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A great grey-and-blue ball of flab pushed against the door, forcing it open just a hint before the paw above it met with the handle and pushed it the rest of the way open. More of the grand sac of adipose flowed on through the opening, clearing the sides of the double-wide door by scant inches. Not even fully inside the restaurant, the massive ten feet of dragon loomed over all that was around him already. This was quite possibly due to his equator-rivaling girth, the centerfold of which was a prodigious belly. The drooping ball of lard was massive, clad mostly in grey belly-scales which were on prominent display. Blue-scaled love handles helped to further accentuate the true heft of the colossal stomach, both of which rested over the waist band of a set of black pants that had seen better days. Holding all that up was held up by a pair of rotund, quaking thighs which were shoved into the far-too-small pants. Both of those things were inside the building a full waddling step before the arms and head of their owner was. Said arms were just as meaty and wobbly as the thighs far below, buoyed up by the quaking roll of fat which ran around the lard-laden creature’s chest and accented by a pair of broad, strong shoulders. A pair of flabby breasts sat front and center on that chest, barely covered by a straining black tank top and making a quick glance to determine the gender of the creature an utter impossibility. Moving up to the rolling collar of fat that one could call a neck, the first of three chins sat the lowest on that collar. A pair of cherubic cheeks lined with a row of dull spines along whatever ill-defined jawline lay below joined that chin along the sides, giving the beast a permanently harmless look. Two more chins to glance at, then a muzzle which looked stubby and wide with all the fat which encased it from all sides. A shaved off white horn sat on the end of that muzzle, though a bit hard to spot from any angle than above. Deep emerald eyes peered over those chubby cheeks, surveying every inch that he could see not only over them, but over the artificial horizon his paunchy frame created. His head was capped off with two pairs of white horns and a few spines which only dragons could possess, which were the last things to enter the restaurant save for an arse that looked like a pair of bear cubs fighting in shrink-wrap and a tail that could better serve as a sofa. Wings were also back there somewhere, but on such a colossal ball of lard, they were little more than an afterthought.

The titan loomed in the entryway for a long moment, blocking the entire doorway and them some as he just stood, hunched over as far as he dare. Any further, as his paws rested on his love-handles and his breath game in long, drawn-out heaves, and he would have toppled over onto his immense gut. The dragon was panting rather hard from the trek he had just taken, his chest and ponderous paunch heaving in and out with each labored breath. He took a few moments to compose himself, trying to get that panting down to a reasonable level before continuing on. It was a lot easier said than done though when one was closer to the size of a vehicle rather than a living creature. So there he stood, holding up a paw of pause to a couple which had approached as he had entered and now waited for the lardball of a beast to get out of the way so they could exit. They did not rush the dragon and instead just stood patiently a good yard away. Whether their actions were out of fear of being eaten or sat on he wasn’t sure, but he had no intention of doing either. Nor the energy at that moment, but that was slowly returning with each passing gulp of oxygen into his taxed lungs.

About a minute passed before he stood upright again, lumbering ponderously out of the way and even going so far as to shove the door open with his thick tail. The coupe nodded thanks, still having to squeeze past the behemoth just a little in order to make it out of the door. The pair did just that quickly too, still looking a touch nervous around the looming giant, but the reptile was used to it. He instead just ignored the cautious silence and let the door shut behind them, and then began the trudge towards the greeter. It was only ten steps, but each step at his weight was a monumental amount of effort. He had to swing his leg out to the side rather than just stepping, as there was just too much sagging flab to allow him to walk normally. This quaking, waddling gait was still just barely doable by how tight his pants were on his frame. The constricting material made moving that way a real struggle, and as such he had to only do it halfway and push up his gut. This made the ball of adipose roll and wobble greatly, the whole thing being forced full feet to either side of the immensely wide beast with every step. It was like watching jello move around under its own power when he had to move that way, as there was never a moment that everything from his neck to his feet stopped moving in some form or another.

Somehow the fat-packed beast made it though, his paunch again getting to his destination far before any other part of his body. It bumped into the greeter’s podium, startling the small muskrat a small amount as she turned around to be greeted by the second largest beast she had ever clad eyes on. “I… Huff… I have a reservation?” The reptile panted in a deep, booming voice. The female muskrat only hesitated for an instant before peering down at the sheet of paper before her, barely a look of shock on her face at the dragon’s immense size. This perplexed the dragon greatly, as he was far more used to looks of terror when he came into an eatery. ‘Just what was this place?’ he had to wonder as he looked on at the hostess.

“What name is it under sir?”

“Zero Whitefang.”

“Just a… Ah, here we are.” The hostess looked up at the dragon, her paw hovering over a menu on the side of the podium for a short moment. “Is it safe to assume you want the buffet?”

“Is it that obvious?” Zero quipped back at the hostess, getting a smile out of her immediately.

“I’m afraid it is. Just follow me please, and I’ll show you to your table.” Forgoing the menu, the hostess stepped out from behind the podium and started down the aisles of tables which lined the restaurant, the quaking dragon in tow. Because of his height, each of his waddling steps covered a lot of ground, but even still his pace meant the muskrat had to wait for him more than a few times. She did not seem surprised or impatient at this fact at all, which was another shock to Zero. A quick scan of the room revealed he was easily the largest in there, although there were more than a few butterballs that the dragon could spot. He felt a little more comfortable seeing that, but was still a touch confused as to why a scalie of his size was so easily accepted. It was not every day, nor was it even some days, that such adipose could be seen on just one creature and not several. Zero wasn’t going to agonize over why he was being treated so normally though, as the smells of food all around him began to waft up into his long snout.

Grilled meats, chocolate and vanilla desserts, varied vegetables, a plethora of pastas, more spices than the dragon could count… That was just on the three tables around him. Zero was beginning to see why his fat equine friend Mac had recommended the place to him, and as he followed the hostess a bit deeper into the eatery towards the buffet, he started to truly look around. Mac may have pointed Zero to his own new heaven; that horse was going to get one hell of a hug the next time the big drake saw him. All of the food was in portions that the dragon could really get behind; plates looking more like platters and dishes rarely empty. Those couple realizations made the dragon begin to salivate subconsciously, as he began to anticipate a meal which would actually leave him full, which was a rare occasion for him. Many beasts around him looked just as full as he was going to be, with belts loosened and a few stifled belches coming from those that looked to have truly overdone it. Zero would join them later on, and could not wait to get started as his pace quickened just a little bit in order to get towards his food that much faster.

“Here we are, the V.I.P. section. The buffet is just down at the end. Please have a seat and one of our servers will be over shortly to begin bringing your meals to you.”

“Wait, they bring the food to me?”

“Of course sir; wouldn’t want you to burn off any calories… Or just stand at that buffet and eat it all.” The muskrat winked at him, giving the giant patch of exposed lard on Zero’s frame a hearty pat before stepping aside to allow him to sit. Zero had been paying so close attention to the food around him that he had not noticed just how much the restaurant’s crowd had thinned. He was in a somewhat dimly-lit room in the back, with only a few furs in there. That hardly meant the back room felt empty though, as each nearly the size or at least weight of Zero; one or two were even bigger. The dragon instantly saw why he was so welcomed and a common sight to the waitress, and relaxed tremendously as he gave a warm nod and moved toward the low bench which he was being invited to sit on. “Enjoy your meal sir.”

“Thank you, I think I will.” Zero beamed as he moved in front of the bench, having to shuffle somewhat to get alongside it between it and the table. Zero bumped the table on accident, and upon hitting it saw just how smart this restaurant was, and how much it truly catered to the super-obese furs like himself. The table was on wheels, meaning it would never get in the way or cause him discomfort. It also seemed to be able to adjust in height, so that Zero could always reach it no matter how far his belly stuck out in front of him. The design was ingenious, and made the fat drake rub his paws together with glee as he lowered his bodacious rump onto the flat seat just inches off the floor. That was again a smart design, as it made it easier for him to sit and be comfortable, as well as prevented any chance of him getting stuck. The seat was plush and felt good on the flanks of the heavy dragon too, though not quite as good as being able to be off his feet which were barking at him for standing as long as he had. All in all, Zero was just impressed with his experience in the little-known shop already, and he had yet to even try a bite of their food.

“Hello sir!” A rather fat squirrel appeared alongside Zero, with such stealth that the dragon had not even noticed his presence until the small mammal had spoken. A bit startled by that, Zero looked over at him and caught himself from jumping as the chipper squirrel gave a polite not and introduced himself. “My name is Port, and I’ll be taking care of you today.”

“Shouldn’t sneak up on a fatty like that… Might sit on you.”

“Oh if I had a dime for every time I heard that…” Port joked back, not missing a beat. Both he and Zero stared at one another for a moment, just seeming to size one another up before they both gave out hearty laughs of mirth. It was surprising for staff to be so friendly and upbeat when having to deal with as demanding creatures as hungry gluttons, and yet here the squirrel was cracking jokes like he had known Zero for years. One pleasant surprise after another came from that place; Zero was having a harder and harder time now just making this place his new home with every passing perk that he found.

“I can imagine. Now, Port… I’m starving, so if you would…” The dragon didn’t even have to finish his sentence, as the squirrel produced two heaping plates of food from behind his back. A eighteen-inch-long rack of ribs drenched in sauces and so tender it had broken in half just from being placed on the plate sat on one of them,  and a steak that looked to be more like a whole cow rather than just a piece of it reside on the other. THe dragon’s eyes went wide; it was like his mind had been read and then photo-copied onto the two plates of dripping meats in front of him. Speaking instantly became something of the past to the dragon, as drool ran freely from his lips at the sights and his paws made faint grabbing motions at his sides. “…Gimme.”

