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“And here’s to.. –HILP- You!” A rather slurred, drunken cry came from the overly obese grey wolf, seated on a battered sofa beside an equally rotund wind dragon. The pair both raised their glasses to one another as best as their fattened arms could muster, the rounded spheres of adipose barely able to get much above their heads as they both struggled to reach one another over the rolling heft of their sides. A day of heavy binging and drinking had left both Alonely and Izaak beached on the couch, too fat to do much more than drink the night away. That was precisely what the two were doing as well, working through their second keg of calorie-rich beer that Alonely had gotten specifically to bulk up to be even fatter. Izaak hadn’t exactly intended on becoming fat along with the wolf, but a few beers and many burgers in, and his intentions were out the window as the liquor kept flowing. Close friends, the pair were both seated nude on the couch as they drank to their hearts’ content, which was to say until they more than likely burst or became too drunk to manage to refill their mugs.

Becoming too fat to do so was also a likely possibility, as both were struggling to even move with the heft of their stomachs resting in their laps. Alonely was already fat before he had begun eating, but now that he had eaten more in just a single sitting than most did in weeks, he couldn’t even be bothered to lift himself partly from the sofa. Izaak was no better, the white-and-blue wind dragon beached in a ball of himself as he could practically feel the fat oozing all over his frame. He was stuffed to the gills, drunk as a skunk, and yet still enjoying every moment that he was spending with the wolf beside him. Their bare stomachs slapped against one another as they went in for another round, the keg of beer nestled carefully between them as they continued on with their glorious binging. Neither wanted the night to end, but it was rapidly coming to a close as the television before them was having less and less interesting things on it. Instead, the interest was shifting to their own frames, where paws were beginning to wander for both of the anthros. Groping squeezes to their own bellies, sides, and even the others’ sides were becoming more and more common as their own corpulence began to take center stage in both of the beached balls’ minds.

It was Izaak who made the first move, or rather turgid slosh, as he tossed his glasses aside and moved what little he could muster up towards Alonely. The sudden sloshing forced loud belches out of both of the fattened furs, each one alleviating some of the pressure that had built in their stuffed stomachs as they moved closer to one another. The warmth from their stomachs was building as they pressed against one another, their lovehandles smothering one another as even their arms merged into little more than a mess of fur and scales that was loaded to the brim with adipose. Izaak purred softly at the warmth beside him, getting a gurgling rumble of approval from Alonely in turn. Both were quite content right there, but as they each reached for their umpteenth round of beer, Alonely began to get a look in his red eyes that could only be described as lustful. Izaak returned that look with one of his own, raising his mug to his muzzle and chugging down the contents of it with deep, long gulps down into his greedy gullet. Neither said a word for a long moment, just looking at one another and letting their paws do the talking. Both moved their arms what little they could to grope at each other’s moobs, the sagging hills of chest flesh easily within reach for their sunken in and bloated appendages. Alonely let out a light moan when one of Izaak’s claws brushed against his nipple, the dragon retracting his blue paw for but a moment before going back in once he saw the moan wasn’t meant as a bad thing. His white palm pressed against the grey, yielding fur of Alonely, Izaak just continued to tease and press against the wolf with that same lustful look in his eyes. Alonely submitted easily to that, his eyes falling shut as he began to pant hard out of his muzzle.

