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Falling down the stairs tends to hurt, as anyone who has done it can attest to. When you weigh nearly 500 pounds and fall down a full, extended flight though… It hurts a lot more than normal. That is exactly what happened to Saro, the house’s security chief, the day before. He had insisted on going to the hospital, despite 3 of the 5 other residents having medical training/healing power… Something normal about it just called to him everyone guessed. That left the house without a head of security however, so of course that needed to be fixed as soon as possible. Though the wolf would only be laid up for a day or two, the house still needed to be kept safe and order needed to be instilled in the 5 other furs there. That’s where the mint-green wolf waiting on the front steps of the mansion came in, as he was called in to be Saro’s temporary replacement by none other than Saro himself.

A knock on the door came after he stood for a few moments, collecting himself and preparing for what Saro had called “The scariest welcoming ever.” Of course the green canine had no idea what that could be, but it still made him nervous in spite of being built like a soft wall in his opinion: six feet tall and a bit over 250 pounds of mostly over-indulgence in food. What greeted him as the door opened a few moments later however… If he was a small wall, this thing was a small mountain. An utter wall of belly covered in different shades of grey fur loomed over him, filling almost the entire extra-wide doorway and hanging scant inches from the ground. The legs that held it up were completely hidden save for a little bit of their incredibly wide thighs that peeked around the sides of the colossal belly. Its titanic arms lay folded on the plateau of gut beneath the huge beast’s chest, smooshed against moobs that neither letters could measure nor could a bra contain. Peering over the crest of that oversized gut down at the wolf was a pair of red eyes framed by a round, fat face that held two sagging cheeks, many chins, and a light smirk on its spacious muzzle. As if there was any hope of anything being small about the hulking beast before him, the creature spread his enormous wings out as he spoke, yawning slightly even as booming words left his mouth. “Who’re you and what are you doing knocking on my door?”

Forget scary, terrifying, or even horrifying; the green wolf couldn’t speak for almost ten seconds after the question had been posed to him he was so shocked. It wasn’t fear that froze him though, but a sense of lust and embarrassment at being so aroused so quickly by this complete stranger he had only heard about once or twice from Saro combined to push his mind into complete mental overload. His multi-colored eyes scanned over the stupendous frame before him again and again, trying to take it all in and failing in even three passes as there was just so much of it. That fact alone sent shivers down his spine and blood to both his cheeks and groin, and kept his mind from forming a cohesive sentence even as words finally tumbled awkwardly from his still-gaping maw. “I… Uh… He… S…Saro sent me,” he squeaked out meekly after a few attempts that were little more than ‘uhm’s and ‘uh’s. The wolfdragon looked him over a couple times before nodding and turning, slowly, to go back in the house. The wolf just stood there however, as he was still coming out of system shock from seeing the wolfdragon initially. It was of course a short-lived return as the rotating mountain of hybrid’s rear came into view. To call it a ‘rump’ or a ‘butt’ or anything along those conventional terms of describing a backside of a fur was like calling a nuclear weapon a simple bomb. It looked as if two adult-sized furs had been stuffed in the wolfdragon’s pants and told to fight for space, and never stopped moving even as its owner came to a halt. Combined with the few inches of each immense cheek peering over the waistband of the wolfdragon’s pants, his love ‘shelves’ which were many nearly foot-thick rolls of fat on his sides, and a tail that was as long as he was tall and as big around as the wolf and then some, the back of the wolfdragon was just as much of a sight as the front, if not moreso.

“Are you coming in or just going to admire the view?” The wolfdragon’s words snapped the green wolf back to reality, at least somewhat, and he meekly followed the larger beast in.  The wolf made sure to keep his eyes on the floor so that he wouldn’t get sucked back into the hypnotic swaying of the tides of fat on the wolfdragon, but that tactic proved futile as he walked straight into the back of the immense beast after just a few steps of coming into the house. Actually touching all that warm flesh… To say that he was in heaven was so far of an understatement it was laughable. So soft and welcoming and… The wolf had completely forgotten about his raging hard-on until this point, and was absolutely mortified by it. Never in his life had he been so happy to be fat, as his own bulk provided just enough cushion to keep his furhood from jabbing into his much-larger companion. That little jab was the least of his worries though, as he remembered he was still against the wolfdragon and had been for at least a few seconds. He backed up as quickly as he could once his brain finally got around to telling his muscles to move, but it apparently wasn’t quick enough as more than a hint of annoyance appeared in the wolfdragon’s voice as he spoke. “Stop gaping and pay attention, and close the door while you’re at it.”

“Y…Yessir,” stumbled from the wolf’s muzzle as he turned around and moved to close the door. He really needed to get his head back on straight, and do it fast if he had any hope of making it more than five minutes at this house. He knew that, and was trying his hardest, but it was still just so hard with such a temptation right in front of him… It was going to take pretty drastic measures to keep him from getting absorbed into the wolfdragon yet again.

“You closing the door or not?” The wolfdragon’s words again brought the canine from a trance, though this time it was just his own head that he was lost in, and not the other’s sea of flab. He did so quickly thanks to being back in reality yet again, and hurried to get back in step behind the wolfdragon. What greeted him when he turned around however was that colossal gut of the beast, and four other furs of varying species and sizes. He looked a bit surprised for a moment, as he had definitely not expected to see them there, nor had he heard them come up behind him. The wolfdragon saw that look on his face though, and quickly got into explaining what they were doing. “These four are the other staff, and I figured you might need to know them as you will be protecting them for the next couple days. Kai,” he said, pointing at a seven foot tall, incredibly muscular, gold leomon who looked like he had been through more than a couple scrapes in his day. “Tyler,” came out next as he gestured to a small tiger, barely five-and-a-half feet tall and with quite the thin build. “Luc,” was the third name he called out, a purple lynx waving upon hearing it. “Hyede,” that last name made the final fur, a panda that looked like a linebacker, smile and nod his head politely. “And I’m Sasuke, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now. Now… Lobo I believe Saro said your name was; Hyede will be showing you to where you work shortly, but for now go clean your face or something… You look like you need it.” That last comment got a few snickers from Luc and Tyler, as all five of the furs opposite Lobo had noticed the scent of arousal long ago. “Bathroom that way, second door on the right.”

Lobo didn’t waste a second in following the directions the wolfdragon had given, all but running to the bathroom once he had left the entryway. He wasn’t sure if Sasuke had meant to embarrass him, but it most certainly had. Of course, the wolfdragon had seemed a bit rude from the get-go, so maybe that was just how things were around here: A rude boss and submissive employees. He couldn’t let his mind wander down that path though, so as soon as he got to the bathroom, the sink flew on and 2 pawfuls of water smacked his face. He did that a couple more times, both to calm himself down and clear his head of all doubts about this job. He just needed to focus on the task at hand: Keeping watch of the property and making sure no one who wasn’t supposed to be there got in.

A knock on the shut door of the large bathroom pulled him from his thoughts, a place that he had been quite often over the past few minutes, and a gruff voice that wasn’t the wolfdragon’s came from the other side of the door. “Please forgive Sasuke; he is neither a morning furson nor good at first impressions. When you’re done in there, I will show you to where you are going to work, alright?” Apparently the voice was Hyede’s, and it fit his figure perfectly: Deep, gruff, and yet refined.

“Alright, I’ll be out in a minute.” With that, Lobo cleaned his face once more then scavenged for a towel to dry both that and his wet paws. He found one quickly, and as oversized as it was, it worked fine. The wolf had to guess that most things in this house would be bigger than normal to accommodate the owner, but upon seeing some of them, he wondered just how much money the wolfdragon had. More than a few of the fixtures in what looked to be just the guest bathroom were hand carved from ivory or stone, all in pristine condition and with little wear or tear despite, he guessed at least, having been used by far more than just his paws. Shaking his head as only canines could to get what little water remained off his fur; the wolf left the bathroom and was greeted by Hyede leaning against the far wall with a small, polite smile.

