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“That’s utter bullshit and you know it Sasuke! You can’t have that crazy luck three hands in a row!” The green-and-yellow dragon seated across from the large grey wolfdragon threw his cards down in heated frustration, clamoring to his feet and nearly flipping his chair over in the process. Sasuke simply stayed seated calmly, his cards laid out in front of him in a neat fashion displaying his third winning hand in a row. The draolf had been on a rather hot streak since he had sat down, winning back all he had lost to his rather angry adversary in less than half the time he had lost it. He had then set about making short work of the stack of winnings which now dwindled across the table from him. All that remained was a few short stacks of chips and a rather svelte, stunned, and nude feline. Sasuke was set on winning those as well, and then taking his winnings for fun in multiple senses of the word. He just had to deal with the heated temper across from the table with him first, which was snorting smoke and looked ready to lunge at the drop of a hat. “Well?! Are you cheating or are you just that lucky?”

“I’m just that lucky.” Sasuke said with a calm, almost condescending tone to the dragon. More smoke billowed out from those flared dragon nostrils, which were now mere inches from Sasuke’s face. That hulking dragon was very, very mad now. Testing an angry dragon’s patience was not a good idea for most, but the wall of wolfdragon had little to fear, if anything at all, from his smoking kin. He decided not to continue down that path though, as breaking out into a fight in the middle of a casino was not the best way to become a repeat visitor. A peaceful resolution was needed, and in a stroke of what the draolf could only call genius, he began speaking again. “I guess you don’t believe that though. So, I’ll tell you what we’ll do. I’ll give you a chance to turn that around with a new deck and a winner-take-all hand.” His voice never wavered,  never rose, and even sounded cheery as he gave out that idea. The nostrils which were staring him in the eyes flared once more before backing off, giving Sasuke the idea that he had won himself a chance at taking that cat. Keeping himself from ruining his straining suit was an additional bonus; that was for the buffet later, as they had a strict clothing policy.

“So just one hand? New deck, new dealer, everything on the table? Alright wolfdragon, I’ll take your wager…” The dragon sat back down after pulling his chair back in, looking across the table with a menacing stare. Sasuke simply smiled in return, waving to the host of the back-room he and the dragon solely occupied. Every other fur that had been at the table had long since either run out of money or patience for the banter between the two, and now just a dealer was there. Said dealer had fled at the sight of the dragon’s outburst previously, leaving just the skittish host near the door, Sasuke, the feline, and the multi-colored reptile in the room.

“Excuse me, we need another dealer over here and two decks of cards.”

“Ye-Yessir, right away sir.” With that, the little muskrat scurried over to the table and took the decks from the table, muttering things into a walkie-talkie the entire way over. Sasuke was hardly paying attention to that, he was instead just smiling at his steaming ‘friend’ across the table. It had been a while since the wolfdragon had gotten a glare like that, and he relished it; he loved bringing smug furs down a peg. Granted, he was quite smug himself sitting beside the stack of winnings he had amassed, and surely his wager could bring him down a peg or two, but that was part of the fun of it for him. Gambling was a game of chance, not of anger, and chance could be very fun if you let it be.

“You just gonna sit there grinning like that?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“…Ass…” The dragon muttered, looking even more angry at that point. He was seething, and Sasuke could see it, so he decided to just be quiet and look around the room for the time being. His efforts were thwarted the second his eyes settled on the feline which had been sitting in the dragon’s winning the entire time. The tiger was cute, if not a bit small, with big blue eyes and a rather nicely-combed mop of brown hair. He was covered in black and white-striped fur which looked to be well cared for. Toned musculature accentuated his frame, giving him a rather built look but nothing near the levels of the dragon who was lording over him for the moment. The small cat looked to be pre-occupied playing with chips at this point, though why Sasuke could not say. It was not as if this tiger was a cub or anything like that; he just seemed to be easily amused, or trying to forget that he was being used as a bargaining chip in a game of poker. Overall, he looked quite innocent, and like he would make an excellent plaything to whomever won him; which Sasuke was hoping would be him.