Both too drunk and too fat to act much more past that, it was in a single moment of clarity that Alonely remembered that there could be a solution to solve this problem. He grunted lightly to Izaak, causing the drake to stop what he was doing and just give Alonely an inquisitive look. The wolf finished off his beer in a few gulps before turning towards the table sitting beside the couch; the one thing that he could still reach. Barely able to muster up the strength to move his frame far enough to get to the bottle, Alonely groaned and grunted as he struggled to press his paw far enough forward to grab ahold of the clear, small container. Grasping it between his sausage-like digits, the wolf retreated back into his heavy frame while panting slightly at the simple effort of reaching for the bottle. Izaak had resumed teasing him by this point too, drawing out wheezing moans between the heavy pants that were coming out of the wolf’s shortened muzzle. His chins jiggled profusely with each heavy breath, his bloated stomach rising and falling like the small mountain that it was. Izaak just blushed faintly as he wanted this, his cheeks turning a deep shade of lavender beneath his blue scales. He could feel his arousal piquing beneath his belly, the weight of his indulgence pressing down on his groin heavily as he tried to shift in his position but only managed a lethargic wobble of his overly-stuffed and fattened frame. Alonely had spent this time refilling both their beers, as well as fiddling with the cap to the bottle that he had spent so much effort retrieving in an attempt to get it open. Once it was open though, he simply poured out a few of its contents into one of his paws before tossing the small bottle aside haphazardly.

“H-Here… Take o-BRRRAAAWWWPPP- Ooooh… One. Two if you want…” Alonely managed to wheeze out, holding out pills in his paw. The bottle had contained those pills, and Izaak reached for them without question. Alonely dolled himself out two as well, taking them with a heavy swig of his refilled beer before the drake followed suit. The wolf just groaned softly as he felt those pills sinking into him, taking another swig of beer before he spoke again. “They… OOoooh… They should help make us able to move around for a while, and… Well…” He winked slyly at Izaak, who arched an eyebrow for a moment in curiosity, as well as confusion thanks to his drunken state. Neither were sober enough to remotely think their actions through, and both were still drinking heavily as they waited for the pills to take effect. More beers were had, more food was eaten, and both just continued to glut even as they felt their frames begin to strengthen with some amount of unseen musculature. Alonely grunted and groaned as he felt himself able to somewhat lift his frame off the couch, able to sit up finally rather than just slouch back and let his stomach dominate his figure entirely. Izaak was already forward by the time the wolf had moved, the dragon struggling to drunkenly get to his feet. His mind was already hazy at this point, bits of the prior time they had been eating and drinking lost to the ether of his own stupor. Alonely was even further gone, his mind addled with booze to the point that he was slurring and mumbling out his sentences as he tried to talk to Izaak. The drake found this hysterical though, laughing at every single bit that Alonely said even as he watched the wolf try to struggle his way to his feet.

Once both were standing, albeit shakily, they took a change to finally look at one another. Both were absolutely massive, barely-mobile even with the air of the additive to their systems. Both of their stomach dangled scant inches from the ground, rounded out as though entire weather balloons had been swallowed by each of them. Surrounding them both was the mess of their feast, containers and cans and bottles galore littering the floor that Alonely figured he could take care of at some other point. Izaak thought little of this though, instead directing his attention to the grey wolf in front of him. Seeing that nude frame crammed so full of food and fat… The wind dragon couldn’t help but lick his lips and adjust his belly slightly so that it rested fully against his arousal. His endowment felt far larger beneath his stomach, but in his drunken state the drake was far too distracted to pay it much mind. He just looked up and down Alonely, staring at that belly that dominated his frame, those hips that looked like they would never get through any door ever again, the arms that looked as though it was a medicine ball attached to a pillow with a bloated, useless paw smothered at the end. The moobs on the wolf, sagging and supple as they bounced atop his gut with every heavy, panting breath that Alonely took. The grey fur that lined his whole frame, and yet had thinned at the front of his stomach simply from how much the wolf had eaten. Izaak was just taken aback by this, and he could tell Alonely felt the same about him. The wolf was drinking in the drake’s white, massive paunch that dangled precariously between his spread legs. So large that the scales on the front had separated slightly just to make room for the amount of food that was inside of that gut, Alonely didn’t even want to guess just how weight the two had packed into themselves that day… Nor could he if he wanted to. Instead, he just struggled to lock onto one of the two sets of eyes that Izaak seemed to have, struggling to see them beneath the unkempt black hair that sat atop the dragon’s head. The small tendrils hanging off either side of the drake’s snout were equally distracting, causing Al to giggle softly even though there was nothing funny about them. It was a sight for the both of them, and their last clear memory as they began to waddle slowly towards the bedroom. Each could feel the footfalls of the other, their bellies bouncing against their aroused cocks, the feeling of walls and doorways scraping against their stretched pelts, the wheezing, heavy breaths that came from moving such a vast amount of weight on their frames… It was all there, and then the next morning came.

