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It was just a small box, nothing spectacular, but it was enough to make the beagle bleary-eyed. The simple cardboard container was laying on his keyboard at his desk, neatly placed atop an envelope with his name, ‘Range’, written on it. Said envelope was all but ignored by the canine; he wanted the box and its contents as soon as he could get his large paws onto it. The box not being wrapped was a bonus since there was nothing to tear through, and as such the beagle had the top off after breaking the sole piece of tape holding it down. He took the top off quickly and peered into it, his bleary-eyes leaking out small tears down onto his muzzle as he saw the contents of the box. A sole chocolate chip cookie sat in the box, resting in a bed of tissue paper and still giving off the scent of being freshly baked.

Putting the box down after looking at the cookie for a moment, Range picked up the envelope and fumbled with it for a moment, as envelopes were quite the challenge for his clumsy paws. He got it open after a light frown and tearing it a bit too aggressively, as he nearly ripped the small card inside. He had only torn the corner off though, so he shrugged it off as nothing and pulled the card out of the envelope. It was a simple thing, as plain and unassuming as the box, and its message was even more simplistic. ‘You win’ was the entire card said, and yet that was enough to make the canine holding it beam. There was also a little signature scrawled on the card along with a doodled smiley face, but the canine didn’t need those to know who the card was from or what it was for.

He put the card down on top of the box’s lid and slumped down into his chair after a few moments of just standing there staring at the card with a big, dopey grin on his muzzle. Just sitting there for a little while, he shut his eyes and just smiled to himself, his tail wagging as fast as it could behind his ample rear. To say that he was happy was quite an understatement at that point, and he saw no problem in reveling in it for a while as there was no hurry for him to do anything. He also wanted to truly appreciate it, so once he had gotten off cloud nine after a couple minutes of sitting and wagging his tail like a pup with a huge grin plastered on his face, he sat up and took the cookie out of the box. It was then that he noticed the note scrawled on the tissue paper rather awkwardly beneath it, reading: “The cookie dough is in the fridge behind leftovers from last night, help yourself.” Being the chubby dog he was, he planned on doing just that, but not before testing said dough’s quality with the cookie he was holding. He didn’t necessarily need to test it as he knew the baker was pretty darn good at making cookies of any kind, but it gave him an excuse to eat his cookie, and any excuse to eat a cookie was good enough for him.

The cookie was perfect, as usual, and that made Range hungry for the dough even more than he had been. He wanted it right away too, so he stuck the rest of the cookie in his muzzle in one big bite and began to chew it up as he got up with a light grunt and started his way towards the kitchen. It wasn’t a far trip at all, as he was staying in a rather modest-sized apartment, but even a few steps were too much ‘effort’ as far as he was concerned. He made it though, and opened the refrigerator to start rummaging around in it to get to his prized cookie dough. It didn’t take long at all to find, and as soon as he had it, he started back to his desk so that he could get down to what he had been planning on doing before the little present he had received had interrupted him. He stopped before leaving the kitchen though; cookie dough would make him thirsty so he would need something to drink. With that thought, it was back to the fridge to grab a soda before he resumed his trip back to his desk.

Range’s trip back to the desk was more than a little precarious as he never planned out how to carry things, but he made it without dropping anything. He put the bowl of cookie down before putting the soda beside it, and the stopped himself from digging right into his computer when he saw the card again. He wanted to save it, so he tossed the envelope in the trash beside his desk and put the card up under his monitor beside the box, smiling at the fact that it was all set before hitting the power button on his computer. He was still happy, and needed to tell someone about what had just happened… Hopefully someone would be online for him to talk to…

It was just as he started to get down to business that the door to the apartment shut and a low grunt came from the entryway. The cookie’s baker must have just gotten home, and that meant it was time for Range to show his thanks as best he could. Not even bothering to take care of anything else on the computer, the beagle got right up and all but ran to the door as fast as he could right into a hug for the big baker who was just taking his coat off: it had been raining that day. “Hi Sasuke.”

“Hi you… You look all bouncy today.” The large wolfdragon raised an eyebrow and smirked lightly as he hung up his coat. He then bent down and gave the beagle a small kiss on the top of his head before standing back up and starting into the apartment proper, shaking a bit to get any excess water off of him like all canines do. Range cowered a bit from that as he didn’t want to get wet, but as soon as the wolfdragon had stopped, the smaller beagle went right back over to him and hugged him again. “You got my gift I see.”

“I did, it was yummy…” Range smiled his cutest and most innocent smile, making Sasuke blush slightly at it. The larger hybrid wiggled free of the hug and sat down on the couch with another grunt after a moment, beckoning the dog to join him. Range happily complied, sitting on the wolfdragon’s belly shelf of sorts and just snuggling into with with a happy, cute smile on his muzzle. “I didn’t get to try any of the cookie dough yet, it was still too hard from being in the fridge. The cookie was yummy though…”

“I’m glad you liked it. I tried to make them as quietly as I could, I’m just glad you’re such a heavy sleeper.”

“Yeah, but you knew that. Uhm, what did I win though?” Sasuke smiled as he heard that question and gave the beagle a hug into the immensely large belly the wolfdragon possessed. He covered Range in grey flab, smooshing the smaller beagle deep into his warm, yielding pelt before releasing and letting the dog free. Range’s rapidly-wagging tail gave away just how much he enjoyed that, but Sasuke didn’t need that to know the beagle loved it.

“You won being right… I have been going too much lately, so I am going to slow down for you and try to take it easier for you so that I am not pushing myself so hard. So, you earned a cookie for that, the dough was just leftovers.” Range smiled and took his turn hugging the wolfdragon a third time as tightly as he could. Thanks to Sasuke’s immense girth, Range was only able to hug a portion of the front of the wolfdragon’s belly, but it was enough for Sasuke and that was all that mattered. Range had been worried about Sasuke, and now with not needing to worry as much, as well as being told he was right and being rewarded for it… It made the beagle happy, and it showed. That swishing tail, that cute grin on his face as he looked up at Sasuke, the little skritches and rubs his paws gave as he hugged the wolfdragon as best he could… His love for the huge beast was as plain as the sun in the sky.

“Thank you Wuff… I love you.”

“I love you too Pup. Say, do you think you can go get that cookie dough?”


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