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Kaji sighed to himself, the mutt groaning as he lay sprawled out on the sofa in his modest home. Having nothing to do for the day aside from a couple tasks he had long since accomplished, the wolfdragon hybrid was unequivocally bored. He had no idea what to do with himself, nor any idea as to what he was going to do with himself. It was just one of those days to him, and Kaji was completely and utterly bored because of it. He scanned the spartanly-decorated room around him once again, trying to find something, or rather anything to catch his eye for his entertainment. There was just nothing grabbing onto the mutt’s attention, however, and this made him frown. He wasn’t always so easily bored, but with his friends all busy with their own lives and his own work done for the day, there was nothing that could be done. An innocent prank here or there had crossed his mind, but… Those he could prank probably wouldn’t appreciate it when he thought about what they were doing for the day. For example, Sasuke had said something about overseeing construction that day, and thusly Kaji knew the fellow diety would be in a foul mood. Rolling himself onto his side as he lay on the couch, Kaji just groaned and pawed at the leather of the sofa beneath his toned frame; there was nothing to d-.

No sooner had he started succumbing to the real idea that he had nothing to do that day than he saw the bag that Sasuke had made for him a few months prior. Immediately conjuring up at least a semblance of an idea as to what to do, the mutt quickly scrambled to his feet as he just beamed with joy. He had yet to actually use the gift for its intended purpose, mostly using it just to carry a few things around here and there. However, it had been a lot more as he recalled, and that was just what he was planning on using it for that day. Not to say that he hadn’t planned on it before, but something had always come up… Today, though, today was different; there was nothing to come up to interrupt him. Grinning like a fool, the draolf made his way over to the bag and grabbed it in both paws, looking over the intricate leatherwork that adorned both sides of the bag as he slowly turned it from side to side in his large paws. To think that this was both a handy shoulder bag and a spare universe for him to romp in… Kaji just grinned to himself at the magic that Sasuke had imbued in such a simple object. A hand-made one made it that; the draolf was sure going to have a good present coming his way when his birthday rolled around the next year. Either way, though, Kaji had his prize and he knew just what he was going to do with it, and thusly the draolf decided he wanted to waste little time.

Placing the bag down on the floor in front of him, the mutt moved one foot over the bag and hung it there for a moment. Sighing to himself and shaking his head at just how silly what he was doing would look from the outside looking in, Kaji took a moment to shut the blinds in his modest apartment. The quick side-tracking making the mutt satisfied with his privacy, he then returned to the bag and raised one of his paws over the open container yet again. Hovering it there for just a moment, he slid his foot down into the bag shortly after. Just sliding in slowly but steadily, the draolf felt no purchase inside the bag, and instead could feel his leg descending further and further into the leathery confines of Sasuke’s gift. Frowning slightly by this, Kaji slid more of his leg in, getting nearly to the point where he was down on one knee like he was sticking his foot into a pool to test the waters before he found solid ground inside the bag. Once there, Kaji chuckled to himself slightly before pulling his leg out, giving it a quick glance to make sure that nothing had changed about that appendage. Fur and limb intact, the mutt just smirked to himself before taking his legs together, taking a light breath, and giving a little hop up and into the bag itself.

Shutting his eyes right as he left the ground, Kaji felt his wings and tail brush along the sides of the bag as he descended into it, but only barely and not nearly as much as they should have. Coupled with the fact that the mutt felt himself fall for a solid couple seconds before he gracefully came to rest on the ground beneath him, and Kaji knew that something was up with where and how he had come into the pocket dimension contained in his satchel. How he had managed to land safely was surely part of the magic of the place, but the mutt wasn’t too concerned with that. Instead, he opened his eyes to see just what he would be greeted with… And was presently surprised with what he saw.

Rolling hills of grass, a city off in the distance, and a forest off behind him; his playgrounds were diverse and all around him. Looking right in front of him showed a table with various vials and powders on it, each with a small note in front of the explaining just what they did, and how much. A larger note sat right before where Kaji had landed, folded up with the draolf’s name neatly written right on the front of the paper. The mutt took that one in his paws first, looking over the spread of options that he had to enjoy himself in the world of his bag. Inflation, macro, and hyper were just a few of the potions in front of the draolf, each sitting in their own vial and ready to be used, though Kaji knew just which he was in the mood for already… The others were just there for kicks, or for when he wasn’t in the particular mood that he found himself in in that moment. Potions could come after he read the note that had been left to him, though, so without wasting another moment the mutt turned his attention back to the paper in his paws and flipped it open. It read:


Hope you enjoy yourself in here, what with all the magic in here and whatnot that you can use. Do whatever you want to this place, since it resets the second you leave. I added a few living forms in here for good measure, but you can take them out if you’d like with one of the vials on the table, as well as make more if you wish (I don’t know what you want to do in here after all!). Either way, in here is just for you to have fun, so do that. Whenever you want, or rather need, to leave, just look at the brightest star in the sky and wave for five seconds. The bag will open up, where ever you are and however big you are, and dump you out. I promise it’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds either… I did test this, after all, promise! Enjoy!


