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Kent tugged lightly on his jacket as he waited just outside the doorframe. Never one to barge into someone’s house, even when he was invited, the shy womble just waited patiently for his friend Chester to get the door. The koala had invited him over for the afternoon, and Kent knew exactly what that was going to entail. He wasn’t the least bit phased by that though, tugging at his jacket once again as he just stood at the door. He did need a bigger one, but finding a coat that matched his own was utterly impossible. Besides, exposing his round white tummy wasn’t the worst thing in the world… Gave him room to grow in fact in the many times he was fattened up by his various friends. Heavy footfalls gave away that Chester was coming, making Kent stand up as tall as his diminutive frame could to greet his friend.

“Hey Kent!” Came Chester’s sing-songy voice as the door opened before the womble. Looming over him at over three full feet taller, Chester practically filled the doorway as he answered it. Kent just looked up as far as his non-existent neck would allow, his floppy ears resting halfway down his back by the time he was done. Meeting the blue eyes of the koala with the blues of his own, the womble just grinned and gave a small wave with a pudgy, tan paw. “Come in, come in. Don’t just stand out there,” the koala continued, stepping aside and holding the door open for Kent with a big smile. Kent obliged, waddling his way through the door and into Chester’s modest home.

“Hi Chester,” Kent finally said once he was inside, moving past the koala and looking around the house. “Thanks for inviting me over.”

“Oh don’t mention it. I didn’t have anything to do today, and I figured you didn’t either.”

“Yeah, just a lazy day for me…” Kent trailed off, turning back to the grey koala behind him with a small, bashful smile. Chester looked to already be wanting something, having just shut the door and turned to Kent. The womble knew just what the koala wanted too, but decided to have a little fun with Chester before giving him just what he wanted. “So how’re you?”

“Good, though feeling a little empty…” Chester trailed off this time, placing both of his paws on the front of his pouch and giving it a small stretch. The large pocket on front of the equally-large koala stretched generously, looking easily large enough for Kent to fit in. “Care to help with that?”

“Right to the point then,” Kent replied with a chuckle, wadding right back over to Kent and looking up at the koala again. Kent’s gaze was met with the pleading one of Chester, one that Kent could never hope to say no to. “I can’t reach it that high up though.”

“To the sofa then!” Chester responded with a raised arm in the air, trundling his way over to the large, plush sofa in his living room. Kent followed along, although slower as his stubby, thick legs weren’t nearly as quick as the koala’s. By the time Kent had arrived, Chester was already seated on the large sofa with his legs dangling off the end and his pouch held open for the womble. Kent grinned dopily at that, waddling right over to the sofa without hesitation before clambering up onto it. Once there, it was just a matter of climbing atop Chester, a feat which was a little easier said than done thanks to the koala’s own generous build. Kent managed fine though, and with a little bit of sliding he was right down into Chester’s pouch, filling out the front pocket on the grey-and-white koala rather nicely.

“Oof, you’ve gotten heavier from the last time you were over here.” Chester grunted, looking down over the thick grey fluff of his chest to Kent. The womble just flushed red at that remark, his short arms flying up to cover his face in embarrassment. “You fill that pouch much better now though, so I can’t complain.” Kent continued, placing both of his small paws on the front of his pouch and giving it a few gentle rubs. Those rubs went right through the pouch and to Kent, who murmured and rumbled quite happily from the impromptu massage. Laying in the pouch on his side, his tummy was right out front, and Kent’s paws were giving that just as much attention as they were to the koala’s own pouch. Gentle pushes and slow, deliberate arcs of massaging came for Kent, and they continued on for several moments as the womble just relaxed in the warm, comforting pocket on the front of his marsupial friend.

Eventually, the massaging stopped and Kent felt his entire ‘home’ shift. Chester grunted a couple times to get himself sitting up fully again on the sofa, then to reach over and grab a pillow. Once he had that pillow in his paw, the koala just stuffed it down into his pouch along with Kent. Another pillow followed suit, then another, and a few more after that came down on top of the womble. From the outside, Chester’s pouch was stretching out more and more, giving the koala the appearance of being several months pregnant with how stuffed his stomach looked. The bulge was almost comical, stretching out multiple feet in front of the koala and dangling scant inches off the floor from where its heavy weight rested solely on the front of him. Still Chester pushed pillows down into his pouch though, smooshing Kent down into the bottom of his pocket and keeping the womble warm and comfortable. Kent made a point of moving a few of the pillows below him so that he had a sort of bed in that pouch, but there were many more on top of him by the time Chester was done stuffing his pouch to the absolute brim.

