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Edgar hadn’t been able to stop himself. He had tried, but that effort had been for naught as he had eaten through the contents of his cupboards. The fridge had been just a blur for the canine, nary a moment in that rampage of gluttony forming clearly in his memory. His only moment of clarity had been as he had hung up the phone from ordering what he could only assume to be yet another round of takeout, the end of that phone call coming right before he had tucked into the contents of his refrigerator. It was one that left him spooked and made him question just what had led him up to being such a gluttonous hog of a dog. He couldn’t place a finger on it, but he knew somewhere that it needed to stop. The need to feed however had been stronger than any semblance of logic or reason that had formed in his head, overriding even his baser instincts and forcing him to gorge as though he was going to die of starvation at any moment. Being a canine, his primal instincts told him to eat until he was fit to burst thanks to the fact that he may not get food again. Eons of evolution had weened his brain from that thought, sensibly, but there was something that had set him down that path. Something there had set him up to be unable to control himself, to resist what evolution and society had trained him to resist. Thusly, Edgar was stuffing himself senseless, and had no way to stop.

His feast had started simply; he had begun with snacks. He awoke that morning, just like any other weekend morning when he was off work, and rolled around in his bed to get at least a little more sleep before he began his day. His stomach had been insistent on getting food, however, that morning, and so the terrier had succumbed to its demands earlier than usual and left the warm comfort of his bed to get at least something into his gut. Of course, that something had been a small snack, which turned into a large snack, and before the sleep had even been wiped from the dog’s eyes, he was emptying out his cupboards as though he was going to be moving soon. Boxes of crackers, biscuits by the pawful, and more treats than any single dog could reasonably justify. All of that, and then some slid down the overzealous muzzle of the terrier, settling down in his stomach and filling out the very slightly protruding dome of his tummy. He hadn’t been in the best shape of his life even before his binge, with some fat sprinkled across his body to give him a lightly husky build, though the terrier had been going to the gym to work some of that off. Of course, once the cupboards and his appetite had grabbed full hold of him, it had taken him mere minutes to eat all of that progress away. Edgar was on the fast track to fat, and the terrier secretly knew it as he continued to stuff dry treats and the like down his throat.

The canned food was next, torn open by dulled, cut claws and then fished out with stubby digits into a greedy muzzle. Thankful for his thick tongue, the dog just stuffed his face into each of the cans to lap at the remnants of food which his paws couldn’t manage to reach before tossing them aside. One can, then a few, then a full dozen wound up on the floor along with the boxes from the previous cupboard, and it only went on from there as the canine could feel his stomach becoming painfully full. His hunger had yet to even begin to ebb, however, and so on the terrier ate. Edgar knew something was unnatural with his hunger then and there, and while his mind begged his body to stop, his mind had completely and utterly lost control. There was not a single thing that Edgar could do to stop himself, and as he worked through the cupboard of canned food, then his second one of biscuits, the canine just knew that he was going to be in trouble. Try as he might though, there was no ceasing his gorging, so he just had to roll with it.

Once the cupboards were emptied, the fated calls to delivery places were made. The terrier had trouble remembering which places he called, though if he thought about it, he knew it had to be every single one within delivery distance of his home. Living downtown in the bustling city meant that many places delivered, and many more still were open mornings on the weekend. Ordering enough food for a large party from each and every single restaurant that he spoke to, the canine knew that he was getting more food than he could possibly eat. His brain wasn’t comprehending that though, so in spite of the logical part of his being screaming to stop, there was no telling him to; he couldn’t. Calls upon calls happened, all during which Edgar still was eating away at the last of his canned food. He more than once had been asked to speak up or to stop eating so that he could be understood. More often though, as the terrier ashamedly realized, he had been asked if he was serious about ordering so much food so early in the day. Needing to clarify that fact repeatedly brought him to resent just what he was doing, and yet he still couldn’t bring himself to stop even if he had wanted to. There was no containing his hunger, and as the last of the phone calls ceased after what felt like nearly an hour of ordering hundreds of dollars of food, the canine just felt defeated. His appetite had won, paws down, and there was nothing that Edgar could do about it.

