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The stench which filled the room was nearly overpowering. It wasn’t a pleasant sort of stench either, not like the one of sweat and cum after sex… This was more just unwashed fur, greasy old bags, and other scents that would nearly make one gag. For the drake and the draolf on the couch however, it was more than just acceptable, it was the scent of their lives. Neither one truly noted the smells which overpowered the room and had gotten them more than a few complaints from the neighbors, unless it was added to by a raunchy belch or noxious fart. The pair of slovenly beasts just set about befouling their environment more with their slothful, wanton waste of gluttony, sex, and a lifestyle in which moving more than a finger was considered to be too much effort. Bathing was a thing of the past to the pair, as was modesty, cleanliness, and even manners. The two lived like the hedonistic pigs that they were, and it was absolutely heavenly for them. The two hogs had just finished their second lunch, beached by their heft and just sitting with the TV blaring over the myriad of gurgles, belches, and farts which came out of them.

“Hey, Ryn… BRRRRAAAAP… Gimme the cheese spray,” the draolf all but demanded, grunting with effort as he tried to sit up and retrieve it himself, but the weight of his over-packed stomach proved to be too much for his underused muscles.  He squirmed a bit, then raised a thigh as much as he dare to release a long, loud fart right onto the meaty thigh of the drake beside him. A deep rumble of approval came from the drake, who returned the blast of rancid gas with one of his own, though straight down into the couch cushions as he was too lazy to even bother moving a thigh to aim his stench. He tried to lean forward too, but was thwarted by the same thing which kept the draolf pinned and groaning against the couch; his stomach. Both beasts had made true pigs of themselves, as the fresher bags of waste around their couch showed. The drake didn’t want the other to go hungry though, so he reached for what he could; an entire box of uneaten pizza. The box had somehow been spared both of their gluttonous wrath, and yet it was about to get a full dose of it as the drake placed it heavily on the draolf’s protruding stomach. “UUUUURRRRRPPP… All this?”

“Yeah, finish it,” the drake commanded, looking over at the wolfdragon with a dopey grin which was returned with a faint smirk from the draolf. The stuffed beast belched again, then opened the box slowly to reveal a 24”, luke-warm pie covered in more meat than should be possible on a pizza. Ham, Bacon, Chicken, Steak, Pepperoni… It was all there and ready for the wolfdragon to consume with his greedy muzzle. His stomach was pleading with him not to do it, and yet his eyes saw that food and knew that it was all going to wind up in him whether or not his packed gut liked it. The drake saw that food too and began to salivate, reaching for a piece of his own before the wolfdragon slapped his paw.

“It’s mine…” The draolf paused, reaching to his side and retrieving a half-eaten pan of pasta. “Eat this if you’re still so hungry stinko.” The drake let loose a rank belch as the pan hit his taut gut, rubbing the impact site tenderly as he gave the wolfdragon a look. The hybrid returned it, then smiled dopely and gestured to the food. The drake’s glance went back to the food, where it stayed for but a moment before both his paws raised. Like the true pig he was, he reached both messy paws down into the slop of cheese, pasta, and sauce and scooped out two wet pawfuls. He then shoved them into his muzzle one at a time, having to open wide and still spilling nearly a third of the contents onto his rippling chest in the process. Shoving the other paw in had the same effect, the sauce mixing with the drool which nearly always coated the drake’s multiple chins and running like a river down into the many folds and rolls that comprised his torso. Not a care in the world about that though, the fat slob didn’t even make an effort to chew his food, he instead just swallowed hard and chewed noisily on the few remaining chunks that didn’t go down his throat on the first try. Another gulp after a few loud chomps, and he turned back towards the draolf with a dumb grin that was plastered with food.

The draolf just patted the drake on his dopey head with a fat, sticky paw before he dug into his meal. Reaching in with both fat paws, the hybrid took two slices of the stuffed pizza and held one in each paw. He then turned them so that the meat-covered sides were facing one another and smashed them together into a saucy, meaty sandwich of sorts, which he brought close to his muzzle just a moment later. Opening wide, he took nearly half of the foot-long slice into his muzzle before clamping down and ripping it off. Sauce spewed out of his barely-shut muzzle as his cheeks bulged like a squirrel’s with how overfull they were. Chewing sloppily on the mess of meat, cheese, tomatoes, and crust which was crammed into his packed muzzle, chunks of food spewed down onto his chest and stomach while he tried to turn the mess of food into something that he could swallow. It took a few tries, but he managed to gulp the massive bite down with a grunt, and hadn’t even taken a breath before cramming more of that pizza sandwich into his gullet. A few more sloppy chews, another gulp, and 90 percent of the pizza was on its way down to the factory of fat that was his middle. Tossing the remainder into his muzzle with a playful smirk, he chewed that up just as rudely before turning back to the drake wearing a matching dopey grin.

