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BRRRRAAAAAAAPPP!! The air was silent for a moment around the blue and grey drabbit after that blueberry-smelling outburst, several tables around him just staring in mortification or shock. Alkora paid their stares no heed though, just setting down his fork with a loud clang on one of the many dishes which littered his table. He then leaned back and rested both his slightly-messy paws on his taut stomach, trying to soothe out the tenth course in his massive meal. The poor, straining gut of his gurgled and churned as it tried to make sense of all the food that had been packed into it over the past two hours. Alkora hadn’t quite overdone it, but the tightness in his stomach and the straining buttons around his midsection said otherwise as the poor suit he had been forced to wear in order to just enter the eatery barely covering him now. The myriad of plates, platters, bowls, and utensils which covered the large table before him also spoke to this, and made the blue hybrid’s cheeks flush purple with embarrassment. He hadn’t intended on being such a pig for his dinner, but the food had just been so good and he was out celebrating after all; so what if he got a little carried away with it?

“I trust that you enjoyed your meal sir?” A lithe fox said as he stood beside the stuffed drabbit. The head waiter of the place, that fox had more than a hint of disdain in his voice as he said that. He remained standing beside Alkora and looking on with dutiful eyes though, knowing his place whether he liked it or not beside that gluttonous, fat drabbit he had unfortunately had to attend to for hours.

“Ye- HIC – Yes,  my compliments to the chef. Now… Ab- HIC- About my bill…” The words left Alkora slowly and deliberately, each one barely audible to most. The fox beside him actually had to lean over just to hear, but he slowly nodded as he understood the request.

“I will have it brought out to you shortly. Can I get you anything else sir?”

“A glass of blueberry juice please…” Alkora squeaked out, stifling a belch right after with a paw over his food-stained muzzle. The fox simply sighed and nodded, scurrying off as fast as he politely could to get away from the ‘disgusting’ drabbit. Of course, the hybrid paid that no heed and simply shut his eyes, rubbing both paws over his tight stomach to further try and soothe the tortured table muscle. It was not going to be an easy task with how much he had eaten as even breathing was a bit of a task at this point, but he was going to do his best. Long, slow circles were etched by his paws, further rubbing the mess of his pigging out into his stained clothes and making them even less likely to be worn ever again. Not that the drabbit minded this one bit; his main concern at the moment was the mounting pressure in his gut, which felt like it was rushing up towards his muzzle. BRRRRAAAAAPPP!! Another massive belch rang out, and this time all the hybrid did was sigh and give his stomach a soft pat of pride and contentment.

“Not too shabby there fatass,” A deep voice rumbled from behind Alkora. The beached, stuffed hybrid tried his hardest to turn in his seat, but failed miserably.

“Not much of a compliment th…” Alkora trailed off as the one addressing him started to come into view. It was his belly first, or more of what looked like a belly to the drabbit and was closer to the size of a small car. It was held in a pair of pants that looked to have three different sets of suspenders supporting them, keeping the massive culinary destruction plant scant inches off the ground. The huge belly just kept coming and coming too, traveling nearly three full feet of nothing but belly before a massive thigh even entered the picture. That was another few feet of sloshing, rolling, quaking fat as each ponderous step pushed the titanic fatty forward some more into Alkora’s sight. Finally it ended, a gigantic ass rolling into view that looked like two normal furs fighting in a pair of black corduroy pants. A tail that could better serve as a love seat accompanied that huge rump, but slowly vanished from view as the huge owner of those colossal proportions spun himself into view. The face and fur of a wolf, with the body and accents of a dragon… Another hybrid, and a truly fat one at that. Alkora was a bit dumbfounded as to what to say, which made the draolf simply smile and give a small nod of his head.

