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Getting David dressed was one of the hardest things the newly minted feline had ever done to himself. He couldn’t lift his legs without help, his stomach got in the way nigh constantly, and he was just a wheezing, panting mess of cum, sweat, food, and above all blubber. He needed pants though according to Paul, as the bull had plans for the black-furred feline. Those plans seemed to involve going out of sorts, but as David struggled to pull up pants that felt a few sizes too small for his incredible bulk, he had to wonder just how he was going to get out of the house. The doors weren’t meant for someone of his generous proportions, and he knew that as he took one look at the front door of their home and sighed. Knowing he could use that to his advantage, the panting feline wiped the sweat from his brow before turning, laboriously, towards Paul. Struggling to keep himself vertical as the muscles in his legs screamed at him for even trying to be on two feet, the cat extended a flabby arm out towards the nearest wall to steady himself. Catching his breath before he spoke, he could feel the folds and rolls of pure lard on his frame quaking around heavily just from the simple act of breathing. Everything about him was fat, and David knew that… Oh how he knew it, and how he could feel that fact stirring the still-hyper length between his legs that filled out a large part of his pants.

“I… Huff… I don’t think I can fit out the front door.” David started, still huffing and puffing as he spoke. Paul just looked bemused at the notion, a smirk curling onto his muzzle as he turned around and made a grandiose gesture to the back slider. David frowned at that, the sheer effort of him walking that far making him feel weak in the knees. Paul wasn’t going to have that from the looks of things to David though, as the bull came over to David in short order and tossed one of the feline’s arms over his shoulder. Not saying a word, Paul began to pull David along, using his own weight and strength to pull the lethargic mass of blubber and cat along the floor one lumbering step at a time. Each footfall for the heavy feline shook something in the house, a couple pictures falling off the walls and down to the floor. Neither Paul nor David could react to that though, as David was too busy panting and struggling to keep walking while Paul was having to support more and more of the massive cat’s weight.

The simple trek out the back slider and out to Paul’s lowered truck took nearly twenty minutes. Each step was a battle at that point, and David had all but given up. His legs felt like jelly, his chest burned with each breath, and he was sweating up a storm beneath the thick coating of black fur that lined his frame. His yellow eyes had shut from the sheer effort of trying to keep himself standing, his free paw bawled up into a fist. The other one was gripped by Paul, the bull also panting lightly as he had to support all of that weight basically on his own. Practically dragging the massive cat along, he was just as grateful as David when the pair finally got the huge cat sitting down in the back of that truck. The bed creaked loudly, the springs lowering down to bottom out with the sudden introduction of so much weight atop them. David’s cheeks flushed red at that, but he didn’t say a word and instead opted to just try and wiggle himself back into the bed of the truck all the more. He could feel his sides pressing into the sides of the truck, his rear sliding along the bed and dragging his pants further down to expose even more of that luscious rump beneath their skin-tight confines. Just glad to be sitting again, the black feline didn’t even both with a word as he tried to get comfortable in the bed of the truck. He even went as far in that attempt as leaning back, his weight shifting atop him as he went from simply sitting up to laying down just moments after being deposited into the truck. The front of the vehicle almost looked like it was lifting on the ground with so much weight in the back, but Paul knew the truck would make it to their destination; at least, he hoped. Not wanting to leave that to chance though, he got into the cab as soon as David was situated in the back of the vehicle, fired it up, and started the pair on their short trek to their destination.

The ride in the back of the truck was bumpy, uncomfortable, and caused an endless amount of jiggling and sloshing for David. Still full on pudding from his earlier, slovenly meal at the hooves of Paul, the cat just gurgled and groaned as he was rolled and bounced to and fro in the back of the truck. His weight atop him felt like a million blankets all smothering him, rolling to and fro with every turn, every red light, and every time Paul touched the gas in the vehicle. His gut almost seemed to have a mind of its own in that regard, sloshing about with abandon as the pair drove to wherever Paul was taking David. The feline had no idea, and being prone in the back of the truck, he couldn’t see over the sides of the bed without sitting up. That took effort and energy that he just didn’t have after having to walk all the way out to the truck in the first place, so David just laid his head back and rested what little he could during the ride. He could hear a few honks at him and Paul on the way there, but the feline paid them no mind thanks to having nothing to say about them. He was in the back of a truck, huge, nearly nude, and letting all of his lard be shown off to the world. Had he not been exhausted, he might have cared about that… But the feline was too tired, horny, and yet again hungry to think much on that. He had his needs, and those were front and center in his mind as he just rested up for what would undoubtedly be another walk for him.

About ten minutes after leaving the house, the truck pulled to a stop. Belly sloshing up to nearly smother his head with his own chest, David used what little movement he could muster from his arms to press down at the huge moobs which covered his chest. He tried to stop the tide of fat from sloshing back and pulling him up into a sitting position, but laying down his gut nearly reached down to his ankles with its bloated fat. Just how he had gotten to be this incredibly large in less than a day… David had no words or thoughts on that. His stomach grumbled with a need to feed, and that was all the feline could muster up the willpower to think about as he lay there, his belly moving this way and that even as the vehicle was at a complete stop.