Both fat slobs pat each-other on the tummy with pride, one belching while the other let loose a rumbling fart. Giggles followed the noisy display of affection, and then the two of them went back to their respective meals. Glorps, gurgles, belches, and smacking maws filled the room as the pair of pigs devoured their food with greed. Ryn’s paws were covered in pasta even before he had finished his second bite, and by the third his entire face was just shoved into the pan as that was an easier way to get at things. The obese draolf continued making sandwiches out of the pizza, taking bigger and bigger bites as he wolfed it down like he hadn’t eaten in days. Both of their stomachs complained loudly, giving gassy outbursts or groaning as they were stretched well past full, but neither beast listened to their body’s complaints. The feeling of eating and being that full was one the pair relished, and planned on reveling in once they were finished shoveling food down their gullets. So on they ate, glutting on the food in front of them, noisily chomping down bite after bite of fattening bliss.

Ryn was first to finish, falling back against the couch which cracked and groaned loudly in protest. His muzzle, paws, and chest were all stained with sauce and bits of pasta which hadn’t made it into the greedy slob’s mouth. He didn’t care though, he just sat there panting softly and trying to rub at his gut, though he was too full to even move. He was sweating from the effort of that feed too, his body tired from eating so fast. Words didn’t come, as his breathing was restricted by how stuffed his stomach was, and that was a feeling he relished. His cock stirred to attention almost immediately as how full he was sank in, the air beginning to fill with a new, musky scent as a result. The drake didn’t even take note of this though, instead just resting there with his muzzle open, his tongue hanging out, and his paws laying on his rolling love handles while he just tried to breathe and let his body make sense of what he had put it through.

Sasuke finished a few moments later, falling back in the same fashion as the drake to more splinters and creaks from the overburdened, beaten couch. He tried to belch, but there was so much pressure in his gut that it took a moment to come out of his opened, drooling maw. A deafening roar of gas eventually exited though, reeking of pizza, beer, burgers, and a myriad of other foods that the voracious hog had consumed over the course of the day. The hybrid sighed lightly after that, the same problem that struck the drake beside him happening to him as his breath came in short, quick pants. Sweat soaked his rancid fur, dripping from his rolling moobs as his body heated up to try and digest what was enough food to feed most for days. His stomach, in spite of over a foot of flab between it and the outside world, was taut with pressure and the draolf didn’t dare touch it. His paws rested, covered in red sauce, on his sides gingerly while he just shut his eyes and groaned deeply in pure bliss. His own musky stink began to fill the air alongside the drake’s, his own glee at being so impossibly overstuffed showing through with his pride poking at the base of his monster of a gut. He didn’t dare move to try and attend to himself though; he didn’t have the strength to fight the pounds of food which immobilized him on the couch.

The two slobs sat for a long moment, groans and grunts of gluttonous pride the only sounds in the room as the TV had somehow wound up turning off; one of them was undoubtedly sitting on the remote again. Neither cared about the TV though; they both sat with their eyes shut and just took short breaths while trying to get some room back into their frames just so that the initial discomfort of eating as much as they had would pass.  The hybrid dared to rub his belly after a time, placing a sole paw on the side of his stretched hide and rubbing gently to the large mound of furred flesh which kept him pinned beneath its mass. The drake brought his paws to his muzzle and licked them clean slowly, taking his time and only swallowing the food in his muzzle once he was sure he wouldn’t explode from doing so. He also licked his lips, as did the draolf, for one final taste of their gluttony before it got digested up into more fat, gas, and wasted energy which would just be used for sitting in their filth and getting even larger. The thoughts of that, along with the bliss that was beginning to fill them both as the discomfort of overeating ebbed to a glorious food haze, left them both horny and with aching lengths beneath their distended guts which begged for attention.

The draolf was the first to talk, turning towards the drake and looking at him through half-lidded eyes. A roaring belch came out of him again, at the same time as a bubbling fart left his sloshing, putrid ass. The draolf shut his eyes and sighed at the much-needed release of pressure in his innards, his paw rubbing a bit more over the gastrointestinal plant which had added so many inches to his frame during his time planted firmly on that sofa. “Ooof… Hey… Ryn…” The hybrid managed to rumble out before another belch interrupted him. The drake turned towards the wolfdragon, just to be met by that belch right to his face. Both smiled like dimwits at that, not daring to giggle lest they jostle their guts up at all. The drake inhaled that foul expulsion and smiled brighter, leaning forward as much as he dare to give the piggish hybrid beside him an affectionate lick. The draolf met him halfway, rumbling with approval from the affection and giving some back to sample the food off the drake’s muzzle. “You… Taste good.”