“Sorry, figured you liked that. I’m Sasuke by the way, and you are?” Sasuke finally was fully in view, and to say that it took more than a double take in order to just see all of the wolfdragon was an understatement. A wide-angle lens probably would have scoffed at taking in all that lard there was so much of it. Sagging and forming rolls upon rolls even through an obviously-custom suit,  there was no way to not just stare at the moving car of flab that was not positioned directly in front of Alkora. The drabbit was still at a loss for words, soaking the whole scene in as fast as he could just to allow his brain to do something else other than oogle the mountain of lard that was now standing, or sitting, directly across the table from him. “Anybody home?”

“Sorry… I’m Alkora…” The drabbit managed to mutter out, looking down as his face and even chins turned a deep shade of purple with embarrassment.

“Nice to meet you Alkora. Now I want to get to the point so that you can get home; I have a proposition for you…”


It turned out the mound of draolf flesh owned several restaurants around town, more than half of which catered to the larger furs like Alkora which seemed to be migrating into the city. Buffets, places with portions more akin to feasts, benches over booths… It was all thought out for fatties by a fatty from the sound of things. Sasuke had proposed that Alkora try out one of his restaurants the next night for dinner, just to see how much better the service could be, as well as the food. The draolf apparently hated it when a true glutton was denied the basics of eating and common courtesy, and strived to create havens that gave real pigs like himself and Alkora just that. It was an odd little mission, the drabbit had to admit, but who was he to turn down a free meal at a buffet? So he caved to the wolfdragon’s offer and agreed to come and at least see what the talk was all about, in spite of a couple nagging suspicions in the back of his mind about the hybrid’s true motives.

Alkora arrived at said buffet a bit earlier than the agreed upon time to see what he had gotten himself into, as well as knowing it would take him a couple minutes to squeeze inside. He was far too used to single-wide doors when he had a double-wide ass, and having to crouch just to get in thanks to being nearly twelve feet in height. Upon pulling up to the restaurant though, he was pleasantly surprised to see that would not be the case here. Triple-wide doors and a fifteen foot height ‘limit’ greeted him at the front entrance, allowing him to ponderously waddle right in without so much as a brushed hip. He had to step out of the way of an elephant which made him gape first, but when one needed a furniture dolly and two helpers to keep mobile, it was hard not to stare. Seeing the clientele with such eager employees helping him along made Alkora smile even brighter, so much so that once he was inside the greeter gave him a rather quizzical look.

“Can I help you sir?” A deep, chocolatey voice rolled out of the bear standing behind, or rather looming over, the usual greeter’s podium. The taller drabbit turned to face him, and was silent for a moment as he looked up and down the pudgy ursine.

“Sasuke invited me? He said to say that I was supposed to get the house treatment with all the trimmings.”

“Oh, we’ve been expecting you! Follow me please,” the bear beamed, a little too happy for a fur working in a restaurant Alkora noted, before just grabbing a napkin and waddling out into the main walkway. Able to look the bear up and down fully finally, the broad ring of exposed brown lard became instantly apparent to the drabbit. It was spilling over those tortured tuxedo pants a good couple inches all the way around, exposing a pair of sagging, rolling ass-cheeks to the world far more than any other eatery would allow. Love-handles drooped down and bounced with each step, and that was all Alkora could see thankfully as he slowly followed behind; that gut would just be too mesmerizing. “We’re going to give you the private back room; Sasuke actually specified it for you.”

“Oh? That was nice of him… Where is he exactly so I can thank him?”

“He’s not here right now, though he said he would stop by later in the night to see how you enjoyed the food.”

“That’s nice…” Alkora uttered, trailing off as his inner glutton practically screaming with delight. The restaurant was a newfound heaven for him, and as he looked around, even that began to seem like an understatement. All sorts of furs in various stages of obesity sat in the wide booths and benches which filled the large restaurant, each with a staffer or two catering to their every whim. There was a lion that looked more like a blob than a beast being fed by a worker who had to literally stand on his gut and shove the food in because the lion was too fat not only to use his own arms, but to open his muzzle of his own accord. Conversely, there was a simply pudgy rat sitting at a table being brought out a platter of pasta that could be measured in pounds rather than ounces. The large drabbit had never seen anything like it in his entire life, and he could not have been more happy with the sight of it all.

