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The party, one for such high society that even rumors of their wealth were understated, wasn’t the biggest Shen had ever been to. The whole event took place in a little beach house, and had a grand total of around thirty attendees. It was an intimate affair, and with the subject matter being discussed and displayed being of a rather sensitive nature, the intimacy helped ease the obvious tension. A couple party-goers were rather paranoid, but upon seeing they were amongst friends, they loosened up. Shen wasn’t one of those nervous ones, but he wasn’t like the other attendees either. He had nothing to flaunt, at least in terms of what the others were looking at. He was more here to shop and to see what he could get for the money that was needed for one of the expensive ‘toys’ the others had. He had received an invite from one of his oldest business associates, and it would be both bad business sense and just plain rude to not attend. So he went, with both an open mind and a blank check, hoping to see what made all those ‘toys’ so special.

“Shen, you made it. Nice to be seeing you here.” A low, thickly-accented voice came up from behind the lion, making him turn around to see a well-dressed ursine. The rather portly bear smiled and gave the smaller lion a hearty pat on the back as he approached, then extended a paw. Shen grunted at the pat, his svelte frame taking that impact in stride thanks to the shape Shen kept himself in. He nodded to his ursine compatriot, smiling a warm smile and reciprocating the extended paw by taking it in his own and giving it a firm shake.

“Nice to see you too Bruno, and company.” Shen gave a nod to the two nearly-nude leopards draped off of the bear’s arms, each giggling shyly and eyeing him with sultry expressions. The lion ignored their trained advances however, knowing how to shrug off a whore a lot better than most of his fellow billionaires. “Enjoying your evening so far?” Bruno looked at each of his female felines, both of whom looked back with those same sultry eyes and giggling, bubbly expressions. He then looked back at Shen with an expression that gave away the answer, and also hinted at a little more than the lion every wanted to know about one of his business partners.

“You are asking such silly question. I have these two fine specimens with me here; why would I not be having good time?” Shen shrugged, chuckling lightly to himself as Bruno let out a loud, guttural laugh and grasped his armcandy tightly to his large sides. “I am having wonderful time here. You, however, do not look like you are enjoying yourself much.”

“I am having a good enough time. I came to see what all the fuss was about your friends… I think I am starting to get it too.” Bruno listened to what Shen said intently, looking to be thinking for a moment after the lion stopped talking. He let go of his arm candy, which held onto him for a moment longer before he threw his paws up and ushered them away. They scurried off towards the bathroom, handbags in paw and the lipstick already out to pamper themselves up even moreso for their ‘friend’. It was almost laughable to Shen as he watched, but he stayed quiet. Bruno beckoned him closer as soon as the two leopards were gone, and wrapped his arm around Shen as soon as he was within reach.

“Have you spoken to our friend yet for getting your own… As you said, ‘friend’?” Shen shook his head no in response, which caused Bruno to draw back a little bit in surprise. He then started walking, all but dragging Shen along with him as the bear’s lumbering steps were far longer and faster than Shen could keep up with at a normal pace. Shen started to protest, but stopped himself and just tried to keep pace, struggling and getting annoyed at that fact almost immediately. His hair-trigger temper was just seconds from going off as he was dragged along through the party, a couple on-lookers seeing the sight and chuckling amongst their tight-knit cliques. The lion hated being embarrassed, and was about to throw caution to the wind and yell at one of his best clients when the walking stopped and Bruno’s grip on him eased. “You are single and living alone in your-“

Bruno was cut off by rather large black panther walking out of the doors in front of him, and nearly running right into him. He let out a low growl at the feline, but she barely even noticed as she was chatting with the equally-fat female eagle behind her. “Guuuurl, I jus got mai claaaws deed, and mai furrr deed, and that lil mofucka in there just… Daaayum.” The eagle laughed in agreement, steering her gabby friend right past Bruno and Shen with a wink to Bruno. He winked back, smiling as the panther chatted on about stuff on her dress and ‘all up in her hair’. Bruno gave Shen’s shoulder a little squeeze after the pair of females had moved past, looking down at the lion with a smirk that confirmed Shen’s suspicions about what had just gone on in that room.

“She met out friend I think, and you will meet him too now. Go in and have your fun cub.” And with that, Bruno pushed Shen through the still-open door before shutting it behind him. He turned around to glare at Bruno for being so forceful, but the door was already shut and he was in the room with just a small badger opposite him. He peered over reading glasses, looking the lion up and down for a moment as Shen slowly approached him. The lion’s temper was short, and Bruno bluntness had only shortened it, so when the badger took too long to speak, Shen got impatient and begun flicking his tail to make that evident. The badger hardly seemed to notice, still inspecting the lion like he was a lab rat with a fatal disease rather than a fellow anthro. Shen had begun tapping his foot too, his tolerance for the inspection waning as he gave the badger a rather annoyed look.

“Are you going to speak?” Shen asked finally, looking right at the badger’s eyes with a threatening glare. The mustelid simply looked back through intelligent, powerful eyes. Shen wasn’t threatened in the least, but he did gain an instant respect for those eyes and the badger who owned them. His question was quickly forgotten as he just stood, his serenity gone but his attitude still subdued; the lion was no stranger to his place, even if he got put in it very rarely. Bruno was one of the few that could put him there, if not barely simply due to his size. Shen’s father was another, but that old lion had died the year earlier, and added a large amount of money to Shen’s already-impressive wealth. There were others, but the lion wasn’t concerned with them at the moment, as he was more curious, and irritated, with the badger in front of him.

It seemed to take ages, but the badger finally ‘hmm’d and pointed to his left. Shen looked that direction, raising an eyebrow as he turned his gaze back to the mustelid. He hadn’t stopped pointing that way, and so Shen took it as an invitation and started off down the hallway that went in the general direction the badger had been pointing. It was a dark hallway, and the lion could barely see for the first few moments as his eyes adjusted. Once they did however, he saw what looked to be cages, several of them, stacked on top of one another. He let out a light gasp as he looked down the hallway, as most of those cages were populated with lithe, cowering furs. He wasn’t expecting such a sight, but quickly regained any lost composure as it was not entirely a surprise either. Though he knew that there were going to be wares on display, he still hadn’t been entirely prepared for the sight of such blatant containment.  These were toys, nothing more as far as most of the guests were concerned, and he needed to keep himself in that mindset as well.

Putting that thought in the back of his mind and keeping it there, he started to really look at what was in those cages. Each one had a male in in, something which surprised him as he was expecting something more along the lines of a female and male mix. How could that little badger known his preference simply by staring at him for a few minutes? It unnerved Shen slightly, but he kept that thought pushed down as he was here to browse, not to agonize over how someone had figured out just what he was into so quickly. So he set back to inspecting the lot, poking and prodding much like what one does when they are buying a pet, only these pets were far more expensive and intelligent. Each cage had a card on it that said what the anthro inside was capable of, and Shen took the time to read those on the ones he took an interest in based on their looks alone. Most all were capable of menial tasks, but very few were good with other males, so that severely limited Shen’s choices.

It didn’t take long for Shen to sift through those limited choices, and get to the end of the hallway without making a decision. There wasn’t one that was jumping out at him, so he decided to hold off for the time being and just not get a pet right then. He walked back down the hallway once he reached that opinion, giving passing glances at all the furs in their cages as he walked by. He did want to take one or two of them for a test drive, even if he didn’t ultimately want to make a purchase. Shen made a mental note to ask about it as he exited the hallway back to the main area that the badger was still sitting in, albeit now smoking from a long pipe. “I’m afraid I’m not entirely sold on anything you have here with you. I do, however, want to try a couple of them out to see just how well trained you keep them. I can compensate you for the time spent using each if necessary.”

The badger looked at Shen again for a long moment, studying the feline as he took a deep breath from his pipe. The mustelid held it in for a long moment, then released it up into the air in a pair of perfectly formed rings, making Shen raise an eyebrow in both annoyance and confusion. The badger then produced a set of keys, each with a number on them that matched the numbers on the cages. He also gave Shen a rather plain business card, which had little more than a phone number, address, and the badger’s name: Mr. King. Shen gave a nod of thanks, pocketing the card and producing a check along with a pen as he prepared to pay. King held up a paw to stop him though, shaking his head in refusal. That really took Shen by surprise, as he wasn’t quite used to things being free at this level of high society; everyone always wanted something. Mr. King was quite confident in his products apparently, and that only made Shen more excited as he set off down the hallway once again.

He strode over to the cage containing his first choice: a grey husky with the cutest bubblebutt Shen had every laid eyes on. He helped the feeble, subby fur from his cage with a sole paw, if not a little aggressively as he wasn’t feeling too patient. He then pulled the canine along to the second cage, unlocking it and getting out his second choice: a large draft horse that looked to be cramped just from being forced into a small cage. The toned muscles and look of experience in his eyes had just sucked Shen right in, and the feline took him with his free paw and helped him out. He then started down the hallway towards the sole door at the end of it, the two anthros clutching his paws and obediently following him in silence. Neither looked ashamed or fearful, but they both had a look of submission on their faces which made Shen smirk inwardly as he opened the door. A sole bed populated the room, along with various sex toys and bondage gear, some of which was going on that horse as far as Shen was concerned. It had been a while since he had experienced truly good sex, and a threesome with two experienced, downright hot, and utterly submissive partners… It was a good thing Shen hadn’t just had his claws done.


Ding-Dong. A badger looked up from behind the counter of his small shop, peering over a pair of round reading glasses to see who had just entered. His hard face softened to a welcoming smile as his eyes settled onto a lion, and a tall one at that. He walked right over to the counter, his stride confident and powerful, as if he owned the very ground he was walking on. It took the badger a minute, as his eyesight wasn’t the greatest, but he recognized the lion as he got closer as being the one from the party a week prior. The same lion who had spent nearly an hour breaking in two of his finer males and left with nary a word. The mustelid honestly wasn’t expecting to see him again, as the look on the lion’s face when he had left had been one of dissatisfaction, rather than the usual amazed and impressed looks that left those rooms. However here he was, gold fur shining slightly in the light as he loomed over the counter and looked down at the badger. “Hello again Mr. King, I’m here about the new shipment you just got in.”

The badger nodded, gesturing to the back with his pipe as he went back to reading. Shen didn’t need to be told twice as he walked around the counter and through a curtain to the back, which was rather plain and smaller than he expected. A sole door was on the back wall, and since there were no furs in the immediate back room, Shen opened the door and peered in. He was expecting rows of cages, much like what he had seen at the party the night before, but to his surprise the room was far nicer than even the barren front of the shop. Dimly lit and painted a very soothing red, it was laid out much like a standard Asian love hotel. There were walls filled with small, enclosed bunks which could hold two average-sized furs at most, and gave them some room to move for doing their ‘business’. A bed was at the far end of the few rows of cubicles, for the larger sized furs that needed it. There was even a large fur in the bed, collared and ready to go from the looks of it.

Shen stepped into the room, taking it all in for a moment as he strode past the little bunks, peering into a few to see just what was in them. Each housed a small fur of varying species, gender, and age. A tiger cub, an older bruin, a middle-aged lioness… All were there, nude and on display in their little cubbies as they waited for a passerby to get in with them and try them out. It would have sickened most, but Shen was barely even phased by the whole display; he had heard of and seen far worse in some of his executive friends’ basements. He also knew that these furs were all either marked for death or in exile from their own country (Shen made sure not to get involved in the tasteless business of smuggling), so the fate of being a rich young business fur’s sex toy was far better than what reality wanted for them.

Shen kept searching, peering into each of the tiny domiciles he past now as he wanted to make sure he left no stone unturned in his search for a companion. He did perk up upon seeing a couple, and even went as far as to look into their tiny ‘rooms’ to see the entire package better. Neither met his requirements though from a visual standpoint, so he continued searching. He made sure to read the skills each of the potential pets of his possessed, as what they could do was just as important as how they looked. Not a one came up to his standards in both departments though, and as he neared the end of the rows of cubicles, he feared that he wouldn’t be able to find any one for him. It would have been a wasted trip, just like the one to the party, and that would not go over very well for him.

As Shen conceded and began to head out, an unmarked bunk caught his eye. It was clearly fresh, as the paperwork was blank on it and the fur inside smelled rather strongly of sweat and dirt. Shen peered in, more in curiosity than in interest as he knew nothing about the being inside. His eyes met a black and blue German-Shepard, which couldn’t have been a day over 18. Matted fur covered the dark beast, accented by bright blue eyes and blue fur on the tip of his tail, which matched his hair dead on. He had a look about him of being weary and downtrodden, which combined with his dirty looks and tattered clothing tugged at Shen’s heart strings just hard enough to get the lion to look closer. He opened the container, looking the canine over without a word. The canine’s eyes gave away his fear almost instantly, as he backed up towards the back of the bed with silent terror all over his face.

“Undress. Now,” Shen ordered the canine. The black and blue mutt complied instantly sliding out of his ripped pants and equally-destroyed boxers. He then lay down like he was dead with his clothing beside him, letting the lion inspect him as he was expecting. Not wanting to disappoint, Shen immediately set to inspecting the canine for wounds and various other traits. Touches to certain spots got moans and grunts, of both pleasure and pain, as the feline’s paws roamed the black fur. A large sheath with an impressive set of balls, big paws, a svelte yet toned frame… Shen needed to see one more detail before he made a decision. “Roll over.”

Again, the canine complied instantly, grunting lightly in pain as he lay on his chest, which was clearly injured the way he was holding himself. Shen hadn’t felt anything broken, so he assumed little more than bruising. Once the canine was on his stomach, Shen looked at the final detail he needed to decide if he wanted the pup’s body or not: the ass. It was a rather small bubblebutt, but with enough meat for groping and fucking. Pleased, Shen rolled the canine back over onto his back and looked him over once again. The body was one thing, but Shen needed a few more details before he made any sort of decision about purchasing. This one wasn’t priced yet, but he could only imagine for one such as this once he had been cleaned and taken care of properly. The mutt looked starved for the first thing, and with injuries like the ones he had it would be at least a couple weeks before anyone could properly ‘use’ him.

“Do you speak?” Shen asked, eyeing the canine incredulously. The dog blinked for a moment, looking up at the lion in utter shock as he fumbled with a response.

“Ye… Yessir.”

“What are your name, skills, and any other relevant details?”

“My name is Bolt. I am skilled at all forms of housework, both inside and out, as well as basic accounting and bookkeeping. I am STD free, 18, an orphan, and a very fast learner.” The canine paused, hoping that was enough but looking to have plenty more to say if needbe. Shen simply sighed and shook his head, a small smile curling on his lips that brought a mixture of terror and comfort to the dog.

“Rather random list Bolt. You need to work on your organizational skills.” Shen looked him over once more, then reached down for the door to the cubicle. “Get dressed again, as I don’t think Mr. King appreciates his products nude.” Bolt nodded, his ears flattening as he was referred to as a product. Shen thought nothing of it though, as that was what the young male was; a product, nothing more. The lion shut the door and left the canine to his business, turning to go once the door was latched shut again. He hadn’t seen any others as promising as that young male, so he needed to ask about that one specifically… Something about him was clicking with Shen that hadn’t with any other one he had seen. He just hoped that he would be able to get a deal from Mr. King, and that there was nothing about the canine that he needed to know.

Shen stepped out into the main store again after his short stroll to the door, a few whimpers seeing him off from the room. He didn’t feel entirely great about leaving those furs alone, but feeling for products would send him down a nasty path, so he just ignored it as best he could and instead focused on how he was going to get the best deal he could out of the badger. That would be easier said than done, but Shen was a master negotiator if nothing else, so he was going to go about what he always did and hope it worked according to plan. He hadn’t been given time to scope out his opponent though, so that was a rather large hindrance for him. It wasn’t one he was going to wrestle with though; his mind was set on that black and blue husky, so it was only going to be how cheaply he got the canine. There also was the battle of getting him at all, as the husky didn’t look quite ready to sell just yet.

“I’ll take that black and blue item you have in the back Mr. King.” The badger didn’t even flinch, he just looked up at Shen for a long moment, as if to study the feline. Shen looked back, determination in his eyes now that he had something he wanted.

“No.” The badger had a very thick Asian accent as he spoke, which made him slightly hard to understand. It wasn’t enough to have the word of denial be misinterpreted by Shen though, who arched his eyebrows in surprise. Getting the canine was going to be harder than he thought.

“Why is that?”

“Not for sale.” Shen frowned; everything was for sale, it was just a matter of naming the proper price.

