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David awoke with a loud groan, his voice even deeper than when he had lost consciousness. Stuck sitting whether he wanted to be or not, David tried to raise his arms to stretch, only to find that he was met with far more resistance than he was used to. He had always been out of shape before, sure, but he felt as though the simple act of just raising his arms above his head took nearly all of the energy he had regained by sleeping. Having not opened his eyes, David chanced opening one of them to see just what the problem was. He was met with a pair of very small black hills in his vision, followed by another bigger, black-furred dome resting squarely before him. Groaning again, the feline sank back down into the couch what little he could, the furniture groaning torturously at its colossally oversized occupant. He tried to move his legs, but immediately gave that up at a sharp pain that come from closing his legs whatsoever; his balls and the fat of his thighs saw to it that David was going to leave his legs splayed. The feline could feel the carpet resting against the tip of his length, a feat which made him purr involuntarily even as the memories of what he had done to reach such an absurd size came flooding back to him. The smells of it were reaching his nose too, a thick, heady musk filling the room as the cat became more and more aware of his surroundings. The sticky, musky coating that covered his face, chest, and arms just lay there in his fur, a fact that hardly even phased David as he just sat in the fat sea of himself on the straining sofa beneath his frame.

Lying still for several moments, David just panted lightly thanks to the weight on his lungs and not being able to open his muzzle entirely anymore due to the fat of his chins and neck forcing his maw shut. He could lean his head back, sure, but then the rolls of fat both on the back of his rounded head and the back of his neck bunched up uncomfortably. There was no way that he could really do much else past that though, as his muscles had barely been able to haul him onto the couch in the first place. After guzzling down his own seed three more times before passing out… David knew that he had grown heavy enough to need help just standing again, and there was no one there to help him at that moment. The feline did dread in the back of his mind his roommate coming home, but considering that the very spell which had turned him into this… Black, cum-guzzling blob of feline was of that bull’s making, David saw less problems with that reality and more a need for answers. Just what had been the plan with that spell after all was the first one that came to mind, and David clung to that thought as he wheezed heavily from just sitting. Straining to do much else past that, he tried his utmost to rub his paws along what little he could still reach of his rolling, fat-inflated sides. He could feel the rolls and folds of newly-minted fat there, deep crevices filled with the sweat of exertion and the seed of exhilaration all combining to leave his fur slick and muskier than most could imagine. He drank in that scent too, his small nose twitching as he took deep inhales between raspy breaths, trying his best to just absorb as much as he could of what he had done to himself. This wasn’t to say that David was regretting his actions either, as he was far more reveling in them; his aroused length prodding deep into the soft, gelatinous underbelly fat of his frame gave that away clearly.

Nearly teasing himself to arousal again simply with smells and the feeling of his fat between his bloated paws, David hardly noticed the light whistle that came from his roommate. In fact, the feline was only pulled from his ecstasy as he felt a hoof press against his soft, yielding stomach. That snapped him back to reality, and left him face to face with his roommate. The bull was shirtless, as always, and grinning ear to ear as he was just leaning down to look David right in the eye. Neither said a word, one too stunned to talk and the other looking almost too smug to do so. David had so much he wanted to say though, but as he opened his mouth to talk, his roommate held up a hoof to stop him.

“Why did you go stealing my snacks?”

“Snacks…? Sn-huff-Snacks?” David responded, his voice raising as he could feel anger building in his frame. “These aren… Aren’t snacks! Snacks don’t do this!” David managed to get that brief retort out before panting again, using all his breath to get that out as his roommate just smirked broadly down at him. Standing back up to his full height, the former wrestler looked positively intimidating to David. Cut arms and a barrel of a torso, the bull was one to put his frame on proud display, even if it was several meals out of shape. He would often use that size to intimidate David, but there was going to be no such thing this time as the feline was easily several sizes bigger than the bull. He was also so much bigger that he couldn’t move on his own… But, he may be able to flop himself down onto that smug heifer if he tried. That thought crossed his mind as he just scowled up at the bull, his brow furrowed as his already-squinting vision narrowed further down in anger. The bull clearly saw this, but chose not to react as he just moved in closer again after a moment of standing straight up in front of David.

“They were mine, who cares what I call them? Why did you take them?”

“I… I was hungry…” David responded honestly, his anger ebbing nearly immediately as he came to that realization. He had taken things without asking, and suffered the consequences. Granted, those consequences were far beyond what was merited for stealing food, but all of that fat felt so good, and his cum had been… Well, just heavenly was nearly an understatement for the revelatory experience that David had gone through before passing out in sheer exhaustion. “That do-“

“Hungry huh? Well… Your ‘hunger’ ate up some snacks I had been saving for a special occasion. No matter though, they do look good on you too.” The bull paused, looking over David again with an unhidden show of lust in his eyes. David spotted it, and no small part of him hoped the bull would help him with his rekindled thirst for cum. Bulls were known for their loads after all, and the feline could only guess what that bovine was packing. “I have to imagine you’re still hungry though, hmm?”