Smirking as he read the last couple lines of that note, the mutt just looked over what he had to work with and grinned to himself. He was quite pleased to see that there was so much choice, but as before, he knew what he was going to be doing. Ignoring the warnings and note in front of the vial he reached for, Kaji pulled the ‘Hyper’ potion into his paw and popped off the top. Paying no heed to dosage nor to eevn the bottle, the draolf just tilted his head back and let the liquid flow right down into his muzzle. Letting the greenish-tinted substance pour down his throat, the mutt shuddered slightly at the cold, minty taste of it as he swallowed the couple gulps of liquid down. Making sure the bottle was emptied by giving it a couple shakes, Kaji wasted no time and moved his other black paw over to the ‘Macro’ vial. Giving that bottle the same consideration, the mutt tossed that one back in the same manner as the first, though he did note that the taste of cinnamon was strong with that bottle. Left with two empty vials in two paws, Kaji just grinned to himself as he tossed the pair of empty containers aside and was left to wait for the potions to take effect. Knowing Sasuke though, the mutt wouldn’t have to wait long, a thought that made him grin just a little wider as he stole a look down at his deep grey chest-fur.

Not waiting long was nearly an understatement, for no sooner had Kaji’s gaze gone down to his chest than he began to grow. Expanding in every single area, the draolf just felt his entire frame become warm as he grew taller, thicker with muscle, and of course swelled exponentially in his groin. While his body grew by feet with every passing second, the draolf could practically feel his groin accomplishing the same task. Not only growing in length, the mutt felt his balls swelling to new sizes, and his shaft thickening up to be heavy enough to nearly pull the growing mutt forward. His newfound strength held, though, and instead of toppling over, Kaji was forced instead to just lean into his own added weight as well as splay his stance to make room for the outrageously large balls that were swelling between his legs. Of course, this was just the beginning for the mutt, though, for he knew he had a lot of growing to do; Sasuke wasn’t one to skimp on potency when it came to growth. Kaji knew that too, and as he panted to himself at the feeling of warmth and tingling that washed over his entire being in waves, he knew he was just getting started.

About a minute into his growth and Kaji not only towered over nearly every building in his ‘reality’, but his package was becoming absolutely unwieldy. Sagging down to his calves in spite of his nearly 300-foot tall stature, his balls alone were tugging at his body to bring him back to the ground. As for his length, the mutt took both his paws and just stroked along all of that newfound cock before him, just the simple touch enough to draw deep moans and pants out of the already-aroused wolfdragon. He could feel his new girth stiffening, the vast length of his weighing him down even more as it swelled and hardened from just his touch, and the feeling of every bit of him still growing. Kaji didn’t know just how long he was going to be growing, or how much more he would be able to move before his package starting dictating just what the draolf could and couldn’t do, but Kaji planned on making the most of it. Already beginning to succumb to the throes of bliss thanks to the feeling of his paws along his incredibly sensitive, impossibly large member, the draolf took one look at the city in the distance and got an idea.

Slowly but surely, Kaji managed to put one foot in front of the other as he made his way over to the city. Groaning and panting as every step jostled his sensitive sac and delicate length, the going was slow for the mutt as he had to stop more than once just to contain his arousal. He was nearly leaking pre just a few steps into the trek, and by the time he got to the city, he was struggling to keep from orgasming right then and there. The mutt had plans, though, but as he looked over the city he had once been nearly sizable enough to conquer, he now saw that same city as no challenge whatsoever. Kaji had grown during his short trek to the city, passing any buildings by leaps and bounds now. The mutt was so large that he loomed over the city with ease, well past being able to take out multiple blocks with a single step. Looking out over the vast area that he could smother or demolish, Kaji almost felt unfulfilled, but as he kept growing and growing, the mutt knew that he could have larger goals than simply using a city to get himself off. Indeed, his length was now easily the size of one of the buildings that he had planned on using to pleasure himself, his balls each capable of filling a stadium in their own right. Their growth had been slowing, though, the black fur of his sac dangling just above the ground as the draolf could only pant at the feeling of houses and buildings teasing him like tiny paws. It took every bit of self-control Kaji had at first, but as another idea formed in his head, the draolf knew that he could keep himself contained until he finished out his plan.

