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Three steaks in and Kilo was feeling full. He wasn’t stuffed, but he was taking smaller bites with longer spans of time in between them as he continued to work his way through the veritable pile of meat beside him. A whole, fat chicken, several more steaks, burgers, sausages, hot dogs, cuts of venison… All of that and more still sat beside him, enough to fill him up just on their own, and yet he had already eaten himself out of a buffet before coming to meet Lyle and his magical paws. The feline had never once regretted a buffet in all of his years of unabashed gluttony but also knew there was a first time for everything, and this was going to be the first time he kicked himself for overeating before eating some more. The meat was utterly divine, each gut thick and marbled with fat perfectly. They were all seasoned to perfection as well, rare as could be considered safe, and waiting eagerly for Kilo to eat them. The cart was so perfect that it even came with a heating element built into the underside of the platter that housed all of the meats so that they all stayed warm no matter how long the feline took to eat. He had found his new heaven, and he knew it as he just settled back into his seat and began to munch down on his fourth steak, forcing himself to take bite after bite even though he could feel his stomach beginning to beg for mercy. Pounds of food had already stretched out its tight confines, and even with the assault of paws that Lyle was providing, it was only going to be a matter of time before he was too stuffed to continue.

The polar bear could feel that tightness of the stomach his paws were on almost before Kilo could, his pushing into that taut surface becoming less aggressive with each bite. He did push hard a few times in between bites for Kilo, effectively burping the feline to make even more room for food to be crammed down into himself. He never stopped rubbing the lion’s prodigious belly, though, going even as far as to press his chest and torso into that eager table muscle so that his paws could rub at the blubber-laden lovehandles lining the sides of that gargantuan gut. Kilo had to blush at such adoration, his cheeks already a tinge of red from the blood of his meal dirtying his fur up. The feline could only grin to himself though as Lyle retreated to continue to rub his paws over that surface before him, slopping that large stomach from side to side in slow, ponderous waves as he pressed on each side of that dome of the stomach. Kilo could feel the weight of his stomach begin lifted off one leg, and then the other as he was massaged so expertly, the brief respite for the hundred plus pounds of pure fat and food that was resting on his legs helping them not fall asleep beneath the weight atop them. The sloshing was also making his moobs bounce, though those sacs of chest fat were nothing in comparison to the main event that had Lyle so enthralled.

Working through his fifth steak, Kilo could feel the start of a stomachache happening to him, and he couldn’t help but groan at that. He rarely ate that much, and to think that he had nearly eaten himself sick without noticing, or even feeling like he should stop was strangely enticing for the feline. He was the king of the beasts after all, and he knew that as he used one of his sloppy paws to give the side of his thoroughly appreciated gut a weak slap. What would have been rippling waves of blubber over its surface were just tiny little jiggles right around where his paw contacted his stomach, though, indicating just how full Kilo was, and how little room for food he still had inside himself. Lyle took note of that as well, his rubbing paws having backed off at this point to be little more than the ends of his digits brushing lightly across the taut surface of Kilo’s stomach. Each claw ever so lightly dug into the flesh beneath the tawny fur of the lion, teasing the multitude of stretchmarks covered by the thick coating of fur as well as the stretched, sensitive skin on that huge belly which adorned Kilo. The lion had needed to actually slouch in his seat by that point to make sure that he could give his belly room to grow out and up, meaning that Kilo now fully had his own horizon that wasn’t just his bloated cheeks. All the feline could see at that point was the wall in front of him, his own stomach and moobs, and his cheeks every single time he took a hunk of meat into his drooling muzzle. He was still eating, though, in spite of that fact, forcing himself one more bite, then one more, and one more still after that. He shut his eyes at some point through that, though, gritting his teeth with determination to eat all that he could. He could feel the seams on his shirt starting to become taut, feeling just what Drew had meant by his not needing a shirt well before the clothing burst off his frame. It was a strange sensation, to say the least, but not an unwelcome one for the feline; he always enjoyed outgrowing his clothing more than he should.