“Please Paul…” David started, a hoof again held up to pause him.

“I’ll go grab some more food, and if you’re good and eat it all… I’ll let you have that desert you want so badly.” David was taken aback by that, the shock in his face making Paul back up and chuckle softly. The bull turned back towards the kitchen, his wide frame clearly on display for David as he did so. “I can see it in your eyes; I know just what you want out of me. Be a good cat, and I’ll make sure you get it.”

“O-Okay…” David stuttered out, his breathing growing faster as he could feel his arousal building again. He wanted so badly to stroke his length again, but he was just too fat to pull that off now. He had grown too big, to say the least, and the feline knew that as he tried rocking back and forth to just managed rippling waves of adipose along his frame. He didn’t do much else past this though, letting the waves of lard that ran across his frame tease his cock just enough to get him fully aroused. Feeling that length lift somewhat off the floor as it came to full attention, David began to pant again from sexual pleasure thanks to the fat of his underbelly covering his cock completely. He knew he was endowed more than any horse could dream of, and yet his cock was just barely poking out from the underside of his stomach, the weight and rolling size of his frame leaving him too fat to even hope to reach himself and pleasure his body. He could grab loosely onto the sides of his stomach though, the fattened wings that now comprised his arms allowing him little more than a jostle of his stomach every now and then thanks to their size. He still pulled that off though, struggling to catch his breath and to tease himself as he just lay there while Paul went off to collect something or other. David had already pushed all thoughts of the bull from his mind though, going instead to thinking about how he was going to get off yet again.

His concentration on himself was broken by the sound of a heavy thunk on the carpet in front of him. Opening his eyes slightly, David saw Paul standing in front of him, one of his hooves coated in some sort of brownish goo. The feline was unsure what this was, but as the bull leaned in close to push his hoof into the feline’s muzzle, David chanced a guess that it was food. The cat opened up what little he could, prompting Paul to reach his other hoof forward and open David’s muzzle even more so that the feline could get a real taste of what the bull had brought along with him. Pure caramel was on his hoof, tasting sweeter than any David had eaten and richer than even some of the fat cats on Wall Street. David blushed slightly at this fact, his eyes going up to meet the ones of Paul as he sucked on that hoof, then began to lick and lap at it in an attempt to get any and all of the calories on that appendage into his frame. His thick, coarse tongue working its way over that hoof, David couldn’t help but feel the power in their relationship shift back to him being the shy, quiet one as Paul reassumed control over the house. This was shown off even more by how the bull was leaning against him, not a care in the world that his stomach was pressing right into David’s and that their fur and heavyset frames contorted and rolled over one another. The soft, buttery fat of David yielded all around the thick, meaty, and firm frame of Paul, bunching up all around him and forming a sort of marshmallow for the bull to rest against as he let his hoof be cleaned to spotless.

Once that hoof was clean, Paul grunted slightly as he stood back up. At his full height of nearly seven feet in front of David, the bull just looked down at his beached roommate for a moment. David whined and whimpered as only a cat could, faint mews coming from his muzzle between deep, heavy pants of arousal and exhaustion. “You want more, don’t you?” David nodded. “Well, I’ll get you more… A whole lot more in fact. There’s nearly thirty gallons of the stuff in front of you right now on the floor, but you’re too fat to see it, aren’t you?” Another nod. “Well, why don’t we lower you down to its level, hmm?” Paul didn’t waste another moment after that, both of his hooves extending out and clasping onto David’s paws. The feline did what he could to grab onto those hooves, but his paws were so fattened that balling them up into much more than a half-fist was a challenge for him. This fact just made Paul smirk, the bovine coming in closer so that his belly and groin were pressing against David. The feline could feel the bull’s hard-on once that happened, a faint mew of arousal coming out of his muzzle as he felt just how much package that Paul had right against the upper folds of his stomach. It was impressive… And the feline couldn’t wait for that prize to be his.