This defeat was what led him to start on the fridge in his apartment, and let him turn off his mind as he ate, ate, and ate. His paws worked on their own, his stomach just stretched and burned lightly as it was pushed well past any sensible limit. Edgar almost thought that he was going to eat until he exploded, his skin lightly stinging from just how much it was being asked to stretch. His innards felt even worse, his breath coming in shallow pants as his stomach pressed on his lungs thanks to how bloated and full of food that it was. His balance was off from the newly added weight of food crammed into his middle, causing him to lean back slightly just to counter all of the new belly that was swelling before him like a basketball being inflated with lead in his torso. Edgar looked pregnant, and he knew that as he rubbed one paw on his stomach to just feel how much it had grown. His paw went down there to touch that pained surface, and stopped against fur far before he thought it should have. The fur beneath his digits felt thinned, the feeling of flesh underneath his pawpads bringing a worried whine out of his throat as he gulped down a full gallon of milk. Running his paw over the dome of his gut, the angry red lines of stretchmarks riddled his gut like lines on a map, ridges of stretched flesh which were forming by the minute. Out towards his belly button were the worst of them, each thick and heavy with little fur there to cover them up. So little fur was there in fact that the canine could feel nearly as much flesh as fur there, causing him to sneak a peek down at himself. What he was a strained field of pink flesh and white fur filling his vision, pressed out further than it had been in his entire life and ever so slowly creeping out further away from him. It was a sight to see; the terrier looked 10 months pregnant and he knew it, and he also knew that it was going to get worse. His reality had sunk in though, leaving him to just ponder what he was going to do about all this as he struggled to keep on eating. Bite after bite left him hankering for more in his stomach, even as that same stomach looked fit to burst from what Edgar saw. He couldn’t fathom how he hadn’t blown already, just seeing how much his fur had thinned and how bloated he looked; he didn’t even want to think about what damage the delivery was going to do to him. Edgar had ordered that food though, and it was on its way to his home for him to consume, so he needed to be able to do that somehow… Though just how was beyond the packed canine as he set to work on a gallon of orange juice despite his mental protests.

It was with that gallon of orange juice that something inside of the dog clicked. This wasn’t to say that his appetite began to ebb, no, it was to say that his stomach began to feel less in pain. The stretched feeling of his hide stayed, but it began to ease up as well as his stomach seemed to somewhat deflate right before his eyes. He wasn’t quite sure of how this was happening, but it was something that the canine wasn’t about to question. The relief was palpable to him, and he wasn’t about to do anything to impede it; not that he could with both paws occupied scooping ice cream out of a large gallon container one pawful at a time. He just felt his whole body began to have that stretching feeling, however, from his biceps and forearms down to his calves and even his feetpaws. It was a feeling that filled him to the brim, just as food had mere moments ago, and one that he wasn’t sure what the cause was. His stomach deflating had given him some clue, but that deflating stomach seemed to be emptying enough to drive his appetite back into overdrive. He needed more, and this wasn’t just to say that he craved it. No, if his paws stopped for even a moment when it came to bringing more food to his muzzle, the terrier thought he would die from the hunger pains that wracked his body. It was a cerebral, powerful force that made focusing on absolutely anything else aside from gorging purely impossible. He had no idea what to do about it, but he wasn’t about to fight it; he didn’t have the strength left in his broken body. Instead, he just let his pre-programmed paws set to work, and just let his body do what it was going to do.

The fridge ran empty just as the doorbell to his house rang, and that was the next moment that Edgar could recall clearly. He knew he had looked odd to the other anthro at the door, just an overinflated mess of canine that was covered in crumbs. It didn’t help matters that only his underwear had truly survived his bout of pure and utter gluttony thus far, his pants having split down the sides to nearly a point that they were little more than scraps that littered the floor, and his shirt was nothing more than a tearing bra for his burgeoning man boobs. He was a sight, that much was certain, and he knew it as he looked at the anthro on the other side of his threshold with equally wide eyes. The delivery fur looked to fight every urge to just drop his food and run, though, with the sheer amount that Ed had ordered, it would take multiple trips to his car for that to happen. Thusly, it wasn’t an option for him, and Edgar had to help doing what he could in order to bring that food in. Having to pay a minute amount of attention to the sides of his narrowing apartment door, the terrier just did what he could to bring that food in, struggling to make the walk from outside and back again as he carted in the multitude of bags and boxes that he had ordered. Knowing full well that this was one order of many as well, the canine just lamented at his complete and utter loss of control.

Three trips later, and the sweating, panting mess of drooling terrier had positioned himself on his couch with the veritable mountain of boxes and bags spread before him. Enough food for at least thirty hungry anthros, the spread was nothing to bat an eye at, and yet he didn’t even know where to begin. Luckily, his body had taken care of that for him, for in the time that it had taken the rational part of Edgar to survey the spread before him, his body had taken over again and was in the process of shoving egg rolls down his muzzle. His stomach screamed for him to stop feeding it, and yet begged for more all at once with a fervor that rivaled even what he had been experiencing in his own kitchen. Having to cart in all of that new food had been torture, and it showed as the canine barely chewed before gulping down the morsels of food that he had ordered into his packed stomach. He just groaned and whimpered now as he ate, stuffing himself with both paws as he tore bags asunder and emptied their contents into him with reckless abandon. His stomach expanded further, the new weight that was starting to seep into his frame continued to flow more into him, and his clothing got tighter, and tighter, and tighter…

