Sasuke grunted slightly as he tugged at the waistband of his pants, adjusting the garment for the umpteenth time. He was unused to wearing clothing after going so long without it; being heavier than most cars kept him decent more often than not. He had shrunken down to a more manageable size though for this occasion, deciding to deliver his gift in the flesh for once, rather than having something sent along. Of course, he couldn’t have had this particular gift sent along by the mail for many reasons, but he did tell himself it was a nice gesture to feel better, and remind himself that it was the reason he had decided to regain his mobility for the time being. Tugging again at his pants, the draolf just sighed to himself, trying to make the tight bit of clothing on his frame fit any better. It wasn’t going to, but that was again his fault for simply choosing clothes that he liked, and not ones that fit his bloated, soft frame the best. Grey belly pouring over the waistband in the front, lovehandles forming a full blown soufflé top over the sides, and the peaks of his twin mountains peering over the back, he was a sight as he waddled down along the sidewalk.

Bag under one fatty arm, pressed right into the side of one of his large, furred moobs, the draolf just lumbered along at his own pace in spite of being nearly ten minutes late to a meeting he had set up. The bag was for his friend Kaji, a fellow draolf who’s birthday just so happened to be that particular day. Sasuke had spent some real time on the gift tucked under his quaking limb, hand-crafting it just for the mutt he was meeting. He hoped that it would be well received, but the real problem he had was the fact that he wasn’t entirely sure just what he was to get Kaji. The draolf was another deity, just like Sasuke, and shopping for gods was practically impossible; what to get a fur that can conjure up or acquire anything they want? This was why Sasuke had made the gift in his arm from scratch, the bag included, though that was mostly obscured by his own fattened arm and the rolling heft of his side. He didn’t think much of that though, not entirely wanting to show off his handiwork until he could present it to Kaji. That thought was what had him lumbering down the sidewalk in the late spring heat, or even lumbering at all.

Seeing the meeting place finally, the draolf picked up his pace to a ‘brisk’ waddle, his legs moving just a little more beneath the shelf of belly that obscured them down to his fatty calves. His stomach jostled to and fro with every step, bouncing like jello being thrown down a flight of stairs as the draolf put one tree-trunk thigh in front of the other as he waddled along. The heavy impacts of his bare feet paws on the concrete gave away his approach like a small quake, one which could be felt in the ground to those close to him. He was taking up nearly the entire sidewalk with his own girth as well, forcing more than one passerby to move off the beaten path to get around his bulk. Sasuke barely paid this any mind though now that he could see the end of his trek in sight. Being a deity, he could have chosen to ignore the physical feeling of being so incredibly large… But it was one that he relished. His thick tail swayed with delight at the thought of being able to sit down again, to catch his breath and let his tired legs rest from the short trek a few blocks from where his limo had dropped him off.

Finally rounding the tree where he was meeting Kaji, the draolf sighed heavily as he saw the draolf sitting down beneath it. Sasuke’s red eyes met the deep green ones of Kaji once the draolf rounded the enormous tree, a smile curling onto the black draolf’s muzzle while Sasuke just doggedly grinned. Lumbering the few steps over to Kaji, Sasuke didn’t even open his muzzle to greet his friend before plopping his wide rear right down onto the ground opposite Kaji. A few pops came from his pants on the decent to the ground, many louder ones coming once his rear made contact with the ground and spread out from the weight atop it forcing it to flatten and spread like a smooshed marshmallow. Those noises reached both draolves ears, causing Kaji to smirk broadly while Sasuke’s cheeks reddened beneath his deep grey fur.

“Looking as fat as ever I see.” Kaji quipped, looking over Sasuke with a small whistle before returning his gaze to the rounder draolf’s face. Smirking quite smugly, Kaji didn’t say another word and just let Sasuke both catch his breath and gather himself together now that he was sitting down with the other draolf.

Huff… I can walk at all, so… huff… Shut up,” Sasuke retorted between deep breaths, frowning faintly in response to Kaji. The other draolf just smirked broader at that, placing his paws on his svelte hips while leaning in towards the rotund half of the pair.

