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The draolf just grunted, and that was all the sound that he needed to make. Of course, he could have made others, but with the hose that was currently crammed into his muzzle, his options were limited. He wanted to moan, but all that came out was a gurgling groan of sorts that put off the few other patrons around him. Not wanting to risk losing his place in the eatery, the draolf decided on a light grunt to his server, thusly communicating all that was needed. The draolf was a simple one after all, and all he wanted was more. More food, more weight around his impressively obese frame, and that was it. The hose was getting old though, and as such he had requested something different. His grunt had been little more than a request for the flow to stop, as the chocolate shake that he had been guzzling on was wearing thin. Not one to ever tire of chocolate, it wasn’t so much that the draolf was done with the flavor. No, he wanted to eat solid food at long last, as he had little intention of filling up on simply chocolate.

The flow of creamy, rich shake slowed into his muzzle after a time, coming to a halt with the last few drizzles spewing out a few moments after the waiter had shut off the pump beside the draolf. Sasuke groaned now, a meaty paw raising to rub at the flesh on the side of his overflowing frame. Crammed into a booth normally meant to seat several average furs, the draolf was practically spilling forth out of it as he splayed out to allow his swollen midsection more room to rest. The fat appendage that utterly dominated his figure surged out forward because of this, spread wide and low as it flowed out from his torso in an assortment of rolls and folds of uncovered fat. The draolf had forgone wearing any sort of shirt, as trying to fit his gargantuan frame into any amount of clothing was not something that he thought would work. He didn’t even know if shirts were made in his size to be frank, and he had no intention of finding out. Letting his heft out to breath, and showing it off for every single fur in the place to see was something that he took a great deal of pride in. Sure, that meant he was secluded off in a corner of the eatery, but he also was getting personal service and whatever he wanted to eat… So it wasn’t all bad.

Rubbing over the sagging expanse of his stomach in lazy, slow arcs with a heavy paw, the wolfdragon raised his other arm to remove the hose from his muzzle. Struggling slightly to lift the massive barrel of fat that was his bicep, as well as to even bend the overly bloated appendage that made most legs look thin, the draolf just barely managed to get enough leverage to remove the hose from his muzzle. He managed though, and with a soft tug he pulled the hose out and let it uselessly flop down between his exposed moobs. Twin foothills of fat and nothing else, the draolf grinned slightly as he saw those mounds of heft on the front of him. He had to peer over his cheeks, as well as bunching up the single roll of fat that had formed as his multiple chins and tire of a neck had merged. Again, he just barely was able to manage seeing those moobs of his, but as his arm fell down to rest on the roll beneath them, he was able to give the fat of his chest a light grope. That simple squeeze sent a few rippling waves through his heft, sloshing his chest back and forth sluggishly as the sheer amount of adipose beneath all of the grey fur there was moved about. It was a colossally fat chest, but one that simply looked to almost be small on the stupendously obese example of a wolfdragon that was sprawled out in his own booth. The draolf didn’t even think much of that though, as he breathed heavily through his now-open muzzle and let his whole frame relax. Sinking slightly more down into his seat and letting his head adjust to be supported by the fat encasing it, the draolf could nearly feel the carpet below scraping the underside of his stomach. Just barely, but the feeling of the fabric against his fur was enough to entice him to eat more; his appetite alone wasn’t enough, surely.

More arrived soon after, a cart laden down with more meat than the wolfdragon could think to make. He was no chef, but he certainly was a glutton if his body didn’t give that away. Thusly, when he saw that much more food brought over to him, it was all the wolfdragon could do to not drool all over himself. He tried to contain himself, to not reach out in vain for the food that was spread out before him on the cart which was nearly touching his left side, but he was simply overpowered by his own need to feed. Of course, reaching was all that the draolf could muster up, as he was far too rotund to do much else. He had barely managed to make it into the eatery under his own power after all, and as such this had left him tired before he had even began eating. Now that he was eating, and had been for nearly an hour prior, he was utterly spent. His server could sense that, but was at somewhat of a loss for how to feed the wolfdragon. The muskrat, portly in his own right but looking positively anorexic in comparison to the colossally obese draolf seated before him, looked up at the hybrid with a concerned face. The draolf just stared back, eyes darting between the fur and the food as he struggled to make sense of which to try and get after first.

“Sir? How would you l-“

“Just feed me,” the draolf responded, drawing a frown from the server. “Climb into the booth next to me, or on me, or get a step ladder… I don’t care. Just make that cart, and whatever is coming after it, get into my mouth.”