“Of course, I’ll be back with more in just a moment. If you would just give me a second to get the table into position, I’ll let you get on with making that waistline of yours grow.” The squirrel smiled as he spoke, placing both plates on the table in front of the dragon before fiddling with the thing for a moment. Zero had indeed been right about the tables rising, as it came up more and more to meet his chest’s level. It then slid over his belly to get those places within easy reaching distance for the glutton’s fattened arms. The whole time Zero was watching this, more drool had been pooling on his multitude of chins as he eagerly awaited to get his paws on that steak. The ribs were a secondary thing for him, as that steak just was asking to be stuffed down the greedy dragon’s gullet, and as such the second it was within reach the dragon grabbed onto the plate and yanked it towards him. His waiter simply chuckled at the sight, watching as the juices spilled off the plate onto the table, then off the plate and onto the dragon’s chest as it came to a stop so suddenly steak juice went everywhere. “I’ll bring napkins too sir, please enjoy the appetizers.”

“Thank you,” Zero said with a slightly sheepish smile on his muzzle. The squirrel chuckled and gave a polite nod before scampering off, his plush frame bouncing to and fro with every waddling step. The dragon was a bit embarrassed by the show of unabashed gluttony, but as he listened for just a moment before diving into his steak, he could hear signs of it all around him from the other four blobs of adipose around him. Smacking lips, hiccups, belches, smacking of filling stomachs… The place may have looked like a den of debauchery from the lighting and deep red wall-dressings, but it was a haven of gluttony as far as Zero was concerned. With that thought making him smile from cheek to chubby cheek, the dragon used his claw to cut off a large chunk of the steak. The ‘bite’ was easily the size of a normal steak from pathetic eateries which were so commonly visited by average furs. Zero smiled to himself at that thought, stabbing his portion with his claw and bringing it up to his lips. Taking a tasting sniff of it before he put it into his maw, the dragon wasn’t quite sure of what to expect. Sure, it smelled good, but smell could mean little…

That steak was heaven.

He had found perfection in a steak, and it nearly made him melt into his seat. He let out a low moan of utter bliss from the utter assault on his taste buds by the spices, the smokiness, the texture, the rich flavorful juices… Zero had eaten a lot of food in his life, to put it as mildly as one could. This surpassed everything he had ever eaten by leaps and bounds however, making him shudder in bliss as his molars turned the large chunk of meat into smaller, digestible ones. The drake’s eyes shut as he just sat there, savoring every single time his teeth tore through the succulent, tender steak that was slowly being pulverized in his muzzled. He almost didn’t want to swallow; he just wanted that flavor to stay in his muzzle forever. This thought only lasted for nary a split-second though, as the dragon remembered that he still had several more bites of the colossal steak to go. The dragon opened his eyes and looked at his plate, and in the time it took him to see that steak, he was filled with an insatiable urge for more of it. Self-control be damned, the dragon needed more of this food in order to sustain his very existence.

Zero tore into that steak like he had not eaten in his entire life, forgoing cutting it and just taking the thing in both paws to tear huge chunks of the meat off. It was as if gluttony himself has possessed the wobbling flesh of the drake, and was forcing him to eat more and more. Huge pieces of the cow meat vanished into that greedy blue muzzle, staining the outside of it almost immediately in dripping steak juices. A couple of the furs who were in the darkened room with the drake saw that show of hunger and simply smiled knowingly; they too had all been there the first time they had come to this particular restaurant. Zero could care less about those eyes on him though; he was far too distracted with stuffing that slab of meat into his starved muzzle, and savoring every second of it. Granted, he was eating with such gusto that the myriad of flavors were being lost to the speed he was eating, but that didn’t matter to him. The drake just wanted more of it, and more of it he was going to have.

The meat ran out all too quick, forcing a frown onto Zero’s face for but a moment before those ribs came into view. Grabbing the drenched slab of pork and bones, the drake started to tear into that as well. He got the same borderline-orgasmic taste from the pork meat as he had from the cow meat before it, but did not spend nearly as long reveling in it. He just stuffed more of the tender, sticky meat into his muzzle, bones and all, without pause. The ribs were covered in far more sauce than the steak had been, and made an utter mess of the drake’s paws by the second bite. His three chins and bouncing cheeks faired no better, already drenched in drool and steak juice as light brown sauce joined into the mix nearly immediately. None of that mattered to Zero though, as he just pushed those ribs down onto his gorging maw like paper into a shredder.

“Sir?” Zero stopped, the voice having brought him from his gluttony-induced haze and back into reality. He had already chewed through nearly ninety-percent of the ribs, and saw no harm in popping the last bit into his muzzle in a few more bites before tending to whomever was addressing him. So down those last few bites of the ribs went, and no sooner had they started being chewed than the drake turned to his guest to see who was speaking to him. It was Port, looking at him with a faint, knowing smile and giving him plenty of time to finish. Zero relaxed almost immediately at that, though the sheepish smile from earlier returned as well as a very faint blush. The dragon wasn’t about to rush again though, taking his time to chew up the meat in his muzzle and actually enjoy the taste rather than just letting it brush his tongue on its way down into his cavernous paunch. The dragon didn’t eat the bones for those last few bites, instead removing them and placing them gently on his plate once he had gulped down as much of the pork as he could. A few more swallows, and his mouth was clear to speak to his waiter, who had been standing and watching patiently the whole time. “Can you talk now?”

“Yes, sorry about that… Did you bring napkins?” The squirrel nodded, handing what looked to be just a whole dish towel to the dragon. Zero took it gratefully and began cleaning up the mess he had made, looking rather embarrassed now that the food-high which had gripped him so tightly for those few moments had faded.

“I see you liked those appetizers… Quite a bit in fact.”

“I did,” the drake replied, a sheepish smile plastered on his face.

“Good, I’ll be happy to bring more over. They were a sort of… Trial offer.” Zero cocked an eyebrow, stopping midway through wiping off his dirtied muzzle to give the squirrel a quizzical look. The smaller fur simply smiled, taking a breath before continuing. “This is not exactly an ordinary restaurant, as you can tell… At least, this part of it. This part is specifically for giving you all that you can eat, and not just most of it. Since you have never been here before, I had to make sure that was what you wanted before letting you stay… I mean, don’t want to have some dieter come in here right?” Zero chuckled to himself at that feeble attempt at a joke, nodding. “Alright, so, do you have any questions for me, or do you just want to get down to eating?” Zero looked to think for a minute, an expectant smile on the squirrel’s face as he looked on at the pondering blue-and-white mound of dragon.

“Just one question; what time do you close?”

“Oh we don’t close this part of the restaurant if that’s what you’re worried about. The owner hates sending any one of his larger patrons home at all hungry; stuffed or nothing as he says.” There was a certain hint of a devious tone in the small mammal’s words, but Zero took no notice of it as that first sentence already had him salivating at the thoughts of truly eating his fill.

“Good enough for me. Bring on the grub my friend.” Zero licked his chops in anticipation as the squirrel again scampered off, still moving fairly quickly for a fur of his heft. The dragon did make a mental note of that, wondering just what made that few hundred pound beast move so quick. It was a mystery for another time though, as at that moment he was far more concerned with what he was going to get first. He could only guess at this point, as he had no idea what to expect thanks to forgetting to specify any sort of food. He had smelled an absolute smorgasbord of tasty meals entering the room, so he did not doubt what he was going to get being good; he more wondered just what sort of goodness he was going to get. Thoughts of more steaks, more ribs, some burgers, a thing of pasta here and there, potatoes galore, soups by the gallon… Zero needed that towel he had received just a little bit prior to wipe the drool running down his chins. If what the squirrel had said was even somewhat true, it was going to be one hell of a night for the drake, and he knew it.

He didn’t have to wait long to find that out either, as the fat little mammal came back just a minute or so later with a cart laden with more food than even Zero had initially been expecting. He was still thinking in the terms of normal restaurants, and as he was fast beginning to see that this place was anything but, he needed to adjust his expectations accordingly. Still, to see that much food coming towards him… Zero’s brain began to shout at him a million different ideas of what to tear into first. It was all most too much for his senses to handle at first, made apparent by the instant torrent of drool his muzzle began to spew. The titanic drake didn’t do that under normal circumstances; Zero usually prided himself on his well-placed table manners. However, he was losing them again as he had just minutes prior with the ‘appetizers’ most would consider sizable entrees. The dragon knew that he would need to maintain some self-control if he wanted to make it out of the restaurant not covered in food, but that voice in his head reminding him of this was beginning to be shunned by the many gluttonous ones yelling louder and louder in his mind.

It was a practically deafening cacophony of shouts by the drake’s stomach at his mind by the time the food got to his table. Port moved and lowered the table to reach it, giving Zero a better view of the cart which he almost wished he didn’t have. He could see at least twenty full-sized dishes on the top layer of the cart, another good fifteen sides on the shelf below that, and then still more below that. The tri-layered food conveyor looked to almost be sagging under all the weight that it was being asked to haul around, and that only made the dragon’s stomach yell louder; so much so that the smaller squirrel who was doing his best to sate it nearly jumped with surprise. That made Zero blush furiously, and turn his gaze away from the food being placed in front of him for a brief moment. Port simply laughed after getting over the surprise of such a loud growl from the gurgling table muscle which he was bringing offerings to. With an audacity that could have only come of many experiences with gluttons on the same scale as Zero, the squirrel reached out and pat that belly on its scaled, rippling surface. That made the blush renew on the drake’s cheeks as he turned to look at the little mammal who was holding a plate of three large burgers in one paw, and had the other sunken up nearly to the wrist in dragon blubber. “Uh…?”

