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“I can’t believe I paid twenty-five dollars for this box of shit!” Aleo exclaimed as he tossed the empty wooden box onto his bed. It bounced twice before tumbling onto the floor with a loud thud and breaking into several pieces. That just angered the young man more, as he came over and kicked it against the wall of his bedroom, which made it burst into a thousand smaller pieces upon contact with the solid surface. Aleo didn’t even bother to check, he simply stormed over to his desk and sat down roughly, the poor chair creaking ominously thanks to being abused so readily. The male who was in it sighed heavily and just leaned his head back, trying to calm down from his outburst. The box hadn’t been a total waste, but it had been mostly one, and certainly not one worth the last twenty-five spare dollars he had for the two coming days until his next paycheck. It was his fault for being impulsive and buying into the old man’s crap though, so he was partially to blame for it… That didn’t really give him much consolation, but it did at least stem the tide of rage which was flowing through his veins once he was able to admit that.

Sighing lightly as his nerves calmed down more; the male pulled the one and only trinket in the box that hadn’t been trash from his pocket. It looked to be a fang or something, possibly a shark tooth? Aleo had always been into collecting things like that, and as such found it to be the only redeeming quality of the box he had been shafted on. He barely even remembered what else was in there truthfully: a couple pieces of paper, something that looked like a chain, a pine cone, and a couple other things maybe. It didn’t matter though, it was all useless as far as Aleo was concerned, and as such he had just thrown all of it back into the box after retrieving the tooth, and then onto the floor along with their container. The young human tried not to think about it, as he knew he would have to clean it all up later, and instead tried to focus his attention again on that tooth. It seemed to have some sort of a cut out, much like it belonged on or with another object that was nowhere to be found. There was also a hole drilled into the top for string to put it on a necklace. Aleo noted those two modifications, and then kept looking it over to see if he could spot anything else unusual about his newest specimen.

The male didn’t get long to do that, for as he really started to study the fang his phone rang and snapped him out of his revelry. Grumbling to himself, he stood back up and moved towards the door, as his phone was on a shelf next to it. He peeked at the caller ID just to check who was calling him before he answered since ad calls were not for him. It wasn’t an ad at all, but his best friend rather, so instead of avoiding the call like he usually had to, he answered it with a swipe of his finger. “Hello?”

“Hey Aleo, it’s Garr.”

“I know Garr, I got caller ID, what’s up?”

“Oh, someone’s snippy… Just calling to ask how things went with getting that stuff at the auction.”

“I got ripped off by some geezer selling a box of crap, hence the bad mood. How did it go for you?”

“I got a couple decent things, but nothing major. Want me to swing by and show it off?”

“If you want to, sure. I won’t be going anywhere for a while thanks to having to finish up this essay.”

“Oh man, yeah, I forgot about that… I’ll have to stop by quick, because I need to finish mine up too. I’ll see you in a bit Al.”

“You too Garr, bye.” With the resounding click of a receiver hitting the base of a phone, the call was over and Aleo sighed and settled in. He really had forgotten about that giant essay that was due in two days, and being that it was one of the few things left on his list of major assignments for the end of the school year, he wanted to get it done soon. Granted, he had started it already, but he had forgotten to finish it until he began talking to Garr, and knowing that the bigger man was just as forgetful as he, made sure to bring it up to remind the other. He still did have the day after to work on it, but he wanted to get at least some of it done before Garr arrived to show off what he had gotten at the same auction. He secretly hoped the other’s haul was as bad as his, but part of him also wanted it to be better because that was just the kind thing to do.


It was nearly an hour later when Garr arrived. The bigger human knocked on the apartment door and was peering into the peephole on the door when Aleo came over to answer it after the second knock. Garr wasn’t the most patient friend Aleo had, but he put up with the impatience because Garr had something about him that was just worth it. Aleo wasn’t quite sure what that was exactly; he didn’t have feelings for the other or anything like that, but he did want to at least be kind to him as much as he possibly could. Aleo made sure to remember that little bit as he opened the door to let Garr in, especially since Garr had a grin on his face that never meant anything good. It wasn’t one that meant he was going to be up to any mischief either, so Aleo was more than a bit apprehensive as the larger human strode right past him into the small apartment.

“Where’s the stuff you got?” Garr asked before he had even completely entered the apartment, forgoing pleasantries in lieu of information.

“Hi to you too,” Aleo replied, a twinge of annoyance entering his voice as he spoke. ”It’s in the bedroom Garr.” The male didn’t even stop, he just set off right for the bedroom without even acknowledging the annoyed Aleo. Aleo followed Garr, quietly mumbling rather unpleasant things under his breath as he let his peeved attitude get the better of him.