“Sir? If you would please follow me.” Alkora blushed and resumed following the hefty server in front of him, having  stopped to stare for a moment. He fell back into step though, his eyes now more on the rolling, sloshing rump ahead of him and less on the nearly full house of tubby eaters. That was no less mesmerizing, but at least it kept him moving forward instead of leaving him looking like a gaping buffoon. “And here we are; the private quarters for our best guests. I’ll send in a few servers in a moment for you sir. Should I have them bring you anything in when they arrive?”

“Just some blueberry juice if they would; I’m pretty thirsty.”Alkora murmured, barely able to think straight as he saw the room in front of him. A table that looked more like it could seat twenty with no real underside lay before him, along with a sole low-slung bench, looking a bit worn from the many massive asses which had undoubtedly tested its construction over the years. The room was windowless, with low lighting in it and red curtains adorning the walls. It looked more like a private poker room at a casino than an eatery, but Alkora was not about to ask questions; he was here to eat, not to judge or question the décor.

“Of course. Enjoy your meal,” the bear chirped out enthusiastically before waddling back off to his post, leaving Alkora alone in the room to waddle himself over to his seat. Swinging one thick leg in front of the other, that was just what he did, although slowly. Each wide, waddling step propelled him towards what would be his final destination for hours if he could help it. His thick lovehandles bounced with each heavy footfall, making his ponderous gut which protruded out feet from his frame roll and bounce even moreso. It was like watching an entire platter of jello with legs move, and as said jello-like beast got near his seat, that was a real sight to see. The drabbit had to slowly lower himself onto the seat beneath him after swinging his tail over the other side, his wide rump settling down onto that low seat before he was even halfway into a sitting position. The lower and more into a sitting position Alkora went, the more his pants strained to contain the stretching, broadening ass they were trying to keep inside. The drabbit had chosen his stretchiest pants for this outing, but they were looking near the limits of their elasticity as all of the heavy hybrid’s weight settled down into position. A few pops could be heard from the tortured material containing Alkora’s adipose-laden thighs, but he barely noticed the noise as he was far too busy sighing with relief from being off his overburdened feet at last.

No sooner had Alkora taking a seat than the curtain was thrown back and three chubby equines entered the room, each with a gallon-sized bottle of the drabbit’s requested beverage. A pair of tubby Clydesdales and a downright fat pony all lumbered on in, each dressed like the bear that had brought Alkora to his table. The pair of taller, slimmer horses hung back at the door while the shorter beast of burden came forward, putting his bottle down on the table in front of Alkora with a light grunt before speaking. “Hi, I’m Kyle and the two by the door are Mac,” He gestured to the slightly taller, deep brown horse which gave a nod in return. “And the other is Lou,” a gesture to the bit-bigger, light tan equine got another nod towards Alkora along with a polite smile. “We will be helping you stuff yourself tonight. Can we get you anything else… Uhm…”

“Alkora, and I think I’ll start with…”


Four hours later, Alkora sat beached in his own overstuffed, taut, and gassy sea of fat. He had truly stuffed himself to the gills and then some, downing enough food to feed a family of six for nearly two weeks over the course of the time he had been sitting. He had barely even needed to move either, Lou and Mac had been more than happy to help him eat whatever dish the fat drabbit requested. Kyle had overseen the whole process, being more of a masseur and an encourager than a feeder like the other two equines. It had been rather odd to Alkora at first, but he adapted to the truly full service in a matter of minutes and gave in to his unabashed gluttony shortly after. From there, it had been a flurry of food and drink which would make even the top competitive eaters a bit green. “Ugh….HIC….That wa-HIC-was good…”

“You sure that’s it Alkora?” Mac asked, hints of both awe and disappointment in his voice. The hybrid heard these, but could barely even care about them as the pure, unadulterated ecstasy of having his gut as packed as it was clouded his every thought. “Can’t get another bite into that gut of yours?”