“Don’t you worry about it, we’ll shut that thing up if it’s the last thing we do, alright?” The squirrel grinned, making Zero smile his sheepish smile in return as his cheeks stayed a rather bright shade of red. “Don’t you worry about holding back either.” Zero raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to object, but Port just looked up at him with a gaze that made speaking seem like it would only get in the way. “We have showers, changes of clothes, and believe me… The owner and some of our regulars get off on being fat, slovenly pigs… Just don’t tell them I told you that.” Port winked and smiled before continuing, “So don’t worry about being judged or being out of place… In fact, you being as clean as you are is more out of place than anything. No sweat or stains or anything…” Port almost looked slightly saddened as he made that comment. Zero, while he had no intentions of becoming a slob throughout his meal, took that and visibly relaxed as those words came out of the squirrel. It was as if he could loosen his tie, put his feet up, and really enjoy himself more like he was at home than out at an eatery. Port saw and felt the change in attitude, and smiled as he set the last few dishes on the lowered table in front of him. He started towards the jack to raise it back up and into position, then paused and turned towards Zero with another warm, yet almost teasing smile. “So just eat. So what if you make a little mess; just means you were enjoying the meal. Don’t worry about anything past making yourself stuffed, got it? “

“I think I do Port… Just a bit nervous is all.”

“Nervous about what sir?” Port looked over at Zero as he turned the crank to raise the table back to eating height, slowly doing so as he looked on at his charge. The large drake seemed to pause for a moment, just looking at the squirrel with an expression that gave away how much thought was running through his mind. It took the dragon a few moments to actually speak, but he eventually opened his muzzle as his paws drummed on the table in front of him, back to his reach and looking to nearly sag under the weight of the spread which was laid out on it.

“I usually only truly glut myself when I am at home; doing it out in public I have never done before. I’m kin-“ Port held up a paw, gesturing to the food in front of the drake as he pushed the table closer to the mountain of dragon. Zero stopped talking reluctantly, looking on at the server with a bit of curiousity as the table eased its way into reach.

“Look around; you would seem more out of place if you weren’t eating like a pig. So…” The table stopped moving and Port backed away from it, bowing as low as his ponderous paunch would allow him to. He held the bow for a moment, then stood back up straight, looking to Zero with a devious smile. “Eat up.” With that, he turned on his head, leaving the cart behind him, and began to meander away. This left Zero seated with a truly epic spread of food in front of him, looking a bit perplexed as to where to begin and even more confused by the attitude of his server. This wasn’t to say that he was going to sit there and try and ponder what to start his consumption with. No, Zero was not that indecisive of a fatty. He just reached forward and whatever thing he grabbed onto first was what he was going to eat. He could think about how Port had been later too; that wasn’t sitting in front of him begging to hold all of his attention in an explosion of flavor, texture, and blissful filling.

The first thing the mammoth drake’s paw landed on was a turkey. A whole turkey. Zero remembered quite well the meat he had eaten a few minutes prior, and what to expect from the food now. A whole turkey, especially one which had to be nearly twenty pounds, seemed almost like a meal in and of itself to the large dragon. He was here to glut though, and wanted to yank that bird towards his hungry muzzle in order to start himself down that path. Of course, that meant having to move a couple of other dishes out of the way, which was a bit of a task. Zero wasted merely a moment of time trying to figure out that problem before just shrugging inwardly and upending the offending platters into his greedy muzzle without a care in the world. A heaping pile of steamed carrots, a large portion of a hog, and a  overflowing bowl of mashed potatoes all were devoured with a speed which could only be described using the word ‘mach’, all to make way for the turkey to get closer to the dragon.

Tossing the empty dishes onto a cart which Port had left behind, Zero rubbed his paws together as he looked over the greasy bird in front of him. It was slathered in marinades and greases and juices and things which the dragon couldn’t even identify from smell alone. He laid a paw on the cooked carcass, rubbing it as though he was rubbing Buddha’s belly for a moment while those juices stained his paw with their slimy presence. He brought the sticky, wet paw up to his muzzle after a moment of rubbing over the dead avian’s hide, licking it clean one digit at a time as the large drake pondered just how to eat the big meal. Surely bites would not do that thing justice, and the utensils were nowhere to be seen on that table; it was as if Port was saying to just eat everything like the roast pig that lay across the table would; sloppily. Zero was no slob, but he wouldn’t mind getting a bit of juice on his greedy face if it meant that he would be able to get that whole bird down in one giant bite. It was the voraphile in him talking, undoubtedly putting that idea in the front of his mind, but it seemed feasible; the fat dragon had eaten bigger things before. So he looked that bird over one last time, clapped his paws together, and then placed both those paws on the bird.

Bringing the large meal up to eye-level, Zero truly studied his ‘prey’ for a moment. It was bursting at the seams with stuffing, held together by nothing more than the pressure of the cooked bones, which looked to be having a hell of a time keeping the thing together. Zero smirked at this, knowing he would put an end to the torture of those poor bones before too much longer as he opened his muzzle wide. He looked over the peak of his greedy gullet at the bird one last time, giving the dead turkey a staredown before it was guided slowly into the awaiting drake maw. Zero’s cheeks bulged and stretched around the girth of the bird almost immediately, giving away how truly fat that bird was and how much effort it would be to get it down. Still the dragon pushed, using one paw at this point to guide the avian towards its final resting place deep down in the gut of the fat drake. His jaw opened wider and wider to get as much of that turkey in, unhinging at some point just to do that.  His cheeks, which were normally sacs of fat that made his face look cherubic at all times, got more and more taut as they were stretched out further and further. His throat even began to bulge out from beneath the large collar of fat which encased it completely, looking to swell up a few inches as the bird started to progress down into the gastrointestinal plant far below.

There was still some of the turkey sticking out though, and as Zero tilted his head back to get it down easier, the whole thing seemed to come loose and unceremoniously just slide right down his gullet and into his muzzle. He closed his aching jaw around the tail-end of the stuffing-filled feast, his cheeks still bulging as his muzzle was still trying to hold in the back of that bird. His throat had swollen by a good foot in diameter in this point, making his chins stretch out and flatten to less stairs and more just folds which buoyed up the maw which had just devoured the turkey. A couple powerful gulps saw all that shrink though, the drake’s throat shrinking back to normal nearly as fast as it had bulged out comically with his impressive mouthful. The drake pat his chest a few times after those swallows, trying to ease the slight pain in his ribs as they were pushed on by the large meal. He could feel it sliding down, inch by inch, towards his cavernous stomach, where it would reside and be broken down into more dragon lard over the night. A few pats and a hearty belch later, and the pain had subsided and been replaced with a hungry, almost empty feeling. It was a little bit of a surprise to Zero; after eating such a big ‘bite’, he normally needed to wait a few minutes before continuing on. His body was telling him to eat on though, and who was he to deny his inner glutton?


Nearly a hour later, the drake was leaning back with his gut protruding out nearly a foot farther than when he had waddled his way into the buffet. It was packed with food, but yet there was still room for more as far as he was concerned. It was as if all his eating was being broken down a lot faster than he planned, and as such making room for all the more in him while he glutted. The drake didn’t mind that at all, as he got to taste more and more of the food which was being pumped out of that kitchen at a breakneck pace. He had to wonder just how many chefs were in that kitchen as there seemed to always be a utterly packed cart leaving the set of double-doors. Zero had only just cleared his own table for the first time, and what he assumed would not be his last as that little bit of hunger he had felt the moment he had downed that turkey whole was still in there. Granted, it had gotten sated momentarily when he had swallowed the last thing on that table whole; the entire roasted hog. The little pang had returned though, nagging at the back of his mind as if it was placed there to keep him eating. Again though, he didn’t mind it, and instead just wanted to indulge that feeling to the point of a food coma; those were his favorite kind of coma.

“I see you’re all done with your first spread sir, shall I bring out another?” Port said rather exuberantly, standing beside the table as though he had been expecting the drake to hunt him down. Zero let out a belch which made a couple of his comrades in consumption look over, and brought a beet red blush to the blue drake’s cheeks. The dragon covered his muzzle once that blush took hold, looking around and meeting those few eyes with utter embarrassment. A few thumbs up were aimed at him though, and Port even applauded quietly at the loud expulsion of gas. “Not bad at all there…”

“Uhm… Thank you?”

“I told you; get comfy, you’re in good company and that is allowed. As a matter of fact, in Japan that is considered polite.” Zero arched an eye-ridge, looking a bit unsure of the fact in that statement, but Port missed it and just continued on, as bubbly as he had been the moment he had met the lardy dragon. “So sir, would you like some more to eat or would you like a break to maybe stretch out, get something to drink…?”

“Something to drink would be great. But I would like another spread too; mostly pasta and meat this time please. Maybe just one salad in there too.” Much more confidence and calm was in Zero’s voice than it had been the first time he had talked to Port. He truly was getting more comfy, if not still a touch shy with the other patrons.

“Excellent. The hose on your left is for drinks, you can either drink right from it or I can bring you a mug. You pick which drink you want from…” Port trailed off, waddling around to the other side of the table to get a remote from the side of the bench. The rotund squirrel then passed off the remote to Zero, who looked it over for a moment with curiousity. “You use that remote to pick which drink comes out of the hose. If none of those are what you want, just let me know and I will try to get whatever you want as fast as I can.”

“Ok, thank you. I think I see juice on there… That should be enough for me.”