“Of course, Sasuke.” The muskrat’s response was professional, but it was blatantly obvious to the draolf that it was a façade. He had eaten at a plethora of restaurants in his many years of turning his frame into the mountain that it was, and he knew a bad waiter when he saw one. This muskrat wasn’t the worst the draolf had ever seen, but he wasn’t setting himself up for much in the way of a tip. Granted, the tip the wolfdragon usually left was not devouring his waiter, and… Well, this one was a chunky fur. Those were becoming increasingly uncommon in the food-service industry, and as such Sasuke had no plans on ignoring the opportunity to make himself that much rounder. For now though, he just waited for the food to start flowing into his muzzle. He opened up wide and waited, tilting his head back as much as the collar of fat years of gluttony had left him with would allow. He could feel his arms lowering down some into the sea of fat below them, splayed out nearly as wide as his legs as the fat that encased both them and his grandiose torso fought for the limited space left on the frame of the wolfdragon. The draolf wanted his food, but he was also making sure that he had gotten comfortable with himself to keep on eating away. Stuffing his face under the power of someone else… This muskrat was about to learn just how much the draolf loved that, and just how far Sasuke was able to push the bloated swell of a table muscle that had once simply been his stomach.

The draolf didn’t have to wait long, as a streak that was larger than some plates in the eatery was lowered down into his muzzle. Not hesitating for even a second, the draolf clamped down on that steak and took a heavy bite out of it. The first bite of food he had eaten, and needed to chew, since he had been seated… And it was utterly heavenly. He barely needed to chew the steak at all it was so tender, and he could already feel the juices running down his cheeks and onto the small folds of fat that were where his chins once rested. Another bite came just as quick as the first now that Sasuke knew how good the food was. Followed by another, then another still, and before any normal patron could have made a dent in the massive slab of meat, it had vanished down into the gluttonous mound of draolf. He was still hungry too, now more than ever… And that steak alone would be more meal than many would even consider having over the course of multiple days. A single morsel was that to him now, and Sasuke wasn’t about to have it any other way. He instead was about to attack that cart with a newfound gusto, and it showed as he chomped down that final bite. He opened his maw up to allow for more, and more was immediately deposited. Another steak, just as large, came without a second of delay right to the greedy glutton. Seeing this, Sasuke slit open one eye to peer over at the waiter who was serving him. The muskrat looked to be holding up a few more of those steaks, having climbed up onto the booth Sasuke was seated in and positioned himself right beside the head of the overeager overeater. Impressed, the draolf shut his eyes again and just let the food come to him.

Steaks that were more akin to platters, ribs that could have belonged to elephants and the draolf would have believed that, and pork that was so tender and juicy that it seemed to have the consistency of bread all came into his muzzle. A steady, consistent pace was met between the pair of feeder and feedee, and both were quite content to keep this pace up. Sasuke kept right on chomping down the food steadily as he glutted, forcing more of it down into his stomach with every hard swallow. He barely needed to chew on some of the meats thanks to their tenderness, and knew that if he was aware enough by the time his binging had ended, he would need to thank the chef. It was an incredible meal for an incredibly obese draolf, and yet the mountain of mutt knew that he was just getting started when it came to eating. He wanted more, in fact he needed more, and he was going to get just that if he had any say in things. Thusly, on he ate, forcing more of the pork down his throat and into his awaiting stomach. The waiter was keeping pace with his gluttony too, matching the chomping jaws of the wolfdragon bite for oversized bite. Each new slab of beef or leg of lamb was placed within reach perfectly, and gave Sasuke pause; he may not have to eat his waiter, as tempting as that thought was.

All good things come to an end at some point though, and thus was true of the heavy card laden down with meat. Sasuke’s eyes had been shut for a large portion of his opening feast, and when he went to bite down on the next piece of meat only to find that it was little more than air, he had to open his eyes again to see if there was still a waiter above him. There indeed was, but the muskrat simply shook his head and held up a finger as if to say wait. Sasuke wasn’t one for waiting though, and the draolf just frowned as his stomach let out and equally-discontent grumble of need. The server heard that sound and went slightly pale, the realization of just how much more he would need to offer up to the grand ball of gluttony that was the wolfdragon coming into full effect. He waved off to the side, the wolfdragon unable to see just what was happening thanks to his bloated cheeks blocking his view. Even if he had been able to see over the swell of fat that was his face though, turning his head was made nigh impossible thanks to the rolling hills of his chins and neck, tires of flab that held him always looking nearly straight ahead. The draolf could guess what the wave was for though, and his guess seemed to be right as he heard the clatter of new dishes off to his side. More food had arrived.

