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“Keep up Kaz,” Steffen called back to his boyfriend, the svelte otter turning his head over his shoulder and just giving a light smile as he looked back at the sight behind him. His eyes drank up just what he had created, the years of work that had gone into the creation of the walking wall of wolven adipose just bringing him pure and utter glee. The otter had to slow down his pace so that his request could even hope to be met, his lean legs much more mobile than the thick ones of his fattened lover… But Steffen was okay with that, in fact, he relished it. He didn’t want to say just how much he enjoyed it, but if the look on his face or the bulge in his pants were any indication, it was quite a bit. Patiently slowing down so that the huffing, panting canid behind him could catch up to his now-leisurely pace, the otter couldn’t hope to stop himself from grinning like a fool. He made sure that Kazan couldn’t see that grin though, turning away from the wolf so that he could just keep up enough mystery to still be the Fenny that Kaz knew and loved.

Waddling up slowly behind Steffen was Kazan, and there was a lot of Kazan at that point. Having spent years around the overeager paws of the otter, Kazan’s frame had bloomed from simply chubby into downright, undeniably, unapologetically fat. It was quite a show for him to even walk around, as his whole frame jostled and rolled from side to side with every labored step that the wolf took. His blue fur was stretched out over the various rolls and folds of fat which lined his frame, his green markings looked more like runways than just patches of fur on his frame, and his white stomach was nigh constantly poking out from the underside of his shirt. It wasn’t to say that he was always trying to show this off, he was more forced to have this happen as he could never seem to find, and keep, clothing that he liked in his size for very long. This had become even truer as of late, as Steffen and he had been enjoying the freedom that their last summer before college had afforded them. This was to say nothing of the newfound, absolute freedom that being at college would allow them… Kazan could only hope that he would be able to afford all of the new clothing that would come of keeping up with Steffen’s demands and feedings.

Panting faintly as he slowed down to match step with the otter beside him, Kazan raised a meaty arm to wipe the sweat from his brow. He was already melting in the early autumn heat, though he was grateful that he was able to start school later in the year rather than the early summer of most other colleges; it allowed him to avoid a good amount of the summer heat that he dreaded so much with his obese frame. Still, the warm autumn wasn’t kind to the overly-fluffy canine, and he was regretting not catching a cab or the campus bus to meet up with Steffen. The otter had been fairly insistent about walking though… Kazan could guess why, but he wasn’t about to talk. His cheeks flushing gave away just what he was thinking though, and for that moment the canine was perturbed by his white cheek-fur; his blushes weren’t easily hidden. Fenny did love to poke fun at him for them as well, and when the otter turned to look at his blushing partner, the ribbing began instantly.

“Heh, getting tired there fluffy?”

“Y-You’re the one that wanted to walk Fenny…” Kazan huffed out as a reply, bringing a paw up to fan himself lightly as he slowly trundled along beside the toned otter. Steffen just chuckled and gave a light pinch to a roll of fat that lined the canine’s side, his paw sinking into one of the deep folds of fat like Kazan was made of pure dough. Giving that belly he had built over the years a light shake, Steffen smirked to himself ever so slightly before looking back up to Kazan’s face and just smiling.

“You don’t like walking?”


“Oh, I know, I know… But we’re almost there after all.” Steffen grinned as he gestured to the dining hall in front of both mammals, his grin growing wider as the telltale grumble of hunger came from Kazan’s stomach right away upon seeing that hall of food. It had been less than two hours since ‘lunch’, as if three triple-burger meals constituted a single meal for any normal beast, and already the canine was hungry for more. This was the curse of being around Fenny for Kaz, and the canine knew it as he looked from the dining hall to Steffen, and then back again. The otter was certainly no good for his waistline, and Kazan was perfectly okay with that fact. He relished it, in fact, having enjoyed every single pound that both he and the otter had packed onto his frame over the time of their relationship. It had started slow, and the two had never really gotten a chance to let loose with Kazan’s parents always getting in the way… College was going to be different though. The pair had already taken the wolf and gotten him from being simply lightly chubby to downright obese during their time together in middle and high school, passing from obese into blatantly obese in the last couple years of high school in fact as food became easier to come by thanks to the pair getting jobs of their own. Now at college though, the two both with all-access passes to the dining hall, the wolf’s gains were going to increase in a dramatic way. So much so in fact, that Steffen had made a point of buying the largest pair of underwear that he was able to get without calling a tailor. Somewhere around 12XL, the sail of fabric looked more akin to something that could be used as a sheet for a bed rather than something that would be worn by anyone, ever. It was astounding to think that clothes were made in that size, but Fenny bought it with the future in mind; the otter clearly had plans.

