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A paw flopped onto my face, yanking me from the light nap I had sunken into at the conclusion of my latest romp under the covers. I couldn’t think of this one’s name, but because he was the fourth of this week, my mind was thoroughly muddled with names and numbers. The paw rubbing along my short muzzle as the body beside me continued to be in the land of dreams, and therefore not in control of its limbs.  I sighed at this, rolling over onto my side to face the tiger that owned the paw that had been assaulting my face. “Oi, buddy, wake up.”


My comment aroused the slumbering beast, a small and curt smile on my muzzle as he opened his eyes to slits and looked at me. His own muzzle curled into a smile slowly as he saw mine, causing me to give him a bit bigger, forced smile in return. “Nngh… Good mornin’ Maru…” That was about all he got out before he began yawning, the yawn involuntarily turning into the stretch that only felines could pull off. I watched with fascination, waiting for it to end so we could have the typical ‘pillow talk’ conversation before I kicked him out of my loft and went trolling for the next ‘partner’.


“Mornin’ uhm… I’m sorry, I’m still tired and you were so good last night…” I had to try hard to force a blush after that phrase, but I had so much practice at faking that it almost came easily. He simply smiled, eyes opening wider now that his brain was beginning to function again.


“It’s Kyle, Maru. Not that you really care much, but it’s Kyle.”


“Aww, don—“


“Shut it, I know your B.S., and I know that you’ve had four fucks this week alone, myself included. I know you’re a major player and one helluva liar, among other things too.”


“And yet, you slept with me knowing all that. I know full well what I am, as do more than half the furs that have joined me in my bed. It didn’t stop you and it surely hasn’t stopped them. That being said, what effect did you hope that outburst would have?” I smirked at the end of those few sentences, having watched as his expression went from confident to defeated in nothing flat. “Well, Kyle?”


“You know..” His voice was deeper than it had been when he had first begun yelling at me, and a low growl came from somewhere in the pit of his stomach that was somewhat menacing. “I figured I could get you to open your blind eyes and see what a sack of shit you truly are, but I guess you already know and are too arrogant to change that fact. I pity you, and anyone stupid enough to love anything about you.” No sooner had those words left his mouth than he began to leave, grabbing his pants and practically throwing them onto his body. His entire face was a plastered with an almost humiliated, and yet at the same time infuriated, look as he stormed out of my bedroom with only a pair of pants barely on.

I smirked to myself as I heard the door slam mere seconds after this happened, the only thought running through my head being that he was not coming back for more. We both knew I was a whore of sorts, and that no one fuck would sate my sexual appetite; he just took longer to realize it than I did, nor could he accept it so non-chalantly. I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle at that fact: none of them ever could. Not that it mattered to me any, I knew more would always come in search of the liger which had become synonymous with the term ‘sex god.’


With a stretch that only we felines could pull off, I forced myself to sit up in the bed, which had so many cum stains on the old sheets that they looked polka-dotted. I knew I needed to change these things and I knew that fact, but I was either too lazy or too busy having sex to really care about that fact. Sometimes I wondered why I cared about that even, I knew that the sheets would be dirty in a week, after which I wondered why I even thought of this because I needed to pay attention to getting out of bed rather than getting my sheets cleaned. This thought finished broadcasting across the screen of my mind as I finished stretching, a sigh of relief coming from my tired lungs at that point.


I returned to my sitting position once I had rolled back over onto back and stretched a bit more, pops and creaks coming from my back and shoulders. Being a sexual deviant wreaked havoc on ones joints, and I knew this all too well from the minor symphony of groans and creaks my small frame gave off. I sat there pondering this, proceeding to reach for the bottle of painkillers that sat on the table beside the bed. Twisting the cap off became a bit of a task; I had forgot lube was still staining my paws and therefore made my fur slick and the bottle harder to manage than it should have been. After a couple attempts however, I somehow achieved my goal of getting the lid off and pouring a couple meds into my cupped paw. It took less than a half a second for that paw to reach my mouth and throw the hard pills down my muzzle. One gulp later and they were down my gullet and well on their way to making the severe pain that coursed through my petite body go away.