The muskrat came back over to the table, a mare in tow behind him. “Sorry for the wait sirs. This is Jane, and she will be dealing your final hand for you. Once you decide a winner, please leave…” Sasuke stopped listening at about that point, his gaze returning to the dragon in front of him. Those cold eyes had never once left him, the anger behind them still burning brightly. Should that dragon lose this hand and have to forfeit the last of his winnings, Sasuke wasn’t going to like the consequences; he could feel that. He also knew that he had no sway over the outcome of the cards. He had not been cheating, as he had been accused of; Lady Luck had just shown him favor, as well as given him the hour of observation to learn tells that he needed. Tells meant nothing in this game though, not when two cards would decide it all. That in mind, Sasuke hung on bated breath as a pair of cards slid towards him from the dealer, each of the thin pieces of his favorite game meaning so much at that moment. The wolfdragon could only pray that he would still have the mistress of fortune on his side as his paw reached towards the cards, and lifted them enough so that he could see beneath them…


Laying down in his newly-acquired plush bed, Sasuke sighed heavily. He had won the hand, and the whole pot, by the skin of his teeth. Both he and the dragon had gotten a two pair, only Sasuke’s had been just one card higher. The reptile had not been pleased by the outcome of course, but a pair of burly security bears took care of any problems that would have caused rather quickly. From there, it was a matter of cashing out, getting himself a suite in the hotel, and then grabbing a robe to escort his feline winnings up to the room; the staff objected to carrying a nude tiger through the lobby. There had been a little bit of protesting from the black-and-white fur too, but all it took was one very harsh glare from the ten feet and nearly two tons of wolfdragon to get that little tiger to shut his mouth and comply. Sasuke hated throwing his heft around like that, but it worked so darn well that he had to abuse it every now and then.

“S-So… What am I here for?” A shaky voice interrupted the wolfdragon’s brief relaxation, bringing him back to reality for the moment. Sasuke propped himself up so that he could see over the grand curve of his wobbling mountain of adipose, as well as the two jiggling foothills which his many chins now rested on. “I mean… You don’t thi-“

“I think I won you in poker and you’re mine now.” He didn’t glare or raise his voice this time, but still those feline ears flattened and the small tail behind the tiger’s plush rump fell down to nearly the floor. The wolfdragon did feel a faint twinge of guilt for that reaction, but he had planned a rather… entertaining activity for the feline that was sure to make up for any fear. “I need two things from you right now: strip, and tell me your name.”

“Vex, sir…” The tiger barely squeaked out, the robe around him falling to the floor to reveal his whole nude frame. A sizable pink, flaccid length hung out for all to see, with an equally impressive sac sagging beneath it. Vex looked thoroughly embarrassed by this, trying his best to cover himself up with his paws as he stood there. Sasuke shook his head at that, and slowly the feline moved his paws back to his sides so that the wolfdragon could see what he had won. Gazing that lightly muscled, nude frame up and down once or twice, Sasuke licked his lips in anticipation of what was coming. Vex seemed to stiffen at the sight of that, both in fear and the slightest bit of lust, as Sasuke saw from a faint twitch of that feline cock. Surely the wolfdragon couldn’t have been that lucky… Could he?

Deciding to test his luck, the wolfdragon grunted and heaved his immense tonnage up to his feet. He stood there for just a moment, letting his gut settle down into place before he reached down under the massive sac of fat to start fiddling with his pants. Vex just stood and watched as the shirt, which could probably hold twenty of the feline, twisted and contorted on the titanic amount of belly it was being asked to cover while a pair of chubby paws worked beneath it to unlatch and unzip a pair of countless-X-L pants. It was mesmerizing to the feline, all that lard folding and rolling over arms which were nearly as big around as he was while being contained in a suit which was clearly not designed to do as much. This was evidenced as a button went whizzing past his head and pinged off a far wall. Sasuke smiled sheepishly at the feline, looking a bit embarrassed himself by the danger his clothing was posing at the moment, before he got back to work trying to get his pants off.