“I… HIC…I dun-“ The hybrid paused, then scrunched up his muzzle for a moment. For a split-second, Alkora thought he was going to vomit, and panic gripped every fiber of his being. He had not just eaten as much as he had just to puke it back up, and especially not in public. His fears left as quickly as they came though; the feeling of gas rocketing up his esophagus blasted away his fears nearly as fast as said gas blasted out of his muzzle. BRRRRRAAAAAAAAAP!! “Ooooh, that’s better… HIC… Maybe a little more…”

“Or a lot more.” A rumbling, smooth voice chimed in from beyond the drabbit’s newly-risen horizon. Alkora recognized it instantly as Sasuke’s, a smile forming rather dopily on his drool-splattered muzzle as he strained to try and see the draolf. The mountain of flesh and fat all but rolled into view, his movements slow and ponderous thanks to his immense size just like before. What hadn’t been on him before was that devious smirk, one which made Alkora a touch nervous as he looked on at the titan of a beast. “Mac, Lou, and Kyle… Can you three come with me for a minute?”

“Yessir,” all three said in unison, dropping everything with Alkora and leaving the room with their boss. Alkora was left sitting alone, hiccupping and belching as his body tried to reign in the meal he had consumed. His gut was stretched out to nearly its limit thanks to all of the food that had been crammed into it by the overeager drabbit and his feeders. He tried to rub it, vainly attempting to move his arms against the restrictive fat and fullness which kept the buoyed up at nearly 90 degrees. What little parts of his frame that he could rub felt taut and straining to contain all the drabbit that there now was. This worried Alkora a touch, but as another long belch rattled the dishes on his table and made his ears ring  slightly, he felt that pressure decrease by a small percentage. Knowing that, the beached drabbit sighed softly and settled into himself, still gassy and stuffed to the brim, but far less worried of a ‘containment failure’ of all that he had eaten.

“Sorry to have your help taken away from you. Boys, if you would.” Sasuke rumbled out deeply, his frame floating back into view as the curtains at the far side of the room parted. Immediately, all three of the equines that had left with him came rushing back in and began to rub all over Alkora’s tight, rolling frame. Three sets of paws got right to work with massaging, kneading, and rubbing at the taut layer of fat which encased the hybrid, trying to work out any kinks or stress from being stretched as far as it was. The drabbit melted the second that happened, moaning quietly and letting his whole body relax in a fat puddle of food and lard. “Now, let’s start round two.”

“Hu-HIC-h?” Alkora inquired, rather dopily as he was slowly succumbing to a food coma combined with utter bliss from being stuffed and massaged by three hot studs. He was sure he had heard wrong too; no way Sasuke was planning on giving him more food after all that he had already consumed. The wolfdragon’s comment had sounded like that though, so the drabbit was a touch concerned and asked again as he lay in the sea of fat which encased his entire frame. “What d-HIC-id you say?”

“We’re going to give you another round of food, although more… Aggressively this time. You can hold more than that, and we both know it. I hate seeing my customers leave here…” The draolf paused, as if both dramatic effect and the search for a proper word had hit him at the same time. He then brightened up and leaned in as close as he could to Alkora, his own immensity leaning against the taut one below and forcing out a raunchy belch from it. “Unfulfilled.” Sasuke then smirked to himself, turning around in a slow and cumbersome motion before sauntering out of the room. He paused at the door before leaving, turning his head as far around as his restraining rolls of neckfat and sagging cheeks would allow. “And don’t worry if it gets to be too much; bursting doesn’t hurt as bad as you think. Boys, see to this if you would be so kind, I’m hungry again.”

“Yes boss,” the three flatly replied in unison as they continued to rub over the drabbit’s tight exterior. Each motion sent tiny ripples along the stretched, furry surface, its blue hairs ruffling beneath those paws. Had Alkora not just heard that he was going to be well and truly stuffed to bursting, he may have enjoyed the sensation a little bit more than he was, but instead panic filled him more. Gas was already building up inside of him thanks to this, coming out in rank blasts from both ends of his taxed frame. The horses seemed to ignore this though, the foul stench which smelled like blueberries, musk, and other things filling the air heavily as more and more of it left the nervous drabbit. Continually belching, farting, and wobbling in place, Alkora just sat and waited for the inevitable.

