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With a  shotgun helf to the underside of his chiseled chin, Kyu pulled the trigger. As the hammers descended rapidly towards their intended targets at the back of the barrels, reality seemed to screech to a half. The two cold steel barrels remained pressed in place, and Kyu had his eyes screwed shut and his slim frame tensed up in anticipation. Two miniature explosions, comparable to nuclear bombs in the heightened awareness of the slowed reality, forced hot air to burst forth from the 2 now-icily cold black holes beneath the being’s chin as those hammers slammed down with a deafening bang. Close to one hundred tiny pellets flung themselves towards Kyu’s chin as a result of the 2 explosions, their target being the ceiling as they rapidly sped towards it. Still the barrels remained pressed to Kyu’s chin though, even as the first few pellets entered the flesh making up his chin. Tearing through the flesh and bone like scissors through paper, seemingly nothing could stop the metallic balls from screaming onward on their vertical path. They tore through the bottom of his skull with equal ferocity, entering cranial matter and dispersing it randomly by the sheer force with which they entered. Nearly as quickly as the pellers entered, they exited, bringing the now-bloody top of Kyu’s skull with them on their skyward journey. The force from all of this caused his head to snap back, making some of the other metal balls rip through a blood-soaked forehead and nose. All of the blood and brain pieces spewed ever-which-way, but most went upward and slammed into the ceiling; coating it in blood and small chunks of flesh. The life had left Key before the entire pricess, which really only lasted less than one half-second, was completed. As his ded body fell, now missing more than half of his head, blood still spewed and spurted from the various broken arteries pumping blood to the missing bits of cranial and facial matter. It wasn’t truly missing through, it was instead scattered all over the room in which he had committed his final act. He hit the ground with a hard thud, making his frail and blood-trained body effectively bounce before laying in its final resting place; in a heap on the ground. The weapon which had removed so much matter from his head lay beside him, smoke slowly leaking from the barrels which were now dripping blood. Slight twitches from his barefoot toes and fingers were the only sign of movement from the creature save for the still-seeping blood from his facial ‘wound’. Blood began to drip from the ceiling onto his body below, returning to its owner somewhat by getting on his clothes. No reaction to get the blood off of him gave away the finality of Kyu’s suicide; he, and it, were over.

“Fucker’s finally dead eh?” A voice pierced the darkness of an apartment across the way. Two pairs of eyes were staring out of binoculars into Kyu’s apartment, and had seen the whole thing. One pair of eyes put down their binoculars and pulled out a cell phone whilst the other remained still and watched the scene’s aftermath intently. A flash of teeth below the binoculars gave away his smirk; it was quite a sadistic one at that.

“Sir, yes, self-termination of subject successfully completed at 2315… Nor sir… Yes… Yes… Alright sir, terminating observatory mission and returning A.S.A.P… Goodbye sir.” With that, the first pair of eyes hung up his phone, but nor before illuminating his small face. Grey fur covered his wolven features, a short muzzle protruding in the middle of all that fur. A sole fang, the left one specifically, hung from his lips, and was chiseled to a point. A small, but noticeable scar ran over the spot on his muzzle in the place where another fang should have been. His unkempt black hair just barely brushed the top of his eyes, completely covering his forehead. Small and subtle, yet defined cheekbones ran under his eyes to his muzzle, all leading toa  tuft of fur covering a somewhat pointed chin at the base of his snout. That was all that could be seen though, as the light flashed for just a brief second before darkness retook the face and made it back into a pair of floating eyes like the second, unmoving set.

“I know you heard me Franz, come on before the boss gets ticked.” The first pair of eyes grabbed up his binoculars and slung some recording gear over his shoulder before turning to the second pair. The set of eyes remained transfixed on the bloody mess of a room across the way though, that smirk still present on the teeth below. “Franz…”

“Awww… How many times a year do you get to see that much blood and not have to do anything to get it?” The first set of eyes brought the muzzle below them down to the approximate location of the back of the neck supporting Franz’s eyes and pushed said muzzle forward to kiss that nick. Franz’s eyes immediately screwed shut and his smirk was replaced with an expression of lustful ecstasy. A murmur escaped Franz’s muzzle, deep and contented, as he lowered the binoculars from his eyes and turned around to face the first set of eyes. He looked at them for what seemed to be an eternity, his own snout just millimeters from the other’s.

“Franz, you know there would be none of that once the boss gets mad… I don’t think you want that, right?”

“You win Ko-chan… You win…” With those words, the pair stood, still staring at one another. They then left the unlit room, leaving the scene of splattered brains across the road to drip, fester, and decay.


