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Complex things were the bane of Kaiden’s existence. The bear abhorred effort or exerting himself in any way, shape, or form, and anything complex always resulted in that. Whether it was creating a new bed in his den, or trying to get a kill to eat, or even having to deal with his lifemate; Kaiden just didn’t want to do any of it at all. He put up with it as little as possible, often delegating or weaseling his way out of tasks simply because he was bigger than most other bears and could push the smaller ones around. Taking kills, and finding new ‘partners’ was a normal thing for the lazy ursine, and because those required less effort on his part, he never saw anything wrong with them. The bear existed like that for most of his life, but never felt satisfied with that existence since he did still need to exert himself more often than he liked, which would be never if he had the choice.

Things changed for Kaiden one morning, early in spring just after he had come out of hibernation. He was always one of the first down and one of the last up for the wintery ritual, sometimes spending days just pretending to sleep simply so he wouldn’t have to get up and start foraging around again. His stomach always won out though, and this particular morning it was complaining even louder than normal. He was sure it had to do with just coming out of his months-long nap, but that was little solace to a stomach which rumbled and gurgled with demands of food. It didn’t help that the ursine was still half-asleep, the grogginess yet another side effect of hibernation for him. That feeling sometimes took days to go away entirely for the bear, and he usually just tried to sleep it off or laze about until it went away. He didn’t have that luxury though at the moment, which made him do nothing but whine and moan internally as he lumbered through the forest’s undergrowth.

He didn’t know exactly what he was hungry for, but he did want something to fill the hole in his stomach that was becoming even wider with every passing minute. The few scant berries he found did little to help, and even a rabbit he had caught and eaten a couple hours prior hadn’t done the trick. He needed a big, sustaining meal… And as he sniffed the air, he thought he may have found one. The scent of a dead deer was carried by the wind to his nostrils, and that scent meant one thing to the meandering ursine: dinnertime. He pointed himself in the direction of the scent and started plodding along that way, stopping only to nab more berries to tide him over. He had no idea what had made him so incredibly hungry, but he didn’t want to think about that right then; there was a deer with his name on it. He just hoped that some other bears, or worse yet wolves, had found and eaten the kill yet. That would put a serious kink in his plans, as having to try and steal a kill from another beast, or several in the case of wolves, was a lot more than his groggy head could handle doing. He didn’t want to expend what little energy he had left on fighting someone either, so if he even sensed another creature around, he was done.

He came up on the deer and didn’t hear anything; a good sign for his stomach which was still growling angrily at him.

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