Alonely was the first to wake the next day, groaning loudly as he felt himself coming to life. His head throbbed, his stomach ached, his back hurt, his rump was sore… And that was when the canine began to try and piece together the previous night. It was all a haze to him to say the least, his groggy and hungover state trying to piece together just what had happened the night prior. All that he could remember were flashes of drinking with Izaak, getting closer to Izaak, and then just waking up that morning. Something felt off about himself as he had stirred that morning, and the wolf almost didn’t want to open his eyes to see what it was. He never, ever drank like that, and yet something about being as comfortable as he was with his friend had set him down the path to that drunken night… Something new had happened for him, that was for sure, and he didn’t quite want to see what it was. He also didn’t want to open his eyes because he knew the blinds in his room would be open, and the light seemed to be the worst thing in the world for him. Alonely still needed to do that though, to start his day and see just what he had done the previous night. Thusly, he chanced opening one eye a slit, immediately closing it as the light invaded his vision and made him groan all the louder from the effect it had on his burgeoning headache. Peering through slits of eyes though, the wolf could simply see grey and white, that was it… Stretched, taut grey and scaled, stretched white. Something about that felt off to him, so he opened his eyes a little further while groaning outwardly at the pain he was feeling in his head.

Attempting to move an arm was met with more resistance than Alonely was used to, even after his usual binges that left him beached in place. The wolf struggled to move that appendage, only to no avail. His other arm did manage to lift, just barely off the floor as it felt to be made out of pure cement. More awake now that he was finding out about himself, the wolf tried to move his legs, with the same result. Unsure of just what to do about all this, he didn’t say much as he struggled to move anything at all. Even his head felt too fat and surrounded by blubber to move, instead just resting where it was. His whole frame felt inordinately heavy, stuck right in place on his back somewhere in his room; the scents of his bed gave that away. Alonely couldn’t move from his spot though, so he had to resort to grunting and squirming what minute amounts he could to attempt to wake Izaak. The drake was still snoring above him, somewhere, probably resting against him as the wolf could feel cool scales pressed into his stomach and chest. Grunting and groaning, Alonely felt alive enough to finally speak after a couple more minutes of struggling against his own body. “Izaak?”

The dragon above him snorted to life, his whole frame jostling lazily from side to side as the drake stirred. A loud, deep groan of discontent came from the drake as he looked to be just as hungover as Alonely. Neither had any idea how big they were, Izaak’s vision just that of Alonely’s crotch and nothing else. The taste of cum on his lips gave away what had happened the night prior though, making Alonely blush lightly once he felt the warm breath of the wind dragon on his groin. Licking his lips lightly, Izaak tried to move away from that groin, only to find the same thing happened to Alonely that had happened to him; he couldn’t even lift an arm thanks to how heavy they felt. Turning his head much was impossible, even his longer neck was too collared with fat to move on its own. Neither beast said a word for minutes at that point, both just lying in the veritable sea of themselves that had been created at some point the prior night. Alonely could feel Izaak struggling the same as he had been, vain attempts to move his arms and legs sending rippling waves of adipose through their frames. They both jiggled enough to force a couple belches out of each of them, the ear-splitting explosions of gas causing groans for both of them as their hangovers made themselves known in full force. Both sat there though, finally still after a couple more minutes of jiggling and sloshing heavily against one another in spite of neither of them moving a muscle.

