here he was though, ready to start a new life thanks to being awarded an absurdly large sum of money thanks to chance. Dexter’s mind was reeling from it all as he just clutched his ticket a little tighter in his black paw, staring at the numbers one more time. What on earth was he going to do with it all…

That thought stuck with the canine as he left his house the next day to go to the lottery claiming office, then the following day as news of his winning spread through his small job, and even the next week as he made arrangements to move into a larger house. He had quit very professionally from his job, giving notice and even going so far as to share a portion of his winnings with his few coworkers at the bakery where he had worked; a month’s pay for everyone. The shy, quiet baker had won enough to take care of everyone, and he did just that; his coworkers had all been kind to him. Sure, he may have not been the fastest or best worker there, but they were all kind enough to him and he was kind back, in his own quiet way… And that made for very few hard feelings as the canine departed from his position at the bakery to move away from the city. Dexter would never need another job after this amount of money had landed in his lap, and the canine knew it as he had prepped for his move and departed from the city. The whirlwind of activity had kept him from thinking about what he wanted to do long-term with his winnings though, and as he looked back at the city one last time in the rear-view mirror of his car, the canine didn’t know how he was going to move forward.

Another week passed before Dexter was settled into his new home, new furnishings having been brought in the entire week prior. Paint, a couple small projects that needed to be done, and that was that. The last of the deliveries and workers had just left the previous night, and that left Dexter alone in a modest, fancy house. The wolf hadn’t gone overboard with his living accommodations, he lived alone after all and didn’t need much space after all. Instead, he decided to invest a heavy portion of his money into various companies and stocks, trying to make sure that he truly never would need to work again. The canine didn’t want to be like other lottery winners, and his financial advisor was making sure of that too. Of course, the badger was getting a substantial cut of the proceeds, but the wolf didn’t much care about that… He still hadn’t placed a finger on what he wanted to do with all of his money. He now had the house, the steady income of his money making him money, a life that was taken care of… Now what? Dexter couldn’t decide if he wanted to travel, to relax, or do anything else aside from just laze around his newly purchased abode.

Grumbling to himself as he flopped down onto his sofa, the wolf just sighed heavily as he turned on his huge television. Dexter had earned some lazy time after all, or so the wolf told himself as the drone of the box began to suck him down into being a lump on the sofa. He had already made a lunch of sorts, something simple, and it sat on the table in front of him as he idly munched on his meal and just lazed on the sofa. As he sat there, the drone of commercials letting his mind wander as he waited for his show to resume, the canine thought about hiring a chef to do the cooking for him. The canine had the room in his house after all, and Dexter had just spent the previous couple years of his life doing cooking for others… Someone should come cook for him. Maybe a butler of sorts too, to keep the place clean as well as take care of things for the wolf. Dexter was filthy rich now, he could afford such luxuries now, and there was no reason for the canine not to indulge himself. He wanted to be lazy, to relax and just enjoy what he had stumbled into, and that did mean having others take care of things for him. He already had a financial advisor taking care of his money after all, what was adding a cook and a butler into the mix? The canine sure had the space in his house, so some extra help wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, and it would give him someone to talk to.

Mind made up, Dexter placed ads online for both a chef and butler from his phone as he lay on his couch. Both were responded to in droves just minutes later, all kinds of chefs and butlers applying for the position. Dexter wasn’t even sure of what to do with all of the responses, the shy wolf not quite used to such attention. He quickly took down the ads after just a half-hour of having them up, nervous that he had too many applicants already to manage. His phone had all but exploded from the amount of emails in reply he had received, as many in the area already knew that he was a multi-millionaire. However, Dexter wasn’t looking for any fur that would exploit that… No, he wanted two anthros that were qualified for what he was looking for. Two that could take care of him to allow the wolf to do as he pleased, even if what he pleased some days was to just lay on the couch or in bed and watch television for the entire day. That was the life he wanted, and after pursuing the responses he had received throughout reruns of a show that he had seen more times than he would admit, Dexter made up his mind. A former head-chef of a restaurant that went under from mismanagement, and a butler that had over fifteen years of experience; nearly Dexter’s entire life.

Three days later, both anthros were set up in the canine’s home. Each had their own room in the main house for the time being as a second house was being planned up to add to the property; Dexter wanted to make sure both had space. The chef, a portly bear named Daemon with a very calm demeanor, was already settling into the kitchen and suggesting upgrades to Dexter. The wolf had gone along with every one, instructing his contractor to give Daemon whatever he wanted in the kitchen. The butler had been even easier to appease, no requests made and no qualms about the terms of his contract and needs. Named Harvy, the lithe raccoon was clad in a suit when he arrived, and looked a bit shocked to see just how young Dexter was. He had quickly returned to a professional demeanor, going from a butler to almost a protective care-taker in a matter of hours once he and Dexter had sorted out of the details of his employment. The shy canine was absolutely floored with how lucky he had gotten to have the pair taking care of his needs, and that went a long way to making sure that he was comfortable with having them both in his home. Two new furs, and here they were… Just set to make sure that he would be able to do what he wanted with his newfound life. Dexter still hadn’t decided that path, but he knew he had all the time in the world to figure it out. Reruns of another show the wolf adored were on after all, and he could smell Daemon cooking up something incredible in the kitchen.