It took a good minute, but he managed to remove the offending item of clothing and deposit it around his ankles. His feet were already bare, so there was little to keep the pants on his frame as he kicked them aside and let his belly really sag. Without pants to hold it up, it draped down well past his knees to nearly his shins, displaying just how fat the draolf truly was. Another twitch in Vex’s length gave away that the feline was indeed enjoying what he saw from the still-semi-decent hybrid, and Sasuke planned to capitalize on that. So he lay back down on the bed with a loud whoomp, making the frame groan and crack, but not break entirely. The wolfdragon cringed at the sound nonetheless though, knowing he had enough to cover the damages but wanted to not have to think about that for the time being. From flat on his back, the wolfdragon could see little more than the ceiling and the headboard of the bed, as his many chins and chest were pushing his head back somewhat thanks to the sheer amount of fat in them. His gut was spread out wide over the bed, nearly covering it completely as it hung off one side of the queen-sized mattress. It hung down to his knees still too, but his truck-tire thighs created a pathway of words beneath that mountain of lard to the ultimate prize of his frame, and what Vex was in the room to take care of. “Come here Vex.”

The tiger complied quite hastily, his tail a hint more perky as well as his ears. He stood beside the wobbling, jiggling mound of draolf for a moment while Sasuke left his eyes shut and just rubbed at the sides of his vast frame for a moment. He rarely got to truly revel in being so impossibly huge, and took whatever chances he had to do just that. For now though, he had to focus on the fact that he was horny, his feline companion was getting there, and they both needed to do something about that. “I didn’t say come talk to me… I wasn’t wearing anything under my pants, and I think you know what you have to do.”

“Ye-Yessir…” Vex gulped slightly, looking to almost be fearful of having to go down beneath all that lard. Sasuke simply grinned at the prospect, opening his eyes again and gesturing towards his groin. He then put two paws beneath the biggest fold of fat that he could reach and heaved it up, just to help reassure Vex that he was not going to be crushed completely, just mostly. The feline was still apprehensive though, slowly making his way to the food of the bed and pausing as he saw just what he had to dive between; thighs which made him look like a twig. After a moment’s pause, the wolfdragon’s tail snaked around his leg, the long appendage sliding up the strong limb towards that supple ass of his before giving it a gentle slap towards the rest of the draolf. That was what it took to kick-start Vex, at least for the moment, as he slid himself in between those thighs headfirst. Sasuke opened his legs as wide as he could, which was very much so considering his girth, and yet they still were smothering  Vex on both sides. The wolfdragon did his best to try and remedy that though by hefting up pawful after pawful of lard, meaning less weight weighing down on those thighs and spreading them out to push against the feline. It meant more weight pushing his head back as well as more strain on his arms, but Sasuke paid little mind to that; he was horny and needed the hardening length deep beneath his colossal heft taken care of.

Vex barely noticed this though, for as soon as he got about halfway to his destination the smell of musk hit his nose. Instantly the aroused part of his mind kicked in, as this scent was unlike any he had smelled in a long time; it was sweet. The wolfdragon’s musk smelled almost of sweaty, heady honey, and begged to be inhaled for every breath. It kicked the feline’s efforts to reach the draolf’s crotch into overdrive, meaning that Vex nosed and licked and nibbled his way closer to that length a hell of a lot faster. Sasuke felt all those little signs of foreplay on his sensitive skin, each one responded to with a moan or groan of blissful pleasure. The whiskers on his thinly-furred thunder thighs, the hair brushing the underside of his ponderous paunch, the teeth grazing his stretched skin… It was just the burrowing foreplay, nothing had even touched the hybrid’s cock yet, and already he was nearly throbbing in arousal. It was one of the perks of being so large in his mind; even the littlest touches to his frame could be orgasmic from how sensitive all his flesh was.

