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It had been a while since the wolfdragon had actually taken the time to train seriously . Sure, he kept his skills up to snuff by manipulating realities and floating various objects, amongst other things, but to well and truly ‘train’ was something he hated. It felt like school to him, and he had loathed school those many thousand years ago he had needed to attend. He hadn’t been taking care of his skills as of late though, and as he missed ever so slightly with his fire at 1000 yards, it showed. He could normally light a cigarette at 1000 yards with simply a snap, but he merely singed the thing this time. The margin of error was utterly miniscule, and any other beast would’ve said that it was good enough and abandoned the whole concept of training. Sasuke was a perfectionist though; that meant it was time for him to really knuckle down and practice, and for that he would need to be in practicing shape. He stayed out of that shape because he hated it, but a full range of motion and the ability to walk, not waddle, was necessary. “Oh well, at least I can eat it back…”

And with that, all the weight he had accrued over the years shed from his frame in a single, massive shedding. It was like watching a water balloon inflate in reverse; the fat just seemed to vanish into thin air off his frame as his waistline shrunk feet, then yards in diameter. His moobs shrank, his arms were went from quaking masses which hung at an angle to muscular twigs, his lovehandles turned into little more than air, and his ass lifted over two feet from where it had hung on the backs of his vanishing thunder-thighs. The most prominent disappearances were his gut and tail though, as both of the masses of fat lost the most by far; each shrinking to a minute fraction of their former girth. In the wolfdragon’s mind, he was melting down into nothing, and it was a terrifying thought for him. He had to deal with it simply to keep himself at the top of his game though; he was a god in the purest form after all. A god being sloppy wasn’t something he would accept, especially not when he was that god. So the weight poured off and into nothingness, replacing what had once been a mountain of wolfdragon with a svelte, trimmed beast in seconds. That was the form he had been in long ago, the one he had fought in, and the one which he was least likely to be seen in.

No sooner had the transformation ended than Sasuke created a half-dozen targets for himself, shutting his eyes and concentration for a moment before snapping his much-thinner fingers. Six light cigarettes appeared a moment later, burning invisibly to most thanks to the distance, but the wolfdragon saw his handiwork clearly and gave himself a mental pat on the back. He still most definitely had it, but training himself to use it with his massive frame was probably what he was missing. He wasn’t about to admit to himself that being as large as he was could be that much of a hindrance, so maybe a second opinion would be needed to drive that point into his thick skull. The wolfdragon was stubborn if nothing else, so that would not be an easy task, but maybe then he would also be able to get the practice he needed to be proficient at his preferred size, rather than needing to shrink down to do the more nimble and delicate exercises he put himself through.

The wolfdragon knew just who to pull in on that task of getting his mind changed. His intended partner was probably as stubborn as he, and certainly would bring a different opinion to the table than his own; the other god was a thin macro after all. “Kaji, I could use you when you got a minute.” The wolfdragon sent out the thought to the other draolf, hoping that he would get a response sooner rather than later. Sasuke knew that the convincing him would need to happen soon; he was starting to get hungry again.

For Kaji, training was an everyday thing. Whether it was from casually manipulating things as he went throughout his day, or doing more finite work on the energies around him to produce something spectacular, he was always practicing. Sadly for this dragonwolf, though fortunate for another, it was his day off. Lounging up in the sky, his legs kicked over a cloud as he just watches the cirrus clouds above him get pushed about by the winds high up in the sky; he was taking his sweet time just causing the air to push the thin vapors back and forth. Forming words every now and again before he pushed them back to form a picture, after that he released the winds back into their natural patterns; letting the wisps carry on with their business.

He let out a soft grunt as he rolled over onto his side, a soft crackle of lightning underneath him before he pushed himself up to his feet. His maw split open in a soft whine of a yawn before his ears perked up slightly. The thought from Sasuke played through his mind and he quirked a brow before he laughed outwardly. “I’ll be there in a second. Just look up.” He wasn’t right overhead, but he was close; probably a mile or two away. It wasn’t going to be long before he dropped through the clouds and made an entrance in on the formerly-large draolf.

With his wings carrying him, and with a little help from his innate abilities he got closer towards the other mutt in a short amount of time. It was then that Kaji just folded his wings in and arched his back in the air before he just dive bombed through the clouds and sky. Heading on a direct path straight down towards the other hybrid, he spotted his landing zone from high up and decided to get there as quickly as he could. The clouds parted around him, swirling around his form with their cool vapor as he zipped past.

Expecting nothing less than a grandiose entrance from the other wolfdragon, Sasuke backed up a few steps from where he had put the call out. Everything within ten miles of his house was his domain, so the descending god couldn’t do too much harm, but Sasuke didn’t feel like setting up precautions just in case; he was a lazy fatty at heart after all. He really hoped the falling mutt wouldn’t mess up the lawn, as those blades of grass had been all pruned to within a millimeter of one another. The wolfdragon only went to that length because of some contest or show or something; he honestly couldn’t remember why the film crew had been at his house a week prior, but he had liked sprucing the place up, and had maintained it nicely since just because of that.

Though Kaji was aware that the surrounding area; even the sky if Sasuke wanted to claim it was his domain, he didn’t know about the lawn. But he wasn’t planning on ruining it with any sort of flashy landing as he dropped down through the sky. He flared his wings and righted himself in the air with a quick flip before he stretched those large sails upwards and dropped at a slightly slower speed than what he was falling at. As the ground came closer towards him, the mutt began to beat his wings to slow his descent before he actually touched down on the grass softly. He had been gentle, though the blades were probably bent away from him at the moment due to the force of the winds he had generated.

There was a slight moment of silence as Kaji quirked a brow, and slowly tilted his head as he took in the sight of the svelte God before him. “Alright… Who are you? What did you do with Sasuke? And why in the world do you look exactly like him?” Sure, all visual clues pointed towards the other dragonwolf, but there was one major clue missing. Sasuke wasn’t thin. He was fat, tremendously so… Least to Kaji’s knowledge.

Sasuke smirked slightly at that landing for a moment, then at that comment. Surely the mutt was being facetious; it was plainly obvious who he was and the fact that a god could mistake it either meant something was wrong, or he was being facetious. “Oh bug off. It’s hard to do target practice when your arm is several units of measure bigger than the target it’s aiming at, so I just slim down for it. I just wanted your opinion on whether or not I should.” The wolfdragon looked a touch sheepish as he asked that, for who wouldn’t be when they were as powerful as he.

Sasuke never asked for help, or least when he was mobile and didn’t want to have to teleport or levitate food to his muzzle. He was doing his best to be humble and ask for an honest opinion, and it was hard work for him since he was so very used to just being either feared for his power, or respected for his wealth. That was how it had been for him since the first day he had set foot into this universe from his third one; some 1800 years ago. Of course Kaji didn’t know that, but it didn’t matter; the looks of apprehension, nervousness, and pained humility were plastered all over the wolfdragon face as he looked at the other mutt for an answer.

Kaji’s muzzle split into a wide grin as he gave a small shrug. “What? I couldn’t play dumb?” He shook his head for a moment, a light laugh flowing from him before he noticed that Sasuke wasn’t laughing along. When he looked up, he caught all of the facial clues on the other chimera’s face. “So, you’re asking me if you should stay fat? Or to stay svelte?” The god was trying to clarify on what the question actually is before he actually makes his decision.

“I’d prefer to answer smart Kaji on that one, but smartass Kaji will work for now I guess.” The wolfdragon paused, letting out a light chuckle to put the other mutt at ease. The last thing that Sasuke wanted was for his guest, of sorts, to feel uncomfortable at that point. It wouldn’t be right of Sasuke to ask the other for help if he was uneasy, so a calming laugh and some relaxing on his part would be necessary. “I am asking if you think it’s better for me to stick to my normal regiment of training while thin, or try and practice while I’m a hungry slob. Granted, it’s more just practice for the finer, useless things, but eh… Never know when you will need to be pinpoint accurate with a shot of water or fire at 1000 plus yards.”

The last bit was a joke, but Sasuke did mean it in a sense. He had needed that accuracy numerous times in his eons-long life, and it never hurt him any to make sure he still kept it. It was only fading away because he had neglected to maintain it for so long, but the wolfdragon missed being able to prank his fellow furs, and deities, so some refreshing was in order. He wasn’t sure how to refresh though, whether to maintain the body he had grown so used to or to revert to one that was combat-ready. It was a tough decision for the wolfdragon, so it was to the drawing board, and hence why Kaji was there.

The other god chuckled a bit when Sasuke did, and Kaji only nodded as he listened. “Well, if that’s your question. Then you should practice while fat.” He flashed a bright smile before he held up a finger to halt any questions as to why. “Here’s how I’m seeing it. In order to master the fast speeds, you have to master the slow first. Kinda like learning the speeds of a song when you’re playing it.” He held a hand out and a small little spark of fire formed in the center of his palm. “The same goes with powers, any kind really. You have to start slow,” The fire slowly grew bigger to the size of a softball. “In order to get fast.” In a small flash of light; the draolf was holding a fiery naginata in his hand before he made it vanish into the winds. “So essentially, if you want to get better to use your powers accurately while fat; ya gotta be fat to get that expertise. You’re a great marksman thin. But, you’re an even bigger powerhouse when you’re fat. So.” He claps his hands together with a chuckle before he smiles wide, “Why don’ ya just blimp back up and I can help ya!”

Sasuke had been following along, mimicking Kaji’s actions somewhat with a fire element in one paw, a water in the other, and a lighting one on his tail. Each one of them did a little dance, the Macarena specifically, before vanishing into thin air. “I get the speed bit, it’s dexterity that I am lacking in. I have a handle over everything that I want to do, I am just not as flexible and able to physically do it. I mean, every realm has rules, and though I can break them to a point, even I cannot break the rules of my own shell. I can’t make my arm fat pass right through my moobs without needing to phase some of it, and that’s wasted effort, ya know?” He made two little water figures in his paws as he spoke, having the waltz gracefully along his palms and just watching them as he spoke. He had no intention of stopping either, as it was quite pretty to watch them shimmer in the light which was projecting from his eyes down at them; a sort of spotlight to show them off better.

“I do agree with you on that last bit though. I think it is more figuring out how to better use my powers, and accuracy, in a more… Blunt way. Precision is fine while thin, but being fat… Kind of more like a rifle versus a shotgun in a sense.”

“So, when you’re like this. You’re more of a sniper rifle. And when you’re all massive, you’re more like an artillery cannon? I guess that works for ya.” Kaji chuckles a bit before he nods and adds on with a bright smirk, “Well, if you’re going to try and break rules. Find loopholes first. Easiest way.” Sasuke had figured it out from what Kaji had said, and from some of his lingering own thoughts. The draolf had helped, and Sasuke appreciated that help a lot more than he was letting on, so he decided the only way to really show it was to give the other mutt something in return.