“We’re here, lardass,” Paul’s voice came over the horizon of David, a concept that was still new to the feline. The feeling of hooves pressing against the underside of his belly sent light shivers down his spine, as well as some blood to his groin as he could hear the seams on his pants straining to contain his excitement. Not caring much about that, David just grunted as he felt a hoof wrap around one of his paws, the tall bull reaching over the side of the truck bed to grab at one of those padded appendages on David. Pulling with all of his strength, Paul growled with strain as he pulled David up from laying prone back into a sitting position. The feline rolled like a lazy, large pudding, his whole frame sloshing and rolling itself forward with the speed of a glacier as hundreds of pounds of buttery fat readjusted themselves within their furred confines. The whole process took only a few seconds, but left Paul panting lightly and David with a loud, rank belch rolling out of his muzzle. The adjustment of his full belly pushed out a lot of gas, and the feline burped again as Paul circled around in front of him. “More pig than cat I’d say… Come on, hog.”

Paul moved close up to David’s stomach, pressing his bulge and toned torso against the doughy expanse which was mostly David. Pressing into it all the more, the bovine gripped David’s paws with his hooves and began to pull. Struggling and straining, he dragged David forward enough for the feline to stand, and then slowly but surely back onto his feet. Not fully recovered from his last trek, the feline shakily stood in place as he felt the burning return to his legs. His muscles just couldn’t handle that much weight, and it showed as the shaking of his legs sent rippling waves of adipose all throughout his lower belly and his impressively large hips. Standing at all was hard for the feline, and it showed as he reached out for stability from Paul. The bovine was right there to offer it as well, an arm wrapping around the underside of one of the flabby wings that David possessed. Feeling all that fat smothering a good portion of his back again made Paul squirm slightly, clearly turned on by it as he began to get David in motion again. The feline hadn’t taken the time to look around at where they were, but the smell of baked goods filled the air around them. Some sort of bakery had to be where they were, though the white-painted house looked to be anything but. Not one to ask questions though, David just went along with this, doggedly putting one foot in front of the other as he trudged along with Paul’s help.

Up two steps and into the building, the two had clearly come in the back entrance as they were immediately greeted by a kindly old woman. She just smiled knowingly at Paul, gesturing off to a wide doorway off to the pair’s immediate right. Paul gave a nod in return, his head alone making the fat on David’s arm slosh itself about thanks to any sort of motion near it. The feline just groaned, his legs nearly spent as he struggled to keep them from giving out. Every step felt like a small war, and he was losing them badly. Thankfully, the end looked to be in sight as he felt the hardwood floor beneath his paws change to carpet. Chancing a look around the room, all that the feline could see was pillows sprawled out on the floor. Large, David-sized pillows lined one side of the large room, a few stains dotting each one as the feline noted upon closer inspection. He didn’t mind though, as Paul steered him right towards one such resting place. The feline didn’t even need to be told what to do once he got there, removing his arm from Paul’s supporting frame and spinning around on his own before plopping his heavy ass down onto one of those pillows. It spread out wide beneath him, the stuffing inside not ready in the slightest for so much rear to come all at once as it flattened and spread out to either side of the feline. David hardly cared though, as enough padding was between him and the floor for him to be comfortable, and the feline was off his feet.

Fanning himself and panting heavily, David didn’t even notice as a cart was rolled into the room. Then another, and another, and yet another still. The feline only took note of these carts as the smell of food began to fill the room, opening one of his eyes to get a look at a spread of calories that would make any dieter flee in terror. Eclairs the size of calves, doughnuts that could be life-preservers for small cubs, croissants that looked to be boomerangs, cuts of bread that were the size of plates… All sorts of food that was comically enlarged was laid out before him, and the feline was drooling in an instant at the sight of it all. He didn’t even know how to form words, so he just drank in the scents of it all as he tried to reach over himself to get at it. This meant adjusting his stomach though, a thing which was easier said than done at his size. He stuffed and pushed at that fat though, pressing it further between his legs and under him as he leaned forward more and more onto that prodigious gut. Still far from reaching the food though, the feline grunted to himself as he then turned to look at Paul with a longing look on his face. The bovine was just munching on his own pastry, a small doughnut in one of his hooves as he looked on at David. The bull had no intention of being any more assistance to David, though he did at least have the courtesy to move what looked to be an immense cat bed over to in front of the feline so that he would have a place to roll into. David took that hint too, and began to use his paws and foot paws to roll himself further forward.

A couple minutes passed before David was resting fully on his stomach and in the cat bed, his fat spreading wide and smothering even that immensely oversized bed beneath its impressive girth. The feline didn’t much care though, as he could finally get his paws on those treats in front of him. Pulling one cart right up to his face, the feline didn’t even so much as blink before he stuffed one of the eclairs into his face. Stuffing it right on down, he pulled and sucked at the cream through his muzzle. He didn’t even swallow it at first, just letting it fill his bulging cheeks and spill down his chins as he purred long and deep with bliss at being able to eat something again. His paws immediately became messy with white crème and deep chocolate mixing together to form a stick concoction on his digits. The feline didn’t much care though, gulping down that messy mixture in heavy swallows as he drained the first éclair in front of him with abandon. Pushing all the crème down his muzzle, the feline waited until he felt the pastry was empty before he began to chomp it down. Large bites that barely got chewed before they were swallowed went right down after all of that fattening goo, the feline going whole hog on that first treat of many.

