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Liam looked over the room for his bag of dice, unsure of where he had left it. The canine had invited a friend over for game night, and of course he had to wait until said friend was nearly at his home to go looking for the items he would need for game night. The canine wasn’t exactly organized to begin with, but he usually knew where he left his things. This predicament he had worked himself into was nothing new though, and he knew it as he frantically looked around the small room. Under books, behind boxes, in drawers… He was just about to give up on his search when the small red bag of die that he kept turned up. It had somehow worked its way into one of the drawers in his desk, behind some papers and under a book. The wolf didn’t know why it was back there, but as he stood back up, his tail wagging gleefully behind him gave away that he was quite pleased with the outcome. Brushing a few strands of his long, grey hair out of his face, the canine breathed a heavy sigh of relief for finding that small bag. He then began to put the room back together, taking care first though to place the bag of die down on the table where the sheets of paper for the game were as well.

Putting back a few bits of paper and some cushions, Liam had only gotten time to re-arrange the room somewhat when the knock on his door snapped him back to the present. Grey fur standing on end from the surprise, Liam stood right back up and bolted towards the door on his modest home. He didn’t even bother to look through the peephole, instead skidding to a stop in front of the door and brushing his clothing a couple times with his paws to get off the errant strands of grey fur. Satisfied that he was presentable enough, the canine reached out to open up the door and greet his friend. “Hey Zabur!”

“Hey,” came a call from the side of the door, the thick tail of the wusky the first thing that Liam could see. The lithe male was clad in a tight t-shirt and equally tight pants, though the pants were tight for reasons other than the thin legs of the canine. The hybrid was hung, well past the point of being hyper even for his modest frame. His length and imposing sac dangled heavily between his legs, forcing a spread stance and somewhat of a waddle for the thin canid. He didn’t seem phased by this though, his bright purple pants drawing enough attention to his frame as it was without the stonking huge length between his legs. The canine didn’t really bother with pointing this out, though Liam was hard-pressed to not stare for at least a moment at the huge bulge which dominate Zabur’s figure. “Figured I’d be a little early.”

“Oh that’s fine, come on in,” Liam replied, stepping aside to allow Zabur to waddle himself right on in. The canines both occupied the doorway for a moment before Zabur wandered fully inside, turning towards the living room while Liam lingered behind to shut the door. The grey wolf turned back around to see little more than the large, fluffed out black-and-red tail of Zabur swishing in front of him, his friend just waiting for Liam to lead the way. “Oh, heh… I forgot you haven’t been over in a while.”

“That’s fine, lead the way,” Zabur responded, sliding himself aside so that Liam could take the two of them to the living room. The wolf led on as soon as he could, hearing the awkward footfalls of Zabur behind him as the over-endowed canine came along with him. Neither said much on the quick trek, but Liam had to bite his lip more than once to keep from either turning around or commenting on how Zabur was even more hung than the last time he had seen the hybrid. Those pants looked to nearly be painted onto his package now, and it was something that Liam was having trouble not noticing whenever he looked at Zabur. Sure, there was no way Liam could do anything with all of that… But, a wolf could lust after such a package after all.

“Here we are. Do you want anything to drink?” Liam said upon showing Zabur to the couch. The wusky let out a small sigh of relief as he turned around and lowered himself right onto the plush furniture. Not saying anything for a brief moment as he adjusted his frame and let his large pair of balls lower right down onto the floor in front of him, the hybrid just let out a light moan of contentment before even acknowledging Liam. The whole time this was happening too, Liam was helpless to not stare at the wusky, eyeing that lithe frame up and down with unabated lust in his eyes.

“No, I’m… Okay, and up here mutt.” Zabur replied with light sarcasm in his tone. Liam yelped, caught staring in his own home as he blushed beet red beneath the deep grey fur on his cheeks. His blue eyes went off somewhere else immediately, locking onto the dice and paper on the table in an attempt to pull his vision off Zabur. “I’m fine though, but I am curious about your game.”

“Uhm… Well… Uhm…” Liam stuttered for a moment, composing himself quickly after such an embarrassing interaction. “It’s kind of like Yahtzee, but with some different rules. High numbers are better, but low numbers hold power too… Basically, here.” Liam stopped talking for a moment, bending down and handing Zabur the bag of die. Occupied with five D20 die, the bag was somewhat heavy for being as small as it was, but neither bothered noticing this as Zabur pulled the die from the bag. “Okay, well roll and I’ll explain what the numbers mean to you, okay?”