Once Chester was satisfied with his pouch being stuffed to bursting, he rested back on the couch for a few moments, letting the massive swell of his pouch rise high above him. Nearly as much pouch as koala, the seven-foot grey marsupial just smiled to himself and rubbed the portions of his pouch that he could. His paws rubbed on pillows, pressing them down into his own tummy and just making him blush with how good it all felt. That pressing also affected Kent, buried beneath all those pillows and getting them pressing down on him in turn. There was next-to-no space inside that pouch, but Chester didn’t mind in the least as it was warm and comforting to be trapped inside such a soft place. He shut his eyes and just relaxed, lying still there in the warm embrace of koala fur.

Neither moved for several minutes, resting happily in the warmth and fullness that they both were reveling in. Chester was getting hungry though, as it was nearly lunch time. He was certain that Kent was getting hungry too, and so with another loud grunt the koala hoisted himself to his feet. Having to lean back somewhat just to maintain his balance as well as keep his pouch off the floor, the koala groaned as he stood. He pawed at the top of his pouch, looking down at the over-stretched top of his front pocket with a small smile. Content as could be with how stuffed it was, he slowly took a shaky, waddling step towards the kitchen. Kent felt that shift, bouncing slightly beneath the pillows as he felt his entire home shift rapidly from one side to the other. Chester did his best to maintain his balance, but quickly saw that waddling around his house as stuffed with pillows and womble as he was would be impractical. Thusly, pillows began to leave his pouch, tossed back onto the plush sofa behind him haphazardly. One by one they left, less and less pushing down on Kent until the small, round womble’s head was poking out from beneath all of those pillows. Kent grinned up at Chester, who arched over just far enough to return that grin.


“Oh, I thought you’d never ask… That was comfy too,” Kent said with a big, warm smile. The womble just flushed a bit as he spoke too, his rotund paws fidgeting beneath the pillows still left in Chester’s engorged pouch in bashful embarrassment. Chester just grinned broadly and nodded, pulling out one more pillow and tossing it aside. Satisfied now that he could at least move with a full pouch, the koala started to waddle towards his kitchen.

“Comfy down there?” Chester asked after a few steps, having been using his paws to make sure that the stretched pouch on the front of his frame wasn’t jostling to and fro too much.

“Yeah, it’s like being on a boat.” Kent replied with a small giggle, getting a chuckle out of Chester as well. Kent just lay where he was on his side, letting the repeated jostling back and forth of Chester’s heavy, methodical footfalls lull him off again. Kent was struggling not to just take a nap in the koala’s pouch, the comforting warmth and soothing rocking making this a task which was a lot harder than it sounded for him. The womble managed though, and soon he felt Chester come to a stop in front of his fridge. Kent knew it was the fridge from the cold air he felt coming through the pouch, making him press a little more into the marsupial’s own stomach for warmth.


“Yeah…” Kent murmured, pressed right into the soft, squishy chub which Chester possessed. The chubby koala just chuckled at that, turning to his side as much as he could to keep the cold air of his refrigerator off his pouch. “I’m really hungry too Chester…”

“Good, I was hoping for that. I was cooking all night last night, and this morning, and really till you got here.” Chester said with a small chuckle, making Kent open one eye to peer up above him. He saw various containers being pulled from the fridge, each looking to hold some amount of food or another as the womble just stared at them. All were large too, easily a full meal in their own right, and yet they just kept coming. Kent could feel the shifting and moving of Chester as the koala had to keep waddling around the kitchen to make room for each of those containers. The womble shut his eyes during this, letting the movement of the koala lull him into a restful state of relaxation again. A nap was all but assured, and Kent knew that as he tried to resist. Chester didn’t seem to have any sort of end to his moving around though, and so Kent just fell asleep as he felt Chester returning to the fridge for yet another trip.

Chester could feel Kent fall asleep, the whole frame of the womble going limp in his pouch. The soft, cute snoring of the womble also reached his ears shortly after, making him just grin. Chester kept getting the veritable feast ready though, his mischievous plan already coming to fruition. Kent lulled down in there to sleep so that he had no idea just what amount of food he would be eating, stuffing that womble out to be huge… The koala planned to have a very full pouch and a very full womble before the end of the day. Chester already knew just how much Kent loved to eat too, so he figured he would be doing one of his best friends a favor too. Of course, there was a bit of mischief involved in his plan, but Chester thought that would be fine. Thusly, on he went reheating and cooking up his meal, taking his time to make sure that everything came out absolutely perfect.