Another knock at the door snapped Edgar back to reality. He couldn’t get himself to move under his own power though, so he just grunted loudly at the door. Another knock came though, the grunt not enough of an invitation to come in, so the terrier needed to get himself up. He had already eaten nearly a fourth of what he had ordered in just a few short minutes, cramming tens of thousands of useless, empty calories down into a stomach that was fast coming to resemble an overinflated truck tire more than the middle of a formerly svelte terrier. Stumbling to his feet with two overflowingly full bags of food in each paw, Edgar struggled to make his way to the door. Each step jostled his overly full stomach, making him groan and belch between muzzle-stuffing bites. These bites he took straight out of the bags too, stuffing his whole face down into them and just forcing food down into his stomach in large, greedy chunks. Gluttony in its most basic form, the terrier dreaded opening that door, but he knew he had to or else his stomach was going to devour him alive. Why and to what end he had given up on figuring out, but he did know it was going to happen for some reason… And to prevent that, he would need more food. He would need a lot more food in fact, so the terrier struggled on, though he did grab a pen and paper once he got close to the door and had managed to eat his way entirely through one of the large bags of food in just those few short steps.

Finally making it to the door, he tossed it open again and just gave an inviting nod to the delivery fur standing in the doorway. Getting the same agape, stunned look as before, the now-pizza deliverer just came in gingerly, looking around to see if there was someone, anyone else for him to deal with. Seeing that this wasn’t the case, he worked his way past the mostly-nude Edgar and into where the rest of the door was with his ten boxes of pizza; the first trip of many, as the terrier could remember ordering somewhere around fifty. The terrier didn’t follow the pizzas though, resisting with the last of his willpower to instead place a note on his door that said to just come in and leave food for him. He had paid for all the orders in advance, along with generous tips for each and every driver, so he had no worries about leaving the note where he was. He also knew that leaving that note meant he wouldn’t need to get off the sofa again… With how full he was and how much food he knew to be coming, he knew that it wouldn’t be long before he either burst or was too full to even manage to lift food to his face. Not wanting that to stop his deliveries, even if he couldn’t eat everything, the terrier just grunted to himself and pushed that note to the door. He had no willpower or anything else left in him at that point, all that he had left was just hunger, and that was it… He had given in, fully and completely, to what his body wanted. With that thought the only one left in his mind, the canine just began to meander over towards his sofa, cradling his stomach in both paws as he tried his best to waddle, though it was more of a stumbling mess of fur and whatnot as he just tried as best as he could to get over to the couch again, what would be his final resting place in terms of where he was going to stay for the rest of the day; the rest of his gorge and the like.

Stumbling and fumbling his way over to the sofa, the terrier tried as much as he could to just stay upright and not to give in to the desire to plop himself right down on the floor in front of all his treats and just dig in. This was not to say that he didn’t have to stop and grab himself something from the table before him; he had a lot more there now that he had been just waddling his way back from the door. Of course, Edgar was incapable of stopping at just one, and that single treat he had taken in order to tide himself over until he made it to the sofa became two, then three, then four… It was nary a few moments before the terrier had taken to just eating where he stood, stuffing his muzzle with both paws as he maneuvered his sagging, bloated paunch to rest on the table beneath it. Plopping that stomach down with a resounding thud, Edgar ignored the shaking strain on his legs or the screaming of his back at all that they were being asked to support and simply tucked in to his new meal. Pizzas rolled up like carpets being scarfed down, Chinese takeaway boxes being torn asunder and then inhaled as though they were little more than cartons of air, and even whole sodas having their contents guzzled down by the drain-like greed of Edgar’s muzzle. It was a sight to behold, surely, but one that the terrier had all but tuned out. He was on autopilot again, quite content to remain there as his paws did all the work, and he did little thinking. Only pausing to change meals or to pull more food towards his gluttonous mass, the terrier did what he had been doing and ate, ate, ate, and ate…

Throughout this bout of unadulterated gluttony, several things happened to Edgar. The first and foremost was that he began to put on weight, and a lot of it. His body finally hit the point of digestion or explosion, and as such his overtaxed midsection went into overdrive in a vain attempt to make any more room for the countless calories that were being forcefully inserted into its confines. Weight began to pile onto Edgar at a breakneck pace, sagging rolls of adipose lining his sides in mere minutes compared to the usual months it took to get that amount of weight. His arms went from just somewhat doughy to looking more like swaying, gelatinous hams that were cramming more food down into Edgar. His legs became more like barrels than appendages, each one gaining enough pure buttery fat to force the terrier’s very stance to change and splay as he ate on. So much was this change that Edgar was forced to slowly navigate to the sofa, though his rear by that point had become so bulbous and swollen with thick, gravid blubber that he barely needed to lower himself down before his weight came to rest on the straining furniture. His stomach forced his splayed legs wider apart by that point, the overburdened table muscle just stretched to the point of angry stretchmarks making themselves known beneath the thinning coat of fur at its apex. The spidering red lines of a pelt trying its utmost to contain a true onslaught of flab traced all over Edgar at this point, causing his skin to almost tingle as more and more of the buttery fat that was being spread out beneath it built up. Nothing was going to stop the terrier now though, and as his rolling sides forced up his arms, his growing and sagging man boobs spilled out over his table-top of a stomach, and his swelling, bloated cheeks and spare tire of a chin made chewing more and more of a task, Edgar was clearly going from just a true glutton to one that would never leave the house again.

