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Kai was feeling lonely. He hadn’t seen his lover, Sai, in almost two days thanks to their opposing schedules, which was a very rare occurrence in their two plus years of being together. He knew it was neither of their faults, but it was little consolation for his loneliness as he still wanted to see his wolf. So he resorted to cancelling a few appointments he had, and thus ‘penciling’ in time to see Sai. Kai knew that it was not the best way to go about things, and that Sai would probably feel a touch guilty, but… Going without Sai for even the few days he had was slowly killing the leomon.

Their meeting was all planned out by the leomon; a small picnic on the beach at sunset when Sai normally got home from work. Kai had arrived home at nearly noon in order to start getting everything ready for the picnic, which included setting everything up and cooking all of the food. He wasn’t the world’s greatest chef, but he did have a few specialties that he knew the wolf would like. He also knew that the wolf would want to see him eat more too, so Kai made sure to make plenty of extra portions for himself. Sai was quite intent on making Kai gain, and though their efforts had waned thanks to competing schedules and busy lives, they still did what they could any time they met up. Their efforts did show on the leomon too, as he now sported the beginnings of a pot belly where a set of clean, cut abs had once resided. It was only a start, but Kai hoped to stretch that start out some with the big meal he was cooking for that night.

“What’re you cooking kitty? Looks tasty,” a deep voice sneered behind him. Kai recognized the voice instantly, slowly turning around to be greeted by Pand. The demon’s hulking frame towered over the leomon by a sizable margin, and the leomon was six foot six. Scanning the incredibly muscular, glowing frame of the demon with a slightly pensive gaze, Kai took his time to respond before simply offering the ladle up to Pand. The demon declined, but then folded his arms and tapped his foot idly as he awaited a response.

“It’s a pasta sauce. I’m making a meal for Sai and I, since I wanted to do something nice for him. I mean, we haven’t seen one another in a couple days and I miss him, so I figured I’d try and do something nice to make up for being so busy.” Kai’s voice almost gave off just how much he was longing for the wolf, which Pand picked up immediately. He simply smirked in reply though, not trying to taunt the leomon for the time being since he had no reason to, yet. Kai did pause and ready himself for a taunt though, but only for a split-second as he knew it would either be instant or non-existent. Upon not getting one, he turned back around and went right back to cooking, beginning to hum lightly to keep his mind distracted off the looming figure behind him. Pand’s air of intimidation was immense and overbearing, but Kai didn’t want to let it get to him and mess up his recipe.

“Are you making sure to make enough so the mutt can stuff you senseless?” Kai winced slightly at how Pand referred to Sai: ‘the mutt’. The demon never called Sai by name, and Kai resented that fact as he always found it insulting to Sai. He had tried to speak out against it once or twice, but Pand was far too proud to heed anything Kai said, so the leomon eventually gave up.

“Yes, I am. I just hope I have enough time to-” He was cut off by a hose clamping down over his muzzle and instantly starting to pump chocolate into him. He was powerless to stop it, and rather than risk drowning in chocolate, he had to gulp it down at a rather rapid pace. His eyes were huge from the surprise, but when he turned around to the demon to see why he had done that, Pand was just smirking and watching. The hose seeming ran off into thin air, leading to somewhere behind the demon, but nowhere Kai could ever hope to see. Kai tried to resist the flow as it really started to pick up speed after just a few short moments of pumping into him, but his attempt was futile as the hose could not be stopped. Realizing that and resuming his hard, fast swallows of the creamy, gooey chocolate, the leomon simply slumped down to the hard kitchen floor and sat there. He wasn’t gaining at all yet, but he knew that there would be a sizable amount more around his waist once the demon was done having his fun. The leomon had to wonder just how long that fun would be, but… The flavor of the chocolate, as well as the sensation of getting slowly more and more full as he sat there and downed huge gulps of the liquid were fast starting to make him more complacent.

His gut slowly began to grow after just about a minute of the chocolate being forced down his gullet. It was a slow growth at first, just a bit of a tightening feeling around his middle as he felt his stomach slowly start to stretch out past being just full. He then felt his pants starting to get tight next, as his belly began to push out slowly from his stomach’s expansion. His pants were already tight to begin with, as he liked both the feeling and look of accentuating his mass by letting it hang over the waistband of his pants. The tightness was beginning to get uncomfortable though, and as it slowly started to become noticeable, the demon who had been watching finally began to move. He reached under the leomon’s slowly bloating stomach and undid those pants, unzipping them and then tearing them off in one hard tug. Kai had to fight to keep from getting tugged away along with those pants, but he didn’t mind that at all; he was grateful for having those confining things removed. His briefs were all that kept him decent, and those were slowly starting to strain as his groin stirred with arousal from the feeling of being stuffed that was overtaking him. Pand’s smirk returned at that, as he noticed it and gave the burgeoning hard on a gentle pat with one of his massive paws before slowly standing back up.