“I really am sorry about Sasuke; please don’t take it personally… He just insists on meeting all the new help personally, and since you got here early… You were subjected to something most of us here dread: Him before noon.” Hyede did really look genuinely apologetic, and offered a paw to shake to prove it. “I’m Hyede Itsashi, as he said, but I figured it would probably be better to properly introduce myself rather than that blitz of introductions.”

“John Lobo, and its fine about Sasuke. Saro did warn me about the greeting before I came; it just took a bit to understand it.” He took the panda’s paw and shook it heartily, a smile on his muzzle and all doubts about this job temporarily banished from his mind. The panda looked to be second in command in the house at any rate, so even if Sasuke had been rude, at least his right hand was making up for it. The panda was kind of cute too… ‘No, no, mustn’t go down that road’ was all his mind responded to that thought as it entered his head. He had already spent far too much time lost in his thoughts that morning; he didn’t need to spend any more fantasizing about the hulking panda.

“So, how did you meet Saro exactly?” Hyede’s small talk saved John from his mental wanderings thankfully, as he was starting to get lost in his head yet again. Thanks to that question, he could stay attentive to following the panda and not focus on that cute bubblebutt in front of him.

“We met in a buffet line actually, King’s on Orchard. There was just one piece of sushi left, we were both pretty full, and ended up talking about who should have it for like, twenty minutes.  Wound up splitting a desert and talking for a couple more hours before he had to leave… Been meeting him there for a meal once or twice a week ever since. He can really eat, but from what I’ve seen so far… So can a few others here too.”

“That explains a lot… Sasuke owns that buffet, and we all thought he was just going there a lot because of that, not because he had a friend there. Saro is quite the loner, so for him to have a friend is a good thing to hear.” Lobo looked a bit surprised to hear that Sasuke owned that buffet, but with the size of this house and the sheer amount of rich things he had seen so far… It didn’t seem unreasonable in the slightest. Hearing Saro was a loner was what shook him more though, as the wolf had approached HIM, not the other way around. The conversations they had had on almost every subject under the sun, the laughs over stories of a bit too much eating, and depth of their debates on what food should taste like, how to just cook a chicken… It was impossible to picture Saro as anything other than social and one hell of a friend. “Here we are, your work-room.”

Hyede stopping and talking caught John a bit off-guard, but not enough to make him run into the panda: He had learned his lesson with Sasuke and followed farther behind this time. The room they had stopped at looked a bit small, but it had all the cameras and a chair in it, so it was obviously a security office. A gun case and many-a-security tool completed the look of a room that Saro had described in light detail many weeks before over a pretty long dinner. It was obvious the wolf had spent a lot of time in the room too, with the chair as worn as it was and the various crumbs on the floor from several midnight-snacks. “I swear, he never lets me clean in here…” Hyede complained as he started collecting dishes on the desk in the room and putting them on the tray that was also left in there. “I assume you know how all this works and what you need to watch out for?”

“Yes on both of those. Should I wait for you to clean up a bit before starting?” Lobo’s question was meant to sound like genuine concern, but his grumbling stomach gave away his true objective with a rather loud growl. He had skipped breakfast to make it to the house on time, and of course that was something a gainer should never do… Particularly a growing one. Hyede heard that growl, and of course knew why the wolf was asking what he had immediately; he did have two other fat furs he took care of regularly after all. With simply a knowing smirk and a light sigh, he began to lumber towards the cleaning supplies while pointing towards the kitchen, his finger aiming right back down the hallway they had just come up.

That gesture was all Lobo needed to start his quick trek to food, and the kitchen that contained it. He didn’t run by any means, but there was definitely a certain quickness to his step that made it apparent that he was not just out for a stroll around the grounds. His stomach growling and the scents of food that were assaulting his nose made even that quick pace too slow for him, but it managed to get him there soon enough. Not knowing the house hadn’t helped at all, as more than once the scent he had been following led to a wall or a shut door, which he wouldn’t even chance on knocking both from fear and the fact that he was supposed to be working and not eating. After a few false trails and passing it entirely once though, he made it into the expansive room, and stopped.

To have a kitchen the size of a large apartment was typical of a restaurant, but in a house it was almost absurd. There were three giant refrigerators that he could see, and a fourth door that looked like a meat locker. Cupboards and drawers littered an entire wall, ending at a pair of double doors that, from the smell, led into a pantry which could probably hold every piece of food in a small supermarket.  Pots and pans hung from the ceiling just as they did in many restaurants, and the stove that they went on looked like it belonged in a restaurant as well. Various other appliances were all industrial-grade or restaurant-quality, with even the sink being one that looked like it could almost hold the wolf in it. All in all, the place was massive and a small view into just how much the owner of the home enjoyed his meals.

Salivating already at the thought of all that food, the wolf did what any real glutton worth his salt would do: Raid the closest fridge. Upon opening it however, his jaw hit the floor. There was enough food in that fridge to keep him fed for days, and there was still two more of the same thing beside it! He almost didn’t know where to begin with all of it: The leftovers, the premade sandwiches, the cake, the gallons of shakes… There was so much to choose from that his mind went into overload for a brief period. He had never had this much free food at his disposal, ever, in his life, and he wanted to make the most of it. ‘Must eat,’ was all that ran through Lobo’s head as he took a chicken leg in one paw and a slice of cake in the other and began to nosh without abandon, messy and fast.

“You’re going to ruin your uniform if you don’t use a plate.” The wolf stopped cold, beet red and remembering where he was as he came out of a food-overload-induced haze. He hadn’t even finished his chicken yet, nor even started on the cake, before someone had interrupted his gleeful beginnings of a binge with a bit of common sense. Turning slowly and seeing Luc, the wolf stayed red as he saw the look of bemusement on the other’s face. Lobo nodded after a moment, bringing the chicken away from his full muzzle and looking for somewhere to put it so that he could search for a plate. He hadn’t even noticed the lynx had one, so when a plate appeared on the counter, it was understandable that he was more than a little amazed. The whole time he had forgotten to chew as well, so when he went to thank Luc for his help, all that came out was a garbled mess of words and some chunks of chicken. Doing that only made him blush harder, as even his fur could no longer hide just how much he was blushing beneath it. “Honestly…,” Luc said, looking rather annoyed at the fact that he had to brush food from his nicely-pressed suit.

Chewing and swallowing quickly, Lobo talked as soon as his muzzle was free again, and though the words were still garbled thanks to how fast they tumbled out, they were at least understandable this time; “Sorry about that, I was hungry and Hyede said there was food and-“Luc’s waving stopped the wolf’s mini-panic attack short, and made him calm down just a little bit as it looked like all had been forgiven.

“I live with three over-eaters Lobo, no need to explain, just keep it neat.” With that, and a reassuring smile, the lynx went about his business in the kitchen; his business being to nick a sandwich from the fridge he had made earlier and bring it out to the back deck. Lobo, on the other hand, had to decide what to put on his plate as he started to load it up in preparation for heading back to his post. He was sure Hyede had finished cleaning by now, or at least gotten it to the point it was manageable, so Lobo knew he had little time to make his choices. Chicken, some potatoes, the slice of cake, a few slices of pizza, and a couple other snack foods made their way onto the place that looked more like an overstuffed platter by the time he started carrying it out of the kitchen. Luckily, no more interruptions happened as he wandered back to his post, so he was free to munch on his meal as he made the ponderous trudge back to the far end of the house where he was working.