“He needs a plug, keep all that gas in,” Kyle finally chimed in, looking to Lou first and then Mac as he said it. Alkora was too lost in the bliss of the rubs to his belly, and the fear of bursting, to even really notice that the three were talking at that point.

“I’ll get one if you get the feeding hose Mac,” Lou said without hesitation, smiling broadly to the other Clydesdale.

“Ok, go get what we need then you two. I’ll stay here and keep this gut nice and loved while it waits to really know what being full is.”

“Sure thing Kyle,” the pair of horses said in unison. Mac and Lou stood, leaving just the fat pony rubbing and kneading at the surface of Alkora’s heft while they went off to fetch the requested implements. The sudden loss of two sets of paws on the acreage of his tonnage pulled Alkora from his deep revelry for a moment, making him try and look over his swollen cheeks. He saw Mac and Lou leave, but had trouble registering it as Kyle suddenly kicked the massage to his gut into overdrive. The pony had lifted his shirt and was now rubbing belly on belly, his sizable poundage warmly pushing on Alkora’s far-more-impressive heft. It worked like a giant palm, pushing and massaging every inch of the drabbit’s fat it touched with every inch of its own soft circumference. The sudden shift in tactics was heavenly for both furs, and left Alkora all but zonked out in blissful ignorance of his surroundings.

Mac and Lou returned after a few minutes, one holding what looked to be a large cork with a cord while the other held a thick fire hose with a muzzle attached to the end. Each went over to Kyle immediately, standing beside the distracted equine in silence for a moment while they enviously watched him attend to Alkora so expertly. The fat pony didn’t notice his cohorts for a few seconds, his eyes shut with gleeful contentment as he gave a particularly hard push into Alkora’s tight midsection, which coaxed out a long, and loud belch. The noise snapped Kyle briefly from his trance, and that was all it took for him to notice the two chubby equines standing alongside him, patiently waiting for orders. Not stopping in the least, as that would bring Alkora back around and could possibly enable the beached tub of lard to struggle, Kyle kept up his tummy-to-tummy rub and just gestured for the pair of Clydesdales to do what they knew they had to.

Mac wasted no time, quietly stepping around to the back of the gassy, moaning drabbit and bending down to those wide, exposed rump-cheeks. The stench of musk and blueberries was almost overpowering at that height, so close to where it was coming from, but the horse just held his breath and began to shove his fist between those sweaty buns. Alkora let out a deeper moan of both surprise and pleasure, unsure of just what was going on back there but not wanting it to stop just yet as he felt himself serviced from the front and rear now. Mac held the plug in his paw, searching blindly and up to almost his shoulder in drabbit ass as he hunted around for his puckering prize. More hot, noxious air coated his arms and face, and as his oxygen supply dwindled from his deep breath, the equine knew he had to find his goal soon or get a face-full of hybrid emissions. That was not a prospect Mac looked forward to, so he kept on searching, and only just as he was about to run out of air did he find what he was looking for. With a very forceful shove and an unceremonious POP, the plug went right into Alkora’s rear, making the drabbit yelp with shock from the sudden entry. Only then did Mac breathe, but it was more a gasp of shock than a sigh of relief as he did so. The surprise meant the hybrid clenched what little muscle remained in his immense rump, trapping Mac’s arm in its slick, blue confines for a moment until the horse could wiggle and squirm his way free. It took a moment, but panting and smelling of old blueberry pie, Mac was free of his gassy prison.