Vex could smell the scent of musk growing stronger the closer he got to the wolfdragon’s crotch. He could not see a thing where he was going, and was sure that he was breathing in more musk that oxygen, but he did not care. His head was starting to feel constricted, so he started using his shoulders to create a bit of a cavern for his head to sink into as well. This helped, but the going of the last few inches was still slow. Unbeknownst to the feline was that he had already found the wolfdragon’s cock with his hair, making Sasuke squirm and wiggle in bliss around him. Vex’s ignorance of his find led him to keep pushing onward, albeit with more and more disappointment as he was starting to think that his host was not nearly as well-endowed as he had thought. Still, that scent of musk drove him on, getting stonger and stronger as things become more and more cramped for him. It was as if the weight of the world was seeking to crush him, and had the feline been claustrophobic he would have been backing off right then, but such petty fears would not stop him from getting to the pride of the wolfdragon.

Another couple wiggles by the nearly-hidden feline, and his nose bumped something. It was an orb, much harder and taut than the fat around it, and yet there was only one of them. With some expert maneuvering and struggling, the feline brought his paws up to his head and felt at that orb for a moment. It was nearly the size of his head, if not a little bigger, and seemed to be growing by the second. A little bit of groping at darkness gave away that there was another of the same size, and instantly Vex paled slightly in the dark, dank environment around him. Those were Sasuke’s balls; and if those were his sac… Vex rubbed his head against what he had thought was underbelly, making Sasuke moan so loudly that even the feline could hear it beneath feet of lard. ‘Oops’ was all the feline could think as he began backing his head off, his neck arched back as much as he could in order to let his tongue lick the underside of that massive cock.

Sasuke groaned and squirmed around from that pleasure, nearly throbbing for release just from that simple pleasure right there. He was easy to please; almost too easy he had to admit, as walking around with his paunch constantly fondling and teasing his pride kept him nearly-constantly hard. Of course, he would never admit that, instead just saying that other things got him aroused or taking his time getting others into his bed. The feeling of both slicked back hair and a rough feline tongue teasing his length though, along with a pair of strong paws massaging his swollen sac was quite an excuse though, so he ignored his shortcomings in longevity in the bedroom and instead just let the ecstasy of the moment take over his mind. Of course, letting that happen meant Vex was in for a wild ride, as his conscious mind had been holding up the enormous belly above the feline, as well as stopping himself from humping at the pleasure down beneath it. The feline was in no mortal danger, but getting out from all that lard…

Escape was the last thing on Vex’s mind as he finally found the head of Sasuke’s length nearly a food and a half from where he had started. His sandpaper tongue began licking over that head as softly as he could, teasing it with his teeth as well. Sasuke cried out in pleasure, his muscles tightening around the feline and squishing him for a moment before the wolfdragon relaxed again. That sent a pleasurable shiver down the tiger’s spine, and planted a new thought in his mind. Vex’s ass ached for a good pounding, as it had been a while since he had gotten one, so his licking was fast turning into a very poor fur’s lubricant. The feline knew that such a length would tear him in half, but any fears like that had left his mind about a foot of cock ago; he wanted, no needed, that thing in him, and feeling the constricting around him just let him know that was what his ass would feel should he succeed in taking that dick. Adjusting himself would be a nightmare in and of itself, but he would manage as best he could once he had finished giving that member a full work-over with his muzzle.

Licks, slurps, and kisses of both affection and lust came fast and furious as he went about that, making Sasuke shudder and moan out some more as he began to truly toss and turn above the feline. The tiger was still doing his best to get that cock wet and ready, his paws still massaging over every square inch of the wolfdragon’s bloated balls they could reach. Those things were now as tight as drums and pulsing with a load that Vex was starting to become a touch afraid of. This was not to say that he still was not as ready as ever to get his ass torn asunder by the massive cock, just that the aftermath would probably leave him a gurgling, beached, and leaking ball. That thought sent a strange spasm to his cock, which was already throbbing somewhere on his body. All the pleasuring of the wolfdragon had inevitably gotten him aroused as well, and as such he too was now aching for release like his host. He knew he would have to wait though, so instead he tried his utmost to push any thoughts of getting himself off from his mind so that he could focus on his host.