“Excellent work you two, most impressive implementation of our killing prowess… Whatever did you give him?” A robed figure sat before the wolf and Franz, both of whom were on one knee and bowing to the figure. The steel throne upon which the figure sat made him all the more ominous, the anonymity of the large robe making the scene that much more foreboding. Pale, wrinkled hands came from the arm holes of the robe, each grasping an arm of the throne as if he were being sucked through the back of the chair.

“You think we haven’t learned sir? An assassin never reveals his secrets.” Franz spoke with a certain amount of sarcasm in his voice. The hooded figure chuckled mildly, raising an old hand and cupping it as though he were holding a baseball.

“I expect nothing less from my best, yet most unorthodox, pair. Now, as to why I summoned you back so quickly for your next assignment. You are both going to a party, but will be the only two leaving. Franz, Kotaro, I am personally relying on you two to complete this assignment. Kill everything there, and I mean everyone. Maids, servants, guards, anything breathing that isn’t you must perish.” The old male turned to Kotaro, pausing for a moment as he looked on at the wolf. “Kotaro, your artistry of the finer points of automatic weaponry will be tried here.” The hooded figure gave off an air of approval as his metaphysical faze fell on Kotaro, then turned to Franz. “Frazn, make them bleed like no one else has bled before.” The cupped had he had helf out formed a fist and slammed down onto the arm of the throne. “I want this to be such a scene of murderous rage that the devil himself envies the malice in your actions! Now go, my two best and most favored murders, and do my bidding.”

The pair stood and bowed their heads in unison, their bows low and humble. “Thy will be done,” they both stated flatly. They then turned and walked out in silence, leaving the hooded figure slumped and silent on his throne. When they arrived at the door exiting the room, Franz opened the door on the left and held it open as Kotaro followed. No sooner had the door closed than Franz had Kotaro pinned to the wall in the hallway, holding the wolf’s paws in his own lapin ones above their heads as he stopped his muzzle just a hair’s breadth from Kotaro’s.

“When this is done, I expect nothing less than a fuck from you… Ko-chan…” Franz’s lips brushed Kotaro’s, his eyes sliding shut slowly and his voice lowered into a deep tone of sensual lust. Kotaro’s eyes had also closed, and his tong worked its way lazily from his snout to lick and tease at the lapin lips on Franz. Three of the pair’s arms remained above their heads, Franz’s left arm the only one not in the air as the paw on it rubbed at the pinned canine’s furred chest.

“I expect one in return then… Franz…” The name of his sadistical lover had barely escaped his lips before the other’s muzzle was locked to his. Lips locked between the two, Franz’s head twisted to the right as he forced his long tongue into Kotaro’s mouth. Kotaro allowed the pink meat entry, his own tongue rubbing along it and teasing it gently. Their arms contorted above their heads, squirming and moving around to better positions  as they seemingly tried to consume one another. Hard huffs of breath came from both of their noses, as they pushed harder against one another with not only their torsos, but their thighs and maws. Passion flowed between them, and it stayed going for nearly an entire minute of rubbing and kissing against one another. It had to end though, and Franz’s muzzle pulled back first from Kotaro’s, the distance so small that a strand of spittle still connected the two beasts.

“We have to go… The boss isn’t patient as I’m sure you know…” uttered Kotaro.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know… Well,” Franz’s paw released Kotaro’s arms as he stepped back and placed a goofy smile on his muzzle. He looked at Ko-chan up and down, still wearing the same smile as he did. “Let’s go see who we get to be this time.”

Franz’s lapin tail bobbed along happily as he padded off towards the ready room in order to change, leaving a blushing and rather ‘excited’ Kotaro in the hallways. The canine padded off after Franz once he’d calmed down a touch, but that calm was quickly nullified at the sight of a nude rabbit. Franz’s slim frame stood with his back to Kotaro, his arms raised slightly in order to put on a tuxedo undershirt; the pants and coat sat folded on the counter in front of him, and would go on next. Countless scars ran over the entirety of Franz’s frame, and a pair of large tattoos inked into his fur took up the majority of real estate on his back. The shirt he slid on covered that though, and left his bottom half alone exposed to Kotaro’s staring eyes.

The lapin turned his head over his shoulder, a pair of low sunglasses perched on his very short snout. A small smirk sat beneath those glasses, accentuating his big front teeth and making his round, fuzzy face look almost cherubic in spite of itself. His soft features were the biggest thing to thank for this; the only place on the lapin’s body that was free of most wear was his soft face. Light cheekbones, a very light tan complexion, and very bright green eyes took up the rest of that face, and gave the seasoned murderer an innocent look that Kotaro not only envied, but lusted after. The wolf’s eyes wandered up though; no hair sat between his tall, pointed ears, but piercings galore littered those ears and distracted the wolf for a split second with all of their shining metal.

