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Sasuke grunted heavily as he felt the fat around him shift. He had been eating his third lunch of the day, greedily sucking down full chickens as though they were the paltry nuggets that satisfied the less rotund citizens of the town in which he resided. The draolf was far too heavy and greedy for such food to be of any use to him though, and instead he ate as though food was going to stop existing the very next day. Decadent meal after meal passed through his lips, and often wound up on the massive collar of fat that encircled his head, as well as the moobs which adorned what could be conceivably called a chest, but were far larger than any standard example of that body part. He was obese beyond reason, and the wolfdragon knew it as he glutted with reckless abandon. This eating was something that he took pride in in fact, and he would often push to eat just enough for him to be stuffed into a food-induced stupor. He had become so grandiose in his gluttony that food comas were a thing of the past for the draolf, instead he just let his body slide into sleep eventually once the hum of a pump stuffing him for his sleep had begun. He could only sleep with that sound now in fact, and it was something that he took even more pride in.

Being as large as he was did have its side effects, and a large one of those was his hygiene, or rather lack thereof. It was an understatement to say that the wolfdragon was usually fairly rank, for he was often coated in a day’s meals as well as a coating of sweat that simply came from being as large as he was, and as stuffed as he often was. Food sweats were a common thing to Sasuke, and when he ate foods like steak or burgers, he would often joke that he was just leaking the grease from the meat itself. Regardless, this stench would often keep others away from him at the end of the day, leaving the draolf to eat off the conveyor belt which fed him nigh constantly for every moment he was awake. He was stuffing himself senseless at all hours of the day after all, and any amount of time he spent not eating was time that he was rather discontent. Bathing wasn’t exactly a time that he could eat for that matter, and thusly he would often just let himself get to be deserving of the title of a slob before he would finally cave and get himself washed.

This particular day was one of the days that he was caving and allowing himself to be cleaned, and thusly one he knew was going to be long and rather annoying. Sasuke hated having to claw himself away from food, but thankfully at least he was getting to be cleaned. Cleaning meant he would have company aside from food, a thing that had become fleeting at best as the draolf had passed immobility and gone well into the realm of hyper obesity. He couldn’t even move an arm under his own power anymore, and that was where the complicated system he was about to get into came in. Pulleys, ropes, tarps… All of it was being assembled around him as he binged with reckless abandon. The draolf was trying to stuff himself to bursting before he was forced to go a few hours without food, a task which sounded simple to most but was utter hell for the gluttonous deity. He wanted to keep eating more than some even wanted to keep breathing, as it was his entire life. Having to stop… He could only hope that a hose had been installed in his shower so that he would at least get some shake while he was being cleaned.

In charge of all of this cleaning, and the grand show of moving the class-act hog from his spot right in the center of his dining room was Mac. The bulky Clydesdale was more than happy to assist the fattened wolfdragon in any way that he could, and this had shown through in spades. Mac had just been muscular when the two had met some time before, and that had quickly changed thanks to spending time around the single most gluttonous beast alive. Gone was the six-pack the horse had once possessed, and in its place a true ball of a gut had come along. The white fur of his stomach was stretched and rounded out nicely, bulging over the top of his pants and making Mac look a lot softer than he was. Still built and incredibly strong, Mac was one of the few who had the arduous task of lifting Sasuke’s ‘legs’, one at a time, in order to slide the tarps beneath them. The wolfdragon could have done this himself of course; he was a deity after all, and moving around at his size was completely possible for him to achieve. Mac had seen the draolf spawn food from nothing and float it to his muzzle with nary an ounce of effort, and had even once seen the draolf add weight to himself just to cheat out gaining. Sasuke was an odd one though, as he used his godly powers as little as he could in order to just revel in being as fat as he was. He wanted all of that experience, for some reason or another, and Mac was intrigued by that. The horse hadn’t really judged the draolf for his actions, but instead just took them and watched as Sasuke had gone from simply being extremely obese, to some sort of blobular monster that he was now.

Moving alongside the mound of draolf, the Clydesdale inspected all of the ropes and pulleys to make sure that everything was attached and secured properly to move the draolf. Every bit of it was supposed to be perfect, for if even one thing failed, the draolf wasn’t going to be going anywhere. Sure, Sasuke did help to some extent as he knew that he needed to be washed, but by and large he just sat and ate instead of doing any real work. The wolfdragon wasn’t one to really want to help out with all that, but he did know that he needed to be cleaned… There was something mildly degrading about needing to be handled with gloves and more than one green face at the smell of your own body. He didn’t mind though too much, and instead just gave a light grunt to Mac once he could see the mane of the horse over his own horizon. That was all Sasuke could see too, the draolf being so fat that he couldn’t see anything below his eye line. His head was slightly tilted back in fact thanks to the pressure of the fat of his chins, cheeks, neckline, and moobs all pressing against the underside of the dangling flab of his jaw. Still, it could have been far worse for the draolf as he thought about how much fatter he was going to make himself. He could see at all over his cheeks still, and that was something he was working on eating away over the course of his gluttony.