Struggling with the last couple bites of that fifth steak, Kilo’s paws collapsed down to his sides as soon as that final bite of meat passed through his muzzle. He could barely even muster up the strength to chew, doing his best to make his way through the meaty goodness in his muzzle as he took his time to let his pointed teeth work that meat into something he could swallow. He could practically feel the last few bites of meat still in his throat, struggling to force themselves down into a stomach that was well beyond packed. His stomachache now full-blown, Kilo just groaned deeply and let his whole frame sink down into itself. Slouching even more so that the weight of his stomach rested more on him than just on his legs, the feline looked to be little more than a ball attached to an overweight lion. It was a sight to behold for sure, and one that Kilo hoped that he could get to see at some point… Maybe he could talk Lyle into bringing a mirror, or getting a picture…

Before Kilo could ask that question, though, the feline felt the bump of another steak against his muzzle. The rubbing to his gut had stopped, a feeling that he barely even noticed thanks to how mild and soothing it had been. Arching an eyebrow as he opened his eyes and attempted to look up in spite of the resistance met by the fat on the back of his head, the feline was met with the sight of Lyle standing over him with a steak in one paw and a burger in another. As much as Kilo wanted to say no, to tell the polar bear to stop and to just keep assaulting his belly with those wondrous paws… Kilo wanted to see just how much he could put away. He knew it was going to be more, but how much more was a thing that the lion wanted to know. Thusly, he just opened his muzzle somewhat begrudgingly as the steak bumped into his lips for a second time, smearing blood and fat around his muzzle slightly more than it already had been. He didn’t say a word, though, choosing silence instead as he just let his gaze meet Lyle’s. The polar bear’s was one of both lust and curiosity, a mix that was all the more alluring for Kilo as he felt the meat pass through his lips and between his teeth. He didn’t quite know what to make of Lyle, the ursine that just hovered over him with more food to deposit into his packed stomach. Kilo was grateful for the help, and even moreso for the service, but to think that there was something under the surface… It drove the feline to many places in his own mind.

Working slowly but surely through the next steak, Lyle’s pace was relentless and yet just fast enough. He never paused, never said a word, and didn’t even bother to ask Kilo if he could handle more. Between bites the steak never left his lips, ensuring that the feline was smeared with the juices of his meal thoroughly before he had even finished his first paw-fed steak. Dribblings of blood and fat ran down his chins, bunched up as they were from his slouched position, and pooled in the various rolls of adipose that lie under his thick mane. His stomach creaked and groaned as more food was sent down into it, that stomachache turning into a raging pain, and yet one that sent a twinge of blood down to the lion’s nethers. He had never, ever eaten this much, and yet here he was being forced to eat even more. More, more, more… How much could his body take? The feline could already feel his skin starting to stretch on the front of his stomach, the fur there hiding the angry stretchmarks that were bound to form from this meal. His lovehandles were firming up, his chest was losing some of its trademark softness and bounce, and his stomach… Oh that table muscle of his, it looked as though he was the mightiest of hunters with how it distended and rose above him, forcing him to pant beneath its weight and just how much room it was taking up in his abdomen. Kilo could barely get a breath in without the scent of meat filling his nostrils, or the feeling of his lungs pressing against his stomach. It was a new thing for him entirely, and one he relished as he took another labored, pained bite.