“Thanks for the help, but… I may need help blimping up too. See… I am just a little too lazy to just inflate myself, and these pants would burst so fast it wouldn’t even be enjoyable…” Kaji shifts his feet a bit as he watches the two dancing figures of water before he glances back up at Sasuke as he explains his latest little issue. And he can’t help but laugh a little.

“So, you’re saying that you’re too lazy to get fat. … Damn, that’s a new one on me. ”He shakes his head a bit before he stuffs his hands in his pockets, “I’m willing to bet that you won’t want me to inflate you cause of the same reasons. So…” The draolf’s smile split into an even wider one as he let out another chuckle. “Just how do ya wanna do it? I’m sure there’s a ton of ways inside of that mansion of yours. Or do I get to play scientist and have my way with ya?”

“The guest gets what he wants. Within reason of course, I wouldn’t like to be a puppet or anything… But I won’t mind if you toy with me some.” Sasuke’s tone and sly smile gave away just how much more than a fattening he would be getting out of this. He knew from Kaji’s reaction, and their earlier interactions, that the draolf would relish the opportunity to do such things to him. Sasuke wanted to take his time with this gain, and getting that across to the eager mutt wouldn’t be too hard; Kaji was perceptive enough after all. “Let’s take this inside before we get going too much hmmm? Give you a chance to think.”

The draolf motioned with a hand as he chuckles, “Lead the way, tiny.” A bright grin on Kaji’s face as he jested softly. Already his mind was poking at ideas, trying to come up with something more creative on how to do things with Sasuke. Kaji knew the other had been around for a while, but then again; even if you’ve lived for a while, you haven’t found out everything there is to experience in the world.

That was certainly true for Sasuke, as he had found a fox just a week prior that did something with his tongue which was just… It was unlike anything the wolfdragon had experienced, that much was for sure. He led the way into the mansion, his strides at his thinner weight longer and more graceful as he walked. He knew Kaji would have no trouble whatsoever keeping up, being a svelte one to begin with. Kaji’s stride was also naturally bigger than Sasuke’s since the god was normally a macro that could crush said mansion with his big toe; dodging building as one walked meant one took very long steps. The thinner wolfdragon was grateful that wasn’t happening just then though, as it would have been quite the disaster to occur. It would also have totally ruined lunch for him, and Sasuke did love his meals…

Kaji, while he wasn’t macro at the time, didn’t really have the issue of trying to keep up with the other hybrid. In fact, he kept pace quite well as he was a quick one due to his natural elemental alignment. He followed Sasuke up to the steps of the large mansion, looking at it for a moment before starting to ascent them behind the other draolf. Once up the two flights of stairs, Sasuke put a paw on the door handle and pulled at it, stepping aside to allow his guest to go into the lavish entryway first. “After you.”

When the door was opened for him, the draolf nodded his head and walked inside of the other dragonwolf’s mansion. He closed his eyes as he walked in before he turned around and said, “Why is it that every God I know has a mansion? I can make due with a two thousand square foot house up in the sky. I know you get big, but really? It must get kind of boring.” That and there’re no door to door salesmen all the way up in the sky when your house is made of magic and clouds.

“I have a mansion for a few reasons, the biggest of which is that I don’t live alone. I have 7 other furs living with me, so I need to keep some sort of accommodations for them. The other big reason is that I do like the space and opulence that comes with such a huge house… Not to mention having a 2000 square foot kitchen can’t be done in any normal house without seeming a bit excessive.” He smiled at that little quip, stepping inside behind Kaji with ease as he wasn’t trying to squeeze himself through the naturally wide doors; they still weren’t wide enough after some outings. He didn’t need a mansion, nor did some parts of him even want one, but he did like all the perks, and having a two mile long driveway kept those door-to-door salesman away.

The other draolf let out a soft chuckle, “Seven other furs? Damn, I don’t think I could do that… I’d get too annoyed by a few things or something else.” He waves a hand to dismiss the idea before he quirks a brow, his brain having taken a moment to process that second comment. “Two thousand… square foot kitchen? Why….” He stopped himself from talking before he let out a soft laugh, “I’m guessing that you even run out of room in there, eh?”

“I like my fancy dinner parties… Besides, a full-sized meat locker takes up a lot of space.” Sasuke said as he stood behind Kaji for a moment, smiling to himself before stepping in front of the darker draolf and plodding towards the kitchen. He didn’t want to seem like he was taking charge too much, but it was his home after all, so it was only fair that he lead the way. That, and his tummy let out a low rumble as the scents of lunch hit his nose. He had eaten a rather large feast of mainly ham right before going out to do his training; working on an empty stomach and all that. He was starting to get hungry again though, so he wanted to make sure he and Kaji were in a place that he could eat before that hunger got too strong.

Kaji let out a soft ‘hmm’ as he puts a hand to his own stomach before he looks over at the now svelte twin. “I do think that you’re gettin’ a bit hungry there.” He slides up alongside Sasuke before he pats at that flat stomach with a chuckle. His ears perked up before he looks over at the other hybrid. “You remember that lil’ silly web video thing we did in the past? Remember all those followers we got from it?” A wry grin forms on his muzzle before he pokes Sasuke in the side. “What say we give that a bit of a reboot?”

To Sasuke, having his hunger mentioned only exasperated it, so his step quickened towards the kitchen as it got worse.  “Yes, I do remember that video. I think we could do another… Though last time it was a hell of a lot funnier than just watching me be a fatass.” Sasuke began to ponder how to spice up a video of him bloating up. There were plenty of ideas that came to mind almost immediately, but most of them got rejected instantly simply on the fact that they were all either bad, mature, or both; the hybrid was a perv after all. That didn’t stop him from thinking though, as he strode into the kitchen and sat his rather svelte arse down on a barstool.

Kaji’s ears perked up for a second before he snickers slightly. “Well, last time didn’t we just order a bunch of take out and you just ate the delivery men?” He tapped his chin for a second before he muttered, “Or was that Zero…” He shrugs a bit, dismissing the thought before he plops down on the barstool across the way from the other hybrid. A wry grin was on his muzzle; he was probably thinking some of the same thoughts that Sasuke was! Just like him though, they were cast aside for some of the same reasons.

“Everyone loves explosions right?”

“Explosions? I love explosions. Most everyone does too; have you seen how well some of those movies do?” Kaji rested his head on a hand after propping the elbow up on the counter, a brow slowly raising a bit before he let out a chuckle. “Don’t tell me…” He took another look around the area that they were in, and he let out a barking laugh before he glanced back at Sasuke. “You want to burst this place?”

Smirking as he nodded, the wolfdragon gestured down to his clothing and the room that the two were in. “Only starting with clothes and maybe this room…” He paused, seeming to be thinking about how to phrase the next bit. “See how into it we get before going for the whole house. It would make for a great video, though… You know how I feel about being that big.” The wolfdragon winked, then shuffled his position on the stool. His stomach let out another hungry growl, as all this talk of food wasn’t helping the glutton get any less starving; it was making it worse.

“Think it over for a minute before you say anything, I don’t want just a yes to this one. I also need to get something to eat…” He stood after that to give his suggestion some time to sink into the other draolf. He then meandered towards the massive refrigerator on the wall, just to get something to tide himself over. Sasuke knew it wouldn’t be a small something, but damn was he hungry. Coupled with knowing that it would take time to set up the video equipment, plus the fact that though getting the other to agree on an idea would be easy enough, to pull it off as wonderfully as last time… He would need his energy.

“You mean that we would be bursting your pants,” chuckled the draolf after a moment before turning on his barstool to watch Sasuke rummage through the fridge. He rubbed his chin for a moment before he smiled, “How about we add in one of my vests. So you at least have some explosions up top. Granted, I know it won’t last long with you.” He hopped up off of the seat and slid up behind the other mutt before he reached in from back there and snagged himself a can of soda.

Kaji went back to the stool with a soft hum as his tail flicked before he sat down to look around the room, and the rest of the house. “Could have several cameras in here… some in the living room.” He set the coke down before he looked around the room again and then charged his hands up with a small current. He slapped his hands together, sending that light pulse through the entire house as a three dimensional model of the house began to form on the counter in front of him. Kaji started to walk around it, putting little red dots on places where he thought cameras would be best. No doubt the clap and model would’ve caught Sasuke’s attention, and Kaji looked up at him with a smirk. “What do ya think? Need more cameras? Less?”

Still chuckling to himself as he thought of pants bursting and now ripping out of one of Kaji’s vests, Sasuke turned around and looked at Kaji’s model of the house with a light grin. It was fairly accurate, minus some of the more secretive parts of the house, but Kaji must not have found the security system already in place. This prompted Sasuke to walk over to the model and start placing green dots all over it, most in places Kaji had put red dots, but some places the other draolf had missed or that were barely relevant to the upcoming action. “All those are cameras I have already installed in here. You can’t have a house this big with no security system.” He winked, then went back over to the fridge to stare at it some more and figure out what to snack on that would tide him over.

The other draolf stuck his tongue out at Sasuke before he let out a soft chuckle, “I can’t know all what’s going on in this house. That’d be sticking my nose into something that’s not really my business.” He looked at the model once more before his eyes gained a soft emerald glow and the model shrunk, and then expanded outwards to cover a good mile radius of the surrounding environment. He began looking part over too, putting down a red dot here or there on it. “When yer done, mind showing me where the cameras are outside too?”

Sasuke’s tail swished about behind him as he looked, deciding on a couple slices of pizza and a soda, as he knew that getting much more would trigger his gluttonous half. If that happened, then there would be little to stop him from devouring everything in that fridge. He returned to sitting opposite Kaji with the food in paw, idly chewing away at that first slice of the thick pizza. “I wonder if I should wear my ever-stretchy speedo… Just to, ya know, keep me decent for that first part, before my gut can handle that task.” He was getting slightly aroused just thinking about it, but fighting himself to stay calm and collected as he chatted with Kaji.

Remembering Kaji’s request, Sasuke again added several green dots to the other draolf’s model, making sure to put one in every single spot that had a camera. Not missing a beat, he then switched over to adding a few cameras to the middle of the yard using red dots like Kaji had. He was placing cameras in such a way to not only gain the most advantageous angles, but to get a few dramatic shots as his belly rolled that way. He most definitely had a plan when it came to inflating himself to such a size, and it was something he took pride in, if not just because it was something he loved. Kaji let out a soft chuckle as he watched the dots appear on the model, nodding his approval before he even tapped a few spots in the sky; to get some overhead shots. Those may come in handy!

The tall draolf then snickered a bit, his own tail wolfishly swishing behind him before he nodded. “I do think that would work. Plus it’d give the views something to want to burst off. Not that they’d see it do such a thing. Probably get lost in your rolls somewhere past a few tonnes or more.” He casually cracked his knuckles before he let out a soft hum before he pointed over towards Sasuke and said, “I do think that you’re going to have more fun than I am. Though, if we do combine you getting bigger and my own brand of getting larger. We’d have a good show on our hands.”

