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The building had just stopped shuddering when Liam stood from his seat. Jumping around an entire establishment as he did always resulted in some amount of changes to his bar, but thankfully he had only lost the very seat he sat on once or twice during those jumps. The interdimensional traveler took a cursory glance around his bar as soon as he was standing, checking to see if any tables were missing, taps were broken, or anything else was out of place. Seeing nothing on a passive check around the room however, Liam let out a sigh of relief. Having nothing to fix in the immediate area was always a sure sign that things had gone well for the canine, and he was quite grateful for that as he wanted to open his bar up as fast as possible. Liam hated having to make repairs to his bar, especially since it meant he couldn’t open for business the very first night he had arrived in town. Granted, his jumps were early enough in the morning usually that he had time, but that time was nigh constantly spent fixing things in the labyrinth of back hallways that occupied his building. Always something to do for him, always something… The wolf just sighed as he thought of what could have been broken back behind the cozy façade of his bar.

Fully moving away from his chair now that he had taken a look around, Liam went about inspecting each of his various drinks behind the bar. Garnered from many of his travels, simple liquors these bottles were not. Various ales from different species, both alien and anthro alike, littered the back shelves of the bar. The canine had sampled them all before traveling, and knew each like the back of his paw. He rarely used them outside of their home dimension, but displaying the many intricate and unique bottles was something that the wolf enjoyed immensely. Thusly, he looked each over for cracks and dings in their glassware, inspecting them all just in case one had been broken in transit. None had though, thankfully, and thusly the wolf was able to simply dust a few of the less-used bottles off before resuming his inspection of the place.

The taps came next, and with it a sudden thirst for something to drink. Liam knew it was a little early to start drinking, but his body seemed to reject that reality and instead wanted a beer. Knowing full well that he would need to test each tap to make sure it turned on properly, the wolf took that as an opportunity to sneak a couple drinks in before most beings in his new home had even had breakfast. Grabbing a small cup from the shelf below the taps, the grey canine leaned down and placed the cup beneath the first of his many taps. The specific brew that he was looking for was one he had gathered up three jumps prior, made by a brewmaster the wolf had taken a real shining to. Giving the tap a gentle tug, the wolf left one arm above as he waited for the flow of beer to start. The liquid never came out as intended though, instead oozing out of the tap as though it was jello being forced through mesh. It glorped and wobbled sluggishly through the small nozzle, dropping in heavy drips down into the glass. Liam was taken aback by this, quickly pulling his paw from the tap and lowering his head down to look at the ooze that was coming out. The motion knocked some of his long, thick grey hair down into his eyes, momentarily blocking the wolf from seeing just what was happening in his glass.

That moment was all the ooze needed to change, as Liam had barely pulled his thick locks from in front of his eyes when he was attacked. The thick, deep brown goop that had once been beer seemed to have grown several times in size in just a fraction of a second, going from barely registering in the glass to filling it. Seeming to have a mind of its own as well, the ooze had shot a single tendril out towards Liam, one which the wolf barely had time to react to before it was right before his muzzle. Unable to even let out a yelp of surprise, the grey canine didn’t even get a step back before the murky brown slime had hit his muzzle. The oozing goop seemed to grow larger by the moment, the tap now gushing out the slime at the pace of a normal beer. Eyes wide as dinner plate and his ears pinned back against his head so far that his hair hid them, the canine was unable to even react. He didn’t just stand there stunned though, as the initial shock wore off after a few moments. His paws returned to life, moving from resting limply in shock by his sides to grasping at his muzzle. The grey protrusion on his face was covered in the brown slime, his nose only just poking out above the slimy muzzle which was keeping his jaws just barely shut. His paws hit that slime and tried to grasp at it, clawing and pulling at the brown ooze in an attempt to get free.