Finishing that steak was a small victory for the lion, but one that was extremely short-lived thanks to Lyle. No sooner had the steak vanished between the feline’s lips than a burger was pressed against them, this time, a hair more forcefully than the steak. It wasn’t firm, but its presence was known to the lion, and he knew that he was going to have to take a bite. Lyle had changed positions at this point as well to allow him easier access to his charge, moving the cart and himself behind Kilo’s chair, making the looming, imposing look of the polar bear that much stronger as he stood over Kilo. The feline was undaunted, but as he felt just how much his stomach was weighing him down, and took another look at the arms of the polar bear above him, it was obvious who would win in a struggle to see how much Kilo could eat. The growing look of lustful want in Lyle’s eyes gave away the intention of finding that out too, enough to almost make the lion nervous as he chewed through the last bite of his red meat. As drawn as he was to stuffing himself, he was so full at this point that even lifting his arms to rub at his stomach felt like work. He tried, of course, to try and reach the sides of his gut at least to soothe the aching, taut flesh there from some of the pleasurable pain that was going through it, but try as he might he was well and truly beached. More whale than feline thanks to his meals of the day, and the many days before it for that matter, Kilo was trapped. He was at the mercy of Lyle, and as that burger made its way into his muzzle, unconsciously pulled in by Kilo’s tongue and his desire to keep stuffing himself, he knew that he was going to have a lot more to eat.

One burger, two burgers, three burgers… Everything made it slowly but surely down into Kilo. Each being well over a half-pound of meat on a hearty bun, they all weighed down the feline’s stomach like bricks as they forced their way into him. Kilo was actively groaning and moaning as he chewed them, his complaints getting louder as he could practically feel his skin stretching at this point. His stomach was in agony, his groin ached for attention, and his sweat pants were starting to lose some of their stretch. Kilo could feel every single bite he took now going down his throat, pressing past his lungs, and working its way right into his stomach with the same force of a freight train. He wasn’t at all sure of how he hadn’t burst from eating yet, but he took every single bite as if it was his last. He could feel some sort of a second wind even coming on, the pain his table muscle becoming so numbing that it was almost fading as he forced himself to eat more and more at the paws of Lyle. Those unrelenting paws… Always waiting just above his muzzle with another morsel of food, just one more bite, just one more… It was always there for him, a constant in his newfound world of absolute gluttony, and it was that wait that made the lion keep on eating. He knew he didn’t need more, in fact, he hadn’t needed more a couple pounds of food before. He was determined, though, and had one weakness that he was sure Lyle had caught onto at that point; Kilo couldn’t turn down food in front of him, even if that bite was going to split him asunder. So on Kilo ate, and ate, and ate as he just chewed as slow as he dares and forced down bite after bite into a stomach that was quickly becoming the single feature on his engorged, fattened frame.

It was on his last burger that the chair began to creak. A few cracks had already come when Kilo sat down, but now that he was as full of food and as close to laying down as he was, he could practically feel the tortured furniture fighting him in his slouched position. Lyle noticed this, however, and in between bites he sought to remedy this fact. While Kilo chewed away at the last bite of his final burger, the polar bear reached to the side of the chair and pressed a button, which set the chair to recline to nearly flat. It had already been reclined somewhat, but now what had once been a simple chair was more akin to a bariatric bed of sorts for the engorged ‘patient’ that filled, and overflowed its confines. Kilo was grateful for the change in position, as much as an overstuffed feline could be of course to feel the full weight of his gut come to bear down on him. The mostly-flat position allowed him some more movement, though, at least it would have if he was capable of that now. Stuffed beyond reason, Kilo could barely manage to even move along with the chair he was so impossibly full. His legs shifted beneath his stomach, his arms slipped further down his sides to rest hanging off the sides of the chair, and his head was freed from the sea of chins and moobs that had been pushed up against it thanks to the rising tide of his stomach. Now truly with his own horizon, cresting the very hill that was created of his own gluttony, Kilo was pinned and stuffed to the brim. He looked up at Lyle, his eyes pleading for respite from the incessant feeding that had been stuffing him further and further into oblivion for nearly the past half-hour. The look that he got back gave no hope for pause, though, and instead, it just showed that the next thing to be forced down into Kilo was going to be a large, heavy pork shoulder.

