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“Welcome, just take a seat anywhere!” Came a call from behind the bar, the large hybrid behind it giving a large grin and gesturing to the few open spaces up at the counter before him. Most were filled by varying furs, though there seemed to be a larger contingent of wider ones within that particular bar. Looking at the host, a toned wolfdragon who looked like he could hoist most of those he was serving over the bar without breaking a sweat, that seemed to be somewhat out of place. If one’s eyes kept on wandering around the bar though, they would see just what was drawing all of those fatter anthros into the bar. What at first looked like a wall of grey was actually moving, and covered in fur at that. It a tap stuck into a rather large, heavy divot in the middle of its surface, though that tap looked worn and well-used. The tap was also moving, slowly rising and falling ever so lightly along the wall of grey fur in which it was trapped. This was to say nothing of what surrounded that wall… Folds, it looked like, of pure, buttery flab which cascaded down what was obviously a belly, and not a wall. To see such a behemoth sitting out in a bar, drinking and laughing along with the other patrons was no small surprise to any newcomers in that bar. That sight was what the place was best-known for though, and what had drawn all of that bulk in from far and wide to see what unrestrained gluttony really looked like. Well, that sight and the beer for which the bar was named; Double Mutt Beer.

Double Mutt was a different kind of beer, one that was brewed in a way that none before it, nor since, have been brewed before… And dispensed in a way that was just as unique. In fact, just about everything about that beer was unique, from it’s flavors to its creation. Nothing about it could be explained either, as everything according to both the wall of grey that seemed to house it, as well as the hybrid bartender that poured its bubbly essence. Where the brew came from, how it got its unique undertones, and just why there was a living keg to keep it all safe were trade secrets as far as both the owners were concerned, and yet in spite of all the curiosity surrounding their brew, it was poured like a river night after night. Neither were complaining about that, even if they knew just why this was happening and just what it took to make such a brew. It was not so much the effort of its creation, as the grand beast of leisure that housed the beer didn’t look like he could even move, let alone expend any effort to create beer. He just sat and was the entertainment after all, so he was not one to waste any motions… Heck, the mutt had a hose right near his muzzle, he sucked that down instead of lifting his arms, and totally not because he couldn’t lift them under their own weight.

The bar always stayed open late, and always was packed with patrons from open to closing. In fact, more than once the bartender had needed to help either waddle or roll patrons out, that being another thing about the bar. Not a single patron inside the bar was anything resembling thin. No, those that ate and drank at this establishment all had… Healthier builds, from just pudgy to downright obese, and each one of them looked quite comfortable in that fact. It wasn’t a night at the bar if there was a belt that didn’t burst or a few buttons that didn’t go missing, if that said anything about the clientele and what was served there. No one seemed to mind though, and more often than not there would be cheers when a shirt was torn asunder by one too many drinks or a pair of pants split thanks to that second burger. It was an atmosphere of pure and utter hedonism that the two mutts had created in the bar, and thus it was hardly a surprise that the bar was called quite simply “Gluttons.”

One such night, after a rather rousing game of beer pong that left one patron bloated enough to be more of a parade float than a donkey, the bartender of the place was closing up shop by helping the last few drunks get on their way to either stumble on home or over to the few cabs which knew to be waiting in the wings for the place to let out. These cabs were all vans too, again at the behest of the pair of owners of the bar; the regulars didn’t exactly fit into normal cars anymore, and both the keg and the tender had seen to that. Just one soul remained that night, a newcomer to the bar who was barely even able to pass as paunchy in the keg’s eyes, and that was something that he figured just wouldn’t do.

“Hey kid, you alright over there,” Called out the keg, drawing a grunt and a groan from the shuffling liger. He looked young, and that just made things that much more entertaining for both parts of the fattening bar duo; he hadn’t figured out just yet what was going to be happening to him, and he clearly couldn’t handle his booze. He had been obnoxious throughout the night too, complaining a few times about the noise of the patrons and the size of those around him, and yet he had not put down his beer even once. Nope… He was perfect as far as the keg was concerned, he just needed to get help from the tender in order to put his little plan of vengeance, and shenanigans, into action.

