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Grey was all that Kane could see as he sat still, his paws pressing into what they could reach of his stomach. Stuffed to the gills, the deep brown liger hadn’t eaten that much in a very long time, and it showed as he whimpered and moaned in between panting breaths. He could practically feel the calories inside himself, squirming as little as he dare to not upset the taut confines of his stomach. The grey mass in front of him was still eating of course, though that was to be expected with Zero. The dragon had a penchant for eating anything and everything several times over, and he was doing just that while the liger struggled to even make sense of the amount of food that he had eaten. Listening to Zero about their outing was something that the feline regretted just a hint, if only because he knew that he would never, ever be allowed back into this particular buffet ever again. Company like Zero, not to mention his own appetite… He was surprised that he was still sitting down in the same booth he had started in, though with a faint glance at himself, the liger had to guess that was because there was no good way of moving him.

Zero grunted as he continued to eat, the drake shoveling down food as though it was going out of style. His paws were tiring just as fast as his jaw though, both sore from shoveling in and chomping down huge bites of food respectively. The dragon knew that he wouldn’t be eating for much longer though, for he could feel that familiar tightness starting to spread across the thick grey scales of his protruding stomach. His own horizon had risen noticeably over the course of his gluttony, and it made him smile as he continued to glut. More meals than some families ate in weeks currently resided in that cavern of his, and several more would as well before he truly considered himself ‘done’. Of course, that also needed to be determined by the wait staff, who were dutifully bringing more and more platters over to the drake, if not with increasingly incredulous looks. None said a word to him though, just bringing over meal upon meal to the seated, growing mound of dragon that was slowly spreading across the floor in the mostly-empty buffet. He was heating the room up all by himself thanks to his feasting, the heat of his body trying to turn tens of thousands of calories into useable energy, i.e. fat making the place several degrees warmer than when his bulk had first arrived. Indeed, Zero had heard the air conditioners kick in nearly an hour before, and he could hear the strain of their fans as they worked to combat the body heat of not just one, but two beached lardballs within the room.

Kane knew he was that other lardball, having beached himself with his own greed. Once he looked away from the grey wall in front of him that was Zero, the liger could focus on the ball of feline that was his own stomach. White fur spread out far in front of him, smothering his legs and resting well past where his lap ended. Had he been standing, his stomach would have looked as though he was pregnant with another fully-grown liger, it’s shape being retrained simply by how incredibly packed with food it was. The rolls of fat on the sides of his protruding paunch had stretched thin thanks to needing that flesh just to contain the massive ball that became Kane’s stomach as he worked through all the food placed in front of him, and then some. His stripes stretched and contorted as well, though Zane could barely see the lower ones thanks to only just being able to turn his head, what with the fat of his chins and neck being pushed up by his chest, courtesy of his belly. The overblown table muscle ached with fullness and felt fit to burst, but thankfully held as Kane stifled a belch to make an iota of room in his packed frame. He was rarely uncomfortably full, but this felt as though it was going to be one of those times for the feline as he just sat there and whined to himself. He had brought this position on himself though, and he knew it as he just sat there in his own bulk.

Letting his food digest for a few minutes while Zero continued to glut, Kane eventually worked up the bravery to move himself a little closer to the warm ball of blubber that was Zero’s stomach. Experimentally wiggling himself in his seat, the feline struggled to lift his frame. His legs shook in spite of their underlying strength, the muscles beneath the thick layer of flab straining to lift the newfound weight that Kane had added to his frame. They held though, barely, and Kane had to lean far forward thanks to having no counterbalance for the weight in his stomach. Even holding his stomach up with both of his paws, the feline was still struggling to stay vertical as he experimentally lifted a leg, only to regret ever standing in the first place. He was on his feet though, and stumbled heavily over to Zero. Each step shook the contents of his stomach, forcing out another uproarious belch from his muzzle. Kane blushed at this gaseous outburst immediately, his cheeks flushing a crimson hue beneath the deep orangeish-brown fur which adorned them. Not wanting to raise a paw to cover his muzzle though, as that would have left his stomach unsupported would have sent him straight to the ground. Bits of food landed on his chest and in his mane, places that the feline would groom at some point once he was positioned in his new seat. Of course, that was for him to worry about once he got there, and just a couple more steps would have him there.

His stomach pressing into Zero’s before the rest of him was, Kane grunted lightly at the impact. Another belch worked its way out of him, but Zero’s overshadowed that paltry burp with a deafening one of his own upon that push to his stomach. The drake groaned loudly once that gas left his stomach, the sound of a clattering dish falling into the small pile that resided on his chest signaling that he was done for the time being thanks to that. Kane couldn’t see that from his position right in front of Zero, the drake’s belly and taller height making seeing over his horizon nearly impossible. This wasn’t something Kane minded though, and instead he just turned around lazily. Once his back was to Zero’s stomach, the feline leaned back against that pressurized surface slightly, another belch working its way out of the drake as a result. Kane just chuckled lightly at that fact, pressing more of his weight into the dragon before he sank down to a sitting position in front of Zero. Using the lowest, widest belly roll of the dragon as a seat, that pure fat little more than a cushion for his meaty rear, Kane snuggled up to the fat of the dragon with a loud purr. Those warm scales against his back as well as the light jostles and jiggles of all that fat behind him was comforting to say the least, and Kane loved being comfy. His feline lineage showed through in that moment as he involuntarily began to knead at Zero’s heft, his paws working over the roll that he was seated on in light waves while his claws massaged those tight scales what little they could. This drew a low, deep rumble of approval from Zero, the beast only just full but more than content to get a massage at the paws of Kane.