Taking the first bit of pig meat presented to him, Kilo shut his eyes and tried to imagine what he looked like prone out on his back now. He could see his underbelly, taut as a drum and resting over his legs, even rising up off them slightly thanks to the pressure of his innards drawing that fur tight. His belly itself, the domineering feature of his frame, rising feet above him and looking like the feline was inflated rather than full. He could almost feel the cool air of the room under his fur on the top of that sphere of food and adipose, giving away that the fur there had thinned considerably. That cool, light breeze of air against his angry skin was enough to reveal just how many stretchmarks were there, and just how many new ones were being formed as another mouthful of pork was forced down into him. His arms, dangling from the side of the chair like hams, couldn’t move under their own power any more thanks to how much strength the meal had sapped from the feline. His legs were no better, though Kilo could feel the warmth of his stomach above them, and knew that their weak muscles wouldn’t be able to support all of the new pounds in his frame if he tried. His face… Oh, his face, coated in fat and butter and blood and flecks of meat, it was sure to look like he was a real predator. A well and truly successful one at that splayed out and relishing the spoils of his successful hunt all on his own. Just picturing himself like that made the feline smile inwardly, and brought another twitch to his heightened arousal that was giving his sweat pants yet another reason to stretch. He could faintly smell his own musk thanks to that, as well as the sweat seeping out of him beneath his fur just from the sheer amount of food that he had eaten, though another smell was making itself known; Lyle.

The bear was beginning to pick up his pace at that point, silently carting meat from the supply on the cart behind him and into Kilo. His pushes were becoming firmer, his pauses between bites were becoming shorter, and for the first time since the feeding had started, he used a paw to pull open Kilo’s jaw and force more of the pork shoulder into him. Kilo almost yelped when that happened, but he didn’t get a chance to make noise as his muzzle filled with food before his mind could process just what was happening to him. It stunned the feline, to say the least, but as he began to chew anew on that bite, he wasn’t terribly surprised by it. He had walked into somewhere shady, asked to be fed, and he was getting just that… He could only hope that he wouldn’t burst. The pain in his stomach was subsiding thanks to just how much he had stretched it out, nearly back to just being a dull ache than the screaming fire it had been during the first couple burgers. His brain was beginning to shut down, so stuffed with food and filled with thoughts of just how much he had eaten that thinking on much else was more effort than the lion could bear. Lyle’s forcefulness and dominance had been all that was needed to break the lion, and what had been a proud predator when he first walked in was reduced to a toy for the ursine, and one that was being abused at that. Unsure of his fate, the lion just kept on doing as he had been, and eating, and eating, and eating.

It wasn’t long after the pork shoulder finished that Kilo couldn’t muster the strength to chew. His jaw ached, and consciousness was fading fast from the feline. His whole body was shutting itself down around him, his paws uncurling from fists and his eyes going from screwed shut to just shut as he began to drift off. His muzzle was full of food, as it had been since Lyle had taken over for stuffing him, but he just couldn’t bring himself to swallow or to even chew anymore. He was finally full to the absolute brim. He couldn’t force another bite down if a gun was put to his head, and he knew that. That, in fact, was all he knew as he struggled to maintain his alertness. Just what was going to happen to him, as after all, he didn’t truly know Lyle; he was just a server at a restaurant. It was something the feline had ignored up until that point, and yet something he needed to address with the fleeting amount of alertness he had. Mustering up every ounce of his remaining energy, Kilo managed to gulp down that final bite, feeling it just sit in his throat and make his voice sound like a gurgle rather than actual words. Kilo swallowed again as he heard what was coming out of him, and though his eyes never opened for this exchange, he could swear that he could feel Lyle smirking down at him at his vain attempts to talk. Another swallow doing nothing, Kilo tried once more, only to feel a paw come to rest on his shoulder. The paw made him stop and put him at ease, sleep rushing up to take advantage of that fact and grasp him tightly. Right before he was pulled off to dreamland, however, the lion was able to hear a few words from his overeager feeder of a companion…

“I’ll see you for breakfast.”

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