“Say, Fenny… Uhm… J-“

“We’re here to feed you, chubs. I can’t have my Kaz wasting away into nothing now, can I?” Kazan blushed again at that comment, his cheeks giving away how he felt just like they always did. The canine turned away as he blushed, the grip on his swollen lovehandle growing a little firmer as he did so. Steffen’s tone lowered lightly, just enough so that Kazan knew that he was serious as he spoke. “We’re finally out from under any thumbs, free to do as we want. We both want this, right? To stuff you into oblivion, and to really get you full?” The wolf nodded slowly, a light jostle of his pair of bloated chins and his fat cheeks only accentuating that motion. “Well, we’re here to do that… Especially before classes start. We’re going to keep coming back here to do that too, every single chance we get. Just today… Call this our trial run. I want to know what you can put away Kaz, and I think you do too.” The nod of agreement from Kaz that time was considerably smaller, the wolf’s cheeks beet red beneath their plush coating of fur as he agreed with his overeager partner. Steffen just chuckled a little at that, moving his paw away from the fat of the canine and instead grasping the meaty digits of his lover and giving them a gentle squeeze. “It’ll be fun after all.”

“I know it will…” The wolf replied, squeaking those words out between pants as he struggled to keep on walking. His goal was in sight, and that helped with putting one paw in front of the other, but he was still exhausted. He just wanted to be seated inside with the air conditioning cooling his five-hundred or so pounds of wolf blubber. The overhang of his belly, his quaking and rubbing thighs, as well as his chubby paws weren’t making the progress towards his goal any easier though, and it was an arduous journey even with the pair’s goal in sight. Fenny knew that though, and had already gone on ahead to wait by the door with his phone out; clearly videoing the advancing glacier of obese wolf towards the door. Kazan’s cheek went red all over again as he saw that, knowing full well that the otter was focusing on his jostling, bouncing chest that heaved with every breath and undulated with every step. His stomach was another thing he knew would be zoomed in on and celebrated in the small ‘film’, it’s gravid mass looking like a sack of pudding attached to the wolf as it wobbled lethargically to and fro with every step that Kazan took. The canine was torn with how to handle that video, one part of him wanting to pick up the pace to end his embarrassment, and the other wanting to slow down to give Fenny a real show of just what he had created…

Neither side won out though, as Kazan finally made it to the door, his stomach making contact with the glass surface just before his paws could. Steffen only chuckled at this, stepping aside and letting the wolf contend with opening the door in spite of his bulk. Some struggling and grunting ensued from this task, but eventually, the pair were inside the building and looking over the sprawling rows of tables, chairs, and more importantly food. Whole sections of pizza, meats, vegetables, pastas, desserts… The salad bar alone in the cafeteria was bigger than the entire lunch line at their high school. Kazan and Steffen had both picked the school for its renowned eatery, the school producing some of the best food of any college. This reputation was garnered not only by food critics but of the number of students that left the campus with clothing a few sizes larger than when they had arrived. Steffen and Kazan had both looked forward to that, both passing on better colleges for the chance to get into their dream eatery of a school. Seeing the spread before them, both of their muzzles hung open for but a moment before Fenny stepped forward towards the food with a devious, dominant grin overtaking his muzzle.

“You find a seat, Kaz… I’ll go get the starting course.” The otter’s tone had shifted as well, his voice slightly deeper and more masculine. Kazan knew full well what this meant, and he immediately regretted wearing his non-stretchy clothing to go out with Fenny. The otter’s dominant streak had just kicked in, a blessing for the gaining part of Kazan but a curse for his clothing, and sometimes his stomach. The otter was nigh unstoppable once he was gripped in the throes of domination, treating Kazan as more of a food dump to be packed to his absolute brim than the wolf he loved. He was never harmful, but he was forceful, and Kazan had grown to appreciate that pressure and force in an almost twisted way; he never had to think about his gaining, and just let Fenny do that thinking for him. This had led to an odd power dynamic between the two, but it was one that both accepted fully and relished whenever it was on full display. Thankfully the two were relatively alone in the cafeteria that day, as some students still were moving into their dorms and others were out exploring campus. Kazan could still feel looks being shot his way as he ambled over to a table close to the end of the buffet line; positioning himself close to food was always a goal for the overfed canine. The wolf knew that more looks would be shot his way once his gluttonous nature truly came out to play, and Fenny’s dominance joined it… But Kazan paid it little mind. Embarrassment from others had already run its course for the wolf: Fenny was the only one who could bring a blush to his cheeks anymore. Everyone else who saw him, with either admiration for his capacity or disgust at his size only brought a devious grin to his muzzle and a hint of pleasure to his brain.