This mutual comfort continued on for a couple minutes, the wait staff just thankful that the gluttonous pair had ceased eating for what looked to be good. Dishes were cleared away slowly but surely, multiple carts being used to haul away what looked to be nearly half the dinnerware in the restaurant. The tables were reset to a certain extent, but no bill came. No one in the restaurant looked brave enough to approach the pair just yet, both of whom were loopy with their positions and mildly comatose from the sheer amount of food that they had eaten. They hadn’t said a word since assuming the positions of couch and potato. Low moans and contented purrs had been the only sound the pair had made the entire time they had sat there, and that seemed to be find with most everyone else in the place; the sounds of endless gluttony finally coming to an end from the pair. Kane’s eyes had fallen shut, the feline comfortable and relaxed as he had ever been as he just let his full stomach drape down between his spread legs and rest it’s mass heavily against the floor. Zero too had shut his eyes, a small yawn coming from the dragon as he moved to stretch out his sore arms. One of those arms moved to his jaw, giving it a light crack as he adjusted the sore black hole on his face. A bright idea popped into his head as he did that too… One that he just wanted to see if he could pull off.

“Hey Kane…” The drake managed to rumble out, his thick voice sounding more like a train horn than speech as it came from deep in his fat confines. The feline continued to purr for a few more moments before responding, his voice dripping with sleepiness and the dopey full feeling that had enveloped his very being.


“Why don’tcha climb up on my gut? Get some of the pressure out of it so I can eat some more?”

“Ugh… I don’t know if I can…” Kane rumbled, his purring stopping as he took a look at himself, then at the towering mass of stomach which he was resting against with a small frown on his brown. Brushing his mane from in front of his eyes with one of his paws, the feline just looked over the grey surface behind him, then to the blue scales lining that belly, and then back to the grey all behind him. He could maybe climb the lovehandles of the drake, something like that… But with his stomach as full as it was, that would be a task. Zero had paid for the meal though, so it was the least Kane could do to at least try to help out the drake.


“Fine, fine…” Kane responded, grunting loudly as he moved his legs to be able to support his weight again. Once those limbs were beneath his hulking frame, the feline pushed with his arms as hard as he dare against the pliable surface of scales and fat beneath them. A small grunt of discomfort came from Zero from that hard push, but it was enough to get Kane to his feet again. Wobblingly stepping forward, the liger struggled to stay vertical as he carried and lumbered his way over to the side of the belly before him. Even standing beside Zero, the blob of a dragon was still a sight to behold. It was no wonder that he needed to come in through the loading dock, or that he more often than not left restaurants under the power of machinery. He was an eating machine, and it showed in spaces on his frame. Kane, by comparison, was just a little fat… Still wide enough to need his own side in a booth, and heavy enough to send fear into any scale that wasn’t reinforced or any restaurant that offered ‘All you can eat’. Zero was a true titan of gluttony though, and Kane couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy in this as he moved to the side of the dragon and pressed his stomach into the side of the dragon.

Once there, he put a foot down on the lowest roll of the drake and gave a little push. Experimentally putting some of his weight on that roll before stepping onto it, the feline made sure it would hold him before really getting onto it. Once on, he reached up for Zero’s extended paw, the dragon’s inherent strength coming into play as Zero just hefted Kane up with one arm. The liger still needed to climb his way up using his feet, but Zero took care of holding Kane up to make sure the liger wouldn’t tip over, or be pushed away by the fat of his own stomach. It was an arduous process, but one that the pair managed to pull off without a hitch thanks to having practiced it more than once. That practice paid off in spades too, as it took little more than a minute to get Kane up to where he could just crawl along the surface of Zero’s stomach.

Now atop the drake, Kane felt as though he was atop the very world, although a squishy, comfortable version of the world. A few food stains from a couple cares aside, the drake’s stomach was spotless and shone with meticulously cleaned scales, the surface beneath Kane feeling slick and polished. It felt nice against his fur, almost like a warm stone that he could rest on. Had he been able to, the liger would have nigh instantly curled up atop the mountain on which he now rested and taken a nap. He didn’t have the chance to do that though, and instead just moved to lay on his side so that his stomach had room to spread out. It needed that room too, the food child he had consumed feeling less uncomfortable by the minute, but still incredibly heavy and filling. He could feel his body stretching and making sense of that meal, but now that he was atop Zero’s stomach… Kane had no idea how he would ever manage to eat as much as the drake. From his position atop Zero, Kane could feel just how much of that gut below him was stomach, and it startled him slightly to see that there was still some give in that gut in spite of the drake having started eating nearly an hour before him. It was a show of gluttony that he rarely saw, and one that he was always astounded by.