Sasuke’s own tail swayed around in anticipation as he nodded to Kaji’s suggestion, his face flushing a little bit in embarrassment. “I was thinking the same thing… Though it would be pretty awesome if you burst through the top of the house as I burst through the sides.” Sasuke grinned at that thought, knowing just where to place Kaji to get that to happen. “You could wear a thong too, just enough to keep you decentish… Until you outgrow it of course. Mine would snap eventually too, since my ass does get big enough to break everything.” The former-fatty giggled to himself after saying that, thinking about just how fat he would need to get to snap his stretchiest piece of clothing, and how big Kaji would need to get to snap his.

The entire idea of the show taking shape in his head, Kaji couldn’t help but smile to himself as Sasuke spoke. At the mention of bursting out of the top of the house however, Kaji let out a soft purr as his grin slowly grew wider. “I swear, you and I think the same on so many of the same levels.” Though at the mention of a thong, the draolf looked down at his own crotch and let out a huff. “I don’t think I could fit into a thong. Besides, you know how much I like boxer briefs.” He gave Sasuke a smirk before he added, “But, just like your ass, I do get big enough to just forgo any kind of clothing. And that big enough should be /just/ enough for you.” His tail wagged behind him before he looked around the house and then back at the model. His eyes flashing emerald once more as those red dots became actual cameras, though inactive until a command from one of the mutts. “Now then, Sasuke. Where shall we do our little intro?”

Sasuke’s eyes flashed as well, ideas churning through his head as he added just a couple more cameras on the grass to give horror shots, and a couple on the walls that would get sent flying. The wolfdragon loved his action, and running a camera over with fat or sending it flying would do just that. “I do know how you like your boxer briefs, so we can do that… Try and wear some flashy ones though, since you are so popular with yourself.” The wolfdragon chuckled, making sure to stay just out of reach of Kaji so that he couldn’t get hit for the snide remark. Sasuke knew that Kaji was an exhibitionist, but then again so was Sasuke, so he was just as much poking fun at himself as he was the other draolf.

The draolf quirked a brow at the remark, and he just snickered a bit before he held a hand out, the air crystallizing in his hand before he hurled a snowball at Sasuke. “Hey, I may be an exhibitionist, but I’m not /that/ narcissistic.” The thought of the two of them getting bigger than clothing had derailed Sasuke’s train of thought for a moment, as he just became distracted by his wandering, dirty mind. It would’ve taken a moment or two for it to get back on track, but that little snowball sent him right back to reality in a jiffy. The wolfdragon looked over Kaji with a big smirk as he brushed a little bit of the wet snow onto the floor, knowing he deserved that snowball. He had regained his composure thanks to it though, and thought for just a moment. “Here, with you panicking over how much I am eating or something… Make it a bit like a campy horror movie.”

Kaji shook his head for a second before he hmed a bit to himself, glancing over at the fridge before he dismisses the model on the counter with a half-hearted wave of his hand. “Campy horror style? I dunno if I could do that.” He knew Sasuke liked it too much to get fed, and he just let out a soft purr before he smirked. “We’re missing a few things though before you get into all that. Yer still shirtless.” He pointed a finger towards the thinner draolf before he walked over and chuckled. “And I’ve an idea.”

A small rod of flame formed in his hands before he snapped it like one would billow out a sheet to fold it and with a flourish of fire, he had a vest in his hands. “How about this for ya?” The vest was made of leather, with the sidings comprised of breathable cotton. Crisscrossing the front and back were chains and strips of cloth that mimicked his pants that he was wearing. “Figured I might make it a full ensemble. And besides, leather provides some fight back.”

Sasuke took the vest, adding ample slits for his wings to the back of it before sliding it on, adjusting it a couple times before loosening it up on his frame some. “Not bad, I could get used to it… And it totally matches too.” The wolfdragon liked baggy clothes, and he now had that vest barely hanging onto his frame as he munched thoughtfully on his second piece of pizza. He seemed to be pondering something for a moment, then gave his hip a pat and changed his pants to leather as well, just to make that ‘resistance’ thing Kaji had noted apply to all his clothing. Sasuke even changed his speedo to a spandex-polymer, just to make sure that it would stretch all the more before bursting off, providing ample resistance along the way.

“So you don’t want to do a campy horror movie hmmm? Well, I am sure that we can think of something… Though, I don’t see you coming up with ideas.” Sasuke finished off his pizza, wiping the rest of the wet snow off him finally as his other paw was finally freed up to do so. His tail swished as he thought, his mind still lingering on naughty thoughts which filled it. What he had proposed would be hard to pull off without getting rather mature very quickly, which he assumed the other draolf knew. Sasuke continued to think on it though, as he was almost determined to come up with how to cancel out the horniness building in his groin, at least for a time.

Kaji just smirked a bit before he headed over towards the fridge, “I think that I have an idea to be honest.” He grinned softly before he reached into the cool machine and pulled out a slice of pizza; his eyes shimmering softly as he purred, and the food shifted into a golf ball. “How well can you catch, hm?” He tossed that ball up and down before he drew his arm back and snapped it forward. The snap launched the ball towards the other dragonwolf at a good fastball speed.

A way to keep the play somewhat fun before Sasuke got too big to really catch anymore was to keep the other one mobile. Keeping his thoughts off of the temptations of his groin as he had to work to get the food in order to expand that waistline to what he once had. Even if he missed the first ball, Kaji had several of the orbs of pizza floating around him as they volleyed off towards the mutt at varying degrees of velocity. “How fast can you be on your feet? At least, for now anyways.”

Sasuke smirked slightly, his frame seeming to shift out of phase for just a moment. When it returned to normal less than a second later, each orb of pizza which had been floating around was gone, the only indication of where they’d gone were the wolfdragon’s bulging cheeks. He grinned through that bulge, swallowing down the mass of pizza with a heavy gulp before looking at Kaji with a shrug. “I can move that fast… But I think I’ll keep it interesting.” Another grin flashed on his muzzle as he gave the other draolf a nod, indicating how ready he was for another volley of food to start. He did want the practice for it, so another volley should help.

Kaji quirked a brow slightly as the other draolf seemed to just phase out of time for a second before he let out a laugh himself. “I tend to forget that at times. But hey, I can’t know everything.” He looked back in the fridge, hmming to himself before he glanced back with his shimmering eyes. Sasuke wasn’t thinking as much about the arousal all the experience was going to give him, so Kaji’s plan was working to a degree. The thinner draolf still did keep it in the back of his mind though, as this was his ultimate turn on, before anything else. Trying to take all that excitement from him would be a lot harder than a simple game of catch, so when he thought of it for a moment, he came up with a way to make it even more distracting. “You can duplicate yourself, right?”

He flared a wing to block the view of the door before his body just gained an ethereal glow around his frame. As if they were calmly walking inside from a sunny day, several duplicates of the draolf began to walk and take spots around the room. Some were even going as far as to stand in the adjacent room. The only discernible marking that would allow Sasuke to tell them apart was the fact that the scar over Kaji’s eye was contorted to take the shape of Greek symbols, going from Beta and on up. The main one just smiled, “Does this answer your question?” His arm snapped forward, and three out of the five duplicates mimicked his move; volleying various foodstuffs from Sasuke’s fridge at the other wolf dragon.

Sasuke smirked to himself as he watched the other glow, and then the spawning of the multiple black draolves around him. Nodding to each of the five new ones, he made a mental note of their differences before they started hurling food. He did his phasing trick, making sure to catch every single volley of food without missing a beat. He even went so far as to snatch the food before it has been thrown, phasing back in only once he was done and letting out a light belch. His belly had grown slightly from the eating all that, and he patted it proudly as he looked over the other draolves with a growing grin.

“I would looove this, but a few more me’s to go along…” A couple more versions of Sasuke appeared, each smirking like the original and each holding the exact same amount of weight. As soon as they appeared however, they merged back with their host, who gained the weight of the food in both of the clones. He let out a loud belch as that happened, patting his larger belly with the same gluttonous look he got at his favorite times. It wasn’t going to be long before he was unstoppable, and while that clone idea had been more of a joke at the time, the more he thought of it… Two more of him appeared again, this time ready and eager to be played with by the five Kajis.

The several Kajis looked at each other as Sasuke formed his own clones, and then reabsorbed them to somewhat cheat at their game; eliciting an echoing chuckle from all the camo-clad hybrids. The real one took a step forward, quirking a brow as he said, “Hey now, no finding loop holes.” He snickers a bit before his body, and all its copies, were illuminated once more as they brought their arms back. “Let’s see how you handle this one.” The Kajis then arced their arms forward, food volleying through the air towards the heavier set dragonwolves. The light from the thinner draolves split off and formed several more clones that already had food in hand! It became a never-ending volley of various foods from the mutts that seemed to come from every direction around Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked lightly, holding up a sole paw and simply stopping each and every incoming piece of food around him. Not a single piece touched another, and they all stayed in the air perfectly still once they had found a home in the wall of food around the wolfdragon. He wanted to wait for the other to finish the display before speaking, but seeing as he didn’t know on how long Kaji planned on doing this, he decided against that fairly quickly. “The cameras aren’t rolling ya know? If you’re gonna do this, we may want to set up our little movie first hmmm?” Sasuke chuckled, then cast all the food onto their own plates, each platter of food slowly getting larger as the wolfdragon redirected all the incoming edible goodies to the plates which they belonged.

He kept that show up with a sole paw raised for as long as Kaji wanted to play like that. It was no effort, and he wasn’t phasing in and out constantly like before; he was simply a statue with slightly glowing eyes that seemed to be surrounded in a whirlwind of food. It took immense self control not to just start eating all the tasty treats around him, but Sasuke wanted to put on a good show. With Kaji there, no good show could come from what was going on… Yet. Maybe after Sasuke had put on a few hundred pounds… And been stripped of his clothing… And had a macro atop him…

Kaji looked up at the nearest camera and hmm’d, “Thought I turned those on.” He lifted a hand up as the volley of food slowly came to a stop, and the other mongrels looked towards their main conduit. Kaji looked at Sasuke with a chuckle before his eyes started to glow as well, adding the events to the digital recording within the cameras that saw them, “Nothing like a little time and space manipulation to fix lost events, right?” Kaji snickered to himself at that, Sasuke just smirked a bit as he had a snide remark, but decided biting his tongue would be best.

Satisfied now that the cameras were catching everything, Kaji then surveyed the plates of food with a soft whistle. “Very nice, /very/ nice.” He reached into the fridge one last time and tossed a few éclairs into the whirlwind of food before they too settled down onto plates around the widened dragonwolf. “Now, I know that you’re getting more and more voracious obviously. So…” His emerald eyes flicked up towards the nearest camera as a little red light flicked on, “Shall we get this show on the road then?”

