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David was hopelessly lost. He knew that he should have stuck with the group, and that he shouldn’t have wandered off on his own. The call of nature had just been too strong though, but by the time he had finished, the male found out that he had been left all on his own. Left alone in the jungle, any man would have been nothing short of terrified. Thankfully, the sun was still high in the sky and David knew that civilization wasn’t too far off. All that mattered was finding his way back to it, and then getting himself cleaned up. An easier said than done feat, but it was something that the man knew he needed to do; he hadn’t even packed close to enough to stay out in the woods alone for any amount of time. Fortunately for him, he had managed to pick up an animal trail, and hoped that following it would get him to at least somewhere that would give him a start in finding his way home. It was an odd trail, looking to be more slithered along than traversed, but it was more than the male had seen in some time of wandering, so he just took his chances and kept along the path.

A few minutes of following the path, and his nose caught something; food. It was good food too, from the scent, and a lot of it. Various scents of meats and desserts reached his nose within moments of picking up the first hints of the food, and it wasn’t long before the man began to hustle up towards the direction of the smells. They seemed to be coming from somewhere down the path he was already on too, giving him even more hope that he was at least going to be rescued or something along those lines. If nothing else, there would be other people for him to stay with; a better alternative to staying alone in the jungle. He could only hope that they were friendly, and that they would share what was fast becoming one of the best-smelling meals that he had ever encountered. Sure, he was a little nervous about running into others while out in the woods, but less and less of that reality was sinking in as he closed in on the source of the smells.

Pushing his way through the trees haphazardly, David eventually stumbled out into a clearing. In the small, circular clearing rested a single house, a chimney piping out smoke from the top of it. The house was quaint, looking to just be a room or two in size, but definitely occupied just from looking at it. The front door was ajar as well, and one deep whiff of the air around the house gave away that this was indeed the place the smells were coming from. Scrambling back to his feet after falling from bursting into the clearing, David breathed a heavy sigh of relief before hustling up to the door. The clearing was small enough that the distance was negligible, and in short order he was standing in front of the door panting lightly. Covered in sweat, sap, and mud, the fledgling tourist looked to be just out of some sort of wreck instead of lost, and he hoped that his disheveled appearance would earn him some kindness. Looking down at his red button-up shirt, the man dusted it off once before brushing some of the dirt off his jeans as well. Satisfied enough with his cleaning job, David reached up a hand to knock on the door; open or not, he didn’t want to intrude.

“Come in,” came a silky smooth, feminine voice from inside before David had even knocked. Taken somewhat aback, he complied gingerly as he pushed the door open slowly. “Don’t worry, I heard you; I’m hardly magic.”

“Oh, uhm…” David started, before stopping as the room before him was revealed. Modestly furnished, the small house was decorated sparsely with a few paintings and plants. A large bed sat in one corner of the single-roomed abode, with a makeshift sofa on the foot of the bed. A very large table, loaded to bear with easily the largest feast that David had ever seen was the focal point of the room though, and beyond it was a kitchen that looked almost out of place in the small house. A stove that could have doubled as a small bed, an ice box that was running off a generator in another corner, and various hung fruits along the walls above the ample counter space in the abode… More than half of the area in the house was just meant to both eating and making meals. It looked like a small restaurant, and David was stunned to say the least that something such as this was laying in the middle of the woods. Adjusting his glasses to make sure that he was indeed seeing all that he was, the man just stood with his mouth agape in the doorway for a long moment before his eyes were drawn to his host. David at least assumed that the skirt-clad naga was his hostess…

“Hello there,” the naga started, her yellow eyes meeting his as she turned towards him. Clad in a red skirt and a white shirt, her dark-skinned top was fully facing him with a cup of tea in her hands. Black hair lazily ran down either side of her face, brushed aside by a single flick of her free hand so that she could see him better. David noted the light blue strands of hair on the right side of her face, trying to focus on that and the cleavage which was barely contained by her shirt instead of the lower half of her frame. The green-scaled, slithering, longer half of her from. The part that was coiled beneath her in the kitchen as she began to slowly slide towards him. The scaly, slick part that glided along her floor to bring the naga closer. It was a shock to David to say the least, but he was frozen in both fear and curiosity as she approached. He didn’t dare move; maybe she was nice? “And who are you?”

“D-David…” He replied, struggling to keep his gaze on her eyes and not the rest of her. “I got lost and separated from the group… I d-“

“Oh you poor thing, you must be famished and so confused. Please, don’t just stand in the doorway. Can I get you some tea and something to eat?”