“It’s in here?” Garr said, throwing open the bedroom door with complete abandon. It wasn’t as if Aleo had anything to hide, but it was lucky that he lived alone; Garr was a force of nature sometimes. Aleo just sighed and pointed at the little dent in his wall, as well as the wreckage beneath it of what he had brought home from the auction. Garr grimaced a bit as he saw it, turning around and patting Aleo on the shoulder. “Yours was that bad huh?”

“Considering it was most of my food money for this week, yeah… It was that bad.”

“Well I’ll take you out to dinner tonight to make up for it, since you wouldn’t have gotten it if I hadn’t made you. I also have to check something in there too, you mind?” Aleo shook his head and motioned to the box to let Garr know that it was fine. The other smiled at started over towards the box, crossing the rather small room in a few steps before kneeling at the shattered box and inspecting its former contents. He rooted around in them for a moment, overturning various pieces of the box and quietly hamming to himself as he looked at a few specific things. He didn’t seem to find what he was looking for though, as he stood back up after a time and turned around to face Aleo. “Was there a tooth or something like it in here?” Aleo raised an eyebrow, a bit surprised that Garr knew the one good thing in the box, and a bit curious about what he needed it for.

“Yeah, it’s on the desk. Go ahead and take it.” Garr nodded and padded right over to the desk, picking up the tooth and examining it for just a moment before he beamed and pulled something out of his pocket. It looked somewhat like a crest, and it had a tooth-shaped piece missing from it. “How did you know I had that tooth?”

“Our boxes matched, remember? I just assumed the piece got put in yours by mistake rather than mine… Lucky guess.” Aleo ‘ooh’d and nodded in response, looking over at Garr with a bit more curiosity now. He still was a bit apprehensive about what the other was planning, but he did trust Garr enough to know that he wouldn’t do anything too stupid. Probably. “So I figured I would put them together and see what happens, aside from the whole thing looking cool.” Aleo gulped a little bit at the ‘see what happens’ bit, as he didn’t want to see that. He especially didn’t want to see it in his apartment; the landlord was already a bit peeved with him this month for the late rent.

“What makes you think anything will happen?”

“Oh I don’t think anything will happen, but I figured it would be cool to make you a bit nervous.” Garr laughed and half-heartedly dodged a punch the other threw his way. Aleo didn’t like being teased, but who does, so he reacted accordingly.

“Can we at least go out and see?”

“Awww, someone nervous now?” Aleo shot Garr a deathly glare for that remark, which made the male shrink a bit and nod in nervousness. Garr wasn’t one to mess with Aleo when he meant business, and right then Aleo meant business. “Ok, we’ll go out. It’s a nice day out anyways… How about we try walking down to the wharf?”

“You hate the wharf. Afraid I’m mad at you?” Aleo goaded Garr, getting a stuck-out tongue and a smirk in return. Aleo knew that answer, and simply gave the other a playful punch on the arm. Garr reciprocated it almost immediately, sticking his tongue out again. “I’m not mad, but… You know full well how that supernatural superstitious stuff rattles me. So, can you humor me, just this once?”

“You make it sound like I don’t humor you all the time.” Garr was about to say something else, but Aleo stopped him with a light laugh and a nod. That much was true; the smaller male did have to admit that much, if not begrudgingly. Garr did bend over backwards for some of the more odd needs Aleo had every now and then. It wasn’t to the point that Garr was making it out to be, but he did have his bad days every now and then. So he let Garr have that jab, one of few, but it was better than nothing as far as he was concerned. “No retort? You feeling ok?”

“Yeah, yeah… You win that one. Let’s get going to that wharf huh?” Garr nodded his response, gesturing for Aleo to leave ahead of him. Aleo did just that, searching the front room for a moment for his shoes before finding them in the small sea of clutter and getting them onto his feet. He just needed his keys, wallet, and phone now so that he could go. All three were on his desk, and as such it took him just a moment to nab them, stuff them into his large pockets, and then smile over at Garr and give a nod towards the door. The other male grinned and started out first, holding up the tooth and the crest as he walked past Aleo out of the apartment. Aleo simply shook his head, locking the door as he left it and then falling into step alongside Garr. “So are you going to do it?”

“I figured we would at least get a block from your apartment in case the whole thing expl-“ Garr was cut short by a punch to his arm from Aleo, who frowned at the teasing. Garr simply stuck his tongue out and then put the two things together, making as grandiose gestures as he could just to further tease the poor smaller male. “Oh great spir-Hey,” another punch to his arm, “its, come and give me your power!” Aleo frowned at the gesture, giving Garr a dirty look while he adjusted the tooth a bit in its place to make sure that it fit well. Aleo didn’t take well to being patronized, and while Garr knew that, he also wanted to have a bit of fun with his skittish friend. So he spent a few more moment adjusting and toying with the little bit of wiggle room the tooth had so that it sit perfectly. It clicked into place after a little bit of this toying, and once it did, the bigger male smiled and gave the assembled amulet to smaller one. “Here ya go; all put together now.”