“Reserved or is it not ready to be sold?”

“Reserved.” Again, Shen frowned. Not only was the badger an unflinching, unyielding wall of emotionless negotiation, but he was loyal to his customers if Shen was to believe any of Bruno’s stories. Shen did trust the bruin too, so he knew that he had quite the battle ahead of him in order to get the canine.

“How much?” Shen asked, his voice low and as intimidating as he dare make it. This caused the badger paused, looking at Shen again for another long moment. The mustelid apparently didn’t take well to threats, as he didn’t say anything and instead went back to reading what he had been when Shen had first walked into the store. Shen sighed as he saw this, his head slightly hung in defeat as he looked at the badger for a moment more. Master negotiator or not, Shen wasn’t going to get anything more out of the hard to understand wall of fur ahead of him, so he just resorted to not asking anymore. He turned to leave, his decision final and his will not in it enough for the product to bother putting up much more of a fight.

“Take now and you can have.” Shen turned around, his paw on the handle of the door as the badger had spoken. He looked back at the mustelid with a curious expression, stepping back from the door towards the counter oncemore. “Thing battered, need repairs. Client no like that, so take now.”

“Ok, how much?” Shen’s tail twitched with delight, as he took out his check book and prepared a pen to write with. The badger took out an invoice pad, writing down a rather large figure for an item that would substitute naming the actual item being sold. He then tore off the sheet he wrote said figure on and gave it to Shen, who eyed it for a moment before sighing and making out a check in that amount to the company at the top. He did so only because he knew that in spite of how high the six figures were, the total was nothing in comparison to the sums of money that some of the products in the back cost. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have more money than he knew what to do with either, as that was why one bought one of these pets; all that money needs to be spent somewhere. “Here.”

“Pull car around back, I give you there.” The badger then stood, barely taller standing than he was sitting as the chair he was in had held him rather high off the ground. He then slowly made his way to the back of the store, cane in his paw as he shuffled along. Shen took his leave at that point, walking right back to the door and opening it up to the rather dreary afternoon which gripped the city with its oppressing fog. He didn’t have to stay in the fog long, as he had parked close to the store, but it was enough to make his suit slightly damp and form droplets of water on his whiskers. He also noted how wet his car was from just sitting outside for the mere twenty minutes he had been inside the shop with the badger; it was enough to ruin the detail work he had done just a week prior. This did annoy Shen, but he had more pressing concerns, so he slipped inside the rather lavish BMW and started it up, tossing it into gear and slowly pulling into the alley alongside the store.

It was a tight squeeze, but he was an expert driver, so getting the wide BMW down the alley wasn’t as much of a challenge as it looked. Shen got the vehicle to the back of the store after a few moments, parking it in the small lot behind the store. Letting the engine idle as he stepped out of the car again into the very light drizzle that had started up again, he stood in wait beside the open car door with a light frown on his muzzle. His feline nature hated the rain, and his suit wasn’t very fond of it either, but he would wait as he wanted what he had just paid a handsome sum of money for, so wait he would. He just hoped that he wouldn’t be waiting long, or that he hadn’t been scammed. Bruno had told him just how loyal Mr. King was, but then again Shen was hardly one to trust everyone, so he made sure to have that check number in his mind and his banking phone number ready to cancel the check if the badger didn’t show.

Shen wasn’t waiting long enough for his suspicions to even fully take hold in his mind, as the badger came out back after a minute or so with the canine in tow. The canine was being led by a rope looped loosely around his neck, which held him expertly in place and made sure that he would not go anywhere but where the badger leading him wanted him to. Mr. King dragged the shacked black dog over to the vehicle, waiting for Shen to open a door up and let the German-Shepard into the backseat of his car. Shen did open the door, but didn’t let the canine in before laying a towel out over the leather to ensure the rather rank canine wouldn’t ruin it. He didn’t want to have to do it, so but the car cost almost as much as the dog had, and ruining it wasn’t something that Shen wanted to do.

Bolt slid into the car, cowering in fear and doing his utmost to stay just on the towel as Shen shut the door behind him and sighed a soft sigh. He looked at Mr. King, expecting some sort of smug look or even one of distain. There was one of pity and sadness instead, which puzzled Shen as he studied it for a long moment. “He’s going to a good home Mr. King.”

“I aware. Still sad see him go. So sad his story is.” His heavy Asian accent and fast speech made those few sentences a nightmare to decipher, but Shen managed and gave a feeble nod in reply. He didn’t want to pry further, and knowing Bolt would have just as many answers as Mr. King, he stopped his curiosity before it got the best of him. Instead, he simply stuck out a paw to the badger and smiled politely.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” He stated. Mr. King did not take the paw, but instead bowed low and murmured the same in reply. Shen bowed in return, retracting his paw with a light frown. He only stayed down for a moment, standing back up straight and looking the still-bowing badger over one last time before he made his way to the driver side of the large car. He opened the door, watching and Mr. King pivoted to be bowing towards the car. Shen was puzzled by such humility, but it wasn’t something he was going to try and question; the traditions of the East were odd to Westerners like him, and diving down that path could be quite the headache. So the feline slid into his car, wiping the light mist from his face with a large paw before he pushed the start button inside the car. It was keyed to his fingerprint, so it took a moment to scan him before bringing the metallic beast to life.

Tossing the car into gear and slowing starting towards the alley, Shen looked back at his new package and the previous owned in his rearview mirror. Both looked to be doing different levels of groveling, and that made Shen almost feel uncomfortable about the entire deal. He was fairly certain that Mr. King’s still-bowed posture was one of respect and politeness for an Asian businessfur, but Bolt’s… It was fear that he saw in the canine’s eyes more than anything. He wasn’t sure of what to do to alleviate that fear, but at the same time he saw no reason to in some part of his mind. He had just purchased property from another businessman like himself, there was no reason for him to try and rid himself of any other emotion than a twinge of wallet pain. Even that little bit of wallet agony was a drop in the bucket for him; he was currently in the process of buying a third house that put this current purchase to shame. There was no point in feeling anything else, or at least he kept telling himself as he slowly drove his car down the alley and pulled out onto the main road, heading towards his current home.


The ride home was a silent one, as neither Shen nor Bolt said a word. It was only once the car stopped in front of Shen’s house did the canine in the back of his car even show any signs of life. Bolt peered out the window with his mouth agape at the sight of the massive mansion which Shen barely called his summer home. It was obvious the little canine came from poverty, and since Shen did not, he was going to have to give the German Shepard some rude awakenings as to how the other half lives. Shen was in the upper echelon of that ‘other half’ as well, so he knew that there were going to be things that Bolt had never seen; he just wondered how much. He also wondered how much he should expose the canine to, as it seemed that the other exposed their ‘pets’ to barely more than the basics needed to function at high society parties and fulfill their sexual desires. Shen wanted more than that for Bolt, but at the same time he didn’t want to become too close to his property. He was torn, and as he looked at the wonderment in the dog’s eyes as they pulled up to the front door of the massive mansion, it was apparent that was going to be a difficult task.

The car stopped at the front door, greeted by an older-looking fox clad in an expensive suit. He bowed low as Shen stepped out of the car, gesturing towards the door politely. Shen instead held the keys out to the fox, waiting for a moment before clearing his throat to get his attention. “I don’t know why you still do this Kyle, it’s not necessary.” The fox simply took the keys and went right back to bowing, barely even acknowledging the question. Shen sighed; that butler was hopeless, but he did keep the place very clean. The lion decided to turn his attention back to the passenger in the back seat of his car rather than dwelling on just how formal Kyle insisted on being. He opened the back door slowly, peering in and extending a paw out to Bolt.

Kyle saw the canine out of the corner of his eye right when Shen opened the door, and instantly let out an involuntary gasp. The poor canine looked a lot worse off now that he was out of his cage, and through Kyle’s eyes the poor beast may as well have been dying. The fox shook with effort to contain himself, but Shen barely even noticed as he took Bolt’s paw and helped the feeble German Shepard from the car. The lion then grabbed onto the rope around the canine’s neck, holding it firmly to keep him close and to make sure the dog remembered just who was in charge. “Kyle, please go park the car and then call the doctor and tell him…” Shen trailed off, looking thoughtful for a moment. Kyle looked up at his master, unsure of what to say for a moment before he just took the keys and started off towards the driver’s side of the car.

“I’ll tell him to come discretely and to bring his trauma kit.” The fox finished Shen’s thought, albeit in a rather pained tone. Shen shot him a glare for that, but did not reply; they would discuss that tone later is what that look meant. Kyle just sighed and lowered himself into the car, starting it up with the alternate key-start and code. Shen shut the door he had removed Bolt from and patted the roof once, letting the fox inside the vehicle know it was clear to pull off into the underground garage. He did just that too the second he heard the smack, leaving Shen and his disheveled canine companion on the driveway in front of the large set of doors which led into Shen’s house.

The pair stood there for a moment, Shen holding the German Shepard’s rope in place while the canine bounced from foot to foot. He wasn’t speaking, but Shen knew that dance from anywhere, and briskly started walking towards the door with the canine in tow. Bolt urked and came along, the sudden tug from the rope nearly toppling his weak frame over. Shen barely noticed, as he was still trying his utmost to distance himself from the feeble frame behind him. It was barely working, but that was enough to give him some solace and let him at least look at the dog as the pair stepped through the threshold of the door and into the main entryway.

Bolt’s eyes went wide and his jaw slacked as he stared up at the surroundings of the entryway. It was ornate, opulent, and ostensibly beautiful. Being a lion, Shen liked his things shiny and good to look at, as it was part of his feline pride. A male lion’s pride was second to none in the feline kingdom as well, so to say that Shen loved his possessions and making them look nice was an understatement. His home was a prime example of this, and it was filled to the brim with things that were pleasant to see, experience, and just be around. He loved that about his home, and relished showing it off whenever he could. He didn’t get to very often though, as he was rarely home, and even more rarely had guests within the confines of his home, so he had to make do with seeing Bolt’s reaction.  Bolt’s reaction to it all was as priceless as many others had been, so he just took it in for a moment before dragging the dog along again.

The dog jerked, letting out a light yelp before he tagged along involuntarily, dragging along a little bit behind Shen as he was led along through the entryway and down a hall. The pair passed doorways and entrances to large dining halls, a ballroom, and a library. Bolt’s face got more and more excited and fearful with every sight he took in, but Shen just got more and more pleased with himself as he saw that. He was scaring the little dog into submission with his power, and that… That was how control was supposed to work in his eyes, and having that level of control was something that he relished. It involved little effort, which he liked, and yielded universally good results, which he also liked; maximum efficiency with minimal expenditure. His love of such things was probably why he did it for a living at this point in his life, but that is a story for another time.

He started down the path towards the washrooms, knowing full well that he would be going into them to wash up the dog and then getting him prepped to be looked at by the doctor. Shen would need an excuse as to why Bolt was covered in injuries and looked as disheveled as he was, as well as why Shen was even caring for the mutt in the first place. Lies and half truths ran through his head as fast as his pace was, which nearly toppled the dog behind him at one point who stopped for a split second to peer into the small theatre that Shen had. The tug on the collar and the low growl from Shen made sure that didn’t happen again, but even doing that made the lion a bit uneasy. He didn’t want to scare Bolt into submission by force or by being overbearing or any of the other ways his compatriots had done. His methods would be more subtle, easier, and infinitely kinder; Shen wasn’t a cruel being after all. Cold, definitely, but not cruel… He couldn’t bring himself to even lead the canine around by a rope for much longer.

He finally got a reprieve from the leading when he stopped at the front of the gym at the end of the long, winding hall. Shen turned to the German Shepard behind him, eyeing him for a long moment. Bolt stared right back, a look of fear and apprehension in his eyes as he was afraid of what would come next. Shen simply sighed, removing the collar of rope from around the canine’s neck and offering it to him. “Take it, I don’t do that in this house. You are here as my pet, my sexual pleasure, but not as a prisoner. I will grant you free reign of the house, and eventually the grounds once you’ve earned my trust… Maybe even let you drive around in a car one day. But for now, no more leashes and collars… Unless it’s in the bedroom.” Shen’s last sentence was punctuated with a hint of sarcasm, which Bolt seemed to pick up on and smiled at lightly as he took the collar in a shaking paw. He looked so confused, utterly unable to comprehend what was going on with the lion.

Shen was confused as well, as he had sworn to himself on the ride over that he would not let the canine become more than property. Here he was though, treating Bolt like far more than property, and it was making him aggravated internally. A small war was being waged in his mind as he fought with himself over whether or not to retract his statement, or to just let it be and see where things went from there. He wanted Bolt happy, as happy sex was better and had more chances of being longer than angry or fearful sex. A part of him, that seemed to be growing with every passing moment, wanted much more than that for the canine that he had just purchased. He wanted that German Shepard to be safe, content, and free from harm for as long as he lived. Shen had no idea where that feeling was coming from, or how it had even manifested, but he wanted it to be squelched as fast as possible, so he just tried to shove it down his hardest while opening the door to the gym and ushering Bolt inside.

Once inside, he and Bolt went straight to the back of the gym, stepping into the changing room which was large enough for the few others who Shen had over to work out. He hadn’t been keeping up with his routine for a while though, and as such his pants had been getting a little tight around the midsection. The tightness was nothing worrysome yet, just a couple pounds of ‘travel weight’ as he called it that could be gone in a weekend thanks to his rigorous training and high-speed metabolism. Bolt looked like he could use a few pounds of ‘travel weight’ to make his frame look more lush and cared for, rather than the starved and beaten look he had now. A few pounds of muscle wouldn’t hurt the canine either, as his frame was rather lanky all the way around, and not just in terms of looking like he had some meat on him. A toned, yet healthy looking German Shepard with a lush coat and a killer outfit… That would be a sight to see.

Fantasizing about the looks of his new pet got Shen distracted, and for a split second he forgot why he was even in the gym. He remembered as soon as he saw the direction he had been pointing, and led Bolt into the small set of showers that were within the locker room. “Strip.” Shen said authoritatively, looking right at Bolt. The dog did, slowly lowering his pants and then his boxers to the floor right in front of the lion. The feline looked on, eyeing over the canine’s body again and smiling inwardly at the plans he had for it. He didn’t want to spend too long doing his looking over though; having to explain his reasons and plans would be too much effort for the feline at that point in the day. He wasn’t about to have to explain though, as that was something he would do to an equal, and not to a pet that was there to do little more than please him sexually.

All the excitement had him worn out, and his species’ lethargy was starting to kick in as he had to stifle a yawn.  The yawn made it out though, and he stretched a little bit as he looked on at Bolt’s stripping. The canine stood there, naked and looking nervously at the feline as he tried to cover himself up with a free paw. Shen chuckled to himself at this, simply reaching down to Bolt’s goods and giving them a gentle grope with one of his large paws. He wanted that canine to remember his place, even if he didn’t have to be put there. It was going to be an interesting dynamic that Shen was going to create, and he knew that as he pulled his paw back and looked Bolt over once more. Plans, all those plans… He was starting to get aroused with them all screaming through his mind as he stared on at Bolt.

“I want you to shower, and then dry off with one of the towels in here. Once you are done, you are to get dressed in the clothes I will bring back, and then come with me. Alright?” Shen’s voice was commanding, again, and it made sure that the dog knew his place. The mutt nodded fervently, that fear in his eyes ebbing but still very strong as he looked up at Shen. It was as though he was starting to feel comfortable, yet still had a subservient air about him. Shen wanted that, and he was impressed that it was coming to pass so quickly. He was fairly sure that it would take longer, and yet to make such progress so quickly was something that he was proud of.

Shen turned and left, his claws clicking on the tile as he walked out of the locker room. He was headed towards the laundry room, as he would have to give the canine some of his older clothes in order to keep him decent. Something not too revealing, but still enough that Shen would be able to look at Bolt and rape him over and over again with his eyes… Shen was starting to sound  like an old pervert in his head, but he felt like one at that moment, so why should he not be playing the part. It was as though he was getting his mind into more and more trouble with Bolt as he let it wander in its thoughts about the beast, though Shen had no intention of reigning it in. He was going to let his creative juices flow with that mutt, and see just how far he could take a pet into high society. It was going to be a tall order, but Shen felt up to the challenge… He welcomed it in fact.

