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The warning signs were there when Sen arrived to do his interview. The delivery trucks, the heavily trodden steps, the widened doorway… It was all obvious from the start. The feline hadn’t taken much note of it all, though, instead just wanting to see the reason for such measures being taken in front of the mansion at which he had arrived. Parking his car alongside one of those delivery trucks, the reporter made mental note of the fact that the truck was strictly to deliver food, which seemed odd for a single actress and a couple of her staff. He would soon find out why a whole truck was needed to stock the mansion, and just what it was doing there. Of course, he should have known… He was there chasing a rumor after all from a former employee of Arrabella, his interview target. It was just a rumor, though, once that he came to either confirm or deny. Being that he hadn’t gotten to speak to the actress herself was a little disconcerting, as well as the light beeping the feline reporter had heard in the background of his call. He had a job to do, though, and with that purpose in mind, he set about to do just that.

Quickly let inside by a rather run-down looking maid, the feline was simply pointed in the direction of the room of the actress and then given leave to wander as he pleased. A little perplexed by this, Sen just shrugged to himself and began to slowly meander towards where Arrabella resided. It was a modest walk from the entryway of the grandiose house over to the ballroom which the formerly sensational Ninetails rested, and during that walk, Sen took note of the house’s looks.  Doors all looked to be widened, but some of them also looked to have been cracked along their sides. The hallways had nothing in them besides paintings, no tables or decorations that most houses of that size had along their halls. The carpet looked to be thoroughly pressed down in the middle, stains in a few spots right along that middle as well as in certain spots along the walls. Sen had no idea as to why, not even able to hazard a guess as he just walked through the hall towards his destination. He did find it odd, though, but what he found even more off-putting was the increasingly pungent smell that was filling his nostrils. It was some sort of mix of food and body odor, though what kind he couldn’t put a finger on. Why it was in the house too he had no idea, but as he got closer and closer to the ballroom, the smell became stronger and stronger.

Just outside the room, Sen began to catch on to why the house felt sparsely decorated, abandoned, and smelled somewhat rancid. Loud slurping and chewing noises were coming from the other side of the door, just within earshot for his sensitive ears. The smell from the outside of the door was incredibly strong, enough to make Sen feel slightly ill as he just wavered lightly where he stood. He still had a job to do, and as he thought on that job, he knew the rumor he had heard was true. ‘Lady Arrabella is out of control’ had been the gist of it, and yet to think about what he was going to see on the other side of those doors… Sen wasn’t sure if he was ready. Gurgling and slurping, beeping and a deep, bassy rumble which could only have been a fart… All those sounds flooded the feline’s senses as he just lingered outside the door, filled with trepidation. It took him several moments to reach a paw out to grasp onto the door handle in front of him, but one he finally did, the feline gave it a swift tug, only to be greeted by a sight which would never, ever leave his mind for as long as he lived.

Yellow, stained fur filled the feline’s vision, almost to the point that he needed to do a double take just to drink in what he was seeing. The stench of the room, as well as the humid air which had been trapped inside, all rushed out and covered him from head to toe in the stench of an unwashed Ninetails and the presumably countless meals which had gotten her to the absurd size which Sen saw in front of him. Sweat and grime coated the innumerable rolls of fat that lined her frame, her fur stained in some places nearly to grey thanks to just how long it had been since she had been bathed. The slurping and gulping were still happening too, though from where Sen stood, he couldn’t even see the female’s face. She just looked to be a wall of pure and utter fat, something which was startling to Sen. He didn’t know where to begin with his observations, and that was something which scared the reporter almost more than just seeing the massive beast before him. He was never, ever at a loss for words, not once… And this sight had him frozen stiff.