The influx of weight wasn’t the only thing Edgar had changing at a breakneck pace on his frame though, as rivulets of sweat began to bead down his frame. It started subtly at first, just the effort of feeding and the struggle of his body trying to digest things becoming a little much for his frame. As he packed on the insulation though, and the weight really began to climb around him, sweat and a heady, overbearing musk began to seep out from the deepening rolls of adipose that lined his frame. The simple act of moving his arms became a wheezing, sweat-inducing chore for Edgar, and to think that he had been standing before… Well, that thought sent a small river of greasy liquid spilling out from beneath his lovehandles. The terrier also was getting gassier as time passed, uproarious belches and rancid bursts of gas causing both sets of blubbery cheeks on his outrageous frame quaking with their force. Flecks of spittle and food began to coat the bloated chest of the canine as those belches blast forth from his muzzle and his gassy rear… Well, the stench of its outbursts would be burned forever into the cracking sofa beneath their expansive twin peaks of blubber. All of that slovenly mess, combined with the detritus that was being picked up in droves by the paws that still shoved food into Edgar as though it was all going to leave him, and the transformation from mildly chubby canine to a full-blown blob of chow-hound was nearing completion.

Through all this, the deliveries hadn’t ceased, though a few had been hastily dumped near the spreading mound of consumption instead of given to him. A couple concerned calls had been made, sure, but Edgar had ignored each and every one of them as he had just been eating, eating, and eating away. The terrier was lost in the throes of gluttony, plain and simple, and with more food being brought into him for hours, well… He was able to keep himself lost there for a very long time. His door wide open and a few boxes of food sitting in its threshold, the sounds of smacking lips, wheezing breaths, and fat folds slapping against one another as arms were brought towards an insatiable muzzle spilled out of that modest house for hours. Passers-by heard the noises, but none dared to approach thanks to the scents of unwashed dog and gassy rumblings that spilled out of that door as well. The terrier paid that no heed though, and instead… He just ate on through his meal.

On and on, on and on…

Time passed, food vanished, Edgar grew, and the room around him grew hazier with musk and sweat…

It was hours later when the terrier came to from his binge. The nagging hunger in his middle was still only just there, but it felt to be more that of sleeping off a binge than the painful want that he had awoken with previously. Edgar just went to stretch, and felt as though each arm was weighed down by well over one hundred pounds of pillows. He could feel what he could only guess was his skin stretched to its absolute maximum for the moment, his whole body with a tingling, tight feeling as his brain began to wake up. Groggily, the terrier tried to open his eyes but succeeded in just barely getting slits of vision out of his head as he struggled to move any iota of his frame. He just felt that full feeling even on his face, his cheeks straining to stay still for some reason as they bounced with every blink. The fat on his forehead bounced slightly too, though the sheer fact that there was any fat at all on his forehead did do some to stir the exhausted mind of the terrier. He remembered eating his way through his entire stock of food, though that memory was somewhat hazy. Now though, he just felt as though he had eaten his way through the tristate area, and then some… And if what he felt his size to be was any indication, he had succeeded in that task.

A sole voice pierced the wheezing, raspy breaths which were all Edgar could muster from his crushed lungs. His overheated core was doing what it could to cool, but he was just struggling to even stay conscious. That voice though… He knew it, and he could hear the ice coming from it as it spoke. He could barely hear the words, so fat were his ears and so much was the straining of his flesh and the noises of his gassy stomach that he could barely hear anything. He heard those words though, and he could feel a presence near him, even he was utterly incapable of seeing it. The light press of a paw against his straining pelt made that presence all the more real, and it was one that sent shivers down Edgar’s buried spine. The newfound voice just spoke for a few moments, letting its paws run along the vast expanse of stretchmark-riddled hide beneath them as it did so. Pausing their rubbing for a moment, they pressed in just barely, but it was enough to coax a bullhorn of a blast from Edgar’s quaking ass. The noise was enough to leave the terrier’s ears ringing, but it had also been enough to clear his head for a moment. Just a moment, but that moment of clarity was enough to send real fear into the terrier.

His hunger was returning, and that voice… Oh that voice, it was offering something the canine had no chance of resisting.


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