“I insist darling. Come in, please,” the naga interrupted again, sliding closer to him and offering up the cup of tea she herself had been carrying. Everything about the darker female seemed alright, so David did as was asked of him and took a few steps inside. Smiling, his host shut the door behind him with a gentle click, then turned back towards the kitchen. Moving with grave that could only be attributed to her lower half, she moved back to the kitchen to stir the pot which was boiling on her large stove, leaving David with his tea standing beside the doorway. “Make yourself comfortable, I’m just finishing up this soup and then we can sit down to eat. I’ll point you towards town after lunch.”

“T-Thank you, uhm…”

“Kate, and you’re most welcome. I don’t get many visitors out here thanks to being so remote, and well…” She turned towards him again, gesturing to her lower half with a light frown on her face. David almost felt bad now about judging her without so much as a second thought, moving a couple steps from the door now that he was getting more comfortable. He didn’t dare mess up the kindly naga’s furniture, so instead he just moved towards the table and leaned against a chair, sipping at his tea slowly. Still warm, but not overly hot… A flavor he couldn’t place his finger on… Perfectly sweet… It was one of the best cups of tea the male had ever had, and he made short work of sipping it down rather greedily. Kate had watched the whole time, stirring behind her back with a smile on her face. “You liked the tea I take it?”

“It was incredible… What kind was that?”

“Oh, a special brew I make here, just have the plants growing out back. I can show you before you go if you’d like?”

“Please, I love tea… Oooh… I’m also a bit hungrier than I thought,” David continued, placing the tea cup down on the table beside him and giving his stomach a light rub as a wave of hunger washed over him. He was lying too, he was far more than hungry; the tea had reminded his stomach he hadn’t eaten since that morning. His lithe form didn’t normally need much food, but right now David felt as though the entire spread of food on the table wouldn’t be close to enough to sate the empty feeling in his middle. The table looked to have enough food for at least twelve to boot… Maybe more. He just groaned as another wave of hunger hit him, the mere thought of the table making his stomach feel as though a black hole was forming inside its confines. He was barely able to stand now, electing to sit down at the head of the table opposite Kate so that he could at least see his host. It took no small amount of willpower to not just start his eating right then and there too, so much food there waiting to be eaten.

“Oh, you are? Well why don’t you go ahead and start then darling? I’ll just finish this up and join you shortly.”

“O-Ok,” David replied, not needing to be told twice this time as he reached across the table for an entire platter of chicken. Already deboned and cut into manageable pieces, David decided to forgo the plate in front of him and just dig in using a knife and fork. The entire platter was easily double the size of his plate, and piled high with enough chicken that simply moving it spilled a couple pieces onto the table. The man didn’t even notice this though, as he began to just shovel in large bites into his hungry face. Barely even chewing, he hardly took a breath between monstrous bites as he forced them down his throat, alternating between fork and knife as he brought hunks of meat up to his face. This lasted very briefly though, as the work of using utensils was proving to be even too much of a demand on his hungry self. David needed food now, and that meant just using his bare hands to force as much food into himself as fast as he could. Placing down his fork and knife, he went to town on the poor chicken before him, lowering his head and cramming it down into his hungry gullet at breakneck speed. Having already eaten more than he would in a meal just in moments, the man was somewhat confused as to what was going on, but he chalked it up to being lost and exhausted from a day of trying to get out of the jungle.

The chicken didn’t last terribly long with David’s gluttonous demolition of it, leaving many other dishes to suffer his wrath after. Potatoes were next, scooped up by the messy, gooey handful and brought to his face. Creamy off-white potatoes slathered his cheeks and chin as he forced down the rich, buttery side by the handful. He practically licked the bowl clean too, putting his head down into the serving dish and slurping rudely out of it on more than one occasion. He had all but forgotten about Kate and his predicament at this point too, instead just focusing on filling the increasingly empty stomach that was gnawing at his middle. Somewhere in his brain David knew that something was horrendously wrong with this. He didn’t even know what to do about it though, and instead just opted to move on to rolls that were beside the potatoes, pushing the empty bowl aside after he had cleaned it of every ounce of food.

Rolls, then assorted veggies in another serving platter, then another tray of chicken all suffered the wrath of David. Each one was vacuumed up by the overeager eater faster than the last, his hands a blur and his face an increasing mess of color and juices as he sloppily went through a spread meant to serve a small army. His hands were a sticky mess, something he would lick clean between trays but then dirty again in an instant as he went to town on his next ‘serving’. His brain raced with signs that something was wrong, but his stomach still screamed that it was as hungry as ever thanks to feeling just empty as could be. David was feeling some amount of tightness around that stomach though, just like his skin was being stretched out from all of his eating. His stomach felt like it hadn’t eaten in days though, so David just did his best to ignore the new sensation coming from his middle and keep on eating. Two at a time, slices of chicken found their way from the platter and into the piggish man’s face as he ate, and ate, and ate. He groaned between bites in confusion and bliss from getting to feed what was an unending hunger that had taken him over utterly.