He left the gym at a quick pace, his tail swishing behind him with every step. It wasn’t flicking around anxiously like it normally did when he was deep in thought, more just drooping behind him and swaying with his hips as he took one step after another towards the laundry room. He wasn’t thinking too hard at that moment; just some little bits of plans for Bolt and himself. He wanted to leave the serious thoughts for later at that moment, as he had set his plan in stone and now wanted to just mentally relax. He was still feeling tired too, his usual cat-nap well past and his body not liking that he had ignored it. He was on a mission to create something wonderous though, and he would need to wait on that nap in order to do it. Dressing Bolt was going to have to be more important than sleeping one of his few naps of the day, and though it was making him walk at a more uneven pace and clouding his mind, he didn’t seem to care a great deal.

The lion walked down the hall and took a turn at the far end of it, which was a good walk considering how large his home was. It took him a solid minute to reach the end of that hall, and as such he was a touch winded once he got there. He had been walking at a rather quick pace, stumbling a few times over his own paws thanks to how tired his mind was and how ill-fitting his new pants were. He needed to have the suit fitted, but as this was a new one it had yet to be fitted at all. He had just loved the color, and as such bought it more on looks than comfort. His tailor was going to be coming by in a few hours though to make all the necessary changes, and Shen figured that getting Bolt fit for a suit or at least some nicer clothes could happen then as well. Shen had a thing for others in suits, and seeing Bolt in one once the dog looked less miserable… That hard-on he had tried to keep hidden in the locker room was coming back in full force as his mind stumbled onto that topic.

He had to try and push those thoughts aside though, as he finally reached the laundry room and went in to find his sole maid; a chubby female otter named Lidia. She was leaning against the washer, filing her nails and talking on the phone to some other fur in her native tongue. She barely even noticed Shen enter the room at first, but as the lion’s bright, flashy mane and rather expensive attire caught her eye, she quickly let out a surprised cry and hung up as fast as she could; not before saying goodbye to her friend though. It looked as though Shen had interrupted something, and he simply chuckled lightly and waited for the otter to compose herself. “So sorry sir. My brother have some issues with police; I talk to sister about them.”

“Whatever you say Lidia, I won’t mind as long as you get everything else done around here. Is the place cleaned?” A twinge of annoyance came through Shen’s voice, as he didn’t like being jerked around. He spoke her language fluently, and knew full well that she had not been talking to her sister whatsoever; it had been her boyfriend. Her ears flattened a bit at the recognition of his tone, as she was new and didn’t yet understand that the feline could get annoyed, but rarely was cold enough to fire others.

“Yes sir, of course.”

“Good, please go get dinner started; and make it a large meal. We have a rather hungry guest and the tailor will be by, and will probably want to have something to eat as well.” Shen’s tone wasn’t angry as he spoke, and the annoyance was gone. Lidia still looked slightly crushed though, and bowed her head to Shen rather low before speaking.

“Yes sir.” She then turned to leave, moving as fast as her short legs would allow with her tail on the ground behind her.

“Oh, and Lidia?”

“Yes sir?” She stopped at the door, looking back over her shoulder at the feline through a pair of eyes that looked almost terrified. Shen didn’t like that look, as she had no reason for it just yet; her job was still safe as far as he was concerned. Instead of saying that though, he simply sighed lightly before speaking.

“Don’t lie to me about who you’re talking to me; I know your boyfriend was on the other line and that he doesn’t want to have to see your cub. I told you I don’t mind if you use your phone, just don’t do it while you need to be working. I won’t ask again, alright?” The otter looked stunned, taking a moment to process what she had just heard. She didn’t seem to be used to such leniency, as most employers of Shen’s social standing were rather strict in making sure that their workers were near perfect.

“A-Alright sir. Thank you…” Lidia bowed again, even lower than before, before she turned and walked through the door out towards the kitchen.

“Don’t mention it…” Shen muttered, chuckling to himself as she left, watching the door swing on its hinges for a moment before looking around the room for what he came for. It looked as though Lidia had simply been waiting on the dryer to finish on the clothes, which was a good thing when Shen thought about it, as it meant that most of laundry for the day was done, and thusly there would be plenty of clothes for Shen to pick from for Bolt. Something light would be best, as it would weigh less on the weakened wolf, and let the doctor get better access to examine him. It also gave Shen easier access to do anything later, which made the lion let out a low purr as he thought about all that entailed.

His mind was wandering again, and as Shen gathered up a loose pair of jeans and a light button-up shirt, he couldn’t help but get a sly grin on his muzzle. He had a few rather… risqué pieces of lingerie around his home. Most were brightly colored, and getting Bolt into one of them was almost a necessity as far as Shen was concerned. A bright blue thong caught Shen’s eye as this thought flashed through his mind, the coloring nearly identical to that of the wolf’s eyes. The lion smirked to himself at that sight, taking a moment to look the piece of underwear over before he added it to the shirt and the jeans; that would be enough for Bolt.

Clothes in his arms, the suited lion left the laundry room the way he came and then started back to the gym. He was quietly humming to himself as his golden tail swayed from side to side behind his tight rear. His mind was fully lost in the maze of perversion he had been in since he brought Bolt home, only thinking about all that he was going to do too that canine. Some parts of him began to ponder what he would do with that canine as well, though those parts of his mind were rather quiet at first. He was still far too concerned about the arousal in his loins, and as such that was clouding any thoughts past taking full advantage of his new ‘toy’. He felt like a kitten with a ball of yarn, only this yarn was going to be used to do a lot more.

The walk back to the gym was a quick one, and Shen made it in just under a minute. His pace was far quicker than it had been on the walk to the laundry room, thusly making the walk shorter and leaving him winded again. The time it took for him to get to the gym though reminded him of his home’s size; it was a truly massive place, and anyone from outside the circle he was in saw no use for all that space. Shen saw it as a place that he could be left alone, and a place that he could do anything and everything that he ever wanted to do indoors. The lion had been brought up outdoors, and thusly had somewhat of an affinity for the open air, but was a house cat through and through thanks to the modern comforts. He hoped that Bolt would join him in that lifestyle, but at the same time dreaded it as it would change what had been property into something more; a thing he was still trying to avoid.

The feline stepped into the gum, a paw brushing along his main to straighten a few stray furs; Shen was a vain cat after all. He made sure that everything was fixed in one of the mirrors along the gym’s walls before continuing on into the locker room, where he heard running water. He perked up his ears and smiled lightly to himself at that sound; Bolt was going to be wet and nude. Shen wanted to see that, but at the same time didn’t want the German Shepard entirely aware that he was being watched, should he become bashful. Shen decided to sneak in because of that, carefully placing one paw in front of the other on the tile and making sure to arch his footpaws so that his claws would not click on the tiles beneath them. It took some effort to keep himself upright like that, but he managed fine and was able to get inside the small changing room without making a sound.

What he heard now that he was in though made his heart sink, and instantly pulled any thoughts banning Bolt from being more than a pet from his head. Sobs and cries of both pain and sadness reached Shen’s ears; that poor canine was truly hurting. Shen kept his place for a moment, just out of sight of Bolt, as he pondered just what to do about the dog. He didn’t want to leave him there, but marching in and comforting him sealed that Bolt was forever more than just his arm candy and fuck toy. The lion hadn’t wanted to have to make that decision so soon; he needed more time to think, to decide if he even liked Bolt or not. His easy nature and very kind demeanor were making fighting the urge to scoop that pup up and hug him close nearly impossible to resist however.  It was just impossible for Shen to decide what to do, and he leaned against the wall to think for a few moments more.

His kind heart inevitably won out; this was no business transaction, and Bolt was no object. Bolt was alive, and the same cold, unfeeling, and tactful Shen that most others saw wasn’t allowed in his home unless he was on the phone or entertaining company. No, this was Shen being Shen, and he was going to comfort the newest member of his household even if it meant changing the role that member was going to fill. “Bolt?”

“Y-Yes?” The sobbing stopped immediately, and Shen could hear a sniffle and a faint whimper from his hiding spot. That was enough for him to peer in and look at the canine, who was wiping his eyes and nose off with the back of his arm as he stood in the shower. From the matted fur on his slightly round rear, it was clear he had been sitting and crying just a moment earlier. Shen said nothing of this, but instead put the clothes down that he had brought in for Bolt and began to take off his own. “Wh-What are y-“

“Stop talking and don’t move.” The tone Shen used sounded a lot harsher than he intended, and even he winced as he heard it leave his mouth. “Please,” he muttered in a far kinder, sheepish voice. Bolt simply nodded and stood, his head hung as the water continued to rain down on him from the spigot above and wash over his entire body from head to tail. His tail sat still between his legs, his ears pressed to his head and his whole frame shrunken as much as it could while he waited. Shen noticed, but again said nothing as there was little that he could say to that; he wasn’t going to try and comfort the wolf through words. Shen was horrible at trying to comfort others using words, so he instead just hastened his undressing. He was wearing a suit however, and hastening getting out of that would mean that he would wind up ruining it.

Bolt’s gaze remained on the floor, a couple more faint whimpers and a sniffle coming from him. Shen sighed to himself as he heard this, loosening his tie and just tearing his shirt off. The true expensive part of his suit had been his blazer, and fighting with the buttons on the shirt beneath had been starting to aggravate him. He didn’t bother with his pants, or even the tie, he just walked right on over to the shower as he tossed the ruined shirt aside and stood outside the stream of water. He could feel the hot liquid splashing onto his feet and ankles, getting the bottom of his pants wet fairly quickly. The feline didn’t care about that though, he just looked down at a cowering Bolt for a long moment before saying anything. “Why were you crying?”

“I-I… I…” Bolt couldn’t even get one word out, the tears just began flowing for him again as he trained his eyes back down on the ground then screwed them shut. Shen saw that and sighed once more, stepping into the falling water which was all around Bolt and wrapping both of his strong arms around the feeble canine. He made sure to do it gently; Bolt was injured after all. He wasn’t going to just let the dog stand there and cry all alone though, espcecially not right in front of him. A hug was all that he could do though, so he just held onto the sobbing dog as tightly as he dare and stayed silent, not even trying to pet him for fear of hitting a bruise or a bone.

Bolt cried and cried, tears joining the warm water which washed down Shen’s abdomen. The lion could feel the mutt shaking in his arms with disappointment, fear, and above all sadness. His grip didn’t ever loosen though, as he drew himself closer to Bolt and just remained there for all the time the dog would need. Shen bowed his head and pushed his muzzle to the top of Bolt’s after a moment of standing like that, wanting to try and get even closer to the mutt. Bolt’s crying just got louder at that, and Shen thought he had done something wrong because of it. He backed off right away, returning to looking up through the raining shower water and just holding his body as close as he could to Bolt without injuring the broken canine. “Shhhhh…”

There the pair stood for nearly ten minutes, Bolt’s tears flowing freely and his whole body shaking nearly the entire time. His cries eventually died down to sobs, the sniffles, then just heavy breaths as he tried to calm down. Shen had barely moved at all the entire time, only ever shifting to keep himself comfortable as he held onto Bolt. He heard the slowing sadness, and began to perk up because of it. He knew that it wasn’t over in terms of Bolt feeling this sad, but for the moment it seemed that the storm had passed and he would be able to ascertain just what had made the poor canine so sad. Getting rid of it, or helping the canine to move past it so that he would have fewer moments like this… It was important to Shen. He hated seeing those he had more than a business connection with hurt; business folks hurting was just business. How he had even considered being so cold to Bolt when he first got the dog was beyond him; the dog was not business, so why treat him as such? He was not property either, as Shen was fast learning while he still gripped the canine in his arms… No, this little German Shepard was going to be a lot more than that to him too.

“Are you a little better now?” Shen inquired after a minute or so of silence, save for the water pattering down around the two.

“Y-Yes…” Bolt managed to feebly spit out, looking up at Shen through the water with red, sad eyes. The feline looked right into those eyes, and immediately felt his face moving before his brain had time to tell it otherwise. Closer and closer it moved, his lips pursing ever so slightly as they met Bolt’s in a gentle kiss. The dog tasted of soap and tap water; neither of which Shen was particularly fond of. Bolt’s wide eyes were catching much more of his attention though, as the canine looked to be in shock from the contact by Shen’s muzzle. Shen’s return expression was one of both understanding and care, two things which had been foreign to Bolt for so long that seeing them only heightened his shock. The poor dog started to feel weak in the knees as the kiss went on for more than a brief moment, though he made no movements whatsoever to shove Shen away.

Shen broke off after a moment, pulling back just enough so that he was no longer touching Bolt’s lips, but could still feel that hot canid breath on his muzzle. Bolt’s expression didn’t change for a moment, shock still plastered all over his face. Shen began to worry again, but as his brow started to furrow Bolt’s features began to soften up once again. The canine was coming down from being stunned into being happy, as his ears perked up just a tad and a faint swish of his tail gave away what was running through his mind. Shen barely noticed these things though; his focus was on the eyes which he had been looking into since Bolt had finally looked up from the ground. They were still red, but… It was as if something within the canine in his arms had finally taken a breath, and all the nervousness and fear and hatred and a myriad of other emotions which Shen had seen the second he took ownership of Bolt had evaporated into nothingness. That couldn’t have made Shen happier, and as he looked down at the canine with a widening smile, he let that be known by tightening his hug just a little bit more.


“Oh, sorry. Are you going to make it through the doctor checking you out without getting upset?” Shen asked, concern in his voice and nothing more. Bolt nodded faintly, not wanting to take his eyes off of Shen’s. Shen shared that sentiment, almost following Bolt’s nod to keep contact with those blue, bloodshot spheres. “I put your clothes over on that bench where I left mine, they will be good enough for now.” Another nod from Bolt gave away that he understood. “As far as you are concerned, you are a one-night stand that I got a little too rowdy with, ok?” Yet another nod. “Good, so dry off and get changed…. Ugh, I have to do that too…” Shen sighed as he looked down at himself, his ruined tie and soaked pants the only things on. A red set of panties peeked over the rim of his pants; Shen had gotten his belt off before joining Bolt in the shower for those several minutes.

Shen then remembered that he was still holding Bolt in his arms, releasing the canine and smiling sheepishly again. Bolt barely broke out a feeble smile, scurrying off towards the towel and wrapping himself in it almost immediately. Shen turned around slowly, his tail lashing back and forth from side-to-side in the still-flowing water. His mind had begun to wander deviously again, and while part of him wanted to stop it… He knew that was going to be a fruitless endeavor. He and Bolt had just kissed for their very first time, the first of many he hoped, and it was… Unexpected, unplanned, but better than he could have hoped for. The feline was just lucky that the shower had started to turn cold nearly four minutes prior, as a warm shower would’ve prompted him to stay there, getting wet and lost in his perverse head about what else he was going to do to Bolt aside from kiss him awkwardly in the shower.

Shen sighed again, muttering something inaudible before placing a paw on handle for the shower and shut the water off. The feed of liquid nearly instantly slowed to a trickle, draining the last of the water from the pipe before just drips were left on the large showerhead. Shen hadn’t moved out from under that though, and as the drops began to hit him one by one in the head, he turned to watch Bolt dry off. The canine was mostly done, just drying off his neck and chest a little better. It was a sight to see for him, the full front of the canine exposed and hanging in the open, and clean for the first time to boot. Not matted down, Bolt’s fur was actually very full and thick, giving the canine a fluffy look as he continued to towel himself down. A good grooming looked to be in order though, as some of his scruff looked a little worse for wear, and long for that matter. His hair was no different, blue as the sky and yet utterly unkempt and shaggy. There was a certain charm to that though in Shen’s mind, as he took in what bits of Bolt he cold around that towel which kept getting in the way of his visual molestation.

The feline knew he couldn’t stand there and oogle Bolt all day though, and he started towards the dog with loud squishing and squelching noises. Water in his lined pants was making movement difficult, as it stiffened the fabric to the point that bending it was almost a challenge. This made Shen have to walk rather stiff-legged, and because of that he could’ve sworn a very faint smirk brushed its way across Bolt’s face. Shen simply ignored the look though; no sense in chasing after what may have just been a shadow. He instead just stuck his head up a little bit in a show of arrogance and strode past the dried, yet nude canine towards his own locker. He would have to settle for going about in his gym attire for the time being, but he didn’t mind that at all. Lose shorts and a black tank-top would be fine for the moment; he was at home, being presentable was the least of his worries.