“Show off,” Sasuke smirked to himself as he sauntered over to the table, his tail flicking about back and forth behind his plush rear. He was still an utter shadow of his former self, barely over 400 pounds. At ten feet tall, that was fairly well distributed weight as well, giving him the inkling of a true gut and a pronounced set of thighs, as well as a rather gropable backside. This was nothing compared to what he was though, nor what he was going to become as he reached the table and set about deciding what he was going to begin his feast with. There was quite the spread thanks to Kaji’s antics, so deciding wasn’t going to be easy. He would do it though, as all rampages start somewhere.

“I guess we should get started eh? Can’t keep the internet waiting.” The wolfdragon’s eyes glowed for a moment, ensuring that the pair was livestreaming the events as well as sending out notification emails to their previous fans. The wolfdragon was nothing if not considerate; and he did enjoy having an audience to his gluttony deep down. Once he finished notifying and setting up that audience, which took barely an instant, he set a paw on a rather large bacon burger. It seemed a fitting way to start the feast, as it was one of his favorite foods. He picked it up with both paws, looking at the bits of meat and bread being dwarfed by his massive paw, and took a large bite. With that, his mind went blank and his ravenous inner glutton took full control of the God’s body.

The dragonwolf not eating turned towards the camera, bowing down towards his ‘audience’ before he chuckled. “Welcome back, boys and girls. New and old. I’m sure some of you have missed us.” Kaji spared a glance back at the other wolfdragon before he looked back at the camera, “As you can see, Sasuke is having a bit of fun enjoying his meal.” He held out a hand, illuminating it with emerald flame before he held up his phone in said hand; which was streaming the chat to him right now. “First vote of the stream. What shall I do to his food as he’s eating it?”

The chat was filled with numerous suggestions, and after the short time it took them to announce all of their choices; they all started to suggest others. Soon it came down to a few really outspoken ones before Kaji let out a laugh. “I can do that.” He looked back over at the draolf, his eyes flashing emerald as the food gained that glow for a split second before he looked back at one of the cameras pointing at him. “One done.” A slowed down metabolism would definitely help the growing mutt get bigger quicker, it shows what the audience wants to see.

Out of the table in front of Sasuke, a camera formed; adding another view for the audience to watch that mutt devour all of the food in front of him. Surely his claws would come close to colliding with the camera before it sank down into the table; only the lense able to be seen. Kaji glanced back up at the audience, “And for those of you who know me? I’ll be doing choices two and three myself. I do know how some of you love to watch me grow and get bigger.” A wry grin flowed over his muzzle before he let out a soft rumble that shook the desks of a majority of the viewers with its bass.

Sasuke’s metabolism had all but ground to a halt as he started eating, just as was the norm for him. His body was essentially designed to do little more than store fat once his gluttony really began, and since he was digging holes into the table with his over-eager claws, it was safe to say that it had started. He barely even heard the suggestions coming in that the other draolf was fielding, so focused on eating he was. It was as if the whole world was comprised of the food in his paws, and the feeling of it sliding down into his cavernous paunch. It was a world that the wolfdragon loved though, so with reckless abandon he kept shoving bite after bite into his rather messy muzzle.

The speedy consumption, coupled with Kaji’s work on his food and Sasuke’s own dead metabolism, was already showing rather astonishing effects. His rear had nearly tripled in width, and sagged low on his thighs now that it could no longer support itself. His thighs, and stance in general, had widened and somewhat splayed so that his gut could sag between the two tree-trunks. It shook and quaked as it hung there, the great belly of the wolfdragon only getting larger and larger as more food was stuffed into it. It had begun to push its owner away from the table, but Sasuke didn’t mind that just yet; he was too lost in the sensation of eating to even care. And so he ate on, just shoveling food towards his wobbling jowls with his quaking arms and pounding it into his gluttonous muzzle.

As the other dragonwolf kept on his glutton fueled escapade, Kaji made his way around the kitchen; ordering his clones to continue bringing food to Sasuke as the svelte mutt grinned wide. He rested a hand on top of the fattening hybrid’s rump, feeling his hand getting pushed back at the same time that it was sinking into that soft bulk. He flashed a grin up at the camera hanging nearest to him and he absorbed two of the clones closest to him. A soft jade aura formed around him as he grew in height, his clothes groaning from the task of keeping a growing draolf clothed. As several feet were added onto his frame, his shorts burst from his legs.

It was also readily apparent as to the other growing reason as to why the shorts exploded off of Kaji as his bulge was growing at nearly the same pace as his height! Though at a much more compact pace as the mutt seemed to just get closer to Sasuke, holding his phone in one hand as he grinned. “Should I?” He looked down at the gluttonous mutt before he read the screen on his phone once more. The overwhelming answer glaring him in the face before he took another step forward and rested his still growing bulge on top of Sasuke’s head; effectively teabagging the gorging draolf.

Somehow, over the scent of food and his own gluttony, Sasuke recognized the scent of arousal, both his own and the large package of Kaji resting above his head. He didn’t stop eating as he came to this realization, and rather sped up his gorging yet again to a pace that was frightening quick. His paws were a blur, he barely even chewed food before it plunked down into the black hole of a gut he possessed. He was groaning slightly between bites, but thankfully it was barely audible and the reason for it was hidden beneath many layers of newly formed flab. He didn’t want the stream to turn adult just yet, but as he felt Kaji’s package brushing his head and the warmth of horniness that was rushing through it, he knew it was just a matter of time.

His pants agreed, as they finally gave up the ghost and burst from his frame, making his whole body quake heavily and settle out almost a full foot more than it had been. That sudden jolt illicted a massive belch from Sasuke’s muzzle, which nearly made him choke as he wasn’t quite ready for it. He caught himself though, patting his chest and upper belly proudly before continuing to gorge. He was having a harder time reaching the table at this point, as his several-foot-wide waistline had pushed him further from the table than his lard-laden arms could stretch. He could still levitate food over, but without some direct intervention soon, he was going to either have to lay on his stomach, or get fed by the many thin clones surrounding him.

The draolf let out a soft chuckle, looking down at Sasuke’s growing predicament; which made him pause in thought for a second before he grinned wide. Kaji took a step backwards before he bumped the fattening draolf forward with his hips to roll the blubber ball onto his gut before he looked around at the clones. “Alright, boys. Make sure that this lovely little draolf doesn’t run out of food.” The clones gave a mock salute with a wry grin before they started up their conveyor system. Each of them bringing different amounts of food that shouldn’t be able to come from the fridge itself!

Sasuke grunted with the bump, rolling onto his gut rather unceremoniously as he sloshed about. He let out a mighty belch as he settled atop his mass, pawing at it somewhat but still gripped in his gluttonous need to eat all that he could. He reached for the food that the clones now had, stuffing it into his engorged muzzle with little abandon. He almost forgot he was being filmed at that point, barely even registering Kaji and his antics; food was far more important to him. It was hard to feed himself, but he was still going as strong as his massive arms could. It was only going to be a matter of time before his arms got too round to bend, and too much fat from his chins and chest got in the way to let them reach his mouth. It wasn’t right then though, so he just kept on going, with more and more flab smooshing in between his arms and his muzzle.

The main Kaji on the other hand stretched his arms above his head, glancing down at the phone as it floated in front of his face. He let out a light chuckle before he winked up at one of the cameras. “If any of you, and believe me, I’ll know, are under the age of eighteen. Leave the room. Now. Or be perma-banned.” He paused for a second, waiting for the viewer count to go down just a bit. When it didn’t, he smirked a bit before he looked back at the camera. “Some of you are lying.” His eyes flashed emerald before the viewer count dropped insignificantly and he looked back down at the draolf beneath him. “Now we can get to the fun part.”

Sasuke heard Kaji’s intentions to make the stream adult only, and chuckled inwardly while shoving a whole chicken down his muzzle. He knew what would be coming up soon, and stole a glance at the other draolf, who was clad in so little he might as well be nude. It was enough to make the wolfdragon get somewhat aroused, but he was already more ‘attentive’ than he wanted to admit thanks to his unrelenting gluttony. The feeling of gaining pound after pound, stuffing more and more into his tightening gut… It was enough to set him off, but he saved himself for the fun he was going to have with Kaji. Sasuke had no intention of going off early, and as such he made sure to slow his eating just a touch; he didn’t want to hit that feeling of bursting, and thusly ‘burst’, too early.

Kaji let out a soft chuckle as he looked down at the fattening draolf beneath him; meeting his glance with his own before the taller mutt patted his bulge. The seams on that taut fabric let out a few warning creaks before the deity flexed and the cloth just exploded off of his waist in a flurry of pieces. Freed, his endowment was now laying across Sasuke’s back, leaking slightly as it rested against the rolls of fat that encompassed his neck and back. His sac, now free from its confinement, rested heavily upon the wide base of the fat hybrid’s tail.

The god let out a soft rumble of enjoyment as the chat room seemed to stop before it exploded with activity once more and he chuckled a bit. “Looks like they’re enjoying themselves in the room.” He patted down at Sasuke’s rump for a moment, then looking over at the clones; he ordered them to continue bringing food until the beached draolf beneath him was ready to get something else than what came from the fridge. Until then, Kaji just kept his hips in a slight rocking motion; letting Sasuke feel the sheer weight of his junk atop his ass and back.

“Let’s give them a show them hmmm?” Sasuke murmured to himself, barely even taking the time to pause his gluttonous rampage as he did. He simply kept right on eating, even with a massive, bare cock running along his back and accompanying balls on his rear. He didn’t seem to care one bit about it, though the scent of his musk which was lost on the cameras said otherwise. He was definitely noticing Kaji on his back, and the leaking, and the balls against the car-sized rear he now possessed… He was trying his utmost to contain himself and not just start moaning and demanding things like he did when he was put in such an aroused state. It was work for the hybrid, but he managed, for the time being at least.

His progress was astounding now that he had really no other physical expenditure other than occasionally shoving food into his muzzle faster than the draolf army feeding him could do it themselves. This was rarely the case though, so Sasuke simply lay on his ever-expanding, never-full gut and just grew and grew. Rolls multiplied and thickened, his rear rose higher and higher into the air and became more of a pair of moons with every second. His belly spread out wider and wider, to the point that he could feel the other’s legs entirely as his fat pressed against them. It was a massive amount of growth, and he was beginning to become a touch nervous with all of it since the ceiling was getting dangerously close to brushing his backfat; and it was a 20’ high ceiling. It was inevitable though, so the fear quickly ebbed back into pleasure and gluttony, both of which Sasuke was currently reveling in.

The draolf let out a soft laugh as he listened to Sasuke. His own tail wagging as his head bumped up against the ceiling of the room, his torso having been bent over on Sasuke’s back to lounge on the fat-encased beast. Het let out a soft grunt before he purred softly, “Oh, now I know what I need to do.” A bright chuckle flowed from his throat as he looked down at his phone, keeping an eye on the chatroom and the rampage of suggestions and comments that were coming in a rush of lust and excitement. “Calm down, guys. I’ll be sure to give you all the best view of the house.” He gave the camera a wink before their view changed to a different room in the house.

