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David’s chunky mitts finally got ahold of what they had been searching for, bringing a big, dumb grin to the face of the paunchy human. Kneeling on his counter, the chubby male had been searching for something, anything to eat in his house. He had neglected to go shopping the day prior, and thusly was down to scrounging around his kitchen for anything that could be considered edible. His fridge was fairly bare, and his cupboards were similarly so. He did remember that his roommate had stashed some snack cakes up on a top shelf though… The thought had been in keeping David from being able to reach the wrapped, calorie-dense goodness. It was a futile effort though, as evidenced by David’s frame; little got between him and food. Thus was the case as he scrambled back down off the counter with a few of those snack-cakes in his hands. Looking down at the veritable treasure trove of food that he had gotten his hands on, the male just beamed to himself before tearing into the plastic wrapping surrounding the treats. He didn’t even bother with discarding the snack treat wrappers properly either, he simply took them and tossed them aside as he pulled out the treats. Doing this a couple times to the few treats he had grabbed, the chubby man was left with six treats on the counter in front of him.

Not wasting another moment, David tore right into those treats. A pair of Twinkies, two crumb-topped muffins, and a pair of crème pies. Each was devoured hungrily by the human, his hands pressing the food right into his face with greed. He didn’t so much eat them as he inhaled them, his hands pressing the crème into his mouth as he forced himself to take large, greedy bites. He barely chewed either, just gulping down the copious amount of calories. The crème was enough to slather his face in the white coating, but David hardly cared about that. In fact, he just ate them with greedy gusto until they were gone. Six pastries, downed in record time… And David still hungry. He knew that wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy him, but he had hoped to find more. Nonetheless, it was at least something to sit in his empty stomach, and he let out a light belch of satisfaction as the last of the crème was licked from his hands and face. He then turned his attention to the trash he had left, his desperation for food finally sated to at least some degree. Already thinking of his next meal though, the paunchy man was too lost in his own mind to notice that something odd was taking place on him.

David in fact didn’t notice these changes until he was bent over picking up the last piece of trash off the floor. He didn’t even really know what felt different either, just that something about him felt… Off. He wasn’t sure just what it was, but he could feel his entire body feeling both itchy and warm at the same time, just mildly. That mild feeling was quickly accelerating though, and as he stood up slowly, he could feel that feeling spreading to more than just parts of his body. He felt phantom parts forming, itching, and just warming up on him. His head and rear felt the strangest, both feeling as though things were protruding from them. His fingertips felt the same, as well as his toes, and all of it was punctuated by this feeling of every inch of his body itching. David didn’t know what to make of it, dropping the trash he had just retrieved back onto the floor as he began to tug at his shirt in panic. He pulled the garment off of his frame, exposing his pale, sagging stomach to the cool air of the kitchen. It jostled and jiggled slightly, his eyes watching that pale flesh slosh about as he struggled to understand why it itched so incredibly badly. His hands began to scratch at that skin, digging in and trying to satisfy an itch that seemed to want none of that. In fact, David’s scratching almost hurt more than it should have, causing him to recoil off of his own stomach after a moment. His back itched, but try as he might to scratch that, he was given the same reaction as his stomach. It was a strange one to say the least, and he groaned softly to himself as he just tried to make sense of what was going on.

Thankfully home alone, David decided to try out a new tactic to scratch himself. Moving into the carpeted living room of their house, David took of his pants as well, leaving him in his straining underwear and little else. He sighed heavily, thinking this over for a moment, before laying his heavyset frame down onto the carpet. Once there, he began to pull himself along the rug, trying to use it to satisfy the scratching feeling that was now so intense it was gnawing at his brain. The rug helped, to a point, and David just let out a long sigh of relief as he ground his very frame into the carpet. Eyes falling shut in contentment at finally finding some amount of relief for the itchy feeling that was plaguing him, the male didn’t even notice as the warmth on his body began to increase. Chalking this up to the friction of the rug on his bare skin, David didn’t even bother to check himself as he tugged his frame along the rug all the more. The feeling of extra appendages spawning out of his head and rear continued to grow stronger as well, but that was something else that David ignored as he just pulled himself along the rug. It was a sensation unlike any other to the male, but just getting the painful itching away was enough for him at that time. So on he went, scratching and using the rug like several little hands to satisfy his itchy feeling.

