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Vic grunted lightly as he got out of his car, straining slightly to make sure that his muscled frame cleared the doorway. Short and built like a Herculean god, the rat was every ounce as imposing as any of his species had ever been. The rodent took his stature in stride as well, having gotten used to the looks and sidelong glances from many of his gym partners of his years of sculpting his frame. Vic had taken some serious time away from the gym to really focus on building up his musculature though, and it showed in spades. Shutting his car door and getting a sidelong glance at himself in the mirror, the rat was far more than a little proud of what he had accomplished on his own. His face was sculpted as though by a chisel, each crease of short, grey fur holding tight to his jawline and cheeks. Piercing eyes, a small but well-placed nose, rounded off ears that even looked strong on his frame… All of it was there for him just on his head alone, let alone the rest of his frame. Vic could only see his shoulders and chest in his reflection on the car window, but those were enough for him to smile slyly to himself. The rat had grown his upper body into something more of a showcase of muscles than an anthro’s frame, his pecs each the size of moobs on some furs, and yet absolutely pure muscle. His arms bugled and rippled with power, the rodent not even needing to flex in order to get arms that would put nearly any anthro to shame. He knew stretchmarks lined the flesh beneath his thick coat of fur, the growth he had gone through being enough to tear his arms in a great many places. He didn’t care in the least though, and instead embraced his newfound build with gusto. Wearing a black, simple tank-top in order to show off even more of his work, the rodent gazed for a moment longer at what he had done before turning his attention back toward the gym; he had to work out after all.

Slinging his workout bag over one shoulder and carrying his protein shake with his other arm; Vic strode confidently towards the entrance to the gym. He hadn’t been there in long enough that he wasn’t quite sure who he was going to encounter upon entering the place, but he did know there would be at least a few of the old hats there. Ron, a bruin that was just as fat as he was strong thanks to being the biggest powerlifter Vic had ever seen, for example… The rodent knew Ron would be there, as that bear never left the place. Kole would be there too, more likely than not, the rhino that had started Vic down his path to growing as huge as he was. Kole was almost like a mentor to Vic, making even the tough-looking rodent hope for a mild amount of praise for his growth into the perfect specimen that he had become. Sheev would be there too… The owner of the gym, and the biggest one in there by muscle for sure before Vic had left. The rodent knew he was bulkier than Sheev know; the tiger had always been one for bragging about how round his biceps were and how much he could lift. Vic had made sure to surpass every one of those numbers by a healthy margin, and thusly securing his spot as the alpha male of the gym. All that he needed to do was take that place, and that was his mission at the gym for the day. Any working out he got done would be extra, but Vic wanted to be sure that Sheev got knocked down a peg or two, or at the very least brought down to the same level as the shorter rodent.

At last, at the door, Vic gave it a hard push and strode right on in. He didn’t get a single glance towards him initially, all the anthros in the room too busy working on their own physiques to notice the newcomer. Vic hardly paid that any mind though, and instead just lumbered off towards the locker room, taking his time to survey the room. A couple new faces, a few old hats… The gym was sparsely populated that day, and that gave all the more time for Vic to work out. Pleased with what he saw, the rodent vanished into the locker room after that cursory scan of the room. Once inside the small changing room, Vic wasted no time of finding his old locker and tossing his bag into it. He then pounded the rest of his drink, finishing it off in record time and ending with a satisfied belch. The rodent had to chuckle to himself for sounding like he had even an ounce of fat on his frame; no such thing existed on him. He was pure and utter muscle, a fact that he made sure to remember by taking a quick glance at the large mirror in the locker room and giving a heavy flex. Just that flex alone was enough for him to feel his skin lightly tear, a new stretchmark forming somewhere beneath his fur. The rodent just grunted, the very light pain enough to remind him even more of just what he was doing. Well and truly satisfied, as well as motivated to keep on pushing himself, Vic shut his locker up and began to exit the locker room.

He didn’t quite make it out though, as before he could reach the exit, Ron was looming in the entrance. The imposingly tall bruin just towered over Vic, easily two heads taller than the rodent and just as wide. Where Vic didn’t have an ounce of body fat on him though, the bear had several pounds of it. A powerlifter through and through, Ron almost looked like he had been powerlifting his fork as of late more than the bars at the gym. Vic didn’t want to make such a comment though; it was getting close to winter after all, and Ron was a bear… “Vic, is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me Ron,” Vic replied gruffly, his voice deep and harsh. The bear just took a step back upon hearing that, sizing the rat up with ever-widening eyes. In fact, Ron’s muzzle was agape by the time he had finished drinking in all of the rat, something that Vic had a very hard time containing himself with. He had expected a reaction or two, but seeing things like this simply made everything he had done with it.

“Jeez, did you just lift for the past year and that’s it? Your muscles have freaking muscles man!” Ron exclaimed, leaning down somewhat so that he could get a better look at the bulges that were Vic’s chest and arms. Giving the bear a bit of a flex for his efforts, Vic did his best to take the comment in stride before speaking again.

