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David awoke as he had so many mornings before that, staring at nothing more than his own stomach. The feline had trouble recalling just what he had looked at before he could see nothing more than his own gut, though he did at least get changes of scenery fairly regularly thanks to Paul. That bull that David still had trouble placing just how he knew him, or why the feline had ever questioned him. The one who fed him and kept him at least moderately clean, or so David was told. Being a mound of feline flesh, immobilized by his own gluttony and pushed even further down that path by his inability to stop eating, the feline was nothing more than a slave to his stomach at that point. His own desires were his only contribution to the world, his seed coming out in copious amounts at all times of the day simply from the nigh constant state of arousal that David was stuck in. High on his own size and just hungry for more, more, and even more, the feline was the epitome of sloth and gluttony. He couldn’t move his own arms to feed himself, he couldn’t even chew very well any more thanks to the fat on his chins bunching up and forcing his face into a permanent pout. No, David was little more than a prized hog, and the feline was alright with that.

Paul, David’s former roommate and the one who had inadvertently put the feline into such a position, quite liked just what had become of David. The feline was subdued, a slave to his appetites for both Paul and the fattening slurry that he suckled on both day and night. This little fact, combined with how horny the gelatinous mass of black-furred cat had become, had worked in Paul’s favor far faster than the bull has suspected. The first, and last, time he had taken David out onto the town, the owner of the establishment that Paul had taken him to had come up with an interesting proposition. Having seen just what David was, the elderly owner had approached Paul once David had eaten himself into an utter stupor to ask a few questions. Just why David was as large as he was, what had happened to him, and other questions in those veins were thrown at Paul. The bovine had been honest in his answers, and that honesty had rewarded him with a contract and a job. The job was simple, to make sure that David was well-fed and taken care of. The contract? That had been for David’s spunk, as the topic of using it as an additive for the bakery’s goods had come up in the pair’s discussions. Simply put the magic that had turned David into the mass of feline blubber that he was had also altered his seed, making it a potent, addictive fattening agent that tasted more like honey than like the cum of a cat. A taste test had confirmed that fact too, and Paul licked his lips lightly as he thought back to that test; he was still working off the few pounds he had gained just from that test alone. Using David as a cum dumpster of his own, as well as making money off of his mistake, though… That had been too good for the bull to pass up. He had signed on the dotted line as soon as both he and the owner were satisfied, and the two of them had been enjoying their lucrative agreement ever since.

Getting David to agree had been even easier than Paul suspected it would be, as the feline had mentally regressed far more than the bull thought he would. Just telling him that he would be fed and ‘taken care of’ whenever he wanted had been enough for David, and when combined with light hypnosis to keep the inklings of intelligence left in the feline’s mind in check, Paul had gotten his perfect, submissive hog to obey him completely. In fact, to say obey was almost a strong work, as Paul looked over his accidental creation with pride. The rolling folds of glistening, furred fat, shining with sweat from just the sheer amount of adipose that kept David warm at all times. Hills of an ass that rose above him, each one bigger and heavier than Paul in their own right and jiggling constantly either from twitches of the feline’s tail or from the gassy outbursts that rumbled out from his cheeks fairly regularly; air circulation in the chilled room which David was kept in had been an issue at first. The folding creases of blubber that had once been limbs, now reduced to afterthoughts on the veritable sea of fat that comprised David now, each one looking just as inviting as the last as Paul licked his lips and scanned over David yet again. Paul could feel his cock twitch in unbridled lust just looking at David, his eyes molesting every one of those folds and every single inch of that bulbous, gravid ass that swelled out with blubber behind the feline.

His hooves clicking on the tiled floor as he drew closer to David, the bovine heard light whimpers from the blob as he neared the cat’s head. David practically needed him at that moment, the feline’s arousal almost palpable in the room as the tube which sucked his member dry at all times of the day churned to life once again with another load of spunk. Paul couldn’t help but chuckle to himself at this, taking one of his hooves and pressing it into one of the lower, wider rolls of fat that rested on the floor in front of him. Choosing to let his presence be known with feelings instead of words for the moment, Paul let his hoof rest against the fat of David as he leaned his torso in and pressed another one of his hooves into one of the feline’s moobs. The yielding, pure-butter-fat of that sac of adipose sucked up his hoof like quicksand, swallowing down that appendage of the bull up to his wrist at first. As he applied more pressure, though, the moans from David grew deeper, and the amount of bovine vanishing into the cat-blob also grew; Paul was in nearly up to his elbow before he felt even a decent amount of resistance. Just letting himself sit there for a moment and enjoy the enticing feeling of his muscled body being swallowed up by the pure blubber of his creation, the bovine let out a rattled sigh of aroused bliss as he just relished that moment.

