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So… This week has been one hell of a roller coaster. Starting a new job, sorting out everything for a move which will happen just days after I return from a con, financial snaffus and whatnot, and everything in between. It was just… Yeah, it was not something that I want to repeat, and hopefully won’t have to anytime in the near future. Res and I have had our issues throughout it too… Mostly his end to be honest, he has just been kind of crappy. I don’t know what has gotten into him, but I don’t like it and want it gone. It was not what I needed on my first week at a new job, and definitely not something I needed while I was trying to make sure that he and I didn’t wind up homeless. Oh, and we bought a new car while all of this was going on, so there is that little thing in there too. Got a smoking deal on it, and we are always going to have a lot of equity in it, so there is a lot of good in that investment. It is just another bill though, and yeah… A mess in its own right. But yeah, things here have not been amazing to say the least, so I am hoping that they improve.

I had been writing every single day for over a week. I was good, I got a 10 day streak going before I broke it last night due to just… One of the worst days I have had in a long time. Res tried to be comforting, but it backfired and I as usual had to do it for him. It was… Ugh, just a bad day and I tried to write, but instead wound up passing out from both some rum and just being tired. I was exhausted, both mentally and physically, from everything. I still am in fact, so I don’t know how long this entry is going to be. I just… I was really bummed that I stopped my streak yesterday, but at the same time that just gave me more vigor to write today. I count these blogs as writing, so here I am… Heh, it took a week and a lot of bs and all of that, but here I am because I broke my streak of working on stories last night in just what was a mess of a day. The landlord almost backed out of letting us move, the arguements with Res, the… Yeah, it was no fun. So he and I are just starting next week fresh, I will be spending most of tomorrow writing, and yeah… Just kind of getting things back on track. All the stress we are both under isn’t helping matters, so it is just a culmination of a lot of adjusting, new things, and a mess of other stuff.

So, past that, the new job. It is… Very different from working at TTech. Working there was a lot of being independent, doing your own thing, and really just managing a whole slew of problems on your own. The new shop has others checking your work for you, breaks, a much more friendly atmosphere. It isn’t worse by any means, I like it way more and am getting paid way more to start, with a promised raise on the horizon as well. It is all… Yeah, just super different, and with the addition of a completely flipped schedule, it is something that is taking a lot of getting used to on my part. I am trying though, and doing pretty well all things considered. I mean, there is the whole thing of that it is something new and exciting and whatnot. Just… Not sure how I feel about losing so much of my independence. It is a lot slower paced too, so that doesn’t help matters. But regardless, it is my job now and the pay bump alone is something that is making it worthwhile. I will stick with it, and hopefully go far.

All that aside… Not much new. The new car is a thing, and that is really all the new stuff that has been going on for me. Work and a new car, and writing again as best I can. I’ve been gaming some, as we got Destiny last weekend. Res is hooked on it immensely… We got into it a bit about that tonight, but that was solved after a while. Nothing else to report though. I plan on keeping on keeping on with the writing, as I am in a bit of a groove with it all, and finally got some of those ABC stories both started, and finished. It was an achievement for me, a huge milestone, and one that I plan to capitalize on. So… Yeah, expect some stuff out of me. But also, expect me to be a bit quieter than normal going forward. Things with Res and I are changing a lot as our dynamic changes. It will be different, but things will hopefully improve. I am positive on this one, for once, so… Here is to being hopeful. Ciao for now.

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