Working his way into the city, Kaji shut his eyes and moaned aloud as buildings and skyscrapers teased him from all angles. What should have been pointy, painful steel brushing his calves felt like small claws teasing against the supple flesh below his thick coating of fur, making him blush in bliss. The light bumps and thumps of buildings, and soon enough missiles, against his length, just made the draolf leak more pre into the city as he slowly walked right on through the center of town. Leaving nothing but a wake of destruction in his path, Kaji may have felt bad if this realm had any sense of permanence to it, but there wasn’t an ounce of regret in the draolf as he tore through the city without a care in the world. His destination was the ocean, outside of the city, and the feeling of all the buildings around him crumbling, of the wanton destruction without consequence or repercussion… Oh, that was enough to make him release right then and there if he hadn’t had bigger plans. Instead, he just savored that memory, letting it fuel him all the more as he pressed on with his walk. He was still growing too, still becoming taller and growing even more well endowed. His length now was nearly at the same spot as his sac, which was to say scant yards from the ground on a hybrid whose height could be measured more in miles than in yards. Kaji was starting to run through clouds he had grown so tall, but he was passing those by as well at a decreasing, but still rapid pace. He could barely even see the city that he had plowed through so effortlessly now, his feet stepping into the cool ocean water and washing away the debris and detritus of walking through downtown. The mutt just smirked to himself at that, though and took a look out over the ocean. He could see the curve of the planet now he had grown so large, and could feel the cool air of the thinning atmosphere on the tips of his ears as he reached new heights.

Moving slowly but surely into the ocean, Kaji just groaned to himself as the cold, deep-sea water splashed onto his sac. A small price to pay for his destination, the draolf just grinned and bore the chilly water as he made his way from his starting point down to the tropics of the planet. The water warmed up as he made his way there, his ambling gait and pent up arousal make the trip take longer than it should have. The draolf was just grateful for the increase in temperature, however, and as he finally made it to where he had in mind, he just smirked at the idea that he had thought of. Something so silly, so just outright insane… And yet something he had never done, and wanted to try. As he moved into position, he could practically feel both the heat of the sun and the earth warming him from both directions. His legs held him up as best they could, his sac resting firmly on the ground while his length just hung from his torso, both paws on its underside in an attempt to hold it up straight in spite of just how heavy it had become. Fully aroused, though, Kaji could just pant to himself at the feeling of his paws pressing on his own arousal, giving his package the faintest of gropes, only to feel it pulse with wanton lust and need. A thick strand of pre spurting out and splashing down into the ocean was enough to give away just how aroused Kaji felt, and the draolf knew that as he lined himself up.

Then slid his cock right into a volcano.

Using a touch of his own magic to keep from being burned, the draolf leaned forward as his length slid into the tropical volcano, breaking away the walls and bursting through the many layers of crush that lay below. He could feel the rocks shatter all around his colossal length, tumbling into the sea and sending the smallest of splashes against his legs as he lowered himself down to really get into position. His arms falling forward into the sea well above the mountain, Kaji just lowered himself down more and more before he lay fairly prone against the surface of the planet, though with a couple major differences; his cock was inside the planet, and he was still growing.

“Erf…” Kaji muttered under his breath, and with that, the draolf wasted no time in humping the very planet he was on. Sliding his length in and out of the volcano, the hybrid could feel the lava splashing out all around him, and yet he never once felt more than warmth from the planet’s molten liquid against his fur. Using the sea floor as holds for his paws and digging his feet in against a pair of adjacent islands to the one he was pounding away at, Kaji just let his growth and arousal take over as he humped mercilessly into the volcano. Tidal waves splashed up from every single thrust of the draolf, earthquakes formed whenever Kaji bottomed out and let his knot press against the surface of the planet, and magma by the thousands of gallons was flung far out into the sea. The draolf thought of none of this, though, instead just howling and panting in pleasure as he let his most carnal instincts take over every facet of his body, and rule his very being. He was still growing, still expanding, and yet as he felt himself pressing more and more against the planet as his balls tensed up, Kaji almost felt small. He couldn’t quite place why, but that mattered little as he was overcome with ecstasy as the dam in his groin broke loose, and the draolf came hard into the planet.

Tying the volcano with his knot, Kaji just let his unearthly-large balls drain their load in hard, long spurts into the very core of the planet. Powerful earthquakes erupted from this, the vibrations sending ripples all throughout the planet as fissures erupted and volcanoes burst. Kaji couldn’t have felt more alive than right then, though, gripping the coral in his paws as tightly as he could as his toes curled up against the islands they had been pressed against, digging deep trenches in their beaches. His black fur shone with sweat and seawater as he lay pressed against the planet, his thick black tail wagging powerfully behind him as his wings unfurled slightly in an involuntary display of dominance. The sheer power he felt as he did this was unparalleled, and yet as he just lay there, the world falling apart around him, Kaji felt small again. The draolf didn’t fully understand why, but as he felt a light twinge in his length, suddenly the small piece of that puzzle clicked for him. A grin formed on the draolf’s muzzle, one that turned almost mischevious as he turned his gaze from the clear, pristine seas beneath his head to the stars above him. Still growing larger and more endowed by the moment, Kaji could practically feel those stars growing closer to him. He reached a paw up, leaving the atmosphere with just his arm alone thanks to his preposterous size at that point, and grinning broader.

“Who’s next?” the mutt asked the stars. A few shone brighter as he spoke, and Kaji just took that as an invitation. All he needed to do to accept it, of course, was keep growing…


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