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Kane was always a sound sleeper. Mac had known this for a long time, but that never stopped the Clydesdale from trying to get into the house by knocking before going for the key. Of course, going for that key was something of a challenge for the horse, being a horse and all. Grabbing such a small piece of metal wasn’t an easy feat, but he managed expertly as he was able to get his hooved paws under the doormat and around the small key. Clearly having done this far more than once, the horse just stood back up with a light grunt, holding the key in his hoof for a moment before giving the door another hard knock. The few raps on the door were met again with silence though, for at least a moment before the deadened sound of another loud snore reached the equine at the back door. Knowing there was no way he could get Kane awake, Mac just sighed and fumbled with the key for a moment before he managed to get it pushed into the door. Giving both it and the knob a light twist, the horse was in with nary a fight. He could still remember the first few times he had tried this, and gotten absolutely nowhere with getting himself into the house. Now though… He was in, and on his way to the sleeping mass of feline he would need to haul out of bed.

The snoring sounds had gotten louder once Mac had come inside the house, the loudest of them completely blocking out the soft taps of his hooves along the wooden floor. The horse didn’t even notice his own footfalls as he moved through the modest abode, instead just meandering his way through the expansive kitchen and wide hall right off that. Stopping in front of one of the few extra-wide doors at the end of the hall, Mac just held up a hoof for a moment to hope to catch Kane in between deep, loud snores. Waiting for his chance for a moment, the horse noticed that the door was slightly ajar. Not wanting to just barge in however, he still held for his chance to knock for a few moments before taking it between deep, wheezing breaths of the liger on the other side. Mac wasn’t one to be too judgmental of snoring; he was sure he did it himself now with the added pounds he had put on from surrounding himself with the rounder side of anthros. Still… His ears involuntarily pinned back as he stood in front of Kane’s bedroom door, the snoring coming from the other side nearly deafening. That cat would need to get some sort of help in that area if he ever wanted to have a feeder live with him, which Mac knew was Kane’s not-so-secret end goal in terms of just how heavy he wanted to be. The feline undoubtedly looked at Sasuke and Zero as idols of his, seeing their devotion to being round as a sort of goal of his own, a thing Mac knew was a lofty one in its own right having fed both of the obese monstrosities before. Kane would still want to be that big though, and one day… Maybe?

Mac sighed softly as he realized his knock had fallen on deaf ears, going for it again with a little more force this time. His strong, muscled arm banged against the door a few solid times, forcing it more ajar and allowing a small amount of light from the hall to spill into the room. Sneaking a peek through the larger crack in the door, Mac still couldn’t see Kane on his bed. He could see the mess of dirty or too-small clothing that dotted the floor of the bedroom. Clothes that could have been tents for smaller furs lined the floor, along with a few wrappers that looked to have been recently dropped there. Kane surely hadn’t gotten so fat that he couldn’t reach down to get them… Had he? Mac admitted to not having seen the feline in a few months, but to think that the liger had put on that much weight was a startling thought. Just picturing such a thing made him furrow his brow slightly, and hope that Kane would at least stir awake so that he could see just how fat the liger had gotten. Just to witness it would be enough for Mac, but he had planned on going out to breakfast with the big lug as well… Maybe they would have to stay in now that Mac was getting a sense for how much Kane had grown in the recent months since they had seen one another.

Giving up on knocking, Mac slowly pushed the bedroom door ajar with one arm. The other he kept on the door jam in case he needed to dodge something being thrown at him; he had more than one friend who was very easily startled. Mac hoped Kane wouldn’t quite be as easily startled, but he had scared the liger awake more than once, so he wasn’t quite as confident as he could have been. Nonetheless, he fully opened the door before really looking in, the light spilling into the room and revealing a fully nude liger snoring away on his bed. Mac’s jaw fell open upon seeing that sight, his eyes going wide at the sight before him as had to double-take just to fit all of Kane in. Laying on his bed, the liger was all belly and little else from what Mac could see. There was no blankets obscuring the view of his off-white, expansive stomach, a rolling hill of blubber which rose high into the air. It slowly rose and fell with each heavy breath, the belly button of that domed furry mass looking more like a small cavern than a divot in the huge mass of stomach which towered over Kane. His feet stuck out akimbo from underneath that gut, each rounded out far more than Mac remembered. The bottoms of his feet had rounded down slightly, fat even finding its way under and around Kane’s pawpads. Fat from his ankles and calves also encroached on those feet, the horse having to look again just to see how wide those legs were. That stomach and those paws were all that Mac could see from where he was though, and as he drank that in, he knew he would need to see more. There was a lot more to see after all, as the few rolls of fat that the horse could see lining the sides of that stomach looked to give way to far more of the fat that the liger had packed on.

