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The veritable wall of pink undulated and shifted slowly before the drake, little rippling waves of bulk interrupting those tectonic shifts as it was handled. Zero just stared straight on, mesmerized by so much blubber being handled and moving slowly towards him, in spite of easily being too heavy to move under its own power. The groans and gurgles that came from the owner of the vast expanse of pink flesh before him were loud, and gave away that they were stuffed to the absolute brim. Zero could smell the various meats and cheeses that had been stuffed into the titanic porker before him, knowing full well he was about to get a classy meal to end out of time of being treated as a piñata. The drake was ready to eat the pig, to get it over with and to just get his nap in. He wanted to eat the porcine blob, sure, but he was still tired and still could barely breathe; there were twelve other blobs of fur inside of him after all.

“Say hello to Fredrick, our greatest eater. He has been stuffing himself to the brim, daily, for over a year now just to be large enough for you. He never once has been hungry, or even sated; his entire life has become being stuffed to the point of bursting, and that is what he has known throughout his time with us. If you let us finish our offerings to you, it is all you will know as well, all that you will experience. You do not need to answer now, but I think you would quite like to become our deity for good after such a glorious meal. Prove me right, please,” The bull who had started all this, a portly pot-bellied beast wearing robes that looked to be more like a cult leader than should have been allowed, finished his speech with a flourish. He then gestured to his followers, or at least the drake thought he did thanks to only being able to see the top of the cult leader’s head through squinted eyes. Seeing much of anything over his cheeks was still hard, but Zero knew an advancing wall of pork when he saw it.

He felt the pig against him long before his snout got to touch the salty flesh of the porker. Zero had grown so heavy, so vast, that his fat had spread out past even his own head in an effort to make more room for his stomach to stretch. Despite looking as round as he was, the dragon knew that there was hardly an ounce of fat left in his stomach. He had felt it shifting around in his body to make room for his gut to hold all that had been crammed into it, making his arms and legs heavier, as well as his rear and the rolling folds of blubber along his back. The drake had been somewhat grateful for that impromptu fat redistribution, feeling as though he now was resting on a soft mattress while being sat on by multiple elephants, instead of just being sat on by multiple elephants. He grunted slightly at the impact to his fatty neck, peering as much over his cheeks as he could to see if there was a single feature on the pig he could make out. Nothing came to him though, just a wall of unbroken pink; there wasn’t even a fold of fat on that stretched out mass, just taut flesh. Zero was somewhat impressed by this, but he could only imagine what his own stomach looked like. His belly scales had long ago separated to make room after all, and he could feel the increasingly sensitive flesh between them being lightly handled by some of the cultists.

Focusing back on the pig, Zero finally got a light taste of the pork as the fat of the pig was pushed against his snout. The two cultists on either side of his head dutifully lifted his jaws once this happened, pulling them farther open than before thanks to just how stretched out they were from the previous ‘meals’. Zero groaned outwardly from this, a gurgling noise that made one of the cultists to his side shudder somewhat. The drake had to grin inwardly at that; he had become such a gluttonous mound that even his sounds were intimidating. Still, the process left him sore and exhausted, so the drake just wanted the pig in him and to be done with it all. He could feel his jaw being forced open wider and wider, thankfully already unhinged several offerings ago to make it stretch enough to handle those meals. Paws were already rubbing along his throat, massaging the overstretched skin there in slow arcs to try and work out the tension that had built up as gently as they could. Another groan rolled out of the drake, though this one was stifled as pork was pushed against the gaping maw that had been lifted as high as it could; the drake’s last meal was starting.

Light pushes started with the pig, ever-so-slowly making his way into the dragon’s muzzle. The cultists who had been holding his jaw open let go shortly after the pushing started, unable to reach high enough to hold onto that jaw of the dragon. They moved off somewhere beyond where Zero could see, presumably to help as the shove after they left felt slightly stronger. Zero was groaning and grunting with each push of the pig, his cheeks stretching out wide enough to allow him to see again, and his muzzle looking more and more like an over-zealous snake’s than a dragon’s. Struggling to keep eating, the drake could feel his throat bulging already, the skin around it being stretched simply from how wide his jaw was being opened. His scales felt to be separating slightly from being asked to pull so far apart, a feeling which was eased by the tender attention to whatever could be reached by his massaging cultists. The drake tried to swallow, only managing a feeble gulp in spite of himself. Another push came, the pig advancing another inch into him, and Zero finally got a taste of something other than pigskin. A hoof, barely protruding from the stomach which had smothered the pig so completely, was ever so lightly brushing his cheek on that swallow. Another push, then another… The legs of the porcine mound were practically swallowed by his girth, only the hooves sticking out, and barely at that. Zero had to guess him pushing on the fat of the pig was what was making them stick out, and that made the drake chuckle to himself as he kept on trying to comply with the stuffing.

Push, gulp, push, gulp… Zero wasn’t even at the widest part of the porker yet, and already he was stretched out further than he had been with the elephant. His eyes could see clearly now, his cheeks were almost translucent from being stretched so far out, and his neck was pulling on his chest from being so stretched out. The pig was making progress, sure, but Zero knew he still had the middle of the oinker to get around as he struggled to keep on swallowing. The rubbing to his throat, and now chest, was helping, but it was doing less and less as more of the scales separated to allow for even more give in the drake’s flesh. As if on que, a shower of warm water began to wash over his neck and chest, gentle droplets running all over his front in a steady patter of what felt like rain. The drake groaned loudly at this, the water doing wonders to help him stretch out without any real discomfort. He had to wonder why the cult hadn’t done this sooner, but his mind was still focused on the task at hand; getting that blob inside of him.

At the middle of the pig, even the water did little to soothe the discomfort of the drake being as stretched as he was. His throat was on fire, his cheeks and jaws ached, and he was unable to even swallow thanks to his tongue being so flattened from the weight of the porker. He just had to rely on the cultists pushing, which they did admirably in spite of the other twelve furs in the drake’s stomach providing ample resistance. They made progress with every push, forcing the contents of the dragon’s stomach to shift and jostle about with sluggish motions. The movement in his stomach combined with the forced feeding of the pig was enough to make Zero shut his eyes and just groan, panting out his nose as he tried to keep his composure in spite of being so rapidly stuffed with pig. He was passing the hard part though, and soon it would just be one big shove and then he would be done. Done… Oh, he wanted to be done. Food be damned, he just wanted to let himself rest and recover.

Zero was about to get his wish too, as once he passed the middle of the pig, progress did indeed become easier. The contents of his stomach moved aside for the pig, Zero began to gulp hard with each push, and in short order just the head of the pig was left outside his sagging jaws. Overstretched as they were, Zero knew he would need a long nap to get his jaw working properly again. His scales on his throat were just glad for the raining water, as that was helping them to heal slowly from being as overtaxed as they had been. His belly… Well, it looked to almost be striped the gaps between his scales were so big now, and it towered high and wide enough around the dragon to look almost to be something resting on top of him, rather than a part of him. Zero didn’t want to make sense of that now though, and instead just let his eyes droop as the head of the pig passed through his muzzle. He was exhausted, and the food coma which had been trying to take him for several minutes was making itself known in spades. Zero didn’t fight it either; why should he? The cult was done, and he needed to try to not burst from all that he had eaten. Even as the bull approached, Zero could feel the siren’s call of sleep drawing him into a long, well-deserved nap. The drake barely heard what the cultist leader said, but he didn’t much care either for what the bull had to say; sleep was too important.

“…See you when you wake up, Zero.”

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