“Just worked out a lot, that’s all. I see you’ve been…” Vic trailed off, biting his tongue hard as he almost made a comment on the bruin’s weight. He was so lost in the ego trip that was his own praise that he nearly forgot to not comment on that, a fact which showed as he quickly stopped talking, flexing, and even looking at Ron, instead training his gaze down. The bruin didn’t seem phased in the least bit however, bringing a paw to his soft stomach and giving it a couple pats.

“Yeah, yeah… I’m getting rounder, I know, and I know because Sheev won’t let me forget it. I’ll tell you what I told him though… I’m up to lifting nearly 800 pounds.” It was Vic’s turn to look stunned upon hearing that number, looking up at the bruin with wide eyes. Taking his turn to flex, Vic was greeted with arms that nearly rivaled his in size. Though coated with a small layer of fat, each muscled appendage exuded power like little else, quickly changing the opinion that Vic had on Ron as he let out a low whistle of approval.

“Damn, just damn…” Vic replied, shaking his head with a soft, gruff chuckle. Ron chuckled to himself too as well, though he sounded much less aggressive than Vic. The rodent was pure and utter power, whereas Ron… Well, Ron was something else entirely that Vic couldn’t quite figure out. “How is Sheev taking to that bit of things with you?”

“Oh, he’s taking it just as Sheev does, saying that he can do more and whatnot. I’d love to see him try, but he has been making up excuses as of late as to why he can’t muster up the energy or time to try and beat me at my own game.” Ron flexed again and grinned toothily, getting a small smirk out of Vic in response. The rat just nodded after that though, giving Ron a light pat on his exposed, bare stomach.

“Well good on ya Ron. Nice to run into ya.”

“Yeah, you too… Come around more huh? You look like you could put Sheev in his place.” With that, the two slid around one another, Vic exiting out into the gym while Ron retreated into the locker room to shower and change. The rat always saw no reason to do that; he loved the scent of a workout, and wanted that to be with him even as he drove home. His car smelled rather musky at times as a result, but it wasn’t something that the rat minded in the least. His passengers sometimes cared, but… Who would be smart enough to argue with a wall of pure beef?

Emerging out fully into the gym, Vic simply made his way over to the free weights. He had stretched out by his car long enough to get himself ready for the workout, and wasted no time taking advantage of that fact. Grabbing the largest weights on the rack, each one hundred pounds of solid metal, the muscled rodent hefted the weights up with nary a grunt. He then moved over to the bench opposite the weight rack, sitting down on it with a soft groan as he let his long tail droop over the back of the bench. Hunching over forward slightly, Vic then began to curl the weights one at a time, his elbows resting right beside his knees as he let his arms dangle off to either side of his legs. Going from ninety degrees straight out in front of himself to as vertical as his forearms and biceps could muster, the rodent hefted each of the impressively large weights up in an alternating, steady pattern. He didn’t bother looking at the mirror that was opposite himself as he started out his long workout regiment, and instead just focused on watching his arms bulge out in time with his lifts. Each of his biceps swelled out greatly with every corresponding lift, the skin in them tearing all the more as his muscled frame bulged heavily with use. Vic could practically feel his muscles straining from the amount of work they were being asked to do, and yet he just relished that feeling as he finished up his first set of ten reps with the dumbbells. Pain meant progress, and progress was all Vic wanted as he lowered the weights to the ground to recover for a few moments before beginning his next set.

Upon setting the weights down for a moment, Vic took a second to look into the mirror. In it, he saw Sheev, the tiger just staring over at him. Sheev was impressively built, his pics and biceps bulging heavily out from his frame. He was in no way as sculpted as Vic was though, and the tiger seemed to know it as he just gaped at the show that had happened in front of him. Vic did his best to not acknowledge this, but a sly smile unconsciously formed on his muzzle as he lowered down his arms to retrieve the weights for another set. Grunting to himself as he hoisted up the two hundred pounds of weight again, Vic wasted no time restarting his curling pattern, going a hair faster this time around as he grunted with each lift of the weights. The light noise he was making was drawing attention to himself, and a hush was falling over the gym as the rodent just worked himself out. Vic could practically feel the eyes of every single anthro in the room on him as he finished up his second set, another group of ten reps per arm coming to a close faster than the first. Placing the weights down again for a moment to catch his breath and prepare for his third and final set, Vic knew that he was being watched now.