“Well, you alright? What’s your name there kit?”

“Hey, hey… I’m no kit, lardass.” Called back the liger, his words a slurring mess as he spoke. The keg grinned; he had him. “I’m Chad you blob… Wait… Whose asking?”

“The blob is asking, though I will answer to Sasuke too sometimes,” the keg responded, a grin curling onto his bulging face. His cheeks dimpled heavily as he grinned, and with no small amount of effort, he extended a paw out from the rolling side which had trapped it there. Chad seemed to look at it, steady himself for a moment, and then reach out and miss it. Instead, he fell forward and right into the side of Sasuke, landing with a loud whoomph into the fat of the land-locked draolf. Grunting a little from the impact, Sasuke thought little of it and instead just reached down to lift the liger from his side with a strength he clearly was hiding for his own reasons… It was just the two of them now, so why put on airs?

“Whoa… Thanks dude. You’re… Like… You’re really soft.” Chad muttered, reaching out and touching the keg again with both paws. He dug those paws in too, almost like a kitten playing with yarn for several moments. It was during that little bit of playing that the tender came back in, locking the door behind him once he saw the slurring mess just toying with Sasuke. Looking over, he got a wink and a thumbs up from the blob of a mutt, and that was all he needed to give a grin and a thumbs up in return. With that, he quietly walked over to the bar and reached behind the counter, grabbing an unmarked bottle of beer from what looked to be a private stock for the two.

“Hey kit, one more for the road?” Called the tender, getting a yelp out of the liger who stood straight up again and whirled around so fast that he wound up face-down on the floor in front of Sasuke. This drew a chuckle from both of the mutts, one which caused the liger’s face to turn a bright shade of red in response.

“Oh I dunno Kaji, I think he’s had enough…”

“Yeah, after a fall like that you might be right there tons o’ fun,” Kaji jokingly replied, drawing a face from Sasuke in response. The liger just hopped back up after a few moments on the floor, his face still red but his expression thoroughly annoyed. With surprising dexterity for how intoxicated he clearly was, he marched right on over to the bar and plunked himself down into one of the many reinforced stools in front of the bar. He didn’t say a word, but he did sway slowly as he sat there, frowning at Kaji for a long moment before he could even begin to form words in his mind. In that time though, Kaji had formed the words for him and poured the liger a tall glass of that secret beer from beneath the counter. The liger just arched an eyebrow, but didn’t look that glass right on before he grabbed it.

“Careful there kit, don’t…” Kaji didn’t get to finish his sentence, for the liger was already chugging the beer down before he could warn him. “Chug it. Well, okay, don’t say I didn’t try and warn you.” Kaji just shook his head and chuckled, placing the bottle down behind the bar and just grinning at the drunken feline before him. The liger still swayed in his seat as he chugged, finishing off the beer in a few moments and slamming the glass down onto the counter with almost defiant purpose. Sasuke and Kaji both winced from the impact on their precious counter; it was custom made after all, but they both knew the payoff for such an act would be… Well, they couldn’t wait to watch the show.

Kaji started over towards the door when it began. The liger looked almost confused as he seemed to be bloating up out of nowhere, the beer hitting him like a small carbonation bomb in his middle. It gurgled and roared in his midsection, making him go wide-eyed as he pressed both paws into his lightly-expanding paunch. He bloated up a bit more, looking almost pale as his body seemed to just stretch like a balloon on a hose for the briefest of moments before all that gas just came roaring out of him. The loudest belch of the feline’s life reverberated throughout the room, splitting all three occupants ears as they all flattened them back to try and deaden at least some of that uproarious outburst of gas. That did little though, as all three of their ears were ringing slightly once the several seconds of belching were finished by the liger. He looked stunned, just utterly lost for words as the briefest moments of sobriety hit his party-addled mind. His night was just starting though, and as Kaji unlocked the door and swung it open for him to leave… It became clear as to why.