That trudge did take a little while, but not because it was long or carrying a heavy tray laden with food was difficult, but because Lobo somehow managed to get lost on his way down a straight hallway. This wasn’t to say that getting lost in a house more akin to a hotel was hard, but it was still not as easy as Lobo made it look. He had been daydreaming about quite a few things, none the least of which was his immense wolfdragon host, and had taken a wrong turn as a result of that. Even though he got back on track relatively quickly, the time he had spent wandering as well as the time in the kitchen had drained Hyede’s patience apparently. The panda could be seen at the end of the hallway, tapping a footpaw on the ground and looking somewhat cross at Lobo, who didn’t even notice this until he had gotten pretty close to the panda. “I’m sorry; I got a little lost… This place is so big.”

The apology seemed to sate Hyede’s annoyance for the time being, as he gestured for John to go into his workroom. The canine hastily complied, careful to not spill his still-full plate onto the ground that Hyede had just cleaned. There was a floor-plan laid out neatly on the counter, on which Lobo set his food carefully before turning to Hyede and smiling sheepishly. “Saro didn’t explain exactly what I would be doing here… Can you?”

“I figured he hadn’t, so I left out floor-plans and instructions… Which you may want to take your lunch off of before they get ruined.” Lobo whirled around and picked up his plate quickly, turning back to Hyede almost as fast with a bright blush and the same, sheepish smile. “In summary of all that though, so long as no one ‘undesirable’ gets on the grounds and no delivery goes unchecked, you’ll be fine.” Seeing that as simple enough, Lobo nodded his head in thanks and sat down at his chair before putting his plate in his lap and looking over the instructions for a more detailed look at his duties. Hyede left as the wolf did this, shutting the door behind him quietly so as not to distract John from his reading. Having the one-track mind the wolf did though served him well, as he barely noticed the panda had left as he scoured the paper for anything out of the ordinary on a security gig. Upon looking the list over and finding nothing out of the ordinary, he looked over the other sheets for any unusual equipment instructions. Seeing that there was nothing in those sheets either, he settled in for a long day of watching monitors, checking boxes, and eating.




As Hyede had said, the wolf was fine. There was nothing during the day that came up that seemed to be even a remote challenge, save for the clumsy delivery fur with a load of glass; that was interesting to watch and manage. Past that small debacle though, the day went by pretty quickly and was almost boring to boot. The wolf did spend a good amount of time eating, just as he thought, since Hyede liked to keep everyone in the house well-fed he guessed. There had never been a single meal, out of the 4 he had been given throughout the day, that left him even the faintest bit unsatisfied. He was probably getting Saro’s normal meals too, he figured, so if Saro ate this good every day and 2 more meals on top of that… It was considerably less surprising that he weighed what he did.

“How was your day?” The booming voice of the wolfdragon practically made Lobo jump from his skin, as for except the food deliveries from Hyede and meeting with two delivery furs, he had spent the whole day alone with his food and his thoughts. The scare left him breathing hard and with his heart racing, not to mention red as can be thanks in no small part to the smirk on Sasuke’s face for having scared the wolf so badly. “I thought I would be hard to miss on those cameras, but I guess I was wrong. Sorry to scare ya so bad Mints, I didn’t mean to.” His apology sounded and looked genuine, but his amusement at scaring a security guard with that many cameras hadn’t faded from his face at all. Why would it though, Lobo figured, as he had just missed a small car walking slowly towards his office… He was asking to be fired for missing that one, so he just played it off as relaxed as he could, especially after hearing that weird nickname Sasuke had used.

“I was finishing off that steak Hyede made sir, sorry. It was the best I’ve had in a while…” Sasuke cocked an eyebrow at that Lobo said, making the wolf worry for a split second as he feared he had said something wrong.

“He didn’t tell you I cooked that steak? I swear, he always tries to take credit for my cooking…”

“You made that? Wow, Sa-…Sir, that was one of the best steaks I’ve had in a long time, seriously.” His look and words were as genuine as he could make them, as John hated seeming like a kiss-ass. The smile Sasuke gave him a small bit of comfort though, as it held pride a compliment from a kiss-ass simply couldn’t create. Lobo returned the smile as quickly, and politely, as he could. He had forgotten about the bit of steak stuck between his teeth though, which had been the real reason he hadn’t been paying attention to the monitors: he had been searching for a toothpick. Sasuke produced one for him though once he saw the stuck meat, and with a grateful grin Lobo took it and put it to work right away.

“Call me Sasuke; sir makes me feel even older than I am. I’m glad you liked that steak though, it wasn’t my best by any stretch thanks to the butcher shop giving me the wrong cow, but I tried…” The rest of Sasuke’s ramblings about cooking the steak fell on mostly-deaf ears as Lobo’s mind tried to process what he had just heard. The wolfdragon had cooked an entire cow, an ENTIRE cow, and saw nothing wrong with saying that in conversation. There was something about that which just boggled his mind in ways that he could not classify. The amount of meat alone on a whole cow was immense, and to think that such an incredible steak had come from a WRONG, and apparently undersized, cow… Lobo didn’t know what to think of it all. “…but I think I am going to buy the place up anyways so that I get my cows and pigs cheaper and better.”

“You’re buying the place even though they made bad deliveries and gave you a bad cow?” Lobo had not entirely tuned out the conversation, but he had ignored enough that Sasuke gave him a slightly confused look at the question.

“I didn’t say their deliveries were bad, just not up to my standards. The cow today wasn’t bad either; it just wasn’t what I asked for entirely… I wanted two calves; they sent me two halves instead.”

“Oh, I misunderstood, sorry.” The close call was a bit too close for Lobo’s taste, so he made a well and true effort to pay attention to what the hybrid said to him from that point on, and not get side-tracked with his musings.

“You can come and see what I meant, if you’d like. Just hit the A.S.C. button over there.” The look of confusion on Lobo’s face was an obvious one, as Sasuke came over and did it after just a moment of watching the wolf look over the control pad with both eyes scouring it for a button that said ‘A.C.S.’ When he came over to do that though, the wolf got a back-full of fat wolfdragon, and… If there was a heaven, Lobo had just touched it with his back. The warmth, the softness, the… everything had just completely overwhelmed his senses. He wasn’t sure if he was even still breathing, and for a moment he wasn’t simply out of shock. A couple whimpers came from his muzzle as well as this happened: One of lust for the initial touch, and the other for the sadness of the monument to excess leaving him alone again. “Lobo, hello?”

The couple words and a snap of Sasuke’s fat fingers brought Lobo out of his trance, albeit blushing profusely and looking down in embarrassment. He had let himself get sucked in again, and it was just as embarrassing as the first couple times, not to mention the arousal that it had given him… What was happening to him? This much arousal from just a touch… Either this beast was a large god or Lobo had finally lost his mind. That was a debate for another time though, so as his mind fought about why there was such sparks flying between Lobo and Sasuke’s gut, the wolf’s body took over and did what it had to: Shut the office down for the night. A few switches here, a couple removed keys there, and the place was ready to leave, with a still-painfully-embarrassed Lobo in-step behind the titanic hybrid he called a boss.

He made sure to look down at the floor the entire walk to the kitchen, and then through it to the back patio. He didn’t want to get sucked up into the globes the wolfdragon’s rear was for a second time, so he just kept watch of the feet beneath them and made sure to do as they did. The entire act was torture for the poor wolf though, as he wanted nothing more than to pounce that rump and snuggle into it, as it alone was larger than his meager couple hundred pound paunch. Thinking of doing that though led him to thinking of his own rear, then of the wolfdragon’s… ‘NO!’ screamed his mind at that train of thought, and it brought a hand down to pinch his gut as a way to get him to snap out of it. The little pinch to his soft front did it, and of course made Lobo blush all over again as he knew he was getting sucked back up all over again thanks to that little nagging thing called lust. He didn’t want to admit defeat to that little thing in his mind, but there was just so much swaying fat and so much wolfdragon for him to surrender to and… Another pinch gave him his mind’s answer to that.