Shutting his eyes again and opening wide, the draolf was hardly disappointed as lasagna was brought to his muzzle. Each bite filling his jaws to the brim, the wolfdragon could only rumble in contentment as he chewed down morsel after morsel of the large meals. Each bite was more akin to a full serving for most, and yet here Sasuke was eating them down as though they were chips. The wolfdragon grinned internally at this, his jaws not wasting the effort needed to smile as they instead continued their gluttonous rampage through countless calories. The lasagna was rich, heavy, and Sasuke could only guess at how fattening it was. The cheeses in the pasta-based dish dribbled down his chin with speed, grease and sauces also pooling in one of the many folds of fat which encircled his head. The draolf barely cared about that though, and instead just let it happen as he ate and ate and ate. Glutting with a gusto that was normally reserved for a starving creature, the wolfdragon devoured everything placed before him. He nipped at the muskrat’s paws in fact, unintentionally, more than once as he ate away at the lasagna. He could feel each piece settling down heavily in his stomach, the grand mass of blubber which dominated his frame, as it settled down closer and closer to the floor. His mobility was already fleeting at best, and now that his stomach was bloating up with his feast, Sasuke knew leaving the restaurant under his own power was going to be out of the question.

Indeed, as he finished the second cart of food for his greedy frame, the wolfdragon felt inklings of the floor touching his stomach. The soft, velvety fabric which his feet were resting on was beginning to tickle the heavy underside of his stomach, and Sasuke could only moan low as he felt that. The draolf didn’t dare lean forward, as he didn’t want to wind up beached atop his stomach, but he did adjust himself just enough to let a portion of his stomach slide down onto the floor. The added relief of pressure both off his back and hips was enough to make him groan all the louder, contently comfortable finally in his booth. Spreading out a little wider as his arms went to rest atop either side of multiple-furs-wide seating, the wolfdragon just grinned outwardly at the fact that he was not only eating enough for a crowd, but quickly ascending to the size of one as well. He took pride in this, a great amount of pride in fact, but not quite as much as he did in how much he could eat. He wanted more to eat for that matter, and with the flow of lasagna having ceased, he was forced to open one eye out of curiosity again to see just what was going on. The muskrat was nowhere to be seen, but he could hear the creature somewhere behind him clattering dishes together to undoubtedly get a third course going for the wolfdragon. That was good enough, as it gave Sasuke some time to digest and make even more room for round three of his gluttony.

Forcing out a prodigious belch that shook the very floor beneath him, the draolf moaned sensually at the feeling of space being freed up in his stomach. Being fed always left him gassy, and he was at least thankful that it was coming out of his mouth at that point. Another belch rolled out of his muzzle as he got even more comfortable, this one sending chunks of food that had coated his cheeks as well as bits of drool well into the air. The draolf showed no remorse for this outburst though, simply smacking his lips in anticipation of more to come. More came too; the second he was finished with his noisy outburst, this time in the form of meat pies. Each was again a full meal and then some to your average patron, but as the wolfdragon’s stomach gurgled greedily at the prospect of more still to pack it’s cavernous confines, the draolf was very blatantly not average in that respect. He ate those pies up with the same greed as before, even if his stomach was beginning to show signs of filling up. What had once been a gravid mass of draolf fat that sagged and sloshed about with even the simple act of breathing was fast losing its fatty, sagging shape. Instead, it was rounding out to be more of a taut expanse of food and fat attached to the tall, oversized frame of draolf that had created it. The bounce of his stomach was becoming more firm and deliberate with every pie that was being crammed down into him, and yet still on Sasuke ate as though he hadn’t ever eaten before. The muskrat was still keeping up valiantly with this pace at the time too, pushing pies down into Sasuke’s greedy muzzle at such a speed that even the glutton could barely keep up. The draolf opened an eye once or twice to see just what was prompting such speed, and the look of contempt on the waiter’s face said enough. Being stuffed to his gills out of spite… That was the best kind of stuffing that Sasuke could hope for. In fact, he hoped for more of it as he glutted recklessly, his mind filled with thoughts now of the muskrat pushing him to very nearly the point of bursting with food. Already the draolf was needing to belch lewdly between large bites just to make room in his packed stomach, but he knew that there was going to be more to come… A lot more.

More did come too, the gap between courses non-existent this time. Instead of needing to wait for the stuffing to resume, this time Sasuke just went to bite into a meat pie and instead was greeted with a Belgian waffle. Coated in syrup and powdered sugar, the breakfast pastry was almost sickeningly sweet to the draolf. He took it down with greed though, chomping through the messy, sticky goodness as though it was air. He swallowed hard as he finished chewing, setting straight to work on the next treat that the muskrat had waiting for him. His stomach was obviously bloated out at this point as well, rounded out heavily and fully resting on the floor. In fact, its mass was pulling the wolfdragon forward somewhat, causing him to sit up a little straighter and rest even more of his weight on the floor below. He could only groan at that, one of his paws moving to rub at the small amount of his acreage that he could reach. It was a little amount of his vastness, but the single paw massaging at the stretched, filling tonnage of his stomach was enough to force out a few more belches. Pressure in his middle subsiding for the moment, Sasuke just kept right on eating with a greed that looked insatiable. Even as his gut groaned and began to gurgle in discontent rather than hunger, the waffles came two at a time. While his moans and belches had been reduced to gurgles and light groans, he still opened his mouth doggedly and kept on cramming food down into himself. Even as the muskrat began to look warily at the overstretched pelt of the wolfdragon, Sasuke kept on pulling the food from his paw and down into his stomach. It was a broken cycle that the pair were in, and by the time the fourth cart had been emptied, Sasuke was only capable of shallow, light breaths and stifled belches.