The slime had other plans though, and it was mere moments before his paws too were trapped in the ooze. Stuck huffing through his nose and whimpering lightly in place, Liam tried as hard as he could to back up or wiggle his way free of his new captor. He couldn’t break free though, the vice-like grip of the slime on his face far too much for his body to resist. Pulling and struggling, Liam was soon forced to simply give up and wait for the slime to do what it wanted with him. The ooze had been growing in size that entire time too, new tendrils forming out of the increasingly large pile of slime forming both on and around the counter of his bar. A couple of the tendrils had sought out Liam’s chair, bringing it over to the canine and bumping his legs with it. Liam sat down once that happened, slightly concerned by the generosity of his new captor. The other tendrils had been less concerned with him though, going to the other taps and slowly turning them on one by one as well. Various shades of ooze began to pour from them as well once they were on, adding to the growth of the slime at an ever-increasing rate. It looked as though every single keg which Liam possessed had been transformed into this somewhat sentient slime, and that slime seemed to have plans for Liam. The canine didn’t exactly know what they were, but as he was forced to sit and watch the boozy ooze take over the counter of his bar one moment at a time, the canine could guess that things weren’t about to get any better.

All taps on full blast at last, Liam felt something change around his muzzle. The slime on the top and bottom of his maw began to pull it open, slowly but surely separating his jaws. The wolf was completely helpless to stop this, try as he might to struggle or use his trapped paws for any amount of tugging. His jaws sluggishly opened, the slime peeking in between their confines with the curiosity of a cub. This curiosity lasted for the briefest of moments though, as it was changed in an instant to force. The slime began to force itself down into Liam, the wolf having to swallow large globs of the ooze in order to keep from choking. He gulped it down as though he was chugging from a keg, which was more of a reality than he would have liked to admit. Each swallow felt bigger than the last, his body just struggling to keep up with the flow of ooze down into his warm stomach. He groaned and grunted with these, feeling his small stomach fill out with the slime in record time as he was forced to take down more and more of its gelatinous mass. The one and only saving grace of the ooze was that it still tasted like the beer it had replaced, and assuredly still had the alcohol content. Liam may have been trapped, but based on how much beer it looked like he was going to be forced to consume, the wolf took solace in knowing that he would soon be too drunk to care about that.

Swallow after heavy, filling swallow continued for Liam. He had given up on struggling, and instead just focused on not choking as he consumed more and more of the slime. He could feel his belly swelling out as he did this, rounding out beneath his gaze into more of a stomach than his flat, svelte frame had ever possessed. It was already pushing on the sides of his vest with gusto, stretching out the fabric and tugging down on the sides of his arms. Liam tried to look down to assess the damage to his frame, but instead was left looking at the brown ooze, his flame-tattooed arms, and little else. Feeling his growth was enough though for the wolf, as it showed that he was indeed going to get a lot bigger. The slime showed no sign of letting up either, in fact it was only still increasing the speed of the flow into Liam. The growth was coming faster, and in bigger surges to the canine. How he hadn’t burst yet was beyond him, but Liam was at least thankful for that as he felt his burgeoning middle begin to sag down onto his thighs. His pants were already tight enough to begin with, and they now felt as though they were painted onto his frame. Very little fat was being added to his body from the influx of slime, so nearly all of his mass was coming from his stomach; never had the phrases ‘ball belly’ or ‘beer gut’ been more apt to the wolf. He could feel that gut just swelling and spreading out before him, but something else was beginning to hit him too.

The booze in the beer was getting to the wolf, in a big way. He was beginning to actually enjoy his expansion, taking longer swallows and just humming to himself even as he felt his frame continue to bloat comically out from its former lithe self. His head had gone from clear to fuzzy to all-out drunk in record time, and Liam could feel the last vestiges of his conscious mind being dulled with alcohol. The slime still looked to have barely shrunk in front of him, but the wolf was bloating out more and more. Just how big he was going to get, Liam had no idea… He had gotten drunk enough to not care though, that much was for sure. He also for sure wasn’t going to open that day… Or maybe the next either. At least he had company though… And from the feeling of things, in fact the last feeling he remembered before blacking out in a drunken stupor… He was going to have a comfy place to lounge on.

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