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“Nah, I bet you couldn’t with just that package of yours,” Sasuke chuckled as he looked back at Kaji, the taller draolf standing while the wide draolf sat and consumed his third breakfast of the morning. “Have you ever even been to Texas? They’re afraid of balls as it is, you go and try to smother them with the things that won’t work out too well in your favor.” The wolfdragon chuckled again, mentally picturing tanks shooting at Kaji’s balls and getting a giggle out of that picture as he wolfed down a stack of thick, buttery waffles. Kaji chuckled too, more picturing many-a-fur coming out and rubbing at his large endowment than anything. Both the furs had a very different idea what would happen, but neither was entirely willing to share if for nothing else making the situation awkward.

“Well you’re the one who said I should come over, so we have to think of something to do lardo.”

“Oh shuddup skyscra…UUUUURRRRRPPP… skyscraper. I never said I wasn’t willing to try with you. Covering Texas up seems like it might be kind of fun.” Sasuke laughed again after he spoke, a bit of food leaving his muzzle and winding up somewhere on his sagging, pillowy chest. Kaji just smirked and floated the food back to the wolfdragon’s muzzle, where it was eagerly devoured. “Besides, it gives me an excuse to get really fat.”

“We all know how much you love that wide load.” Kaji said, taking his turn laughing while Sasuke made a face at him and blushed slightly. It was no secret the immobile beast loved to be well pat any semblance of fat, but that was beside the point. “Besides, I kind of am more curious about how they react to you than I am to me… I mean, I may be something they hate, but Texas is the fattest state out there in the fattest country, they might see you as their god.”

“Heh… You’re too kind Kaji.” Sasuke chortled, just as he finished up his last helping of bacon from breakfast. He let loose another hearty belch, patting what little of his ponderous mass he could reach with pride as he just sat in his immense girth and expanded. The other draolf looked on with a growing smirk, prodding a paw into that gravid mass and watching as it sank in nearly to the elbow before meeting resistance. Sasuke laughed lightly at that, sending ripples of lard along his expansive surface which made Kaji’s arm shake slowly. “So how are we going to do this? Oh, and why again? I wasn’t exactly listening…”

“I’d say just head to Texas and smother it, half with lard and half with cock. Nice and simple for the both of us, huh? As for why… Well, it’ll be fun.” Kaji said, grinning mischievously as he retrieved his paw from the depths of Sasuke’s lard-laden frame. The fat mutt agreed with the other, a few wobbly nods affirming this. Kaji smirked at the display, extending slender paw towards the oven mitt of fat which the larger draolf possessed. Sasuke took it and then chuckled, eyeing his partner-in-crime for a moment. “Shall you do the honors?”



A faint flash momentarily flickered in the middle of a corn field in rural Texas. Had anyfur been around to see it, they may have suspected aliens or some other force to be responsible for the light in the middle of nowhere. Not a soul was around however, and that was exactly what Sasuke had wanted as he never liked having to explain why a two ton blob of furred flesh appeared out of thin air. Kaji had appeared right beside him, and released the larger lardball’s paw after getting a good footing in the field. They both squinted as their eyes adjusted to the bright sun, having to blink a few times apiece just to be able to see. “Way out here? I wanted to start somewhere a little more populated fatso.”

“You can start on the populated half then shorty, I figure seeing a grey wall of lard would be way more unnerving than just watching the expansion start. But I do know how much you like an audience, so go ahead.” Kaji made a face at Sasuke for that comment while the other draolf just chuckled to himself. The black mutt vanished immediately after, leaving Sasuke in the field alone within his own mass. The larger draolf settled into all that lard with a deep rumble, his arms retracting into it just a bit while his tail sluggishly wobbled with a feeble attempt at wagging. He reveled in his size for a long moment, rubbing what little parts of his vast expanse that he could reach while nuzzling down at a pair of moobs which no women could even hold a candle to. The wolfdragon loved every ounce of his astounding size, and only planned on making more of himself to enjoy and appreciate once Kaji was in his place. In the meantime though, Sasuke just basked in the sheer obesity that had enveloped his legs, chins, neck, and most of his arms with its all-encompassing adipose.