“Looks like you’re enjoying this cat, but I can’t let you have all the fun now, can I?” Kai didn’t even need to let that sentence finish before he knew what was coming next. His old deal with the demon was coming back to get him, and though it was something that always got him to his sexual peak and beyond, his last waning bit of true awareness did feel a pang of guilt for cheating on Sai with the demon. He knew that it wasn’t cheating, and he wasn’t going to debate it with the tiny amount of his brain that hadn’t completely surrendered with the experience just yet, but there still was that nagging feeling in him every time Pand found him alone and began to take full advantage of him. ‘Taking full advantage’ was Pand’s intention as well, as he picked the leomon up by the wrists and roughly tore his briefs off in one hard tug. Kai grunted lightly at that, as did put pressure on his rising length, but it was gone quickly and he knew better feelings were on the way immediately after. Pand’s paws slowly reaching around his waist and rubbing at that growing paunch, which was now reaching a fullness which Kai rarely got to experience, as it pushed back slowly against the demon’s bulky appendages.

Kai’s feeding hadn’t increased in speed or intensity since he had first noticed the jump when it started, but as the demon began to rub soothingly as his taut, and incredibly stuffed belly, the flow began to hasten once again. The hose seemed to get thicker, and push out even more into the leomon’s maw, which was now beginning to struggle to keep up. Kai didn’t care about that though, he did his best to keep up and that was all that he could do. Pand’s paws stroking away to allow the leomon’s belly to stretch to new sizes, and as Kai got wider and wider at a faster rate, it was apparent that those ‘new sizes’ were going to be enormous. Kai didn’t mind that bit at all though, and Pand seemed to quite enjoy that fact, as the leomon felt the demon’s hardening pride brush his wider rear. Kai backed against it somewhat, trying as best he could in his near-delirious state to get the immense cock at least between his slowly-expanding cheeks. It wasn’t an unwelcome gesture, and Pand immediately obliged by pushing his shaft up against Kai’s pucker and holding it there for a moment. “Dessert’s ready kitty…”

With that cheesy line, which the demon seemed to be full of, he rammed his pride right into the leomon’s tight hole. Kai cried out in both pain and pleasure as the huge length rammed right into his prostate and then some, sending waves of pleasure coursing through every inch of his increasing frame. Just as fast as that wave of pleasure had surged, it receded as the demon pulled back out to ram into the leomon again. And again. And again. Pand pounded in and out at a rampant pace right from the start, and Kai’s pleasure from it intensified with every single one of the demon’s strokes. Waves of utter bliss flowed through the leomon’s veins as his tailhole was utterly pillaged by the demon, which spawned loud, yet muffled moans from his muzzle. Kai could barely make a peep thanks to having to keep up with the rapid flow of chocolate into his muzzle, but Pand got the point and kept right on going. His paws continued to rub and massage Kai’s vastly bloated paunch, rubbing over its immense surface very roughly. The incredibly stretched leomon belly didn’t yield very much at all to any of Pand’s rubs or pushes, but it did slosh constantly thanks to the force of the demon cock hammering in and out of Kai’s rear. That sloshing up and down kept Kai’s belly pounding against his own erect length, which was a fairly new sensation to him, and one he absolutely reveled in as much as he could. He could feel that he was close to going off, but he wanted to hold it in just to see how much larger he could get before going off.

He failed that task, as less than a minute later his taut underbelly was covered in thick, musky leomon spooge. He didn’t regret it though, and let out the best roar he could muster in spite of the rapid flow of chocolate into his muzzle when he did release. Pand simply smirked at hearing that, the sound a dead giveaway for what had happened deep beneath the still-growing leomon belly which was starting to look more like an over-inflated weather balloon and less like it belonged on a living, breathing fur. The entire thing hung ponderously out in front of Kai, sloshing up and down very sluggishly with every hard pound into the leomon courtesy of Pand. Kai was struggling to stay standing, the weight of gallons upon gallons of liquid, delicious chocolate beginning to weigh heavily on him as he started to come down off his own sexual high. This was not to say that he was at all regaining his composure, for he still was both rock-hard and being plowed vigorously by a ten foot tall, immensely strong demon with a cock that was more like an arm. Kai had came though, and it was only a matter of time before afterglow began to kick in on him. Pand knew that, and luckily for Kai, it wasn’t going to be long before the demon released either.