Franz turned around a little more at that point, noticing Kotaro and smirking harder as he did so. The canine felt the lapin’s gaze go directly to the tent in his pants and blushed, suddenly knowing why the Franz’s smirked had worsened from its usual one of perpetual disdain of reality. “Like what you see eh?” Franz asked, stifling a chuckle as he flicked about his stubby tail above that shapely bubblebutt beneath it.

“To be frank Franz…”

“Since when have you been frank? You’re my Ko-chan right? Or are you a shifter and killed my Ko-chan to get close to me and confuse me? Why would you do it though? I mean, heck, I’m starting to confuse myself here figuring this all out…”

“That’s never been hard… But to answer your questions… I am not Frank,” Kotaro moved a step closer to Franz as he spoke. “I am Kotaro, your Ko-chan,” another step closer. “I am not a shifter,” he took the final step towards Franz as he said that, closing the gap between the pair. “And I fucking love what I see…” With that, his lips brushed along Franz’s ever so lightly, a kiss resulting from it. Franz simply smiled and resumed dressing, making sure to take extra time pulling on his pants to only further excite poor Kotaro.

“Your stuff is over there; I’ll be in the Porsche.”

“We got a Porsche?” Kotaro’s eyes lit up as he heard this.

“A Carrera GT2 to be exact.”

“I’m driving…”

“Fuck that, I’m driving.”


“I’m kidding; you always drive, and this won’t be any different. Besides, I think the boss wants the car back in one piece.” Franz chuckled at his remark, placing a paw on Kotaro’s head and giving his hair a ruffle teasingly. “So you’re driving, k?”

“Heh, yeah… Thanks…”

“Psssh, thank the boss for the sweet-ass car, not me for fucking with ya.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you in the car Franz…”



SHIIIIIIIT!! Are you trying to fucking kill us?!”

“You’re such a wuss Franz, I swear…” Kotaro chuckled mildly as he yanked the wheel to the left. The car begrudgingly obeyed, screaming around the turn it was in at over 100 miles per hour with all four tires squealing. Franz clung to the door and the center console of the car like a newborn cub to its mother while the car did that. Kotaro simply grinned contently and kept driving as though nothing had happened whatsoever. Franz ‘s shaking left paw on his shoulder, holding the thing in a death grip as the terrified rabbit turned towards the calm wolf.

“I’m gonna need a new suit when we’re done.”

“Why?” Kotaro giggled as he took another sharp turn, slamming Franz rather roughly into the door with the inertia from drifting without warning at over 100.

“For that, you are too…” Franz trailed off, his tone getting darker with every word.

“How do you figure?” Kotaro’s voice shook slightly, his nerves starting to sense just what was happening. He was just having fun with a car, as he rarely was given the chance to do so… Back country roads were rarely on the way to an assignment, so getting to truly let the beast of the car out to play was something the wolf nearly never got to do.

“You’ll need a new suit because I’m going to puke on you, and I’ll need a new suit because I’m going to fuckin’ kill you; no one likes a bloody suit.” His fears confirmed, Kotaro went pale and immediately slowed down, much to the delight of Franz. It wasn’t the threat, but rather the tone it had been made in, that harbored such obedient and concise action from Kotaro. The last time he had heard that particular tone leave Franz’s lips, he had been cleaning the blood from his fur for a week.

“I apologize.” Kotaro uttered under his breath to Franz, now driving along at a leisurely pace to keep the manic lapin beside him somewhat sedated. Franz gave off an air of guilty pleasure, his smirk fading only slightly as more guilt kicked in for scaring the wolf shitless. As his regular ‘fuck-off’ attutide returned fairly quickly though, an awkward and overbearing silence descended on the car like a thick fog. Kotaro simply drove, his heart still racing in terror as he knew how on-edge the rabbit playing with his piercings beside him was. Franz, however, fidgeted whislt sitting there in regretful, yet annoyed, silence.

“How much longer?” Franz asked in an almost inaudible tone, still playing idly with his ears. Kotaro uttered something completely inaudible, which only furthered annoyed Franz. “Know what, pull the car over.”

“What?” Kotaro’s voice was shaking ever so slightly, unsure of what Franz was planning.