Bolt, however, was going to be presentable at all times, whether he wanted to be or not. Shen saw no reason that the canine should be allowed to be unsightly; he was going to be eye candy after all. The lion also made a mental note to take the German Shepard out clothes shopping as soon as he could so that hand-me-downs would not be something that the dog wore. Granted, the size difference between Shen and Bolt didn’t seem too large, but as Shen turned and watched Bolt slide up the blue under-garment, he saw that there still was one which needed to be addressed. The thong held on to the canine decently enough, but it looked too big nonetheless, in spite of that small, shapely rear and rather large package now stuck inside it. The underwear was a little too small for Shen though; and still too big for Bolt. Those pants fit Shen perfectly, but seeing that underwear on Bolt… He knew the canine was going to need a belt almost immediately.

“Bolt, come here.” The lion stated flatly, looking at the back dog with lustful eyes. A very faint flushing of Bolt’s cheeks could be seen by Shen, and the lion had to honestly try to keep a smirk from appearing on his face. He knew that he was commanding the dog rather roughly, but to keep Bolt in line for the time being, that was what it was going to take.

“Y-Yes sir…” Bolt quietly complied, shuffling over to the lion with the pants in his paw dragging on the floor behind him. He was back to being meek and quiet, looking right at the floor rather than up at his newfound ‘master’ in submissive fear. Shen could almost smell that fear, in spite of what had just happened, and a part of him resented it even more now. He still knew that it was going to take time to wean Bolt off of being treated as badly as he had been, but that time wasn’t something Shen wanted to wait.

“You’re going to need this with those pants. Dry it off before you put it on.” Shen passed Bolt a belt, the one off of his wet pants to be specific, and then simply looked at the canine for a moment. The German Shepard took the belt, staring at it for a moment before nodding in thanks and shuffling back over to his towel and shirt, his tail between his legs as his slow steps propelled him along the tile. Shen sighed quietly as he watched, a twinge of guilt welling up in his midsection as he did so. He couldn’t help but feel partially responsible for Bolt’s current state, and yet he knew that he had nothing to do with it. He had hoped to help it if anything, and yet it didn’t seem as though he had. A faint twitch of the canine’s tail and the perked up ears on top of his head were at least somewhat of an improvement, but he still seemed as submissive and shy and depressed as when the lion had brought him home.

Nothing could be done though, so Shen just watched Bolt for a moment more before turning back to his changing ‘locker’ and sliding off his pants and boxers in one quick motion to leave him damp and nude. He then kicked the wet garments aside, pushing them just a little off to his right so that he could have free space to dry off, and not worry about slipping in the process. A towel was within his reach, and he pulled it out of his locker to use it to dry off all that he could. He gave special attention to his crotch, mane, and headfur, as he hated all three of those areas wet. That made drying off take a little longer, and arouse him somewhat with all of the play on his sheathe and sac, but he managed to get it done fairly quickly and tossed the towel down into the same heap as his pants and boxers at his feet.

Sufficiently dried, he pulled out his loose workout shorts and started to slide those on, hearing a clanging of metal on tile behind him. It sounded as though Bolt had dropped his belt, or was being rather clumsy while drying the thing off, but Shen wasn’t facing him so he had no idea what was going on. He didn’t very much care though; his usual attitude of indifference and laziness was really starting to kick in as fatigue and his fairly regular need to nap was starting to overwhelm parts of his mind. He needed his naps after all, and going without one for as long as he had was starting to wear on him. He would need to tough it out though, as the tailor was going to be arriving soon with a doctor soonafter. Shen was going to sleep very well tonight, he was certain of that… And with Bolt in the bed beside him it was going to be an eventful ‘sleep’ to say the very least.

A very light cough from behind him made Shen stop for a moment and turn around, shorts the only thing on his golden frame. Bolt stood behind him, cowering slightly and looking thoroughly embarrassed as he stood there. There was nothing that Shen could do but look on at the canine who was standing behind him, and nod his head in approval. The lion had picked out the proper clothes for the German Shepard, even if they were a little too large. That wasn’t going to be a problem forever though, so instead of worrying about it Shen just looked at how the ensemble went with Bolt’s looks. The chiseled features of the canine were only accented by the white shirt, which almost seemed to be a brilliant white thanks to the pitch-black fur coming out of the arm and neck holes as well as the black pants below. The contrast was nice, and made Bolt look somewhat sophisticated even if he was hardly that, as far as Shen knew at least. A loosened tie and that shirt unbuttoned… Bolt could be a model if he was cleaned up a lot more than a quick shower in a gym. “I-Is this ok…?”

“That’s fine… Go out in the gym and take a look in the mirror to see for yourself.” Shen’s tone was a kind one, and that seemed to take Bolt by surprise yet again. The lion couldn’t help but sigh softly as he saw that shocked look on the canine; it was going to bother him until it went away, and he knew it.

“O-Ok…” Bolt nodded faintly, looking around for a moment for an exit before he spotted it and quickly scurried over. He was silent, his steps careful and planned as there was a light limp to them. The doctor would need to look at his leg too apparently, as Shen made a mental note of that limp. It didn’t seem as bad as the injuries to the canine’s ribs, but it was there and it was an imperfection. “Wow…”

“You like those clothes?” Shen chuckled softly as he asked, tossing his shirt on quickly as he heard that and moving to join Bolt out in the main part of the gym. The large tank top slid over his arms and head in one quick motion, brushing his puffy mane and making it even more of a mess. Shen ignored it for the moment though, as he wanted to see the shocked canine’s face for himself. He hurried out through the exit to make sure that he would at least have a chance to see it. He matted down his mane again as he left the locker room, making sure the fluffed up fuzz wasn’t going to get into his muzzle or look too unkempt. He was home though, so he didn’t bother looking into a mirror to make sure that he did a good job as he rounded the corner out into the gym.

He stopped as he saw Bolt, staring into the mirror like he had never seen his own reflection before. The canine was utterly mesmerized, and that look of confusion and wonderment on his face was one which Shen found to be priceless. He wanted to savor the moment with a camera, or a video, but he had neither one at his disposal at that time. He settled for it to just be preserved by his memory though, knowing it would happen again regardless as he had many more ‘outfits’ for the canine to try on. Some were considerably more lewd than the current one, but that wasn’t something that mattered at the moment; the current set of attire was lewd enough for the lion to eye that German Shepard up and down multiple times with far more than a hint of lust in his eyes. He wanted that canine, and nearly needed that canine as he watched Bolt slowly spin to get a better look at himself in the many mirrors which surrounded him. That barely buttoned shirt, those ill-fitting pants which draped off his shapely, yet still rather small rear… It was all Shen had not to pounce, but both restraint and the sheer cuteness and innocence of the moment won out.

“I’ll take that as a yes. They’re yours now; they barely fit me anyways anymore.” Bolt’s eyes went wide as he heard that, his head whirling around to point at Shen. Shock was renewed on his face, as he looked utterly stunned by the sudden display of such kindness. It was as if he had expected nothing but whips and chains and bondage from being sold as he was, and yet when Shen thought about it for a few moments, he was fairly certain as to why that was. Most of the others that had been sold at that shop had met such a fate, and yet Shen saw no reason for it; it was worth neither the time nor the sacrifice of his morals to him. His reminder of what the best sex could be rang in his mind, and he simply padded over to the stunned black canine and gave him a gentle pat on the head. “I mean it, all yours. I should have some other outfits for you too around here somewhere, but those will do for now.”

“I.. Uhm…” Bolt looked to almost panic for a moment as his mind reeled at what to do with the display of compassion. He looked to hesitate for a moment, then just grabbed at Shen in a very tight hug. The feline let out an ‘oof’ of both surprise and slight pain, as Bolt was far stronger than his lanky frame suggested. He did not say no to that hug though, and returned it, although far gentler. He knew that those broken ribs on Bolt would hurt far more if he hugged tightly, and didn’t want to risk ruining the little moment that they were having. Bolt seemed to be ignoring that pain though, a large smile on his black muzzle as he just hugged against his new owner with such affection that it was almost stifling. Shen was the one beginning to panic now; not getting attached to this was going to be a lot harder than he had initially thought. That notion was starting to wane in his mind though, as becoming closer to Bolt was becoming a less and less frightening proposition. Shen did have no one but Lidia and Kyle in his life after all…

“Thank you sir…” Bolt’s head hung again, his eyes trained right at the floor as he released Shen. The lion smiled faintly to himself for a moment, watching Bolt with a keen eye as the canine slowly backed away and brought his arms back down to his sides. Bolt almost looked as though he had thought to have done something wrong as he stood there. Shen was determined to convince the canine otherwise though, but not right at that moment. It would be a lesson over time that Shen would give to Bolt, that such shows were perfectly acceptable, and not things which one should be ashamed of.

“I can’t use them anyways Bolt, think nothing of it. Now, you are dressed right?” The dog nodded, his gaze slowly rising to meet the lion’s now that he was beginning to see that his new owner wasn’t upset. “I need you to come with me so that we can make sure everything is in order for the doctor.” Shen extended a paw towards Bolt, who hesitated for a moment before extending his own to meet it. Trepidation and fear filled his eyes as he look to Shen, but the lion’s own eyes were filled with a warmth which made it hard for those feelings to really take hold in Bolt’s mind. Shen knew this, and savored the small victory as he took that paw in his own, holding it gently before starting towards the door to the gym with Bolt in tow.

The pair walked out the door, then down a different hallway towards the rear of the mansion. Bolt’s pace matched Shen’s this time, step for step, not once pausing to peer into rooms filled with wonders the canine had no doubt never seen. Shen felt no tugs on his arm, and that was a good sign to him as he kept walking on along the corridor at a steady pace. Their destination was a few doors down from the gym, and took a very short time to reach; the guest bedroom. Shen pushed the door open with his foot; he maintained a very strict no-closed-doors policy in his home, meaning the door was never latched shut unless it was being used for… Private matters. “Go on in Bolt,” Shen said as he stepped aside, releasing the canine’s paw from his own and gesturing towards the room.

Bolt stepped through the door, still looking a touch fearful as he surveyed the room. It was rather nice, with a fireplace on one wall accompanied with a lounge chair and lamp beside it for reading. A scant few landscape paintings adorned the walls to break up the light tan pain on the walls. A sole chair and desk was off in one corner, both somewhat plain but usable nonetheless. The desk was positioned beside a vast picture window, which took up nearly half of the far wall and flooded the room with light. A large, king-sized bed sat on the wall to the right of the door, with a deep brown frame encasing it and a black quilt and white pillows resting it’s neatly-made surface. The room was simple, yet elegant in a very subtle way which Shen had always liked; this was his favorite guest room after all. It was now going to be Bolt’s favorite room too, after a few words left the lion’s muzzle.

“This room is yours now for as long as you are with me.”

Bolt ears perked up and he whirled around to Shen, his eyes wide as dinner plates and his muzzle gaping with shock. “Did I…”

“Yes Bolt, you heard me correctly. This is where you will sleep, when you are not sleeping with me of course.”

“I… I…” Tears began to well in the canine’s eyes again, as a myriad of emotions flew over the canvas of his face. Gratitdue, happiness, shock… It was like watching a play unfold right in front of one’s eyes looking at Bolt’s face. Shen simply smiled, padding over to the lounge chair beside the fireplace and sitting down in it with a light sigh. Bolt’s eyes followed him every step of the way, tears now flowing from them as his face seemed to settle on disbelief and gratitude. Shen saw this, and could only imagine what was running through that canine’s mind. This was hardly turning out as he had expected, let alone how that poor German Shepard in front of him had expected things. There was no cage in the room, no locks on the doors, no cuffs in obvious places; Shen had not deposited Bolt into a prison, which the lion was sure the mutt expected.

Shen’s train of thought was interrupted by a light cough from the choked up canine still standing in shock in front of him. Shen beckoned the canine over, who approached slowly with his head hung and his eyes trained at the ground. “I take it this is enough Bolt?” The German Shepard nodded vigorously, to the point that a few tears and a small amount of mucus went flying from his tear-stained face. The lion chuckled at this, the display only making the canine look cuter. “Now, in return…” Shen paused, as he felt a rather big itch in his loins; what he was saying could wait just a moment. All the arousal earlier had gotten him very jostled up in his boxers, and going commando in gym shorts hadn’t helped matters. One paw went immediately to scratch that itch, as the other sat on his flat stomach and idly rested there. He stayed paused for a long moment, the paw in his boxers adjusting himself and tending to that itch with a couple of very ginger claws. He was about to continue when he saw Bolt do one final snivel and come closer, which made Shen raise a curious eyebrow.

Bolt approached more, dropping to his knees in front of his master as he wiped the tears from his face. The canine’s paws went from his face to the lion’s covered crotch as soon as they took care of that, resting atop the feline’s paw which was already touching the bare prize within. Bolt looked up at Shen with a very meek smile and a nod, to which Shen only arched an eyebrow for a moment before understanding just what the canine was after. Bolt had utterly misunderstood the feline’s intentions, but Shen was going to have to test how much the canine knew sooner or later, and he was feeling pent up at that moment… So Shen just went with the confusion and gave a small nod after a moment.

Bolt’s gaze left the feline’s the second that happened, his attention turning straight to those shorts. He put both paws careful around the waistband, stretching it for a moment before pulling it slowly down. Shen was resting on the back, and Bolt seemed to know this as he hiked them down inch by inch to slowly, subtly, get them out from beneath the lion. Shen was already impressed by such skill, as he was far too used to aggression when it came to getting clothing off. Bolt seemed to be almost using that as foreplay though, which helped to feed into the arousal which was already building in Shen’s groin. His sheathed length twitched, and the head peeked out just barely from inside its casing. The German Shepard caught this, as the feline’s pride was exposed already, and gave a light murr of approval as his eyes saw it.

It took another minute or so of sliding and tugging to get those shorts off Shen, but the mutt did it quite handily and placed them down beside the lounge chair. He wasted no time with that either, as the moment those shorts were free of his paws, those two appendages descended on the feline’s sac and sheathe. The muzzle above them came just as fast, latching onto the inch or so of exposed cock just above those things and teasing it with teeth and tongue as only a true expert could. The sudden show made Shen squeal and squirm in shock; he was far from expecting such aggressive and prodigious attention. His legs splayed and kicked lightly for a moment before he settled back down, his tail lashing around behind him as his ears flattened to his head. He was utter putty after just a mere moment in the paws of Bolt, and the canine seemed to know it as he worked his strong, yet gentle digits over every inch of the balls they cradled and the sheathe they stroked. His muzzle was working just as hard too, licking and suckling and teasing every square millimeter of lion meat that could fit into it, which at this point was the whole thing.

Shen was quick to rise though, the work at his groin getting him solid after a scant few minutes of fondling, groping, licking, and nibbling. Bolt had changed tactics a few times, switching to use just one paw as less and less sheathe was available to use. He also put a paw on jerking off Shen while his muzzle nibbled around the base of that cock incredibly lightly, to just barely tease the incredibly sensitive flesh right there. He always returned to one paw on the sac and muzzle on the cock though, rubbing and teasing them mercilessly. It hadn’t taken long for musky scents of arousal to fill the canine’s nose, which set his tail wagging rapidly behind his small rear. The lion also smelled the arousal, though it was mixed with Bolt’s in his nose, and he only smirked to himself faintly at this sign. He wasn’t the only one enjoying that moment, and that bode well for that night. The well and true talent between his legs also gave any future romps real promise, and upon thinking that Shen got all the more aroused, bucking lightly at Bolt’s muzzle and paw.

Bolt took this in stride, backing up so as not to gag on the cock which was now pushing against the back of his throat. The lion had a rather large length, and it was bottoming out in the mutt’s maw who was fast debating whether or not to deep-throat it, or simply tease at what he could and use his paws to his advantage. Going with the latter option, Bolt’s muzzle left the now-slick length and went to sucking and teasing at the balls beneath it. A free paw stroked at just the tip of that length above his head, which rested heavily on his cheek as it pulsed with lust. The feline was as stiff as a board at this point, his panting breaths and faint bucks into the air and the mutt’s paw a sign of how close to release he was. He had lasted quite long for how pent up he was, and how expertly Bolt’s teasings had been. He wasn’t going to make it much longer though, and as pre began to leak from the head of his cock into the paw on that head, Bolt knew this.

