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Stuffing her face for the umpteenth time that day, ProxyAI just murmaled to herself at the feeling of her body spreading out that much wider than it had the day before. She was a glutton through and through, a fact that showed itself in spades when she was really eating. Her frame alone gave that fact away handily thanks to just how expansive it was, filling some rooms in her abode to their fullest. This would have been true if she could move under her own power, or at all for that matter thanks to how incredibly obese she was. With legs long-since smothered in the combined adipose of her stomach and rear, arms that couldn’t move from their position of being buoyed up by their own fat at her sides, breasts that looked to be more akin to weather balloons, and more rolls of fat than there were stairs in her home, the bunny was a prime example of what it was to truly give in to gluttony. Eating without a care in the world, that was Proxy through and through, and the lapine knew it as she binged on the hose which brought her food to her muzzle nigh constantly. She was always sucking down that hose, be it in her sleep or during the days when she was conscious. Her constant eating was only broken up by the feasts which she would have paw-fed to her by her one and only butler; the one servant who was willing to work with such a slovenly and gluttonous rabbit.

Alonely, a fat black wolf who had only gotten fatter in the presence of the lapine, was currently in the kitchen cooking up yet another meal for Proxy. The rabbit had to smile at that, looking forward to getting to chew on some solid food again. The hose was fine for keeping her stuffed at all times, but it got to be boring for her to just be sucking down her meals. Thusly, she loved the moments she got to spend with Al, having him stuff her to the absolute limits of her stomach. That stomach could handle a lot though, and it was coated in the remnants of many meals past. Just looking at the rainbow of stains and blotches that coated her once-white fur, the lapine could only smile fondly at the remnants of the many meals gone by that coated her frame. A testament to her gluttony if there was one, it showed just how dedicated to eating the lapine had become. She refused to be cleaned, leading to a myriad of scents and sights on her frame that most wouldn’t tolerate. Al did though, and in fact the wolf reveled in them as he had grown closer and closer to Proxy. He too didn’t bathe nowadays, and in fact it was becoming harder and harder for him to get around. Proxy had seen him panting just from bringing food in to feed her, and had been coated in a light film of his sweat as he had been feeding her just the day prior. To see that her gluttony was affecting someone just from being close to her… The lapine had to grin as she thought that her influence couldn’t have gotten stronger if she wanted it to.

Turning her attention back to herself, the lapine looked up at the three screens she had in front of her vision, resting where she could see them over the horizon of her bloated cheeks and her own, immobilizing stomach. The lapine just got a good view of herself in two of those screens, the third blaring some amount of television down at her. The constant influx of television and food had dumbed the rabbit down considerably, but parts of her were still at least somewhat there; she could hold a conversation if she tried to. Looking at herself and watching television were all that the lapine was capable of though besides eating, and binging on both food and daytime TV had left her mind fairly simple. Proxy didn’t want the television at that moment though, instead averting her gaze to the screen showing her from the front and just drinking that sight in. A camera positioned in front of her gave her that view at all times, allowing her to see if Alonely was coming, as well as to watch her growth as she spread out further and further across the floor. To say that she had gained since installing that camera was an understatement. The whole apparatus had needed to be moved… She thought at least, she couldn’t remember. She did remember that she used to be able to see her face in that screen though, now only able to see the folds of fat that lined her very ears thanks to how much blubber was packed into her body.

Staring into that monitory, Proxy drank up what she saw. A belly that looked to nearly be the size of a car stared back at her, the single slit of a belly button easily large enough to fit a buffet platter into its confines. The lowest and heaviest roll of belly fat spread out several feet in every direction, sagging down like a crushed marshmallow and having the same doughy consistency as one as well. The white fur there had long ago been tainted yellow by the sweat which constantly poured off Proxy’s body, so much so that she needed nearly twenty gallons of water per day just to stay hydrated enough. The yellowed fur continued up past that low roll of belly fat though, the stretched flat surface of the front of her stomach particularly yellow thanks to Al’s climbing and the thinning fur there. Particularly around her belly button, the fur there was nearly see-through, revealing many stretchmarks that lined the surface of the lapine’s stomach. She had gained and stuffed herself so fat so fast that it was a wonder her body hadn’t torn itself asunder with the influx of newly minted adipose cells that filled it to the brim. She held though, as evidenced by the lovehandles and various other folds of fat that lined her sides. Only getting a cursory view of those from the front camera, there were more folds and rolls of fat than Proxy could count as she stared on at the fat which lined her frame. Moving up her yellowed stomach brought her gaze to her breasts, though calling them that was hardly accurate. Each one weighed more by itself than all of Alonely’s fat frame, which was saying something as the wolf was beginning to struggle with his own mobility. Pressing off to the sides of her stomach while simultaneously rolling over the top of it, the furred orbs of crumbs, stains, and fur just looked to be balloons that had partially deflated. Large, pink nipples sunk deep into the fat of those bags of fat, the only evidence of their existence coming from the small circle of pink flesh placed haphazardly on the bulges of fat. Those orbs obscured the lapin’s arms entirely, as well as most of her head. Her ears poked over those twin mountains, if only just as they had folded down thanks to fat building up on her ears as well. Just to think that she had fat on her ears… Her vanity still held strong with that fact as she could feel the heat of arousal coming from deep within her frame.