Kaji leaned down further and purred into Sasuke’s ear, his glowing eyes regarding his clones as they stopped their conveyor belt feeding of the massive hybrid.”Alright, big boy. Let’s show ’em the goods, hm?” He looked over at his clones as their bodies started to glow that familiar emerald sheen. Soft groans of pleasure coming from them before they vanished in small puffs of jade flame, absorbing themselves into the main draolf’s body. Kaji himself, let out a moan of pleasure as his body shook and then surged in height. His head bumping harder against the ceiling before his shoulders were pressed against it as he leaned more on the massive sac of fat beneath him. His wings soon after were flattened against the ceiling as he grew taller and taller. His endowments were pushing down against Sasuke as his body cushioned and pushed up against his sac and cock.

The massively obese draolf below rolled his eyes at the exhibitionist’s words and actions. Such a need to show off and whatnot, not to mention cheating by using his clones… Sasuke started to ponder how he could use clones to his advantage, but stopped a better idea and simply began to multiply the food in his stomach at a rather rapid rate. If Kaji could cheat with his powers, then so could Sasuke. His engorged, taut stomach groaned and rumbled as it started to grow at an alarming pace, making the other draolf’s stance splay somewhat from the sheer pressure pushing at his legs. Sasuke groaned at that pressure, quite content to just feel himself expand like a blob throughout his kitchen as the walls of the massive room began to complain about holding him in.

Soon Kaji’s cockhead was pressing against the back of the fattening mutt’s head and starting to push harder against it. It wanted to extend more as pre oozed down around Sasuke’s neck, leading towards his maw thanks to the small cauldron of rolls that had formed around the blob’s head. The ceiling started to crumble as the draolf pressed harder against it. Flexing his legs as he started to stand upright, he let out a louder grunt before he stood up; crashing upwards through the ceiling as he flared his wings and stretched his arms to cause the most damage that he could to that floor!

Immobilized and content, the wolfdragon sat in his own bulk and was just starting to slow his growth when the ceiling’s complaints and shattering jarred him back to reality. Sasuke, barely able to move courtesy of being trapped between the other’s mammoth legs and beneath his hyper junk (and his own massive girth for that matter), had plenty of debris rained down on him that made him grunt and even wince once or twice as a rather large piece of roof came and smacked him on the head. He was going to have a word with that show off later, but for now… There was a cock near his muzzle demanding attention, and he figured the best way to get Kaji back was to immediately set to work on it. The thing was at the back of his head though, so a quick flip of his entire body, innards, skeleton, and outside appearance was needed to spin around the required 180 degrees; rolling over at his size just wasn’t going to happen. He did just that too in an instant, barely skipping a beat as his head spun halfway around before licking and suckling at the massive cockhead before him with an experienced muzzle. He went as far as to expand his muzzle and unhinge his jaw so that he could get some of that length into his maw, teasing it more with his tongue and very lightly using his teeth to just barely scrape the flesh.

Kaji’s maw split open with a moan when he felt the other draolf’s attendance to the head of his shaft, causing him to flex his feet against the ground. With his splayed stance due to the swelling bulk of the draolf below him, the deity was forced to lean down onto Sasuke to keep himself from falling down onto the blob of a mutt that was growing between his legs. With a glance downwards through the hole in the ceiling that he had created, he could only chuckle softly as he watched the progress of the fattening accelerate due to the other feasting on the pre that Kaji was producing.

Sasuke swallowed down every gulp of pre he could get, hoping to add more to his bulk as he rubbed at his stomach with what little movement he still had left in his paws. His legs tried the same, but they were so buried beneath the fat of Sasuke’s thighs and ass that there was little hope of ever finding the two appendages, let alone moving them. His arms were fast getting the same treatment, as he could only see just portions of his forearms. Even turning his head to see them was becoming a chore, which wasn’t something Sasuke was ready for just yet. That in mind, he kept attending to the cock in his gaping maw, but started to make his own height grow just enough so that he had at least a small amount of movement in his head and arms, as well as his bloated tail.

A soft emerald glow started to cover Kaji’s form before he let out a soft rumble, enough to cause the windows to vibrate as well as a few knick knacks to fall onto the ground around the two. His maw split into a wry grin before he bucked forward; aiming to wedge his shaft a bit into Sasuke’s maw before he said, “I think we may need to get this little whale onto the open range.” His grin grew wider as he looked down at Sasuke. “Which means, it’s time to cheat. Show me just how bad you can be.”

Sasuke was so impossibly fat by now that his cheeks rubbed along Kaji’s length just as much as his muzzle teased its head. He could still see and turn his head slightly, as well as move his arms a few degrees in either direction, but he still needed to be taller and wider in bone structure in order to move anything with any efficiency. Kaji didn’t seem to want that though, and frankly neither did Sasuke; he just wasn’t sure if he was ready to be entirely ‘defenseless’ just yet. But when Kaji’s proposition reached his ears, he grinned inwardly and accepted that fate. He was going to be one hell of a blob once he was done, and his house was going to be the first casualty of that.

Sasuke’s form didn’t glow, but it did jolt as he turned on his digestive system. It set to work immediately, digesting one hundred percent of the food in it and turning each and every ounce of it into the maximum amount of fat it could. This included the copious amounts of pre Sasuke had managed to milk from the cock firmly wedged into his muzzle. Kaji’s seed was always hyper-fattening, and thusly made Sasuke explode out with fat in an instant. He could feel the pressure against the walls and Kaji’s legs get exponentially harder almost instantly, and just as fast the walls around him gave way. He was worried about the house caving in from that, but it held for the moment. He was spreading out at an astonishing pace though, so it would just be a matter of time as he milked Kaji for more seed and continued to grow.

The taller draolf let out a soft growl as he shifted his legs, resting himself on top of Sasuke’s growing gut as Kaji just pushed forward again; wedging the head of his shaft further within the fattening mutt’s maw. A wide grin spread over his maw as Kaji let out a low rumble, leaning forward as head neared what little remained of the surrounding roof. That closeness to the structure made the hole around him even more apparent as the walls around the blob of a draolf started to bow outwards and groan loudly, shaking some hanging debris that Kaji had left free. Kaji’s eyes started to flick around at the joints of the walls and he shivers slightly; grinding down against the widening mutt as what remaining bits of the roof the macro draolf’s wings can reach explode upwards with a flare of said wings and an arch of his back.

A roar flowed out of his maw as he pushed his body upwards, already getting closer; if not over, the hundreds in feet on his height. Beneath him, attending to that thickening shaft; Sasuke would be getting a larger dose of Kaji’s pre. A thickening liquid that would be adding more and more tonnage to his frame as the draolf above him let out a soft pleasurable rumble as his head rose up further still over the roof; watching the bottom bow outwards before it exploded from the flabalanche that Sasuke was becoming.

With the internal walls of the house all completely destroyed thanks to Sasuke’s flab, as well as the floors, it was just the sheer amount of pressure from the mammoth wolfdragon’s gut that was keeping the house intact. Even that was starting to be too much pressure for the structure though. His gut was shattering windows on the front side of the building, and he had  long ago blown out the entire backside of the house with, well, his backside. Kaji’s grinding and newfound arousal, which meant more liquid for Sasuke, meant more surges in fat for the lardball of wolfdragon as well. The front walls of the house were going to get more pressure, and in turn the blissfully ignorant hybrid was about to be covered in debris from his home.

It didn’t take long, probably about 20 more gulps, before a deafening crack was heard and the entire house gave way. It tumbled all around the massive wolfdragon, bowing out as his fat, finally free of its incredibly tight confines, surged outward and pushed chunks of the former home several yards out into the lawn. A few of the closer cameras were taken out by pieces of wall and ceiling, and the even closer ones were buried in the deluge of wolfdragon blubber that poured from the demolished structure. It was a massive surge, and it couldn’t have felt better to Sasuke. He let out a loud groan of blissful pleasure as it happened, his rock-hard cock buried somewhere deep in his sea of fat spewing copious amounts of pre just from the feeling of truly be able to expand now. His ‘height, which was to say the amount his fat was raising him off the ground, had diminished with the freeing of him from the house, but his circumference had grown to a point that Kaji would have to nearly be standing on him to have any hope of reaching that mouth at this point.

Kaji had found a new perch atop of the fattening dragonwolf; his knees sinking in untold depths into that fat as his shaft had started to sink into that flab as well, his balls had since then been encompassed in the soft flesh as liquid just seemed to flow freely. The deity had been panting for a good long while; his phone forgotten as it vanished in a puff of flame, and he looked down at Sasuke with glowing eyes. “Now that we’re free of that house. I do feel that it’s time for the real fun.” He winked a bit before he swayed from side to side playfully, snickering to himself before he started to get taller in large amounts.

Within seconds, he was able to rest his knees on the ground and still have space between his thighs and Sasuke’s growing bulk. Though this meant that the lardball was nearly smothered underneath the growing macro’s endowments, Kaji didn’t let his friend get crushed as he was holding his shaft up off of the ground; grinning himself as he lightly stroked. “I’ll let you choose how we’re going to cover the countryside. Either with you face down, or face up.” The titan let out a soft rumble, shaking the ground as he peered down at the other mutt; having to push his cock out of the way just to get a glimpse of him.

Sasuke frowned as the other grew several times his size and then proposed that question. The wolfdragon had never agreed to be the other’s bitch, and now he was being made into one? He could hear his arousal fall he was so turned off by that proposition; all the lust and joy of gaining gone from being overshadowed so utterly by the overeager mutt. The wolfdragon was unable to say anything to the other thanks to the massive cock in his muzzle, but there was a solution to that. Sasuke removed the other’s length from his maw, having to regurgitate it slowly as his arms were still by and large useless. It took a few tries to get that immense length out, but he did it, shoved it aside rather roughly so that it was nowhere near him, and then settled his head into his own immense bulk in annoyed silence.

The silence from the other mutt was the first thing that told Kaji that something was wrong, and that he did something that he shouldn’t have. Not with this friend. His ears lowered against his head, his tail slowly just resting flat against the ground as he let out a light laugh. “Heh… Sorry about that…” He gulped a bit, swallowing down his own pride and ego probably before he relaxed down onto the ground; shifting himself to let his now flaccid junk press out to the side as his height went back down to where it had been before the surge in it. Realizing you did something wrong, easiest way to lose the arousal you had, and Kaji had just realized his erroneous ways.

Sasuke’s house lay in ruins around him, his body bare and for the world to see, and he was mostly content with that fact. Granted, some of the debris around him was a little uncomfortable as it dug into his body and his friend has just been a touch too overzealous. Overall though, Sasuke was quite content to relax in his massive self and take a nap right then; the day’s events had worn him out quite thoroughly. He was still biting his tongue when it came to saying anything to Kaji, but that was probably for the best, as he didn’t want to upset the bigger deity as well. That little laugh though… There would be payback, not right away, but there would be. Instead of dwelling on that though, Sasuke just nestled deeper into his own blubbersome bod, which wasn’t much more thanks to how massive he was. It was still enough for him though, as his paws and feet began to rub at what tiny amounts of his vast surface they could reach in order to massage and take care of that neglected expanse.

