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Kaji had grown wary of Sasuke during the time that he had known the wolfdragon. Both mutts were prone to pranking one another, but as time had gone on in their friendship, their pranks had gotten to be more and more over the top. Sasuke had ended the war, of sorts, with a prank that left Kaji the size of a small stadium and the mutt unable to magically lose the weight for well over a day. It was a comfy, harmless prank, but still one that had ended the war of sorts between the pair. In the months since, a truce had been tenuously formed to keep things like that from happening again. Neither would have minded expanding like that again, but it just seemed to be… Well, the end of an era between the pair of godly wolfdragons. Their normal antics had resumed, and both seemed to be just cautious around the other now. Kaji was definitely the more careful of the two, and it wasn’t without cause thanks to being the last one to get gotten. He had also been planning his revenge too, making sure that Sasuke was the comfortable one in their friendship before releasing his planned retort to the grey wolfdragon’s prank. The black mutt wasn’t one to take something like being fattened to obscenely absurd sizes lying down, and he had just what Sasuke would need to put him right back in his place cooked up.

Pulling the prank off wasn’t going to be the hard part for Kaji, it was more how he was going to handle the aftermath of that prank. It was another harmless, simple act, same as Sasuke’s prank had been, but again it was one that would leave the wolfdragon in a body that he wasn’t accustomed to. How Sasuke would handle that left Kaji a little concerned for what he was going to be getting himself into, especially since the pair had called somewhat of a truce between themselves. Of course, truces were made to be broken in the eyes of both mutts, so Kaji felt very little remorse on account of that. Either way though, he did need to make sure that things went to plan for him, or he would wind up another amorphous shape of sorts before Sasuke had time to really get the prank done to him. Kaji had a plan for that too, in fact his plan covered nearly everything… Now it was just a matter of pulling it off. He was carrying the catalyst to the entire event in a tray of assorted goodies, just one of the two platters he was bringing in to the gluttonous lump of wolfdragon he planned on pranking. Food was Sasuke’s one weakness, that much was a given, and placing the very seed of the entire prank in a meal was just too easy for Kaji… It was what would come next that the wolfdragon had to be careful about.

“Hey Kaji,” came a call from down the hall where the mutt stood, bringing him out of his own head and back into reality. The tall, muscled wolfdragon smirked to himself as he looked over at one of his trays, making sure to keep the realm of his conscious mind clear of any thoughts of his prank as he turned the corner in the hall to approach the dining hall. Doors ajar, a heavy waft of musk came from that room as Kaji approached the door. He didn’t have to guess where that scent came from, as just a single peek through those doors would give away where the scents were coming from, and then some. Kaji could already see one of the countless grey rolls that adorned a good portion of the room, mildly shiny with sweat and yet also colored a light hint of brown thanks to spills from the multitude of feasts before. Mac hadn’t been by to wash the wolfdragon yet that week, and that fact showed the closer Kaji got to the room. Old food, sweat, musk… All of those smells assaulted the draolf’s senses as he walked through the door, unveiling Sasuke in his full mountainous glory to the comparatively-diminutive mutt. The wolfdragon was seated, somewhat, as his legs just hung uselessly amongst the numerous folds of fat that comprised lovehandles more akin to sofas. The grand belly of the wolfdragon spread out far and wide, both wider and taller than Kaji in its own right. It was a massive table muscle that its owner took great care of, and that fact showed as Sasuke continued to glut on one of the hoses which dangled just in front of his muzzle. Slurping noisily as he just sat in his own bulk, the draolf barely even gave a grunt of acknowledgement as Kaji entered the room. In fact, it wasn’t until the draolf pressed his legs into the rolling expanse of blubber in front of him that Sasuke knew he was in the room. Something about that fact irked Kaji for some reason, but he said little about this and instead just smiled.