Aleo smiled lightly and put the ornament in his pocket, chuckling lightly to himself as he simply waved off the teasing expression Garr was directing at him. He knew that the paranoia had been stupid, but he also knew that it was a justifiable fear; at least to him. Everyone had their neurosis, right? But Garr was around to protect him, so that would be enough for the time being. That in mind and with the ornate amulet tucked away in his pocket, Aleo smiled resolutely over at Garr before leading on toward the dock. Garr followed suit, quiet but pleased that Aleo was in a better mood than he had been, since Aleo was quite capable of being a real pain when he was upset. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No, I told you it would all be fine, but you just had to be the drama queen.” Aleo glared at Garr over that accusation, who simply smiled brightly back with his usual goofy grin. That grin lasted for a couple seconds though, as it quickly faded into a frown. Aleo frowned too, as Garr rarely frowned, so something had to be up. The smaller male’s pocket had started to get a bit warm, and as he reached down into it, the amulet felt hot to the touch; not painful, but definitely a lot hotter than it had been just moments before. That made him stop, and then look to Garr with a worried expression. The larger of the two frowned, offering out a hand to take the amulet from Aleo, who rapidly obliged.

The amulet began to glow the second Garr touched it, and he dropped the thing with surprise. He just stared at it, it’s warm and glowing frame shaking somewhat on the sidewalk as the two males stared at it with intense interest. Neither had seen such a thing, and since the item in question was a little too small to house all the equipment needed to do this, it was sending their minds for a loop. Aleo wanted to flee, but was like a deer in the headlights as he saw the flailing and bouncing object at his feet. Garr was just as frozen, but with intense curiousity rather than bone-shaking fear; he wanted to know what was going to happen next. Whatever it was going to be, he knew it would be a while as the shaking and bouncing got more violent; the amulet even hit him in the leg rather hard at one point.

The amulet started to slow in its twitching and shaking after nearly a minute, but it also began to slowly lift itself off the ground in front of the two males; and whatever was ‘next’ was something that Garr was fast becoming afraid of. He joined Aleo in paralyzing fear as the object got to be around their waists. The shaking had stopped by this point, replaced by a slow rotation and a brighter glow which was fast becoming blinding. Aleo and Garr brought their hands up to shield their eyes, but as they did the entire thing stopped and the amulet dropped right back to the ground, silent and unmoving. They both stared at it for a moment, squinting slightly as their eyes adjusted to the lowered light now that the amulet was no longer blinding them. “Holy shit…” Garr murmured, looking up at Aleo, who was wide-eyed and shaking slightly.

Aleo started walking a moment later, right towards the docks as fast as his legs would allow it. Garr followed in step behind him after a moment, his own legs taking a moment longer to get working than his smaller, terrified friend’s had. The curiousity in his mind was fast outweighing the fear as more and more thoughts as to what had happened began to flood into the thing. It was almost too much for him to even begin to contemplate, and looked to be the same for Aleo as well; the silent, stone-faced male walking at a near-jog. Both of them just couldn’t make heads or tails of what had happened, but for different reasons. Getting to the docks and sitting near the water, and that chocolate factory there, would be enough to calm them both down so that they could think and begin to sort out what to do about the trinket they had left so carelessly in the street. Garr chanced a look back at the thing, knowing he should still be able to see it, and was shocked to find it not only gone, but a small pile of ash where it had been. That brought fear right back into his list of emotions, and quickly stifled his curiousity to the point that it was nearly gone.

The fear which now gripped the two adults propelled them very quickly to the docks, a trip which they both barely even registered as they just walked in silence. Neither looked away from straight ahead of them, and neither slowed down from their breakneck pace of trying to escape that which had started their trek. They both began to get a headache about half-way through it, and around two-thirds of the way they began to itch crazily; Garr all over, and Aleo on his arms and legs. They didn’t stop to scratch at all though, rather just kept right on walking in a more awkward fashion as they tried to use their clothes to scratch their irritated flesh. It did help for Aleo, but poor Garr was stuck feeling almost painfully itchy for the last portion of their walk. It was a short stretch, just a couple more blocks to the actual pier then they could sit and scratch and try to come up with a plan, but it was agony for the tall male. He knew stopping would be a very bad decision, but he also knew that continuing on for much longer was going to be just as bad for him.

Luckily the pair’s destination came into view just as the burning, prickly feeling was becoming unbearable for Garr. They broke out into a run, knowing that once they made it they could feel somewhat safe, or at least start to think about what to do next. Garr was a far faster runner than Aleo, the shorter and somewhat stockier male unable to get his legs to churn as fast as his tall friend. This meant that Garr quickly got ahead of Aleo, and because he was more focused on getting to the pier so that he could tear his shirt off and start scratching all over his torso, he didn’t think anything of it. Aleo, on the other hand, began to panic as Garr got further and further from him. The smaller human did his best to keep pace, but between irritated limbs and his awkward run, it was an impossible task. He would instead just have to catch up at the docks, where he would probably yell at Garr for leaving him behind.