This lasted for a few minutes, all while David felt his whole frame change around him. He felt heavier by the moment as he rubbed against the carpet, his whole frame just feeling larger and heavier with every single tug he gave to the rug. It eventually got to the point that David could barely pull himself along, thusly making him just roll around on the rug. He tried to do that, but he could feel every ounce of himself slosh as though he was made of pudding. His stomach, thighs, and rear were the biggest culprits of this, his frame just feeling as though his entire middle had ballooned out considerably thanks to some unseen force. The itching had begun to subside once the feeling of being heavier had really taken hold, but that wasn’t the only feeling subsiding. The phantom feeling of excess appendages was also fading, replaced by one of having those appendages be very real. His face felt changed, but David had neglected to open his eyes in order to just ignore the changes he knew were happening. Something had to have been in those snack cakes… It had to have been. He hadn’t eaten anything else, and here he was just feeling fat as could be and sprawled out nearly naked on the rug. Of course, nearly naked wasn’t good enough, and as all of the itching subsided, David’s ears perked up to the sound of his underwear finally giving out. A loud rip, a few pops, and the male was left fully nude. Sprawled out on his floor, David didn’t even know where to begin, but he knew he would eventually need to see what had become of himself.

Sneaking one peek out of his closed eyes, David was met with black fur. A swell of black fluff, undoubtedly his own, came to meet his vision and practically fill it. The male’s eyes shot open upon seeing this, his arms getting drawn into his field of vision with far more effort than he remembered needing to move them. Fattened forearms that jiggled slightly even with the effort of moving them came into view, those forearms supporting fat, clawed paws. The pawpads and claws on them were distinctly feline, leaving David to make an educated guess about just what he was now. He wanted to see for himself though, and that meant getting up and finding a mirror. Getting up was going to be a task in and of itself though, for he was a good margin heavier than he had been upon laying himself down onto the floor. In fact, it was such a good margin that when the newly-minted feline tried to roll onto his side, he was met with heavy resistance from his own body. He felt as though there were several sandbags resting atop him now thanks to his new girth, and it was only getting heavier as his body was starting to get used to the massive increase in poundage it now had to contend with. David knew he wasn’t going to be going anywhere fast, but to think that he had been beached… The cat wasn’t about to have that. He shoved hard on the ground, using that momentum to begin to rock himself back and forth. His frame sloshed heavily, the high seas of stomach before him moving with purpose as it quaked to and fro. Using that momentum as well, David took a few moments to slosh himself back and forth before managing to get onto his side.

Once there, he panted for a moment at the effort of just getting to that point, sweat already forming on his brow. The feline didn’t even begin to think about how much effort it was going to be to stand, but he was ready for it… At least he thought he was. The motion of his frame had been against his groin as well, and that part of him was also starting to wake up. David hadn’t really thought much about what had happened to his manhood, but as he felt it begin to stir between his meaty thighs, the feline knew he had grown considerably more endowed. Rubbing his legs together for just a moment, he could simply groan to himself as he felt just how much more David there was between his legs. Stretching well past his knees and fully flaccid, the feline knew that the pastries had given him a lot more than just a bunch of fur and excess weight. David still needed to get standing, but now with the obvious distraction coming from his impressive package, this feat was going to be all the harder for him to accomplish. The feline steeled himself though, and with a hearty shove from his left arm, he managed to get himself resting on his stomach. He could feel his length grind against the underside of the gravid mass of his stomach in that position too, pressing into the pure, buttery fat of his underbelly with its own weighty mass. His cock twitched to life with this all the more, stiffening somewhat just from the stimulation of what felt to be a fattened hand against his pride. The feline groaned louder at this, caught inexplicably between the need to relieve himself, and the need to get on his feet and make sense of what had just happened to him.