Kaji blinked back into existence in an alley alongside a supermarket, squinting in the dim light as he stood back up straight and got his bearings again. Taking just a moment to do so, the tall mutt then started walking out towards the street, humming softly to himself as he did so. Clad in little more than an ill-fitting pair of green briefs, he was quite the sight even in a downtown metropolitan area, as very few could dress like that in late fall. The draolf didn’t seem to care though, just humming to himself as he continued to take long strides down the sidewalk. He drank in the odd stares and few points which came his direction, a smirk forming on his muzzle as he saw all the attention he was getting. Sasuke had indeed been right; he loved the attention that came with being a tall show-off like he was. Granted, the other draolf loved the attention of being a nearly-shapeless ball of lard, but to each their own.

Traveling just a few short blocks towards the central area of the city, Kaji stopped humming and took a few jogging steps to cross the final street to his destination; a large park in the middle of the city. He hadn’t put himself there to begin with in order to get a few looks on the way there, as well as to take in what he would be smothering first with his swollen endowment. The draolf had also wanted to stretch his legs out a bit, as two teleports in a row usually left him a little stiff, and with such a massive growth coming soon, he wanted to be nice and limber. Undoubtedly Sasuke had plans once they were to size, and that would mean being even more limber for extra… Fun.

“You in place Kaji?” Sasuke’s voice rumbled into Kaji’s mind, even heavier-sounding that it was normally. The draolf erked, a bit surprised at the syrupy baritone in his mind, but then remembered who he was with and simply chuckled. “Or should I start calling you Meaty?”

“I’m almost there Blob, just another minute or so. You got any rules you want to lay down now, or just grow?”

“Just don’t get too far ahead of one another… Figure we make this nice and even. Oh, and don’t worry about borders, though you getting into the Gulf may make some good waves along Florida.”

“Those surfers will be glad huh?” Kaji thought with a chuckle, coming to a halt in the center of the park. He looked around, seeing several furs there and just smirking to himself as he stood proudly for a moment. “Whenever you’re ready tubbo.”

”Heh, thought you’d never say so… Let’s go!” With that, Kaji felt his entire groin begin to tingle as it started to swell. Rapidly growing, his poor briefs didn’t stand a chance and shred within a second of the word ‘Go’ echoing through his mind. This got a few groans and yelps of surprise, but the draolf had his eyes shut and was just groaning lightly at the bliss of feeling his pride swell up to ridiculous proportions. He was already feeling front-heavy, with his balls tugging towards the earth below as his stiffening length stood feet in front of his tall form. The draolf just stroked both parts of his increasingly-awkward anatomy with fondness, moaning quietly as he felt them grow at a more rapid pace. He could barely even register the shocked cries of those around him, nor the cold air which was nipping at his exposed self every chance it got. He was just too lost in the ever-mounting speed at which he was becoming more cock than draolf, the rapturous expansion filling every fiber of his being.

As his sac made contact with the tops of his feet and began to spread along the ground, the draolf groaned louder and began to adjust his height to compensate. He wasn’t quite ready to have his equipment outgrow him, and thusly needed to be a little taller to offset the growth. Peeking out one half-lidded eye, he saw a skyscraper off to his left and decided that height would be nearly good enough for him; for the time being at least. Once he decided that, the tingling feeling which was arousing the draolf spread to his entire body, eliciting a far louder moan out of him. His cock, now longer than he was tall, began to pulse with lustful bliss as his mind gave into far baser instincts, truly forgetting the unspoken competition for a moment and just reveling in the moment of growing. The mutt was lost on cloud nine as he stood in the park with fleeing citizens around him and his entire frame expanding disproportionally, and yet rapidly, outwards and upwards.


Sasuke sat in the field, rumbling deeply to himself as what felt to be thousands of tiny paws began to knead over his doughy surface. Saying ‘Go’ had allowed him to finally start expanding, and he did so with fervent gusto. It took less than a blink of an eye to watch his waistline expand a full six inches out, his paws sink that much more into his gravid mass, and for his whole body to lurch taller about an inch. Looking like a water balloon being filled with jello, the draolf expanded out rapidly in all directions, destroying everything in his path. Corn stalks bent like twigs beneath his feet, a fence crumbled like paper the second his weight came to bear against it, and even the ground itself sunk somewhat beneath the increasing sea of lard which was enveloping it. Sasuke didn’t increase his height either, so it was but moments before his head was lost in the countless chins and collars of neckfat which formed around his head. His moobs tilted up, then flopped over his head too, truly encasing him in nothing more than fat as he just sat and expanded like he loved.