“You can indeed, and dare I ask why you bothered?” Sasuke’s frown deepened with that, an iota of his power going to returning his breath and calming down his heart so that he was fully composed in but an instant. Sitting up straight now that he was calmed down, the draolf pulled the bag he had been dutifully carrying out from beneath his arm and placed it down on the ground in front of Kaji.

“I wanted to bring you this for your birthday, smartass,” Sasuke replied, a faint hint of annoyance in his voice from that last quip. Kaji arched his eyebrows at that, backing right off Sasuke and focusing his gaze onto the back in front of him. Ornately decorated leather, the small satchel of sorts was no bigger than a small laptop bag. Stitched together with smaller leather lacing, the front of the bag faced Kaji and was burned in the pattern of a tribal wolfdragon. Inset with black diamonds for the eyes and claws on the bag, Kaji needn’t take a guess who the beast on the bag was supposed to be. He hefted the small satchel up after looking down at it for a moment, surprised at how light it was when it looked to be holding something inside of it. He turned it around in his paw, a taur version of the draolf from the front of the bag etched into the back of it. Kaji smiled broadly as he saw that, turning the bag back around again to see the front. He looked further at the etching of the draolf on the front, noticing that the draolf even had similar markings to his own on its face.

“Wow… Did you make this?”

“Yeah, and I made what’s in it too. But don’t open it just yet, eh?” Sasuke replied, causing Kaji to avert his eyes from the bag and right up to Sasuke’s. The grey draolf’s face twisted into a light smirk at the look of confusion on the darker, toned draolf’s face. Taking just a moment to scoot his heavy form forward along the dirt, Sasuke put his paws on the bag as well to make sure that it was steady. Satisfied, he leaned forward to undo the latch on the front of it, pulling it back slowly in front of Kaji. A small amount of light came out immediately from the inside of the bag, a light which only got brighter the further Sasuke pulled it back. Stopping at the brightness of a lightbulb, Kaji waited to peer inside the bag until it was fully opened by Sasuke. He was clearly anticipating something though, as small puffs of dust came up from behind his thin frame while his tail wagged over the grass and dirt behind him. Sasuke had to stifle a chuckle at this, but took his time opening up the bag all the same; making Kaji wait a little more wouldn’t hurt anything.

Fully opening up the bag, Sasuke just grinned as he pulled at the sides of it to show that there was little more than a small light installed in the bottom of it… Or so it looked. Sticking his paw inside the back now that it was opened, he reached down into it at first, and then just kept reaching. His arm went to his elbow, and then his entire bloated bicep was swallowed up by the bag. Not reaching in any more, the draolf retracted his arm back out and just grinned over at Kaji. The black mutt just smiled to himself at that, suspecting that he knew what the bag was used for immediately from that display alone. Before he could form any ideas though, Sasuke piped up with the answer.

“It’s a self-replacing pocket universe I made… Hand-made actually.”

“Oh? It looked just like an empty bag, a big one though.” Kaji grinned at his little joke, drawing another frown from Sasuke.

“Not empty at all, actually… It’s really a full pocket universe that you can jump into at any point. I built a whole city in there, filled with inhabitants if you choose, and with various potions right where you land in every time to choose how you want to go about either experiencing, or destroying, that city. Kind of… A personal stress bag I’d call it.” Kaji ‘ooh’d’ at that explanation, pulling the bag towards himself with a bit of curiosity. “And I made sure time passes completely differently in that bag too, so you could spend hours in there for seconds out here. All taken care of… Oh, and it holds stuff too. You know, bag and all that… Needed to be of some use.”

“Huh, not at all what I expected from you.” Sasuke started to frown again, but Kaji leaned in and gave the draolf a soft hug around his thick chest before that could happen. “Thanks, really. Never would have thought of something like this.”

“Kind of hard to shop for a god, you know?”

“Oh, you’re one to talk… But then again, you’re easy to shop for.” Kaji retorted, prodding Sasuke in his stomach which drew a dopey grin out of fattened draolf. “Speaking of that… Where’s my birthday meal?”

“Oh, I already got reservations… And a caterer… Oh, and the cake, it’ll be s-“

“So long as I get some.”

“No promises Kaji, none whatsoever.”

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