Standing won out, only just however thanks to David figuring seeing himself would be better than taking care of his problems right away. His length wasn’t about to go anywhere either, and he knew that as he felt it grind all the more into his underbelly. Struggling to get his paws under him, David worked to get onto his paws and knees. Pushing his own heft out of the way, the feline managed to muster up the strength to get himself into that position, only to find a new problem once he was there. His stomach still rested, quite heavily in fact, on the carpeted floor below. Just how much fat had been added to his frame was becoming more apparent as he kneeled there, his panting breath coming in short bursts as he tried to figure out where to go from there. He took a quick look around the room, feeling his newly made tail twitch as it finally became freed from the massive rear which consumed it. His ears even felt fat atop his head, their swiveling around as his gaze moved making his cheeks jostle about ever so slightly. David was more pig than feline in that position, and he could only pray that his roommate didn’t come home to see him in such a state. Of course, said roommate had created the situation in the first place… Inadvertently, but those cakes weren’t David’s after all. The feline had to wonder just what they were doing in his house, but he quickly banished that thought from his head as his gaze came to rest on his couch; standing up and getting around were more pressing at the moment.

Shuffling, dragging, crawling… Whatever his motions were called, David managed to make his way over to the couch. All the while, his cock was pressed against the underside of his stomach and ground into the fat of his underbelly. This constant teasing left the feline painfully aroused, his length dragging underneath his stomach soon thanks to its length increasing even more as he became aroused. David didn’t dare guess how well-endowed he was now, but as he felt his sac growing with what could only be a hefty load, the feline began to pant out of arousal more than exhaustion. He needed to spread out his thighs what little he still could in order to make room for the easily softball-sized nuts that were growing between his legs. The teasing of the fat of his thighs with every movement, combined with the motion of his stomach and the grinding between its own heft and the carpet left David painfully hard by the time he made his way to the couch. He could barely even think he was so aroused, but he still had enough sense to try and pull himself up onto the sofa. Whether that sense had anything to do with making it easier to reach his cock was debatable though, as he pulled himself up onto the wooden frame in front of him. Pressing his meaty paws into the plush cushions and grunting loudly, David pushed hard with both paws to get his torso at least vertical.

It took a solid minute of struggling, but David was eventually up on his knees. The new position gave away really how fat he was, as his stomach dangled just millimeters from the ground even when he was on his knees. His ears pinned back in shame even as his tail twitched mischievously behind his bulbous rear, David couldn’t decide how he felt about all this. He had always been chubby, but this amount of heft on his frame was almost more than he knew how to handle. Of course, he could have just shut his eyes again and ignored it, waiting for his roommate to come home and fix this. His cock was too demanding though, the length of his arousal poking well out from under his stomach and sticking out far past the end of his girth. All of the weight of his stomach resting on his cock had it forced down, but David knew that getting onto the couch would solve that problem… Leading him to try to at least roll his gravid mass onto the sofa. Of course, that came with its own set of problems, as he was forced to contend with even more grinding and teasing at the hands of his own morbidly obese frame. He could see how fat he had grown too now, and that just further teased him to even more arousal. Thick as an arm and nearly as long as one, if not moreso, his cock just pulsed beneath his stomach as he moved about above and around it.