Positioning himself on one of the few bench-seats he could find for a table, the canine grunted heavily as he finally was able to get his bulk off his feet. His whole frame settled lethargically and spread out, his rear straining the seat of his pants while his shirt rode up his stomach a solid few more inches as the roll of pure, buttery fat which encircled his midsection flattened and spread out against the encroaching fat of the thighs beneath it. A solid wobble of blubber ran along Kazan’s frame as he sat, that rippling wave of blubber quaking everything from his calves to his chins as he got comfortable. Kazan swayed in his seat slightly, the noise of it creaking angrily beneath his weight already music to his ears as he looked on to see if Fenny was on his way over yet. The otter indeed was, and with him were two overflowing plates of food. The cafeteria was at least generous with their plates, and the otter clearly had been more than generous with the definition of a ‘portion’ when it came to filling those plates. The sight of all that food set a little bit of drool running down Kazan’s jowl, and his tail wagging quickly behind his plush rear. He heard a snicker or two for this, but blocked those out as his stomach began to rumble and gurgle with want; food was food, and Kazan had long ago promised to eat each and every thing that Fenny put in front of him.

“Oof, those were heavy Kaz… But I’m sure a big dog like you can put them away, right?” Kazan’s ears flattened right away at the mention of his size, the usual teasing working far too well this publicly. His cheeks flushed anew, the canine wasted no time picking up the first of many chicken wings that had been brought for his appetizer and setting his muzzle to work on it. The fat of his biceps pressing heavily into the flab of his forearms, the wolf just grunted a bit as he felt his body already starting to resist his efforts to eat. He was scooted back from the table a fair amount as well, his size making the canine increasingly thankful for bench seating that moved, or tables that did the same. This wasn’t to say that there was no part of the blue and white mass of dog touching the table, as his gut rolled solidly against the edge of the table and both a few inches over and under its surface as a result. The doughy front of the canine sunk in a fair amount, but Kazan knew that this was only going to be a temporary development; that table was going to move throughout the course of that meal he and Fenny were about to share. Irregardless of that, Kazan still relished just how fat his stomach resting against the table made him feel, as well as just how much more of his weight was going to be pressing on it throughout the next few years. Of course, just how much is a tale for another time, but… Kazan couldn’t imagine his sizes yet to come.

Working his way through the wings with deliberate, rapid movements, the canine made short work of what would fill up most drunken college kids in a matter of minutes. Merely a snack of the chowhound, the wolf gone hog worked his way through the next round of food as though it were simply air for him. He didn’t think much of that fact either, simply deciding that he was hungry and that he wanted to eat. Fenny knew that about Kaz to an almost insane degree, and made sure to take advantage of it every single chance that he had. He was never too forceful about it at first, but just seeing Kazan start to glut as he was, even after eating earlier that day… Kazan knew he needed to eat, and Fenny planned on making sure that it happened. Thusly, as Kazan worked his way through the second plate of food that had been placed in a heap before him, the otter scampered off to go and retrieve a few more plates of food.

This process continued on for longer than either one of them could think, easily until the sun fell in the sky and darkness had begun to embrace the campus around them. The two were still in the cafeteria, eating away and stacking plates up beside Kazan as though he were a prize hog. The stares that had been boring into his back had hurt at first, but as he had really settled into eating, and eating a lot, he had just felt them eventually ebb until not a soul was bothering to look at him. Even the servers in the cafeteria weren’t bothering to look his way, and the canine could hazard a guess as to why. He was somewhat used to that though, even if the amount of food that he was being allowed to shovel away he was anything but used to. This amount of freedom was unheard of in his old life, and this new life he was beginning had truly just begun… Just what he could get himself into now that he was able to eat like this made his head spin as he stuffed yet another entrée down into his muzzle. His paws were covered in food by that point, as was his muzzle, and yet not a care in the world reached him. His stomach groaned and ached from the amount of food that had been forced into it, and still, Kazan thought nothing of it. He was able to eat, to glut rather, without a single word of complaint from anyone around him. With only Fenny’s encouragement to guide him and his own appetite to keep them coming back for more and more, it was no surprise that Kazan had eaten as much as he had.