This focus brought him back to the head of the wolfdragon’s length, which was now leaking precum in thick, gooey globs. The tiger tried tasting one of those spurts of seed, and instantly was hooked. The stuff was sweet, yet salty, yet… It was hard to categorize. The wolfdragon above him was such a glutton that his body made his cum an absolute myriad of flavors rather than the usual sweet or salty from most. As such, one taste was usually all it took, and the tiger who was now latched onto the head of his cock was no different. Licking eagerly at the head of cock about the size of his face, Vex immediately forgot about stuffing that cock into him and worried about getting every drop of cum that he could. Pink tongue caressing every inch of that uncut head in front of him, Vex brought his paws up to stroke along that shaft attached to his prize while he continued to glut on the seed spewing forth from it.

Sasuke howled out in bliss as that coarse tongue licked along his head, near the slit of his member. He couldn’t help himself in humping towards that attention to him, so lost was his self-control at that point. He was right on the edge, and would take just a hint more of pleasure to go off like a bomb. His forward shove as he humped though had an unintended side-effect, and made sure that he got that last bit of pleasure nearly immediately. Vex’s head had become lodged onto the tip of Sasuke’s length, his jaw stuck open wide and trapped on that cock. The tiger couldn’t pull back off for fear of biting or injuring his host, but at the same time he could hear his jaw pop out and stretch his cheeks to their limit. He whimpered faintly, the pain of such a forceful entry nearly outweighing the pleasure of the rest of the moment, but that was almost instantly forgotten by him. The act of getting stuck had triggered something in Sasuke, and it took a moment for Vex to register what he had just done. A hard throb up the length of that shaft, a measurable shake, and then…

Sasuke howled and came.

The initial spurt of seed was enough to fill Vex up to the brim, and yet there was still so much left to go. As the feline was latched onto that cock with no way of escaping, he had to gobble down every ounce of cum that was being deposited into him. The fact that he was latched onto Sasuke was only helping the wolfdragon too, as it made sure to keep his release as orgasmic as possible for the entirety of it. He howled once more, humped at Vex’s head and his own underbelly, and came again and again. Each spurt of multiple gallons of cum went right into the tiger’s stomach, which was bloated out into a sloshing medicine ball after just two of those releases, and there was far more to cum. Three and that gut had swollen out to a small, deflated beachball, the fourth inflated that beachball. Spasms from that throbbing shaft meant that there was still more to go too, and Vex could only whimper as he fast turned into little more than a cum balloon attached to Sasuke’s cock.

The more seed that spewed into Vex’s straining body, the more that the feline was aroused. At some point he came too, coating his underbelly in his own comparatively-miniscule load, and mixing his own pungent musk with the wolfdragon’s overbearing scent. Sasuke’s sensitive nose picked that up, a faint smirk forming on his twisted features as he began to come down off the high of such a release. His eyes were less screwed shut as his length died down to being just hard rather than jerking into the tiger at the end of it. His muzzle relaxed as the last of a prodigious load left his cock for the cum-dumpster on the end of it. His muscles relaxed as he settled back into himself, less arched forward, which had inadvertently kept Vex pinned deep beneath all that lard. All in all, Sasuke was spent for the moment, as he pant and sweat in his lard-laden cage of a body while the afterglow began to set in.

Vex was in the same position, of sorts. He too was spent and beginning to bask in the afterglow of sex. He was stuffed to nearly bursting with cum though, frame helping to hold up Sasuke’s impressive tonnage it was so tightly packed. He was leaking wolfdragon spooge from every orifice on his body, as there was just not enough room in his frame to hold all of what had been deposited into him. Nose, tailhole, eyes, even his ears were seeping cum in a slight way. The feline did not question why it was happening, as there was just not enough left of his conscious mind to think about that. He was too tired, too spent, and too busy gurglingly purring to even begin to contemplate the physics of why he was leaking from his ears. Instead, he just tried his best to pull off the rock-hard cock still lodged in his muzzle so that he could relax.