“Great, just push that button once to select it, and then again to change the flavor. We have… Well, several, I’ll let you taste for yourself. Now if you’re excuse me, I need to go and get your order started. I’ll try and be hasty for you sir,” Port said before bowing and waddling right back to the kitchen, the dish-filled cart in tow. Zero watched the squirrel go, that big tail twitching around back and forth above a pair of rolling rump-cheeks. It was a sight, that much was sure, but not one that Zero took in longer than a second or so before his attention turned back to the remote that rested in his fat paw. It was clearly designed with fat paws in mind, each button huge and easily push-able for paws far larger than even his own meaty digits. The drake was so used to having to use his claws on remotes thanks to the tiny buttons they always came with, but this one… He could just use his sausage-sized thumb without even thinking about it. That made the hefty drake grin like a Cheshire, as he leaned back in his groaning seat and got more comfortable.

Once he was settled in on the chair in his bulky frame, the drake reached for the hose dangling beside him and stuffed it into his muzzle. He could taste nothing, giving away how clean it was in spite of the countless uses the thing had undoubtedly seen. Of course, thinking about those germs would just spoil the drake’s appetite, so he set his mind to other things and pushed the ‘Juice’ button on the remote. Instantly, a stream of mango juice began flowing down into his awaiting maw. Mango was good, but it wasn’t his favorite, so just a few sips of the drink went in before the large dragon pushed the button again. The mango stopped, and in a moment pineapple juice came out in its place, which illicted a deep moan from the dragon. A steady flow of pineapple juice, one of his absolute favorites, from an unending hose that went right into his waiting mouth? He had just died and gone to heaven as far as his mind was concerned, and guzzled eagerly on that liquid for nearly a solid minute before hitting the pause button and coming up for air from the drinking.

Zero removed the hose and breathed for a bit, just letting his chest rise and fall beneath his large moobs and the arm which rested above them. He wasn’t so much tired, nor full, as he just was content. It was a blissful experience to him, to be so welcome to practice his gluttonous habits out in the open without fear of making some other fur uncomfortable or being asked to leave for eating too much. This was a true treat for the engorged drake, and as he sat there feeling digestion go on at a rapid pace deep beneath the thickening layer of fat around his middle, he felt that he could truly get used to his place. He would have to remember to thank Mac immensely for this little find, as his previous thoughts of thanks had only been amplified with every bite of food that had passed through the dragon’s greedy gullet. A simple hug or anything like that would not suffice for getting him this treat, maybe another meal here for the two of them courtesy of the dragon would do it…

A sudden tightness around the dragon’s chest snapped him out of his thinking, and brought him back into reality. He ventured a glance down as to the cause of the sudden tight feeling, and was greeted only by belly. His eyes widened as a test poke of the grey-and-blue surface revealed it to be indeed real, and indeed as big as it looked. The tank-top which had been covering it was now acting more like a sports bra to the large moobs which had grown only larger from the influx of adipose. This meant that the gut of the drake was out bare for all to see, and immediately brought a big blush to the dragon’s cheeks. He tried to cover all that exposed flesh with his shirt, but was quickly greeted by failure as his arms both could not reach far enough over his horizon to get the clothing there, and could not just get the shirt down without tearing it to shreds. That realization kicked in, and caused the drake wondered why his pants were not just as tight. A quick test-feel showed that they were in tatters around his bloated waist, though that was less of a surprise since they had been nearly bursting even before his latest binge. That little check did nothing to help quell his embarrassment though, for Zero was quickly realizing he was clad in tight underwear and a shirt which barely could even qualify as a bra at that point. Sure, he was kept decent by his blubber, and it seemed as though several of the other patrons either had his problem, were developing it, or had moved past it and were fully nude. That didn’t mean he was alright with his predicament though, and began to fret over just what would happen to him now that he had little more than the bare minimums to keep him decent. How would he get home? How could he even get up without causing a scene for indecent exposure?!

“Clothing troubles sir?” Zero jumped as Port was standing beside him, cart laden with goodies that instantly made Zero salivate in spite of himself. The drake had to fight in order to clear his mind of his carnal, gluttonous desires for just a little longer so he could figure out his next step.

“Yeah… I’m not going to get in trouble, right?” Zero said sheepishly, still vainly tugging at the bottom of his over-stretched shirt. Port laughed and lay a paw on the large dragon’s own paw, pulling it lightly from the hem of that straining clothing.

“Not at all; your fat is obviously covering everything truly offensive. We keep a stock of clothes that run up to immobile sizes too, so don’t worry; you’ll be able to leave here at least semi-decent, if you can leave at all without aid that is.” Port winked, his words sending an unintended chill down Zero’s spine. He knew the waiter meant nothing by it; he was simply referring to the inevitable food coma or eating himself into a stupor or immobility, but that didn’t help Zero’s mind calm down. He had seen one too many horror movies the previous night with a friend, and his mind was still in that thought process rather than the rational one. Port seemed to pick up on this, and gave Zero’s paw another reassuring pat. “Calm down sir, it was just a joke. Why don’t you drink up while I set the table for you?”

“Alright, thank you Port.” The squirrel simply nodded at the thanks and set to work with his job, while Zero rose the hose back to his maw. The dragon put the mouthpiece in, sighing softly to himself as he hit that button and a flow of peach juice started almost at once. The drake’s eyes lit up with glee at that flavor, and then shut right away in satisfaction as he let the fluid flow right into his voracious maw. Gulp after gulp of the juice went right down into his gut, filling the thing slowly second after second. The pace of the flow was very easy to keep up with, and as such meant that Zero could drink without thinking about it. On the dragon guzzled, each swallow putting more of the sweet nectar down in the pit of food that was centered on the fattened beast. He’d barely moved a muscle the whole time he was glutting on the sugary drink, just frozen with a smile on his muzzle and his eyes shut in pure bliss as his tail twitched with delight.  Minutes passed by like that, and nearly a gallon of the juice was gone into the belly of the drake before he even noticed he was still drinking, and just as quickly cut the flow to the hose in his muzzle. Zero fixed his posture as soon as the current stopped, removing the hose from his muzzle and looking over towards a very patiently-standing Port with a sheepish smile. “Sorry…”

“You looked so peaceful I didn’t want to stop you. Your meal is ready sir, please enjoy.” Port bowed low as he could again as soon as he finished, then waddled off again as silently as he had come. This left the slightly-bloated drake in his seat, looking over the myriad of pastas and meats that had been placed before him with slowly-widening eyes. Spaghetti, Fettuccini-Alfredo, Pasta Salad, authentic Ramen, Pho… There was a noodle-filled dish from all corners of the world, all waiting to be eaten and all easily three times or more the regular serving size. This was not counting the whole portions of meats which were also on the table, nor the breads to soak up all the sauces and juices, as well as the few salads to act as palette cleansers. The table had been just as heavily packed as before, and whereas most would see that and get nauseous, Zero saw it as a challenge that he more than willingly accepted. He rubbed his chubby paws together, making the lard beneath his under-used biceps sway only a little, before grabbing the nearest dish with both paws and raising it to his muzzle.

He ate from the bowl as no utensils had been supplied yet again. This with pasta meant things were going to get messy, but the drake was too lost in the flavor of the ramen he had grabbed first to care at that point. Some of the soupy food dribbled down his chins and spattered his shirt, but a few lazy brushes with his free paw saw those little specks spread out enough to not stain. Unbeknownst to Zero however, was that the shirt was starting to tear along the sides of his chest due to the strain, meaning that keeping the thing clean would only have meaning for a few more helpings. Of course, that would be a thought for another time, as he tossed down the bowl of ramen in no time flat. He reached for his next dish, a large platter of spaghetti, and pulled that thing close to him. Tongs had thankfully been provided with the mound of pasta, and the insatiable drake put them to immediate use. Grabbing a healthy amount of the stringy chow in the pincer-like device, he brought the heaping mouthful to his maw and stuffed it in. That greedy muzzle then slurped up the strings of spaghetti like a vacuum would hair on a rug; getting butter on that muzzle but not enough to bother its owner.

Scoop, slurp, chew, repeat. Scoop, slurp, chew, repeat. That was how Zero ate through the entire platter of pasta over several minutes before putting the empty dish on the cart beside him. Reaching over was getting a little harder with his newfound girth, and it didn’t help that all the pasta he was eating was sitting very heavy in his gut. Of course, that just meant the full feeling would come sooner, and shut up the nagging hunger which was growing louder by the moment as the dragon ate on. It was odd; to be getting hungrier with each heavy bite that got shoved into his hungry mouth. Zero couldn’t do anything about it though but to keep eating, and as his tongs found the plate of chicken-parm, that was a reality that he did not mind in the slightest. He would make short work of that messy dish if he had any say in the matter, and since he had every ounce of say in that matter, the messy, sauce-drenched fried meat wasn’t going to stand a chance.

Zero kept on eating at a break-neck pace, sticking to meat for a little while after the chicken parm had been demolished and his palette cleared by a saucy salad. Zero could swear he felt the calories pouring in from the copious amounts of sauces and sweets in the salad he ate, but he didn’t mind it in the least as it did its job and removed any tastes other than the heavy sauces from his maw. Ham was after that salad, then chicken again, then another whole turkey that was eaten the same way the one before it had been. Each piece that the dragon devoured just went right on into his hungry mouth as fast as the last, and in spite of that influx of food into the gorging drake, he never felt like he was filling up. He could feel his stomach stretching and bits of fat packing on as digestion worked its magic and an unheard of speed, but never any sort of real fullness grabbed him. The turkey granted the feeling for a moment, but it was fleeting at best and fled just as fast as it had arrived. It wasn’t am emptiness that he felt though, just… Not full. That felt odd to Zero, but he barely had the sensibilities to keep that in mind; he was consumed with consumption.