The dog latched his muzzle on that cockhead to lap up the pre of his master, taking extra care to tease over that head with his rough tongue. This pleasured Shen into a deep, rolling moan of ecstasy, which lasted for a long moment as his back arched just a bit away from the chair he was slumped in. His eyes hadn’t opened in minutes, his muzzle hadn’t closed in about the same amount of time, and the only sounds he had made since Bolt had latched onto his groin and not left it for an instant were a cacophony of moans, purrs, groans, and pants. It was a wonder to both him and the mutt why he had not gone off yet, but another gob of pre spilled out from his pulsing cock and gave away just how close he was. Bolt smiled inwardly at this, backing his muzzle off just a little from the head of that cock and stroking it with his paw now, as the other went back to work on the sac below. Both appendages were decimating the flesh beneath them with their skillful strokes, rubs, and faint squeezes. That was enough too, as within seconds of that switch, a great roar burst from Shen’s muzzle as his back arched nearly all the way forward, and he went off.

Thick, ropey strands of seed spewed out from the head of his cock in droves, all going straight onto the canine in front of him on his face, chest, and arms. Spurt after spurt of seed pumped out of that cock in the mutt’s paws, each making the length spasm hard enough to jerk that paw around. Shen was impressively endowed, and his load was not a let-down to this either, as he shot out quite the release for a long moment all over Bolt. It died down after a moment though, the last few twitches of his throbbing length sending out nary a dribble of the white cream. As that happened, Shen lay back down in the chair, panting hard as his arms fell to his sides and his chest heaved up and down. His pulse was still racing, giving him a bit of a cold-sweat which lightly dampened his fur. His cock still lack perpendicular to his frame, still rock-hard and coated in saliva and cum. The arousal which had taken him that far was still coursing through his veins as much as blood, but it was waning into the lethargy-inducing afterglow which came from such an experience. Shen wanted nothing more than to bask in this afterglow too, so that he did as he caught his breath and calmed himself down.

Bolt was barely better, lightly panting to himself as he too was covered in a light layer of sweat. Cum was more of his concern though, as his new shirt was covered in the sticky substance, as well as his face and parts of his arms. He wasn’t as concerned with that though; he wanted to clean his master up before worrying about himself. So he did just that, his muzzle clamping down on the slowly-softening length belonging to Shen and giving it one long, deep suck. He took the whole thing that time, deep-throating it without even preparation, before slowly sliding it out and getting every drop of cum off it. This elicited a deep moan from Shen, who squirmed just a hint under that muzzle. He did not protest however, and settled back into calming down and regaining his composure. Bolt focused on that for himself too, as he now had quite the boner in his pants and needed to calm that before he could worry about cleaning himself up. There would be a lot to clean too, another shower would probably need to happen, as well as washing his one and only outfit…

“Where did you learn all that shep?” Shen purred, his voice a whole octave deeper as the lethargy of the afterglow had really hit him hard. A very faint African accent had also wormed its way into his words, giving a hint that the feline was not native to the area. The canine got off his train of thought and paused for a moment, needing to start a whole new one in order to answer.

“I don’t remember..” Bolt’s voice shook slightly as he answered. The answer was blatantly a lie, but judging from how much quaking had been in the canine’s voice as he had given that answer, Shen figured pursuing an answer wouldn’t be good right then. Instead, the feline just sat up with a deep grunt and looked down at Bolt from his position above the seed-splattered German Shepard. He looked the canine over for a long moment, eyes studying everything there was to see about the lithe beast as if he hadn’t seen him ever before. Bolt’s gaze quickly went to the floor as he saw this, his shame coming through in droves which made Shen feel almost guilty for studying him like that. Almost.

“We need to get cleaned up, and new clothes… “ Shen said, examining himself for a moment, as well as Bolt. Bolt nodded feebly in agreement, looking over Shen as well with the faintest hint of lust in his eyes. Shen was a bit taken aback by that sight, but made sure to not show it in his face; he hadn’t expected that from Bolt at all. The canine was apparently starting to become comfortable, if not in his own little way, so it was a good thing as far as Shen was concerned. “Now, the bathroom… “ With a grunt, Shen stood up and extended a paw down to Bolt. The mutt took it, hoisted up by Shen in an instant. He stood beside the feline for a long moment, just swaying on his feet as he regained feeling in his feet; the awkward positions he had needed to be in had made sure his feet had gone numb. The mutt didn’t mind though, and instead just held onto Shen’s paw for stability for the time being. Shen smiled inwardly at the cute little act, then started towards the bathroom which was attached to the room.

Once inside, he removed his shirt and then helped Bolt remove his. As expertly as Bolt could tease the lion’s pride, the canine apparently was ill-equipped when it came to dealing with buttons, and as such couldn’t do it quite on his own. Shen’s help made that task a lot quicker than it would have been if left to Bolt alone, and as such the two were nude after a matter of moments with Bolt’s pants all but falling off as soon as the belt was loosened, accompanied by the thong which was only just hanging on. Shen smirked as he looked Bolt over once more before firing up the shower, the water warming up to a pleasant temperature almost immediately. The feline stepped in first, beckoning Bolt to follow him into the small enclosure so that they could both get cleaned in their quicker, and more sensually. Of course, Bolt hesitated for a brief moment before joining Shen, but quickly figured out what to do as he was handed a loofa and Shen turned away from him. This wasn’t going to be a shower for fun; the feline just wanted to be cleaned and get out and go on with things.


About fifteen minutes later the pair stepped out of the shower, both cleaned from ears to tail. Shen had scrubbed up Bolt quite nicely, if not very carefully to not damage the canine any more than he already was. Bolt had done the same to Shen, but taken a bit longer than expected around the feline’s crotch and ass. The lion wrote this off as little more than arousal, and did the same to the canine just to show him that it went both ways. A few cute whimpers had accompanied all that attention, but all in all the entire thing had gone without either one trying to get too much from the other. Bolt still seemed too nervous to try anything more than some faint teasing with Shen, but the fact that he was even able to go that far was a huge improvement from just an hour prior in Shen’s mind. The canine was warming up to him quick, and Shen was writing that off as a major success. The idea of not getting close to the German Shepard was all but gone from his mind by this point; he liked what he saw, and he was going to claim it as more than property. That would take time though… And Shen had all the time in the world.

For the time being though, the feline needed to find some attire for both himself and Bolt to wear so that they could go and get clean clothes from the laundry. Normally Shen would have just shouted to Lidia to bring out more clothing for him and Bolt to wear, but he decided against it and instead just started his trek to the laundry room on his own. The lion knew that he would be going down there of his own accord eventually anyways to try and see what else would fit Bolt, so the trek to the room of clothes was killing two birds with one stone. Why he did not go to his bedroom to get clothes was simple; he kept all of his clothes in the laundry room. It seemed odd to most, but it was a habit that had formed when Shen was just a cub, and it had stuck around for him. That, and it meant that he actually had to move around after he woke up, and that got him going a lot more than just taking a shower or anything like that.

Bolt was gathering up the dirtied clothes off the bathroom floor, his towel at the bottom of the little pile he was creating. Shen waited for him to finish, watching the nude canine with less of the eyes of a pervert and more just the eye of another fur. He was beginning to truly take in the sight in front of him, rather than lust over it, and that showed just how much his thoughts had shifted. Of course, the change had not been complete in taking away all his trepidations about becoming more than an owner to the canine, but it was a start in that direction as far as he was concerned. Standing there thinking about it while Bolt was getting the last of their spent garments together wasn’t going to help matters though. So instead, he just waited for the dog to finish and stand up again before turning much more than his sexual brain on again. “Where would you like these sir?”

“Bring them with us.” Taking Bolt by the paw, Shen started out of the room clad in little more than a towel with Bolt in tow. Bolt did not have a free paw to hold a towel up, and his embarrassment by this was clear as day as he carried the dirtied clothes and towel in his free arm. He tried to move the little pile of clothing to keep him decent as best he could, but that was going to be a task in and of itself as there was little way to do that without being in danger of dropping all that he held. So with his sheathe and bouncing balls out for all to see, Bolt followed along as fast as his shorter legs would allow, falling quickly into step alongside Shen, but not before letting out a bashful whimper and hanging his head. Shen all but ignored this; no one was around to see that hadn’t seen many other nude males before Bolt.

Hall after hall the pair went down, the smaller canine in tow behind the lion. It felt like a very long walk to Bolt, but that was simply due to his extremely embarrassed state; the whole thing took barely a minute. Every step was one of shame as far as Bolt’s mind was still concerned; fear of anyone seeing him the one thing which ran through his head for every second of the nearly sixty it took to get to the laundry room again. No one was there to see him, thankfully, so his fears proved out to be for nothing. This did not mean that he was ok with it, and had he been more self-confident and not still afraid of the feline he now called master, he may have said something. He couldn’t bring himself to even think truly ill of the lion though, and instead just kept his mouth shut and his eyes trained at the floor as the two of them entered the laundry room and made their way over to the stacks of folded, old clothes which filled an open closet. He barely even noticed Shen stop in from of that closet, ramming into the lion who still clasped his paw much like an adult leading around a cub.

“Watch where you’re going.”

“Sorry sir.”

“Mmmm… Now, do you see anything you like?” The faintest twinge of annoyance, and worry, brushed the lion’s words as they left his muzzle. He could see the fear in the canine’s eyes all over again, and that made his brow furrow in distress. He was not about to start down the road of trying to make Bolt feel comfortable again, but he wasn’t going to stand for the poor dog being as miserable as he looked just standing there, eyes trained at the bottom shelf of the rows upon rows of old clothes. “Take your time, and let me have those old clothes.”

“Yes sir,” Bolt murmured, extending his clothing-laden arms towards Bolt to give back the dirtied garments he held in them. The feline took them and held them for just a moment before sighing faintly to himself and starting towards the large hamper besides his large washing machine. Tossing the pile into the basket deftly, he stood there for a moment and just pondered what he was going to wear. Something loose and light probably, with something naughty beneath it in order to get Bolt going again when they inevitably would do the deed later on that night. Bolt would need at the very least the same underwear; which was to say barely anything on at all, if that was going to happen. Of course, Shen would need to pick that out as undoubtedly Bolt would not pick something out for himself like that. The canine still seemed far too shy to even go there with any of his decisions, and as skittish as he was around Shen too… The lion feared that it would nearly have to be an order to get his lovely-looking canine into the lingerie for the first few nights.

Selecting a green thong for himself, and a blue jockstrap for his canine pet, the lion took but a moment nabbing himself a black pair of thin slacks and a white button up shirt before heading back over to Bolt. The dog had at least looked up from the bottom shelf at this point, and had even gone as far as getting himself a shirt. It was a tight black tank top, and an acceptable choice as far as Shen was concerned for the time being. He handed the blue underwear to Bolt without a word, just offering them up with a smile as soon as he was able to grab the canine’s attention. Bolt looked at the underwear, then to Shen, then back at the underwear as his paw extended towards it to take it. Shen could see the hesitation in his eyes though, and retracted the jock for a moment. “Do you want to wear this, or something else?”

“I’ll wear whatever you g-“

“I asked what you wanted to wear, not what I wanted you to wear.” Shen’s tone was not a cross one, and in fact was more one of concern than anything. Bolt looked to pick up on this instantly, and folded his ears back with a nod. He looked at the jock, his eyes seeming to search it for a moment before he shook his head. Shen just nodded and started to turn back towards the shelf to put it back, slightly disappointed but hardly even registering it. Bolt got it though, extending a paw towards Shen and grasping onto the feline’s arm for a long moment. Shen turned back, his eyes meeting Bolt’s for a brief moment before the canine looked down in what could only be embarrassment.

“I… I don’t like those kinds. I do like thongs though; pink too.” Shen smiled, brushing his paw along Bolt’s to loosen it from his arm. He then walked back over to the shelf of clean undergarments, and quickly found just that to give to Bolt. The German Shepherd had watched the whole thing, his black-and-blue tail moving from between his legs to swish around behind him just once or twice. He had a very hard time hiding his feelings with that large tail and his perky ears, and Shen had no problem with that at all as he turned back and saw it. His smile broadened as he just tossed the underwear over to Bolt, aiming to hit the canine in the chest but missing horridly as the skimpy piece of cloth just fluttered in the air and then fell about halfway between them to the floor.

“Whoops… Oh well. I have what I need, so I am going to change. Get that and some pants, and then meet me right outside alright? I’ll give you the grand tour after that so you will know where everything is, as well as introduce you to Lidia and Kyle. Hopefully by then the doctor will be here… He is taking his sweet time today apparently…” Shen trailed off as he bent down to begin slipping on his own thong, just muttering a few indiscernible things to himself as he did. Bolt paid them no mind though, going back to searching for a pair of pants which he liked. None had truly struck his fancy, until he came to a rather simple pair of black-and-blue ones. They matched him fairly closely; the blue was a few shades too light, but it would do. He reached for the garment, took it from the shelf, and then inspected it to see if it would fit. He would need a belt with the thing, that much was sure just from looking at it, but the length seemed to be about what he needed. That was good enough for him, and all that remained now that he had found pants would be to find a belt…


It was nearly half an hour after that when the doctor finally came knocking. The whole tour and meeting Lidia and Kyle had taken less than twenty minutes, so Bold spent the few before the doctor had arrived eating what looked to be the first thing he had consumed in a day or two. Once the doctor finally did arrive though, he spent a few hours wrapping Bolt up and taking care of setting a couple wounds before bandaging the poor, battered canine. He did not ask questions, which was why Shen paid him what he did, but the tardiness was not part of the agreement. Shen and the older tiger exchanged words, rather harsh ones, after Bolt was finished being treated. The damage was a lot more extensive than Shen had thought at first, and for a little while he was worried just what he had procured, and what had happened to put the German Shepherd in such a state of disarray. The doctor seemed more angry about this than worried, but held his tongue as Shen tore into him for being late as the lion seemed concerned enough for the doctor to know that the lion had not inflicted the injuries himself. He still requested to be called back within a few days for a follow-up and to redress some of the damage, which Shen agreed to on the condition that he was more timely. The doctor agreed, a check was given to him, and off he went in a huff.

That was when the lion came back in to see Bolt, looking the canine over a few times just to see what he could see. Arm in a sling, bandages on his chest and legs… The feeble German Shepherd looked to be more like a war victim than a sexual toy. Of course, he was neither as far as Shen was concerned, and that made looking at all that damage difficult. His property was damaged, and a fur he cared about was hurt, all at the same time. Shen opened his mouth to same something, but was unsure of even what to say. He held his muzzle open for a moment, just looking at Bolt through pained eyes which he was sure the canine saw. There was a faint hint of a strong smile forming on Bolt’s face, which made Shen want to run over and hug that canine so hard it would hurt a healthy fur, let alone a battered one like him. That little thought, which was far more care than even Shen thought he had developed for Bolt in such a short time, put the words in his muzzle that he had so desperately searched for. “Are you ok?”

“I’m alright sir, please don’t worry…”

“Hard not to worry when you look like that… Do you want anything?”

“No sir, I don’t want to inco-“

“It’s not an inconvenience Bolt, now do you want anything? Food? Maybe to go to your bed and lay down?” Concern was all that came out with those words, albeit with the undertones of exasperation that only Shen seemed to notice. Bolt shook his head and just sat there on the couch where he had been treated, his free arm rubbing over the bandages on his chest a few times. It felt weird to be bandaged that tightly, at least in his mind. Shen looked worried still, and he indeed was as he just looked on at his pet. “Are you sure?”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

“Alright then. I’ll bring dinner in as soon as Lidia is done making it, and then you can take the medicine that Tyler left for me to give to you. If you need anything before then, just give a shout, or come find one of us if you can.”

“It’s not as bad as it looks sir… I was up and moving today, remember?” The smile that came across Bolt’s face as he said this practically melted every ounce of doubt that had remained in Shen’s heart. It was one of trying to cheer his owner, his master, the kindest being he had ever met up from just seeing that there was so much concern in every one of Shen’s actions. That alone was enough to make Shen lose his wall of toughness for a moment, but then to think that it was coming from a fur which had feared him almost to the point of making Shen uncomfortable just hours before… It was too much for his self-restraint to maintain his steely composure. He padded right over to the sofa which Bolt was sitting on, standing beside it for but a moment looking down at the German Shepherd before sitting down right beside him. The dog looked a little confused as the lion lowered himself into position beside him, and that confusion as a gentle arm was wrapped around his side and just embraced him. “Sir, did I do something?”

“Yeah, but it was probably the best thing you could have done.” Shen murmured as he just held onto Bolt, barely at all placing pressure on the beaten frame next to him. He was borderline terrified of causing more damage, so the hug didn’t last too long, but it was enough as far as he was concerned to get his point of caring across. The blush he saw in the corner of his eyes on Bolt’s cheeks was enough to convince him that indeed his point had gotten across, so it wasn’t long before the lion had released the German Shepherd and turned to face him properly. Bolt turned as well as soon as he was released, almost backing up a little bit from Shen as his eyes looked on in confusion. “Thank you. Now rest here and just take it easy, I’ll be back with some food for you soon.”