“I think we’re ready, you mound.” Came a call from over his own horizon. Sasuke could see the dark brown hair of Mac’s mane sitting right in front of him, making the draolf grunt again. He swallowed up the last of his meal, taking pause for a moment before an ear-splitting belch tore out of his muzzle. An eruption from Fat Mountain if there ever was one, the draolf just groaned once he was finished tearing a hole in space-time with his gaseous outburst. Mac took a step back during that belch, tilting his ears back to try and avoid at least a portion of that noise. He didn’t succeed though, and raised a hoof to rub at his ears as he heard Sasuke finally quiet down. “I’d say you are too, I take it?”

“Y-Yeah…” Sasuke managed to gurgle out, struggling to speak between wheezing breaths and stifled belches. He had really gone and stuffed himself this time, sucking down on his house between sloppy bites of lasagna. He had gone with that, chicken, and pancakes in an attempt to fill his stomach to its untold capacity. This tactic had worked, and left him feeling bloated beyond reason and fattened to the point that he could practically hear his hide creaking with dismay. He wasn’t about to apologize for that amount of gluttony though, for he knew by the time he was done being bathed that he was going to be famished, and would put his most recent feast to shame in an attempt to get back the many calories he was going to be short for that day. That was always how things went, but thankfully Mac was there to help him along after a bath… The horse always seemed to take an interest in feeding Sasuke when he was clean, a fact which Sasuke welcomed with open, flabby arms.

“Alright, well let’s get this started.” With that, a series of groaning and creaking ropes and motors began their symphony. Moving the draolf was an engineering feat, to say the least, and it was one that the wolfdragon took pride in needing. He was hoisted up one part at a time, with tarps under his arms, under his lovehandles, under his rear, under his belly, and under what had once been his legs before his flabby frame had swallowed them whole. He wasn’t about to move on his own, for that would mean walking on pure calf fat, the buttery expanse of which was incredibly sensitive. That was his excuse for not walking at least, not that he was far too lazy to do so… That would be too easy for him to use after all. Thusly, this entire contraption was rigged up for him to work out, and he was more than happy to just let himself be carried around by a system which had taken months to develop. He was carted through his room, the kitchen, and then into the bathroom room all at a snail’s pace by this apparatus, sweat dripping onto the floor behind him and most of the help he had around his house cleared out or looking on with morbid curiosity. He knew many of them had never seen a beast as fat as he, nor would they see one fatter than him thanks to small things like living at his current size. It was a feat Sasuke took pride in, and one that had him grinning like a buffoon by the time he had been lowered back to the ground in the showering room.

Mac had been following along the entire time, his mane coming back into view as soon as Sasuke was lowered enough to see it again. The draolf grunted as his frame hit the ground, another loud belch rolling out of his muzzle as he slovenly smacked his lips together. He was already missing food, and that seemed to be something Mac knew. The equine was already climbing up Sasuke, hooves pressing into the feet of malleable fat which encased the frame of the wolfdragon. The pressure to his stomach and his fat was enough to force a couple more belches out of Sasuke, who moaned and groaned from the teasing and impromptu rubbing of Mac against his sensitive, stretched hide. The horse was dragging something along with him too, a thing which Sasuke knew instantly and began to drool at the very thought of. The horse didn’t even need to say any words as he finally climbed into view in front of Sasuke, his long muzzle forming a sly grin on itself as he held the high pressure hose above the wolfdragon’s head. Sasuke’s eyes pleaded for the hose, light grunts of desperation coming out of the colossally fat expanse of mutt. He didn’t need to ask though, as Mac just lowered the hose down to Sasuke and placed it against the mammothly obese beast’s face. Fastening it over his muzzle with a couple small straps, after wiping the grime off of where those straps would be too of course, Mac gave a low whistle to the ether. This whistle was apparently the signal to start the flow however, for Mac hadn’t made that sound before a moment later the hose just twitched to life and began a slow, steady stream of chocolate pudding down into the muzzle of the wolfdragon. Sasuke was sated nigh instantly by this, knowing the hose had a smart shut off to keep him from bursting, but set to keep him just shy of that… The entire time he was being showered. A little bit of engineering he had designed himself, the wolfdragon could only look forward to his baths now that he finally had a way to even eat during them too.

Mac, seeing that Sasuke was now sated and going to just be still as could be, slid down off the slick, grimy surface of his colossal friend. The horse moved a couple steps away from Sasuke after disembarking from the land whale, turning around to survey the massive canvas he was going to have to clean. Arms sticking out straight at 90 degrees thanks to being buoyed up with nothing more than fat, legs which had been absorbed into absurdly obese thighs, and a belly that looked to be more the size of a vehicle than a stomach… All of it was there and needed a good cleaning. Mac had done this many times before though, and he knew just what he was going to need in order to take care of such a mess. He had enough shampoo for several average families of anthros, brushes that actually were used on cars, and a fire hose hooked up to the city’s mains. It was all there for him to use to clean Sasuke, and he alone; the Clydesdale never wanted help with this task. AN excuse to grope and tease over this much fat all in front of him? How was Mac meant to share such a thing with anyone?