David mustered up the strength to get a foot under him, and that was all that it took for him to get his gargantuan frame onto the sofa. Panting hard and listening to the loud creaks of the couch beneath his increased bulk, the feline just settled in for a moment as he let his entire frame settle. He could see some reflection of himself on the television from that position, and it was enough to confirm his suspicions… He was indeed a cat now. Pink nose, bright yellow eyes, pointed ears, covered in fur… David was undoubtedly a feline now. He knew this, and yet he still felt as though something about all of this wasn’t real. He couldn’t just accept that he had become a cat, so he just sighed and shook his head, averting his eyes from the television and instead turning his attention to the problem between his legs. The arousal he had been suffering through was at its peak, with small drops of pre leaking from the head of his cock. This liquid planted an idea in David’s head, one which he wasn’t entirely sure about… But, his stomach quickly overrode any errors to logic that would have happened. He was hungry, he had a fire hose of food essentially attached to him, and it was about to go off… Why not take advantage? That was at least the line of logic he used to get past the fact that he had the burning desire to drink his own seed. It was a new sensation on a day with a myriad of those, so what was one more to add to the list?

Struggling to reach his length, David had to shift and bunch up many of the rolls of adipose that lined his frame to reach his length. He managed to get one paw around his length though, pressing it heavily into his stomach to make it curve upwards towards his muzzle. He couldn’t quite reach his face with his length, but he was close enough that he knew a sloppy mess would be covering his face. The feline accepted that as good enough too, and instead of taking pause to this, he just opened wide and waited. A few huffing pants, a bit of stroking from his free paw to what small amount of his pride that he could reach, and David felt as though he was about to explode. He could barely contain himself at that point, his eyes rolling into the back of his head in bliss as he just felt his fat cradle and tease every inch of his arousal. His balls were pressing into both of his fattened thighs at that point too, their heft making him have to separate the fat of his legs to a point that he felt like he was doing a split. It was a very small price to pay for what was one of the most arousing feelings David had ever encountered in his life. He didn’t even know where to begin, but he did know that he was about to cum.

Seed splattered his face a moment afterwards, gushing out of his pride with force. The feline kept his mouth open wide for this, drinking down that cum with greed as he just let it slide down his throat. A trick he had learned from years over overeating, the fattened beast just guzzled down his seed as though his very life depended on it. The release splattered all over his face and chins too, coating his entire head and what had once been his neck in cum. He tried to lick some of it from his cheeks, giving that up nigh instantly thanks to having less room to drink down his release. He gulped hard as it went down into him, the warm liquid filling up his stomach in short order. He still drank it down though, feeling the seed settle heavily down into him and making him feel heavier still; something David hadn’t thought was possible until that very moment. Of course, he was quite content to keep gulping down his seed with greed, the feline doing little to stop the torrent of cum which he was guzzling down. In fact, he was bucking against his own length with his filling stomach to try and coax more of his own seed out and into his muzzle. This process made him pant all the more too, the little exertion from his tired frame just pushing his muscles into overdrive. He still kept on cumming though, ropes of hot, sticky seed releasing for a full minute against him.

When he finally stopped coating himself in his own seed, the feline just collapsed back onto the sofa and groaned. He felt full, fat, content… Every feeling he could think of washed over him as he just sat there and panted. His stomach was gurgling loudly as it tried to make sense of the meal that had just been forced into it, and David’s face just felt sticky and warm as could be. He didn’t try to wipe any of that seed off though, instead just licking what he could off himself as he sat there and panted. His sweet cum was enough to make him wish there had been more, his fattened stomach gurgling in agreement even as it began to turn all that spunk into new flab on the feline. In fact, there was a lot of new fat coming… The adipose around his middle was already beginning to spread and cover even more of David’s groin. His knees felt as though they were slowly losing the war to the tide of adipose above them, which was covering them up slowly but surely. His length was also growing, a feeling which David welcomed with a loud groan of approval. Thankfully, he hadn’t released his grip on his pride, which was just being pressed out more and more by the fat which was bulking up beneath it. The line of pressure against his full stomach was enough to make David moan in bliss again, and as his cock twitched alive again… Round two of ‘Fatten a Cat’ was going to be coming. David knew that, and he was ready for it.

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