Gone was the elasticity of his stomach or the looseness in any of his clothes. He had worn sweatpants that day just to make sure he had room to eat, and those were feeling tight as his pace began to falter. His shirt had ridden up hours ago, and yet it wasn’t even close to where it was about to finish now that Kazan was starting to well and truly feel full. Fenny had coaxed him through the last few plates, but even that coaxing wasn’t turning out to be enough as true fullness began to shut down Kazan. The canine was stuffed more than he had been in his entire life, and he felt it from the tips of his toes to the top of his ears. Every single fiber of his being felt full, and just a ginger pat to his overburdened stomach gave away why; it too had no give to it whatsoever. Not a single ounce of blubber felt present on his taut drum of a paunch, a ball of food that protruded out from his torso as though he had been inflated rather than stuffed senseless. That minute realization was enough to make him groan aloud, but of course not before he finished gulping down the mouthful that he had been working through. Fenny didn’t even seem to think that it was enough though, moving up to rub gently on the side of the overfilled canine with a slender, gentle paw.

“Had enough Kaz?”

“Ooooh… Oof… Fenny, I’m stuffed…” Kazan managed to squeak out before a belch roared out of his muzzle, bits of food flying from his jaws. The otter just smirked at that, stuffing another morsel of food in right after that belch with a sly wink.

“I’d say that made room, but… Boy, you did eat today.” He looked almost proud, and now that Kazan was coming down off the hours-long high of being able to eat until he decided he was done, the wolf could see why. There were well over a dozen plates beside him, stacked almost to eye level and all looking perfectly clean. The plate in front of him was nearly clean too, just a few bites left on it that he knew he needed to power through if he had any hope of leaving with some amount of dignity, and without Fenny pestering him about wasting food. Kazan sighed at this, deciding against any form of utensil or manners as he raised the plate to his muzzle, tilted it up, and just let the food slide right down into his awaiting jaws. It slopped against his bloated cheeks and bounced lightly on his triple-chin, but it mostly managed to go into his muzzle. Mostly. Some splattered his face and maw, but the wolf didn’t even care as he chewed slowly, slumping down onto the groaning bench beneath him with a loud sigh. He chewed and chewed, having to forcefully swallow just to get the food down into him. A dangerous hiccup followed that swallow, but he managed to keep the food down in him as he slumped all the more and let the plate slide down the hill of a stomach that stuck out heavily before him to the table. Fenny thankfully caught the plate before it fell to the floor, adding it to the stack before Kazan with a triumphant grin on his muzzle. The otter didn’t say anything for a moment, just looking at Kazan with a proud gleam in his eye… And something else that Kazan couldn’t quite place. It was different; Fenny looked different, and a quick look at the otter would have given away why had Kazan not been essentially drunk on calories.

“You look fat Kaz… Like, wow.” Fenny muttered, just grinning like a dope as he looked over the overstuffed wolf. Kazan could only manage a meager belch in reply, groaning aloud once the gas left his muzzle. “Let me help ya up there ya big hog.”

“F-Fenny… I…” Kazan started, but he didn’t get much past that out before he felt the otter’s arm beneath his own. Fenny was thankfully careful to not press against the wolf’s middle, of which a generous band of blue and white was showing beneath his tent of a shirt thanks to how much food was packed into it. Still, just the act of standing was uncomfortable to Kazan, and he immediately regretted it once he had been hoisted to his feet. Another belch rolling long and loud out of his muzzle, Kazan barely cared that he was stained with food and a bloated gasbag of food; he wanted to lay down and sleep off what would have been days of eating for him before. Before he could do that though, he had to get back to his room, and that was no small task given how far away he was from his room on campus. The pair had gotten as close to the cafeteria as they could, but it was a whole two buildings from the eatery to their bed… And that seemed like miles to the overstuffed wolf. Fenny was there to help though, and help he did as the pair slowly but surely put one paw in front of the other and began their arduous march from the cafeteria back to their dorm.

