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“Wow, hey there tiny. What’re you even doing in here?” That was the third remark from the rather drunk otter of the night, and Alonely had had enough of it all. The wolf had come to the party on the invitation of the host, Sasuke, and hadn’t exactly had the best time there throughout the entire evening. He was the smallest one there, save for the help, and it showed in spades. Whereas most of the furs there were barely-mobile mounds of blubber like Sasuke, Alonely was hardly past obese himself. It was a size that he was comfortable at, but when faced with the true heavyweights of fatfurs, he just felt as if he paled in comparison. The canine had gotten more than a couple comments on his size, mostly encouraging remarks to keep on eating and growing to be like the bigger members of the party. Sasuke himself had commented that Alonely did look bigger than the last time he had seen the wolf, and that had helped to stem the tide of negative comments. The otter in particular was the main culprit, always making sure to rub his sagging, rolling stomach in front of the wolf as well as point out just how small Alonely was compared to the rest of the guests. A few others had been doing the belly rubbing as well at the otter’s behest, just accentuating the feeling of being left out for the wolf. He was frustrated now, and that last comment had been enough to make the wolf break.

Placing his drink down on the counter in the kitchen, Alonely took a moment to himself. The room was quiet, for once, as the catering had already been done beforehand and was out in the main room of Sasuke’s mansion. The wolfdragon certainly knew how hungry his guests would be too, having catered enough food for a small army for what was at most thirty gluttons. Alonely had managed to get some food in, but shoving past rumps that were more than double his own width had proven to be a task a little too great for the wolf. He would get some food later… If he stayed that is. The comments had rattled him, and he just needed some time alone to gather his thoughts. Unfortunately, the canine hadn’t been in the kitchen more than a few moments before he was interrupted by the hired help. They apparently needed to use the kitchen to prep even more food, and that left Alonely with nowhere to go. He didn’t want to go back out to the party, and he wasn’t going to leave without at least thanking Sasuke… But what could he do?

It was then that Alonely remembered the back balcony of the house, and excused himself to go out to it. Avoiding the party room, Alonely was still spotted by the otter as he used the hallway running past it. Some catcall or another fell on deaf ears for the wolf, who was just focused on getting away from it all for a little while. He could feel tears welling in his eyes as he walked, his waddling pace quickening as he just needed to get outside to be alone. The comments had taken their toll on the wolf, and it was showing as he sniffled lightly before reaching a paw out for the door in front of him. Giving the door a push, the wolf nearly tripped as he made his way outside onto the balcony. Overlooking the beach at night, stars filling the sky and a well-landscaped yard laid out before him, Alonely just took in the sights for a moment as he stood just outside the house. He only remained there for a moment though, huffing slightly as he felt more tears coming on. Sniffling again, the wolf scanned the large balcony for a place to sit before settling on a worn bench that looked to have housed Sasuke, and Sasuke alone; two divots were in the wide seat, clearly enough to be the rump of the titanic draolf. Sitting himself down in one of the divots, Alonely just slumped slightly and began to sob lightly. His whole frame jostled slightly from his huffing wheezes, tears running down his black-furred cheeks as he just let the night’s events get to him.

Alonely sat there, sobbing lightly for a few minutes before he regained his composure somewhat, and sitting back up straight. He raised an arm to wipe his face, only to have that arm stopped with a hand-towel in a large, grey paw. Alonely stopped when that paw entered his vision, his head whipping up to be met with the vision of Sasuke. Somehow the draolf had managed to get himself out onto the balcony silently, and was now offering Alonely up a towel to dry off his face. The wolf didn’t say a word, but then neither did Sasuke as he just held out the towel for the canine. Taking the offering with a light nod and wiping off his face, Alonely could feel his cheeks flushing with embarrassment. How much had his host seen of all this? Alonely felt like he wasn’t going to live this one down, so once his face was cleaned he just returned the towel and lowered his head in shame. The wolf waited for some comment, some sort of rebuttal to what had just happened, anything…

“Why were you out here, Al?” The chocolatey, deep voice of the draolf practically oozed concern, the colossal mutt lowering himself down as much as he could to try and look the wolf in the eye. Alonely didn’t bother looking up to meet the draolf’s gaze though, instead keeping his eyes trained on the grey stomach that filled his vision in embarrassed shame. “What happened?”

“I… I’m not as big as any of you…” Al started, feeling words welling up in his throat the moment he opened his muzzle. The wolf tried to stop the flow of them, but as he felt tears building in his eyes again, he couldn’t stop the tide as they all tumbled out of his muzzle. “That otter in there made sure I knew it, and so did a couple other furs. I try to be big like all of you, to be more well known, to be anything more than I am. I want to be heavier and all of that, I do… It’s just harder for me to try and get going than it is for the rest of you. That otter just made sure I knew it, again and again… He was so mean about it, and… I… Well…” Alonely looked up finally after he finished, tears welling in his eyes again as he sniffled once more. Sasuke didn’t say a word to all of this, simply offering the towel again in response to it all as his expression went between angry and concerned in an instant. It was rare for Al to see the wolfdragon that upset, and yet he saw a twinge of it the moment he had finished speaking. Just a hint of the wolfdragon’s real anger… It was enough to make the wolf shiver slightly as he blew his nose and just wiped the tears from his eyes again.