About 20 squeezes later, the wolfdragon thankfully stopped his walking and stepped aside to reveal their destination: the basement. Lobo hadn’t noticed going down the stairs or through a door, but apparently the two had as they were now beneath the house in a wide-open, mostly-empty room that held little aside from a bed and storage tanks. What they were doing down here was beyond him, as he had thought they were going out to the back to see the roasted cows. Lobo’s pondering didn’t last for very long, however, as Sasuke grabbed him roughly by the scruff of his neck and tossed the green wolf onto the bed, which looked large enough to contain even the wolfdragon. The ease at which he was thrown scared Lobo quite a bit, as Sasuke had tossed the wolf a good 20 feet onto the bed, with perfect aim, using only one arm and without even a grunt of effort.

“You like all this, hmm?” Lobo just responded to the wolfdragon’s question with a feeble nod, nervous as could be thanks to the position he was now finding himself in. He knew what was coming next, and as fearful as he was of being torn in two by the wolfdragon… Something about being absolutely dominated about the humongous beast before him sent shivers of lust down his spine powerful enough to make him shake like a leaf. “I tend to make it a habit of… Breaking in my new toys… err, employees, and since you are technically an employee, you get the same treatment.” Lobo didn’t have time to reply, or flee for that matter, as Sasuke slid into bed atop him while he spoke. The wolf was in shock, of course, as a couple tons of wolfdragon coupled with the impending pillaging of his tailhole had pushed his mind into utter overload. It wasn’t that he didn’t want it though; he just saw the whole thing as sudden, since he had only met Sasuke earlier in the morning and the wolfdragon already wanted to mount him. ‘Sudden, but not unwelcome’ was the best way Lobo could think to put this, so instead of fighting he just did his best to roll onto his stomach so the wolfdragon had easy access.

Sasuke noticed the wolf’s confused willingness apparently, for as he adjusted himself to go into his newfound prize, he started explaining himself to the green canine beneath him. “I knew you wanted it, and I wanted it too just from seeing how willing and ready you were. I didn’t think asking would be the best way either, since you seemed so shy I figured you may die from blushing if I said something. I won’t force you though, so…” He moved back, leaning back on his knees with little effort and staying just scant inches above Lobo. Pants around his ankles and a small, caring smile on his muzzle, the wolfdragon was far less intimidating than he had been moments ago and looked almost… Kind, to Lobo. What had been a domineering beast ready to all but force him into yiffery a moment before turned into a compassionate, docile top… And that confused the wolf all the more. ‘He’s fuckin’ manic…’ was all Lobo thought as he looked up at Sasuke for a long moment, trying to read the look on the beast’s face. There had been a hint of it before, the kind look, even when he saw the wolfdragon looming over him and ready to take him barely willingly… So maybe he wasn’t manic; maybe he had just let his own lust get the best of him. If that was the case… That he could get a fur he considered a small god aroused to the point of losing some self-control… Lobo was going to have one hell of a time, as far as he was concerned at least. So in response to the wolfdragon’s question of sorts, Lobo rolled onto his stomach all the way and raised his tail, looking back over his shoulder with a light smirk.

“As long as you aren’t gentle, Sasuke.” Lobo’s words seemed to have quite the effect on the wolfdragon, as he came down on the smaller canine like a ton of bricks and slid right into that bubblebutt Lobo possessed. Sasuke didn’t fully enter Lobo though, he just held his ground at the gate, so to speak, and adjusted himself to get a good angle going. Lobo was in pure bliss beneath over a ton of wolfdragon fat, just his head peeking out at the far end of a mountain that was his boss’ gut. All the warm fat atop him brought his length to attention almost immediately, but the poor wolf had a bit of a problem with that: Being laid on made having any sort of arousal pretty darn painful, but not getting aroused to what was going on was impossible. So whimpering in pain, lust, and many other feelings that made his head spin, the wolf just stayed pinned beneath the hybrid and waited to be torn in two by a member that made his forearm look small. Sasuke felt like he knew how to use it to, as the wolfdragon did not just force it in, and instead held fast at the wolf’s pucker for a long moment before slowly sliding in.

What happened next to Lobo was something few furs had ever experienced in their lives: Pure and total bliss. Somewhere between his hole being stretched out more than it had ever been and all the weight above him threatening to crush him like a bug, Lobo had found that state of mind and embraced it entirely. There was nothing going on in his mind which made him want to reject the reality that he was being pounded in the rear by the wolfdragon, nor in his mind that wanted it to stop, so with moans and panting, he just let it happen and hoped he could hang on for what was sure to be the ride of his life. Sasuke still wasn’t even in all the way, and the fact that he was in full-contact with Lobo’s prostate but still had length to go… Lobo couldn’t fathom the pleasure he was going to get from this. Further and further in the giant length slid, hitting parts of Lobo’s innards he had forgotten existed, but that he was grateful for as they made him that much hornier.

Sasuke didn’t take much longer to hilt inside the wolf, but considering he still wasn’t nearly fully hard nor pounding away yet, Lobo knew he was going to lose himself in this. The large wolfdragon seemed to know that too, and did not speak so that the wolf could completely lose himself all the moreso. His methods of taking the wolf were very similar to an engine starting after a cold night: slow at first, but getting more aggressive and rough as he got going. He had slowly slid in at first, but now that he was starting to pull back and get himself comfortable, his speed and aggression began to seep through. The big beast was just that, a beast, and he had no intention of hiding it as his paws pinned Lobo’s arms and a dominant growl seeped from his muzzle. Being as deep in bliss as Lobo was, he submitted entirely to the grip and growl, not even attempting to fight back at all and actually pushing back up against the wolfdragon as best as he could. The pushing back only further aroused Sasuke, and it seemed to be enough to put him just over the edge, as he started to go to town on Lobo as soon as he re-entered the tight arse beneath him.

In and out, in and out, the wolfdragon pounded away with little hesitation or compassion; this was an act of lust, nothing more. To an outside observer, it would seem the wolfdragon was just humping away at the bed, as Lobo was just barely visible now with how much quaking fat the wolfdragon has moving in all directions. There was not a single part of the big beast that was not moving by now, with his fat cheeks bounding and his chins repeatedly slapping the bottom of his muzzle. His rump bounced up and down over a foot at a time, and his gut rubbed from Lobo’s forearms at the head of the bed, to his rear that had feet of cock in it over and over again. Rolls upon rolls of fat shook up and down like jello in an earthquake, and with all the noise they made slapping together, it joined the chorus of creaking and moaning coming from the bed and both furs, respectively. Even Sasuke’s arms joined the act of shaking, as he not only struggled to keep himself from collapsing onto the wolf and just letting his immensely strong legs do the work, but the foot-plus thick layer of padding stayed constantly in motion.  All in all, Sasuke looked like a giant pudding just attacking the poor green canine beneath him, but considering how hard both of them were, neither seemed to care.

It didn’t take long for Lobo to release his seed, as the feeling of over a ton of fat rubbing your entire back and then some was just too much for him to handle. Being dominated by such a mountain of fat, not to mention having his ass pillaged so expertly, contributed to his fairly-large load, but the sheer amount of weight above him was what really did it. Sasuke still had a small ways to go, but he felt the wolf cum beneath him and just growled out with lust. With his tiny ounce of self-control leaving him as he felt the warm wetness somewhere on the immense curve of his gut, the huge hybrid started pounding away even faster and more erratic. His arms and legs both quaked with the amount of effort they were being asked to expend, but he seemed to ignore every bit of it and kept right on going. In and out his length went like an overactive piston, the moans and groans of both pain and pleasure the single thing the wolfdragon could do now aside from pummel Lobo’s rear. His thick shaft pulsed with need, with his overblown sac looking just as needy for release as it swayed beneath his length and bounced against Lobo’s rear at the base of every thrust. Lobo knew it wouldn’t be long now, and he was ready for it… Or as ready as he would ever be.

