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All Koebi had wanted was a little quiet so that he could go to bed early. That wasn’t much to ask, and yet as he felt his paws held above his head and felt the hot breath of the tipsy otter in front of him wash over his face, he knew that he had made a mistake. He usually tolerated the noise from his neighbors, just letting them do their thing as they were party animals. However, he needed to be up the next morning bright and early to go and see a friend, so an early night had been just what the wolf wanted. When he tried to take it, though, the racket coming from behind his house had been just too much for him to sleep through. His canid lineage made sure that his ears heard every hoot, every shout, and the constant music that came from the barn which resided just behind his house. Tossing and turning hadn’t helped, covering his head with a pillow did little to block the sound from finding his brown-furred ears, and when he finally did muster up the courage to go over and say something, he had met Tom.

Tom was one of the many otters who were at the party, all of varying sizes, colors, and shapes. Each and every one of them had been drinking, though, and they all looked quite amused to see their leader of sorts holding Koebi up against the wall of the barn. The wolf just flushed and looked down, embarrassed by the situation and wanting little more than to go back to his own house. He had asked nicely if they could keep it down, of course after asking a few of the other otters who was in charge around there. All that asking had done nothing, though, as the deep brown eyes of the otter in front of him bore into the wolf’s as his paws kept Koebi’s above his head. The otter’s heavyset built pressed into Koebi’s own plush frame just as much, their combined girths doing even more to pin Koebi in place and keep him from struggling much against the force of the otter atop him. All of the other otters closing in on him were doing little to help this matter as well, forming a half-circle around the pair, many with beers in their webbed paws and smirks on their short snouts.

“You want us to keep it down, eh?”

“C-could you? I have to ge-“

“See, we don’t want to keep it down, and you really look like you could use a drink.” Tom snapped his fingers, and before Koebi could even make sense of what was happening in the sea of multi-colored otter surrounding him, a hose had appeared in Tom’s paw. The otter held that hose above his head with his free paw, just smirking broader at Koebi as he looked over at his trapped victim with a glint of mischief in his eye. “A big drink that is, right boys?” Many hoots and hollers came as a response to that question and Koebi’s eyes went wide with fear. He had no idea just what Tom was planning for him, but judging from the response of those around him, the wolf had a feeling he wasn’t going to like it.

“I-I just w-want to s-“ Koebi didn’t even get to finish his sentence before the hose was forcefully crammed into his muzzle. Before the wolf had time to react to that sudden intrusion into his maw, he felt a pair of paws clamp down on the tip of his snout, effectively keeping it shut as another set of paws began to wrap tape around that clamped down muzzle of his. Many yelps and whimpers tried to worm their way around the muzzle-filling nozzle that was crammed into Koebi’s face, but barely any got out as just a few pitiful sounds came from the struggling wolf. Koebi was anything but strong, though, the wolf much more fond of snacking and lazing around than working on his physique, making his light thrashing just wobble his stomach and the fat on his arms rather than set him free. Tom was beaming the whole time as he looked on, his gaze staying locked with Koebi’s even as the paws keeping his muzzle shut retreated and the taping job was finished up. The circle around the pair had closed in somewhat by that point too, many of the onlookers smirking and grinning just as Tom was as they looked on at the sight of the wolf in front of them. Koebi didn’t know what to do, but he knew he needed to get that hose out of his muzzle. Moving his jaws from side to side and trying to open them did was for naught, however, and the wolf knew he was going to have to submit to what the otter posse wanted whether he wanted to or not.

“We have more of our patented home brew than we know what to do with, see neighbor,” Tom began, turning his gaze away from Koebi and giving a look over his shoulder. The wolf took a look in that direction too, his eyes getting wide as dinner plates as he saw the hose’s origins; a large vat that was easily four times as tall as he was. A lone otter stood at the nozzle at the end of that vat, his paw on the spigot and looking eagerly over to Tom. Tom gave a nod to that otter, and the mustelid didn’t waste a moment giving that spigot a hard crank to fully on. The hose bulged to life the second that spigot was turned, swelling up and stiffening out as a flood of some liquid or another raced through it. Koebi began to howl in fear, his muffled pleas coming out as pitiful noises as he saw the hose inflating right in front of his very eyes. “I do hope you enjoy what we made, pup.” The first splash of beer hit his muzzle, flooding his mouth and forcing the wolf to swallow involuntarily from both the force of the flow, as well as the fact that he simply couldn’t keep himself from doing so. “It’s super dense in calories.” Koebi’s cheeks bulged, forcing his eyes to squint slightly as he tried to keep up with the high-speed flow. “It goes down pretty darn easy.” The beer filled his muzzle to the brim, some already leaking out the sides of his lips and dribbling down onto the white fluff of his chest. “And it’s mighty strong.”

Koebi could practically feel his stomach filling as he gulped down muzzleful after pained, forced muzzleful. The flow of beer down into his stomach was intense, and yet… It tasted amazing. The wolf had never been one for beer, and yet he was almost eager to get more of the stuff as it flowed into him. The brew tasted lightly of butter, chocolate, and… Lobster? It was confusing concoction to him that just made him both want more, and yet hate it at the same time for being forced to ingest so much. He was still struggling to keep up, more of the beer seeping out of his muzzle and onto his white-furred chest. The thick fur there was soaking up that liquid, but as Koebi took a look down, moving his head as best he could, his eyes went wide to see that he could see more of his stomach than of his chest now. His gut was swelling like a balloon against the tide of incoming beer, inflating rapidly and sagging heavily as it pushed out further and further. He could feel the sloshing and gurgling of the carbonated brew in his stomach, a belch brewing in his stomach and yet his muzzle too full of the beer creating it to do anything. The buildup of gas just made him inflate all the more, the wolf going from fluffy to downright fat in the span of seconds.

All of his expansion was pushing his captor further away from him, as well as the circle of otters which had crowded in close. A couple of the closer ones moved in, swapping places with Tom to restrain Koebi’s arms as the otter was having trouble reaching over Koebi’s head now thanks to how far out his stomach now rested, as well as how firm the inflated ball of beer and burps was becoming. Gone was the plush and soft stomach of Koebi, and in its place was a weather balloon inflating up to burst. Koebi was still whimpering and whining around the hose, his eyes darting from Tom to his own stomach, and back again as he just felt more and more of himself spread out. The otters on either side of him had to slowly lower his arms down to allow him to be spread eagle, and even then they were beginning to get pushed back slowly but surely as the amount of liquid inside of Koebi continued to press out.

Of course, drinking as much beer as the wolf was had another effect as well; Koebi was getting drunk. He was caring less and less about the fact that he was restrained and being forced to drink down so much of the beer, and more just about how the feeling of inflating the way he was felt… Exhilarating. He was practically sucking down the beer after just a few minutes of being hooked up to the tank, his legs struggling to keep him standing now as the sheer amount of beer in him was rapidly approaching his own weight when he had come over to ask the otters to keep it down. His head was spinning by then as well, and he was having trouble focusing on just who was in front of him, or even what was happening to him. Why had he come over? What was he doing surrounded by otters? Why was his chest wet and his stomach felt like it was going to pop? All these questions filled the wolf’s mind as he fell deep down into inebriation, his brain quickly succumbing to the drunken stupor that was taking it over. He still swallowed mechanically though, puling at the hose a few times with his paws as if to milk more of the beer out of it once he regained control of his arms; the otters weren’t able to reach past his sides at some point thanks to how round Koebi had gotten. More beer than wolf at that point, the last thing Koebi remembered before he blacked out was that he was going to have to get more of the beer that was making him expand into infinity.

And come to more otter parties.

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