It didn’t take too long, maybe twenty minutes, for Zero to work his way through all but a pair of steaks in terms of the meat on the table. The order had been primarily pasta, and that was something which Zero was grateful for; pasta fills you up quick. Zero wanted nothing more than to be packed to the brim with food before he left the eatery, and with the sheer spread of pastas that lay before him, both soupy and drenched in sauce alike, that would be plausible. So a salad was yanked over to the table right in front of him, and both paws greedily took the mixing-bowl-sized dish and upended it into the ‘starving’ dragon’s muzzle. He gulped down the greenery in a matter of a few bites, his bear-trap of a snout making short work of the leafy softness. This left nothing but one more salad,a steak, and more pasta than even Zero knew what to do with.

This uncertainty lasted for about a half of a second before Zero just raised the tongs in one paw and yanked over the nearest heaping bowl of ravioli with the other. Using the large pincers to grab a piece of the meat-stuffed pasta nearly the size of his fist, Zero simply smiled for a moment and looked on at the treat. It was dripping with butter, cheese, and calories, nearly overstuffed with meaty goodness, and probably the largest ravioli that the large drake had ever seen. The edible ball was practically begging to be eaten, and of course the hungry dragon holding it up was more than happy to oblige. He stuffed that packed orb right into his muzzle and bit down, setting off an explosion of flavors within. A low moan left the eating beast, as he just leaned back and savored that bite for a few moments. The taste was exquisite, the pasta complimenting the soft hamburger meat which in turn worked well with the bits of crunchy bacon inside that… Zero couldn’t have asked for more, and yet he had so many more to eat.

While the drake took his time on the first bite, from the second onward he just ate at his normal pace of shoveling food in. Meaty bombs of taste and bacon went in one after another, exploding within the dragon’s gaping maw and sending juices down his sagging cheeks and rolling chins. Considering that the shirt which those rivers of juice would stain was now in tatters, ripped up the side by the onslaught of dragon blubber it was being asked to contain, Zero paid the spill no mind. Napkins could be used when he was done… Or a towel, considering how messy his paws were getting thanks to forgoing tongs after his third piece of the ravioli. That could be figured out at another time though, as there was still a few delectable balls of fat which hadn’t found their way into the black hole of a mouth Zero possessed. So in they went, off to join their brethren deep in their dragon-esque prison.

A plain pasta with meat-sauce was next, shoveled in pawful after messy pawful. Down it went too, followed closely by another pile of spaghetti which made Zero belch more than once. He was beginning to feel full just from eating that pasta as fast as he had, and he was barely through half of the stuff left on the table, not to mention the other leftovers. A faint nagging at the back of his mind wondered how he had gone from barely content to full that fast, but any thoughts like that needed to fight their way against the growing, simplistic desire to eat that was taking over the dragon’s mind. He was already getting messier than he had allowed himself earlier, sauces and butter coating the upper portion of his chest, his forearms and paws, as well as most of his face. The sudden shift in cleanliness came from a small thing which Port has stressed time and time again earlier in the night. Zero had finally relaxed enough to just eat as he would at home, and now here he was doing it out in front of a handful of other pigs who were far messier than even him.

More ravioli, a bowl of angel hair, two immense servings of tempura, a helping of pho… All of it and more was downed by the filling beast as the supplies on the table dwindled and the plates on the cart beside said table began to reach critical mass. Zero too was nearing critical mass, his pace having slowed to a comparative crawl from how fast he had been eating earlier. He was feeling stuffed to the gills, and at this point his need to eat was more of having to complete the challenge he had inwardly accepted when all the food had been delivered. The sheer volume of pasta he had eaten made his packed stomach feel as though it was becoming a small planetoid attached to his torso. While that feeling was immensely pleasurable, it made reaching the table to eat a true task which was getting harder and harder the more tightly packed with food it became. That belly just didn’t have enough give to get him there, and Zero was afraid of falling onto his stomach when it was this packed for a few reasons; gassy eruptions and being a beached dragon among the top few. So he ate as carefully as he could, reaching the last plate of spaghetti, the third on the table, and placing it gently on the large dome of his gut. He did the same with the steak and the salad, making sure to keep them as balanced on the slick surface as he could with one arm while the other began putting bite after bite of the spaghetti into his muzzle.

It was hard to swallow more at that point, that full feeling beginning to extend into Zero’s chest. He could feel his stomach starting to rebel, the first inklings of a stomachache from overdoing it just beginning to build. He wanted to stop, to just say uncle and give in to not finishing the few remnants of his feast left. The food would be so very lonely without its friends though, and Zero knew he could make room for more… He just needed to to get some of the spare air out of his gut. The dragon huffed in a few large puffs of air, trying to form a belch as best he could in order to spur that process along. It worked perfectly, a deep, rumbling burp sending bits of spittle into the air as it rocketed out of the engorged blue beast. Another came up almost immediately after, then another a few moments after that. The dragon didn’t even pretend to care, he was just glad for more room in his gut as its contents settled out considerably and he felt a second wind come on. He was still stuffed to the brim, but that brim had risen enough that getting down the last half of the platter of spaghetti, salad bowl, and steak would be doable without bursting. Probably.

Strands of the thick, ropey pasta went into the dragon’s muzzle one clump at a time as he forced his way through the remaining spaghetti. Each bite took a good minute to chew up thoroughly and swallow, as the drake was taking his time. He had to swallow hard to force that food down there, and while he didn’t feel sick, he could nearly feel the stretch-marks forming on his gut. It was packed as tight as a drum, and yet he was still either dumbly or bravely packing more into the thing. Somehow, Zero managed to get through the rest of the platter and place it gingerly on the teetering pile of empty dishes that had formed. The salad was next on his hit-list, and considering it was absolutely miniscule compared to the spaghetti, it went down without a fight. He actually used it to cleanse his palette this time too, taking the time to savor the dressing and the leafy greens. He was gaining a new appreciation for that food; and the chef for that matter, as everything had been utterly perfect from start to finish. In fact, Zero was glad this salad was his last, as he did want to leave off with the taste that had hooked him so; the steak.

Sufficiently pleased with the salad, Zero just left the bowl where it was and picked up the steak in both his paws. He stared at the culinary masterpiece for a long moment, as if to be studying a prized gem or a treasure map. He turned it, folded it, even went as far as to lick the juicy slab of meat just to test the taste. It was just as incredibly as the last one, if not a little colder for how long it had been sitting out. Zero didn’t mind that though; he was still hell-bent on consuming that hunk of beef. He just needed to figure out how he was going to get it down, as the thing was massive, and would leave the dragon bloated, beached, and more likely than not in a food coma. He was already there though the more he thought about it, and just wanted to eat his steak so that he could sit back, drink some juice to fill in the cracks, and then just revel in the pained ecstasy that was a truly packed gut. Getting that steak down was the first step of that plan, and whether or not just to stuff it in and prey he didn’t burst, or take it in bites was the real question.

In the end, gluttony won out on that argument. The steak went down whole, crammed in by both sloppy paws in the last display of truly greedy eating that Zero planned to show for the night. He got the meat into his muzzle, his cheeks bulging out as they had with the turkey over an hour before, and nearly to that amount too as the steak was truly that large. Zero’s gaping maw just barely opened wide enough to accommodate that huge cut of meat, he had to fold it and literally cram it in just to get the whole thing inside his huge mouth. His throat bulged and complained rather loudly as the dragon tried to swallow down the whole steak at once, getting it in before coughing lightly and having it be dislodged. The dragon was not about to have his gluttony ignored though, and fought back against that rebellious esophagus by tilting his head back and swallowing again. Gravity now on his side, the meat begrudgingly made its way further into his muzzle and started the trek down his throat. The stretched, bulging rolls on the fattened drake’s neck bulged all the more, his cheeks at their limit as the widest part of the beef hunk went through the drake’s lips. Down it went though with nary a complaint, each hard swallow by Zero getting a couple inches of the hunk of beef down.  It was sheer willpower propelling that steak at that point, and the obese drake had plenty of it left as he gulped again and again, passing the apex of the steak and letting the rest of it flop lazily onto his muzzle.

Almost three minutes later, and the chunk of meat was gone, working its way slowly down into the overtaxed gut that pinned Zero to his straining seat. The dragon couldn’t move for a minute after he was done, just sitting there like the beached whale of lard he was and panting hard. He was slathered in food, his arms and chest and face all a myriad of colors from the amount of varying remnants that covered them.   He was lucky dragons couldn’t sweat, or he would smell of more than just the few belches that wormed their way from his gurgling stomach. He needed a drink, but the hose was so very far and the remote… Reaching it was going to be a true test of his mettle. The fat drake was immobilized by the tight sac of food that had somehow attached itself to his middle, and fighting that would be nearly impossible. He still tried though, reaching vainly for the remote what tiny amounts of strength were left in his lethargic frame.

The first reach was a meager attempt, with the second just as vain as the first. This thoroughly discouraged the fat drake, who sat there just panting and trying to rub what little of his gut he could reach with messy paws, not even caring that rubbing like that merely spread the mess. Zero was ready to give up on liquid refreshment, until he remembered the tongs. He still had those within easy reaching distance, and they may be able to push the buttons on the remote. That in mind, the lardball of a dragon stuffed the hose into his muzzle with no small amount of effort, belching out his nose as soon as the mouthpiece was in. He then grabbed the tongs off the table with a deep groan, still hating every movement he made as it jostled his gut around. The tongs in his paw, Zero took a few deep breaths to steady his nerves before leaning over and with one good whack hitting the juice button. The remote was knocked to the floor as it was whacked, eliciting a groan from Zero as he knew that once the remote was down there, it would take a waiter to turn the hose off. He had to hope that Port would come by soon, as Zero didn’t want much to drink.