The process was slow at first, but it became noticeable in mere moments. The liger was bloating with fat, and not at a slow pace either. He was filling out as though months of hedonism were finding their way onto his frame in seconds, his clothes constricting around his limbs and middle before exploding off in a shower of fabric that nearly drew applause from both Sasuke and Kaji. Both of the mutts watched as the stunned drunkard just burst forth with new lard, his sides going from slightly thick to a stack of blubber-filled pancakes in nearly the blink of an eye. His stomach just launched forward from his spine, bloating out in a sphere of adipose before it began to sag under its own weight, and then further droop down over his thighs, then knees, and then nearly to his ankles all before the liger could register what was happening to him. He had tried to run, to just parse what was happening to him, but he barely made it two steps before his stance was forced to widen, and then widen again as the fat of his thighs sprawled out between his legs and then down over them. It was a sight to watch each and every time, the transformation of a partying jock into a class-act of a hog, but it was one that never got old for either Kaji or Sasuke as they watched this one. Jowls that rested on the veritable tire of a neck which sprang forward out of nowhere, moobs that looked to perk up and then flatten under their own size, arms which turned into flabby wings in moments… It was all something Sasuke drank in with nothing short of lust in his gaze, and Kaji with that devious hint of mischief in his own. They both had their reasons, sure, but to do this to the bad patrons… Some of the ones they had done this to became their best patrons, and everyone else didn’t matter to them. There was no worry of recourse; who would believe that one drink at a bar did this to someone after all? And they never once harmed anyone… More, the pair put them in their place, so to speak. It was a rounder place, but a place nonetheless.

The inflating subsided as fast as it began, leaving Chad just barely vertical as his stomach dangled inches from the floor of the bar. What had been a drunken mess was now a wobbling, quaking, nude mess of a feline. It was a sight for sure, and one that Kaji was quick to escort out of the bar once the entire show was done for both him and Sasuke. He at least helped the feline into a cab, even if the cabbie had been less than grateful for such a show riding in, or rather filling, the back of his van. Kaji was good about tipping though, and that kept the squabbling with the driver to a minimum and allowed him back inside with little muss or fuss from either party. The liger had been too stunned to even fathom what had just happened to him, a garbling mess of words that barely made sense as he was helped into the van. He hadn’t said a word the entire transformation either, getting a small chuckle out of Sasuke as soon as Kaji returned to the bar.

“You’re an evil one, you know that? I was just going to let him off with a warning shot…” Kaji started as he re-entered the bar. Sasuke simply shrugged, which was no small task given his sizable shoulders. This got a smirk out of Kaji, who had at this point relocked the door and was crossing the room over to the beached blob of mutt which held all their beer. “You just love to tease our patrons, don’t you?”

“He was asking for it, calling me blob and all that…”

“Hey, you like being called blob last time I checked tiny,” Kaji quipped back, getting a frown from Sasuke.

“Hey, I do like that, but tiny is just low,” Sasuke grumbled in reply. “Either way, it was a good way to end the night… Or start it rather, since we’re running low on the brew.” Sasuke gave a thump to his gut for emphasis, the whole tank of his sounding somewhat empty in spite of its sheer size. Kaji arched an eyebrow as he too heard that empty sound, giving that titanic table muscle a slap of his own just to make sure that his partner in hijinks wasn’t making up stories.

“You are running low… Jeez, you’d think we wouldn’t be going through these so fast.”

“Hey, gotta give the customers what they want… And we both know I happen to quite like that last batch too.”

“Oh you… Okay, now I know why it emptied so fast,” Kaji just laughed brightly, giving Sasuke another slap to the gut as the draolf blushed. He did drink their supply, sure… But he was the keg, so what did it matter if he happened to like sampling their supply. “Well, I guess that means we have to make a new batch huh? Think you’re okay with that?” A growl and a bit of a shudder was all that Kaji needed as an answer, the svelte mutt meandering lazily around to the back of the blob as his paw traced along the few rolls of adipose that he could reach over the sheer acreage of fat that surrounded Sasuke. Sasuke, meanwhile, reached for his hose and flipped a switch on it, switching its inputs from food to an oat, barley, and hops mix which the pair had concocted and left stored in vats above their bar. It was a mix that was left to sit wet and ferment on its own, making beer of sorts already before the draolf ingested it… Of course, it was missing an ingredient, and as his pants were slid down, it was quite obvious which ingredient that was.