Recovering from his shock after a few moments, Sen brought an arm up to cover over his nose so that he didn’t have to drink in quite as much of the room’s stench, though he could clearly see the source of it. Forcing himself to peel his eyes away from the mammoth, barely even anthro-shaped blob before him, Sen looked around the room to see what else was even in there. Full bariatric equipment lay haphazardly beside the blob, unsurprisingly as Sen thought on it for a moment; just how a blob like that was still able to even function as a living being was beyond him. He could see the heart monitor’s screen, and looking at the numbers on it made Sen go slightly pale; Arrabella’s blood pressure and heart rate were both so incredibly high that it stunned Sen that she was still alive, let alone able to keep on eating. The oxygen tanks beside her looked fresh, and with the others in the room, it was no surprise that she needed to keep on existing had to be forced into her. Various gloves and sponges rested on a table beside her, as well as various other equipment that Sen couldn’t identify. Paddles the size of dinner plates were there amongst the other equipment, and they looked to have been heavily used for some sort of operation; Sen could hazard a pretty good guess. The feline just stared at all that equipment, absolutely stunned at the lengths needed to keep Arrabella alive, and yet as he turned his eyes back to the blob of Ninetails before him, he could see why.

Lowering his arm as his nose had finally gone numb to the stench of the room, Sen took a single step inside the room, moving closer to the grand yellow blob before him. His eyes just traced along the curves of a stomach that looked to be able to smother a small car, following the folds and creases of blubber that individually probably weighed more than he did entirely along the actress’ body. It was almost mesmerizing to see something this outlandishly fat, and as he moved to get his camera out, a single servant came over to him and just shook his head.

“Lady Arrabella askes for no pictures, but she will give you an interview. You just need to be patient with her speech… Her… Condition makes it difficult for her to speak.”

“Her… Condition huh?” Sen asked incredulously, drawing a glare from the servant. The shrewd badger then turned around and went back to his duties, which looked to be pushing an empty cart filled with stained platters back into the kitchen for more. The kitchen was obviously connected right to the ballroom and looked to be teeming with staff as a brief peek through the doors gave away to Sen. The feline was just stunned, though, his eyes turning back to Arrabella. “What a condition…”

Sen then took to his pad to describe what he saw, taking a moment to think of the words that he needed. He began to walk around Arrabella as he wrote too, drinking in more and more of the blob that had swallowed up a once famous actress. Looking past just the belly which has smothered her form, Sen could see a pair of breasts that lay bare, and dangled down to nearly the floor on either side of the bloated ball of fat and food which was Arrabella. Each of her nipples had been stretched out to full feet across, black and riddled with stretchmarks, the fur around them was thinning to show the red-split flesh beneath it. Her belly was also very similar all over upon closer inspection, the stains and sweat covering some of those stretchmarks and making her fur look thicker than it was at a distance. This close, though, and Sen could see just how fully overstuffed Arrabella’s body was with adipose. It was jarring, and as he continued to look her over and search for words to describe what he saw, he took in more of that.

Her arms looked like flabby wings which hung uselessly off her sides, her paws so incredibly fattened that they were unable to even be used. They barely stuck out from the fat of her wrists, looking like sausages attached to a tennis ball that was being slid into a large, puffy jacket’s sleeve. Her upper arms looked to be beachballs, though Sen spent little time looking there as his eyes went down to her hips, or rather the spreading, pure blubber part of her body that had once been hips. Dimpled with cellulite and spreading out wider than the Ninetails was tall and then some, each one of those swollen pockets of pure fat were the only part of her legs that were visible. Her feet and legs were gone beneath the tide of blubber that covered her from head to toe, and upon looking a little closer, Sen could only guess how swollen those useless legs were with water weight and build-up from just being so bloated with fat. Moving from there, the feline finally moved far enough around Arrabella to see her face, where he was greeted with a squinting gaze and a slovenly look that could only be described as appalling. Food stains dotted the actress’ face, a pouting lower lip that was being pulled down by the fat on her single chin that was so fat it looked like a small belly for her face. Cheeks that were slathered with meals gone by and ringed with fat blocked a good portion of Arrabella’s vision, and of course, there was the messy crop of hair that sat unkempt on the top of her head, though it was somewhat pushed up by the immense roll of fat that had swelled up behind her head, giving her almost a place to lean back against as she glutted. Currently working through a platter of roast that was just sliding into her face, the actress only passively noticed Sen, who was gaping at the sight of her eating as she was. A small smile crept onto her face as she saw his shock…

Sen flipped to a new page of his pad as he saw that smile.

That interview was going to define his career.

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