Pand did cum a minute or so later, letting out a guttural roar of domination as his paws tightly gripped onto the leomon’s shoulders and he hilted right into the smaller male’s hole all at once. Many more gallons of fattening liquid instantly began to pour into Kai’s innards, but this liquid was different from the chocolate. It reacted with the sweet, instantly digesting whatever it touched and turning every single ounce of it into grade-A blubber. To the passive observer, it was like watching a blimp deflate: Kai’s belly instantly went from being distended to epic proportions and holding itself up thanks to the sheer tightness of both itself and the skin alone, to a sagging, rolly sack of adipose. Kai’s entire frame bloated out with a rather large amount of fat as well, his pecs turning right into rather large moobs, his arms going from somewhat defined muscularity to drooping, yet very wide sacs of fat. His arse exploded with fat, pushing back rather hard against Pand and forcing him to try and maintain his position. Kai’s legs instantly pushed against one another as his thighs nearly tripled in width. His stance splayed somewhat, and he nearly fell over as a result to the speed at which that happened. Kai did manage to stay standing though, and reveled in feeling his newfound flab overtake his erect member in mere seconds. All in all, he was changed from a balloon to a ball of dough, and found himself right back on cloud nine again as any hints of afterglow left his system.

He was still guzzling down the chocolate with little abandon, but it was all being turned right into fat, so it was as if he was not eating anything at all. That sensation stopped quickly though, as Pand’s stream of seed subsided and eventually stopped entirely after a few moments. With both Kai and the demon drained sexually, both of them slumped down to their knees. Pand pulled out of Kai in one long motion as that happened, and it elicited a very small moan from Kai’s engorged muzzle. Pand barely heard it though, and instead regained his usual smirk as he looked down at the blob of leomon who was still suckling hungrily at his feeding tube. Pand removed it after a moment of watching, his smirk only increasing in intensity as he watched Kai faintly grope for it like a hungry cub. Pand had what he wanted though, and that was all that mattered in the situation, so he left Kai to feel hungry and stood back up. “Thanks for the ride kitty, good luck cooking.” Those were Pand’s parting words as he slid his pants back up and left the kitchen. Kai, however, remained kneeling on the floor of the kitchen, panting heavily as he tried to regain his senses.

It took nearly ten minutes, but eventually Kai was able to think, and control his much-larger frame. He found a note on the counter beside his pasta sauce, which looked as though it was exactly where he had left it in spite of having not touched it for the entire time Pand had been around. The note read: ‘Your food is safe, just turn everything back on and keep cooking. The weight will stay through your little date with the mutt, so enjoy it while it lasts and make sure the mutt does too. There is extra food out there too, to keep him happy’. Kai knew Pand had left it for him, and he smiled to himself as he began to get back to cooking. The demon came off as callous, uncaring, and rather cruel at times, but he was always thinking ahead and had never truly harmed Kai in any way. Pand was a big, egocentric, and very horny softie as far as Kai was concerned, but that didn’t make him any less intimidating or demanding either. Kai’s mind wandered on that subject for but a moment though, as he quickly got reminded of two very important things: Sai was going to be home soon and not only had Kai gained nearly 400 pounds in his absence, but he was stark naked now with no clothes that would fit him. Both of those things would require some explaining, and Kai had no idea where to begin on that explanation. Sai would just be happy about being able to see the leomon, or so he hoped as he got back to cooking.

He had the pasta sauce back to simmering nicely in minutes, and was working on peeling carrots when he heard the front door shut. He quickly finished peeling his last carrot, and then hastily reached for the knife to start slicing them as he heard the clicks of claws along the wooden floor. Sai was home early, and Kai hadn’t had time to come up with a full explanation. He didn’t want the wolf to overreact, but he wanted to show it off and let Sai play with him… Not that his opinion would matter in a moment, as Sai called out for him. “Kai?”

“In the kitchen Sai!” Kai called back, setting to work slicing the carrots and hoping for the best. He didn’t get very far into it before Sai came into the kitchen though, and the instant the wolf saw him, he knew that he would have explaining to do. Sai’s jaw hit the floor, and he instantly walked right over to the leomon with a look of both concern and curiosity. “What happened? Where did all this come from?”

Kai paused, looked down at Sai, and then said the first thing that came to mind, “I was hungry.” Sai’s look said it all as to how well that explanation was going to solve the issue as to what happened, as it was both disbelief and utter confusion. Sai didn’t register sarcasm very well, so Kai stopped chopping up the carrots and tried again, attempting to be as nonchalant about his sudden weight gain as he could be. This didn’t work out very well though, as his stomach slammed right into Sai and nearly knocked the wolf over. “Oh, are you alright?”

“I’m fine… You had to have been starving to get all of this.”

“Oh, you have no idea… And I still am actually.” Kai’s gut gurgled in agreement, and he had to pat it a couple times to get it to stop. Sai chuckled, and for once Kai was immensely grateful for how simple the wolf could be. The grumble of hunger seemed to have distracted Sai enough to get him to drop the subject, and to seal the deal Kai reached out and hugged Sai to his new mass as best he could. Sai returned the hug warmly, smiling brightly as he did and rubbing his cheek against his newly-fattened leomon. Kai smiled at that, releasing the wolf and gesturing to the spread of food he had cooked. “There’s more down by the beach.” Kai’s words made Sai smile even brighter, and he gave the leomon’s belly a gentle pinch as a result of it.

“Well why don’t we go down there, kick back, and see what we can add to all this?”

Kai couldn’t have agreed more.

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