“What can I do?” Sasuke finally said, still looking down at Alonely with true concern on his face. The wolfdragon was still crouched as low as his ground-brushing stomach would allow, his wide gait spread all the wider to accommodate for his large, bloated paunch. “I c-“

“Why did you invite me Sasuke? I’m not anyone special… I’m not as fat as all of you guys, I’m not as popular, I’m n-“

“Al, shut up. I invited you because you’re a friend of mine. That’s it. You don’t have to be anything special or round or popular… You have to be you, and that’s it. That’s all I want out of any of my friends, period. So don’t focus on not being the biggest or nor the most popular… So what? I don’t care about any of that, and neither should you. Focus on being you, and that’s all that should matter, alright?” Al was taken aback as all that was said, new tears forming in his eyes. The wolf was just stunned to hear all that; he had always thought Sasuke was just taking pity on him by being his ‘friend’, but something about what the wolfdragon had just said felt genuine. It looked genuine too, as Sasuke was still unmoving from in front of the wolf, ignoring all of his guests and obligations to take care of the upset wolf far away from his party. “And before you ask… I’m your friend because you’re kind. You have a huge heart and are always willing to show it, and that is something that is in rare supply these days. That alone is good enough for me to be friends with you, but add in that you can be funny sometimes and are always willing to help out… Well, I’m glad to call you a friend, alright?”

“How did you…?”

“Know you were going to ask next? Magic,” Sasuke responded with a wink. The draolf then hefted himself back to fully standing with a loud grunt, his gait shifting to just be its usually lumbering waddle instead of the crouched sumo position he had been in front of Alonely. The wolf watched all this, looking at every bouncing roll and jiggling fold in the draolf with a tiny amount of envy. Sure, Sasuke said to not care about all this… But Al couldn’t help but be slightly envious of the larger wolfdragon. “Now, do you want me to handle that otter for you? No one should ruin someone else’s good time…” Sasuke trailed off, his anger clearly showing through as he spoke with a slight snarl on his muzzle. The wolf recoiled a little in nervousness at the display by the wolfdragon, slowly getting to his feet as well. He dabbed on the tears on his face a couple more times, blowing out his nose again. Standing and taken care of at long last, Alonely just silently looked up at Sasuke with no idea what to say. None at all; as part of him wanted to get back at the otter while the vast majority of his brain just wanted an apology, plain and simple.

“Just… Make him apologize. Him and the crew doing the teasing…”

“Wait, there was more than one? Who and how many?”

“The otter and the two wolves he’s been talking to a lot… And that panda that keeps bouncing between them and the buffet tables.”

“Wow, all of them huh… Well, alright, but I think I have a better way to make them apologize. Come with me, okay?” Sasuke extended a paw to the wolf, which Alonely took and immediately felt how small he was. Sasuke had to hold the paw as low as he could, even going so far as to lean over some to be able to reach past the large flair of his hips and rear to get to Alonely’s paw. Conversely, Alonely was reaching above his shoulder and stretching his arm out to just grab onto Sasuke’s paw, and yet still bumped into the wolfdragon’s quaking blubber on nearly every step. It was hardly something to complain about though, with all of that warm adipose bouncing against him at every step… Something about it was comforting to Alonely, and by the time the two were inside and standing at the door of the party again, he felt considerably better. Seeing the otter made that feeling diminish somewhat, but he didn’t have long to form many opinions before Sasuke spoke.

“Ichi, Ron, Lincoln, and Fritz, get over here.” Sasuke barked out, loud enough for the entire room to go from a dull roar to hushed silence in an instant. The four furs all complied, though the otter was drunk enough that he looked to have a smirk on his muzzle the entire time as he waddled slowly over towards the large host. The wolves didn’t look far behind, but had just enough sense to hang their heads as they came over. The panda, not drunk at all, shivered and came over right away, waddling along as fast as the overburdened stumps supporting his bulk could carry him. The four were eventually standing in front of Sasuke, all but the otter with their eyes trained on the floor and silently standing before him. The fat mustelid though, he wasn’t silent and looked right up at Sasuke with a defiant grin on his face.