It was just a few minutes later that the wolfdragon spooged, and to say that he went off like a rocket was a gross understatement. He had felt it coming apparently, and rolled the pair onto their sides’ right as he went off like a fire hose. Letting out a loud howl as he released, Lobo felt… What he felt was indescribable. He knew he was going to be getting a lot of seed, but this… His innards were filled almost instantly, and it took real effort not to spit the seed out it filled him so fast. His eyes rolled back into his head and he just let out a gurgling moan, completely lost in bliss yet again as what felt like an utter torrent of cum filled every inch of his frame. Panting and moaning, Sasuke just let himself pour gallon after gallon into the wolf beside him, as he seemed to know just what he was doing. Lobo’s poor frame, which has been subjected to being crushed, pounded, tossed around, and such pleasure its brain had shut off, was now being filled like a water balloon with all that cum, or most of it rather as Lobo was unable to keep some from spilling both from his rear and his muzzle. The pure white liquid just kept coming, and coming, and coming…. Lobo had no idea when it would stop, but as it leaked from his mouth like spittle from a baby’s, he didn’t care in the least.

His gut was the first to start swelling, the main place where the seed was filling obviously was going to be the one first affected by it. He started to look more and more like he had swallowed a titanic water balloon, his swelling gut wobbling and sloshing just like one. Bloating more and more, his poor shirt gave up on the fight and started to tear along the bottom, the poor fabric being asked to contain far too much newly-formed gut. Lobo barely seemed to notice this though, and just kept right on gurgling and trying to rub at what bits of his filling-out frame he could. Added inches became feet, and Lobo could reach less and less of his gut as the expansion of his seed-laden frame continued, albeit somewhat slower as the wolfdragon seemed to be finally running low on cum. This almost made Lobo sad, but he seemed to accept it as a gurgling moan of approval escaped his sticky muzzle; he was more than satisfied with the results the wolfdragon had given him.

What results they were too, as Sasuke pulled out of Lobo with a loud ‘pop’ and stood to examine his newly-made balloon, rather slowly though as he was still panting and sweating from all the effort he had just expended. Even though a good amount of seed had leaked from the re-opened rear of the wolf, he was still bloated to nearly twice his size when the pair had first come down and started their romp. His overfilled gut sloshed and quaked, making him look comically bloated as that was the only real part of his frame that had expanded. His chest had grown a small amount as well, but that was really it, as there was no real other place for all that seed to go.         The wolf wasn’t going to stay that way for long though, as he felt his incredibly swollen gut start to churn and groan in an attempt to make sense of what had just entered it. Digestion had begun, and if Lobo had to guess in his stuffed, sexually-peaked stupor, he would be gaining a lot of weight from seed which he was sure wasn’t normal.

Sasuke didn’t wait to watch the wolf digest all that, and instead left the canine laying there like a used toy and left. Lobo didn’t mind, as he was still so far out of it that he didn’t even notice the departure. His paws feebly attempted to rub his complaining stomach, but did little to quell it’s whining as his gut just tried its hardest to take all that it had been given and turn it into more canine padding. He was still painfully horny as well, thanks to his gut resting squarely on his pride as it quaked and wobbled. All that stimulation and arousal… Even Lobo’s name escaped him at this point, as he rolled onto his back and felt a whole new flurry of sensations as his gut struggled to compensate for the change in position. The green wolf, in spite of being used for sex and left like a dirty towel, in spite of being bloated to bursting with cum, and even in spite of barely remembering who he was he was at such a sexual peak, was in utter heaven. It was there that sleep met him, and carried him off to dreams which would only add to the sticky mess around his groin.



                Lobo was awoken with a start just a few short hours later, a large grey paw shaking his shoulder. His eyes shot open, and he looked quite nervous until he recognized Sasuke looming over him with a slight, albeit comforting smile. It took him a moment to remember where he was, and what had happened, but… Oh, as he remembered, his paws hugged his gut in blissful remembrance… Wait. His paws hadn’t been able to hug this much stomach before, what had happened? As his eyes adjusted and looked down, the wolf was greeted by more green and white flab than he had seen on him ever before. He must have weighed 700 pounds now! His gut flowed like a soft river between his chubbier paws, rolls upon rolls of soft fat caressing at every inch of his forearms and paws. He found his length somewhere in the sea of flab he had just discovered, but did not touch it as he knew that he would go off like a rocket if he did, thanks to just the scent of his own musk alone. He was almost embarrassed by how strong his scent was at that point, but he did nothing to try and show it: He had already been violated by this wolfdragon quite violently, so there were no more secrets between the two. “Hi…”

“Hi yourself Lobo,” Sasuke said as he leaned against the bed, much to its displeasure by the sound of all the creaking. He looked over the wolf once or twice, seemingly getting aroused by it as the scent of more musk began to waft into the air. Lobo wasn’t going to sell himself short on this one: he did look GOOD now with all his newly-added weight. His frame held it perfectly, and all in proportion to boot; it was pretty much perfect. There was one thing in his mind that would have made it better though, one thing that would have turned the perfect wake up into utter heaven… And from the scents coming behind the wolfdragon, Sasuke had already gotten that part taken care of. With a loud grunt and more effort than he was used to, the large wolf struggled to roll onto his side so that he could start the tedious process of heaving all his new bulk out of the bed. As he tried, the whole process was quite a sight to watch, as he rolled and jiggled every which way before just giving up and laying there, sweating and panting. His muscles weren’t equipped to deal with doubling their workload so suddenly, so they were apparently on strike and left him beached in the bed. “Stuck?”

Lobo simply nodded, pouting to himself as he lay there in his own bulk. He wasn’t uncomfortable by any stretch of the imagination, but not being able to move himself was a bit of a disappointment, as he wanted to feel what it felt like to waddle along with such an amount of weight moving, wobbling, swaying, and bouncing with every little movement. He had an idea by moving his arms, but… He could only imagine what it would feel like with his thighs rubbing against one another, his arms not able to rest at his sides, the effort he would expend just walking to get his meal… He was getting horny just thinking about it, so when Sasuke pushed a cart heavily laden with food over to Lobo, the wolf barely noticed. The sandwich that got shoved into his muzzle though, the wolf definitely noticed that and had to chew fast to keep from choking. Another one followed that first with such speed Lobo, in his still-slightly-sleepy state, thought it was just one giant sandwich. Eating always managed to wake Lobo up though, so as the third sandwich came, he was ready for it and eagerly waited for it to arrive in his muzzle. The short pause made him re-open his blissfully-shut eyes and look at Sasuke, curious as to why the big beast had stopped feeding his poor, empty belly. The wolfdragon looked back, blushing lightly as he had eaten that third sandwich, and instead just offered one to Lobo in place of feeding him one. Apparently Lobo wasn’t the only one starving, so with a knowing wink, Lobo began to feed himself from the cart.

With his beached position, it didn’t take long before Lobo couldn’t reach a lot of what was on that cart, but with Sasuke so engrossed in his own eating, it would take a bit of effort to get his attention. Lobo thought for a moment as to what to do, his mental wheels spinning a mile a minute as he tried to come up with some sort of plan to get the large wolfdragon’s attention. Sasuke seemed to always respond to his gut, so… Lobo started to shake and wobble his entire frame, murring deeply at the feeling of several hundred pounds of blubber swaying every which way all over his body. He knew that he was large, but just by doing this gave him a true sense of just how large he was now. He found parts of his newly-fattened frame that had not existed until a couple hours ago, and loved every single one of them. The space between his love-handles , the crevice under his moobs, the rolls of his chins, and even the small gap between his cheeks and his first chin roll… A whole new rush of lust raced through his mind and he momentarily forgot about his hungry predicament.