Holding up the platters he had gone through the trouble of retrieving, Kaji let go of that tray as soon as it was fully extended towards Sasuke. Instead of clattering to the ground though, the tray just levitated right on up to its final destination. Held by an unseen force, the platter hovered just inches above the rolling hills of Sasuke’s belly and chest before coming to a stop right in front of the wolfdragon’s gluttonous muzzle. Not stopping there, the tray then turned to one side, waiting for a moment as the hoses directly in front of Sasuke retracted up into the ether; there was no visible source for any of the apparatus that had been dangling in front of the wolfdragon. A clear display of both their powers, the draolves just smirked at one another for the briefest of moments before the tray moved to obscure Sasuke’s face. With the other already on the way, the treats on the platter began to pour into the open muzzle of the God of Gluttony in front of them. Clattering down the silver platter without so much as spilling a solitary crumb onto the mutt, they all spilled down into his muzzle and then down his throat without so much as being chewed. A true glutton through and through, Sasuke just swallowed hard a few times to force those small morsels down his gullet and into his awaiting stomach. Upon finishing that tray, the other was brought to his muzzle and given similar treatment. It wasn’t so much a show of eating as it was just depositing food into a veritable garbage disposal, and Sasuke knew that as he swallowed down the entire platter of treats for a second time. Cinnamon rolls and chocolate chunks… Both favorites of his, and now both well on his way to adding just a little bit more girth to his already outrageously obese frame.

Sasuke thought this right until it wasn’t true at least, for within moments of finishing off his second tray of treats, sending it back to Kaji so that the black wolfdragon could get more, Sasuke felt something like a jolt inside his frame. Grunting with surprise, he opened his muzzle to belch, only to find that nothing came out. Another jolt came from his stomach, causing him to scrunch forward just a minute amount in pain. Another jolt sent a roaring belch from his muzzle, though that belch seemed to have some sort of strange effect on the wolfdragon. Unsure if he was seeing things or not, Sasuke could have sworn that he shrank with that belch, his frame going down just a light amount as his own horizon sunk slightly. Another jolt, another belch, and his horizon yet again went down a minute, but noticeable amount. Going wide-eyed behind cheeks which limited his vision, the draolf just looked on in shock at his frame. No more jolts came though, but in their place the draolf began to feel hot. This wasn’t just a fever of heat either, it was something more… Something far more as he could feel sweat pouring from every part of his frame. The heat increased by the moment too, going from just a hot summer day to a sauna in a matter of moments. It went past that too, the dragon part of Sasuke’s lineage keeping that heat from becoming too uncomfortable. He was sweating buckets now though, and through that he could practically feel himself shrinking. It was subtle, sure, but parts of him were seemingly sliding along the floor and back towards his beached frame in a way that he hadn’t felt before. He was used to everything advancing out from his torso, and feeling things creep back towards him was something of a new feeling.

The heat intensified still throughout all this, getting to be enough that the sweat on Sasuke turned to steam and began to obscure his vision. A wall of steam came off the wolfdragon as he shrank at an increasing pace, the pounds he had accrued over time quite literally melting off him as his whole body ached and just became its own sauna. Thankful that at least his sweat more smelled of faint musk than unbearable BO, the draolf just panicked slightly at the feeling of his years of gluttony quite literally evaporating before his eyes. His paws began to move, a feeling which he had avoided for quite some time. His legs were still stuck beneath the shelf of his stomach, but they were lowering down to the floor at an alarming rate, nearly to the point that Sasuke could feel the ground with them. His tail had already hit the floor too, no longer able to be propped up by the flab of his rear. His wings began to unfurl, the fat on their structure melting off and granting them limited mobility. It was like feeling a horror movie for Sasuke, his fat just melting away into nothing as mobility and body returning to him with every passing second. His stomach was already beginning to leave the floor and return to him, his seated position shrinking down to just having his seated on the floor instead of smothering a large portion of the room.

The steam flowed out of his frame for another full minute more before it stopped, leaving the room a foggy mess and Sasuke a shadow of what he had been minutes prior. Gone was the slovenly blob of a wolfdragon that smothered the room, and in his place was a steam-cleaned, svelte, nude wolfdragon in his place. Sasuke could barely see his paw in front of his own face, but the steam was already beginning to dissipate. Sasuke could flex, stand, fly… All of this was surprising to the draolf, as he was far more used to being little more than an eating machine. Kaji had gotten to him, undoubtedly, and yet the mutt was nowhere to be seen… Sasuke grunted at this, slowly rising to his legs as he could feel nary a single ounce of fat jiggle on his frame from that motion. Frowning at this realization, the wolfdragon lowered a paw down to touch his abs in discontent, scanning the room for a long moment to try and find the black prankster that had unleased this on him.

“Oh, it’s on now Kaji…”

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