“Okay…” Came a slightly incredulous reply from Zabur, who took the die and rolled them onto the table with a light flick of his wrist. Each ball of numbers bounced on the glass surface a couple times before coming to a rest, all displaying numbers in the high teens. “Oh, looks like I did pretty darn good.”

“For a first ro..o… Whoa, uhm, Zab?!” Liam stopped, his mouth agape as he looked down at the wusky. Zabur didn’t understand at first, but after a brief moment he began to notice something was amiss as well. His pants were feeling tighter than before, and were even riding down his crotch without so much as a motion from him. Looking down his slanted frame at his groin, the wusky immediately saw why Liam was staring and aghast; his endowment was growing. It wasn’t simply lightly expanding either, it was going from being excessively large to all-out ludicrous. Already stretching his pants to accommodate such a length, he could now feel seams tearing and his waistband retreating along his thighs. Confused and at the same time aroused thanks to the feeling of his sac and the head of his cock being pressed and dragged along the floor, Zabur was at an absolute loss as for what to do. Liam was in a similar state, simply staring on at Zabur was he watched that package expand willy nilly. Liam also looked from the package to the dice quickly, hazarding a guess as to what had happened… And wanting to test this out for himself as the look of utter ecstasy on Zabur’s face as his length grew was almost too much to pass up for Liam.

The wolf lowered himself down to sit beside the wusky as the expansion stopped, a solid foot of both length and girth all around added to Zabur’s package. The hybrid could barely form words, and it was clear that he was aroused as could be thanks to the spot of pre that was clearly visible on the ripped remnants of his pants. Liam just looked on at this for a long moment, holding the die he had gathered up in his paws with excited anticipation. He almost didn’t want to throw them, but something compelled him to find out just what it was like to have the same experience as Zabur. Thusly, the grey paws of the wolf tossed those die forward, the soft clinks of bone on glass coming from the table as Liam looked on with excitement. He didn’t even see all the numbers that he got, but an arched eyebrow followed by widening eyes from Zabur gave away that something was happening to him too.

“Lia… Damn…” Zabur was only able to utter before he just shut his eyes and let both of his paws rub against his length, pleasure clearly overtaking most rational thought for the wusky. Liam was nearly in the same boat as he felt his package press against, and then burst out of his pants. The tight green slacks that he always wore stood no chance against his expanding member, the sac below it also shredding through the crotch of his pants with little regard for the fabric. Thankfully this was a nigh painless experience, the pants being old enough to fall apart with little notice to the wolf. Instead, he just groaned outwardly as he felt the sash he wore around his waist being pushed aside by the sensitive flesh of his newly enlarged endowment. His belt suffered a similar fate, simply tossed aside as his package grew and grew outward, Liam quickly forced to spread his legs wide to allow his cock to expand well past his knees. His balls did the same as well, riding down low and growing out from being above-average in size to the envy of even the largest horses in a matter of moments. It was a change that left him breathless and horny, but one that was still continuing on even as he felt the heft of his newfound junk reaching the edge of the sofa.

Thankfully, his growth came to an abrupt end just before he could dangle off the sofa, leaving Liam panting and groaning as he just shifted in place on the couch. Zabur was no different, seated next to the grey wolf and touching his package as though he had never felt such a thing before. Liam still had a modicum of sense about him though, and chanced to open one eye to look at the die on the table in front of him. They were all still within reach, and there looked to be enough room between he and Zabur to roll them without incident… “Hey Zabur… It’s your turn.” Liam murmured out after a moment or two of rubbing along his exposed, large endowment, the sensitive fur on both his palms and his thighs making for even more arousal to flood his mind. The wusky just groaned in acknowledgement, and Liam had to guess that Zabur was already down for the count with such a package between his legs. This prompted Liam to reach for the die again, struggling to not crush his own length as he pulled the five small orbs into his paw again. “Oh well… More turns for me then.”

“A… And me,” came a soft murmur from the wusky beside Liam, drawing a grin from the both of them as they turned to face one another. “I like this game.”

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