Pressed against David fully as well as gripping both of his paws, Paul grunted hard before pulling with all of his strength. David did his best to help, his shaking legs trying their utmost to lift his frame while his arms pulled with Paul. They both made some progress, the jello-like cat moving a few inches off the couch after struggling for a few moments. His stomach and legs shifted slightly beneath him, getting a faint yelp from David as he felt more pressure against his colossal sac from the fat of his rotund thighs. Paul paid this no mind though, still pulling with all his might as he began to feel the weight of David shift forward more and more. David felt this as well, the fat of his rear slowly gaining mass of its own as it now left the couch and made its full size known to the cat. A pair of twin mounds, the fat of his rear stayed on the couch even as he slowly, steadily made his way to his feet. The gravid mass of blubber behind him was nearly as heavy as his stomach, sagging down to his knees and resting on the couch even as his legs got under him and he moved to an awkward standing position. Paul was struggling to hold up David at this point though, his arms shaking and his breath coming in wheezing huffs as he exerted himself nearly to his limit. David was no better, panting hard and struggling to keep his mind from wandering to the fact that the added weight of his stomach against his length now that he was standing was a new level of bliss that even sucking himself off hadn’t given him.

Once he was standing, Paul pulled David forward, practically dragging the blob of a cat forward a few feet from the sofa. David managed to shuffle along, wincing a few times from the feeling of his fat bumping against his outrageous sac. He didn’t muster up much more than a half-assed effort though, his bones and body so tired out from simply standing that he couldn’t do much more than shuffle and pant. His arms were weakening, his legs were quaking from the weight they were being asked to hold, and he could feel new pools of sweat forming under his moobs and in between the large folds of his lovehandles. The feline wasn’t about to give up though, and soldiered on as he knew there would be a reward at the end of his motion. Thankfully, there wasn’t much of a plan for moving him, as the pair moved those few feet over the course of a couple minutes. Paul’s arousal had only grown over that time too, a fact that David had been feeling the entire time he was pressed firmly against the pull. Both were pushing on one another, their snouts inches from one another as they huffed, puffed, and pulled along the gravid mass of David.

Once in position, Paul gave David one final tug while stepping back at the same time. David yelled out in surprise, his arms going back to steady himself but far too late. He was falling forward, his belly rushing to meet the ground as the rest of his frame slowly, lazily followed suit. His rump practically forgot the motion until David’s stomach had made contact with the ground, the feline falling forward onto his front with a floor-shaking thud. His fat cushioned the fall mostly, but he still groaned loudly as he felt his whole frame topple right down onto his massive stomach. His chest dangled against the floor, his cock rubbed on the carpet from beneath his leg-smothering underbelly, his rear spread out widely as it took up residence as his highest point now. The feline was again beached as fast as he had been freed. Paul looming over him once again as David just moaned and groaned at the cacophony of wobbling, jiggling, bouncing folds and rolls of fat that covered his frame. Not an inch of him didn’t move after that impact, his feet even jiggling faintly as his whole frame jostled about from the impact. His arms just barely were able to reach the floor from that position, buoyed up by their own fat so much that the spreading of his chest and stomach served to do little more than keep them at awkward angles to the rest of his frame. David was trapped in his own fat again, but he saw why as soon as his cheeks had gotten out of his vision; the caramel was right in front of him.

Staring that bowl down, the feline just groaned outwardly at that as he tried in vain to reach for it. Paul saw this and snorted with laughter, stepping over to the side of the prone feline and just kneeling down so that he could get a good look at the black blob that filled the better part of the living room. David blushed outwardly at his position; fully nude with his ass high in the air, his cock begging for attention, and his mouth begging for even more food. Paul seemed to take all this in stride though, raising a hoof and patting David on the back even as the feline ignored his presence for food. Reaching out what little he could with shaking, struggling arms, David had no hope of reaching his prize… Until Paul pushed it towards him enough to have the large bucket be reachable for David. The feline wasted no time with this, plunging his muzzle straight into the slop without a second thought. Such was his passion for food that David didn’t even notice that Paul was lifting the bucket slowly so that David’s muzzle was coated in the slop.

“Eat up, pig… On all fours, just a glutton through and through. I wasn’t expecting you to find those snacks so soon, but I’m glad you did. You’re gonna make an excellent hog one day, but we need to get you up to size first. So you eat up, eat until you feel that gut of yours is going to burst… And then I’ll give you your prize.” David just snorted his response between deep mouthfuls of caramel, his paws hanging off to his sides and his muzzle plunged deep into the slop. He was so aggressive with his eating that he nearly forgot to come up for air more than once, having to tilt his head back what little he could just to gasp down much-needed breaths between large mouthfuls. The words Paul had said fell on mostly deaf ears, the grip of food far too strong on the feline as he worked right on through that bucket like a true hog. He didn’t even so much as think about the fact that he was laying down, guzzling down caramel like it was water. It was food, he was hungry, and that was that to him. Paul said some other words as David ate too, but the piggish cat didn’t even hear them; his head was too buried in the bucket of caramel and the echoes of his gluttony were too loud to let anything reach his ears. He was too gone in being a pig, and he knew it; at least, what little of his conscious mind remained knew that. The rest of him, the overwhelming majority of his mind… It all wanted one thing, and one thing only:


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