Dexter let loose an uproarious belch before groaning and sinking back down into the sofa. He had just eaten his second lunch of the day, another absolutely delectable spread by Daemon. The bear was one of the best cooks Dexter had ever seen, or tasted for that matter as each dish seemed to be better than the last. Perfect seasoning and a very light char on the steak, mashed potatoes that were more buttery and fluffy than a fat corgi, and vegetables that had been steamed to utter perfection. Dexter had always been a foodie, but allowing Daemon to just spoil his taste buds the way the ursine had was a pure treat every single meal that the wolf ate. Sure, Dexter was eating more than he ever had as a result, but Daemon seemed to just be happy that his meals were being enjoyed as much as they were. In fact, the bear had been stepping up the servings for Dexter as a result of it all, and Dexter sure had noticed it all. He felt bloated and full pretty much constantly at his home, which meant he rarely left the couch anymore. In fact, the wolf barely did anything around the house; Daemon cooked and Harvy cleaned. There was nothing that the wolf had to do, so he did nothing as a result. He still deserved all his relaxation after all; he earned some, and the rest had come from all his money.

All that resting had taken quite a toll on his waistline though, and the wolf had gone from being a svelte young adult to a rounding out one. His once-flat stomach, adorned with its white fur and yellow-striped sides, had swelled out to be more of a gut now as he sat. It shook lightly with every step he took, had rolls forming along the sides of its growing girth, and often was coated in a light dusting of crumbs. Dexter would often forgo a shirt as a result of this, just to keep the laundry down for Harvy and to allow the light smell of musk that was forming from the added weight to reach his nose. The smell was just as enjoyable to Dexter as the food, and there would be days when he wouldn’t shower just to get some extra whiffs of his stronger stench. He would often lift a fat-padded arm, the yellow stripes running down the top of his arm having stretched out as more girth had padded the appendage, and get deep smell of his underarms. The canine’s keen sense of smell was overwhelmed by this as he would plaster his ears back and feel his tail try to wag whilst being smothered beneath his increasingly gravid backside. His pants were practically painted on, and Dexter didn’t mind this as he just enjoyed the tight, constricting feeling on his body to accentuate just how much weight he had put on in the time since winning his life-altering award. He had already torn through a couple pairs of pants as a result of this, forcing Harvy to order new clothes several sizes up. Dexter had requested sizes larger than he needed too, as he knew the gaining wasn’t just going to stop… In fact, it was probably only going to increase as he was all but being fattened up by Daemon. His newly padded thighs, his sagging chest, his yellow-striped cheeks that were now swelling somewhat off his face, his thickening black-and-yellow neck… All of Dexter’s frame was just getting bigger thanks to that bear, and somehow the canine wasn’t complaining. In fact, he was like a puppy with a new toy with it all. He wanted more to play with and paw at, to explore this side of himself that he had never gotten a chance to… And he wanted it bad. The wolf wasn’t fully set on gaining more weight just yet, but every passing meal he was becoming more and more sure with himself on what he wanted to do with his lottery money, and the increasing sums of money he was making from his investments.

“Are you all finished sir?” came Harvy, snapping Dexter out of his own head and back to the room. The wolf had been playing with his exposed stomach as he had been just thinking about how the previous weeks had gone for him, and was more than a little embarrassed that the raccoon had seen him. His cheek-stripes light up like a Christmas tree, Dexter just nodded slightly and looked away shyly. “Good. Is there anything else I can get for you?”

“Uhm… You don’t mind I’m getting fat, right?”

“Mind, sir?”

“Well… Yeah. I mean, I know I sm-“

“Sir, it isn’t my job to judge you. I am simply here to make sure that you are fed and the house is taken care of. Besides…” Harvy leaned in a little closer, the older raccoon’s face coming in close to Dexter’s. The blush on the wolf’s face returned anew because of this, and he had to struggle to look up at Harvy. “You aren’t the first anthro I’ve served that ate themselves into oblivion. I don’t mind… In fact, if this is what you want to do with yourself, I can help.”

“Y-You can?”

“Of course sir. Now, can I get you anything else?”