That was the large dragon’s thought until he tasted the juice that came from the hose and slowly came into his muzzle: grape. The flavor was his absolute favorite, and that was just the icing on the cake for the stuffed silly drake. He gulped greedily at the purpleish liquid, guzzling it down as though he hadn’t just eaten enough food to feed a family of four for a month. He had little choice in that matter though, as the off button for the flow was somewhere beneath the table and unless magic happened, the thing wasn’t going off until another fur came along. For now though, Zero just shut his eyes and let the flow of juice fill in the cracks left between any bits of food that had not totally settled in his gut. There weren’t many considering how tightly packed that gut was, but there was nothing the fat drake could do about that but drink away and hope Port came back before he popped.

Zero didn’t have to wait long, for less than thirty seconds later his chipper waiter scampered over and stood at the ready beside the table. The fat drake gestured as best he could under it, pointing at the hose at the same time. Port looked confused for a moment, unsure of what the blue dragon was trying to convey. Zero just kept gesturing, making a faint whimpering noise to show just how ‘serious’ the situation was. The squirrel took a moment more, then connected the dots and smiled brightly. “Just take the hose out sir, it has an automatic shut off. I’m sorry I forgot to mention that when I showed it to you.” Zero quickly did just that, spitting the mouthpiece out and letting out a roaring belch in the same instant. He then groaned, placing both his paws on the sides of his firm gut and rubbing in slow circles again to try and quell the angry gurgles coming from the bulging sphere. Port looked on, a bit of concern in his eyes as well as envy as he did so.

“You’re a real mess there sir, I’ll be right back with a couple towels. And I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere anytime soon… You look utterly stuffed.” Another belch was all that came as a reply, followed by more groans of overstuffed ecstasy. Zero just shut his eyes and tried to rub as best he could, the beginnings of a food coma making those rubbings go slower and slower as time passed. Port came back quickly though, and began to clean the sloppy drake off. Zero was in no shape to do it himself, but he did help out Port as best as his dopey, exhausted body would allow. Lifting arms to let that belly get cleaned, extending one paw at a time to get those cleaned off, even leaning as much as he could to let Port reach his face. The engorged drake was trying his hardest, and Port seemed to know that as he was incredibly gentle and slow in his cleaning. Experience could only have let those paws be that expert and what they did, and Zero was grateful for it as he just sat and was pampered all the more by the squirrel.

“Ooof… Thank you Port.”

“Comes with the meal sir. Free belly rubs too, if you’d like one.” Port had been eyeing that belly since the moment he had met Zero, and the dragon knew it would only be a matter of time before those rodent paws were on his gut. The drake didn’t mind that, he just hoped it would end there, as he had neither the energy nor patience to fight the squirrel for getting too touchy-feely. A tummy rub would aid in digesting the huge bulk of food still sitting in that middle too, even though food was rapidly being broken down in there already. Zero was less food-drunk already, and getting less and less painfully stuffed by the moment.

“Go for it… I’ve seen y-UUURRRPPP… you watching it grow since I waddled on in. I’m sure you’ll mis- Ugh… miss it when they roll me outta here.”

“I was that obvious?” Port said sheepishly, his ears flattening back as his big, bushy tail drooped somewhat.

“Yeah… It’s alright though.” Port perked right back up as Zero said that, making the drake grin toothily.

“Alright, if you say so sir.” With that, the smaller rodent extended both of his nervous paws towards the larger drake and his sagging, yet still somewhat hard paunch to massage the globular mass. The contact looked to be electric for Port, Zero looking at the squirrel through lidded eyes as Port shut his eyes and let out a quiet sigh. He held that position for a moment, small paws just resting on the stretched scaly surface beneath them. That moment didn’t last long though, as the rodent’s paws began to work over the taut surface in slow, meandering circles as if getting a feel for what they were going to be massaging. Rotation after rotation, they went around and around over the grey scaled surface beneath them, occasionally even going out to its blue border and rubbing there as well. In order to reach that far, Port had to spread his arms wide and nearly embrace the dragon; Zero’s equator was just that wide now. This meant bellies touching, heated breaths from the squirrel running over the taxed hide of the dragon, and a little bit of a flustered blush from the drake.

On the rubbing went for what seemed to be an eternity; Zero settled into his bulk in utter bliss from it all while Port just reveled in being able to massage such a grandiose frame. Each and every square inch of draconic flesh from the bottom of the drake’s sagging chest to just above where his pants strained to stay intact was massaged thoroughly. Neither fur said a word throughout the long rub-down, one too dopey from consumption to make small talk and the other too focused on the results of that consumption. The squirrel’s paws rolled, kneaded, teased, rubbed, caressed, stroked, and groped at the jiggling, slowly-softening mountain of excess in front of them. They took their time too; their owner not wanting the revelatory experience to end.  Zero shared that sentiment, the rubs having already eased enough pressure in his stuffed gut that he was no longer short of breath or belching just to feel comfortable; dessert even sounded like a possibility. He wasn’t about to ask for that though, and instead just sat on the bench which creaked and groaned beneath his impressive tonnage in silent contentment.

“Looks like you’re enjoying yourselves.” Both Port and Zero jumped, each taking a moment to snap out of their respective trances to see where that voice had come from. Standing in front of them was a wolfdragon, though standing was a very loose way to put what that beast was doing. The grey hybrid was immensely obese, so much so that even Zero did a double-take at the size of the creature. The mutt’s light-grey gut hung just centimeters from the floor, still in motion despite its owner being still. It was impossible to see the legs holding up the ball of blubber standing there with all that gut in the way, but Zero could only guess at how wide and sagging the thighs supporting the mutt were. Going up the rolling, drooping table muscle which dominated his figure were a series of rolls which looked like steps trailing up that incredibly fat figure. Each one looked smaller than the last the further up that frame one’s eyes went, though ‘small’ on the mutt meant only the size of a car tire rather than a tractor tire. A sagging chest which could put any female Zero knew to shame sat atop those many rolls, buoying up the draolf’s arms at a nearly forty-five degree angle. The sagging fat on those darker-grey limbs was helping keep them trapped there, each bicep as big around as a rather heavyset fur’s entire waistline. Wings sprouted out from behind the shoulders that held up those drooping arms, and even those looked to be fat as they sagged somewhat. A collar of fat rested between the beast’s huge shoulders, engulfing whatever chin the wolfdragon had once had and looking to make it hard to even speak from its size. Large, cherubic cheeks only accentuated the look of fat on the beast, and hung off his face onto that roll of a neck he had. Bright red eyes peered out over those cheeks, looking right back at the dragon that examined him with an intensity that almost seemed intimidating to the drake. A crop of bright orange hair finished off the draolf, its unkempt area only interrupted by a pair of wolven ears littered with piercings.

“Just giving the complimentary bellyrub sir.” Port said, his voice wavering only slightly as he turned to face the wolfdragon while backing a step or two away from Zero. The dragon on the other hand was still trying to gather all that mutt up into his head; something that fat wasn’t a daily sight.

“Heh, for that long Port? If you say so… I wasn’t coming over to interrupt, so you can stop panicking. I merely wanted to make sure our guest had gotten enough to eat.” The hybrid gave as best a nod as he could at his size, the little movement that it took introducing the underside of his gut to the ground for a brief moment. He then turned his head to meet Zero’s gaze again, giving his best smile to the still-gaping dragon before speaking. “Have you had enough then, Zero?”

“I… I could go for a little dessert actually.” The drake managed to stammer out, his mental faculties finally starting to reboot. He shut his muzzle too, finally noticing it had been hanging somewhat agape since he had noticed the draolf standing there. “How did you know my name?”

“Restaurant policy to write down the names of all the guests; makes for better, more customized service. I’m Sasuke by the way, the owner of this place.”

“Oh… I can see why.” Zero blurted out without thinking, then instantly blushed red. His mind hadn’t fully come back from being so stunned apparently, as that was not at all what he had intended to say. It seemed to be perfectly fine though, as the hefty wolfdragon let out a hearty belly-laugh the moment that comment hit his ears. Zero laughed too after a moment, though much more shyly and embarrassed; he had just insulted the owner of the place after all.

“Is it that obvious?” More laughter, this time from both parties equally as the tension that had been artificially created melted away as fast as it had reared its ugly head.

“Yeah, I could say that it is.”

“Well, I like to eat, what can I say? Anyways… Port, you go and start getting desserts ready, and send Kane over with that tray of leftovers. Hurry too, before he eats them all.” Sasuke said, giving another whole-body nod to Port. The squirrel nodded back to his boss, then scampered off after giving Zero’s belly a parting pat. The drake watched the squirrel go, smiling to himself for a moment before he looked back at Sasuke. The wolfdragon began to approach him, a continuous rolling motion as he walked. His legs jostled the colossal, sagging sac of adipose with every movement they made, making that apron of fat look like a small ocean with even the slightest motion. Short, deliberate steps were all the hybrid could manage as he came closer and closer, but he did not look to be putting any effort into moving his titanic mass; Zero couldn’t fathom how much muscle that would take. Sasuke’s wobbling, quaking frame just moved ever-closer, approaching at an angle as the wolfdragon seemed to know his belly would get to the drake far before any other part of him. So in at an angle he came, his furred bulk still brushing heavily on the drake’s scaly surface as they finally came within touching range. Zero wasn’t quite sure of what was going on, but he wasn’t feeling up to questioning it and was frankly too enthralled in watching the mammoth mutt walk.