“Y-…Yes sir…” Bolt barely managed to squeak out, looking from Shen down to the couch cushion in nearly shame as he sat there. Shen saw this, leaning over and placing a paw very gently on the canine’s thigh. He smiled up at Bolt, just peering at him for a moment with a gaze that simply could not convey the myriad of emotions which were running through his mind at the time. It was as if there was nothing but every single feeling in his body being pushed out through those eyes, and yet that still was not enough to put it all out there for him. More contact was needed to get across just what Shen was thinking at that moment, so without hesitation he leaned in closer and pushed his lips to Bolt’s.

Shock ran through Bolt at first, his frame nearly backing off from the sudden display. He had nearly forgotten their first kiss hours earlier, but it quickly came back as he tasted Shen and all that lion was offering up to him. Tongues met between their lips, teeth nearly brushing one another as they pushed hard against one another almost instantly. Their eyes shut as the passion truly began to flow just between their lips rather than their eyes or bodies; that still was not enough to truly get across all that Shen was thinking though. He was just not going to get that feeling across with any sense of using his body, and as such knew that he was going to have to do something more than that in order to just convey what his mind was thinking as he held that kiss. That almost made him back off from kissing Bolt, but still he stayed there as the canine seemed to need that affection, his lips nearly clinging to the tongue that had slid between them in order to truly tease that canine.

Tongues wrestling and lips locked, the pair stayed tied for nearly a full minute before it was Bolt that finally came up for air. He looked shocked still, though for a different reason other than just not knowing why Shen was being so affectionate. He had not expected that, in the slightest, and while he did not object to nearly having his face eaten off by an affectionate lion, he was confused as to why. Shen was not going to stay around to explain though, as he simply got to his feet just a moment after Bolt had broken away. His steely attitude had returned, silence gripping him as he just looked at the canine with a slight, yet warm smile before turning to leave. Bolt was still to confused by what had just transpired to even try chasing after the lion, and instead just sat there dumbfounded while Shen strode over to the door and stood in the frame just for a moment. The pause was deliberate, but Bolt had no idea why as he just sat and watched. Shen did not even turn as he cleared his throat to speak to Bolt, not wanting to see what he had just kissed and left. “Dinner is in a few minutes. I’ll be back with it.”


Shen lay in bed, staring at the ceiling in silence. It had been four days since he had picked up Bolt, and he had been worn down day after day to have feelings for that German Shepherd.  The doctor, Tyler, had come back and turned the sling into nothing but a brace for the canine’s wrist, as his shoulder had healed enough to be somewhat mobile. The leg bandages had also been removed, as everything had set enough beneath them. The ribs, however, needed a few more days and would take a little longer to heal. Bolt was healing abnormally quick though, something the doctor noted as he had talked to Shen about the whole thing that was going on. There was little more that could be done for the canine at the time, something which  Tyler was forced to stress multiple times to Shen before he was allowed to leave. The lion had taken a fair amount of convincing in terms of that, as he had been little more than concerned at that point in time. Shen knew that there was a lot more that could be done for him in terms of psychological repair though, and tried to focus on that. Making Bolt comfortable was a priority while he healed, but getting him over what looked to still be a lot of fears of dealing with Shen and anyone for that matter was one of the lion’s new priorities as well.

Shen had been working more than he wanted over the  few days that Bolt had been there, and as such had not seen nearly enough of the healing wolf. This meant fewer visits, but also a chance to try and rebuilt the resolve that Bolt was going to be nothing more than a pet, a sexual fantasy which only lived with him and had to do his bidding. That was nearly impossible with how much care and affection Shen had shown to Bolt on his first day there, but the lion was going to try regardless. He had to try and keep himself distant, for himself falling as hard as he had… That was just unacceptable. It wouldn’t make for good news, could ostracize from his circle of friends, not to mention all that it would do to poor Bolt to have to suddenly answer so many questions and inquiries and all of those things. Shen had to keep his distance, and that meant leaving Kyle to deal with Bolt in the lion’s stead. Shen still maintained interest in Bolt despite all that that though, and according to Kyle, the canine had been doing little more than sleeping and staring off into space. He had refused to eat more than one meal simply from being too tired, and while Shen could completely understand that with the ordeal that had brought him into the lion’s life, he was still painfully worried. He didn’t want something he had spent that much money on, nor had grown to care for as much as he had allowed himself to, to suffer.

The lion brushed a large paw over his face and sighed heavily, trying his hardest to clear his thoughts. It was no easy task, considering how clouded they were at the moment with stocks, monetary issues with clients, the P.R. fiasco he was currently involved in thanks to a rather boisterous client, and Bolt. The feline knew he needed a vacation, and would take one as soon as time allowed for it, but time was nearly never on his side. So instead, he had to settle for his little naps during the day to act as his momentary vacations for the time being. A big vacation was coming though; he had earned it, and just needed to find someone to take care of the firm while he was away. If he didn’t take that vacation though, he knew all the stress he was under would be the death of him. That, and he was just so tired of having to solve every other problem that was raised that he just wanted a break. Shen was tired, overworked, and stressed past any sense of being able to keep things straight. “H-..Hello?” The voice startled Shen, sending him straight into predator-mode as he sprang up on the bed, fur standing on end, fangs bared, and claws at the ready.

“Who’s there?” The feline hissed, glaring at the door mostly in surprise rather than anger. The feline couldn’t make out the cowering form, but he was still half-asleep and quite startled.

“Bolt!” There was fear in that voice, a lot of it, and instantly Shen felt bad. His fur flattened back down as quickly as it had fluffed up, and his face went from a snarl back to its tired expression as he stepped down off the bed.

“Oh… You scared me,” Shen said, a hint of sheepish embarrassment in his voice as he slowly approached the door. “The light switch is on the left, come in.”

“O-ok,” Bolt murmured, stepping in and fiddling with the wall for a moment before he found the switch and flicked it on. Shen had to shut his eyes from the sudden brightness which flooded the room, his eyes taking a moment to adjust. Bolt looked to be the same way, squinting for but a moment at the feline before opening his eyes again. Shen took a little longer, reduced to squinting for a little bit as he looked over Bolt once. He hadn’t seen the canine in almost two days, and had not seen his progress in healing. The German Shepherd looked considerably healthier than he had before, and that was true progress as far as Shen was concerned. His coat looked healthier, there were far smaller bags under his eyes, his expression was less one of constant fear and pitiful hiding, even his stance was less fearful. Shen was glad with that progress, but that couldn’t have been why Bolt had come, so Shen just waited as his eyes fully adjusted and looked on with interest at Bolt. The canine was quiet though, his eyes trained at the floor in submission as he stood before Shen.

“Now, what did you need?” Shen finally asked after several seconds of silence, slowly approaching Bolt. Bolt looked up, and opened his muzzle to say something, but stopped before words left his mouth and just shut his lips again. He looked conflicted, his eyes seeming to search for the right words to say as Shen got closer and closer. That quarrel only intensified with every step the lion took towards the German Shepherd, looking to nearly reach critical mass when Shen finally stopped moving within grabbing distance of Bolt. The feline didn’t retreat though, he just stayed there and let his presence make Bolt uncomfortable; Shen had read somewhere that it would help get Bolt more comfortable around him in the long run. Bolt just looked more conflicted though, and Shen started to think his little plan was going to backfire. That was until Bolt opened his muzzle again, leaving it open for a moment as his gaze settled back down and turned back to the lion directly in front of him.

“I missed you; you haven’t stopped by and I was worried you were mad at me so I came here to see if you were and…” Bolt finally blurted out that out, words tumbling awkwardly out of him as his cheeks went from black to beet red with every syllable. Shen looked more and more stunned with every word, his eyes widening to dinner plates as Bolt trailed off. He had no idea that the German Shepherd felt that way, and that suddenly complicated things to no end for the poor feline. Shen had no idea what to do about that, and as much as he wanted to just confess to Bolt that he felt the same way, he knew that would not work out. No, he had to steel his resolve. He had to maintain that façade of feeling nothing for the canine who was so vulnerable and innocent and sweet right in front of him. He had to push back that urge which was gaining strength every moment he stalled to just confess right there that feelings had formed for what should have been property.

“I missed you too.” Shen said, and instantly began cursing himself inwardly. That was not what he had wanted to say, not what his mind had planned on saying, and yet his inner desires had beaten his brain to the punch. It was too late to retract the statement; Bolt was looking up at Shen with a wholly shocked expression plastered on his face. The lion would just have to deal with the consequences of being unable to hold his tongue. His stupid, impulsive, plan-ruining, and… Correct tongue.


“Well… Yeah, really.”

“Wow… Uhm… Can I hug you sir?” Shen simply spread his arms out and gave a nod in response to the question, and was met by all but a pounce from Bolt. The overeager canine attacked with ferocious affection, wrapping those lean but strong arms around the feline and squeezing tightly. Shen could only hug back lightly, for fear of breaking Bolt again as the canine still was wearing his bandages. It was a shock that such adoration could be built in such a short time, but when Shen thought about it… He too had built a substantial attachment to the canine over a few days, rather than the years it had taken him in some other cases. “I’m glad you bought me sir…”

Those words were nearly a battering ram to Shen’s resolve. He had indeed bought the beast that was hugging on him so tightly at that moment. Purchased. With money. It was not as if Bolt was here by choice; he was a purchased sexual slave which the feline was falling for nearly against his will. It was a haunting truth that Shen had been trying to deny since he had first seen the feelings for Bolt welling up inside his mind. Sure, he did keep reminding himself that Bolt was property, but not that the German Shepherd was living, breathing, feeling property which had been bought and was now happy to have been bought by him. It was a harsh thing to have to admit, but it was indeed the truth and it was going to have to be owned up to at some point. Granted, Bolt was undoubtedly better off than nearly every other sex slave that had been purchased from the badger, but still… Guilt wracked Shen in a new way that he had not felt since the first time he had touched Bolt after bringing him home. He could say nothing in response to that; no words would quell the feelings that has just rekindled and made the lion feel like utter scum. So instead he just hugged Bolt tighter and sighed to himself; it was all the feline could give back.

The pair stayed embracing for a long while, just holding onto one another before Shen finally released Bolt and backed away slightly. Bolt let go almost begrudgingly, looking up at Shen with eyes filled with the same level of confusion Shen was managing to stifle and keep locked away deep inside him. A look of knowing and understanding washed over Bolt’s expression as Shen looked on though, and gave away that more was being hinted at then Shen wanted. The feline wanted to maintain his stone-cold resolve, his steely demeanor, his frigid composure… And yet there was Bolt, melting those things way without even trying to do so. It was enough to make the feline nearly explode with confusion and self-doubt and worry and every other feeling in the book, but just looking at Bolt… A similar explosion looked inevitable, and indeed was for the poor canine, who was struggling to hold his own feelings in check. He was falling for the one who had bought him, the one who had him as essentially a sex-slave. It was just as much a conundrum for the German Shepherd as it was for the lion. Neither wanted to own up to just how much of a problem their situation was becoming though; denial of anything was going to be the best way to solve it all, and they were both playing that game to the bitter end.

“I’m sorry sir…” Bolt finally said, his eyes locking back on the ground as he started to turn and leave. Before Shen even knew what he was doing, he had his paw around Bolt’s and was holding onto it tightly.

“You don’t leave until I dismiss you first of all. Secondly… It’s Shen Bolt, stop calling me sir. I’m nowhere near old enough to be being called sir.” Shit. That was all Shen could think as those words poured out of him. He was speaking and acting on impulse at this point, so lost in turmoil was his mind at this point. He was  no longer being rational; days of work to strengthen himself so that this wouldn’t happen were undone in moments.

“Alright sir… Uhm, Shen, sorry…” Bolt looked back at the ground, his cheeks flushing once again with embarrassment. Shen gave Bolt a light smack on the ass for screwing up, little more than a love tap but it made the canine yelp and jump regardless. This made Shen think he hurt the canine, but after the yelp came the tell-tale whimper of something far more than pain coming from the little smack. Bolt had actually enjoyed that smack to his ass… And instantly that set off a couple flags in the lion’s mind. Just how perverse a pet had he gotten? Bolt already found the lion attractive, but surely he couldn’t enjoy spanking too… Shen’s mind went reeling down that dark little path for a moment while the rest of him just settled on trying to figure out where to go from there. Of course, the little sexual discovery was a nice side-bar, and certainly made thinking about all the trouble their mutual admissions would create, but that thought was going to be omnipresent no matter what. So Shen decided that a distraction would help them both sort it out later; and he was horny as all hell after waking up from his nap.

“Bolt… You like spankings, don’t you?” The canine looked right at the floor, barely a nod registering on his head as he looked utterly ashamed of his perverse likings. Shen simply smiled, giving the canine’s ass another smack just to test a theory. The whimper came without a yelp or a jump this time, and another smack proved that to not be a fluke. Bolt did indeed like that treatment, and while Shen was not fond of the idea of beating his pet, a little bedtime flogging wouldn’t do much harm. “Come with me.” Again, barely a nod came from Bolt as he was led to the bed by Shen’s gentle paw. The lion sat down on the edge of the bed, patting his lap for Bolt. The canine started to sit, a look of slight confusion on his face as he did so. Shen stopped him though, eyes going from Bolt’s pants back to his face with a faint smirk registering on the lion’s lips. “Slide those down a little for me, and give me your belt.”

“Y-Yes si… Shen.” Bolt caught himself that time, but not fast enough as Shen gave him a little look of disapproval. The canine wilted under that look, his tail firmly between his legs as he undid his belt and passed it very carefully to his owner. Shen took the belt, folding it in half and slapping it in his paw a couple times to test out what kind of a smack that got. The noise alone sent a shiver down Bolt’s spine, as he knew what was coming and could hardly contain himself. The silk panties he was wearing did nothing to hide that either, as that bulge was out for the world to see thanks to just how tight those panties were.

“So excited to be punished…  You’re an odd one Bolt. Now over my knee so I can discipline you.” Shen’s voice was almost joking, more relaxed than he had ever been around Bolt since getting the canine. That registered in Bolt’s mind, but he was too busy obeying to pay it any mind, instead he just lay down stomach-first over the lion’s knee with his tail raised and mostly-bare rear exposed up. Shen rubbed over the small bubble-butt with a tender paw, paw exploring the luscious cheek beneath it for a moment just to get a feel for what he would one day ruin. The lion was just as guilty of being a pervert as Bolt was, but of course that would not be openly admitted. This of course did not extend to spankings, but Shen did want to make up his absence to the pet, so he was going to take care of that as fast as he could with a little bit of a sexual treat for his black dog. “Now, who’s been a bad dog?”

“I ha-“ Bolt was barely able to get that out before the slap of leather on flesh rank out into the air. The strike was not all that hard, but it was enough to make Bolt wince and Shen instantly doubt his actions. Was this what Bolt truly wanted, or was this just a show? The throbbing, pulsing length pushing against his leg said that this was indeed the requested reality, but of course that was all suspect since Shen had more than once gotten aroused by the simple fact of others teasing his feet; he had no interest in feet whatsoever. There was nothing about that situation that was going to go well for Shen, so he just submitted his mind to that fact and began to smack the dog in his lap some more. Of course, that meant that he also needed to wind up and smack down again, which was going to be a certain test of will . Shen aced tests though, and that meant his competitive, underlying nature was starting to come up in his mind and push him a little more to get on with pummeling Bolt’s rump with a belt.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Three quick raps of the belt to the surface below came fast and furious, each one sending a shockwave of a shudder and a moan through the canine as they landed. Shen’s worries were alleviated somewhat by the second smack, the light moan which came from Bolt instead of a yelp giving away just how much the canine in his lap was enjoying himself. This was not to say that Shen was utterly convinced that Bolt wanted this, but he stopped holding back after that second smack and just gave a hard third one to the bare ass below him to see what that would do. Yet another moan rang out, high and lustful. Shen smirked to himself as that sound reached his ears, leaving the belt on that reddening surface below it and leaning down so that his muzzle was scant inches from Shen’s ears. He paused, not speaking for a long moment as his hot breath rushing in short pants over the back of Bolt’s head to further entice and tease him. “You’ve been a really bad dog, hiding from your owner and acting hurt. Take your punishment well and you may be given some mercy

A soft moan was all that came in reply to the threats and promise of mercy, as fake and enticing as it had sounded. The lion needed no more invitation, another hard whap from the belt echoed in the large bedroom as the leather strip made contact with that bare rump yet again. It resonated immediately with that bare ass, pain signals flying into Bolt’s mind and making him yelp out. Shen stopped, looking surprised and slightly worried for the canine in his lap. Bolt just moaned again after that yelp, giving the lion’s thigh a gentle squeeze to show that not only was he alright, but that Shen was on the right track. The lion smiled, and lowered the belt again for another smack. And another. And another.