A paw smacking his wobbling gut snapped him out of his revelry, and made him remember just how hungry he was… Had he always been THIS hungry? He started to reach out for the food with a whimper, groping at air like a hungry pup while his painfully-empty stomach growled and moaned for food, with the smack to his gut already a distant memory. Getting more food had become his singular thought, and Sasuke seemed to appreciate that as he pushed what food he could towards the wobbling, whimpering green canine. Lobo tore into what had just been pushed his way as if he had never eaten in his life, but Sasuke just looked as un-phased as ever. The logical piece of Lobo’s mind began to wonder whether or not the wolfdragon had something to do with this insatiable hunger, but it was quickly silenced by his ever-growing appetite. Sasuke kept right on moving over food, and the green wolf kept on eating it with such speed and lack of care that he ate his own glasses by mistake. He still didn’t slow though, his blurry vision just a minor setback as he kept on grabbing whatever shapeless masses he could get and eating them on up.

Sasuke must have been planning on this happening, for Lobo didn’t run out of food for a good long time despite his rapid pace of gorging. He had more than gone through the cart’s amount of food, yet there was always still more for him to eat. So much more, in fact, that the wolf finally was sated nearly an hour after his eating spree had started. He lay there for several minutes after he had stopped eating and just panted with fatigue, exhausted from all the effort he had just put into eating. He had never eaten that much in one sitting before, and some of his sittings had lasted hours. He was shocked at just how much he had put away and the speed at which he had done it with made the feat even more impressive. He had seen Sasuke as a god of gluttony before, but this display… Perhaps Lobo was a bit more worthy of that title than he thought, as he just lay there and didn’t make a sound while his mind tried to sort out what had just happened.

As the wolf opened his eyes for the first time in almost a half hour, he gurgled and moaned loudly as he rubbed what little of his vastly-overstuffed belly. He had really overdone it this time; that was for sure, as he tried to survey what damage he could. He looked at his chest… Then stopped cold and remembered what his glasses had tasted like. He had eaten them, and he knew he had too as they had been metallic and crunchy, unlike the pudding he had eaten with them. He could see perfectly fine though, better even, as he had needed to get his prescription renewed thanks to his eyes getting even worse over the past couple months. He opened his muzzle to ask Sasuke, but as he did that, a belch wormed its way up his throat so that instead of asking what had happened, all he could do was burp so loudly the bed rattled.

“Seems you enjoyed your meal there Lobo…“ The wolfdragon smirked as he began to rub the far-more-expansive paunch of the green and white wolf using nothing but a pair of soft, experienced paws. He rubbed just right wherever the wolf needed it, and as far as Lobo was concerned, he had gone to heaven for the third time that day. He was so content with the pair of paws stroking his bloated stomach in an attempt to ease the pressure within it that he barely noticed how well that attempt was working. The several pounds of food that the gluttonous canine had eaten were being digested and turned into tens of pounds of fat, not only at a mind-boggling pace, but with no waste whatsoever to boot. Lobo didn’t even care about it though; this day had been the strangest, most sexually demanding, and all-around best one for him quite possibly ever. He had already realized that just accepting strange things around Sasuke was a fact of life, so he didn’t question anything even as his body began to tingle all over as he got heavier. More tingling, more heft, even more tingling, even more heft… Lobo was stuck in a loop of growing and progressively getting more numb which he did not question until he felt something very odd go on with his rear. It felt as if his tail had just humped him, but never pulled back out, and to say that it was a weird feeling was an understatement. It pulled him from his trance of contented bliss, where the shock of what had really been happening hit him like a wet fish across the face.

He was nearly a half-ton by this point, his gut sagging low past his knees, with more rolls than a bakery and his arms barely movable thanks to how heavy they were, or so he thought as he rubbed a sausage-like finger over one of his watermelon-sized moobs. How could he… He tried sitting up, and with little effort his gut settled into his lap and well beyond and he was up. How had he gone from immobilized at only 700 pounds to mobile at 1000? His mind didn’t have time to ponder that question though, as he saw his paws for the first time and really began to grasp that something had changed. His paws, as well as his fur, looked different from how they had always been: considerably more rough and with larger claws than he had had just moments before. He rubbed his face to try and get any sort of anything from his eye that could be impeding his sight, only to remember that he had no glasses on, and feel that his muzzle had gotten a bit shorter to boot. It was still wolven in shape, but… It was stubbier for some reason. He pulled his paw back and looked it over again, trying to make sense of what had happened just by looking the newly-enlarged thing over again and again.

“You’re part bear now,” Sasuke said very nonchalantly. Lobo, however, just gaped as he heard those words leave the wolfdragon’s muzzle. How had this happened? What had changed on him? Why did it happen? So many questions pelted his brain that he could not form a coherent reply for nearly a minute, as he just stared at the hybrid with disbelief in his eyes. Sasuke seemed so calm about it, so he must have had something to do with it, but… What did he do?

“Huh..?” That was all Lobo could say after over a minute of silently trying to wrap his brain around the calm statement he had received. Sasuke sat down on the floor next to the bed and smiled at Lobo, giving the wolf an affectionate pat on his belly.

“You heard me. I figured it would help with digestion and make eating even easier for you… Not to mention I have quite the soft spot for bears.” He smiled quite cutely as he spoke, looking like a cub explaining why something was amiss to his parents. Lobo was just stupefied by that answer: How could one change another’s species at will? The amount of questions as to what had just happened and what had been happening was overloading his brain, and when that happened, the wolf did just one thing: Eat. Eating was simple, it didn’t require thought, and the fact that he was hungry just sealed the deal. He didn’t see any more food around, but he did smell some upstairs. He was sure Sasuke had something to do with the now-overpowering hunger that forced his legs under him and forward towards the door, but he didn’t want to question it any more than he was questioning everything else. The wolf was just too confused to even try and make sense of anything anymore, so he just gave up on it and tried to sate a hunger which had been nagging at his brain since he had stopped eating and now took over the poor, abused muscle. Sasuke followed him, explaining what had really happened somewhat, but it all fell on deaf ears as Lobo was just completely gone by this point. He existed for one thing only: Eating.

His existence for eating didn’t last long though, for he was conquered fairly quickly by a fat fur’s natural enemy on his quest for food: Stairs. He remembered where he was, and what was in the way of getting out of said place, and slowly began to clear his thoughts so that he could concentrate, or at least try to. He didn’t talk for a long moment, and just stood at the base of the stairs in silence while all his questions merged into one big one. “How and why?”

“How, the how is complicated… But I did it, and that’s all that matters. The why… I told you, I like bears.” Sasuke’s answer was hardly what Lobo had wanted, but it would be enough for the wolfbear for now, so he just started to calm back down and get some sense into his head. He moved away from the stairs and waddled slowly back to the bed, as not only was he still getting used to being so huge, but standing at that size was really tiring. Each ponderous step reminded him of his newfound size, and in spite of the immense amount of effort that came with lugging it all around, he reveled in the feeling of being so fat. Each roll that quaked from his heavy footfalls, every pound of fat rubbed between his titanic thighs, all the square inches that made up his rolling and sloshing rear… Every bit of it kept his furhood at attention and his stubbier tail wagging a mile a minute. He had regained control of his bulk, that was certain, but he still wasn’t sure if his bulk was controlling him in some way, as it was all he could really think about as he reached the bed and sat, only to start rubbing over what little acreage he could reach.