Garr thought nothing of that though, his full-out run getting him to the end of the pier in under a minute. He stopped just before the end, slowing to a walk before standing stock still at the end of the long outcropping. He then looked to the sky, with his arms at his sides, and just let out a soft sigh of relief between strained breaths from his previous exertion. He had made it, and the feeling of calm was as palpable as the sea air to him as that reality washed over him. For that moment, as he caught his breath and took deep gasps of the sea air, he forgot about his inflamed body and the amulet. Instead, he whisked those thoughts to another part of his mind and just focused on his small victory; making it to the sea. He knew he hadn’t wanted to come, but now that he had… It was the most glorious thing in the entire world to him at that particular moment.

Aleo was still making his way down the pier to Garr right then, closing in on the taller adult at more of a jogging pace now. His breath was raspy and short; a sign of how out of shape he was. He never wanted to admit it, but the reality of that stared him in the face anytime more than a few flights of stairs looked at him, or a quick jog was called for. The ocean breeze and the feeling of finally escaping from what had been one of the more terrifying experiences in a long while for him removed any thoughts of his poor shape from his head though. He was relaxing as best he could, letting the breeze blow his worries away and calm him down to the very core. This had been why he wanted to come here; it worked every single time for him. This time was no different either, as he could literally feel his problems being blown from his mind and out to sea where they could stay and rot. All of them, even the ones involving how hot Ga-

Aleo stopped cold as his mind went to that thought, nearly ten steps away from Garr. He may have been a little bi-curious at times, but to suddenly think just how hot Garr looked standing there in the picturesque ocean scenery was a little much even for him. He had known Garr for a very long time, why now would he suddenly find the other attractive… And to the point that his mind seemed to think it was. The reasoning behind it wasn’t clear to Aleo, but as he struggled to come up with why, more and more of his mind began to go blank. It was as if one by one, the lights in his head were going off save for a few animalistic ones. Eating, sex, and dominance all were flashing brightly in the sea of his drowning out consciousness, and try as he might, Aleo couldn’t seem to muster up anything to combat those three desires. He didn’t move from his spot as this happened, lest he harm Garr thanks to his weakened self-control, but even making himself stand still was becoming hard as his body began to tingle more and more.

Garr, on the other hand, had already undergone his own mental transformation. Eating and sex and dominance were all on his mind as well, but there was something else there which was not in Aleo’s mind: mischief. His thoughts were far more focused than Aleo’s as well, as if his own mind had accepted the transformation into something far more animalistic with less of a fight than his friend’s. His body was still putting up a fight though, but Garr intended to put that struggling carcass of his in its place soon enough. He tore off his shirt in one quick motion, ripping it over his head and off his frame to reveal a scaled, red and yellow torso which hadn’t been there that morning. His mind went reeling the instant it saw that, nearly dragging him back into being a normal being for a split second. Garr’s relaxed demeanor about the whole change though saw to making that little lapse of consciousness go away post-haste, and return the changing male to a state of apathy about his evolving frame.

Aleo saw that shirt come off of Garr, and those red scales which now comprised his torso and were fast spreading to his arms. He could also see a little bulge forming just above the other’s rear, which was fast becoming not so little and looked to be causing Garr some pain as both his arms went back to it and a grunt came from him. Aleo wanted to go over and check on his friend, but stopped himself as his hands touched one another; they didn’t feel right. He looked down at them, having to be as brave as he could since there was still a small vestige of a normal mind left in him, and saw that he too was changing into something not human. His hands had turned into paws of sorts, clawed and covered in black fur and black pawpads. There seemed to be some sort of a striped pattern running up the fur on his arms, which was grey in color and almost resembled the stripes of a tiger. The itching had gone away at that point, and what tiny remnants of ‘sanity’ remained in Aleo’s mind wondered if that was why he had itched so badly for a portion of his trek.

That was his last real thought though, as his mind joined Garr’s in being utterly lost to the transformation and his new body. Sex and food; those were all of his priorities and thoughts now. He joined Garr in being shirtless as soon as his mind became lost, and one look down at his own torso showed just how much he had changed as well. Scales covered the front of him, giving him the look of a dragon on just his chest and the front of his tummy. Everything else was covered in that striped black-and-grey fur which covered his arms and paws. His own rear was beginning to hurt now as well, though it felt like more of a stretching pain than a real pain. His back and head were feeling the same sensation, though the one on his back was odd; it felt more like it was being inflated and hardened out than anything. Grunts of pain and discomfort came from his mouth as he tries to rub at both his back and rear, unsuccessfully thanks to how awkwardly he would have to move his arms to get to those parts of his body. He instead just rubbed his face once he saw how futile it would be to rub his back, feeling something stretching and growing out from it in the place where his nose and mouth had once been.