Kaji pressed his hands against Sasuke’s gut, helping him tend to that massive waistland of fat before his paws starts to move in rather large circles. Pressing against his hips as well as his thighs, Kaji’s paws slid under rolls to lightly wiggle his fingers. There was a moment or two of silence from the towering draolf before he looked down at Sasuke, tilting his head a bit before he quirked a brow. ‘I am sorry, ya know.’ Kaji’s voice floated around the outskirts of Sasuke’s mind. ‘Got too into it, and all that jazz.’

It took a moment for Sasuke to respond, as he was a little surprised by such a sudden apology. The belly rubbing and massage to the rest of him from those massive paws on the other wasn’t helping him think clearly either, and that was most of the delay. Granted, he knew Kaji was a total softie at heart, but it still never sat well with Sasuke when he was turned into a bitch; especially unwillingly. ’I figured, no harm no foul,’ his own mental voice said in its usual tone with a hint of annoyance thrown in. Sasuke wasn’t truly mad, though he was still a touch perturbed by the whole thing as he settled more into his bulk and just rumbled deeply with contentment at the grand massage along his frame. Once Sasuke did that, any leftover annoyance faded quickly though thanks in no small part to that massage, which was getting his lard-ridden frame moving in every direction. It was enough to get him somewhat excited all over again, with some of the residual arousal from before still in his system in spite of himself.

Deep rumbles turned to moans the more touching the fat wolfdragon’s frame got, as he sloshed and rolled about like putty in the macro’s paws. Sasuke hadn’t wanted to stop growing just yet, so as he just relaxed in his own bulk and was attended to, he turned on the ‘tap’ of fat within his own frame. This essentially involved doubling, then redoubling the quantities of undigested food left in his gut in his gut to make even more calories for his body to absorb. It was quite the little process his body factory had going on. It sent gurgling, wobbling shockwaves throughout his oceanic frame over the miles of surface area he had. He didn’t mind that though, save for an unsettled belch or two; he was growing again, and his gluttonous, ever-greedy mind couldn’t be more thrilled at that notion.

The taller macro draolf let out a low rumble, leaning forward as his hands flowed and kneaded up towards Sasuke’s chest; flattening his torso against the lardball. Kaji’s low bass of a rumble started to vibrate his friend’s form as his hands slipped down to knead at his sides. Submerging his hands, Kaji went deep within that fat to really get in there and knead at Sasuke’s bulk. He shifted his legs a bit as he felt his endowments wedge themselves against the overhang of that massive gut. This was an accomplishment of its own thanks to the untold tons of fat that comprised that gut, and the ever-growing size of the thing to boot. It got under there though, as it started to thicken back up and push on into that heavy cavern of an undergut.

Kaji pushed his muzzle up against the chins surrounding Sasuke’ swollen face to give a soft lick, which in turn seemed to encompass most of his chins and a bit of his face before he let out a chuckle. “Always a way to give you an apology: belly rubs and kneads.” A heavy bass of a purr rolled out of him once more as he felt himself getting lifted up slightly by the expansion of Sasuke’s form, though it only served to smother his shaft even more under all that flab and bulk. Which also served to excite Kaji even more, and the tall, svelte hybrid didn’t mind that one bit.

On and on Sasuke grew, his entire frame expanding down and out beneath the vibrating, massaging draolf above him. It was quite the sensation, sending him right back into his blissful mindset almost immediately. He really began to get into growing beneath the other, as well as just bloating out and being massaged and all those wondrous things. It was quite the sight, and a small portion of his brain wondered if any of the cameras were getting it as he pushed more and more against the macro above him. His belly grew more and more over that length of the mutt’s, Sasuke’s own length stiffening almost at the same rate he was gaining tonnage. Deep moans of pleasure accentuated the entire experience as the wolfdragon began to more resemble a blob than a fur. He didn’t mind this though, and in fact reveled in the feeling.

Sadly, most of the cameras that the two have put onto the lawn, the building, and even the surrounding area have mostly been overrun by the Sasuke’s bulk. Though the cameras Kaji put into the clouds were providing enough view for the masses to watch the duo grind, grow, and slosh their way over the landscape. With the growing rate of the draolf underneath him, Kaji’s length had speared deep enough into the folds the blob underneath him to rub and bump up against the other wolfdragon’s pride. He ground forward, using his arms to maneuver that swelling gut away from his body before he grinded forward; getting his shaft deeper and to grind against Sasuke moreso.

Kaji’s continuing massages to Sasuke’s frame got more blissful with each passing moment; the bigger the fat draolf got, it all just felt better and better. The sensitive flesh beneath Sasuke’s fur took to being touched all the better the more of it there was, and there was an exponentially increasing amount of it for the other mutt to knead. It was as if every fiber of his being was being kneaded and massaged into a blissful state of sexual pleasure. His rock-hard length sat deep beneath the sea of his fat, which was still expanding at a rate which would soon mean he would be as big as the draolf massaging him in height thanks to his fat raising him to that height. Growing that big, or even bigger… It didn’t worry to Sasuke, in fact it enticed him. At that moment though, he simply cared about the throbbing need of his length, which he began to try and please by shifting back and forth, which rubbed his titanic paunch along Kaji’s length as well. That and his constant expansion, especially the feeling of constantly gaining was stimulating him further.

As the mass beneath him kept getting wider and wider; Kaji began getting taller. His growing hands kneaded into that bulk beneath him as he ground forward. Making a rhythm out of it as he pushed inwards with his hands, he ground against that swelling bulk. The titan rumbled deeply as his pride was leaking what could’ve been lakeful of pre into that deep crevice that was Sasuke’s crotch. He leaned forward, flexing his shaft as it firmed up within all that fat; his knot starting to push at the dragonwolf’s gut as it started to swell. Those paws of his started to heat up, letting Sasuke feel it against his gut. At first it felt like little pinpricks, as if the blobular wolfdragon’s skin was waking up from feeling numb. Then it moved upwards into feeling like he was laying in the sun before it morphed into a deep heated massage from those paws, the towering draolf’s claws lightly scritching along that bulk as he continued his sensual rhythm.

Sasuke, having a couple tricks of his own despite his heightened state of arousal, panted lightly as he felt the other’s pride leaking and bumping his own. His own length was immense, but considerably more rotund than Kaji’s simply because the wolfdragon was fatter than Kaji. It was accompanied with an utterly titanic set of balls, both of which sloshed and quaked heavily beneath what was fast becoming a  few miles of fat; the wolfdragon had grown not only out, but up. He also made sure to keep pace with the other draolf now that they were getting to be ludicrous sizes; a size difference now could ruin it for the both of them. The wolfdragon growled lightly as he began to leak some pre of his own, the massage not helping him hold in the load which was begging to join the pre in release. Those warm paws massaging his bulk and keeping him in a near-entranced state of bliss were enough to push him to the edge, but it would take a little more to send him over.

He began to send hundreds of little paws down around Kaji’s own ludicrous length, each one massaging and kneading the huge thing like they were trying to milk it of the many hundreds of gallons of seed it contained. Some went to town on his knot, all massaging the swelling mass of flesh and gripping the flesh of Sasuke’s gut around it tightly to give the tall draolf something to tie to. Those balls of Kaji’s were also on the list of things being attended to, as the myriad of paws which Sasuke was controlling were also sent there to prod and fondle the balls in a huge, single unit that felt like a pair of fingers. Each paw had one purpose, all a sole mind despite the thousands which were working at the other draolf’s length: make Kaji cum.

As those countless hands started their work on the draolf’s length, knot, and sac; the hybrid let out a snarl as his body shuddered. “Oh… you’re bein’ devious now.” He panted out heavily before he bucked inwards against that wall of fat that those hands were giving him to tie with; though he wasn’t ready just yet. He grit his teeth as he set on his own little cheating method. He grinned wryly as he ground forward slowly; letting the other draolf feel what he was feeling. All those little hands that were massaging his length? It felt like they were massaging his as well. The only difference was that Kaji’s hands were still kneading all over the gut that he could reach; even going as far as to lifting it up and letting it slosh back down against both of their lengths.

His knot was pulsing underneath those hands as his sac roiled and sloshed heavily with the oceanic amount of spunk that was housed within. The mutt let out a soft moan as his shaft jerked, and the pre that it was pumping started to get thicker and warmer; though with the heat down there it was most likely hard for Sasuke to notice. He sucked in a breath before he leaned forward, ‘hilting’ that gut as he let out a soft purr. He relished the massages, the fondles, and even the tightness of that gut around his knot for a moment before he let out a groan; holding himself back as he wanted to see just what the fattening mongrel beneath him thought of his little trick.

Sasuke did notice the heat, and it only made him throb with need even more as he lounged there and just continued to grow. He had linked his growth to his pleasure, and the paws and warmth began to get him closer to release, thusly meaning his gaining was speeding up. He was leaking pre even moreso now, and that warmth was mixing with Kaji’s to the point that it was a steamy sea of seed that had brewed between the two deep beneath the fat on the wolfdragon. It was seeping out of his rolls, making him moan aloud and buck against the other draolf’s cock. That mutt Kaji was just cheating now, and Sasuke was going to have a hard time trying to resist any of it much longer thanks to just how much pleasure was coursing through his veins.

He was aching, bucking, and panting as he dripped from several folds and rolls with sweat and cum. His brain was slowly losing the battle of trying to keep him from release, and he wanted it more and more with every passing moment. He was trying to beat Kaji though; competition was one of his greatest things. Sasuke was barely going to make it though, as more pre spewed from his cock out into the vast ocean of flab that was now his blubbersome body. He was so very close, and it would take nearly nothing to get him to release. He knew that too, and hoped that Kaji would go off first so that the wolfdragon would be within enough control to tell his body to absorb every drop of the other draolf’s liquids.

Kaji’s cheating only proved to be his downfall, as all the teasing that he was giving Sasuke only made the blobular draolf buck and moan more against the other mutt. The thinner hybrid sucked in a breath through his teeth, trying to stave off his explosion for just a bit longer; but as the fattened hybrid beneath him bucked up against his shaft once more, he knew that he wasn’t going to make it. Kaji bucked forward; pushing down at the gut above his cock as he roared out with enough force to move some of the clouds away from him.

With as large as the draolf was, Sasuke could feel the rush of cum rolling down the length of Kaji’s shaft. The bulging of the head before the rush of spunk seeped deep into his rolls, enough to fill up an ocean or more was spewing into the crotch of the blobbed mutt under him. Still, Kaji kept on grinding forward and bucking to milk himself for all that he was worth.

