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It started with a light jolt.

Liam had been walking home from a night out on the town with his friends, something somewhat unusual for the canine. He wasn’t one to really leave his bar, but his friends had been insistent, and the clientele had been light that particular night. Thus, the wolf had decided to head on out early, a thing he did on an even less frequent occasion when it came to his shop. He had told himself he needed a night out, though, and that he would make up for it the following day. That thin justification had been enough for the canid, and out he had gone to see a late movie, and then to bar-hop with the few friends he had garnered in his current time and place. Just what he hoped to get out of his night on the town was beyond him, but as he finally said his goodbyes and had begun the long walk back to his bar, he knew he had made the right call. Sure, needing to buy drinks felt off to him, and that last one he had had left an odd taste in his muzzle, but… Getting out and spending time away from his work wasn’t a luxury he let himself have often enough and doing so reminded him of just that.

The jolt brought him back to reality, and it was a reality that made him groan as he felt that light tug on his groin. It felt like he was getting a paw wedged down there, a feeling he knew wasn’t right as he looked down at both of his paws on either side of his slim torso. Balling his grey paws up into fists, the canine went to turn around and give the bar owner a piece of his mind for such a drink… Only to stop right in his tracks and just groan as he felt that tug at his groin again. It was unmistakably a paw of some sort, but Liam couldn’t put his finger on just where the tug was coming from. He could feel the digits of the paw, the light brush of the curled claws against his bare sheath, and even a second paw cupping his sac gracefully. The wolf shuddered at this, his tail curling down as his ears went flat against his head in unwanted submission. Chancing a look down, all that Liam could see was his own paws, still balled into fists and the deep blue of his airy pants. The wolf was utterly perplexed as to what was happening to him, but another tug at his sheath made him nearly collapse as an involuntary moan left his lips.

Looking around frantically, the wolf saw that there were a few others on the sidewalk a ways away from him. Not one to cause a scene, the canine thanked his stars that an alley was nearby for him to duck down. Moving as quickly as his legs would allow, the wolf hurried towards that alley while struggling to walk at all with the feeling of tugs and pulls at his sheath increasing in both frequency and strength. It felt as though his cock was being pulled right off of him, but at the same time, it felt like he was getting the best pawjob he had ever experienced. It was an orgasmic experience for the wolf as he took each step, each one threatening to knock him right onto his rear as he made his way to his sanctuary. This was not to say that he would fall, he was going to make it, but as he approached the wall of the alleyway, he sunk down to his knees and just collapsed back against it. Panting and groaning outwardly now as he felt the tugging continue to increase in frequency and intensity, there was very little that the wolf could do to comprehend what was happening to him. He was absolutely lost to the pure bliss attacking his groin in ever-increasing waves, nearing a constant stream of pleasure stemming right from his cock.

That pleasure began to also include pressure on his groin, a feeling which was growing with every moment as those waves of pleasure merged into a single, continuous feeling of ecstasy. Liam was hardly able to think at that point, his mind clouded with lustful thoughts and the feeling of his pants tightening around his groin. He subconsciously felt his paws slide to the waistband of the offending garment, haphazardly undoing the belt that kept them around his svelte waist and tossing it aside in the dark alley. Once that was clear, the pants just slid down with a light tug from the aroused, horny mutt who owned them, falling uselessly down to his ankles and staying there as he panted in place. The smell of his musk flooded out from his newly freed crotch through even the tight underwear which he was wearing, the light sounds of stitches popping on that piece of clothing reaching his sensitive ears but not fully registering in his sex-addled mind. Liam was nearly entirely a slave to the motions he was feeling on his package at that point, all else being filtered out as he just leaned over in the alleyway, using a wall to stabilize himself, and panted. His knot was already pulsing, fully inflated at the base of his cock and poking out from the sides of the still-tightening underwear. Liam couldn’t do anything to stop that, though, and instead just placed a paw on that package and began to slowly rub it while he just stood and let whatever was happening to him happen.

