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Kilo had eaten himself full. The feline was hardly stuffed, and had definitely eaten more than what he had just consumed in one sitting, but he was assuredly full. The buffet he had just left had been giving him more than one incredulous look before he left, but the lion knew that he would at least be welcomed back… Maybe at a different time though; the staff hadn’t exactly been pleased with his consumption. Either way for the lion, he knew that he didn’t want to be utterly stuffed before trying to leave the eatery, and thus was his predicament. He knew he could eat more, but he wanted so badly to go and get his belly massaged… Maybe to get even more to eat. He had heard through the grape vine of a massage parlor that specialized in keeping those that either overate, or were just overindulgent in general, sated. Word had in fact gotten to Kilo of this place more than once, and this was the night that he decided to check it out. Thusly, he hadn’t eaten his entire fill, and instead decided to try and see just what was making this place make as many waves as it was.

The feline squeezed himself out of his car, his steering wheel having dug into his overfilled stomach the entire ride over to the parlor. He groaned and moaned when taking turns thanks to this, the feeling of leather rubbing against his stuffed stomach making him wince on more than one occasion. In fact, he was so sure that he had been rubbing just a stomach of food that he had tried to move his seat back even further in an effort to get more comfortable. There would be no such luck for the feline though, as he was already as far back as his seat could go, and his arms were just barely able to reach over his overindulgent middle to get to the steering wheel. He had even honked the horn more than once on the way to his destination simply with his distended stomach, the overused table muscle making itself that much of a nuisance for the feline. The lion knew his driving days were numbered when it came to moving himself around after eating, but finding a friend to cart his gluttonous rear around… Maybe someone at the massage parlor would have a solution for the greedy gourmand. Either way, Kilo had exited his vehicle and stood beside it, panting faintly from the effort it took simply to stand at his impressive size.

Standing just a hair over six feet tall, Kilo was no stranger to being on the larger side of beasts in a room. He was every inch of his height, and nearly just as large when it came to his width. Powerful arms lined his sides along with rolls of adipose, hefty lovehandles nearly as thick as his biceps rolling over the top of jeans that had fit somewhere around twenty pounds prior. Kilo took pride in every single rolling fold of flab on his frame though, drinking them all in with vigor and always looking to make more. Food was his vice, his love, and in fact his life. He was always eating, from the moment he woke up until the inevitable time that he passed out into a food-induced slumber. The power in his arms and legs didn’t necessarily give this away, but it was just leftovers from the time that Kilo had spent going to the gym in some attempt to keep himself in shape. He decided that food was better though ultimately, and that gave way to the grandiose table muscle that spilled prominently out of the shirt he was wearing. Upon thinking about it for a moment, the feline couldn’t hazard a guess as to any shirt that he owned that still fit him correctly in fact, and that made him feel almost slightly embarrassed. Instead of that though, he took pride in knowing he was outeating even his very clothing, letting that yellow, tawny hide of his out for all to see. His stomach was firm with his latest meal, a bulging swell of excess that hung with a life of its own over the front of his pants. Undone and held up simply by the stress of the fat above and inside them, those pants were riding down all around the feline’s waistline, showing off a generous fold of his rear as well as some of the luscious, buttery fur on his thighs. Overall, Kilo was beyond pleased with how he looked, and didn’t even give a thought to the many looks he got as he stood beside his car. Confidence exuded out of the feline, and that seemed to be enough to shut up the dissenting voices that came up whenever he emerged out in public dressed as he was.

Taking a moment to collect himself and catch his breath from the simple act of standing, Kilo surveyed the street for the dimly lit entrance he was supposed to enter. A neon sign and a dull, beaten door… Just as he had been told by those before him. The place looked to be a dive if there ever was one, and yet Kilo was overwhelmingly curious about it. Something about the draw of the building pulled him towards it, and the lion wasted little time getting his prodigious ass in gear. Waddling slowly towards the door, paws resting on either side of his full stomach to prevent it from sloshing about too much, the feline didn’t so much move along as he poured himself from one footfall to the next. Pounds upon pounds of blubber moved to and fro with every step he took, his tail lashing back and forth behind his ample rear as he moved. His stomach jostled and bounced thanks to his knees below, his hips swayed as though they were a woman’s, the roll of blubber from his rump that bounced above his jeans moved hypnotically from side to side… It was like watching a living ice cream move along, and that ice cream made of butter and fur and blubber was quite content to keep on moving. Kilo strode on over to the door with that same confidence he always had, pausing for nary a moment to check that he had the right door before giving a solid knock to the wooden entrance.