“Heh, you just love this part, don’t you blob?”

“You love it too bulge…” Sasuke mumbled in response around his hose, already sucking eagerly on that nozzle as he could feel himself being pumped full of the beer mix. Kaji didn’t respond, instead sliding his own tight pants down to reveal quite the impressive package. It was already at half-mast, and just a quick slide in between the meaty cheeks before him gave Kaji a light shudder and stiffened him up greatly. The draolves both huffed faintly from that little bit of teasing, neither bothering to utter a word as they ground back against one another, or rather Kaji did the grinding and Sasuke just sloshed audibly from the vain attempt at motion from his beached position. It was an odd sensation for both of them, assuredly, but neither was about to complain as they just pressed against one another, one pure fat and one mostly muscle.

Kaji slid himself between those cheeks and moaned unabashedly, both of his paws grasping at the rolling hill of blubber which rested atop that sprawling hill of ass before him. Tightly taking it and tugging himself in closer, the hybrid could feel his fellow mutt almost embrace him with all of that rump, surrounding his torso and sliding him in just a bit more. He hadn’t even truly entered Sasuke yet, but neither really cared about that as they were too lost in the moment. Kaji leaned down and nipped at Sasuke’s ears lightly to tease the blob, drawing a low rumble of approval from said blob as he continued to suck generously at that hose. One glutting while the other worked his way over and then in, it was a sight which could be seen by many as one of the most debaucherous things to ever exist. To the pair, in that moment… It was more just another night in their bar, and it was a good one at that.

Once Kaji had himself lined up, and in Sasuke, the pair began sloshing back and forth with the motion of the blob being their primary driving force; how could it not be with the weight of a small car behind Sasuke after all? Noisily the pair moved in time, a series of groans, moans, sloshes, and grunts coming from them as the two pumped Sasuke in and out. Kaji went in to his hilt and then back out nearly to his tip with every strong thrust, and Sasuke moved nearly a foot on his own just from the motion Kaji had put him into. It was one feeding off the other in a sense, and as both just went back and forth like that for minutes. Neither uttered a word, but enough was said through touch and feeling from the other that it wasn’t as if words had to be said… Sasuke got it, Kaji got it, and when the mutt neared climax, they both knew it. The panting got louder, the thrusts faster, the bulge of a knot at the base of Kaji’s length bashed against Sasuke’s hole with each thrust. Neither gave though, both just huffing and moaning as they were both nearly ready to blow. It was always like that, a secret race of sorts to kind of see who could outlast who… One that Kaji nearly always won.

He won again that time as well, going just moments after Sasuke did with a loud howl right into the backside of the draolf. Plunging into the hilt and tying off to the blob, it was with a soft pop that the secret ingredient to their beer was added. That taste, the flavor of it, the certain fizz which came from making the beer just the way that they did and letting it ferment inside of Sasuke… All of it was right there, in that moment, and it was why they both loved brewing the beer as much as they did. Sure it wasn’t the cleanest, and both of them were quite spent, but… Oh, it was so much fun. Kaji knew it, Sasuke knew it, and they both reveled in that moment for a while as they just lay panting with one another. The sloshing from the back and forth the two had put into Sasuke’s quaking frame stopped several moments after Kaji climaxed, the whole blob settling back into his usual spot after a few more moments of jiggling about. Once that happened though, silence overtook the bar, as it always did. Just the sound of breathing came from the pair, as the gurgles and burbles of a full stomach were still quieted enough by the fat of the blob to not intrude on their moment quite yet… Just quite yet though, as it would be soon enough.

“Well… There’s your new batch, blob.”

“…Aye bulge… Think we should close up for the night?”

“I dunno, I could go for another batch… You?”



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