Lou, on the other hand, had taken him time to go about his task. He had to somehow find a way to get the muzzle and hose both onto and into Alkora without the drabbit resisting too much. This was no easy task, made even less so by Kyle taking up the easiest way to access the drabbit’s maw. That in mind, Lou hunted down a chair and decided to go around the back with Mac to see if he could get in from behind. The hybrid had a massive rear, as Mac was finding out below where Lou stood, but it looked doable. It took some adjustments and no small amount of straining, but Lou was able to stand on the tips of his hooves and get the muzzle up close to Alkora’s face. Lou had to let all the straps all the way out just so that they could hope to fit over the row of chins and drooping cheeks which adorned the bliss-laden hybrid’s face. An open muzzle from the near-constant stream of belches now that his rump was plugged meant that getting the hose in would be the easy part, and indeed was as Lou just slid it right in. Getting the muzzle on to keep it there though… Even with the straps all the way extended, it was a real task to get them attached. Only two of the four would even connect, leaving the other two dangling down and pressed into drabbit fat. A bit of tugging solved that though, and after a bit of sweating and panting, all four straps were secured and the drabbit was plugged from both ends.

Mac and Lou, now both finished up with their tasks, returned to the front to talk to Kyle. The pony hadn’t moved much since the pair had started, but now that they were finished and the flow of liquid began to go into Alkora, the equine paused for just a moment to calm down and look at his two accomplices. Kyle could feel Alkora swelling against him as he remained pushed to the hybrid, and though the rate of swelling was slightly alarming, there was still some elasticity left in all that drabbit flesh. “Nice job… Let’s see how big he gets, hmmm?”

“Can we rub him too?” Mac asked, almost nervously as he reached a ginger paw out towards the expanding hide in front of him. The Clydesdale was not trying to touch it but wound up doing so anyways as it pushed out to touch him. “Wow…”

“Yeah, go ahead,” Kyle mumbled, also slightly in awe from how fast Alkora was expanding. No one had ever grown that large, that fast, right in front of his eyes aside from Sasuke. It was a sight to see, and as he felt more resistance from the infringing sac of tightening flab in front of him, Kyle felt a faint hint of nervousness deep in his ponderous paunch. Looking up at Alkora’s face only served to fuel that little twinge of fear, as the drabbit’s eyes looked both pained and panicky. Whimpers and groans over the sound of the pump which was forcing gallon upon gallon of blueberry pie filling into the bloated ball of blue flab made that worry go further, but surely Sasuke had a plan for that. Kyle didn’t have the authority to do anything about this though, as he didn’t control the pump nor did he truly care past worrying about his job. There was a gut to rub too, and as his paws began to work alongside Mac’s and Lou’s, it was just a second or two before those worries evaporated into nothingness, replaced with happiness to be attending to such an immense stomach.

Alkora cried out as his gut swelled and bloated out with gas and even more food. With no way to release his gassy nerves, and more food being piled in on top of it all, it was all he could do to not cry out with tears of overstuffed agony as he felt his gut expand far larger than it ever had before. The seams of his belly scales began to separate after just seconds of this treatment, light blue goo leaking from them. His three equine hosts didn’t seem to notice though, all their paws focused more on the sides of his ever-expanding gut rather than the front that was pulling apart. His arms and legs, and even head began to sink into his torso as his body looked for skin to pull from anywhere else on his growing frame to try and give his gut more stretch. More little rips happened all through his fur as this went on, his frame becoming more and more bloated with each swallow and unreleased belch. The blue goo that seeped out though had the same consistency of sweat, and in the dimly-lit room with dimly-witted hosts, Alkora knew he had little hope of getting a reprieve from the painful pressure that was beginning to tear him asunder. That pressure mounted and grew past the point of pain, making the drabbit just shut his eyes as tight as he could and wait for the inevitable, as he knew it would be a short time before his overtaxed hide and stretched-to-the-limit stomach had enough of the torture being inflicted on them. He couldn’t even see over his cheeks at that point either, so even if he wanted to see what was happening to him, blue, bloated balls of drabbit would’ve been all there was to see.

Less than a minute later, Alkora blew.