“So… That was a night,” Izaak finally managed to gurgle out as he just lay atop Alonely. His headache was already subsiding, his draconic frame and heritage handling the alcohol and hangover at a blistering pace, as well as handling building up more muscles for him to move his body. He could already lift his arms somewhat, though bending them was nigh impossible, and his legs were lost in their own folds of flab that the drake didn’t hazard a guess as to how big they were. Alonely was having no such luck, just groaning and whimpering from below the beached dragon as he began to feel his hangover mildly subside. In its place though was coming a gnawing hunger, far more than the wolf was used to as he just groaned aloud from how he felt. He could also feel his stomach tightening too, rounding out ever so slowly into something more akin to a ball than the sagging mass of flab it had been the night before. Surely it was much bigger, as the wolf could feel his fat down past his feet, but he didn’t even chance just how much bigger it was as he groaned to himself.

“It… Oof… It was…” Alonely managed to wheeze out, panting softly as he felt Izaak’s belly doing the same. Gaining shape and weight, that belly of the drake was starting to slide off his own, even though it was weighing down on him even more. Izaak was doing all he could to get off Alonely, trying to slide himself off to the side even though moving much more than his arms a small amount was still nigh impossible. Turning his head was starting to become mildly possible though, and what little he could see of the wolf around him was absolutely absurdly fat. It looked as though Alonely had sucked on pure lard for the entire night, and the week before for that matter as he was just a bloated round sac of wolf that was prone on the ground. Prone was a strong word for that though, as the padding of his rear, back, and thighs had him well over a foot off the ground thanks to the sheer pressure of the fat on his frame. It was a shock for Izaak for sure, but he knew that his frame was just as large… And that made him almost worried. How could he move if he was that large? He could have all the muscles in the world, but dragging his stomach along the ground as well as his calves and his rear wouldn’t exactly make him even remotely mobile.

Those thoughts, both of how heavy Izaak was in Alonely’s mind and how Izaak was going to move in his mind, ceased as they both felt a faint shift in Alonely’s stomach. Something moved inside the wolf, and they both went wide-eyed at the feeling of that shift, neither saying a word as they both went still to see if it happened again. A few moments later, that light jostle did happen again, and immediately Izaak let out a light yelp of surprise. Alonely did the same, his eyes wide open in shock as he tried in vain to move something, anything on his frame to feel just what was moving in his rounded stomach. Before he could manage that though, the wolf felt that same movement from Izaak’s stomach, prompting another yelp from the drake as well as a violent jostle as his arm did it’s best to move to his belly. Buoyed up by flab, it didn’t even manage to make it to his moob, however that movement was enough to send him off of Alonely and onto the side of the wolf. Letting out a long, loud sigh of relief now that he just had his own immensity atop himself, the wolf groaned again as he could now feel just how large he truly was. In spite of being pressed into on his right by Izaak to the point that the wolf felt like he was going to be rolled onto his side, he could feel his gut beyond his toes, his legs splayed wide to make room for even more stomach, and still more belly forming atop him as it pressed out and rounded into a true dome above his prone frame.

“Uhm… What did we do last night?”

“I d… Ugh… Don’t remember. Did we take something?” Alonely stuttered out, another kick in his stomach making him really struggle to think back to the prior night. Izaak did the same, shutting his eyes for a moment as he really thought. He opened them again once he was able to latch onto at least part of a memory, his face going slightly pale as he lay beside Alonely.

“Pills in a clear bottle? Did… Oof… Ugh… Oooooogh… Did those mean something?”

“Pi-… Oh shit.”


“Uhm… Well, hope you wanted to be a father?” Alonely said with just a hint of worry in his voice. Izaak went silent after that, his jaw agape and his eyes wide as he struggled to do anything other than move his forearms a marginal amount. Resting on his side with his gut protruding out over a yard in front of him, the beached drake didn’t even know what to say… That was, until a wave of hunger hit him like a ton of bricks. With that, he had just one thought on his mind.

“I didn’t… But, I don’t care about that. I could eat like a mother right now.”

“Got your phone?”


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