Some time later, the womble stirred from his nap. He felt Chester sitting down again, as his ‘home’ was at an angle again. Kent snorted lightly, smacking his jaw a few times before he brought a paw up to rub his eyes. He peered up at Chester, who was simply seated on the couch and looking quite content there as he rested. Kent smiled up at the koala, who grinned back as he realized his favorite tenant was awake again. “Hey sleepyhead.”

“Hey… Sorry, it was really comfy in there…” Kent replied, blushing anew as he realized how long he had been out; the room was darker than when he had fallen asleep. Staring up past the white fluff of Chester’s chest, up at the orange nose and blue eyes of his friend, Kent just kept blushing. Chester stifled a burp at that point, and it was then that Kent’s stomach let out a loud, deep grumble. “Oooh…”

“Heh, still hungry I take it?” Kent nodded in response, his blush darkening. “It’s fine, I made a whole bunch of food for you. You are gonna eat it too, right?” Another nod, along with another blush. Chester knew that Kent was powerless to say no to his friends, and even moreso to turn down food that was placed in front of his face. Kent would eat till he passed out if given the chance, and Kent wanted to experiment with that as he brought the first platter of many onto his chest. The womble grinned broadly at the sight before him, a full tray of egg rolls placed right within reach for him. “Eat on up, there’s a whole bunch for you.”

Kent shifted to get himself comfortable, moving from laying in a curled up position on his side to sitting up inside Chester’s pouch. More laying on his back than sitting up however, the womble just grinned dopily up at Chester before bringing the first bite of food to his face. Kent didn’t even think twice about eating, pulling the egg rolls towards him slightly so that his short, stubby arms had to do less work to eat on up. One by one, the thick, packed rolls made their way down into the womble. Kent was thankfully a very clean eater, leaving no crumbs in his wake as he stuffed his face at a deliberate, methodical pace. He ate, and ate, and ate, those rolls vanishing down into him as though he was a vacuum. The womble grinned too as he ate, his blush still staying on his cheeks as he stuffed himself. The entire platter was gone before long, and it was then that Kent just let out a soft, contented rumble. He was surely sated already, but Chester had other plans as he pulled the empty platter off his chest. The koala then replaced it with another, still wearing the same broad grin he had been as the egg rolls were replaced with pastries of various sizes and shapes.

Kent worked through this platter too, then one of friend chicken, and then one of various fruits and veggies. Having eaten many times more than he normally ate in a meal, Kent was still eating at the same pace as he had been before, although his gorging was showing in spades at this point. He had gone from just being an oval of chub to a veritable ball of womble. His stomach had ballooned out, turning the short, fat womble into more of a ball of his former self. His jacket still fit, somewhat, around his fatty arms. They were looking stretched tight though, and seams could be heard creaking as Kent kept reaching up for more and more food. His muzzle was a little dirty, a few bits of meat on his bulging cheeks as he kept on eating. His blush was now constant too, as he knew he was powerless to stop eating even though he could practically feel himself fattening with every bite. Embarrassed and yet still stuffing his face, the womble just kept on eating with his eyes locked on the food. Purely part of his canine heritage that kept him eating, Kent pushed down the last of the melon that was before him, letting out a deep, guttural groan of fullness as he did so. He shut his eyes for a moment, moving to lick his paws and muzzle clean so that he wouldn’t get Kent’s pouch dirty. Cleaning up his minute mess, the womble then opened his eyes to look up at Chester with a blushing grin, only to have his view blocked of the koala by yet another platter…

Kent got down two more platters and multiple two-liters of soda before he finally gave up, his pace faltering and then stopping altogether as he groaned aloud. He had been slowing somewhat throughout the chugging of his soda, but now on his eight buffet-sized platter, the ball of womble fluff was thoroughly and utterly stuffed. His eyes drooped shut almost instantly, the pastry in his paw falling down onto Chester’s stomach. “Oooh… Full…” Kent managed to gurgle out, getting a hearty laugh from Chester. The koala could feel all of the weight of womble and food atop him, stretching his pouch out nearly as much as the pillows had before. Kent was wider than he was tall now, and getting him out of that pouch was going to be impossible with how stuffed he was. Chester knew that, and yet he didn’t even care at all. Even as his friend slipped into the inevitable food coma that came from eating nearly his body weight in food, Chester was just smiling and gently rubbing on what little parts of his pouch that he could still reach. Looking to be pregnant, stuffed to the gills, and just a round ball of koala, Chester was just as content as Kent to lay there and take a nap. The heavy, gravid weight that was stuffed into his stretched pouch made him all the more comfortable, and the koala knew that he would have plenty more of it to come…

“Sleep well Kent… Hope you’re ready for dinner later.”

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