It was a massive boom, blue goo going everywhere in the large room and sending the three equines before him flying. Alkora barely even registered what happened, just that one moment he felt every single part of his body surging outwards within the confines of his skin, and the next… No more tension, pain, or anything like that. Everything was black, and while he had heard the beginnings of the boom which had torn him into chunks of some sort of blueberry jello, he wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. The hybrid knew he wasn’t dead, but that was about it, and so with all his might he tried to open his eyes, to taste something, to do anything to confirm this knowledge.

Sasuke had heard the blast, and waddled over as fast as his legs allowed to investigate. Luckily, he was the only one left in the restaurant at such a late hour, and as such had no customers or staff save for the three horses with Alkora to worry about. This also meant he had no one to check on the noise but himself, and moving at any speed past slowly when even your ass dragged on the ground was an impossible task. He soldiered on though, and as he rounded the corner to get a look at the entrance of the room, he let out a deep groan. Outside the room lay an unconscious Mac, covered in what looked to be blueberry jam. Sasuke ‘hurried’ over towards the passed out equine and began to try and rouse him, bumping him with his stomach and calling out to him. “Mac! Mac! What happened?”

Alkora heard the draolf approaching, as well as the calling out to his fallen employee. He still had yet to move any part of him, but was slowly regaining feeling of parts of his body as the moments passed. He tried to wiggle what he thought was a toe, but instead just felt more of a sluggish roll. The drabbit tried to move another digit, and the same feeling came from that one, as well as a general feeling of stickiness that was starting to come from all over. He hadn’t eaten enough to burst, had he? And if so, how was he still alive and moving? It didn’t make sense, but right now Alkora wanted nothing more than to open his eyes and see what had happened. His eyes still weren’t responding though, but the more he tried the more he felt himself reassembling in some sense. It was impossible to even comprehend, but it felt as though parts of him were seeping into the general area around where his consciousness was and beginning to form his frame once more. The drabbit needed his eyes back to see this, now.

Sasuke watched with fascination as the blueberry goo which coated Mac began to worm its way back into the room where Alkora had been. The wolfdragon knew what this meant, unlike the drabbit, and was almost giddy with glee as he watched more of the goo run back into the room as if it had a mind of its own. Gurgling and slurping sounds were coming from the room at this point, and as Sasuke just stood outside and grinned unabashedly to himself, he couldn’t help but rub his paws together in anticipation. More gurgles, louder as the moments passed, reached the blob-like beast’s ears. Not unlike waiting for microwave popcorn though, Sasuke waited for the gurgles to stop before entering, as he knew then that Alkora would be ‘done’ and ripe for the eating.

The drabbit finally got his eyes open once the sensation of reassembling was done, and let loose a shocked yelp, which sounded more like a gurgly belch to his ears. He was a see-through facsimile of his former self, stickier and jigglier than before. He was also considerably fatter too, as though all the food he had consumed was already digested and had been reformed as he had too. It was an odd experience to say the least, as he looked over his paws and stomach with utter fascination and surprise. Sasuke stepped into the room as he was looking himself over, but the reformed gooey drabbit paid the draolf no mind, still fascinated with his new body. He looked to shimmer in the low light, and every movement felt more fluid and easier than it ever had on his fat frame. It was a freeing sensation, and Alkora could barely contain himself as he began to see how incredible it was. A rumbling belch of approval came from deep in him, and at that point he finally noticed his hybrid company, who was watching with a certain hungry look in his eye.

“You look… Tastier than before.” Sasuke smirked as he coolly said, looking over the drabbit a couple times. The drabbit looked back, anger filling him to the brim the instant he saw the draolf that had put him through edible hell. Alkora’s ears flattened back and one thought entered his mind; make him burst too. Sasuke looked to be expecting that thought, as he just smirked bigger as a low, threatening gurgle came out of Alkora. The draolf, looking a bit more intimidating suddenly, just opened his muzzle and pointed inside, as if to taunt the blueberry goo that had become one of his customers. Shutting it after a moment, the smirk returned to his muzzle as he locked his eyes with the goo-filled sockets somewhere around Alkora’s ‘head’. “Bring it jiggly!”

Alkora didn’t disappoint.


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