Just two steps into their trek, Kazan had to stop himself and lean against a table for support. He was panting hard already, lugging around pounds of food along with over 500 pounds of wolf was no small task for him to accomplish. It was compounded by the oncoming food coma which was grasping at him with every single breath. He tried to keep his eyes open, to keep himself vertical, but he was losing that fight in a big way as he just stood there in the cafeteria and huffed small, wheezing breaths over the food that filled him to the absolute brim. Standing there, hunched over a table and letting his belly dangle to put as little pressure on that abused table muscle as he could, Kazan just groaned as the sounds of ripping reached his ears. He immediately felt a cool breeze on his backside and flushed bright red the moment he realized what had happened. Just how he had managed to keep those sweatpants intact so long was a mystery to him, but now that they were torn… Well, now he had to make his way back. Fenny behind him gave a small whistle, teasing no doubt, but Kazan was blushing furiously at the latest development in a day of gluttony. He had already eaten himself stupid, looked like a mess, and now the seat of his pants had gone too? He was going to have a reputation… And it was the first day of college. Just how he was going to survive years here was beyond him, but he didn’t have much time to put thought into that. Taking as deep a breath as he could, the wolf just straightened himself up, leaned on Fenny again, and began in earnest to make the trek back to their dorm room.

The trip took a long while and needed a few stops, but the pair eventually made it to the door. Fenny let Kaz lean against the wall while he unlocked the door, opening it wide for his meaty partner to step on through and into the room. Kazan didn’t even look at anything in the sparsely-decorated room save for his bed, moving as quickly over to it as he could and just collapsing down onto the soft, downy surface. Groaning aloud from the impact jostling the contents of his stomach, the wolf just placed both paws on that surface and began to rub at it. He had digested some on the trek over to the room, but it wasn’t enough to get him away from any discomfort, and coupled with the embarrassment of the evening, he just wanted some alone time with Fenny and to sleep. Fenny seemed to have the same idea, as he shut the door behind them and shut off the lights for the room right away. What was unexpected though, at least for Kazan, is that he heard the ruffling of clothing shortly afterwards. His eyes unadjusted to the dark, he had little idea what Fenny was doing, that was until he felt the otter slide into bed beside him… And felt nothing but the slick otter’s fur beneath his paws.

“F-Fenny…” Kazan muttered breathlessly, still adjusting to laying down with the mass of food that was inside him. He had adjusted to be on his back, the gravid sac of belly that contained countless meals in it resting atop him and pressing him down heavily into the bed. Fenny was beside him, nestled on up against him and gently kissing at one of the bloated biceps on the wolf. Wordlessly, the otter began to slide off Kazan’s shirt, peeling the tight garment off like a sausage casing from the wolf. Kazan moved to object, but as soon as he felt himself freed from that cloth prison, he breathed a long sigh of relief as he felt less pressure on every single part of him. He would need to go clothes shopping soon… Again, and this time he feared he would find little clothing with enough X’s on the label to cover all of his overindulgences. Of course, that worry vanished the second Fenny’s paws slid down to the waistband of his boxers and sweatpants, grabbing both at once and giving a gentle tug at them. Kazan immediately yelped with surprise, a yelp that was stifled with a gentle paw to his muzzle and the face of an otter close to his own. Those bright orange eyes looking down at his own made Kazan blush anew, as they could always look right through him no matter what… This time was no different, even as the other paw of the otter was tugging at the waist of his clothes.

“Kaz… I’ve been waiting so long for a night like this. It’s our first night, together. Our very first time alone, together, with no fears or worries or anything but the two of us. We had a meal, the biggest we’ve ever managed to get into you, and… Now we can have something else that will be the first for us. I’ve wanted this… God, I’ve wanted this. And now we can have it… If you want it. You’ve said no before, but this time… In this place… I want this, and I want this bad.” Fenny stopped, sliding Kazan’s pants down to his ankles before giving them a gentle tug and tossing them onto the floor. Clad in just his boxers, Kazan was beet red and flustered. He didn’t have words to respond to Fenny, but he knew he should. He wasn’t ready still… But he had never been ready for Fenny. Not once. Now, there were no excuses… Even less as he didn’t move to stop the otter from sliding down those boxers and tossing them aside as well.