Paul just smirked to himself as he watched, not saying much at first as he just let David dig into yet another meal for himself. The bull instead focused on finishing his own pastry first, tossing the last bit of doughnut into his muzzle before swallowing it down with a hearty gulp. Another treat of his own design, the bull wasted little time after he finished off that pastry before removing his pants. He slid them down to around his ankles, followed by his underwear, leaving him fully nude beside David. The bovine kicked his clothing aside at that point, his length at half-mast as he leaned in to rub his arousal against the thick, heavy rolls of fat that adorned nearly every inch of David’s body at this point. The rubbing got a light grunt from the cat, but Paul didn’t so much care as he was just relishing pressing himself into all of that blubber. He could already feel himself stiffening, the sounds of gluttony as well as the feeling of its results stimulating him on like few things could.

“You’re more pig than cat now, you know that David?” A gurgling, snorting response came from the feline below, getting only a chuckle out of Paul. “You’ve done nothing but eat and eat and eat since you turned into this cat. You know what too? That’s all of your own doing… I never put a hunger stimulant in that recipe. You just gave in to what has always been in you, making excuse after excuse and letting your gluttony rule your body.” Another grunt, though this one more of a gurgle than anything as the feline was sucking down another éclair as though his life depended on it. “You’re just going to eat until you burst, aren’t you? You already are probably too fat to get up again… And you’re just eating up without a care in the world to that. You’re covered in food and cum too… Just a spitting image of a pig. Why do you even have fur? It’s just catching all of that mess you’re making all over yourself. We should just cut it nice and short, curl that tail of yours, and make you really look like a pig. That’s all you are now… A hog, a sack of blubber that exists for eating and overeating, and nothing else.”

“I mean, I don’t mind that… It’s pretty damn hot to be honest. But just look at you, you’re coated in that stuff from chest to ears… How do you even get food on your ears David? Can I even call you that anymore with how much of a glutton you’re being? Piggy seems like a better name I think… You have any objections?” Slurping sounds were all that came from David at that point, the feline having been working through a doughnut the entire time Paul had been speaking. He was now just cleaning his paws off with his thick tongue, licking the frosting and glaze from one of his paws while the other struggled to even move enough to bring another cart to his muzzle. Paul saw this, stopping his grinding against that surface of feline fat for a moment to push the new cart over to David. Squealing like the pig he was, David wasted no time digging right into that meal too, pulling the croissant from the top of the cart and stuffing a large portion of it into his muzzle with just one paw, the other already grabbing a doughnut so that he could eat without pausing. “Yeah, I think Piggy works for you… As that’s all you’ll ever be now with how you’re eating.”

Paul went quiet after that, pressing and grinding into the fat of Piggy as the feline just ate and ate. He worked through those four carts at a blistering pace, his face getting a thick covering of crème, crumbs, and glaze as he glutted. The feline didn’t even pause to clean this though, pushing through the carts as though they were the last food he would ever eat. Even as he emptied the last one, the sounds of his stomach gurgling came to both of the pair’s ears. Light whimpers left Piggy’s muzzle, signaling that he still wanted more. Paul took that whining as his queue, moving away from the rolling side of the blob of cat and circling around to his front. Once there, Piggy finally got a good look at Paul, and was astounded by what he saw. That doughnut had been an enhancing pastry, and it left Paul with a length that looked more akin to a third leg than a cock. His balls were also impressively swollen, the bovine forced into nearly a waddle thanks to needing to keep his legs far enough apart. That doughnut… It must have been the same as the cookies Piggy had eaten at some point… He couldn’t really place a finger on when. His life before becoming little more than an eating machine was starting to face, the sex-addled and food-stuffed parts of his mind taking over more and more of his consciousness with every passing minute. Thusly, the feline did what he could to reach out for that length, his paws pressing into his moobs as they struggled to move at all; the muscles beneath those arms finally starting to become too over-encumbered to lift his arms. Paul just smirked at that, taking one step closer to Piggy as his package pressed into the moobs beneath the piggish feline’s face. The crème and crumbs got onto his length there, a light shiver running down the bull’s spine as he felt that detritus rub along his shaft. The addition of food to his length seemed to be all the motivation Piggy needed, as he finally mustered up the strength to lift that aroused length up to his face and press it into his muzzle, opening as wide as he could get his jaw to go just to make the head of that cock fit. Paul shivered again, leaning himself forward to both press more of that cock down Piggy’s throat as well as to steady himself against the wall of back fat that rose well above the feline’s head.

“There… Now get you dessert, Piggy. I know you’re still hungry.”

Piggy could only gurgle in reply.

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