Sasuke felt each and every ounce of that explosion, and it hadn’t even fully happened yet before he too went off. His was more of an eruption than an explosion, his cock’s massive girth making for a powerful blast right at the other’s head just as Kaji went off. It was a meeting of astounding force, making Sasuke’s multitude of rolls all quake and wobble from the force of it all. There was so much pressure that the wolfdragon, buried under many, many rolls and folds of his own frame, that Sasuke could have sworn he felt himself move as he went off too, though that was the least of his worries as he made sure to kick in absorbing every ounce of seed just before he too went off.

Taking in that much seed to his body though was going to be a task, and his only real worry. His frame was already covering much of the coast, and had spread inland miles. To take on an oceanic amount of seed twiceover… He was going to be somewhere near the size of a hemisphere once everything was into his frame. It was a massive amount, incomprehensible to most, but the draolf simply grinned to himself as he ground back against Kaji with all his might. He kept spewing out his seed and soaking it all back up; he was going to be getting a lot fatter as a result of this. He wanted to see just how the other mutt would keep up with him and his growth, but he wasn’t really concerned about that. He was going to be blimping up even faster than he already was, as his girth had already doubled in size, and that was enough to make his mind go blank.

As Sasuke continued his growth, the draolf on top of him was getting to be a tad drained in energy; how long had they kept that up? Sure, Kaji was a God, but there are times where he just wants to enjoy the feeling of afterglow and fatigue. With the draolf under him continuing his growth, he found the perfect spot to do just that. He grunted a bit as he shifted slightly; tugging his still spewing cock out from the depths of Sasuke’s gut before he just laid on top of the blob. Grinding his shaft down against that gut as he grinned wide, giving that gut a more direct source to absorb; even if it was the same way as when it was blasting against Sasuke’s crotch.

Atop that swelling bed, Kaji could only let out a deep rumble; chucking as he felt that vibration run through the bulk underneath him and he peered up at the horizon of that bulk; where the slight mounds of moobs could be seen though they were obscuring Sasuke’s face. “Looks like someone is going to be enjoying this for a while,” murmured Kaji as he grinded down once more, relishing the feeling as he let out a content sigh and let the afterglow take him a bit more; even as his orgasm was still surging.

Sasuke too was basking in the afterglow, sinking into his rising bulk as fat overtook his vision entirely. He was hidden in the vast sea of adipose which surrounded him, and almost a third of the planet at that point. He too was still spewing out several hundred gallons of seed, as his constant growth had only made his balls bigger, and thusly more full. It was a cycle that he had not forseen creating, and part of him wanted it to stop. Not being able to see over his own cheeks was a part of that reason, but he was so incredibly comfortable and tired that it was just orgasmic to be lost in his own body. The air was a bit thinner too, and that was certainly affecting his mind as it was starting to get even more foggy. He wasn’t completely out of it yet though, as his gut began to get those paws on it again to massage the large, resting mutt above him.

Those paws weren’t working on the large cock above them though; they were more looking at his body and massaging it to keep him comfy. That orgasm still going strong from him was still making more and more wolfdragon with every passing moment, and Sasuke relished it as he felt his gut continue to suck it all up. The adjustment had made literal waves of fat which he felt in places on his girth miles from his head, which was a way of showing how truly immense he had become. He was a blob in every sense of the word now, and as he neared covering half of the planet already from both his and Kaji’s release, he was beginning to wonder just how much Kaji had left in him. Sasuke was beginning to feel a touch spent from the continuous stream of seed which had spewed for an unknown amount of time.

The draolf that Sasuke’s ‘hands’ were attending started to purr deeper as the hands began to massage into his back. Kaji’s load had already slowed down to something that was negligible compared to what the fattened mutt was spewing out already. His shaft lay limp between his stomach and chest, and the massive gut that he was laying on. A light grind started as the massage was running up and down his form, making him even more relaxed and the slightest bit turned on. As his flared wings started to feel the weightlessness of space, he looked up above him and let out a soft laugh before he nuzzled down against Sasuke’s gut. “I do think we’re gettin’ too big for the planet. And you crushed all the cameras.” A light snicker came from both the draolf and the voice in Sasuke’s mind.

“So shall we try and go for the sun over there?” He grinned against that soft fat underneath him before he rolled over, sprawling out as if he was on top of his bed. A wider grin forming as he looked down at his cock; which was bobbing at slightly half mast. “Yes, yes. I know. You’re enjoying this too.” Kaji muttered to himself before he looked up at the stars in the obsidian depths of space. He closed his eyes, listening to the sounds of Sasuke’s gut gurgle, his fat sloshing about faintly, and the silence of space other than those two sources. His voice floated through Sasuke’s mind once more. “Or do ya want to try and eat the other planets?”

There was a low, consistent rumble from the wolfdragon as his own length began to stop its spurts deep in the depths of his form. He hadn’t been as big as he was at that point in a very long time, and to say that it felt comfortable was like saying the former sky he now dominated was once blue. He was just too content in his own mass to care, and that mass’ constant motion kept him rock-hard and always ready for more, even if the rest of him wasn’t. Sasuke could feel Kaji’s whole frame on that mass too, and let his rumble deepen with contentment from the pressure on his gut. The movement made for an excellent massage on the exceedingly sensitive, yet gelatinous surface. Those warm gut-paws stayed working at Kaji at all times to keep his partner in smut from going lonely or feeling the least bit unattended; Sasuke did care if his friend went unhappy for a moment after that little romp.

The romp had him spent though, and he knew it as his eyes began to feel heavy. The thought of eating other planets suggested by the other mutt perked up his ears though, and for a moment brought life to his tired eyes. He would like that idea, but maybe after a nice nap to try and regain some of his strength. “Nap first, planet-nomming later. Besides, our fans need time to evacuate from my area.” He chuckled both inwardly and in his mental reply to Kaji; the little joke making his pride swell just a touch. He loved being that large, and would have time to revel in it later once he took a bit of a nap. That in mind, he shut his eyes and sank further into his bulk, his ears barely visible amongst the sea of chins that surrounded his head as he did so. The wolfdragon was turtling himself into his own fat, and it was as warm and as comfy as he could imagine; though he needed to keep his muzzle pointed out so that he wouldn’t bite himself lest he start sleep-eating again.

Kaji let out a loud whine as he yawned, stretching his arms out as he felt those hands working over him still; lulling him into s blissful slumber. A wry smile occupying his muzzle as thoughts started to flit through his head, eliciting a chuckle from the mutt at a few of them before his tail lazily began to wag back and forth. With the softness of the belly beneath him, and the attentions of the paws all over his form; it wasn’t long until Kaji was already falling into a state of slumber.

Sasuke wasn’t that far behind the other draolf, his own eyes shutting soon after that tail had begun to wag along the surface of his gut. It was a nice, soothing feeling, and when coupled with the pressure on his gut as well as the feeling of warmth from being encased in so many thousands of tons of fat, it was amazing Sasuke had managed to stay awake as long as he had. He was giving in though, and it would only be a matter of moments before he too went the same place Kaji had. Dreamland was calling him, and his shut eyes and slowing breathing were beginning to answer the call.

A loud ring stopped him, and perked him up oncemore. It had come from somewhere in his mind, the loud noise piercing his calm and bringing him completely back into the waking world. He had to get his bearings for a moment, adjusting himself gingerly in his own girth so as not to disturb the sleeping draolf on his gut. The mutt didn’t want the other falling off either, as that would be quite the fall out into the nothingness of space, even though Sasuke imagined his gravity was quite strong. He didn’t want to chance it though, and as he got readjusted and answered the ringing in his mind, he let out an amused chuckle debating what would happen if he did that chance. “Hello?”

“Sasuke, it’s Hyede. You need to come back right away. Something’s come up and you need to come and take care of it.”

“You know the three things I leave my fun for, which is it panda?”

“Fire at Cliffside. It’s small, but you need to handle it anyways.”

“Damnit… I was going to go there tonight too… Alright, I’ll be out in a minute.” With that, the wolfdragon hung up his mental phone and let out a loud, long sigh. His whole gut shook and quaked from that, sending tidal waves of fat along its surface. He needed to wake that mutt up now, as he was going to have to leave their little side-realm for the time being. Problem with that was Sasuke had never told Kaji about spawning a side-realm for their fun; it hadn’t been prudent. He didn’t want to maintain the realm when he left, so shrinking back to normal size was going to have to happen for both him and the other mutt… Though ‘normal’ had a loose definition for the blob of wolfdragon; he was such a fatty at heart after all. Regardless, it meant making the other leave with him, and Sasuke could feel the guilt building in his moon-sized belly just thinking about it.

The draolf resting upon that now turbulent gut let out a grunt before he rolled over; normally he was a hard one to wake up, but with enough movement of that belly caused the draolf to push himself up onto his arms. Kaji let out a soft mnhf before he moved to sit up on that belly, cracking an eye open with an annoyed grunt. “I was getting comfortable.” He rubbed at his face a bit, looking around to get his bearing for a second before he peered back at the mounds of the draolf’s moobs in the distance. “What’s up?”

Sasuke peered down, looking a bit annoyed himself but not at the other in any fashion. His rocking gut caused him to let out a loud belch of a reply, which shook that gut all-the-more for a long moment. Rolls and waves of lard rippled across its surface, giving his oceanic body its meaning for a moment. The wolfdragon steadied the waves with a deep breath though, tightening that flesh out to make it stop so that Kaji wouldn’t get any motion sickness. The lard-riddled mutt then let the air out slowly, sighing as he did after the phone call and squishing his paws into his forearm rolls; the copious amounts of them that there were. “Got a phone call, I need to get going like… Now.”

Kaji let out a grunt as the gut beneath him started to act like a real ocean; his wings flaring out as they helped balance him out throughout all the waves the bigger mutt was causing. He shook his head to clear out any nausea that he was feeling and then he quirked a brow. Tilting his head to the side a bit before he rubbed at his forehead with a few fingers, Kaji muttered to himself for a second before he nodded. “Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.” He was silent for a moment more before he shook his head; deciding against asking what the matter was.

The titan of gluttony sighed, looking sheepish as he stared down at the mega-macro, svelte, and hyper mutt on his immense acreage. Sasuke didn’t want to have to get into what was going to have to happen to himself and Kaji, as he looked to have already annoyed the other, but there was little choice, and less time. “You’re going to need to do it with me though… We’re kind of off in our own little world, literally.” His voice got quieter with each passing word, and he began to feel himself turtling into his own bulk again in a slight amount of embarrassment. Cranky draolves were never a good thing, as he could attest to, and making one go from snoozing comfortably in a sea of fat and warmth to having to shrink and get out… That could do it.

Another shake of Kaji’s head came before he looked up at Sasuke, a smirk playing over his maw before he gave a shrug. “I had an inkling about that. After all, there isn’t much that a God can sneak by another without them having to notice even a little bit.” He pats the gut under him before he lets out another sigh, stretching his arms and wings over his head. “Well, if we gotta get out of here. I’d say go out with a bang, but we don’t have time for that.”