Moving in through the door now that Kane assuredly wasn’t going to take up from the light pouring in from the door, Mac moved off to the side of the bed. Approaching Kane from the right, the horse just let his eyes follow the lowest and heaviest roll of the stomach that towered over the sleeping mass of feline fat. That single roll seemed to just trail down into thighs that looked to be more akin to something of a stomach than legs. Smothered by belly fat in their own right, their orangeish-brown fur looked to be stretched to its limits, the black stripes hidden by rolls or obscured and stretched to the point of being little more than comical lines on the side of the liger. Kane’s lovehandles were even larger, the second roll above the one smothering his hips looking to almost be thinning with the fur as stretched as it was. Kane swore he could see stretchmarks beneath the fur, but he didn’t dwell much there as there was still so much more to see of the feline. Moving up the large, gradual steps of fat that comprised Kane’s sides, it wasn’t long before Mac’s eyes were drawn to the massive moobs on the front of Kane. Each one of them looked like a large stomach resting off to the side of a truly expansive one, sagging off the side of his chest while still bulging out well above that chest as well. Rolls of fat, pure and simple, each hung and jiggled profusely with the loud snores and heavy breaths of their owner. Unconstrained by a shirt as well, they looked to almost have lives of their own thanks to the amount of adipose each contained, a small amount of that fat rolling over the liger’s arms and down onto them in the process. Moving his gaze to those arms, Mac was greeted with an appendage nearly as big around as it was long, if not moreso. Biceps that could have been mistaken for kegs, forearms that looked like deflated medicine balls, and paws that looked to be more fattened palm than sausage-like fingers… It was all there for Kane, every fatty ounce of him was just massive in every single sense of the word. The stripes on his arms were even more stretched than the ones on his legs and sides, thanks in no small part to not being hidden by rolls and folds of fat that covered them up. Each looked like a stretched line rather than a stripe, barely even recognizable as such on the liger’s bicep thanks to just how much fat had accumulated there. Mac didn’t quite know what to make of that fact, but he did keep looking on to see what he could of the cat before he awoke. Finally moving above shoulders that were even wider than Mac’s own muscular ones, the horse looked on as he saw a neck that was far easier to describe as a tire. It encircled Mac’s whole head, propping him up slightly while keeping the underside of his mane smothered in his folding chins and that tire of a neck. The reddish-brown fur was as unkempt as it was long, circling around Kane’s head and yet matted down by sleep, a faint amount of sweat, and just the fat which was pressing it under his chins and muzzle. Speaking of a muzzle, Mac could only really see that muzzle if he looked at Kane straight on thanks to the cheeks of the liger, each one more of a softball than a cheek that looked to jiggle along with the snoring of the feline. They didn’t so much as rest on Kane’s face as they smothered it, squinting the eyes of the feline and just giving him his overall fattened look. Even his ears looked fatter, drooping slightly off to either side of the feline’s head as he slept and pushing back his mane more than Mac remembered.

Simply put, Kane had been eating himself into immobility a lot better than Mac expected, and it showed in spades.

Just gaping and staring on in awe at the progress the feline had made for a full minute after drinking him all in, Mac didn’t really even remember his reason for coming for several moments. He did eventually though, and thought of a unique way to wake up the sleeping liger that lay in front of him. Squatting down for a moment to grab up what looked to be the largest pair of boxers that Mac had ever laid eyes on, the equine hoisted it back up. Staring on at a waist size that looked like it was longer than he was tall, Mac just shook his head with a faint chuckle at that fact. He couldn’t imagine Kane being able to fit these on himself, but at the same time… Well, that was something that he wanted to see. Thusly, the Clydesdale moved back over to Kane and gave his stomach a light whip with those shorts. A snort was all that he managed to get in reply, and so Mac decided to go about this again. Another snort, and upon seeing that the third time wasn’t about to be the charm, Kane decided to change his tactics. Backing up a few steps and moving himself so that he was beyond the feline’s own self-imposed horizon, the horse arched both his arms up and shot the underwear up and over that stomach in front of him. Making his mark, Mac was rewarded with a loud snort and some sluggish thrashing. The movements made the bed beneath the sleeping liger groan and creak, the light sounds of splintering wood reaching the Clydesdale’s ears as he backed up slightly as a precaution. This wasn’t needed though, as Kane stirred finally with a loud, long yawn and the smacking of his heavy jaws.

“Ugh, what… What’s going on?”

“Did you forget breakfast, lardass?” Mac replied, getting another snort out of the liger as well as more sluggish movements. The feline looked to be stuck on his back, a fact that Mac gained no end of amusement out of as he moved back over to one side of the liger. Mac finally reentered the gaze of the liger, getting a small frown from his prone friend. Neither said a word for a moment, Mac’s smirk speaking volumes on its own as Kane just lay there, his stomach still aslosh above him thanks to his previous movements. In fact, many parts of his frame were moving around, pushing against one another as he just lay in his bed. The frame beneath him seemed to creak and groan when his stomach sloshed to the left, making Mac glad he was standing to the right… That side seemed ready to break.

“No… It’s early though, let me sleep.” Kane finally managed to groan out, shutting his squinting eyes again much to the annoyance of Mac. The Clydesdale wasn’t about to take that response, moving in close to the liger and giving his stomach a rough thump with one of his hooves. “Oof… It is though!”

“It’s ten, lazy. Sleeping the day away?”