Unable to even wind back up for a second knock, the door swung open with a mechanical sounding swoosh, no greeter or any other fur there for the anthro lion to see. Flattening his ears and peering in curiously, Kilo was given a moment’s pause by such a showing. He wasn’t entirely used to such a thing, and that confused him as he peered into the door. A small sign was visible at the end of the short hall that the opening door revealed, simply stating ‘Come in and find a room, you will be joined shortly’ in scribbled handwriting. Looking more and more like a dive with every passing moment, even Kilo’s confidence was shaken slightly by the sight before him. He wasn’t one to back away from such a showing though, and instead of retreating, he moved forward and into the doorway. He then advanced down the hall, a few heavy footfalls bringing him right up to the sign. The door had shut behind him at this point, silently falling shut and only alerting Kilo to its movements with a quiet click of its latch. The feline was only mildly concerned now, but as he looked to his left and right at the end of the hall, his fears were quickly abandoned.

The ‘rooms’ that the sign mentioned were little more than partitioned booths, each with moving benches and tables that looked to be built specifically with the gluttonous in mind. Each had a cutout in the middle and looked to be a full surrounding desk rather than a table, with wide, reinforced chairs sitting right in them. A few of these chairs were populated too, a bear in one that looked to nearly fill the seat with his girth alone thanks to just how out of shape he was. His eyes were shut at that time, and a deep, guttural moan was coming from him. Kilo was unable to see much else thanks to a curtain blocking much else from his vision, but the feline could hazard a few guesses as to what was going on from both the look on his eyes, and the splattered food on the front of the bear that the lion could see. It wasn’t so much that there was anything overtly sexual happening, but… Kilo could guess. The feline didn’t look on much more though, and the rest of the ‘occupied’ rooms looked to have the curtains shut just so. The feline didn’t bother with trying to peer into them, and instead opted to go hunting for one that was a little more secluded than the rest; he wasn’t one for listening to the contented groans of fullness or the moans of fulfillment just yet. Thusly, Kilo was able to locate a booth that was a few rows down from the others, and seated himself in it comfortably. He didn’t bother with the curtains just yet, and instead just wiggled himself in his seat to get comfortable. The plush, wide bench looked like it could have held his weight twice-over, and that made Kilo shiver slightly in anticipation. He had never been to such a place before, and to think that not only did one exist, but they expected even larger clientele than his already generous proportions… It made the feline giddy, a fact which his tail gave away by swaying itself behind the feline’s ponderous rump.

Soon after sitting down, Kilo was greeted by a squat, older badger. The mustelid drew the curtains shut as soon as he entered, not saying a word to Kilo for a moment as he looked the feline up and down with discerning eyes. The mustelid then clicked his tongue once, moving to the other side of the table and standing before the seated, heavy lion. Kilo looked on at his host with a certain amount of confusion, unable to really decide just what to do. He wanted to speak, but as he moved to do so, the badger held up an arm and shook his head. Kilo fell silent again, looking even more confused now as he was unsure of just what was happening to him.

“Welcome to Heft’s, new guy. You’ve never been here, that much is obvious just by looking at you…” The badger looked him up and down again, getting a frown from Kilo; customer service clearly wasn’t in the handbook for this place. “You won’t be needing that shirt, and judging by those pants… Those can probably go too.” The badger continued on, moving under the table as he spoke and pressing a warm paw to the underside of Kilo’s stomach. The feline yelped with surprise, recoiling as fast as six-hundred buttery pounds of lion could of course. The badger seemed unphased, instead just pulling back out from under the table after that one touch and clicking his tongue again. “You’ve eaten already… But you still have some room. I’ll make sure to get some food brought out to you as soon as I can, because well…” The badger moved in closer, his cold face breaking into something of a smile as he finished his thought. “We like to make sure you’re full at Heft’s.” Kilo was officially confused at that point, still trying to make sense of what was happening to him. “I’m Drew, the owner by the way. Sorry for the brief introduction, but one of our regulars can’t quite get out of his chair… Overeating and whatnot, just such a sticking business. I do hope you enjoy your visit, and that you come back.”


“Oh, Lyle will be out shortly. Food, belly rubs… We have accommodations upstairs if you overdo it. Welcome to Heft’s again, and I do hope you enjoy your meal… Or meals, as the case may be.” With that, the badger vanished, and Kilo was left dazed and confused as could be… But at least there was food on the way. All that was left was to see if the place lived up to the hype.

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