The wolfdragon nodded his head a bit, making his many chins and cheeks wobble along with his head. He regretted not being able to give Kaji the send off he wanted, nor the one the other deserved for coming all that way and having a nice afternoon romp… In spite of the little bit of drama that had been mixed in. The other wasn’t furious though, so Sasuke took that as a small victory before replying. “I’d agree, but we don’t have the time. There is a way we could get a bang though, if you’re interested.”

The svelte mutt quirked a brow, grinning wryly before he let out a laugh. “Oh, now I’m definitely curious what that mind has cooked up.” He shifted a bit on top of that gut, trying to get the most comfort out of his position before it vanished. “And you do know that I’m probably going to keep this size for you in mind if I ever come back to your place. Just make your room into its own little dimension.” He grinned wide at that part, his tail wagging happily before he leaned forward a bit, “Now. What was your idea?”

It was Sasuke’s turn to chuckle at the thought of Kaji never coming back. “You talk as though you’ll never come and see me again.” That was a simply proposterous idea; the other draolf not coming back to get more attention and fondling in on the fattest beast to ever roam the ether? It was laughable, and Sasuke did chuckle to himself briefly, which sent waves of fat through his frame oncemore. He needed to be more careful with how much he moved he was starting to see, for at that size anything could be a storm of fat on his body, and making Kaji sick wasn’t in the cards. Thankfully this ‘storm’ was more of a light set of ripples, and sent small waves towards the tower of draolf. Said waves massaged him on any part of his tall frame which was touching the colossally fat surface, rather than send him sloshing along that horizon-rivaling paunch like the tidal shift from a minute or so earlier.

Sasuke had to think for a moment how to phrase his plan. In his head it sounded amazing, but to get it out into the open and comprehensible by the other was going to prove a task. “Well… Essentially, I blow up.” That was the best way he could describe it without making his own head hurt, and he had to wait to see Kaji’s reaction to such a proposition.

Kaji let out a snicker, before he morphed into a chuckle and then let out a bright laugh, “You blow up? I never thought I’d see that.” The svelte one had done a bit of blowing up himself in the past, it’s rare for him to do it; but it’s more fun to do it to others. He looked around for a moment, closing his eyes as he just felt the waves roll under him before he chuckled a bit. “And trust me, I’ll always come back to your place. It’s comfortable!” He went quiet for a bit more before he asked, “Should I move then?” He quirks a brow a bit before he opens his eyes.

Sasuke pondered his answer for a moment, looking down at the other and then shaking his head. His many chins shook along with it, his cheeks looking like tents filled with water as they quaked on either side of his fattened face. “No need to move. And thanks for that… I do enjoy company outside of my housemates every now and then.” The wolfdragon did enjoy the other’s companionship, and the fact that the pair shared so many similar ‘interests’ was quite the bonus when it came to just what they did whenever they met. That would have to wait for another time though; Hyede was waiting on the blob of wolfdragon, and keeping that panda waiting would have ear-ringing consequences. “Now then… When I say, give me a jolt of electricity.”

Kaji grinned wide, “Oh, you’ve asked the right draolf for that requirement.” Already the mutt’s fur was starting to stand up on his shoulders and neck ruff, light arcs of the element flicking between the strands before a crackle of it connected the tips of his ears before it vanished; though there was a low thrum coming from the hybrid, the fat around him rippling from it as the amperage inside of his body started to slowly build up.

Sasuke saw that and smirked, knowing his own buildup would be far less dramatic until the very climax of it. He slowly began huffing in the thin air, which sent shockwaves of ripples through his frame for the first couple. His gut-paws held the area around Kaji still this time though; no messing with an electrified lightning rod. It took several of large swallows of the surrounding atmosphere, but Sasuke’s paunch slowly began to grow taut, lessening the burden on those ethereal paws. He was sucking in air like a vacuum, putting every square meter he could into the never-ending space of his belly. He had every intention of getting in as much as he could, but knew that he would be limited by the atmosphere of the planet below; that was all the air that he could suck in locally after all.

So suck away he did, gathering up as much as he could into his stomach and feeling it swell out with emptiness. He had to try his utmost not to let out a belch at the bottom of every swallow after a certain point, as that air in there was starting to try and fight its container. Sasuke was not one for giving in to his belly’s demands, whether they be ones of stopping consumption or ones of letting out gas. This wasn’t going to be any different, as the wolfdragon remained in full control of every aspect of his being. It was a bit of a struggle though, and as he neared the end of the atmosphere, he sighed in relief inwardly. The last huff of air was going to be his greatest, and he made sure to let the chemical reaction he had planned go off in that huff.

His entire gutful of air converted itself into cum the second that last bit of atmosphere was inside him. It was quite the quick process, and an utterly mind-boggling amount of matter to convert over the blink of an eye. There was no external evidence of it though, save for a flash of red over Sasuke’s eyes which was barely visible for more than a hair’s breadth of a second. The new sloshing in the wolfdragon’s gut also gave it away, but Sasuke was determined to get the entire thing over with as quickly as he could. Feeling those new contents settling in his gut almost immediately after that initial slosh, and knew that he had little time before his body started to get angry at what he had just done. Loud gurgles and groans were already coming from the black hole of a container that he called his stomach, and Sasuke knew those noises too well; none meant good things. The wolfdragon smirked to himself with pride at that point though, knowing he had just pulled off quite the trick with as little use of his powers as he could, before he looked down at Kaji with a knowing grin. “Go at the burp…” Sasuke paused for a moment, to let that bit sink in, then opened his muzzle and let out a musk-and-kerosene-smelling belch of gale-force winds.

The svelte draolf took the time of Sasuke getting ready to get up onto his feet, steadying himself as he had lightning wreathing his hands at first before it started to travel up his arms. The arches of lightning starting to lance out away from him before Kaji reigned them back to his body. At the words, he smirked a bit before he nodded and waited for that belch. As the winds started to pick up, his wings flared out straight behind him; lessening his profile before he lashed out with one arm. Letting that overcharged streak of lightning slice through the musk- laced breath towards the open maw of his friend.

It was like watching a bomb go of the second Kaji released the lightning. Sasuke’s breath immediately caught on fire, a blue-green fire specifically, as the entire bit of former atmosphere burned upwards and produced a massive cloud of smoke instantaneously. The fire that remained pushed back up towards the belching wolfdragon’s muzzle, able to fight those fast winds with ease as the fire sought out more fuel. Sasuke knew this was coming as his belch slowed and allowed the fire to enter him, shutting his muzzle immediately behind the flames. All of that pressure and fire in a confined space… The cum was just there to fill the space and make it more confined; it wasn’t what was going to cause the explosion. A deep groan made it obvious what was coming next, as a huge rumble was heard from the fire barreling its way down Sasuke’s throat to the source of all that fuel, and its final destination.

The slow explosion began with the wolfdragon first stretching out at an alarming rate and then creaking ominously. Sasuke moaned inaudibly in pain, his skin ripping in several places as it tried in vain to contain the colossal expansion going on inside it. Between the exploding stomach and all the fat that was in the wolfdragon though, there was just too much for that hide to contain. It ripped, tore, and shot off in pieces like buttons on a small coat through those rips. Just parts at first, though tons upon tons of adipose went with those pieces out into the vast nothingness of space. The tiny projectiles weren’t going to cut it though, as those parts were just not enough to get rid of all the pressure that was still building inside the wolfdragon. More moans, more creaking, more tearing… It was all about to give way, and the other mutt was going to go flying with it.

Not a moment after Sasuke’s belly button had burst did his entire torso give way, exploding out in a wave of cum and lard. It was quite the sight, the fur of his entire body being coated white instantly by the force of the explosion. His ribcage was gone, his arms were barely dangling on, and his entire front became a gaping hole in an instant. Nary a sound came from that explosion either; no atmosphere meant that the white mess which was sent out into space and tore the few thousand mile wide wolfdragon apart made no sounds. The sight alone of it all was enough though, as it looked like a water balloon exploding in slow motion. Sasuke had been on his back mostly as well, though his Asia-sized ass had disagreed somewhat and kept him in more of a crouching position. Regardless, that position meant he exploded upwards, away from the planet, and thusly had several  bits of himself slam into the moon and coat that in the white, stick solution that had burst forth from his once-whole body.

An explosion of that kind was a scene from a horror movie (or a kinky porno) in every sense, and took less than three seconds to send pieces of the wolfdragon well on their way to careening out into the void of space. The wolfdragon’s flesh made it about 10000 miles from the bursting point though, then stopped mid-explosion and just hung in the air for a moment. Kaji was frozen with them, though more ‘frozen’ as in stuck rather than frozen like the wolfdragon’s former belly was. That explosion was completely stopped, the cum frozen in time and space as well as anything else that had come from the burst abdomen. Sasuke came through on Kaji’s mind at that point, his voice sounding a little drained, but still very much him. “Can we shrink now? You got your bang, and outer space is cold on my innards.”

The draolf let out a soft mnhf as his scar was flushed red. “Not every day that I get covered with my own cum, as well as your own and the planet’s. I gotta say… it’s strangely hot.” Kaji let out a soft purr as he hung as he hung in the air, a rather amused look on his face as his entire front was coated in his friend’s fat, and his own seed mixed in with Sasuke’s and the planet’s. He mentally clicked his tongue before he laughed and replied once more with, “Yes, now we can go back to our reality.” He struggled against the frozen time, wanting to shake all this cum off before he closed his eyes and with a small puff of flame; he was gone. At least from this reality.

Sasuke chuckled inwardly at the snarky replies, a bemused smirk smearing itself on his face, though hard to distinguish from the fat and cum which covered it as well. He expected as much from Kaji though, but it was still funny to hear him respond in such a way to such a zany act. The reaction to covering that draolf in cum wasn’t entirely what Sasuke expected, but it had been a bang, and that was what the other had wanted. All that cum had tasted, and felt very good, as well as made him feel all the more stuffed… It had been strangely arousing to experience… It was something Sasuke would need to experiment with on his own time later, as he made a mental note of it while he began breaking down the universe around him.

The universe folded up around him much like a sheet of paper, folding in on itself again and again. Sasuke didn’t mind watching that, as he in fact enjoyed seeing it happen every time he did it. It was like watching origami on a cosmic scale, and since he loved watching that folding, he loved collapsing his universes. He could feel it getting smaller and smaller around him, and as it began to go out of sight under the horizon of his gut, the wolfdragon sighed in defeat. It had been nice to be so immense that he had not been able to even move a muscle without creating tidal shifts in his bulk. Reality beckoned though, and with Hyede waiting as long as he had, that reality was a place Sasuke almost didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to listen to the panda complain and drone on… But that made him sound like a cub if he thought about it. Time to face the music, so with a groan and his own flash of blue-green flame, the wolfdragon vanished from that reality as it collapsed in on itself, fading into nothingness.

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