Starting with the hose, Mac got to work with spraying Sasuke down. The draolf grunted as he felt the warm, high-pressure water begin to spray against him. The pressure from the hose set his frame aslosh instantly, the waves of rippling fat spreading out from wherever the water was impacting him. His lovehandles bounced heavily as they were sprayed down, each larger than Mac in their own right; Mac was seven feet, 450-ish pounds of pure muscle-gutted horse… Last time he checked at least. The rump of the draolf was a huge ordeal, needing to be gone over twice just thanks to how much of his as was on display for the world. Sasuke’s tail was the same, covering a large portion of the ground behind him, but thankfully never getting much dirtier than a quick spray down… Having lost the ability to wag and collect dirt off the floor, that appendage was little more than a sofa attached to a car-sized rump. Moving on, spraying down moobs the size of fatfurs in their own right was another task entirely, as Mac had to angle his hose as best he could while not getting Sasuke right in the face. He did his best though, and managed to avoid soaking the face of Sasuke entirely. The draolf was too lost in his gluttony to care much about that either way, just guzzling down his chocolate with nary a care in the world. Mac had a whole stomach that needed cleaning though, and as he worked the hose over that with slow, careful arcs to get every ounce of food and sweat that had been caked on from a week of gluttonous binging, he dared to reach out a paw and press on that gut. He got a grunt and a light belch as a result, feeling just how full Sasuke already was thanks to how little give the monument to all gluttons had. Sasuke was rarely that full, and Mac knew it would mean that the wolfdragon would really enjoy the next part of being washed… More than usual.

Stepping back to the doorway of the room once Mac had finished washing down the front of the wolfdragon, the equine pressed a single button on the remote that controlled the room. The floor began to flood all around Sasuke, a water level slowly rising up to be a couple inches, then a few, and then a full foot of water all around the wolfdragon. It was enough to submerge his entire underside, cleaning out all of the detritus that had built up from his sitting still for the entire time he had. Pressing another button on the remote, Mac could only smirk as small jets kicked in with that water. These jets had soap in them, but were also designed to pulse and swivel beneath the draolf, basically power washing his underside without him needing to be moved off the floor. It was a process that always left Sasuke feeling stimulated to say the least, and one that did get him clean to boot. Spraying and swirling, the whole process to clean Sasuke from the underside took several minutes to complete. Mac used that time to get the top part of the wolfdragon cleaned as well, pressing a few other buttons on his remote to call down the top hoses to do the same thing to the wolfdragon. They all were made simply to move about the top part of the wolfdragon, cleaning the bits of him that Mac was incapable of reaching. The top curve of both his stomach and rump, his head and hair, the tops of his arms… All of these were sprayed down gently with misting hoses, then washed over with thick rivulets of water before being soaped and the whole process repeated. This also took several minutes, as Mac never just let these processes go once; they all needed to be done a few times to get the grime off the wolfdragon.

Waiting patiently for all of the automatic work to finish, Mac eventually was able to step in and do his job once he wouldn’t be getting soaked without his consent from automatic hoses. Armed with car-scrubbers and a bucket of soap, the Clydesdale got to work on scrubbing down Sasuke. The horse just watched as his brush moved and sloshed around the copious amounts of adipose that lined Sasuke’s frame, making the gelatinous draolf move as though he was little more than a pudding. It was a sight the equine always drank in greedily, and one that he made sure to relish as he scrubbed and worked away the dirt from the wolfdragon. Pressing into moobs, lovehandles, and everything else in between, he more than once nearly lost his brush in a foot-thick roll of fat. He managed though, pressing into Sasuke more than once with his own frame just to be able to reach the higher parts of the draolf… And to feel all of that weight against him, which was quite the added bonus. The whole process took ages to do, both because Mac was just enjoying himself at cleaning the titanic glutton, and because Sasuke had just so much acreage that needed cleaning. It was a vast expanse of wolfdragon to say the very least, and he was so incredibly large that he needed over an hour just to be scrubbed to cleanliness. Mac wasn’t quite done though, grabbing hand towels to go into the deeper folds of wolfdragon fat and clean those too, digging in between the heavy rolls of adipose on the wolfdragon to get even the deepest pockets of fat clean. Scrubbing the gap between stomach and thigh, the belly button that could hide a cub, or the underside of moobs that were more like anthros… All of it was handled expertly by the equine over the course of yet another hour.

By the time he was done, ready to start the rinsing cycle at long last, Mac was sweating and grimy himself. He was coated in the leftover detritus from Sasuke, as well as just exhausted from working himself to the bone from needing to clean the massive mutt. It was an experience unlike any other for him though, and he took pride in his work as he took a single step back to look at all he had done. Gone were the food stains and marks of greed that had lined the wolfdragon, and in their place was a shiny, pristine coat of fur that could make even models jealous… If models ate their weight in food on a daily basis of course. Either way, his job was done, and Mac pressed the last button on his remote in order to start rinsing off the wolfdragon. Of course, this rinsing wasn’t all that was left… Sasuke still needed to be dried, and Mac was looking forward to that part of the process too… After all, how often does one get to touch that much fat?

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