The beating continued for nearly a full minute before Shen let up, leaving the fur on Bolt’s ass matted down and flattened in odd patterns, and the wolf rock-hard and leaking pre onto Shen’s pant leg. The feline smirked at this, reaching a paw down to rub along the stiff length which was poking into his thigh. A deep groan came from the canine that cock belonged to, another spurt of pre leaking out as it was clear the wolf was near orgasm. Shen saw that, his smirk broadening as he picked up the belt again with his free paw and came down for another hard slap. At the same time, he stroked along Bolt’s bare length, using just two fingers to tease the entire pulsing, unsheathed cock up and down. That was enough pleasure to get even him a little aroused, but far too much for the needy canine in his lap. One more smack from the belt was all it took, and Bolt went off like a fire hose into Shen’s pants and the bed below. Rope after sticky, warm rope of cum shot out from his cock in hard bursts, wetting the sheets and filling the air with his musky scent.

Shen took a deep whiff of that scent and purred to himself in approval, his tail whipping around in gleeful lust behind him. Bolt just lay there, panting and moaning softly as he finished up his load and reveled in the pain-filled afterglow of the impromptu beating. The lion above him reached a paw down and got a small glob of the cum which coated his leg and the bed under him, bringing his sticky finger up to his muzzle and taking a taste of Bolt. The canine was somewhat salty, though  a rare hint of sweetness could be tasted in that seed. It made Shen smile to himself, and give his finger a thorough licking before he put his paw back down and began to pet over Bolt. “We’re gonna need clean sheets, and clothes…”

Bolt blushed furiously as he turned to face Shen, looking sheepish and embarrassed with his actions as he stayed laying flat in the feline’s lap. The lion simply smiled down at Bolt some more, still petting over the canine. “Honestly though… Every time I see you, we have to change. And shower.” Bolt’s ears flattened back and he looked away, making Shen frown with a bit of disappointment. He had not meant it as a slight against the canine in the least; Shen actually loved that fact and wanted nothing more but for it to continue on. So he grabbed Bolt by the chin, and gently turned his muzzle back to face the feline’s. “I didn’t say this was a bad thing Bolt.” Instantly those ears perked right back up, and a smile plastered itself onto Bolt’s still-blushing face. Shen could only smile back at this, giving Bolt a gentle squeeze of affection on his rear with his petting paw.

“I’m glad Shen…”

“Good, I am too. I’m also a bit sticky… Mind helping me clean up?”


“Those fit you pretty nicely now, don’t they?” Shen looked rather pleased with his choice in attire for Bolt, standing back and taking in the full sight of the dressed dog. Bolt just blushed hotly, trying vainly to hide his face from Shen but just making the whole ensemble he was wearing look that much cuter. His outfit, a white shirt with a blue wolf embroidered on the back, along with a pair of white cargo shorts, clashed quite a bit with his midnight black fur but complimented in an odd way as well.  The lion standing beside him had picked it out, and all but made Bolt try it on right that second. The pair were out clothes shopping, as after their romp the previous night, they both discovered just how few clothes Shen had left that could fit the canine. The canine wasn’t sure of what to do in that regard, his previous poverty showing rather obviously. Shen hadn’t helped either, instead wanting Bolt to do it himself so that the canine could gain not only some independence, but a bit of a spine too. A sexual slave the canine still was, in a sense, but since Shen was now finally, begrudgingly, admitting that the German Shepherd was more… Bolt needed to be able to handle himself in public.

“Well, what do you think Bolt?”

“I… I don’t know.” Bolt’s voice audibly shook, his nervousness and shyness returning with a vengeance. This didn’t surprise Shen too much; he had only had Bolt for five days after all, and the fact that the pup had improved as much as he had in that time was astounding. Shen still knew he had work to do, and that was what he was going to do.

“Yeah you do, just look in the mirror.” Shen sauntered over close to Bolt, turning the canine back to face the full-length mirror to his right. He then held Bolt there for a moment, paws resting on the shy canine’s shoulders. “Now, what do you think?”

“I like it…”

“Good, now, you pick one out that you like, alright?”

“Y-Yes Shen,” Bolt managed to stutter out, barely able to do much more than that as his cheeks turned a very bright shade of red and he just shuffled back to the changing room to remove his current outfit. The lion could do little more than chuckle to himself as he saw that, stopping Bolt before he even got three steps away and plaving a gentle paw on the shy beast’s shoulder.

“This is for you; I need to be able to take you out in public without you wearing hand-me-downs or looking like I dressed you. So… If it helps, look at this as an order. I want a minimum of five outfits picked out today, as well as two suits for you.” Shen hated himself for having to say that, but knew that with Bolt’s current mindset he needed to be firm. The process worked too, as Bolt just gave a nod of agreement and set off to find himself some clothing. “And don’t look at the price tags, just look at what you like.”


In the end, Shen and Bolt had needed to make three trips back to the car with all of the bags that Bolt got. Three solid weeks of clothes, some naughty stuff for the bedroom picked out by Shen himself, and a few other things that Bolt would need in order to fit in. Some cleaning and pruning items were also gotten for the canine, but it was minimal as most of the shampoos and whatnot needed couldn’t be bought in a mall. Shen was proud of Bolt for really going to town on his choices, even if a couple of them had seemed somewhat forced. It was at least progress in the lion’s eyes, and that was better than nothing as he hefted the last of the bags into the back of the large SUV he and Bolt had taken to come to the mall. “Are you happy with what you got Bolt?”

“Yes, thank you…” Bolt murmured, still somewhat in shock by just how much money had been spent on him. He had indeed taken Shen’s advice and not looked at the price tags as he was picking out his attire, but that had not stopped him from peeking at one of the receipts. Over $1000 spent on him, in just one store… It was absurd for the German Shepherd, and more than anyone had ever done for him in his entire life. “I am sorry to be such a burden…”

“Burden?” The lion turned around as he lowered the door of the big truck, looking at Bolt with an arched eyebrow and a bit of a worried expression. “What makes  you think that?”

“You’ve spent so much on me already… I feel li-“

“Bolt, when it comes to all of this… You shouldn’t feel anything more than gratitude. You shouldn’t think anything more than how you can repay me. You shouldn’t be anything more than who and what you are in that moment.” Shen paused, shutting the door fully and staying there for a moment as he looked over at the drooping canine. Bolt refused to look up from the ground, his ears pinned back and his tail wedged completely between his legs in pitiful submission. This made the feline across from him frown deeper, his own ears pinning back lightly in a bit of disappointment. “And when it’s not about any of that, you just be yourself. Figure out who that is of course, and then go be yourself.”

“Yes sir… Shen…” Bolt uttered quietly, looking up just barely at Shen. Shen smiled and swiveled his ears back around before giving Bolt an approving nod. He then turned to go around to the driver’s side of the truck. Bolt followed suit, going to the passenger side and opening the door gingerly; he wasn’t quite used to cars yet. Shen was already in the car, looking at Bolt through the wide opening of the door with his golden eyes seemingly studying the canine. The German Shepherd looked back at the lion with those baby blues, also looking to study him for a moment before averting his gaze back to the ground and climbing into the truck with nary a word. Shen just sighed to himself quietly and started the vehicle once Bolt was inside, the loud roar of the powerful engine coming to life coming through the door before Bolt shut it. The click of a seatbelt, the soft chunk of the truck being put into gear, and the light rev of the engine as it engaged and began backing the truck out of its parking space were the only sounds in the cabin as Bolt and Shen sat there.

It stayed that quiet too, the car’s noises and the faint drone of the radio in the background the only sounds being made for the entire trip out of the parking garage. Shen did once or twice look over at Bolt, and caught the canine doing the same to him a few times too. The silence between the two was awkward and thick, but neither one wanted to break it for fear of saying something that would upset the other. Thoughts of how to comfort Bolt reeled through Shen’s mind, and ones of appeasing his makeshift savior coursed through Bolt’s. It was a stalemate, with neither one wanting to give ground and hurt the other inadvertently. The lion nearly thought this was sad, but didn’t have time to finish that thought, as he had forgotten to take his anti-allergy medication earlier that morning. “AAACHOOO!

“Bless you sir..”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome… And thank you too. For the clothes, the room, the attention, the money…” Bolt trailed off, small tears forming in his eyes as he hung his head and stared at the floor of the car. Shen paused, looking over at Bolt for just a moment and instantly feeling his heart drop. His paw slid over towards the canine’s, taking it and gripping it tightly for a long moment.

“You’re welcome.”


The rest of the ride back had been quiet, as had meal after they had gotten back, and even the bathing after that. Shen made no effort to talk to Bolt, and Bolt just shuffled along in silent submission as though he had not even experienced the past five days. This worried Shen, but he decided to keep his distance and just let Bolt come to him with his concerns. The lion didn’t want to have to wait forever, but he was willing to give it at least a day or so; any longer and he ran the risk of having Bolt be awkward for the party he was attending in two days. Bolt was going to be attending as Shen’s personal guest, which meant that Bolt needed to learn how to behave and get his mind back on track in the next forty-eight hours. That was no small task, and Shen decided to try a different approach to getting Bolt alright again; he held the canine whenever he could, hoping touch would bring more calming effects than words could.

The whole thing seemed to work, as Bolt was less downtrodden when he went off to his room for the night, but he still had not spoken to Shen since being in the car. There was a whole day to go though, so Shen just took that into account as he retired to his study to do a few things before heading off to bed himself. Bills needed paying, a few clients needed things taken care of, and his own personal finances needed to be run over thanks to the sheer amount of money he had spent that day. Granted, he was not the least worried about the dollar amount, more that everything would balance out at the end of the month. The lion was a financial advisor in a sense after all, and if anyone ever came asking about his monetary situation, he always wanted to be prepared.

Shen sat down at his desk, sighing heavily as the plush chair embraced him and cradled his frame rather gently. He then leaned forward and cracked his knuckles, stretching for a moment like only felines can before looking at the stacks of papers on his cluttered desk. “Now, where to begin…”

“Here…?” A light voice said, making Shen jump slightly and immediately look towards the door. In the frame stood Bolt, clad in little more than a tight blue thong and a very shy smile. It was evident that he had to truly try to stay there, his cheeks a shade of red that made blood look pale and his tail lashing around with fear, but he was there. This made Shen smile broadly and lean back in his chair to get a good view of the scantily-clad canine. The German Shepherd was nude, cleaned, and unbandaged for the first time since he had arrived at the house. It made Shen slightly worried that Bolt wasn’t wearing his dressings for his wounds, but those could wait. “Sir…?”

“Why don’t I start there… Come on over so I can start on you.” Shen said, remaining seated as he loosened his tie and started to unbutton his shirt. The canine came over to him, trying and failing miserably to walk sexily as he did so. The result was more of a cute, stumbling strut that made Bolt that much more endearing to the undressing lion he was approaching. Shen chuckled to himself at the adorable sight, patting the top of his desk as Bolt got close to it. The German Shepherd got right onto the top of the desk, sliding himself into a sitting position with his legs straddling over the lion’s strong thighs. Shen rubbed over Bolt’s calves as soon as he was in position, teasing the canine’s legs for a long moment and just feeling up the thick fur which covered them so densely. This made a few light whimpers come from Bolt, as he was clearly pleased by the handling and attention.

“H-How can I help you, Shen?”

“That’s the first time you’ve called me that without being reminded…” Shen smiled broadly, the first truly genuine smile on his face in longer than he could remember as he leaned up and wrapped his arms around Bolt’s neck. He then pulled the canine close, pushing his nose against Bolt’s and leaving it there for a moment so there was not a thing separating their muzzles. The feline didn’t lean in for a kiss, but instead just sat there with his nose pushed lightly on Bolt’s to feel the canine’s warm breath and to remain as close as he could. “I want to cement my claim on you.”

“Alright…” Bolt said, timidly sliding himself off the desk and onto the floor in front of Shen. The canine then turned around and raised his tail, leaning down onto the desk with a slight whimper from the feeling of the cold, hard wood hitting his tender chest. Shen noticed this and frowned, taking Bolt by the paw and pulling him back from the desk for a moment.

“Use this to lay on, it should help to keep you from battering your chest too much.” The lion handed the canine his coat and shirt, now only clad in his dress pants and a crimson tie. Bolt smiled faintly at the offering, gently placing the articles of clothing down on the desk in front of him before returning to his position down on the desk. No whimper came out this time, so the clothes had apparently helped at far as Shen was concerned. Bolt was still in a bit of pain, but it was far less with the mild cushioning of the thin suit jacket and dress shirt helping to keep him off the wood. “Do you want this Bolt?”

“I… Yes Shen,” The canine murmured, barely audible and his voice wavering heavily. Part of Shen wasn’t sure if that was the truth, but… What reason would Bolt have to like to him on this? Several truthfully, but why would he go with any of them? Doubt stuck in the lion’s mind though, and as he very tentatively pulled down the canine’s thong to reveal a tight, ready pucker eager for the welling member in his pants, he started to have second thoughts. Bolt could sense this though, as he was looking over his shoulder as best he could and felt the hesitation in Shen’s paws on his sensitive, still-raw rear. “I do want this,” he said, as firmly and confidently as he could muster. The lion’s paws stopped shaking the instant he heart that; Bolt actually did want this, and meant it.

“Well alright then…” Those panties all the way down, resting on Bolt’s lean thighs, Shen reached to undo his pants and get the lube from his desk drawer at the same time. Neither task was easy as he chose a horrid time to multitask, but he managed alright as one paw fumbled with the button on his pants and the other juggled the slick container of lubricant before it landed with an unceremonious thud on the desk. The lion growled lightly with frustration, but before he could even truly let his annoyance take root, Bolt’s paws sprang into action. He grabbed the lube, popped it open, and began to smear it liberally onto his tight ass for Shen, leaving the lion to rumble with approval at the sight as well as use both his paws to truly get after opening up his pants and depositing them around his ankles. That took but a moment, and then it was just a matter of tugging down his straining jockstrap to reveal his large, semi-stiff length. A strong scent of musk came along with it, filling the air immediately with the stink of arousal. Both Bolt and Shen murred to themselves at that overbearing aroma, their minds easing into what was about to happen as Shen took the look from Bolt and began to liberally apply it to his own length as well.

“Be gentle…” Bolt quietly asked, his ears pinning back slightly as he remembered just what was on that lion and how much he was about to be impaled. Shen smirked to himself, pushing his length between Bolt’s cheeks and slowly leaning down over the canine. He inched closer and closer to Bolt’s head with his own, his member pushing against the German Shepherd’s hole in spite of not even being fully out of its sheath yet. A low, lustful whimper rolled out of Bolt and up into Shen’s ears, enticing the feline down lower still until his puffs of heated breath bounced off Bolt’s neck and back up into his face. He stayed there for a moment, his arms supporting him above the canine and his still-swelling length pushing rather aggressively on that hole as it threatened to make entry.

“I will… You ready Bolt?”

“Yes Shen…” And with that, Bolt grabbed the front of the desk to hang on as Shen stood back up and clamped his paws rather roughly onto Bolt’s hips. Clutching the bony pelvis beneath the fur, Shen slowly slid his length into Bolt. He was still not fully unsheathed, but feeling that tight hole wrap and compress itself around his swollen, pulsing length was enough to get him there before he had even gone in a full two centimeters. The canine below squirmed and whimpered aloud, being stretched out like he hadn’t been in his entire life with each centimeter that Shen eased himself in. The lion stopped after a solid couple inches or so, holding and letting Bolt adjust while he leaned down and began to nibble and lick at the canine’s sensitive ears. Whines and whimpers of aroused lust came as a result of that teasing, and after a minute or so of working Bolt up into a frenzy, Shen left the poor dog be and began sliding himself in more.