Deep rumbles and constant moans were the only sound that came from Sasuke as he continued to grow. He was expanding so fast that within a minute he had increased his weight nearly 50 fold. Far more of a shapeless blob than a fur by that point, he couldn’t even so much as blink thanks to the fat in his beachball-sized cheeks pushing his eyes shut. He didn’t mind though, and just sat in the imposing mound of fat that had become his body. He knew he was growing faster than Kaji too, having been keeping tabs on the other mutt nearly 300 miles away. Sasuke thought nothing of this though, as he wanted to get to the amorphous blob part of his growth as fast as he could just so that he could revel in the feeling of being so utterly helpless and large for as long as possible. Having achieved that even faster than he expected, he knew he would have to slow his growth before too much longer or risk covering more of the state than his black counterpart. This meant spending more time enjoying his mass and less time increasing it, which the draolf was more than happy to do. His cock, buried beneath tons upon tons of grey flab, was at full attention and already dripping pre thanks to the warm fat which encased it on all sides constantly rubbing and teasing its impressive, thick length.

Sasuke slowed his growth somewhat, more like a faucet filling him than a fire hose so that Kaji could catch up, and began to wiggle his hips as best he could to somewhat jerk himself off. He was so close to release already as his size kept him nearly-constantly horny, that just a couple bucks set him off like a fire hose deep inside his quaking body. Hot spurts of seed coated what little space remained deep below his bloated stomach and above his monster-truck-tire thighs. The draolf panted softly at the feeling of that release, bucking a few more times to coax out the remainder of his large load as well as to try and get his spread-eagle frame a little more comfortable. He was completely stretched out thanks to the pressure of the fat on his limbs pushing against one another, but ignored that for the time being as he was as lost in bliss thanks to the growth and feeling of release as Kaji was. Growing a little taller would be in order to keep his frame a little more comfortable later, but for the time being Sasuke just sat in his fat-laden self and groaned with contented bliss.


Kaji finally hit the height of the skyscraper he had been aiming for just as his impossibly-large member crushed what remained of downtown. His balls had taken care of most of the inner-city, and were so swollen with both seed and their own mass that Kaji’s feet had left the ground several minutes prior. Buildings fell like dominoes, cars were flattened like they were toys, and any fur unlucky enough to be caught in the sea of pre created by the draolf felt themselves grow a few inches in height and girth. The mutt lay atop his massive package, groaning and moaning to himself as he stroked, nuzzled, and licked every inch of cock that he could reach. Precum had been flowing freely for minutes now, causing flooding along the route which he was carving through the city towards the outskirts. Furs were already fleeing for safety from the sprawling, growing draolf which was smothering their town with ease. The enraptured draolf didn’t seem to care about that at all though, so concerned with the bliss that was filling him as his growth really began to pick up the pace that he hadn’t opened an eye in minutes. He could feel shifts along his entire length, which only further stimulated him and brought a deep purr out of his muzzle.

Shifting somewhat atop his stupendous balls, Kaji began bucking into the air, causing the very ground below him to shake and shift with deep rumbles. The draolf ground against the ground, humping air and the city which he was leaving in ruins as the tip of his cock left the limits of the metropolis and began to plow through suburbia. The draolf humped a bit harder as this happened, more of the city’s remains rubbing the underside and sides of his cock to tease it more. The draolf could hear screams and pleas as he did this, but tuned them all out as he focused simply on pleasuring himself with the ruins that lay around him. Humping harder and panting faintly at the effort needed to keep his frame moving with all the weight that he had to shove with his groin, the draolf got into a rhythm of using his balls as a sort of fulcrum while his whole torso shifted his massive cock. It was a herculean effort, but once he was going it became easy, and that much more riddled with ecstasy.

Kaji lasted for maybe a minute once he truly got his pattern down, barely able to contain a deafening howl as seed shot out of the tanker-sized head of his cock and over nearly 2 miles of countryside. Hot ropes of seed, laced with the draolf’s powers and each several dozen gallons in size, came out and drenched houses, lawns, and furs as they looked at the colossal release. Everything touched by that cum grew, and not just a little as several furs hit nearly fifteen feet in height just from getting some on their clothes. The draolf didn’t even notice though, so lost in the moment that he could barely even think to breath while he just melted into a puddle atop his still-growing package. Kaji panted with delight as he lay against his cock and felt his balls pulse out stream after stream of seed for several seconds. It was truly a big load even by his standards, but having been horny since he started expanding, the draolf expected little less than that. The mutt continued to rub at his cock as his orgasm died down, a final drip of seed falling out and rubbing down to join the gallons upon gallons of spunk which had flooded out a good portion of the suburbs.