Chicken gone, David went to rub at his stomach to try and soothe its demands, only to feel his hand stop short far further away than it should have. Looking down for an instant, David’s eyes bulged as he saw what looked to be a full-on gut protruding out from under his shirt. Having ridden up his newly made gut, the bottom few buttons had burst from his shirt as he had glutted without a care in the world. David was beginning to suspect his host had something to do with his expansion, but he couldn’t bring his brain to form the words around this. Instead, he just experimentally pushed on the new gut that he was sporting, feeling the flesh on it yield like dough. Shocked, he did this again, even as he subconsciously reached for the next platter of food that he was going to eat with his other hand. David was just stunned, but not so much so that he didn’t resume eating shortly after finding out what the feast was doing to him. Once realizing that he was fattening though, he noted the tightness in his jeans, the feeling of arms being heavier to move, and even the cheeks that had once been taut to his face bouncing slightly with every mouthful. It was an overload of new sensations, and yet there was still so very much food for the man to eat… He needed it all inside him to sate the monster that his stomach had become.

More and more food found its way down into David as time passed. The sun began to droop in the sky, the chair he was on had already creaked and splintered, and David’s arms felt like lead weights by the time he had eaten through most of the dinner spread before him. Needing a second chair to support his nude, expansive ass now that he had grown so large, the morbidly obese man that had been several hundred pounds lighter before was now just doggedly panting and doing what he could to stuff his face. His stomach was no longer demanding food to the point of pain, but it was still hungry enough that David knew he was going to finish what was spread out before him. He had been watching Kate for the last few dishes, his eyes locked with the naga’s even as he stuffed more meats into his face mechanically. He knew that the naga was the source of his hunger now, he could see it in her face as she slyly smiled at him with every single mouthful he took. She had been the one who had brought over the second chair after all, who had moved the platters to all be within reach, who had even gone so far as to make sure that David’s ballooning stomach spread out under the table instead of over it… She had planned all of this to a T, and the male had no idea what she was planning. Sure, she was a snake, but…

“Just two dishes left there David, darling. Now… I know you are fully aware of what you are doing, and what is going on, so I am just going to tell you. See… I’m part snake. We snakes love our meals to be large and heavy, as we don’t get to eat very often. Me… Well, I get to eat even less so thanks to so few people coming out this way. That means I had to get very good at fattening up my meals. Sorry about this darling, but a naga’s got to eat too after all. Besides… I love a good challenge with my meals,” Kate finished, her snake tongue slithering out of her muzzle as she went to smell the scent of her next dinner. David went pale as he heard all this, unable to stop stuffing himself and also unable to move under his own power anymore. His arms were barely able to lift themselves, and the man knew his legs had nowhere near the strength to lift his newly made tonnage on their own. No, David was doomed now… And he knew it as he just looked pleadingly into Kate’s eyes. She almost seemed to pity him, but something else was in her gaze as she locked eyes with the man… Hunger.

David doggedly worked his way through the last dish of ham, left with the massive pot of soup which Kate had been working on when they first met. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to lift it on his own, and so did Kate. The female naga simply coiled her tail around the pot, hoisting it gingerly off the table and then carefully moving it over to David’s awaiting maw. The man opened wide, his hunger still enough to control at least his actions, and waited as he knew the slop was about to be poured down into him. Sure enough, not a moment later the goo was flowing down into him, a thick sludge of veggies and meat juices and pure fat. Lard was clearly a main ingredient in this soupy mixture, as David could practically feel the pounds forming on his frame. Had his clothes not burst off hours prior, they would have now thanks to just how much fat was being added to his frame. His stomach was tightening up anew, this time thanks to the soup actually filling his starved stomach instead of instantly digesting and turning to more fat on his frame. Regardless, David could feel both chairs beneath his gravid, expansive rear beginning to crack and splinter beneath his weight. He could feel his arms becoming too heavy to lift. He could smell and feel the soup running down his sweaty, nude frame between the various folds and crevices of fat which lined his body. He could sense the need with which Kate was pouring the soup; she was hungry too after all. David above all though, could feel his hunger abating at long last as fullness began to seep into his being.

The last few mouthfuls of soup spluttered down into the man as he sat there, beached in himself and clinging to consciousness as a food coma finally was beginning to take him into its grasps. Kate just stared on at her creation, smirking broadly as she watched him flutter on the verge of sleep. She gave a gentle prod to his stomach with her tail, sending a shiver down David’s spine as he struggled to look at his captor. She looked back, her yellow eyes piercing into his and making David shudder again in trepidation. “Looks like you’re about done… Shame you won’t be awake for this, I do love it when a meal tries to escape. Oh well though… Goodbye David, and thanks for coming to dinner with me.”

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