This process continued a few more times, as Shen was nearly ten inches from tip to base, and needed some time to fully get himself inside of Bolt. Once hilted inside the canine, Shen began to slowly back out, pulling himself back out at a steady, easy pace to let Bolt truly adjust to what was going to be his reality for the next several minutes. The canine was all but crying at this point, both in the pain of being nearly torn in two and the fact that his cock was begging to release from how stiff it was thanks to Shen’s teasings. His eyes were screwed shut and his lip bleeding from how hard he was biting it, and yet not a sole whimper of pain come from; nothing but sounds of pleasure left that canine. Shen was a touch confused by this, as he could see those thin tears coming out of Bolt’s eyes, but then again Shen had never once been topped, so he had no idea what it could mean. He was too lost in the moment to care either way as well, his breathing heavy and hard as he was reaching his peak arousal already.

Faintly panting and beginning to sweat already, which only heightened his musky scent and further drove him to want Bolt, the lion tightened his grip on the canine’s thighs and began to pound in and out of the hole which his length reside in. Not aggressively or fast, but at a consistent, slow speed for the time being. He was barely even rocking Bolt around at that point, more just acting as a diesel engine to get himself warmed up, as well as to get Bolt more prepared. The canine whined and moaned loudly, his grip on the desk tightening to the point of his claws scratching the wood at the height of every thrust. Neither noticed this, both just off in their own minds and lost in their lustful thoughts. Bolt panted softly as he arched back against Shen, pre leaking from his exposed cock as he tried in vain to get some release. The lion couldn’t see this, but he could feel it as he noticed a bit more resistance when pushing himself back into Bolt. He reached a paw around to Bolt’s cock, taking it into his large mitt and beginning to rapidly beat if off while his other paw clung that much tighter to the canine’s pelvis, nearly having to hang on for dear life as it was all that kept Shen and Bolt together at the base of the lion’s thrusts.

Bolt didn’t last much longer after Shen began to paw for him. Less than a minute later, a loud howl came from the canine as his whole frame arched back against Shen. A second or so after that, and the front as well as underside of Shen’s desk was coated in strands of German Shepherd cum. Shen noticed this, keeping up the jerking motion until he could feel that Bolt had finished cumming before placing his paw back on the canine’s hip and really starting to get aggressive with his humping. The feeling of Bolt going off in his paw, thanks to nothing more than his actions and teasings… It fueled his fire like few other things could. So with his fire stoked and his ego boosted, Shen went to town on Bolt, his aggression heightening with each push as he began to pant harder and move quicker, as well as grip that canine tighter. The was still semi-aware that he had to be careful with the fragile beast below him, but that thought was quickly losing traction in his mind. He was far more concerned with the pulsing length of meat connecting him and Bolt, and how close it was to doing its one intended purpose.

Meanwhile, Bolt was panting hard, wincing in pain, and clinging to the desk for dear life as Shen inched closer and closer to orgasm. The feline was really into the act at this point, grunting and moaning loudly as he pumped erratically in and out of Bolt’s battered ass. The canine took it with both pride and pleasure though, masking the pain with arousal as he was still far too filled with lust to even think of the pain clearly; he knew it was there, but formulating a plan to stop it was far beyond his mental capabilities. Shen didn’t even see this though, and as pre began to leak from his length and into Bolt’s innards, the lion wouldn’t have cared even if he had. He was so very close to release into Bolt, so close to sealing the deal and finalizing his ‘purchase’… And yet, this was more than a purchase. It was way more; no other thing in the world could have given Shen this much enjoyment, pain, arousal, sorrow, lust, and helplessness all at once. It was a truly confusing thing for the lion, and as he continued to pound in and out of Bolt, his balls throbbing and his cock pulsating, he figured it all out somehow with the last vestiges of brain power left in his addled mind.

And then he came with a window-shaking roar.


“Now, this is going to go unpredictably. You just follow my lead and stick with me, and everything will be fine. Most of the furs in here have pets like you, but none… Well, none are treated as well as you. So, bear that in mind, and remember that they all will know who you are. I won’t let them talk down to you because of that though, and you shouldn’t either… I know this is going to be hard for you, but you need to do this. This is part of the deal in being with me, so you have to accept it, alright?” Shen gave his little speech in the car, the vehicle slowly pulling up the long driveway to Bruno’s mansion. It was the bear’s turn to host the weekend party, and as such the bear’s party was going to be the public debut of Bolt to Shen’s many high-society ‘friends’.

“I understand… Just… Please don’t leave me alone Shen.” The canine’s voice wavered, fear clearly gripping him as he sat beside the well-dressed lion. Shen simply took Bolt’s paw and squeezed it tightly, feeling the tension in Bolt diminish just from that squeeze.

“You know I won’t, so long as you don’t leave me alone. It will be fine; you’ll probably like Bruno after all… Just don’t get him started on the old days or we’ll be there till three in the morning.” Shen chuckled softly, both in memory of making that mistake once and in an attempt to further calm down Bolt. It worked, as a small smile cracked the worried expression on the canine’s face. “There we go… Now, we’re here. Do as I said, and we’ll leave here perfectly fine.”

“Yes sir.” And with that, the door on the lion’s side of the car opened for him, allowing Shen to step out into the moonlit night. He paused by the door, extending a paw back into the vehicle for Bolt to take hold of and get pulled out. As Shen felt Bolt’s paw grip his own, his wandering eyes saw the badger he had purchased the canine from just a week before. A silent nod was shared between the two of them as Bolt stepped out of the car, the badger’s nod accompanied by a hint of a smile at the sight of the cleaned, proper dog which was now standing beside Shen. Shen gave another, deeper nod before turning to Bolt and taking the canine’s arm in his own. The pair then started to ascend the steps towards the entryway to the large, opulent mansion before them to join the party taking place inside. “This house is really big…”

“I told you it was. He has great taste on decorating too, you’ll be impressed. Just try not to stare too much, alright?” Bolt nodded feebly, nervousness returning to his frame as his grip on Shen’s arm tightened. Another tight squeeze of the paw from the lion however, and that tightness receded back down into Bolt’s core and stayed there. It was just a few more steps up to the doorway, and then in to meet the other rich members of Shen’s world. The canine knew this, and knew Shen would be with him every single step of the way. It was still painfully nerve-wracking, and made the poor canine want nothing more than to run home and hide, but he had to do it for Shen, and so there he stood, just one step away from that door. His mind raced, his heart pounded in his ears, and a bit of sweat formed on his brow. Another squeeze to his paw came though right as he was starting to tense up again, making him sigh lightly to himself and shake his head. “Shall we?”

“Let’s S-.”

“Shen! I am pleased to be having you here! Your handsome company too!” Bruno’s booming voice came out through the door, the large bruin having spotted Shen and Bolt right as they were about to come into the party. The big beast ambled over and grabbed Shen’s free paw, giving it a hearty shake as well as the usual hard pat to the feline’s back. “Is this your ‘friend’ Shen? He is looking very nice.”

“Hi to you too Bruno. Yes, this here is… Well, introduce yourself.”

“I’m Bolt, nice to meet you sir.” Bolt said, bowing his head rather low in a supreme display of respect to Bruno. The ursine looked almost shocked that not only did Bolt talk, but that he spoke so well for himself.

“You have found winner there Shen. This is good for you no?” Bruno smiled, then leaned in closer before Shen even had time to process the question and lowered his voice, at least lower than the borderline shouting that the ursine was known for. “Is he being good for other thing as well?”

“Yes and… Definitely yes. I wanted to say thank you before I really started to enjoy your party for introducing me to our mutual friend, wouldn’t have found him otherwise.” Bruno smiled proudly to himself, then smiled brighter as Shen gave him a low, respectful nod to show his gratitude more properly. The bruin’s paw landed heavily on Shen’s shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze of approval as Shen’s head came back up. The ursine smiled at Shen for a long moment, looking to be forming a sentence in his mind as his paw still rested on the feline’s shoulder.

“You are good friend Shen, Bolt is in good paws.” Bruno winked, then turned to Bolt, who instantly stiffened up and looked rather nervous from the overbearing, loud bruin before him. “You do as Shen says, yes?”

“Yes sir.”

“Always and without questioning?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, you are welcomed here. Please enjoy yourselves, Shen and Bolt.”

“Thank you, we will,” The pair said in unison. And with that, Bruno lumbered off to go and talk to some other fur while Shen and Bolt stood there, both exhaling slightly and looking at one another with slight grins. Shen took the lead after a moment, escorting Bolt along through the party towards the back of the house. A few nods and waves were given along the trek, but no one stopped the duo explicitly yet; the night was still young after all. Shen didn’t want to be stopped either at that point, keeping his eyes on the prize of the back porch and getting Bolt to it before the moon got too high in the sky. This was easier said than done too, as the house was a very large one, traffic on the way to the party had been atrocious for a Saturday night, and even though it was early in the night, the party was already somewhat crowded. Come hell or high water, Shen was going to get Bolt there though, and if it took ignoring a few strangers or acquaintances to get him there, then so be it.

At last the pair made it, the large back porch opening out onto a private beach with a breathtaking view. The moon was just barely above the ocean, the stars filled the sky on the cloudless night, and the ocean’s black depths complimented the white sand between the two furs and the water perfectly. It was a serene setting, almost too perfect in Bolt’s eyes, as he just stood there and drank it in. Shen stood there too, his grip on Bolt loosening to the point of releasing the canine. Bolt barely noticed for a moment, moving towards the balcony as the scenery truly sucked him in; nothing in his life had been so serene, peaceful, and beautiful. “You like the view Bolt?”

“Yeah… “ Bolt murmured, staring at it for a moment longer before he turned back to Shen, blushing lightly with embarrassment. “It’s just so…” The canine stopped, seeming to search for a word to describe the scene before him.

“Beautiful?” Bolt nodded slowly, turning back to look out over the view again. Shen smiles to himself, moving to approach Bolt before he spots an old badger out of the corner of his eye. His gaze turned towards that mustelid, and upon confirming it was indeed that badger, the feline stopped approaching Bolt and instead turned towards the old mammal. “Bolt, wait here one minute… I have to go talk to someone.”


“You’ll be fine. I’ll be right over here.” Shen gestured towards the badger, who was less than twenty steps away. “I can see you, and if someone starts anything with you… Well, then I can take care of it. Alright?” Bolt nodded feebly, his tail drooping and his ears pinning back. It killed Shen to see Bolt like that, but Bolt didn’t want to hear what Shen had to say to the merchant and frankly, Shen wasn’t sure he wanted to hear what he had to say either. He needed to talk to that badger though, so over to the smoking mustelid he went, taking each step slowly and nervously. “Excuse me?”

“Yes?” The thick asian accent was gone, replaced by one which Shen had a hard time pinning. It was articulate though, making Shen wonder if he had the right badger for a moment. Same build, looks, demeanor… It was undoubtedly the same fur, but at the same time an entirely different one.

“Do you remember me?”

“Yeah, I sold you that G-Shep over there. Is there something wrong with him, because I don’t do returns.” Shen looked confused for a second, thebadger’s tone taking him by surprise with how frank and rude it was. He pushed on though, wanting to confirm something that had been nagging at him since he and Bolt had first interacted.

“No, nothing’s wrong with him… I’m more just wondering why you let me have him. He was beaten on, sure, but he was easily fixed and has made a great sl… Companion since.”

“That is why I let you have him right there.”


“You said companion kid, not slave. Any one of my other clients would have said slave, and used that pup right there for slave labor. It was painfully obvious you weren’t going to do that, so I let you have him. I see I made a right choice too, as he looks pretty darn good now.” Shen looked shocked, his cheeks flushing brightly as he just was stunned by the abruptness of the reply to his question. He wasn’t expecting such truthfulness from the badger, but then again he was barely expecting an English reply as it was. Sighing and shaking his head, the lion lowered his head and then bent at the waist, bowing as low as he could in respect to the badger.

“Thank you sir.”

“Don’t mention it. Seriously, I don’t want anyone thinking I’ve gone soft in my old age… Or that I can talk perfectly fine English.” The mustelid gave a faint smile again, his face not looking like one that could handle smiling for very long. “Now get out of here and go mingle in the party. I have a business to get back to soon, and I want to get my nicotine in before I have to do that.” Shen nodded and gave another, polite bow to the badger who returned it in kind. The feline then turned and strode back over to Bolt, looking both slightly confused and rather elated now that he had his answer. It was not what he had expected, but it was better than he could have hoped. To think that he had been given Bolt simply because he had a nice demeanor and would treat the canine well… It was enough to make his head spin, but Shen just accepted it and stopped beside that canine of his, looking down at him for a long moment with a simple smile.

“Hey Bolt… Have you ever skinny-dipped before?”


“Well, would you like to?”

“Here? N-Now..?” Bolt’s voice shook and he looked to get nervous again, his tail drooping slightly as he just stayed unsure of what to do. Shen took Bolt’s paw and gripped it, holding onto it tightly and rubbing his thumb over it just to try and soothe the German Shepherd. It seemed to work, Bolt’s demeanor calmed down and his expression softened.

“Yeah, here and now… Gotta get my slave labor use out of you.”

“Huh?” Bolt said, his face getting slightly pale and his ears pinning back in a slight amount of fear.

“Sorry, a joke. Shall we?” Bolt’s face was still a bit pale, but he nodded feebly and extended his paw out to Shen’s. The lion took it and held it gently again, tugging on it softly and beginning to lead the canine over to the beach. Down the steps, and onto the soft sand the pair went, following the barely-carved path a bit of a ways before they made it to the proper beach. They stood on it for a moment, looking out over the black ocean and darkened sky, just drinking in the scenery as it unfolded before them. Paw in paw, they slowly started towards the water, their free paws fumbling with coats and shirt buttons and ties in feeble attempts to get undressed. First Shen’s coat came off, then his shirt got undone one button at a time. Bolt had much less luck, letting out a light whimper of frustration as the pair got closer to the water. “Problems?”

“I can’t get it…”

“Here, let me help you.” The bare-chested lion turned towards the still-clothed German Shepherd, undoing the last of his buttons and letting his shirt fall to the ground before extending his paws towards the dark grey one which the canine was wearing. One by one he unlatched the small buttons, his own paws delicately doing so with skill that came from years of wearing suits and dress shirts. Starting from the bottom, Shen stepped in closer and closer the higher up the shirt he got. He looked to be concentrating more on the buttons, but in reality he was getting nearer to Bolt for an entirely different purpose. With two buttons left, his face was scant inches from Bolt’s. Futzing with the tie the canine had left on, the distance could be measured in centimeters. The final button, it was just millimeters separating the two beasts’ muzzles from one another as their hot breath warmed the other’s face. “All done.”

“Thank you…” Bolt whispered, looking right into Shen’s eyes with an absolute torrent of emotions pouring through those blue spheres. Shen looked back, his own gaze matching those feelings blow for blow as his muzzle moved closer, and closer, and closer still until his nose was pressed lightly against Bolt’s.

“You’re welcome.” The words had barely left his muzzle before his lips met Bolt’s, and the pair kissed. It was a quick, soft meeting of their mouths, without tongue or heat or animalistic lust. The kiss was far more than those things though, as it was their first kiss as something more than a master and a slave, an owner and a pet, or even a boss and a servant. Shen was kissing Bolt as someone who was in love, and Bolt was returning that passion with every fiber of his being. Neither knew the other truly well, they were from entirely different classes and walks of life, and Shen had papers that proved he owned Bolt. Not a hint of those details filled either of their minds though as they kissed however; it was all passion and nothing more. Shen had no idea how it had gotten that way, and Bolt figured it had something to do with the fact that Shen had essentially saved him. But again, those were details and thoughts which were nowhere near either one of their heads.

Their lips parted after a moment, neither saying a word or even taking a breath for a few seconds afterwards. Shen brought his paw up to rub on Bolt’s cheek, caressing its soft curve affectionately for a moment before returning the paw back to his side. The pair’s eyes were still locked, speaking countless words which couldn’t even hope to be conveyed conventionally. It was a passionate sight to see, and one the badger on the back porch had expected to see the moment he had spotted Bolt and Shen arriving at the party. His choice had been sound, and as he watched the two discovering lovers from afar, he couldn’t help but smile. The mustelid took one last drag on his cigarette, flicking it off onto the back sand before looking out towards Shen and Bolt once more. They were still as close as ever, eyes locked and their paws gripping one another’s while their muzzles touched nose-to-nose. “Another successful sale…” he murmured to no one in particular, then took a last look at the couple before slowly turning and ambling back inside, off to play matchmaker and pimp yet again.



“I love you.”


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