His underwear didn’t last much longer, the seams tearing one by one as the amount of wolf they were being asked to hold back really began to grow. Expanding from just well-endowed to somewhere between that and hyper, the canine’s length burst free from its confines in short order. Now out in the cool night air, the wolf shivered slightly as he felt that new sensation wash over his thick, heavy arousal. Unable to support its own weight, that package looked to point down, though it was hard as a rock between Liam’s legs, and well past the size of one at that point. Each one of his engorged balls was nearly the size of a tennis ball, thick with seed and looking to be swelling larger by the moment. His cock was the real star, though, it’s throbbing length sticking out and down nearly to his knees, looking as red as a tomato and as thick as a rolling pin. It seemed to also begin to swell faster now that it was free too, quickly reaching the thickness of Liam’s wrists, then his forearm, and then on to his bicep as it swelled and swelled. Growing longer and stiffer as well, it wasn’t long before his package was nearly to his ankles, and starting to stand up of its own accord. The muscles in his abdomen growing stronger too as a result of all this growth, the canine could feel that same tugging, massaging, and warmth spread to his abs as he felt them grow stronger, well enough that he could hold up his cock.

His balls danced under that leg of arousal, each passing small melons and continuing to swell as they tugged his midsection down. They were enormous, well past it in fact, and only getting bigger by the moment as they filled with more and more seed. Liam’s eyes were shut and he was too addled with hormones and lust to even begin to think about what was happening to him anymore, but he could feel it… Oh by the gods he could feel it, and he wanted more still as he chanced just a single buck into those invisible paws that were teasing him so. That light buck got him a newfound pleasure, as it felt like he had just humped into the most perfect, rounded, supple, and yet shapely ass that had ever been created, the feeling of the pair of cheeks and the tightness of the hole which he was pressing into all feeling as real as they could have, in spite of him being completely alone in the alleyway. What was more, the paws seemed to tug even faster at him as a result, his balls now growing visibly every second as they looked to swell down to nearly his knees in just moments. His cock was no slouch either, stiffening to stand up erect in front of him, looking as though another beast was laying prone in front of him. His knot was bigger around than his waist at that point, red and needy as it was attended to by the paws of the sex-addled wolf.

That know and length grew little more after that, but with each hump to the air, the balls beneath them seemed to swell. First to his knees, then to his shins, his ankles, and then finally the ground below. The pavement didn’t even feel like pavement, more like a plush carpet beneath an endowment which was dominating the figure of the slim wolf. His furred arms were working his shaft as though it were bliss incarnate, his legs were bucking what little they could still muster as the sac between them was beginning to even make standing difficult, and the wolf himself… Well, he was more horndog than wolf at that point, too aroused to do anything besides pant and pray for release. It was coming too, his cockhead leaking pre as though it were a drippy faucet. The thick liquid slid out of the slit on his cock, lubing its vast surface up some and dribbling down to the ground as well. Off-white and thick as a shake, it just seeped from the end of his length slowly but surely. Liam knew he was close at that point… He could feel it, he wanted it more than anything, and he knew that. He was beyond ecstatic about his new changes, loving every single second of his stroking and teasing and massaging and groping and humping and…

Well, and then he came.

Thick, ropey strands of seed burst out of his length, covering the wall in front of him and even chipping a few of the bricks on its surface. Howling out like the wolf he was as this happened, the canine didn’t care if he had an audience, or that what was happening to him should have never happened in the first place. The second he did begin to cum, all the paws ceased their teasing, the warmth fading as the tugging subsided. This was no matter to Liam though, as he shot his load out with abandon, his sac pulsing as it forced out gallons of cum through a cock bigger than its owner when fully aroused. His paws stayed on his shaft for the entire experience too, gripping tightly to that shaft and almost aiming it of sorts as it spewed seed to coat the wall before him. Orgasming that hard was never something Liam had experienced before though, and as such it was all the wolf had to not be toppled over, or to pass out from the sheer bliss of being able to release like that… But he managed, and as he felt his cock begin to just pulse of its own volition, rather than from his orgasm, the wolf could sense that things were finally over.

Of course, until the paws returned.

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