Instead of acknowledging the eyes burning into him, Vic just stared at the ground as he shook out his arms and grinned to himself. His small, curved ears swiveled around to try and hear what was being said about him, the tip of his long, pink tail twitching enough to give away his interest in the conversations even moreso. Vic was doing all he could to curtail these instinctual reactions though, not wanting his intense pride in what he was doing to be made obvious. It apparently wasn’t, for as Vic bent down to retrieve his weights for the third and final time, he could feel that every single anthro in the gym had stopped what they were doing to watch Vic. It was almost as if every single bit of pain, every tear in his muscles and skin, every ounce of lost time in his life that he subjected himself to working out… It was all paying off in spades right then and there for Vic. He didn’t know just how he felt about that exactly, but he knew pride was in there somewhere. In a big way in fact, as he raised the weights up and began to huff and grunt his way through his fastest set. Lift, lower, lift, lower… The rat was feeling his skin tear liberally know as he could see his muscles bulging out to sizes that were practically comical. His arms swelled out to sizes that Vic had never seen, the double-bulge of his aggressively large bicep pushing his skin to the breaking point. New, angry stretchmarks were forming in spades beneath the rat’s fur, and each of those lines was another badge of honor for Vic as he pushed through to finish his last set of reps.

Finished with those, the rodent stood up after a few moments of catching his breath. Heaving the weights over to the rack again with very little seeming effort, the rat just grinned to himself as he could hear the stunned silence at what had just happened. A few cursory, seemingly innocent glances around the gym gave away that every single beast in there was staring at him, some in shock, but most in either awe or jealousy. Strangely, Sheev was in utter awe of Vic, a fact that the rat hadn’t quite expected when he had come into the gym that day. Vic just decided to see where that would go though, making his way over to the bench press after placing the weights back where they belonged. The entire walk over to the machine he could feel eyes both trying to look away from him and unable to, just drinking in what was pure and utter power off the rodent. His tank top showed off every single curve of power that exuded from his pecs, the head-sized muscles bulging out of the large armholes like reverse muffin tops. The biceps on Vic’s arms were so large that he was unable to hold them at his sides, instead forced to raise them at an angle just to hold them there; a problem that was made to look barely like one with how wide the rodent’s shoulders were. Absolutely no neck was visible on Vic, muscle having eaten that up long ago to form the angular ‘A’ shape that was his shoulders. His forearms were just bulges attached to the near circle of his upper arms, making the rodent look to be made of ovals that just bulged and rippled with every single motion that he made. Power in its purest form, Vic just smiled to himself as he leaned down to begin putting weight onto the bar of the bench press.

Adding weights two at a time, Vic tried to remember just what the machine was rated for. The rat was capable of benching nearly 700 pounds, but he didn’t want to bend the bar of the machine, so instead he went with a 650 pound bar. Deciding more reps would let him show off that much more, the rodent didn’t even bother to look for a spotter as he began continued to stack on weights. Vic could see a few of the beasts in the room looking as though they wanted to come forward, but none did… At first. Sheev was the first one to make any sort of move to approach Vic, something that the rat saw in the mirror behind the bench press. Grinning to himself, the rat didn’t say a word as he just continued to stack on weights in order to get up to where he wanted on the machine. The tiger approached slowly but surely as well, also silent as he just studied what had once been simply a somewhat muscular rat. Vic just oozed strength and dominance now, a fact that seemed to enthrall Sheev as he finally made his way to Vic. The feline didn’t really say a word, but instead just looked up and down the frame of the rodent for a few moments before clearing his throat.

“Hmmm?” Vic replied to the noise, sliding the last weight onto the bar first before turning around to acknowledge Sheev. “Oh, hi Sheev.”

“Jeez, Vic…” That was all the tiger could muster to get out, his cheeks turning a little red as he just continued to look up and down the rodent standing in front of him. Vic did take advantage of this, flexing seemingly just out of habit to show off what power he had now. Even his legs were bulging with strength, but they paled in comparison to his upper body in a big, big way. The main attraction for both Vic and Sheev was the torso of the rodent, and both had quite different ideas as to just what they liked about it. Sheev was struggling to not drool and just go ape over what he was seeing in front of him, while Vic was purely showing off now just to show that he was now in charge of this gym. Seeing Sheev in this light was more than enough to make Vic see how much this transformation had been worth it for him, and how much getting bigger was going to change things in the gym. Getting bigger would involve working out though, and as such the rodent had just one question for Sheev.

“Can you spot me?” Sheev just blushed even harder at that question, not mustering up the strength for words as he just nodded instead. Glancing behind the feline, Vic could see more than one angered expression at the fact that others weren’t spotting him. Thinking little of this though, as Vic was now being spotted by the suddenly-former king of the gym, the rodent just gave a light nod before moving to lay himself down on the cold, hard bench. He barely waited for Sheev either, just getting prone and scooting into position as quickly as he could get his overbearingly muscled frame into place. Sheev hustled around behind the bench, his paws wrapping around the bar as well to hold up what little he could. Vic knew that the feline couldn’t lift this much, and Sheev looked to know it too as mild concern flashed across his face. Vic didn’t seem at all worried though, instead grunting lightly as he took the bar and lifted it off its brackets with ease. He then brought it over himself, lowering the bar down to nearly his pecs before bringing it fully back up again, and then repeating the process. Ten times in a row, without pause or even one single struggle of exertion. Vic was almost casual about lifting the weight of two fully-hulking beasts, a fact which he took great pride in.

Sheev, however… The tiger just watched in awe at this. And Vic couldn’t have been more proud.

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