A loud snap grabbed Aleo’s attention and focused it on Garr. His friend was now covered entirely in red and yellow scales, though most of those yellow scales were on the front of his torso just like the black ones on Aleo’s. Garr’s pants had given way, his belt breaking being the snapping noise, and unpon looking at him Aleo could see why. A tail had been the growth coming from above his rear, and it had gotten to be nearly five feet long in the short amount of time Aleo had been paying attention to himself rather than Garr. Wings had also sprouted on his friend, red and unfurled to a nearly fifteen foot wingspan. This was all proportional though, as Garr had seemed to get taller as well throughout his transformation into something else. He now stood at nearly seven feet tall, and seemed to still be growing as he began to truly tower over Aleo. Aleo just watched in awe, a certain twinge in his groin growing to be more than just a hint of arousal at the sight. Garr was nude, facing away from him, and becoming more… Attractive by the moment.

Garr was also getting heavier too, his growing frame getting more than just taller. It was as if someone had turned the tap of fat on in his body, albeit very slowly at first as it took a few moments for him to even notice. He could feel the pounds being added to his waistline though, and began to rub at his slowly expanding stomach with those paws of his in a deliberate, sensual manner. His hips widened, his belly began to sag, his chest formed small man boobs… It was all just too pleasurable for him to try and even begin to contain his arousal. A stiff member somewhere between his widening thighs and slowly drooping paunch began to ache with need, and as he heard the snap of Aleo’s pants giving way behind him, he turned around to see just who was going to satisfy that need.  He had truthfully all but forgotten about his friend at that point, instead just focusing on the glorious euphoria of his evolving form as the ecstasy of it all filled his mind to the brim.

He stopped his rotation halfway though, instead focusing on that chocolate factory which was just steps away from his current location. Food, and sex, all at once… He could smell the vats of chocolate on the ocean air as he took in a deep, intoxicating breath. Aleo looked at him quizzically as he did this, his own euphoric change getting interrupted by the sight. He took a sniff of the air though, and instantly smelled just what Garr did, turning in the same direction and looking at the factory with longing. His own change was nearing completion, just like Garr’s, leaving him about the same height and weight as his red and yellow friend; somewhere around eight feet tall and four hundred pounds. His frame had more fat on it though, as he had no wings and a smaller tail than the dragon his friend had become. There was the heavy ‘shell’ which had spawned on his back though, and that took up a good portion of his heft as he wiggled loosely in the awkward thing. It would take a touch of getting used to, especially with the spines on it and how it made craning his neck a bit of a task, but that wasn’t something he was thinking about at that moment. Instead, the black-and-grey lyger-koopa, with red eyes and black as night hair moved a sole step closer to his friend.

The red-and-yellow dragon, with deep blue eyes and bright yellow hair did the same thing, his own transformation completed the instant he saw that factory. His gaze then turned to Aleo, eyeing the changed beast beside him up and down once before letting out a faint whistle. Aleo returned it with a teasing wink, then pointed at the factory. “Shall we?”

“We indeed shall…” Garr winked again, then turned back to the factory and broke out into a waddling jog towards it. Aleo did as well, able to keep pace with his draconic friend now that they were nearly the same size, albeit in height at least. The poor factory wasn’t going to stand a chance against the two horny, ravenous gluttons, and luckily it was abandoned on that day for a holiday. If workers had been inside, one could only imagine what they would have thought to see two quaking, jiggling beasts of myth gallivanting towards the main entrance at such a pace. Aleo and Garr couldn’t have cared less about what they would have thought though; chocolate was in the air and on their minds, as eating would fulfill one of their primal needs. Eating while going at it like the wild animals they were though was their real plan, and the vats which the large structure was sure to house would certainly help with that endeavor.

Bursting through the doors and front offices like a pair of wrecking balls, both Garr and Aleo barely even slowed as they tore through the front section. No food was there, so they didn’t even stop to survey the damage they had caused. Neither cared either; as far as they were concerned, the walls and desks and computers were just in their way in their quest to satiate their growing hunger. So through those walls they went, right through the QA, staffing, and managerial sections of the plant with little more than a stop to sniff at the new breeds of chocolate in QA. The factory floor was what the pair was after, and stopping to worry about damages to the building was not something in their thought process.

Bursting through the final wall in their way, both Aleo and Garr stopped once they hit their destination. Both of the beasts stood still for a moment to gape at the feast which lay before them, an utter smorgasbord of confections and treat s the likes of which could sate even their gluttonous needs. Tanks stuffed to the brim with varying kinds of chocolate, icing tubs, conveyor after conveyor of unwrapped candies, machines designed to stuff chocolate into tubes… It was like a porno to the two starving fatsos. Neither one was sure of where to begin, but they both knew that it was going to be one hell of a meal as thoughts of where to truly start their feast came flooding in by the dozen.