Sasuke joined Lobo on the bed, much to its protest, and started to rub over some more of the wolfbear’s new, large gut. There was a lot of it to rub, nowhere on the wolfdragon’s scale of course, but enough that Lobo couldn’t even reach half of the huge table muscle. Words would not do justice how incredibly that feeling was for the wolf: to be so massive he couldn’t reach all of himself. Sasuke seemed to agree, as he got more aggressive in his rubbing and went lower on the moon of a gut that was next to the planet that was the wolfdragon’s. Sasuke reaching what he couldn’t made the whole thing that much more enjoyable, and it showed as the green hybrid’s tongue rolled out of his muzzle and off to the side like only a canine could do. Small groans and moans came from the completely sated beast, and as Lobo shut his eyes, he never saw what ‘it’ coming.

‘It’ was a big hose in his muzzle courtesy of Sasuke, and said hose was strapped on before the wolf even knew what had happened. The wolfdragon said nothing, and just adjusted Lobo so that he was in bed properly before turning the hose on. His tail rubbing the underside of the wolfbear’s gut kept Lobo content enough to not put up too much of a fight, but the wolfbear could sense that he wasn’t done growing by a long shot as he saw just what the hose was hooked up to: The tanks that took up most of the space in the basement… A basement that could hold 2 full size hockey rinks with room to spare. The thought of getting that big sent shivers down Lobo’s spine, as he knew what would happen; moving would be impossible, and he would be in a place of bliss few ever get the chance to go to. He thought his day had been incredible before this, and could have died right then happily, but seeing what was about to happen paled in comparison to everything else. He waited for the flow of whatever he was going to get to start, and with shut eyes held his breath in anticipation.

It didn’t take long for something chocolatey to fill his muzzle with such speed that the wolf had to choke it down to keep his cheeks from exploding. Sasuke blushed and turned the feed rate down as he saw the wolfbear’s eyes bug out of his head in shock, as he had no intention of harming Lobo, but rather expanding him to sizes untold. The pair of hybrids looked at each other for a long moment as the flow slowed to an easy pace and Lobo began to fatten up, Sasuke looking back with a spark in his eyes that could only have meant one thing: He had more plans for the wolfbear than he was showing. Though Lobo had no idea what those plans could be, he was anticipating something that he could not even dream up, so he just suckled down the chocolate like a nursing pup and daydreamed what he could become under the wolfdragon’s watchful, and lustful eyes. He tried to rub at his steadily-filling gut, but was just too far into his daydreams to really get his limbs moving at all.

His gut was again the first thing to grow, swelling up as gallons upon gallons of chocolate shake were pumped tirelessly into his immense stomach. They filled the huge sac in mere minutes, and began to push the sloshing ball outwards much to Lobo’s pleasure. Sasuke stayed over by the switch which controlled the rate of feed, and had slowly been turning it up as Lobo had adjusted to being fed slowly, and wanted more as he sucked hard at the chocolate shake being pumped into him. Sasuke was giving him what he wanted, and his body was doing the work on making sure what he wanted didn’t make him pop. His stomach had distended a great deal, but with his newly-enhanced digestive system in overdrive and making everything in it into new fat, Lobo had little to worry about aside from even less mobility than before. His arms, legs, rear, and even his cheeks slowly began to swell with fat as pounds upon pounds upon pounds of flab found their way to every square inch of the wolfbear’s frame. Lobo didn’t know what to think of all that, so instead of trying to wrap his head around it all, he just reveled in the experience and wished that it would not end.


                The process did end eventually, but not before Lobo had clearly outgrown the basement. The wolfbear had suckled away on that tube for hours, and to say that it showed was an understatement. Poor Lobo was stuffed into that basement to the point where the roof was creaking and complaining about the stress of keeping such a titanic creature contained. Lobo didn’t mind any of that though; his gut was his main concern, as it wobbled, quaked, groaned, and rumbled trying both digested the record-setting feed and all but reached out for more to stuff into its immense confines. He couldn’t do much to fill the poor thing though, as the hose was empty and moving himself around without destroying the house above him was all but impossible. He lay still for a moment to ponder his predicament, still trying to suck on the hose as he did in a vain attempt to fill the growing hole in his gut.

It didn’t take long for his need to feed to win out, and with a loud grunt of effort, the wolf rolled onto his back and opened wide. The poor house, already straining to contain the wolfbear, crumbled down both onto, and into, Lobo as he moved. He ate what he could reach hungrily, shoveling in cement, wood, shingles, and plaster like they were bits of normal food and nothing thinking anything of it. He was gluttony embodied now, and nothing like ‘nails’ or ‘splinters’ were going to stop him. This wasn’t to say they didn’t hurt him, but his hunger had taken over his entire mind, so he just ignored the pain of eating such a large, and well-built structure and did it. He hadn’t forgotten about the other furs who were in the house, but he had not heard them before he moved, so he could only assume they were all gone and thusly didn’t check as he ate. A couple squirms coming from his stomach after eating what had been the kitchen indicated he was not entirely correct, but… What could he do now? He shrugged it off as nothing and just kept right on eating the rubble off his immense, blobular form.

The house only sated him for a few moments, as he knew he would need more soon. Trees from the lawn, the garage, and all the cars in it went next. Seeing as Sasuke was vastly larger than normal, all the cars were huge, and some took a while 3 bites to finish off for the rapidly-expanding god of gluttony. Of course, Lobo didn’t mind that he needed to put a bit of effort into his eating, since he had just laid still for hours and sucked at the tube; he wanted to move around for a while, and what better way than eating up a multi-million dollar estate? That thought did cross his mind as he was munching on an SUV, but he thought it was more entertaining than a waste and simply kept on eating the car that was worth more than a year of his pay like it was a twinkie. It was the last of the fur-made objects on the property, but since he was still hungry, he was going to look for something natural to eat just so that he could keep right on going. There were trees, and the ocean… No, more drinking for now, that shake had taken care of his thirst for the time being. Trees would do, and since there were so many, they would be good enough for a while.

Lobo worked his way over to the tree line as quickly as his multi-ton frame could, but with so much fat dragging now, it took quite a while. He ate the lawn to keep his strength up, but by the time he reached the first tree, he was almost doubled over in hunger pangs. The poor oak didn’t stand a chance against the wolfbear’s strong arms, as it was torn from the ground and swallowed in one long, loud gulp. Lobo nearly choked from swallowing the giant tree whole, but he didn’t even care at that point: He was just too darn hungry to think, or chew for that matter. So with chewing out the window, tree after tree went right down into his muzzle. He was insatiable, eating up everything in his path now like a giant green and white vacuum with no chance of ever filling up. Lobo found nothing odd about this strange burst in his hunger, as any part of his mind that would have had long surrendered over to hunger and only fueled his need to feed on trees, foliage, and anything else that he came across that looked even remotely edible.

It wasn’t long before he made it to a second beach-side mansion, having carved a path there through the forest that was several yards wide and only got wider as he got closer thanks to him being fatter still. Had he been paying attention, he would have noticed that nothing was being flattened by his truly huge gut, but rather being absorbed into its mass and making him bigger still. He was slowly becoming a hungry blob of goo that sucked up everything in its path, and he could not have been more content to be that, had he known anything else besides his colossal hunger. That appetite made the second, third, fourth, and fifth mansions he came across vanish in progressively quicker fashion, and didn’t ebb even as he came up on the city he had once called home, and now called lunch.

He could only imagine the fear in the citizens in the city as he loomed over the large beach town with a toothy grin. A thunderous belch roared from his black hole of a muzzle, and it signaled the start of the largest part of his meal yet. Buffets, office buildings, schools… Nothing was safe, and no one was safe either as the titanic hybrid oozed into the city like a slow flood and started either absorbing or eating anything he could touch. Cars flew from the road, up into the air, and down into the wolfbear’s awaiting muzzle as he played with his food like a cub would. Entire houses, plumbing dangling from their bases like rogue hair, went straight into that same gaping maw as fast as Lobo could shovel them up with his immense paws, each of which could palm a tanker truck with ease by now thanks to the amount of fat they had soaked up from his constant stream of eating. Being able to scoop up just houses and cars wasn’t enough for Lobo though, as he set his sight on the city’s financial district with a hungry grin: he had a sudden craving for bankers and skyscrapers.