Eventually, Sasuke’s side was pushing against Zero’s belly, the wolfdragon’s truck-tire lovehandle resting on the curve of the drake’s stuffed paunch. With a grunt of effort, Sasuke leaned over as far as he could and laid a paw on the drake’s gut. Zero looked rather curious at first, becoming more unsure of what was going on by the second as that paw got closer. The second its warm surface touched down on his gut however, the drake’s thoughts melted like ice cream in the Sahara. Just that touch put all of Port’s rubbing to shame, and that was no small feat considering how expertly the squirrel had worked over that gut. It was as if a heating pad and massaging device had come into contact with the drake’s gut at the same time and began working their way over it. Sasuke’s paw didn’t move though, he just held it on that scaly surface for a moment or two before retracting the paw back to his lard-laden frame and standing back up straight. This meant the sensation the drake had felt ended nearly as fast as it had began, and he had to admit some disappointment at that. The whole thing had only heightened his curiosity though, and as Sasuke began to back away, the drake couldn’t stop himself. “What was that for?”

“Just seeing how full you were, that’s all. I wanted to see how stretchy you could get.” Zero arched an eyebrow at the reply, but as he opened his muzzle to say something, he saw a cart of food approaching. Pushing it along was not Port, but a lion-tiger hybrid he had to guess was Kane. The brown-striped mix was fairly fat, and looked to have been indulging on the cart from the food smeared around his lips. His gut was straining his poor uniform, which was stained with evidence of his greed as well. Most of him was hidden by the cart though, and that was where Zero’s eyes were drawn to the second he saw its contents. A whole hog, a couple more turkeys, a smattering of sides… It was another small meal for him. “Kane, you took your time getting here.”

“Sorry sir, I had to put the last of the leftovers on the cart…” The feline blushed, his gaze going to the ground as he came to a stop beside Sasuke. The feline looked to be not only intimidated of the wolfdragon, but shy as could be around all that girth. Sasuke just frowned and eyed the employee for a moment before speaking, all while Kane bounced from one foot to the other nervously.

“You sure you don’t mean into your gut?”

“Well… I…” Kane stammered, his blush deepening as he used the back of his sleeve to wipe the evidence off his muzzle. This furthered stained his uniform, but that seemed to be the least of the feline’s problems as Sasuke’s frown persisted. “Sorry sir.”

“What am I going to do with you? For now, just load up this drake’s table so he can have a snack while waiting on dessert.” Sasuke said curtly, looking over Kane with a bit of a disapproving gaze. The draolf then looked over the cart as Kane dutifully started unloading it post-haste. “Before you get too far into unloading this though, hand me that hog if you would Kane.”

“Of course sir..” Kane said, his voice still shaking as he picked up the heavy roast with both hands and passed it to his boss. The mutt took that platter in one paw, moving to the booth beside Zero’s and sitting down with a loud groan. He had to push the table out of the way in order to fit, but he didn’t need the contraption as Zero saw in a moment; the draolf had his own table in the form of years of overindulgence. Kane made sure that his boss was set before he went back to carting trays over to Zero’s table two at a time The feline didn’t even waste time lowering Zero’s table, he just reached up and placed the food items on the high surface as best he could and as fast as he could. He didn’t have much to unload either, so he was not straining to reach for very long before the table had all that was going to be put on it there. The feline then moved to the side of the table, nudging the rolling surface towards the drake carefully. It moved with ease, and with a little bit of finagling and positioning it was right back in front of Zero with all that food in easy reaching distance. “Is there anything else sirs?”

“Bring those two carts back to the kitchen then come back out here Kane, quickly.” Sasuke said before Zero could interject that he was all set for the time being. The drake had no idea how he was going to eat two more turkeys, three heaping helpings of pasta, and a couple plates of sides. He had to try in front of his gracious host though, so the drake took up a platter of pasta and began to push the heavy food into his muzzle. With each bite, he felt just a little more stretched, a little more full than he had the bite before as he was still indeed stuffed to near-bursting. Those feelings were accompanied by a growing gluttony that nagged at the back of his mind, something which was pushing him to take bigger bites and force that stuffed feeling from his mind. His stomach was starting to get taut again already, after just a third of a bowl of pasta, but with the newfound greed that had taken root in his mind the drake was just pushing any discomfort or thoughts of stopping from his mind. His brain had decided; he was going to finish off the small offering in front of him no matter what his body said.

By the time Zero had worked his way through that first bowl of pasta, he was mentally ravenous and physically packed. His gut was fast becoming a drum with how taut it now was, and yet he was starving according to the screaming hunger in his mind. So on he ate, making short work of the remaining two heaps of pasta before demolishing the sides with a gusto that would make one thing he had not eaten in days. Kane returned at around the time Zero finished those sides, his eyes widening at the display as he approached. Sasuke was watching too, a faint smile on his muzzle as he looked over at the glutting dragon. The hog which had been placed in front of the draolf was gone, a bare tray where once nearly 40 pounds of pig had been. Neither Kane nor Zero really noticed that fact though, as they were both too busy with that the drake was consuming to even care what the blob of an owner had eaten. Sasuke wasn’t making a scene of it with his speedy greed either, he just ate. Zero on the other hand was about to make even more of one as he pushed the final empty side tray aside and pulled the final food on his table towards him; the two stuffed turkeys.

The pair of packed birds on Zero’s table were about to be given the same treatment that hog had received, as the drake took one in both paws and crammed it whole into his muzzle. Kane’s eyed turned to dinner plates as he watched the bird vanish into that gaping maw, the jaws of the drake snapping shut around it more like an alligator’s than a dragon’s. No chewing was going to happen for this bird either, just a couple powerful swallows and the bowling-ball sized morsel slid down his bulging throat towards his overtaxed gut. It barely even made it down his throat before bumping into more food, his neck staying swollen for a long moment as the drake coughed and pat at his chest to try and get the big bird down. It took a moment, but the thing dislodged the chicken leg it had been stuck on and pushed down towards the gastrointestinal production plant which was already in overdrive to try and make sense of what had been stuffed into it. That made Zero sigh with contentment, but not pause as he immediately picked up the other bird and gave it the same treatment. His cheeks bulged, then his neck bulged, and then the table in front of the drake was an empty wasteland of plates and debris. “Oof…”

“Not too bad there… But you still look like you can fit a little more in there.” Sasuke piped up, glancing over Zero a few times with a big smile on his lips. The drake opened his muzzle to disagree, but stopped short again by an odd sensation in his arms and legs. They suddenly felt too heavy to even bend, let alone move, and that set Zero into a panic right away. He thought at first a heart attack, then a stroke, then some other horrid medical problem that came from eating as much as he had. He opened his maw again to cry out for help, but nothing came out; no sounds at all came from the drake. He was immobilized, mute, and fast-becoming terrified. He turned his head to his draolf host, a look of utter fear in his eyes from his sudden predicament. This gaze was met with nothing but a toothy grin, which instantly set off a host of a alarm flags for Zero. “Something wrong?”

“Uhm… Sir, I think something is wrong with him…” Kane cut in, stammering somewhat with nerves as he did. Both Sasuke and Zero looked over at him, though with entirely different intentions as their faces gave away. One looked to cry for help, whereas the other suddenly seemed to have created a devious plan. The latter made Kane nervous, but the former kept him rooted in his spot as he couldn’t just walk away.

“Oh of course something is wrong with him Kane… He’s still hungry. You’re going to help fix that.” Sasuke said, his voice lowering and his lips curling into a scheming grin. A cold shiver ran down the spines of both furs as they saw that, neither one liking where the current situation was headed.

“I don’t th-“ Kane started, then his muzzle froze like Zero’s had, leaving him mute.

“You don’t get to think.” Sasuke didn’t even bat an eye as Kane began to panic in place, the feline trying his hardest to move but feeling his legs firmly planted in place. Attempts at flailing his arms for attention got him nowhere; not only could Kane not move his arms, but all the other patrons and waiters save for Zero were either asleep in deep food comas or in the kitchen. It was him, Zero, and Sasuke; that was it. “Now, you’re going to help make your guest truly have no room left, whaddya say?… Oh wait, that was a silly question.” That made Sasuke laugh, and both Zero and Kane get all the more afraid. Just what the two were dealing with was suddenly becoming a real mystery, and not one that either wanted to solve.

“So, now then… Let’s get this started hmm?” And with that, Kane began to float off the ground. Zero’s eyes went to dinner plates as he saw this, and Kane’s soon joined him in utter shock. Kane was nearly 700 pounds of muscles leftover from years as an athlete and subsequent years of eating like he still moved more than his fork; to be floating was unheard of. He was too heavy for anyone he knew to even pick up, and yet here he was two feet off the ground and rising. He was slowly moving towards Zero too, inch by inch getting closer to the engorged drake that seemed to be getting more stunned by the moment. Had any other patrons been conscious or paying attention, they would have been just as stunned to see the sagging, bulging feline hovering nearly four feet off the ground and only ascending further. Higher and closer Kane came, his gut nearly above Zero’s head as his feet just brushed the surface of the drake’s belly. Still higher and closer the feline hybrid came though, until he came to a stop just above the fat drake’s head. Zero’s head then tilted itself back, and his jaw opened wide, all involuntarily of course as moving anything on his own had stopped before Kane had even begun levitating.

“So, I take it you two have figured this out by now… You’re in for a treat too Zero; Kane naturally tastes of barbeque sauce thanks to a little alteration in his fur.” The drake arched an eyebrow, the surprise of all this still plastered on his face, but a hint of intrigue had worked its way into his mind. The dragon had never vored publicly, as it was generally frowned on, but he had eaten many-a-fur in his day, and loved it every single time. He was just nervous he would burst with how stuffed he was, and the fact that Kane was nearly half his mass at this stuffed state, let alone on an empty stomach. Zero would have no choice but to try though, so he steeled his nerves and waited for Kane to get stuffed into him. Said tigerlion, who’s face was hidden from both Sasuke and Zero thanks to being as high up as he was and his girth obscuring the view, was smiling quite happily. He loved to be eaten, and to be eaten up by such an immense fatty like the one below him… The feline relished the opportunity. He hadn’t know what was going on at first, granted, but now that he knew he was much more at ease and willing to go along with things.