Sasuke couldn’t see or hear from his place over a mile inside his growing frame, but he could taste the hot sweat which poured down into a pool around his entrapped head. He could also smell the befouling stench of musk and exertion which filled every breath he took, even though he had not moved a muscle in minutes. He could above all feel every square inch of his stretching, fattening body. Every pound of him that touched a house before flattening it beneath tons of lard or smothered another fur with his raunchy mass, he felt. It was a sensation he always truly basked in and took great care in making sure lasted as long as he could. Nearly as big as Kaji at this point, he put the speed of his growth to match the other mutt’s and then just sat back and enjoyed the ride to being an unfathomable size. He had to keep his bones growing just enough so that he didn’t stretch too much and become uncomfortable, but that was a minimal task. He also didn’t increase his muscle mass as he did this, meaning that any hope of movement died several hundred tons before. He was, in every sense of the word, beached.

The draolf could do nothing more than sit in his quaking, jiggling fleshy prison and moan with constant arousal, his cock trapped somewhere in the sea of lard which he now was at full attention. It begged to be touched, and yet Sasuke had sworn not to do anything past expanding himself. Rippling all around his pride was nothing more than fat, sweat, and cum from his earlier release which had yet to Notseep through the countless rolls and folds which comprised his thighs and crotch. That feeling combined with the one of spreading out fatter, farther, wider, and even higher as his fat encountered resistance every so often meant that the wolfdragon was left wanting, but never able to have. He was tempted just to break his semi-serious oath and pleasure himself using some of his power, but he wanted to see if he could make it. His hazy mind didn’t much care, but the inkling of sanity he had left said no, and that was enough for the time being. So on he grew, furred blubber taking over farm after farm throughout the sprawling, vast acreage of the desert which he had chosen to expand in.

The draolf let loose a low moan a few moments later, his gut encountering a new sensation somewhere off to what he thought was his right. It felt like a multitude of tiny nails scratching an itch, as well as rubbing along the surface of his tender underbelly. It was not the sensation he had been hoping for, but as his stomach had expanded over countless fields and houses, it had gotten incredibly itchy. This meant that the scratching of a city on the bottom of his immensity was a very welcome gift to the sprawling mutt. His tongue rolled out of his muzzle and his panting got louder as he just relished the feeling of the scratching along his sensitive skin, his tail trying its hardest to wag from deep within the cage of his county-sized ass. This just sent ripples and waves of fat along his quaking surface, which hadn’t been still the entire time thanks to just how yielding and jello-like his lard-laden frame was. More waves meant more massages too, so the wagging along with the scratching was nothing short of heavenly for the horny blob of fat and fur. Gone were his thoughts of getting himself off as he melted more into his incredibly obese self, replaced with mind-numbing contentment and glee as he just relaxed and let his body grow.


Kaji felt a warm, fleshy surface touch the head of his cock. It had been nearly ten minutes since he had last cum and flooded out the largest city in Texas, after which he just let his growth rate skyrocket. He had been expanding so fast that even his two-hundred-or-so foot tall frame hadn’t had time to keep up with his cock, and thusly was beached atop the hyper-phallic appendage. His balls were the only thing keeping him on the ground, each far larger than the city they had helped decimate a short time ago. Kaji just savored that feeling and continued to attend to his growing length as best he could, teasing it and rubbing with affectionate arousal while it expanded rapidly below him. He could hardly see the tip, but he hadn’t really tried to look until that bump had snapped him out of his revelry. Nothing had been large enough to give him even a moment’s pause in his growth yet; even the army base he had crushed a few minutes earlier had felt more like a teasing paw than an assault. Something was definitely in the way though, something warm and soft and incredibly… Fat. The draolf didn’t have to open his eyes to know what he had hit, but did so all the same just to get a look at what he was up against.

A pair of dark grey mounds were at the end of his cock, pushing back against it with their drooping, wobbling surface. Sasuke’s ass was there for the taking at the very end of Kaji’s length, and the draolf couldn’t help but laugh to himself as he started to grow against that flabby mountain range. He could feel his cock entering the warm, sweaty crevice between the two sacs of flab, creating a deep purr of bliss which leaked out of the draolf. A low rumble of arousal answered his purr, barely audible from the distance, but definitely noticeable as it sent a wave of bass along the mutt’s length back to his frame. Kaji again laughed, though this time with more of a huff as he felt his entire body getting aroused yet again in spite of itself thanks to entering one of the largest asses the draolf had laid eyes on.