Sasuke was happy to help, pulling back with a loud grunt from the tiger. So wedged in place was the bloated ball of cum and fur that the tip came out with a loud pop and fell right in front of the tiger’s muzzle. Nearly a gallon of seed came along with the cock, the feline almost sad to see so much of that load go to waste. Most of it had indeed gone to his waist though, so he was not utterly heartbroken. He almost wished to examine himself, but trapped beneath so much wolfdragon made that nigh impossible. Instead he just tried rubbing at what he could reach with his arms and legs while his tail batted around behind his swollen, dripping ass with a dexterity only felines could have. That tickled Sasuke, making him wiggle and wobble around above the tiger as he giggled faintly. The stenches of sweat and cum were also coming down to finally bear on the both of them; neither cared though. They were more concerned with regaining their strength and letting their tiring ordeal just be over for the time being.

For several minute they sat still, doing nothing more than panting and gurgling, respectively. Sasuke was the first to move, as he was not beached nor trapped. He rolled off to his side after a couple wobbling attempts, and then from there it was quick trip off the bed and onto the floor, where he landed gut-first. His fat making contact with the floor far before any of his limbs, he groaned for a long moment before even trying to move any more. From his perch above the mound of lard he called a stomach, he looked over at Vex, and simply grinned at what he saw. The tiger’s fur was matted with sweat and cum, looking as though he had just gone ten rounds with a porn star. His gut was bloated out to a nearly comical-size, vastly disproportionate from the rest of his frame. It looked as though he had eaten a balloon then let it inflate with water, which was not far from the truth when Sasuke thought about it. Seed was still seeping from his muzzle and tailhole, but at least the tiger’s nose, ears, and eyes had stopped leaking at this point. Gurgling purrs of ecstasy were all that Sasuke could hear coming from Vex, and that was fine by him as he rested on his gut for a few more moments.

Vex was quite content to just rest where he was for the time being. Sasuke rolling off to the side had knocked the tiger onto his own side, leaving him with a gut which made it impossible to even attempt to curl up the dominant part of his frame. Napping with such a massive obstacle blocking his sleeping position was going to be tough, but he was so tired from having to stretch and hold so much that his body would surely give him a break. There was a small fear in the back of the tiger’s mind that he might drown in cum, but so far he had not so why should he worry now? He had nearly gotten out all the true excess either way, so there would not be much more leaking from him, he hoped. Thinking on that any more was just too much to ask of the exhausted tiger though. That thought shutting his mind up for the time being, Vex shut his eyes tighter, kept on rubbing his gut with lazy paws, and began to drift off into a cat nap.

Sasuke saw this and smirked, rocking on his gut to get to his feet. It took a few tries, but Sasuke had been a blob of wolfdragon long enough to know how to get himself situated on his massive frame. So he did just that, rocking a few more times and then positioning his legs beneath him. From there, it was literally a matter of bailing his fat out from under him to in front of him, which took another minute or so before he was on his feet again and with his gut hanging in front of him rather than on the floor. Looking down at his now-ambulatory frame, the wolfdragon examined himself over just to see if he was at least still decent. His shirt was ruined, covered in sweat and a cum stain or two, but the wolfdragon paid it little mind and set about finding his pants. He was going to have a hell of a time getting them on, but that would be alright; the payoff of the buffet downstairs would be worth it. Sure, he would get some looks going in, but once he started eating… More looks would come.

Slipping on his pants, Sasuke pushed that from his mind. He knew he was going to be kicked out of the place, as his eating habits were more of legend rather than of fact. He was more concerned with what he was going to do afterwards. He knew that the tiger wanted more, he could see it from the still-hard cock resting against that drum-like belly the feline now sported. Sasuke was also horny after he ate, particularly if he stuffed himself silly like he was planning on doing at the buffet down below. A round two was going to be in order for that poor feline, whether he wanted it or not. Sasuke was far less worried about losing the creature beneath his belly too, he could really go after that ass with little abandon. Vex, the newly-bloated cum-balloon fast asleep on the bed that Sasuke was raping with his perverse gaze,  wasn’t going to know what hit him. Sasuke could only hope that the tiger was going to hold more than last time, as the load that had turned the tiger into the large thing he was now was a rather small one by Sasuke’s standards. “Maybe a ball-gag…”


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