Turning her gaze back to her second camera, Proxy got a look at her backside and just grinned to herself at that. Her rear was positively enormous, acting as a seat and a stopper that kept her from rolling onto her fattened back. The mounds of flab that comprised her rear would have smothered any sofa designed with nary a complaint, spreading out yards wide in any direction. They were also tainted yellow, though the heavy valley between them was especially so thanks to the fairly consistent blasts of gas that left the mound of bunny. She loved to just eat beans and then revel in her own stench, a fact that showed with the putrid smells that came from her rear even when she wasn’t blowing farts right out of her rear. Her gaze moving above her rear, the tuft of her tail had long vanished between the shelf of fat that sat above her ass and the prodigious ass itself. None of it poked out, in the least, and she could just grin at that as hiding her tail had been one of her first gaining goals. She wanted her ears to be the only giveaway of her species… Though she couldn’t now remember why that was, or even that she had a tail in the first place. She was still sucking down food as she looked on, eyes tracing up every single fold of fat that lined her back. Looking like steps that rose up to above her head, the lapine just stared on and gave herself an experimental jiggle to watch what happened to her back. Try as she might though, she didn’t even have the musculature to do that, instead just feeling herself shift ever so slightly in the sea that was herself. The lapine just looked on at the fat of her body though, again having her arms obscured by the back fat which had comprised her shoulders and the fat wrapping around from her breasts. Her neck and the fat on the back of her head enveloped her very head, forcing her gaze slightly forward from all that fat. Her chins kept her head tilted mostly back though, a fact that she could see as her fattened ears ran down her back and obscured a few of the rolls back there. Even they were stained with the sweat of months of no bathing, her slovenly self just a mess of folds and fat.

Her observations were interrupted by the clatter of dishes, signaling the arrival of Alonely. The wolf strolled into the room, cart in front of him and being pushed by his belly alone. The wolf had grown tremendously since being hired by Proxy, a fact that the bunny barely noted but the wolf knew all too well. He had outgrown his uniform in a matter of weeks, then the replacement in half that time, and before long he was reduced to just waddling himself around the house in the nude thanks to being unable to purchase clothing that fit him in any way. The wolf had given himself over to this reality though, embracing it as he loved the feeling of the air running between the new folds of fat that seemed to form on his frame at a nearly daily pace. He still did his best to take care of Proxy, keeping the area around the slob of a bunny as clean as he could and making sure to bring out three full meals per day. He was eating more and more of those meals though, and snacking in between them. His hygiene suffered as a result of this, less time to bathe and to scrub the scent of ProxyAI out of his fur when he was barely able to clean and cook all in one day. This bothered Al at first, but now… He couldn’t have cared less. Strong musk came from his frame as he stood there, rubbing lazily at his stomach just while looking on at the veritable feast he had prepared. He spent less time buying fresh ingredients nowadays as cooking was becoming harder and harder with his newfound girth. Instead, he was opting to buy frozen and pre-cooked products in bulk, replacing the fattening nature of home cooking with the empty calories of premade meals. Neither was a healthy option, but the newfound addition of even more calories from frozen food was seeing an explosion of growth for both Al and Proxy. The butler knew he wouldn’t have much longer to lumber through the house before he wound up just like Proxy. This was so true that the wolf had been making a few phone calls to find someone, or someones, to replace him as caretaker of the bunny.

Proxy was unaware of all of this, instead just wiggling what minute amounts she could in her frame with glee in anticipation of a new meal. She still sucked down on the hose though, in fact sucking all the more as she ate when she was excited. She ate more when she was excited was more accurate to say though, as she usually didn’t pull hard on the hose. The wolf could only chuckle to himself in front of the massive slob of a bunny as he heard the pump for the vat of crème beside her struggling to keep pace with the rabbit’s greed. He didn’t wait long before shutting that pump off though, his few trips from the kitchen ending with the last of three industrial-sized carts being rolled into the room. Custom creations of his own design, each one could hold over two hundred pounds of food on their own… And they needed to with the gluttony of Proxy. The lapin could hold that much food on a particularly hungry day, and the wolf was fast joining her in being able to make a real dent in the contents of one of those carts. He often would eat even as he shoved food down into Proxy, getting light coos and gurgling moans of approval from the lapine as he did so. Both appreciated a good glutton, a fact that showed in spades when they ate together. Al knew that, and as he shut off the pump completely, he just had to wait a few moments before the wheezing and panting began.