“Yeah… You too…” The drake breathed out, still struggling with breaths but having an easier time as he slowly felt his gut stretching to new sizes to accommodate his ravenous nature. The draolf was feeling the same thing, as he sat with both paws rubbing the slimy, slick surface of his gut. The drake did the same, sighing feebly as he tried a bit harder to soothe the turmoil in his gassy middle. It didn’t seem to work, until a truly foul explosion rocketed out of his ass and filled the air around the two hogs. Both of their eyes watered from the power of the stench, but neither made any sort of face other than one of glee at how rancid the smell was. In fact, the drake’s cock pulsed a bit more with need and began to drip pre as he drank down his own horribly rank smell. “I’m horny…”

“Me too…” The draolf agreed, turning his head a bit more towards the drake and giving him a lustful glance while licking his lips again. The drake did the same to the draolf, eyeing every curve of the slovenly beast beside him with unashamed want. Another fart ripped out of the drake, making him blush faintly while the draolf just grinned like a dope and gave the fat reptile’s stomach a hungry gaze. A loud gurgle, followed by a slight grunt and then an even louder rumble from the draolf came right after, making the roles reverse between the two beasts as the hybrid turned red. They both stifled chuckles after this, still nervous for the state of their filled paunches, but a dopey, shared grin was enough to convey what they both were thinking. It wasn’t as though either one could think much past that at this point; their minds were too lost in the simple pleasures that were their greedy indulgences. “How will we…?”

The reptile shrugged sluggishly, looking over at the draolf with even more want as he sat there. The hybrid didn’t even acknowledge the look, instead shutting his eyes and letting his tongue roll out of his muzzle as his paws pushed into his taxed hide and truly began to massage it. Blissful ignorance filled his being as he soothed the stretched flesh beneath his thick fur, rubbing sticky paws into his slimy gut. He could almost feel the thing pushing back with a growing layer of adipose, as well as the beads of sweat trickling down it from the amount of heat his body was retaining. The drake sat and watched the draolf relishing that for a long moment, both his paws resting idly on his own full stomach. The reptile licked his chops again, just looking at the sight of excess before him and sluggishly rolling his hips back and forth to tease the head of his needy cock. The caked-on sweat and cum far below his protruding gut acted like lube, and thusly made it far easier for him to hump into himself. The process shook his gut just a little, but a rumble of gas out of his fetid rear was nothing if not arousing to both beasts.

The hybrid pulled himself from his rapturous massage after a minute, looking through lidded eyes over at the drake beside him. The drake was still looking at him, though at his obesity more than him proper. Faint wobbles along the reptile’s frame gave away what he was doing, and the draolf just smirked and watched for a moment while slowly, sensually rubbing at the side of his sagging fat. Rubbing claws down his rippling rolls, which bunched up thanks to his slouching position, a low moan of contentment left the hybrid as the teasing only served to arouse him further, and in turn the drake beside him. Sinking a bit further into the couch with bliss, the draolf kept that rubbing going for a time while he too began to buck his hips. The same disgusting concoction that surrounded the dragon’s member was around his own, and thusly acted the same way as he began to moan deeper and jostle up his gut too. Gassy eruptions were going to happen to the pair if they kept it up, but as the air filled with the scent of a silent but truly foul one, the two just inhaled the stench and let out a mutual sigh of ecstasy.

Just as they did so the couch let out one loud creak, then several splintering noises before finally a loud crash sent the two mammoth hogs tumbling backwards. The back of the couch had given way which was holding up the bottom, so the whole thing essentially collapsed into a mattress. The draolf and the dragon both toppled backwards onto their flab-swaddled backs with grunts of shock. Their still-taut guts sluggishly fell with them, sloshing and gurgling in dismay at the sudden movement they had to perform. The whole room shook as all that mass met the floor, a few items falling off of shelves and the towers of trash all around the sofa falling down into piles. Cushioned from the fall by both the remains of the sofa as well as their own adipose, the pair of hogs still had their food-filled guts fall on top of them, and thusly each clutched their middle the second impact happened and groaned that much louder. Further shaken, both gassy pigs felt the familiar rumble of an impending outburst not a moment after they had hit the floor, just to add to the noise the fall had caused.



All went silent for a nearly a full minute after that, the wolfdragon and the drake just laying on their back with their eyes screwed shut and their paws clutching their gurgling guts to try and keep them from bursting. Bubbles of gas worked their way around the pair’s innards, but nothing left them just yet; their bodies were too shocked from the fall to make sense of much of anything just then. A few knocks came to their door to keep it down, but they fell on deaf ears; the draolf nor the dragon could move even if they wanted to in order to get the door. So there they lay, silent, motionless, and just taking stock to make sure they were indeed still alive.

“You alive Ryn?” The draolf finally asked, his voice wavering as a belch finally worked its way from his muzzle.

“Yeah, you Sasuke?” The drake asked, returning the belch before he did so.

