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So, here it is, the second week of 2016. I am making some serious progress on the writing front, as I already have 3 stories done on the board in as many days. I have been trying to make things easier between Kita and I as well, and couple that with the fact that things have been going better overall around here… This year is getting off to a pretty good start. Sure, I have been sick, as has everyone else in the house since the year began. It is getting worse for me too… Dunno if it is just a cold or something more, but I am trying my best to just not let it sap all my energy. Today has been a rough one in that regard so far thanks to not sleeping enough and just barely being able to talk. It hurts to even breathe my throat is so sore, but I am trying to hang in there with that. I mean, that is the only thing that has been going wrong for me as of late too; my health. My stomach has been way more fussy lately too, though I think that is just in general because I have basically been sick since MFF last year. I hope to be better soon though… I want to be able to focus more on getting things done and less on the fact that I need to really puit some serious effort into writing. Mental energy is in short supply around here as of late, but I am still pushing forward anyways to try and get things done.

Kita and I have been doing well this past week… Well enough anyways. We did get into it again over the weekend, but this week so far has been alright. Finances have been… Well, I am a bit nervous, but I would rather be careful than not. I haven’t really broached the subject with Kita as of yet on all that because I don’t want him worrying about it too, but I will if it gets to that point. I am trying to keep my writing progress going so that I can contribute more to the house overall so that things can be a little less stressful on that front for the both of us… I really don’t want to go back to slaving away at something that I hate, and that was taking years off my life. I haven’t been this overall healthy in a winter in a long time, which I know sounds like crap when I have been sick for over a month. When I was sick for 3 months last year though… Yeah, I know things can be worse than they are right now. Kita has been as supportive as he can be with me being sick, but I dunno… He doesn’t really understand how sick I get, and that I just stay sick. I try to get better, but it comes in waves and my immune system is such shit that things just go wrong right away with it and I get sick again. He tries to get it and I have tried explaining… But he is stubborn and only sees things his way. He is trying though, which I take solace in and just hope will be enough going forward.

Past that, as I said, writing has been going swimmingly. I have one long-form project that is closing in on the final stretch, and if I get into it tonight it may be done before I wake up tomorrow. I have a lot that needs editing too… I hate editing. I hate it so much, and I hate the whole process of posting things and whatnot too. I really wish there was an easier way to handle it all, but I don’t want to lose my audience either. I know it has shrunk as of late because of some new writers… I need to get back on track and get some of them back. I can still pull over 500 views a story, and I get a SERIOUS traffic spike on my own site whenever I post anything. I do want more though, and I can only hope to get more. Patreon needs to get bigger too… I have 2 people on it now, which is better than 0, but I want at least 5 or 6 before I will call it a success. That amount is basically covering a bill a month, and that is something I want to be able to achieve. I can supplement it with commissions and whatnot, but for now I need to get it where I can just say that I am helping things along here with writing, rather than pretty much riding on Kita’s coat tails. Ugh… Dunno, but I am going to keep at it for as long as I have the chance, and that does mean working my ass off.

So, not much else to report. Just sick, things are getting better around here, and that is about it. Nothing else major though; got a con next weekend I will be going to for a day to just see a couple people. Can’t find a room for it, so just not gonna be staying the whole time. It’s no big deal though, just a local con and whatnot… WOuld be nice to spend the weekend, but it wasn’t meant to be. Oh well. Gonna be shooting to start uploading things right after the con too, as I want another week to write before I start trying to upload and write and whatnot too. I mean, editing a story and prepping it for upload and uploading it takes about 30 minutes per story. I already have premade icons and whatnot, so it’s just editing them, but… It’s no small task, and I have about 7 things that need uploading right now, with hopefully 9 or 10 by the time I start trying to work through them. Figure at least a couple hours of writing with an hour or so spent working on getting things out there is good enough for me… I will give it a try and see how it works out being. But yeah, not much else, so ciao for now!

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