Paul’s revelry was broken by a loud shout, followed by banging on the door through which he had just come. The bovine frowned as he heard this; he was not supposed to be disturbed while he was ‘tending’ to David. Sighing again, he pulled his hooves from their fatty prison and made his way over to the door of the room, wondering just who he was going to get to yell at for interrupting him. The bovine wasn’t quite expecting what he saw when he opened the door though as he was greeted not by an employee of the bakery, but instead an irate customer who had caused problems for him before. The alligator, named Hanz if Paul could recall correctly, had been a problem from the start as he had complained multiple times since David had started being the secret ingredient in the bakery’s foods. Saying everything from the food was too addictive to blaming the bakery itself for his few pounds of added weight, the alligator had been a thorn in Paul’s side from the first day he had proudly strode in through the entrance to the eatery. To see him back here, though… Paul quickly formed an idea in his mind as he was roughly pushed aside by the angry gator.

“What the hell is this?!” Hanz shouted, his eyes going wide as he drank in the sight of David before him. His muzzle fell open as he saw the hose running out from the underside of the blob in front of him, falling even further open as he saw that hose run up the wall and into a vat in the room that looked to run straight into the kitchen. “Just what are you do-“

“We’re doing exactly what it looks like we’re doing.” Paul interrupted, his tone clearly annoyed with the interruption as he shut the door behind Hanz. Clicking a keyed lock into place to prevent the gator from leaving, the bull just smirked to himself as the reptile whipped around with shock on his face.

“You mean to te-“


“Then the special I-“


“But h-“

“How? Why not taste it for yourself?” Paul’s smirk grew deeper as he saw the color drain from Hanz’s face, the gator just going pale at the very thought of taking such an action. Luckily, Paul took advantage of having Hanz looking right at him to work his magic of hypnosis. Having been waving his hooved finger back and forth throughout their entire exchange, the gator was already succumbing to the hypnosis of the talented bull, though the effects were taking longer than Paul would have liked. He added his other hoof into the mix, making sure to speak slowly so as to keep Hanz’s full attention. “You’ve eaten it before after all, and I can assure you that it tastes so much better straight from the tap. It’s just cum, after all, it’s not like it’s chemicals or anything harmful like that. I’m sure you’ve at least tasted your own… What’s the harm in trying out one that you know tastes so good, right? Straight from the source?”

“…Right…” Paul had him, and he knew it. Placing both of his forehooves on the shoulders of the gator, he turned him back towards David with little effort and began marching him over towards the blob of a cat. David had heard the exchange in its entirety, and yet had made no moves to be freed or anything of the sort; he was still moaning for attention from Paul. The bull had to smile at that fact as he led Hanz over to the feline blob; he had his hog trained oh so well. Moving his new victim around to behind David, the pair came into view of the feline’s immense package. Balls that looked each as big as the moobs on the front of the feline sagged down to the floor from their dangling place a few feet above it, constantly pulsing lightly as they produced the addicting spunk of the feline. His length above was no different, stiff as a board with a sort of mechanical suction hose around it. It twitched with need as the pair got closer, the fat around it jiggling faintly as a result of that motion. The two couldn’t get too close, though, as the fat of the feline had pooled on the floor to give him a sort of moat of blubber that neither would step on. Instead, Paul just stood behind Hanz while the gator leaned in as much as he dared before crawling up the shelf of fat that was the underside and doughy surface of David’s belly. Sliding his slick scales against the slippery, sweaty fur of the slovenly blob of cat beneath him, the gator wasted little time working himself close to that cock that he now craved oh so much.

It took little effort to remove the contraption from around David’s length, though tossing it aside and letting the spunk of the feline drain out onto himself got a light growl of discontent from the feline. The messy, sticky liquid spilled everywhere as though it were a hose out of control, leaking down between the folds of fat that lined his underbelly and the floor around him. Paul just watched with a  bemused smirk on his face as this happened, not making a move to stop the gator and instead offering a few words of encouragement. “Really get your muzzle around that length and suck it dry. You want to know how good it tasted after all, right? You really want to just enjoy every ounce of that seed you can… Who knows when you’ll get it next after all?”

“….Right…” Paul just chuckled to himself as he heard that, his deep brown eyes intently watching as Hanz took that length in his clawed, scaled paws and slid it towards his muzzle. His long snout opened wide, rows of teeth that had been dulled by domestication and society glistening in the well-lit room as he did so. Sliding the end of that length into his gaping maw, the gator took one swallow of the seed and was immediately hooked. He took more of that length into his muzzle, then more, and soon nearly half of David’s endowment was crammed down into Hanz’s muzzle. Just half would fit, speaking volumes about how well-endowed the feline was, and even more about how much the gator was going to get as he began to guzzle at that cock. His gut was already bulging from just those few swallows, his cheeks bulging as spunk slid out from the sides of his muzzle and onto his scales below. He swallowed as much down as he could, though, gulping with greed at the seed that filled his mouth to the brim. The reptile even went as far as pressing his muzzle shut with both paws, sucking and licking at David’s cock to try and get more of that magical liquid out and into him. Paul grinned to himself as he watched this process, the newfound pounds that were pouring onto the gator as if he was being inflated just making the bull’s cock throb anew. His pants felt even tighter as he watched, the moans of arousal and lust from David soon joined by his own subconsciously as the sight of addiction and gluttony unfolded before him. The bovine could hear the pump of food kick into high gear as all of this happened; David often would try to stuff himself to painfully full to really orgasm rather than just leak his seed. The bovine knew that, and he could barely contain himself at the thought of two beasts just growing before his very eyes.