As I waited for the pills to kick in, I heaved myself to my footpaws, the sound of my claws clicking on the frigid floor as I did. I yawned as I stood, causing me to involuntarily stretch again as I did. Upon finishing that, I turned towards the door and slowly padded over, more looking to survey the damage than to exit the room and do whatever. A low sigh came from my muzzle as I saw just what that angsty tiger had done: cracked the door jam in several places. I knew it was going to cost a pretty penny to fix that, and that if I left it the way it was, the landlord would have my hide; I was already hated by that fat tub of lard calling himself a bear, so I needed to get it done sooner than soon.


I was lucky that I had turned tricks with a couple sub-contractors recently, and upon returning to my bedroom and finding my phone, I found their numbers. I doubted either would be available at this hour, it was pretty late in the morning for them not to be at work or at least out doing other ‘work’. I still didn’t hesitate to call one of them, and even as I raised the phone to my ear I knew the reception I would get from the number I dialed would not be warm. The kangaroo on the other end of the line would most definitely rant and rave about how much of a slut I was for 10 minutes before even listening to what I had to day, maybe less if he just hung up on me. He had been the kindest and most understanding out of the 3 I had been with however, so hope that he had forgiven somewhat reigned in my mind as the line began to ring. One ring, no answer, same with two, but on the third a click came through the earpiece I held close to my sensitive hearing devices.


“And just what the FUCK do you want now Maru? You know I don’t want to talk to you and that I won’t sleep with your slutty ass again after all the stringing along it took just to get me there in the first place.” I wanted to respond with the fact that it had taken 3 drinks and 20 minutes of my time to get the kangaroo into my bed and playing with my manhood, but I left that fact out and let him think that he was in control of the situation; you usually get what you want when you do that. “And another thing, I am at work you dumb shit. Do you think my boss will really want me talking to some whore I fucked once, especially on duty?”


“No, and I am sorry for both interrupting your day and for taking advantage of you, but I have a job for you, one that I will pay for.” I chose to interject my fake apology there because it seemed timely and was before he could really get on a roll about how horrid of a being I was. I also mentioned payment, because any female or gay fur can tell you that the way to a salary male’s heart is through their wallet. This lesson I had learned many times over, and it served me well every time I ruined my apartment from doing something sexually that was, shall we say, over the top. That lesson always prompted me to make sure to keep a couple contractors or construction workers on my list of flings as well, because bribing them as well as having the occasional bedroom romp kept them happy to a point, as well as available to fix the holes in the walls, ceiling, and one time, the floor.


“How much and how did you break it this time, slut?” He pretty much hissed the insult out at me, reminding me more of a snake than a kangaroo as he did, but it didn’t faze me to say the least; I had heard worse from family members, let alone random fucks.


“Few hundred to fix a door frame that an angry fling broke from slamming it so hard. I would be willing to offer… a bonus, if you want.”


“You know full well what I think of your ‘bonus’ pay Maru. I’ll come over sometime tomorrow to have a look at it, but if you try anything or even come close to getting on my nerves, I walk. We got a deal?”


“Yessir Jig, come by anytime tomorrow since I will be here all day; its my day off.”


“Whatever, you’d just better pay.” That was the last thing I heard from Jig, as he clammed his phone shut at the conclusion of our conversation. He wasn’t happy about it, but the lure of a few hundred extra dollars was too good for him to pass up. Pleased with myself for my manipulative genius, my paws gently scraped along the floor while I walked over to the bathroom. My meds were kicking in, so I could finally begin to get ready without creaking like an old machine or being in a bit too much pain for even me to bear.


The nice part to living in a big apartment was that I have a tub. A big tub. I love that tub quite a bit to be honest, as it is a great place to just soak and relax. I didn’t have time to soak today though, as work was in an hour or so

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