“I didn’t stutter, pull over now. I think I’m gonna puke…” Kotaro complied in obedient silence, bringing the car to a stop under the shade of the trees along the roadside. Spring’s greenery kept the sun off the car, letting the pair see one another easier. Franz opened the door and stumbled out, walking a few steps into the woods before hunching over and retching. Kotaro heard all of this, and the coughing, and the second splash of more vomit, and more coughing. All Kotaro did was sit there, as he knew how much Franz hated being seen in any sort of weakened state. The rabbit was already in a bad enough mood, and Franz going to try and help, in spite of the fact that the lapin most likely needed it, would make that mood worse.

As the splashing of Franz’s puke-fest echoed through his head, Kotaro wondered why he loved Franz. They had only just started seeing one another about a month ago, after being partners for years. They had grown up together, but on Kotaro’s 18th birthday, Franz revealed his feelings. Kotaro knew everything about Franz and vice versa, but this… Kotaro confessed it was mutual, and they fucked for the first time that day. That had been 34 days ago exactly, and since they had used every opportunity to be with one another. Being partners had helped, but being stuck with the lapin alone had been somewhat riding on Kotaro. Franz was rude, dominant, condescending, unfeeling, unethical… But there was something in Kotaro that just refused to relinquish its hold on Franz. The canine knew Franz had a one-track, brutally honest, and very loyal mind too, so if the lapin said ‘I love you’, he meant it with every fiber of his being.

“Yo, space cadet, we goin’ or not?” Franz slid into the car beside the daydreaming wolf, wiping the vomit around his muzzle off on a spare shirt. Kotaro simply nodded in silence, waiting for Franz to close his door before pulling the idling sports car out of their roadside parking spit. He didn’t dare look at Franz, nor speak to him, so he simply drove. Franz slouched in his seat, also in silence, as they wound their way along the road.

“Hey Franz…” Kotaro barely uttered the prhase, his voice shaking like a lead in the wind. His tone was laden with fear as he was still worried the bomb beside him could explode at a moment’s notice.

“Yeah, what?” His tone conveyed nothing but annoyance and contempt at Kotaro, his position in his seat shifting to only accentuate this.

“I’m sorry…”

“Pull the fuckin’ car over now.” Kotaro complied silently, shaking visibly in utter fear. Franz threw open his door and stood up outside the car as soon as the vehicle was stopped. He then stormed over to Kotaro’s door and loomed over it, peering in. “Open it, now.”

“O-ok…” Kotaro did in silence, slowly and carefully pushing it out. Franz ripped it the res of the way, yanking the handle from Kotaro’s shaky and loose grip. Then Franz, instead of taking the downtrodden and intensely-frightened wolf and ripping him from the car as Kotaro expected, slid into the seat on top of him and stared into the timid pair of eyes on the wolf.

“Why the hell are you so nervous?”

“I’m not…” Franz studied Kotaro as the wolf said this, trying to see if the statement was true.

“No, you’re not… You’re scared… Why?… No, wait, is it because of what I said?” Kotaro couldn’t even utter a response to this, only a nod in silence. Franz hung his head and sighed, his arms wrapping around Kotaro’s neck as he drew closer, their muzzles just barely apart. “The fuck would I hurt you for?”

“I…” Kotaro started, but then ended in a shrug. Franz went in for the kiss at that point as he pressed their muzzles together, his lips grazing Kotaro’s.

“I love you, ok? I wouldn’t… Nah, couldn’t hurt you if I tried. Driving like that scares me shitless though, so I might say shit I don’t meant to hide that… Just… I won’t and can’t hurt you, ok?” Franz had backed off from Kotaro’s face just a tad at that point, looking the wolf dead in the eyes as he spoke. His expression was one that Kotaro had seen four times in his entire life; compassion. It was so rarely shown on the rabbit’s face, and apparently only to him… He cherished it, and it evaporated almost any worries he had as he smiled and nodded slowly in response. “So quit being a baby about the whole thing then.” Franz stuck his tongue out when he finished, grinning that normal, goofy, and somewhat jaded grin of his oncemore.

“Ok… I love you too.” Kotaro’s smile brightened somewhat, his nerves still a bit shot. The manic rabbit didn’t care though, returning to his normal bouncy mood.

“Good, I know you do… Now then…” Franz used his foot to pull the door closed, nimbly sliding over to his side of the car once he did.  “The heck we waitin’ for?”

“Your scrawny butt to sit down,” Kotaro chuckled lightly, returning to his usual self  thanks to Franz’s unorthodox ‘pep talk’.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… Don’t start…” Franz took Kotaro’s paw, which had been lying on the center console idly, into his and held it. Kotaro smiled to himself and pulled the idling car from the side of the road, beginning to drive to the ‘party’ again. The two were going to be fine as far as he was concerned, in spite of Franz’s volatility.