That self-restraint didn’t last long, as Paul moved in behind the gator after just a minute or so of letting him guzzle down David’s spunk. By then Hanz was fully nude and growing rounder by the moment, his clothes having burst off from the sheer amount of scaled bulk they had been asked to hold off. Gone was the mildly chubby patron who had been a thorn in Paul’s side, and in its place lay a morbidly-obese, hopelessly addicted gator that was prime for the taking from Paul. The bovine just smirked to himself at this, sliding his own pants down to around his ankles before moving in closer to the pair of gluttonous balls of cum and fat before him. The bull pressed his arousal against the backside of the gator, spreading his swelling legs apart and letting the alligator’s belly press against his own with its bulk. The position wasn’t ideal for either one of them, but neither complained as moans came from both Paul and Hanz as the bull’s length touched the heavy, jostling cheeks of the gator. Clearly wanting, Paul felt a twitch of arousal from between the gator’s legs, and that was all the permission that he needed as he used one hoof to navigate his length into the gator. Panting lightly already as his stiff length found the tight pucker of the reptile in just a couple moments, Paul put both of his hooves back underneath the thighs of the gator to steady his newfound cum dumpster and press into him.

Pressing in hard, the gator squirmed and thrashed around from the rapid entry. Paul barely paid that any mind, though, his cock leaking pre nearly instantly just from the feeling of such a tight hole gripping it tightly, and the pressure of all the cum inside the gator fighting back against him. Already the fat that had piled on the gator was beginning to flatten out, becoming less wide-spread as his stomach started to dominate his figure. His body could only convert the seed that Hanz was guzzling into fat so fast, and as such his stomach was being asked to take in oodles of the stuff. That weight and pressure pressed back against Paul, driving the bull even wilder as he felt all of it on his length and thighs, the bull struggling to even stay upright and in the gator as that cum balloon of a reptile started to press back against him. Not one to lose, though, Paul humped into Hanz with gusto, his actions sending gurgles and sloshes throughout the grandiose gut of the gator in front of him. The motions also transferred into David, who jiggled like the pile of jello he had become and then some. His whole frame sloshed to and fro with its gravid mass as the pair went at it behind him, the motion freeing some of the air from his stomach and forcing a loud fart out of his rear above the pair. Paying the explosion of gas little mind, Paul just grunted and panted hard as he struggled to stay in Hanz, the gator’s gluttony forcing him to bend further and further back as well as support more and more weight just to stay in the gator. It was worth it for Paul, though, as he practically could feel the crushing gluttony of the gator with every thrust of his length, and at the same time, he could feel its results with every jiggle and jostle of the fat at his knees that belonged to none other than David.

The bull didn’t last long at all inside of Hanz, letting out a roar of satisfaction after just a few minutes of pounding the gator’s rear. Panting and grunting hard, he thrust in with all his might one last time before his own large endowment and even larger balls let loose their load into the gator’s bowels. Now being filled from both ends, Hanz truly exploded with growth, his belly scales separating and the massive ball of spunk just groaning around the cock in his muzzle as he became more cum than gator in mere moments. Holding up all that weight was too much for Paul in that instant as well as his arms gave out and the full weight of Hanz fell onto his stomach, chest, and groin, crushing him under it just enough to give him a true sense of how heavy the gator had become. The weight wasn’t enough to injure him, though, so Paul just kept cumming into the gator even as he was smothered by the new balloon that he had helped to create. Feeling the slick scales against his short fur in some areas, and the sweaty fur against his own in others, Paul was lost between his two creations as he just panted and screwed his eyes shut in unbridled bliss. He humped up against Hanz a few more times for good measure even beneath that impressive weight, the sloshing and jiggling all around him that he got as a result making him moan again. Just his head sticking out from under the ball of gator that was still growing with seemingly infinite capacity, Paul couldn’t even budge from his position at that moment as fatigue had gotten to his arms thanks to holding up the gator for as long as he had. He would be fine, though; there was enough cushioning around him that he would just be trapped, not crushed. For now, though, he was going to savor just what he had created…

“Well Piggy, I found you some company it looks like. I guess he’s going to catch up to you soon if he keeps this up too, huh? Seems like you’ll just be fat if he’s going to keep guzzling down that cum of yours. He’ll be the real hog in here if he keeps this up, and you’ll just be the little piggy that can’t even be fat well enough… Is that good enough for you? I would think you would want to be the fattest thing around since you know that’s the only way you’re going to get my attention. I me-“ Paul stopped talking for a moment, the sounds of the back-up pump kicking in to keep up with how hard David was sucking at his feeding tube. Another fart blasted out of the piggish feline, this one to make room as it had been preceded by a grunt, followed by a moan as he sucked even harder at his hose of fattening goo.

“Good Piggy… Looks like we’ll have some competition here.”

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