“It’s ten? But…” Kane went to move to look at his clock, a rolling wave of fat moving off to one side of the bed as the muscles buried beneath many-a-layer of fat moved him with the expert precision that only a true fatass could muster. As such, Mac backed up as he watched the veritable ocean of fat that was Kane’s stomach slosh off to one side of the bed, and then off of it. The feline didn’t as much as get out of bed as he oozed out of it, his stomach far preceding any limb on his way out of bed. Rolling right off the side of the low bed and pooling down on the floor for a moment, Kane grunted loudly as he came to a sluggish rest on his side. His chest rolled down onto his stomach at this point, pooling up on itself thanks to just how much fat that each of his moobs had in it. The liger stayed there for a moment, arching what little he could to see his clock resting on the floor. His eyes went wide, or at least as wide as they could thanks to the fat blocking his vision for the most part. A startled groan came out of the feline at that point, drawing a chuckle out of the horse standing in front of him. Kane looked back up at Mac and glared, grunting again as he moved to get one arm fully under his frame. The liger jiggled and wobbled profusely throughout this, his entire frame aslosh with fat as he jostled and wobbled himself into position. His stomach bouncing against the floor and bed, Kane struggled to get his arm into place for a few moments before finally laying still. Wheezing lightly as he lay there to catch his breath, Mac didn’t even so much as move a muscle to offer a hoof to the liger; he needed to see if this was doable by the feline. Kane was showing off how doable it was too, already swinging his legs off the bed and out from underneath the overhang of his stomach. Still on his side though, the hardest part of him getting up looked to be next for Kane.

Struggling to push himself up, Kane used the leverage of his heavier legs as well as his own impressive strength to force his frame up slowly but surely from its laying position, letting gravity take over once he got past his tipping point. The feline didn’t so much as sit up as he just leveraged himself into tipping position and then fell down onto his plush, wide rear. His whole frame quaked gratuitously from that, his belly sending full waves along itself as the fat between his legs sloshed wildly back and forth. The fat on his chest bounced liberally in itself, his moobs each gaining a life of their own for a moment as they spread out over his stomach in slow, gradual redistribution of their weight. His arms, held up nearly at forty degrees thanks to the fat of his torso buoying them in place, jiggled heavily in their own right as they settled down. Even the liger’s face, squinting and buoyed up by the tire of his neck, jiggled heavily thanks to the impact on the bed that his whole body had. Brown fur, off-white fur, red fur… All of it was in motion, every single ounce, and Mac was helpless to just watch and lightly bite his lip at the sight before him; he undoubtedly approved of such a thing. Kane knew that, taking his turn to smirk in between heavy, panting breaths now that he was upright in a sense.

For his next feat, the feline needed to stand, and that looked to be almost asking too much of him. Kane managed though, lifting one leg with a loud, heavy groan after he had caught his breath. Using the other as leverage as well as his arm, Kane more threw himself to his feet than anything else, letting his whole body pull itself up as he stumbled forward slightly. Mac was right in the way of this, the strong, taller equine having to catch Kane as he was run right into by the massive liger. All of that bare, uncovered fat running into his frame was quite the experience for the Clydesdale, a fact that Kane caught onto nigh instantly as he felt his fat smother a good portion of Mac’s frame for a solid moment. Grinning at one another with knowing smiles, Kane backed off and let his frame readjust, his stomach now hanging well past his knees as his whole body just jiggled lazily thanks to the simple act of walking that the liger was doing. Each step send shockwaves through his frame, his bouncing lovehandles hitting off his hips as his chest sloshed heavily against the top of his stomach. His footfalls were loud and deliberate, each lumbering step sending creaks through the floor below. Kane looked heavy, sounded heavy, acted heavy… He was the quintessential fatass if there ever was one, and he knew it as he just stood in the middle of his bedroom with his entire nude frame on display.

“I just have to shower… Then we can go, okay?” Kane managed to pant out, gesturing that he needed to get into the widened bathroom behind Mac. The horse turned to see the bathroom, eyeing up each of the fat-friendly contraptions in it with a soft chuckle. He had no idea how long it would be before Kane had grown too fat to use them, but upon hearing the wheezing and seeing Kane on his own, the horse could chance a guess at it. “Not far, right?”

“No, I may just cook something now that I get a look at you…” Mac replied, his voice trailing off as he watched Kane waddle past him, those rolls and folds of fat all bouncing against one another. He was also given a view of that rump of the feline, easily one of the rounder rears that the equine had seen. It bounced perfectly with each step, jutting out well over two feet behind his frame and acting like a second stomach for his backside. His tail barely managed to peek its striped length out from between the rolling folds of his back and the all-smothering fat of his rear. The reddish tuft at the end twitched slightly as he walked by, the telling sway of those hips in front of that grandiose rear giving away that Kane was doing what he could to show off. Mac had to chuckle inwardly at this, all the moreso when he saw that the liger brushed both sides of the door with that rear and his hips as he waddled heavily into the bathroom. All that eye candy… It would be a shame to have to hide it with clothing.

“Yup, I’m definitely cooking something.”

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