“Yeah…” The draolf lazily replied, turning his head as best he could towards the dragon. The reptile tried to turn too, but both beasts had just too much fat around their neck in order to lock eyes. They could in fact barely turn their heads far enough while laying down to see the top of the other’s belly, so bunched up was the fat around their necks. This brought out a rumble of contentment from the draolf, who was coming down from the distress of falling and returning back to his base, greedy instincts. The drake was there with him, purring lightly as he slowly wiggled his hips against his still-stiff cock. The wolfdragon heard the shuffling fat and the sound of wet scales against fabric, instantly knowing what his partner-in-eating was doing and moving to do the same as well. Being immobilized on the floor just by eating was a true turn-on for both hogs, and neither one was about to let the feeling slip away. “Ryn… How are we gonna get more food?”

“Iunno…” The dragon answered after a moment, his voice barely audible. He grunted slightly as he got a little more comfortable in his position on the broken sofa, having to roll just a little to his side. “I’m still horny…”

“Me too…” The draolf agreed, grunting as he tried rolling onto his side as well. Like a pair of beached whales, the two had real issues moving, having to rock back and forth a few times just to get an inch of lift from their sagging, morbidly obese bodies. Sweat was already pouring from them both with the effort it took to get that far, and if it took much more they would just give up. The draolf hit his tipping point though, rolling right into the drake at the perfect time and sending him onto his side as well. Grunting from the impact on his stuffed gut, the draolf just lay behind the drake for a long moment, rubbing at the sides of his gut as well as teasing his cock some more with his thighs. From his position on his side, he was able to get a much better view of the drake, as well as smell the truly rank scents which wafted up from him; being on the couch for over a day without even moving created an absolutely putrid stench. This only served to rile the hybrid up more, and made him shuffle his fat, quaking self a little closer to the drake.

“How’re we…?”

“Iunno… Pass me that pizza.” The draolf requested, making the dragon have to bend forward as far as he could to get a half-eaten pizza of indeterminate age and pull it back for the draolf behind him. Reaching like a cub for a cookie jar, the hybrid didn’t even have the pizza in his possession for a full second before his snout was buried in it. Smearing cold sauce, hardened cheese, and pepperoni on his cheeks and chins, the draolf ate with abandon in spite of his taut stomach’s pleas. He was already well past full, and the bubbling within him had no room for more. Greed won out though, and so on the hybrid ate, shoveling down food to get back that painfully full feeling, as well as to eek what little ‘energy’ he could out of the pizza. The drake listened to his piggish companion gorge, and while that made him hungry, the feeling of food being flung up and hitting him in the back from such glorious gluttony only served to make him even hornier.

“Sasuke…” A belch was all the drake got in reply for a moment, followed by a deep groan and a hiccup. Silence followed, then another hiccup as well as some more groaning. The draolf had stopped eating, but he was even more painfully full than before, and painfully horny at that. He could feel his rock-hard length stabbing the underside of his completely stuffed gut, rubbing its stuff surface against the taut one. His simple mind was becoming even more simple as arousal and bliss took over, eradicating any thoughts past getting himself off and then passing out in a food-induced coma.

“What..?” The draolf managed to squeak out, another belch and hiccup following in unison which only made the draolf moan louder with discontent. The drake didn’t say anything, just he just bent forward as far as he could again and rubbed his sweaty, noxious ass against the front of the draolf’s packed tummy. A thundering fart came out of that rump, which only served to make the draolf leak pre onto his underbelly as well as moan deeply, his eyes screwing shut. Another blast came from the dragon, and that was all it took for the wolfdragon to spew a hot, sticky load right onto his thighs and underbelly. Panting hard from the arousal and the feeling of fullness which enveloped his very being, the draolf had to fight to stay awake even as his strong orgasm coated his crotch with yet another layer of seed. The drake knew that, panting softly himself as he began to buck lightly into his thighs to finish off his own leaking cock.

The wolfdragon finished his orgasm, his cock still pulsing with lustful want, and then immediately fell asleep. His overburdened body sink into itself slightly, just laying motionless as shallow, pantings breaths came from him. The drake didn’t make it much longer, cumming after just a minute and then promptly passing out as soon as he had coated his crotch in his own spunk too. His ass still rested firmly against the draolf’s stomach, a final explosion of fumes coming from it right as he fell into a food coma. The draolf’s own mounds of ass rippled as he let one out during his sleep, subconsciously matching the dragon stink for stink. Neither woke from that noise or the smell though, too tired from their ceaseless gorging and then the only real sex they could have with their ponderous girths and glutted stomachs. The pair didn’t care though, they just reveled in their cycle of eating, jerking off, sniffing their lack of labor, and then passing out only to repeat the process again. And again. And again. It was their lives, and the two slobby hogs loved them.


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