Garr settled on a conveyor, ripping the packaging part of the assembly line off and settling in to just to eat the unwrapped chocolates by the dozen. He positioned himself under the funnel which each and every candy went through before settling down to be sorted and began to glut, gulping down the sweets by the mawful. Aleo saw that idea, and though he was jealous, he had his own idea as he made his way over to one of the tubs which made icing. He removed the nozzle from its spot on the bottom of the ever-filling vat, which constantly mixed and stirred up its contents to keep them from settling and becoming hard, and put his own muzzle in place of where that nozzle had been. This meant that the icing flowed down into him by the gallon, at almost a rate faster than he could keep up with at first. He found that trying to swallow was just going to be an exercise in futility, and instead went about just letting the creamy liquid flow down into his eager, gluttonous midsection.

With their methods of eating set, both beasts began to well and truly glut for several minutes. Aleo swelled out far quicker than Garr did, the gallons upon gallons of icing being enough to bloat him out at a steady, nearly alarming pace as his frame swelled like a balloon. Garr was considerably more slow and steady with his gorging, each gulp of several little candies doing little to his waistline at first but slowly beginning to make it swell after a minute or so. Garr wasn’t planning on winding up beached like Aleo was going to be, as his own mind had put the smallest amount of thought into his decision before he began eating. If he ate slower and more rapidly, it would give his body time to turn everything into rapturously enjoyable flab, rather than leaving him taut, bloated, and moaning in pained ectasy like Aleo was going to be. The dragon still was eating at a pace which no normal human, or animal for that matter, could hope to accomplish, but it was slow enough to accomplish that goal.

Aleo, on the other hand, was nearing being full after just five minutes on his vat diet. His stomach had gone from a drooping, sagging bowl full of lard to a taut, drum-like surface which could barely even wobble. So much icing had stuffed itself into the lyger-koopa’s innards that even his shell was starting to strain as it tried to stay around his back. There was just too much of him, so he overflowed that shell rather uncomfortably and just had to settle in for being a bit annoyed with the feeling of tightness on his back as he continued to eat. In spite of being as tight as a drum around the middle and barely able to move himself from his spot, Aleo wanted more. He was stuffed, almost to bursting, but that feeling made his cock twitch and pulse with lust. One of his carnal desires was fulfilled, and he wanted even more of it in spite of his body finally telling him to give it a rest. Denying his body in his state was going to be a task, so he just loosed his greedy maw from the end of the vat with a heavy sigh.

Garr saw that, and watched the aftermath of the poor decision unfold out of the corner of his eye as he kept gorging endlessly on the multitude of miniature candies which were going into his still-quaking, slowly expanding stomach. The lyger-koopa beside him was getting coated in an onslaught of icing, which was fast covering him from head to toe and spilling out all around his engorged, moaning form. Aleo was just too stuffed to move away from the icing, and Garr wasn’t about to even consider helping his friend out of his predicament. No, this was the entertainment for Garr’s meal, as he watched the fattened beast flounder and slosh about while trying to escape the flood of sweet confection. It was quite the sight, but did little to distract Garr from his eating as he began to grow tired of eating just the smaller pieces of chocolate. He wanted more though, and since his cock had not calmed down since the pier outside, his devious mind came up with a plan.

Slowly getting his way to his feet, the dragon had to steady himself on a nearby concrete wall to keep from tumbling forward. Eating several thousand candies was going to add some weight to one’s frame, and when that weight came off balance, it was enough to send you to the floor. Garr just reveled in that weight, feeling it rest on his crotch and grind against his cock with each and every step. Any movement he made got the colossal paunch he had grown quaking like jelly, and since he could feel digestion starting to kick in, he knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before his thighs got wider, his ass got bigger, his chest got more rounded out, and above all his gut became even softer to the touch. His mind went wild thinking of how arousing that would all be, and his cock leaked a small amount of pre just picturing it. He would have to wait though, as he made his way over to the vats of chocolate and grabbed two hoses. Both of the hoses he then  turned on at a low setting, enough to push out about a gallon every couple of minutes. He didn’t want to wind up as beached as Aleo, but he wanted to feel as though he was going to be a blob… And a couple of hoses would help with that endeavor.

The engorged dragon dragged the leaking hoses back over to where Aleo lay, still getting covered in the icing though part of the lyger-koopa seemed to want to latch back onto that nozzle in spite of still being as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey. Garr had other plans though, as he turned the flow of icing off while looming over the bloated male. Garr got another idea as he did that, his eyes gleaming with a mischievous fire which made Aleo a touch nervous for a moment as he noticed it. His mind was still far too clouded with the pleasure of being so incredibly full to try and register anything, and it wasn’t as if he could move from his beached position on his back at all anyway. No, that hybrid was at the mercy of the mythical creature which was lowering himself down to the horizon of stomach which rose high above Aleo’s torso. That sphere of gluttony was covered in icing, and both sticky and slick all at once because of it. It was also incredibly sensitive, and Garr knew that as his paws began to work their way along it.