Dexter could hardly remember when he decided that gaining and growing was a good idea, but every ounce of him was happy that he had made that decision. He barely needed to lift a finger, spending his days on the couch and his nights sometimes there as well. Moving the canine had become an increasingly difficult task after all, as Harvy hadn’t been joking about the help. In fact, the raccoon had been all the more helpful once Dexter had made up his mind, and as such the amount of weight on the wolf had exploded. Gone were simple curves, light padding on his frame, and any sense of decency. Dexter couldn’t remember the last time he had worn clothing that fit him well, or bathed, or even really moved under his own power without the help of Daemon and Harvy. He was winded just sitting in place, and sweating as though he had run a marathon after a particularly good binge. It was a life that the canine hadn’t quite expected when he had first won the lottery, but he was so happy to have now that he couldn’t imagine things going any other way.

This particular day was picture day, a tradition he and Harvy had set up once Dexter had gotten big enough. Once a month, on the first Saturday to be precise, Dexter would have his picture taken by Harvy. The canine had watched as the butler had slowly started to need to step further back to fit all of the canine in frame, and the resulting image that always came out was enough to floor the canine. He had them pasted on the wall above his television, always being able to see his growth from a lithe, petite teen to an adult that commanded power and respect simply because he could smother any anthro with a single thigh. His demeanor hadn’t changed much at all, but his imposing body did all of that work for him; rarely was Dexter questioned anymore. Whether it was from the stench of his sweat-caked frame, or the utterly rancid smell of the gas that frequently quaked his lower half, the canine wasn’t sure. He simply knew that no one other than Harvy and Daemon spent any real amount of time near him anymore, and that was just fine with Dexter. He had always been shy enough to warrant very few friends, and all of them lived in the city. They all worked, all had lives, and on the rare occasion they did see one another, it was always at Dexter’s house because the canine had grown too large to leave without some renovations. He had already had the doors to the bedroom and bathroom widened twice, and the garage door looked to need it soon as well simply to allow the canine to leave at all. Even squeezing through the slider at the back of his house was impossible now, he was just so wide… And he couldn’t wait to see that.

Harvy arrived a few minutes after Dexter had remembered it was picture day, carrying a platter of steaks in one arm and two cameras in the other. The raccoon just smiled at the wolf, placing the tray down on the table that had become his chest with a single, deft motion. Dexter didn’t question this, and instead tucked in almost instantly. He wasn’t the usual glutton, inhaling his food giving him no chance to savor the exquisite work that Daemon did with food. Instead, he just took large, steady bites into his meals that let him enjoy the food while also making sure that it was nigh inhaled by the canine. His arms slowly brought more of the fattening concoctions to his muzzle, each bite a symphony of flavor that made his eyes roll back into his head and his tail jiggle slightly under his couch-smothering posterior. He was already sweating just from the effort of moving the flabby wings that had once been his arms, but Dexter just inhaled deeply at the new stench that was building up all around him. A blast of gas from his rump sealed the smelly deal, his thick rump and rolling folds of backfat all jiggling from the force of the explosive fart. The former canine would have blushed at this as Harvy was right in front of him, but now he barely even noticed and just kept stuffing the steaks into his muzzle sloppily. Juices and sauce coated his chins and bloated cheeks, his paws, and the off-white fur that now had spread wide over his chest. The wolf didn’t even notice this though, instead just glutting himself even more even as he saw a flash go off right in front of him. Another flash, and Harvy came back towards the gluttonous canine.

There he stood until Dexter finished, removing the platter calmly and replacing it with a polaroid. The fattest thing that Dexter had ever seen was splayed out in that photo, and Dexter could feel his entire frame shudder with pride with that picture. In it, he just saw mounds. Mounds of legs that were being smothered by a belly that could hide multiple furs. Those legs looked as though they didn’t stand a chance to lift the bulk above them, splayed wide and so covered in fat that the rolls which had once been calves were eclipsing the feet below them handily. The belly only allowed a small portion of those calves to be seen though, sagging profusely down and out as though it was a flattened marshmallow. The fat on that appendage, that testament to excess, had formed a W of sorts and just spread out wide in front of its owner. The off-white, stained fur that was on the front of it looked to almost be thinning thanks to how much weight it was having to conceal, as well as shiny thanks to the sheer amount of sweat that it contained. The black fur along the sides, along with the yellow stripes that separated dark from light on the beast in that photo, were all caked with crumbs and rolls of lard that made the beast look even bigger. He was far wider than he was tall, rolling sides that looked to be steps up towards arms that could double as stomachs to thinner furs and a chest that looked to be two deflated beach balls. Combined with a neck that could easily be a tire for a car, a face that was so fattened that the features on it were distorted, and even ears on top of that head which were fattened up enough to be permanently folded back… And Dexter just relished what he saw. What he smelled. What he had just tasted.

He had the good life, that was for sure.

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