The pause where Kane hovered above Zero didn’t last long, as he slowly began to slide into the drake’s gaping maw. Those wide, bare feet went in with nary an issue, sliding past the drake’s lips without pause. The pant legs encasing Kane’s meaty appendages hit Zero’s muzzle, and then instantly burnt up with a blue flame. All of the clothes on the feline suffered a similar fate in that moment, leaving the suddenly-exposed hybrid in little more than a black jockstrap and blushing furiously. Both Zero and Kane were surprised by the sudden heatless fire, but neither questioned it as they were in no position to do anything save just let it happen and continue to be puppeted by Sasuke. Not that either minded this fate at that moment, as Kane was truly getting into it and Zero was too busy with the sudden twinge of pain from his jaw unhinging. He had to open up wide just to get around Kane’s meaty calves, and wasn’t about to imagine what it would take to get around that gargantuan belly which loomed over his head and was in fact nearly resting on his forehead already.

Down and down Kane slid at a constant pace, an inch at a time into the rapidly-expanding opening of Zero’s maw. The drake had his eyes shut in both pain and pleasure, as he was already opening as wide as he voluntarily could and he had only just hit Kane’s knees. His throat bulged comically from the amount of flesh that was stuffed into it by that point, so tight that one could nearly make out the backs of Kane’s legs. It was only going to get a lot bigger too, as Kane slid in more. Zero had no idea how much more was going to go into him, as his sight was completely obscured by brown belly thanks to the thing resting right on his face, but he had an idea as he could taste that barbeque flavor getting stronger with every passing moment. He could also feel Kane’s feet nearing his packed stomach, as the pressure of those feet pushing down was beginning to be met with the pressure of hours upon hours of eating pushing back. This made Zero worry for a moment, as bursting had not been his plan when he had arrived, but any worries were squelched as a wave of hunger came from his brain and pushed any thought that was not getting Kane into his gut out of his mind.

The feline kept on going down, sliding more into Zero at a slightly slower pace as his wobbling, thick thighs began to meet resistance inside the drake’s maw. The poor thing wasn’t meant to be stretched this far, and it still had a lot more of growing to do. So that jaw unhinged further, completely out of the socket at this point and held together by a few incredibly elastic tendons and skin and that was all. This made Zero wince a little, as popping his jaw completely out was not only a rare occurrence, but it was never a pleasant one initially. The dragon didn’t see it as a bad thing though, as he was not only stretching less, but Kane could descend into him all the more, and at an even faster pace. Kane knew that too, as he could feel all of what had happened through the sensitive, squished flesh of his thighs as they continued to fall into the drake below him. His feet could feel the vast quantities of food below him in the stomach which would be his final destination, and that warm, squishy gorge felt very weird between his toes. He couldn’t move those toes either, so he was forced to just feel himself sink further into that slop the more he slid into Zero.

Those thighs were quickly taken in, and then the real task began as the vast waistline of the hybrid began to slide into Zero. It was a slow, arduous process to get all that heft in, the drake muzzle stretching wider than it had in ages and the feline being squished more than he had ever been. Zero could feel the somewhat full stomach of that cat with his lips as it passed through him through feet of lard, to give away how tight a fit it was for the poor feline. Kane didn’t mind that though, he loved the full-body hug he was getting from Zero’s muzzle and esophagus. It only got tighter and warmer too the more the drake was forced to work his way up the grand curve of Kane’s belly. The feline’s sagging rump had faced away from him thankfully, but that too was contributing to the strain on Zero’s jaw as it was no small task; it was like two small bellies attached to a truly tremendous one all being shoved in at once. The dragon groaned inwardly at the pleasure of it all, as he could feel his gut beginning to stretch into new territories. His throat was nearing critical mass as it got closer and closer to the biggest part of Kane’s frame. The roll of fat that had once been his neck was taut and pushing against his cheeks and chin with its own size. Zero knew that wouldn’t last forever, but it was still an odd sensation nonetheless.

“I’m just the curious type quite honestly, as well as one hell of a host,” Sasuke said, breaking the silence that had perpetuated until then. Both Zero and Kane did their best to look over at Sasuke, who stood with a grunt and began to slowly waddle his way over towards Zero. “I mainly just want to make sure you don’t go home hungry Zero, but I am also a little curious… How good of a drum does a packed dragon belly make? You have the scales to make a tough surface, but it needs to be taut. That won’t happen without some serious food in it, so… Two birds with one stone.” Sasuke simply smiled, now standing beside Zero as he leaned on the seat the drake was straining with his immense frame. Both Kane and the dragon were even further confused by the sudden explanation, as it just made so little sense. Neither one could ask why though, or very much cared about their confusion as they were in their respective little areas of bliss from the forced vore.

Zero made his way over the widest point in Kane, and from there it was smooth sailing. Further down Kane slid, but much faster now that the feline was just using gravity and not fighting anything but the internal pressure of Zero. The drake was stretching out wider by the moment now around his waist, his gut tightening up to levels he had never experienced. His belly scales seemed to be nearing their limit, as tiny gaps started to form between them thanks to the pressure they were being asked to hold back. It was a very odd feeling to the dragon, not quite painful and yet not comfortable, just odd. He couldn’t do anything about it though, so instead he focused on getting Kane’s upper belly down into his muzzle for the time being. It went in easy, though the pressure of getting Kane in there was mounting exponentially at that point. With the feline’s belly already in Zero’s chest and working its way closer and closer to the stomach below it, the drake knew it would be a matter of time before unstoppable force met immovable object.

Kane was nearly oblivious to this though, up to his chest in the drake and sinking in rapidly. He barely even registered how far in he was as his eyes were shut and he had a very big grin plastered on his face. The feline was lost in bliss, so very contented by the warm pressure encasing his frame and only growing more tight and warm the further in he went. His belly was in contact with all the food he was going to be mashed against, and it was like laying in a warm bowl of wet dough; an indescribable feeling that was not wholly unpleasant. But Kane thought little of it, instead just focusing on that his head was next up for consumption, and that from there it would be little more than a slurp down of his arms and then a few gulps to push him down into that packed gut. Fully eaten up on the job… It had never happened before, and yet Kane was not one to question opportunities like that.

Zero’s throat was starting to look normal as Kane’s big chest began to work its way down into the packed gut below. The feline’s head was just entering there, and all that was left to prove that Kane existed at that point was a small bulge on Zero’s throat and a pair of brown paws which stuck out of his muzzle. Those paws were quickly gone though, vanishing along with the rest of Kane to little more than a bulge on the drake’s throat. Kane was gone, and with Kane vanishing the dragon regained control of his body, though he didn’t notice as he was too busy trying to get Kane fully down. The dragon swallowed hard several times, trying to get the lump left of Kane out of his chest and into his belly. His stomach was finally revolting though, and refused to pack what little of the feline was outside of it in. This made the drake groan aloud, the truly stupendous pressure which now filled him finally coming to bear on his waking mind. No longer was the spell of gluttony or vore entrancing him in how blissful ignorance; he was stuffed to the true brim, so much so that even water would just be trapped in his esophagus. “Oooooh…”

“There we go… How do you feel?” A groan came as a response, the drake’s impossibly large gut looking almost comical on his frame as it was bloated out like a hot air balloon had been inflated inside of him. His eyes were screwed shut and his teeth grit in stuffed ecstasy as short, labored breaths were all the panting beast could manage. His whole body was coming back online in a sense, and while moving his limbs as out of the question with how full he was, the drake could at least feel and move them again, which was a plus. “Packed full eh? Glad to be of service. Now, if you don’t mind…” Sasuke leaned forward with a fork and thumped it on one of the distended belly scales on the front of Zero. The resulting noise did sound a lot like a drum, almost the sound of a tom coming from that impact. “Huh, cool…” Sasuke leaned over as far as his ponderous form would allow, his gut pushing heavily against Zero’s and making the stuffed drake groan loudly from any added pressure on his innards. He then hit a lower bellyscale, the sound of a kicker coming from that one.

“This is too cool.” Sasuke giggled with glee, stepping back from the overstuffed drake just long enough to grab a second fork and hold it in his paws. He then came a little closer and started to drum on the dragon’s taut gut again, playing like an expert over the separated, tight scales. Groans and grunts came from the scales’ owner as the little impacts to his overtaxed hide came fast and furious for a minute or so. Sasuke barely noticed that though, he was playing with his new drum kit like a cub with a new toy. Whap whaptap whap. On the noises went for a little bit, Sasuke having to strain to reach and move as quick as some of the rhythm required, but managing well enough. A little bit of a song came as a result of his antics, which even the drake had to admit wasn’t bad for being drummed out on a tightly packed belly by a blob-like behemoth of a wolfdragon. “I could do this all day…”

“Please…” Zero managed to squeak out, barely a whisper as getting enough air to talk with how tightly stuffed he was proved to be a true challenge for him.

“Oh I won’t, I just wanted to see if this worked. I’ll let you rest; you’ve earned that much for appeasing my curiousity. Meal is on the house too, so don’t worry about a bill whenever you come out of your food coma.” Zero didn’t need to be told about food comas, as he was already very nearly in one. His eyes had fallen shut again about halfway through the song Sasuke had created, and that plea for mercy had been with the last of the energy the dragon had. His waking mind drifting off, Zero felt Sasuke leave his side after finishing the little talk. The wolfdragon gave one last look to his sleeping drum and began to waddle off, leaving the engorged drake slumped back in his seat and only slouching more as all of his energy left him. Sleep’s warm embrace was coming to take the stuffed dragon off so that digestion could begin, and as it did, all Zero could think of was… What would be for breakfast?

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