Once atop Zero, the drake stifled a few belches as he felt the contents of his stomach compact beneath the six-hundred-plus pounds of liger that now rested atop them. He squirmed in himself, the dragon unable to stand under his own power at all now that he had Kane and his meal to contend with for added weight. Beached if there ever was a word to describe him at that moment, the dragon just sat where he was and felt his gut trying to digest what had to be a full hundred pounds of food. There was still room in him though, Kane had proved that by sitting atop him… And the liger was going to help out with making sure there was a lot less room in him. Zero didn’t want to say as much though, instead he just let Kane relax up above him for a few minutes. The feeling of that added weight pressing down on his stomach was nice though, and the added warmth of Kane felt pleasant against the already warm surface of his stomach. Combine that with actually being able to see Kane for the first time since the two had started eating, and it was a nice change of pace from seeing just his own horizon and little else. The drake didn’t want to say that though, so he instead just let the feline be.

Kane had sprawled out and gotten truly comfortable by the time Zero grabbed at his wrist. The feline wasn’t quite sure of just what was going on with that, but by the time he felt his other wrist being grabbed ahold of, he had a good idea. He struggled and squirmed what little he could atop the slippery scales he was on, but the grip of the dragon held fast. Combined with just how stuffed Kane was, and the feline stood no chance as he was dragged over the prodigious chest of the drake and straight up to the stairway of chins that lined his face. A thick tire of neck fat hit his head, Kane’s mane and ears flattening down against the yielding fat before they were pulled over it and right up to the jaws of the drake. Zero opened up wide as Kane’s head approached, his jaw creaking as it unhinged much like a snake’s. The liger knew what was going to come next, as this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened to him at the hands of the drake… Not by a long shot. He didn’t really mind it either, as he always made it through with a few newly minted pounds on his frame. He still did want to put up a bit of struggling though, as he wiggled his frame around what amount he could against the thick chest and heavy face of the dragon. His shoulders bumped the sagging beachballs of cheeks that Zero had, sending each one aslosh with its own fat thanks to the impact. His legs kicked weakly at the moobs of the drake, rippling rolls of fat running down the sides of the drake as the impacts bounced off him like rocks off a windshield.

Zero let that struggling happen though, not moving to stop it and even prolonging his consumption of Kane for a few moments to allow it to happen. The light thrashing served as an excellent massage, and it made him rumble deeply. All things need to come to some end though, and Zero knew that as he gave Kane a light tug into his muzzle. The feline immediately felt the warmth of Zero’s mouth around his head, his mane, head, and neck all becoming slick with the slobber of the dragon in an instant. His arms were released at that point, but there was no turning back. Zero had him by the sides now, and as Kane felt those paws pushing against the light rolls of fat that hadn’t stretched out thanks to his greed, he knew that he was going right on down. A light tug on his heft, and the feline was already in up to his chest. Another push, and he began to feel the resistance of his stomach thanks to its size. He could practically feel the drake’s muzzle stretching around his stomach, pressing heavily on it and making him groan in discomfort. He was so full, and the drake knew that while still pressing on his stomach. The liger couldn’t voice his complaints though, as the lightheaded sleepiness that came with being vored was already starting to take him away. He felt a few more shoves from the drake, feeling the constriction of a throat close in around his chest and head. His gut got that feeling next, his rear and thighs becoming moist with slobber as more of him vanished down into Zero. His fur slick with slobber, the feline did all he could to stay conscious as he felt his feet being sucked up into the dragon. Pushed down by two fat-laden paws, the liger was eaten up as though he was little more than an after-dinner mint… A fact that was the last one that ran through Kane’s head before he succumb to the heat of inside Zero.

Outside Zero, the drake just groaned as he felt his throat stretch to comical sizes around the girth of Kane. He hadn’t expected the liger to eat as much as he had, and thusly shoving that much meat down his throat all at once had worn him out. He was at least full now, extremely so as he panted lightly around the slowly sinking bulge that stuck out of his chest while slowly working its way down to his stomach. He could already feel some of Kane sinking into that colossal table muscle of his, Zero smirking a little inwardly as he knew the liger was going to be many more calories for him… Of course, a copy of the liger. The real Kane was probably already at his house, fast asleep in his bed with a considerably softer middle and a decidedly empty stomach. No one at the restaurant knew that though, and there were many confused and scared stares being leveled at the drake as he just sat in his own bulk. Predation wasn’t illegal, but… In public. Zero would have to sort that out later. As the waiters, waitresses, and customers all began to flee the restaurant once they truly grasped what had just happened, Zero got all the more comfortable in his bulk and beamed to himself. A little explaining aside, he had just gotten to eat his fill, have a good meal with a friend, make a good meal out of a friend, and best of all…

He didn’t have to pay.

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