Instantly, all thoughts in Aleo’s mind went from how stuffed full he was, and how having a spherical, taut stomach was utter bliss, to how incredible it felt to be touched. The slow rubs along the strained surface of his vast stomach send wave after wave of pleasure through him, making his aching cock leak all the more down onto his quaking thighs and the constricted skin of his underbelly. Aleo could do little more than pant though, and rub the sides of his massive paunch, since reaching past even the middle of the towering offering to gluttony was impossible for him in his current state. Even arching to sit up in order to see was just impossible, so he had to lay and be at the utter mercy of those paws which teased and rubbed over his impossibly bloated exterior. Garr knew that as well, and planned on taking full advantage as he lowered his muzzle down to that belly.

His tongue slowly slid from his muzzle, taking a taste of the icing that covered his friend’s gut. That sent another pang of pleasure to Aleo’s mind, which made more pre come from his pulsing length. He was painfully horny now, and Garr could feel it with just the heat around Aleo’s crotch as his paw got close to it. The dragon wrapped one of his meaty paws around that large cock, gently giving it a tug while rubbing along the underside of it with his thumb. That was enough to make Aleo howl with lustful pleasure, and leak more onto the just barely-touching paw. Garr smirked to himself at that, his mischievous gaze falling onto Aleo’s large stomach as he began to rub and lick it again.

Rub, lick, stroke, rub, lick, stroke… The dragon did this rhythm for just a moment before Aleo went off like a fire hose in his paw. That cock spewed seed out in hot, ropey strands into the air, coating his underbelly in more than just icing now as it spurted all over. Garr did not make a move to try and clean that mess up in the slightest, he simply continued to stroke and tease the large belly in front of him, which was still as tight as a drum in spite of all the gurgling sounds of digestion coming from within. The fact that Aleo’s stomach could even begin to make sense of all that had been stuffed into it in such a short time was unfathomable to both Aleo and Garr, but neither one was really concerned with it; Aleo thought the digestion was immensely pleasurable, on top of all the attention. Garr, on the other hand, wanted nothing of it as he wanted to keep his new plaything beached.

Garr saw to keeping him this way by rolling the hybrid over, which resulted in a chorus of belches, groans, and lots of metal bending and breaking from the pressure it was being asked to withstand. Nearly a full ton of lyger-koopa was far too much for most of the machinery in the building, and it crumbled when faced with supporting such girth. Aleo couldn’t complain about this fact, the only thing on his mind was that he was now resting on an incredibly stuffed stomach. He hoped that Garr had no plan of getting on top of him, as that would certainly result in an eruption from the mountain of engorged hybrid. Garr didn’t have any plans like that though, but he did bring a hose around to the front of the great, exposed beast and pop it into his muzzle. Aleo put up no protest, and instead just began to suck at it hungrily as if he was a cub. A cub the size of an SUV with his jiggling, rounded as swaying in the air and tempting Garr in ways that he didn’t think possible.

The dragon wasn’t just out for sex though, he was still hungry. The second hose he brought over wasn’t going to be going into his mouth though, as he wanted this to be some of the most incredible feelings to ever course through his veins. It took some maneuvering and a lot of moaning, but after a few moments of fiddling with himself and his widening rear, he was able to stuff that hose up into himself so that it would pump the chocolate right up into him, and keep his muzzle free to glut and guzzle from a conveyor of large chocolate bunnies. He had it all planned out, and Aleo couldn’t help but feel a faint twinge of jealousy run through him for such foresight. There was nothing that could be done now though, the overeagerness of his gluttony had cost him his position, and now he was just going to get some from his partner-in-crime.

Garr saw it nothing like that, he saw it as he was getting sex, and so was the hybrid beneath him which had that ass pointed up at him as if it was begging for it. Garr reached for a chocolate bunny with one paw, stuffing the still-warm mass into his muzzle greedily as chocolate smeared all over his face. He then used his other paw to grab the closest spine on Aleo’s shell, taking hold of it as he eased his length, and belly, both into and over the beast beneath him. Aleo’s pleasured, gurgling moans which could barely be heard over all the whirring and grunting that Garr was doing, gave away just how much he too was enjoying the current situation. He was lost in euphoria, just as Garr was, and planned on staying there for as long as he could as he felt that throbbing, leaking length of the dragon get further and further into his rear and close up on his hole.