“Did Tiny narc us out? We were just h-“

“Narc you out? Really? Alonely here just told me why he was so upset Tiny, so why don’t you shut the fuck up huh?” Sasuke roared, his voice echoing throughout the entire house as he shut the otter up. The volume of the voice coming from easily the largest fur in the room, and the owner of the house, was enough to silence even the few whispers that were going around the room. It was also enough to scare the otter into shutting his mouth, making him look down like the rest of the furs now standing in front of Sasuke. “Now, an apology from the four of you isn’t going to be enough. I know Fritz and Lincoln had to be in on this… Ichi, did you help too?”

“H-Help? No, they just told me to rub on my belly, so I did. I didn’t know w-“

“Does that sound true Al?”

“He never did look at me…” Alonely whispered quietly, giving a light nod that he believed the panda.

“Fine, I’ll only take a little from you… Choose your friends better Ichi.” Sasuke said coolly, scanning over the two canines and otter with a clear snarl on his muzzle. The wolfdragon didn’t say anything else for a long moment, just staring at the three instigators in front of him with a sharp frown. The wolfdragon wanted to shout, clearly as his grip on Alonely’s paw tightened throughout the silence, but what came out of the wolfdragon was far calmer than expected. “You three are barred from coming here again. Pick on my friends, you pick on me.  I invited you here to have a good time, and not at another fur’s expense… All of you knew that. We’re all friends here, each and every one of us. Size doesn’t matter, being known doesn’t matter, what we look like… None of that should mean a damn thing, and yet you three made it mean enough to hurt someone. I really hope that you’re happy, and that it was worth the fun for you.”

“We’re s-“

“Sorry huh?” Sasuke interrupted the wolves, his voice almost as cold as ice as he spoke. “What’re you going to do about it?” Silence met his question, to which Sasuke stood up perfectly straight in response to. Releasing Alonely’s paw, the wolfdragon reached forward and cracked his knuckles, smirking slightly at the furs before him. All four of them had their ears pinned back and the fur on the back of their neck bristled. A few more whispers began to fill the room as each guest had some idea what was coming; Sasuke was known for liking his vore after all… “You come to my house, drink my booze, eat my food, make fun of my friends,” Sasuke’s voice got louder as he spoke, his anger clearly piquing at the last part of his rant. The wolfdragon paused after he spoke though, looking each of the four anthros in front of him in the eye for a long moment before he looked over them at his guests. “You know my house rules are no vore, and I don’t plan on breaking that. These four though… I think they’re going to make a donation to all of us.”

The four anthros looked quizzically up at Sasuke for but a moment before something felt off inside them. Each felt almost cold, and began to shiver slightly before the cold became like ice. Shaking and shivering rather hard, each of the four anthros began to slim down. The panda, the fattest of the bunch and just barely mobile at his six-foot-ten height, began to shrink as though he was being deflated. The otter, also barely mobile thanks to his stumpy legs, began to lose his pear-shaped build nigh immediately, looking as though someone was sucking up the fat from his lower half and making him look more proportional. The wolves were no different, each hulking balls of blubber that were shrinking before the eyes of the other twenty some-odd furs in the room. Their clothes were falling looser and looser, each beast reaching for the waist of pants that had been taut, and were now tents on their shrinking frames. The pounds melted off like ice cream in an oven, each going from being hulking mounds of obesity to barely chubby anthros, to downright skinny in a matter of less than a minute.

Conversely, each one of the anthros at the party felt a certain amount of warmth in their middles as they began to fatten. It wasn’t nearly at the pace of the weight loss for the four wrong-doers, but it was enough to show just where all of that fat was going. Alonely seemed to be getting most of this weight too, his body going from simply fat to truly obese to being a veritable ball in a matter of moments. The wolf’s clothing burst off him in seconds, shredding to bits as it wasn’t nearly designed to handle his girth. Thankfully, his weight kept him decent as he expanded out to have his stomach sagging down to his ankles, his arms weighted down by their own size, and a rump that made him decidedly pear-shaped. His growth put him at nearly the same proportions of everyone else at the party, if not a little larger than some by the time it was all said and done. The sudden fattening had left a couple guests beached in their current spots, as guts that had just brushed the floor when standing were now smothering it. Sasuke was one of those anthros, rumbling faintly at the familiar feeling of the floor spreading across the underside of his stomach. Alonely heard that and smiled, looking over at the large wolfdragon for a moment before turning back to his own growth and rubbing it with tender, curious paws.

The entire exchange took less than a minute, but left all of the guests either rumbling and murring in contentment, or whimpering in stunned shock. The four anthros that had been the cause of the problem all stared at Sasuke, each looking confused and angry at the wolfdragon. The otter was the angriest of the bunch, his face contorting up into fury as he struggled to keep his clothing on a frame that barely filled a pant-leg of his former pants. “What was that for? That was s-“

“For? For? You messed with my friends!” Sasuke roared again, the otter cowering before Sasuke far more than before as the wolfdragon leaned down towards him. “Get the hell out of my house.”

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