Moaning and burping between panting breaths, the wolfdragon just sat in his mass as the muskrat looked down at him from above. The pair’s eyes met after a long moment, Sasuke’s gaze turning to the waiter as he gave a soft smile. Neither spoke, but Sasuke’s eyes said volumes. The muskrat gave a small nod, and backed down for a moment. He returned a few moments later with a bucket, the sound of a cart wheeling up behind him reaching Sasuke’s ears at the same time. This cart sounded larger, and heavier, than the ones that had come before it… And Sasuke was pleased. His dessert had arrived, and that was something that he rarely even got a chance to get to. He may have owned many-a-restaurant, but he was barred from eating even in some of the places he owned thanks to eating up an entire day’s supply. This meal had been a welcomed one, but was surely going to put a dent in the week’s finances. Those were thoughts for another time though, as the muskrat held the bucket of what looked to be ice cream and chocolate above the wolfdragon’s head, slowly lowering it down towards his muzzle. The glutton gave a nod and opened wide, waiting for the flow of his favorite foods to begin.

Begin they did, slowly but surely filling his muzzle up. The muskrat only attempted this feat once, quickly realizing just what a mess he would make as he spilled a good amount of the contents of the bucket onto Sasuke. The draolf barely cared about that, as he was already coated in grease, sweat, sauces, and crumbs from his monumental feed. Not even moving a muscle had made him sweat thanks to the sheer effort of eating untold pounds of food, thusly making him care far less if he didn’t exactly look presentable when it came to his face being covered in food. Nonetheless, he didn’t want to waste too many calories, so when the muskrat lowered the bucket down for the draolf to just drink out of like the hog he was, Sasuke was grateful. He chugged through that first bucket at a steady, quick pace, making short work of what was nearly five gallons of ice cream and chocolate. The draolf could feel the cool mixture settling down in his stomach even heavier than his other meals, filling in the space between the lasagna, meat, and pies which occupied a middle that had grown to sizes unheard of by many. That was just the first bucket though, and when the muskrat arrived with a second… Sasuke was ready.

Three buckets in, and the draolf’s pace had noticeably slowed. He could barely breathe at this point thanks to his stomach pressing so much against his lungs, and was struggling just to make sense of what he was still doing. The muskrat took this instead as a sign that the draolf needed help, opting to help tip the buckets down into the glutton to speed along the process. Sasuke just opened his throat at this point and let it happen, not even bothering the effort to swallow as he just let the sludge of needless calories be poured down into his over packed stomach. He didn’t resist, didn’t groan, he just gurgled and grumbled with full discontent as he was stuffed to the absolute brim. Another bucket came too after this, and then… The last one, finally. The end of his feast in sight, and Sasuke was so stuffed that he feared bursting in public for the first time in what felt like ages. He was never allowed to be this full in public, and yet here he was, stuffed senseless in a restaurant thanks to an annoyed waiter and a cooking crew that was undoubtedly cursing his name. The draolf couldn’t have been happier with himself, so as he felt the new amount of creamy, fattening goo being poured down his throat, he just moaned in ecstasy. He could already feel a food coma coming on at that point, his eyes struggling to stay open and his stomach struggling to make room for more. The food was going on him as much as it was in him thanks to their quite literally being no room left inside the wolfdragon. He was stuffed as stuffed got, full as full could be, and yet the muskrat was trying to get him to take down even more. Sasuke did his best to do so, but ultimately sleep and the fact that his stomach was actually revolting against his will did him in.

“Finished, sir?” Came a question at long last as the empty bucket was removed from his food-slathered face and chins. Sasuke could barely manage a gurgle of response, his stomach trying to work out a belch but too crammed with food to even pull off that simple feat. The draolf just sat there, dazed and absolutely full, as the waiter waited a few moments for a response. A smug grin formed on the face of the muskrat at that point, one Sasuke barely caught as he could feel the tug of sleep growing stronger still on him. Using every ounce of his remaining energy, the wolfdragon raised an arm and grabbed the mustelid by the arm, causing him to jump and whirl around to face Sasuke. The draolf, stifling a small belch between his sharp, wheezing breaths, looked up with the best toothy grin he could muster. He held that position too for a long moment, the muskrat growing more and more nervous as the seconds ticked by between the two.

“I hope breakfast is just as good…”

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