“Quite a sight there Sasuke…” The mutt murmured to himself, just looking at it through slits of eyes as he lowered himself back down onto his cock. Rubbing at the base of the gigantic appendage, Kaji groaned softly and just bucked his hips as best he could. This barely even registered an inkling of movement in his cock, but it was enough for him to get some teasing from the tons of ass around the head of his length; the other draolf’s lard took next-to-nothing to get moving. “Damn Sasuke…”

”Damn yourself Kaji… What say we save the after party for when we finish?” Sasuke’s voice came through with more than a hint of arousal into Kaji’s mind, giving away that the other was on the same train of thought. Kaji just groaned inwardly, but in agreement with the other draolf. He also sped up his growth in order to get to that ‘after party’ faster. He was too pent up and presented with too much draolf to not be so. “Someone’s eager…”

“Shut up fatass.”


Sasuke chuckled to himself at the response he got from Kaji, still groaning as well thanks to the stupendous cock ramming him right between the twin peaks of his arse. The mutt started to stretch his frame out more in order to be able to take that length once he and Kaji were finished with their hostile takeover of Texas, as he knew the other wasn’t going to be patient. The stretching and growing still meant no muscle mass, and thusly meant the wolfdragon was as helpless as he had ever been with the ocean of blubber he was trapped in. He still couldn’t see over his cheeks, hear anything past the gurgling of his stomach, smell anything outside of his own stench, nor taste anything but sweat and whatever food he conjured into his muzzle to keep his stomach semi-sated. He could feel everything though, and that was driving him nearly mad with bliss and arousal all rolled into one package of pure ecstasy. More cities scratched and teased the underside of his main, expanding feature as he continued to spread over the state and into parts of Mexico and Oklahoma.

It wouldn’t be long before he and Kaji had accomplished that they set out for, and Sasuke felt almost a faint twinge of sadness at this. The draolf had been lost in bliss the entire time, and yet he could feel the entire experience drawing to a close. It was a bittersweet moment for him, as he knew what came next would be just as pleasurable, if not moreso. He also enjoyed the feeling of consuming an entire state beneath his immense hide too though, and having to chose between one or the other was a true task. He was in no mental place to choose regardless though, as any faculties his mind had held moments before were gone due to a truly vast urban sprawl taking care of an itch he had possessed since nearly starting his growth. Simple-minded and even more lost in the myriad of feelings coming in from all over his colossal mileage, the draolf settled more into himself and just let the expansion run its course.

There was the cock which was now encroaching on his back that also made itself known with little spurts of pre occasionally. Sasuke could barely even think of how to handle that, so instead he just ignored the implications and appreciated the warm liquid which ran through the rolls, folds, creases, and pockets of fat which ran down his back like hundreds of stairs. The feeling of that weight pushing down on him was equally satisfying, like a hard massage to his infinitely-yielding fat. The draolf moaned low at that combination, panting softly somewhere in his mass as he felt his length begin to leak just like the one behind him. The whole ordeal was cyclical, and just sunk the mutt down further into the depths of depravity while making him enjoy the whole thing further and further. Grow, get smothered in cock, get massaged over the vast distances which his blubbersome body covered, and stay aroused nearly to delirium… If heaven existed, Sasuke had found it in that moment, and wanted nothing more than to stay there and drink it in.

A jolt to his frame a minute or so later snapped the mutt out of his mental haze and back to the real world. Texas was covered in one massive draolf, one massive cock, and a pair of massive balls. The saying ‘Everything is bigger in Texas’ could not have been more accurate than that moment; two draolves covered the entire state and to say they were visible from space is an understatement. Kaji lay atop his package groaning and moaning as he rubbed what he could and bucked against Sasuke’s sloshing backside. The mammoth blob of blubber spread far and wide like a melted slab of jello, utterly shapeless and indistinguishable as a fur. Each beast was lost in bliss, so wrapped up in getting to the point at which their size was utterly absurd that neither could think of anything else. Both tried feebly to attend to their aching furhoods, but neither could do it justice. So there they lay, panting and groaning as their immense frames slowly shook against one another. Not a word was said, not a movement made that wasn’t mostly involuntary, and not another inch was added to either of them for several minutes as they just basked in both the pride and unadulterated pleasure that came with such immensity.

“Kaji… After party?”  Sasuke finally rumbled out, his voice deep and guttural in the other draolf’s mind. Kaji rumbled at the idea, shifting himself just a bit so that he could get better lined up in order to proceed with his plans for Sasuke, and his titanic backside.

”Thought you’d never ask.”

And that tale is for another time.


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