“F-Fenny… I… I don’t…” Kazan stuttered, his words a jumbled mess as his mind raced. He wasn’t ready at all, he didn’t even know if he would ever be truly ready. Of course, Fenny was ready… That was clear from the otter rubbing himself on the side of Kazan’s stomach. The pressing of that otter’s arousal on his own bulky mass, a mass they had both built up over the years together, combined with the pleading look from Fenny above him with those melting eyes… Oh, it almost broke Kazan. He still wasn’t sure.

“Kaz… When will you be ready? There is no perfect time, but there is a time to do it, and I want now to be the time. I want this to be the real start for us, the real beginning. We’ve been together for years, and you know so very well that I would never, ever hurt you… You know I love you so much.” Fenny trailed off after that, leaning down to Kazan and planting a tender kiss on his muzzle. Kazan undoubtedly tasted like his many meals from earlier in the evening, and yet Fenny seemed unphased by that. No, he almost seemed to revel in it as he licked the food from those cheeks and chins which he had helped make. From a body he had helped create. With a wolf he had helped feed. Fenny… Fenny had made Kaz like this, and the wolf knew it. There was no time to be ready, sure… But Kazan just felt like this was going to be as right as it could be.

“O-Okay…” Kazan managed to squeak out breathlessly, getting a small squeak from Fenny. The otter beamed down at Kazan, pressing into another kiss that felt much more passionate and lustful than any other kiss the two had shared before in their entire relationship. It was only the start of their night too, for Fenny had been waiting for a while… And that showed as his paws began to wander over Kazan. Easing in between rolls of blubber that lined the sides of the wolf from his prone position, there was a clear drive of lust that began to make itself known in the deliberate groping that Kazan could feel. He moaned loudly in between moments of kissing with Steffen, just panting whenever he could get the breath out of his nose. It was one of the most erotic feelings he had ever experienced, and he just welcomed it now that he had said yes. To think this was what he had been missing and it was only the start… Kazan could feel his fat pad parting ever so lightly as the head of his buried cock made itself known.

A few long, lingering moments of kissing faded once Fenny got comfortable. He slid off Kazan and down to the foot of the bed, maneuvering himself in front of that grandiose ball of food which he had packed so tight earlier. Sliding his legs gingerly beneath the bulging swells of thighs that were spread by Kazan, the otter groaned as all of that weight settled down atop his legs. His length poked down at the underside of Kazan’s stomach, rubbing against that sensitive ball of adipose and reminding Kazan of just what was about to transpire. He was still unsure, but it was Fenny… And that was more than enough for the wolf. In fact, it was so much for the wolf that he was squirming in a vain attempt to get off himself. He tried to reach past the bloated bulge of a gut that was attached to him but found little success doing so. Even if he could manage that, he had to bury a paw into his large sac of pubic fat to find his length, and that was what Fenny had helped him with before… Much to the wolf’s chagrin. It was a process to get him off, and thankfully one that Fenny knew well as the otter shifted himself under Kazan to get himself into position.

A few rough jostles and Kazan could feel Fenny’s torso beneath the sprawl of his wide ass. The wolf thankfully had a bountiful rear, and as such there was a lot for the otter to press himself into. He did just that too, grinding and pressing against all of that bulk with unbridled lust while his paws dug into whatever fat on the wolf that they could reach. Lovehandles, moobs, rolling sides, the fat on his thighs… Wherever there was lard to be groped, Fenny groped it as he slid deeper into the large crevice of Kazan’s rear. He did reach around to tease the tip of Kazan’s own member every few moments, eliciting a few cries from the wolf as he lay there with his full got sloshing loudly atop the pair of them. Of course, that was just how it had to be… There was so much wolf after all, and Fenny needed to find his way into all of that wolf. He would too, taking his time to part the veritable sea of wolf before him, but he found it worth it as he slid his length between those twin mountains and found his prize… The going was slow, but he made it, and he was ready for that hole at the end of the valley. Kazan felt ready too, huffing as he was at full mast somewhere in the pubic fat that jiggled all on its own between his quaking thighs.

Both of them needed this, whether they wanted to admit it or not. It had been too long, but as Fenny’s length began to prod at the entrance to the wolf… They were both ready. Ready for a life of food, debauchery, and most of all…



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