Stuffed already, and with the weight of nearly half a car atop her chest, Proxy could barely catch her breath once the hose was removed from her muzzle. The hose of crème had an oxygen mask attached to that hose, one that she used to breath as she sat in herself and just glutted. Now that she was done with that hose though, removing that mask meant she had to breathe on her own. Heavy, thick wheezes and gurgling pants of discomfort began almost immediately as this happened, the lapine struggling to fill her crushed lungs with air as the fat above her weighed down heavily on her torso. Her stomach wasn’t helping matters, the colossally oversized organ pushing past and aside all of her others as it expanded out to ludicrously oversized proportions. She could practically feel it pushing her innards around, a feeling she had grown used to in the many years of gluttony that had gotten her to the size she currently resided at. She didn’t care about that though, she only cared about catching her breath as she wheezed louder and faster with each passing moment.

Thankfully she didn’t have to wait for long before Alonely climbed her back and put a new oxygen hose into her nostrils. The sudden influx of air was a godsend to Proxy, making her take several deep breaths as her breathing, and her heart, both calmed down to hurt less. The constant pounding of her heart filled her ears usually, but it got especially loud during the times that she didn’t have an oxygen mask. Without these things and a caretaker, it was assured that Proxy would have been halted in her gains a long time before. She had every bit of science keeping her alive though, from painkillers in her shake to keep the feeling of numbness from her unused limbs from bothering her, to oxygen at all times of the day to keep her breathing, to even electrodes on her legs to keep them lightly twitching so that they wouldn’t atrophy and begin to decay from never seeing the sun, or use, in ages. It was a complicated process to keep Proxy eating with the recklessness that she was, but Alonely took care of it all much to the rabbit’s ignorance. Proxy still assumed she was in good health, even if her body was woefully far in the opposite direction. She also thought all Al did was help her with her meals, not seeing the three hours of work he went through nearly daily just to keep her form alive and eating at all times. It was a process that the pair didn’t speak of, but Al knew that he enjoyed in spite of the amount of work he had to do. He had been growing rounder thanks to it too, and now that he was really thinking about passing on the torch… he almost felt a pang of sadness. No more climbing the back of the lapine to stuff her senseless, no more making sure the heart monitor installed beneath one of her breasts was working, no more changing out oxygen tanks every two days to keep her alive. None of that would be his job anymore in some time if he kept eating. That was a thought for another day though, as Al knew no diet would work on him; he had been around Proxy too long. The act of gluttony was sticking with him, a fact that he knew as he felt his stomach heavily rubbing against the back of the lapine as the first of the three carts in the room was moved into place above the pair.

Reaching for the cart, Alonely pulled off a whole roast first, the entire cut of pig nearly thirty pounds in its own right. The wolf was unphased by such weight, his thick arms hiding a good deal of muscle in them from all of the heavy lifting his job with Proxy required. He lowered that platter down to the lapine, and without so much as skipping a beat, he began to push the meat towards her face with one paw. Not bothering for utensils, napkins, any sort of eating implement other than the lapine’s mouth, the wolf just pushed forward with the cut of hog as he heard the loud bites and chomping of gluttony start below him. Proxy ate like a vacuum when she wanted to, her blue eyes shut with determination as she munched right through that meat as though her life depended on it. Juices splattered against the myriad of chins and rolls that lined her face, coating her in a new covering of deep brown thanks to the sauce on the meat. She didn’t care though, not for the heat that singed her fur lightly from the roast, or for the mess she was making, or that she was working through a roast meant to feed at least twenty people all by herself. For a starter. It was a shocking sight to those that didn’t understand, but to Alonely and Proxy, this was just an appetizer. Alonely was even eating as he watched Proxy eat, using one paw to push the roast along to his charge while his other paw pulled down pastries from the cart that he had made just for himself and pushed those into his muzzle. Crumbs lined his chest and chins, glaze making his cheeks look shiny as it coated the pair of bulges that surrounded his muzzle. As he sat on Proxy’s shoulder and pushed the meat into her fully, the wolf hardly thought there was anything wrong with the sight… Just that there needed to be more food in it.

A steak that looked to be from the fattest cow on record came next, a cut of meat that easily took up an entire platter by itself. Dripping with blood and grease, Alonely was quite proud of his work with that steak. Meat was the only thing he took the time to cook anymore that couldn’t just be reheated, and it showed as he took a few sniffs at that steak. His inner carnivore wanted that cut of meat badly, but he knew it was for Proxy… In fact, the lapine was already working through it as Alonely repeated the process of the pork with this steak. Pushing, chomping, pushing, chomping… The pair worked through that large cut of meat with practiced efficiency. Proxy was the pig, Alonely was the enabler, and the pair knew their places in that relationship. Alonely was enabling himself too for that matter, with Proxy’s piggish nature pushing him along while he ate even more pastries while force-feeding Proxy the steak. It was a symbiotic relationship for the pair, and one that wasn’t going to be ending soon… At least, Al hoped that as the light beep of the heart monitor reached his ears. Between the lack of bathing, the lack of care for any sense of health, the constant need to feed, and the reckless use of drugs to keep herself going, Al couldn’t see Proxy keeping herself at this pace for much longer. The wolf was determined to stay there though, stuffing food into her face time and time again… Until it was his turn to take her place as the blob of the house.

That way, Proxy’s gluttony would outlast even her.

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