Garr felt that too, stopping just before the entrance to the hybrid and letting his gut rest heavily over the thighs and base of that shell beneath it. More chocolate bunnies went into his muzzle, as he truly wanted to glut to make sure that he had his strength up for what he was about to do. He knew he wouldn’t last long inside that warm hole; not with chocolate being pumped into his own bowels at the same time as he was feeding himself. He still wanted to burn as few of his precious calories as possible though, so he ate as many of the bunnies as he could as fast as he could, before sliding himself into the hybrid’s tight hole as slowly as possible.

Aleo still yelped out and shut his eyes tightly at the feeling of such a huge length going into him. He wasn’t sure just how to react to such a feeling, such an immensely pleasurable yet painful one. He had felt such feelings at once already a few times in the previous hour, but none at the same time like this… It was unique for him, and he savored it as he felt Garr go deeper and deeper into his ass. The pressure of the fat that was being pushed against his own plush rear was also enough to help stimulate his own pulsing length, which though it was spent, was still as hard as steel and begged to be touched. Aleo and Garr were both too busy to attend to it though, so Aleo had to settle for bucking against his own taut stomach, which was slowly beginning to expand again with the flow of chocolate. Garr’s was as well, but it was growing over Aleo rather than out beneath him thanks to his position. It was also starting to spill off the sides of the wide hybrid, but that was far from Garr’s concern; he was nearly hilted in the hybrid, and his thighs were tensing up for what would be a short, yet rough pounding.

Garr took a few more chocolate bunnies and consumed them, then began to animalistically force himself in and out of the lyger-koopa beneath him. His entire cock in and out of that hole, never fully leaving but always coming close at the base of each stroke. His own pre was lube enough to keep things going smoothly, but the icing and chocolate that the pair were all but covered in had also worked its way down there to help. Neither objected in the slightest, the very fine texture of the warm liquids simply adding to the pleasure the pair felt. It wasn’t as if either needed more pleasure, with Garr stuffing himself both through his ass and his mouth with his free paw, and Aleo being stuffed from both ends in a slightly different sense as he lay there on his beached form. In and out, in and out, Garr was wildly erratic and as fast as he could be, hanging onto that spine he had grabbed for dear life as he rode Aleo like a prized bronco.

He stayed on for the full eight seconds as well, Just barely though as he went off like a fire hose deep into the lyger-koopa. A final buck signaled his release, and as he did his cock pulsated rather violently. A torrent of seed goes right into that hybrid, which sends a loud howl out from the both of them as they both were now well and truly spent. It didn’t feel like it to either one of them though, both still at their sexual peak, basking in the blissful afterglow. Garr was still eating, even as he yelled and released into Aleo, not for a moment stopping his all-consuming gluttony. Aleo didn’t stop either, though he had little choice from the hose stuck in his muzzle. Garr stayed in Aleo too for a long moment, just panting and getting the last few drips of cum out of his length before pulling out of that leaking hole with a heavy sigh.

Garr then collapsed alongside Aleo, his breathing heavy as he looked around for another hose to stuff into his mouth to continue his growth as he lay there. He found one in a short while, nestling into the tight, and very slowly growing, side of the hybrid he had just pillaged moments before. Aleo was also sleepy, his eyelids heavy as he continued to consume the chocolate in his muzzle in spite of the many complaints of his overtaxed gut. He was far too stuffed to even move his arms though, which were resting on his fattened side out at an odd angle; getting them to rest normally with that much excess flesh was just impossible.

Garr was fast suffering the same problem as he lay beside Aleo, but he was also a lot softer than the lyger-koopa so he could just smoosh his belly and chest to accommodate his limbs. He did just that too, his moobs pushing together as he brought his arms up to his muzzle in order to stuff that tube into it. The flow of icing went into his maw immediately, as he was going to suffer the same fate as Aleo if he could help it now that his urges for sex were temporarily sated. A blissful sleep of dreams of food and sex awaited both himself and Aleo as they shut their eyes and drifted off into dreamland. Comfortable and still gorging, they were both as happy as could be as this happened; not a care in their empty, simple minds as their bodies bloated out with even more lard and their frames pushed more and more against one another…


Aleo awoke with his stomach in knots, his whole frame feeling sticky and cold. He let out a loud burp the second he came to, instantly covering his mouth as he slowly sat up with still-shut eyes. His head ached, and he had no idea where he was or why he was so stiff and nauseous. He heard a groan beside him, opening his eyes to just slits and seeing Garr beside him, curled up a little bit, nude, and also covered in what looked to be chocolate. Aleo’s eyes shot wide open as he saw that, and he began backing up away from Garr in fear. Just what had happened to get them where they were, in this factory of sorts with all this broken machinery and damage… The entire day after the incident with the amulet was nothing but a blur to Aleo as he racked his brain to try and come up with a reason for being nude in a badly damaged chocolate factory with his best friend beside him. Only one thought came to mind though, amongst all of them.

“Shit. We are so dead…”

The End


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