“The fuck you mean we aren’t on the list?! I’ve got a damn invitation right here and am a personal friend of Dr. Osakano! Let us in!” Franz was yelling at the guard at the gate of the mansion, and had been for nearly five minutes. He was shaking with anger, and kept throwing the envelope containing their invite at him. Kotaro could see just how much restraint the rabbit was using not to take out the serrated knife strapped to his back and start carving, and he was grateful. The last thing that he wanted was for their entry to be blown from Franz’s impatience, but the guard was being anything but helpful. Kotaro just hoped it would end soon, as he knew Franz could only act for so long before his temper got the better of him; his tone was signaling how close that was to happening.

“Last chance before I call law enforcement sir.” The guard’s monotone voice responded, much to Franz’s ire.

“Last chance to keep your job too,” and with that, Franz pulled out his cell phone and began dialing. After punching in several numbers, he held the phone to his ear and waited. He brought it back down and punched in another string of numbers, repeating said process two more times. The guard watched in annoyed amusement, Kotaro in amused disdain. “Hello sir, it-… Yes… Why thank you, that’s why I’m calling act-… No, we ar-… Heh, of course doctor.” Franz put a paw over the mouthpiece of his phone. A smirk formed on his face as he passed the phone to the guard, a small chuckle leaving his maw.

There wasn’t a waver in the hound’s hands as he took the phone, a smirk on his face as well. That cool composure, as well as the color, left his face rapidly as an audible yet indiscernible bellow came from the earpiece of the phone. A few ‘Yes’ and ‘Sorry’ phrases later, a now submissive and timid dog passed the shaking phone back to Franz, who said his goodbyes to the doctor. The lapin made sure to inquire about the dog’s employment as well, the doctor assuring him that it was terminated before he hung up. “Y-…Y-… You can pass now…” mumbled the guard, barely audible due to his wavery tone.

“Eh? What was that?” Franz chortled, barely able to contain his giggles as Kotaro had to roll up the windows so he could laugh.

“You can pass.”

“Damn right I can. You gonna open the gate?”

“Oh… Yes, sorry for any inconvenience…” The guard’s head hung as he pushed the button to open the gate. Franz walked back to his side of the car, taking his time getting there and opening the door to simply prolong the torture.

“I bet you fuckin’ are… Have fun in the unemployment line.” Saying that, he got back into the car, shut the door, and burst out laughing. Kotaro had been laughing the entire time, and as he pulled the car up the hill, he kept right on doing so. Both he and Franz hooted the entire trip up the hill, nearly crashing more than once because of it. Once they arrived at the top, they were crying courtesy of their mirth. It began to subside as they rode along the final stretch of the driveway, giggles and huffs of breath still coming from both muzzles.

“That, for lack of a better word, was epic.”

“Fuck yeah it wa-… Holy fuckin’ shit! Look at that house!” The house that appeared at the end of the heavily wooded road was utterly immense. Ornate carvings lined the rest of the way to the house along the road, but the main focus remained the grandiose structure before them. It looked to be four stories tall, and was made entirely of stone. Light greenery had begun to grow over the house, but it gave the place a more homely look than ominous. Pillars of marble held up the roof over the door, covering it in shade. An open garage beside the house displayed several ludicrously-expensive cars. The landscaping was clearly done by a professional, as it was all done to perfection. All in all, it was a breathtaking sight.

“Whoa… You said it…”

“And only one guy lives in that house?!”

“He has servants and a lot of parties, but that’s what I’ve heard.”


“Heh, damn is right…” Kotaro pulled the car into the garage’s only free spot, rolling to a stop next to a McLaren. “Here we are..”

“Yeah, Osakano then free time?”

“Mmhmmm,” Kotaro nodded, turning towards Franz and smiling lightly. The look on his face was one of obvious apprehension, just like before every job. Franz squeezed the hand he ‘d been holding in reassurance, smiling unabashedly.

“We’ll be fine, just like any other job we’ve done.”

“The boss bein’ so serious had me worried, but.. I want some as bad as you do, so we’d better be fine.” Franz chuckled slightly as he heard this, raising the wolf’s paw to his muzzle and giving it a gentle kiss.

“Soundin’ like me now huh?”

“Minus the slang and swearing, but yes.”

“Smartass… Heh, let’s go, k?” Franz’s lips brushed Kotaro’s paw once again, a content smile forming as he did so. He then reached his other paw for the handle to the door, taking it and pulling on it to get the door open.

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