The trek there was ponderous, but hardly slow. Moving a gut that could put an oil tanker to shame in both size and capacity was quite a task, and though Lobo could do it somewhat quickly thanks to his hunger, it wasn’t easy. It was like watching a plate of half-melted jello move on its own: rolling, wobbling, and folding onto itself over and over again. Nothing within over 100 yards escaped his reach, gut, or both sometimes as it was getting harder and harder to hold onto those small cars for long. His need to feed was growing at the same pace that he was, and that only pushed the titan along faster towards his prize: the tallest building in the city. Nothing else mattered to Lobo at the moment, not the houses, businesses, and malls he was either sucking up or chowing down on, not the thousands he had eaten like candy, not the fact that buildings tasted good to him now… All that he cared about was getting over to that building and eating it, and making sure he had enough to eat to maintain his energy along the way. So eat, roll, and repeat he did through the city, leaving nothing but roads and holes where buildings had once stood in his wake.

By the time he finally reached the building, the wolfbear was able to peer into the 35th story windows and get the looks of fat cats seeing their impending doom. Overgroomed, overindulged, and over the hill… ‘They’re going to be tasty’ was all Lobo could thing as he took his paws and clamped them onto each side of the towering structure. He knew he couldn’t eat it like he had everything else, as this was easily his biggest dish of the appetizer that the city had become. Eating a planet seemed like a good main course for the wolf, and he wanted to see if he could do it, but first this monument to capitalism needed to be eaten. As Lobo had figured out how to tell his gut not to suck up certain things, he wasn’t worried his eating was going to be interrupted by his colossal mass trying to do it for him, so he pushed against the tower with his gut and, with enough force in the right place, got it to fall right onto his mountainous chest. From there, it was just a matter of using his paws, which had held the building to make sure the fall wasn’t too hard, to shove the giant square hotdog of sorts into the wolfbear. Bite after bite of the 100+ story tower went right into his awaiting gullet, and all too quickly the structure was gone. It had been too easy to eat that, and he was almost disappointed until he felt a small prick on his rump that felt like the lightest grope he had ever had.

Turning his head slowly, thanks in part to his size and the increased laziness that came with it. Apparently the army had gotten wind of his actions, and mobilized from the base on the other side of town: Near the beach. Lobo had just been there, but… All that glass had made him thirsty, and tanks looked like they would be quite spicy with all their ammunition and diesel, so he started lumbering over there to make short work of whatever resistance he would encounter. This wasn’t to say the resistance stood a chance: Any fire the wolfbear took just got soaked up, turned into calories, and then turned right into fat for the hybrid to gain with. It was a win-win as far as Lobo was concerned, but it was annoying to have jets circling overhead like flies. He had gotten quite rank from all the walking, and sweating that came with moving something as heavy as himself on a summer day. Maybe drinking the ocean wasn’t such a bad idea any more, and he was still thirsty…



                Draining the ocean didn’t take as long as Lobo had thought it would, and left him a sloshing, bloated green and white blob visible from space with ease. He let the liquid settle in his stomach before starting to lumber along to eat up what remnants of civilization he could find. Cities were like Oreos to him now, and he treated them as such, tossing in many-a-capital on his journey around the world to eat the varying countries and their different tastes. Some tasted of chicken, some of beef, a couple of chocolate, and one country had a distinct coconut flavor that he savored for a long time before moving onto the next banana country on the same continent. Once he had finished those, he moved on to sucking on the ice caps at either end of the planet, taking a long time to do so as he didn’t want brain freeze, despite how little that organ had been used throughout his hunger-induced rampage. Things like how he could still move and even breathe were mysteries to him, but his mind was too far gone to really care anymore: He had a task to accomplish, and he wasn’t going to let petty things like physics or logic stop him.

After nearly a day of sucking on ice and wiping out any cities he had missed, Lobo decided it was time to really get to work on eating the planet. During his day of ‘rest’, his hunger had increased ten-fold as his stomach had digested and emptied of all he had eaten over the past undetermined amount of time. That made waiting that much harder, but Lobo wanted to do it right, so he waited until everything ‘small’ that he could eat was gone before starting on the crust. He had satisfied that requirement, so it was time for him to get to work. He didn’t know where he wanted to start, but even thinking about it for a second gave him a brilliant idea: He would start at a volcano. He could just suck out the gooey planet insides there, and use the crust like bread to soak up the heat if it ever got too hot for him to handle. He imagined that it wouldn’t due to his love of spicy food, but still… He didn’t want the experience to be unpleasant in the least, so he set out for a volcano that he had passed a few minutes before.

It took only a moment or two to reach the lava-spewing mountain that Lobo now towered over, and even less time for his weight to shift onto his unspeakably-large gut and his muzzle to clamp down onto the hole at the top of the mountain. Laying on his stomach was the only way his towering form could reach the hole now, but he didn’t mind as it was pretty comfortable and a great rest for his sore feet from carrying around so much tonnage. He didn’t waste any time relaxing though, and put both paws on either side of the volcano before drawing up a large gulp of magma. It was the spiciest thing the wolfbear had ever eaten in all his time alive and throughout his rampage, but he was absolutely in love with it. So creamy, and hot, and such perfect consistency… If only he had done this sooner! He started sucking hard, trying to get every last drop that he could up and out of the planet and into his awaiting, and steadily growing, gut.

He went on like that for hours, sucking and sucking. He never once needed a bite of crust, and even chewed up the volcano so that he could get to the precious hot liquid faster. The crust he had been resting on faltered quickly under the amount of weight it was being asked to support, and caused his gut to fall into the incredibly hot liquid, or what little of it was left as he was drinking it up at such a tremendous pace. All along the planet, the crust was caving in as it lost support from the magma below, but Lobo didn’t care and just kept on drinking with reckless abandon, as he wanted to get it all. Even as his gut started to make contact with the core and there were scant thousands of gallons left rather than the multiple millions that had existed when he started, Lobo still sucked and licked them up off the core in a vain attempt to get any last remnants. It was on one of those licks that he got a taste of the core, and that instantly lit him up. It was even spicier than the magma had been, but was like a giant hard candy that he could hold and lick to his heart’s content! Desert was going to be great as far as he was concerned.

Before he could eat desert though, he needed to finish his main course, so he made quick work of the flaky crust and ate up the moon for good measure. Sure, he hadn’t needed to eat it, but it was there and he wanted everything within his vicinity gone before he started eating his prized core, so away it went and into the depths of the gut that could handle anything. It tasted chalky, and Lobo didn’t quite like it, but he finished it off without a complaint and then ‘swam’ his way over to the core. Swimming of sorts was the only way left for him to move as, well, there was no more ground in the solar system that could support him without giving way, thanks to being the size his home had once been and then some, as fat was considerably less dense than rock and ground.

Lobo tried to reach the core quickly, but noticed something on his way over that he hadn’t felt since before he had started truly letting the gluttony take over his mind. A small stir in his groin, or rather what felt like a small stir beneath miles upon miles of fat, reminded him of how horny he had been the entire time he had been eating. His truly rock-hard furhood had stood at attention for going on days now, and with Lobo starting to come off his ‘eating high’, the only hard thing left on his rolling frame demanded attention. Lobo couldn’t reach it if he tried, but it felt as if something was doing the work for him in that department. Lobo’s head tilted back in to the many neck rolls that had formed, his tongue rolled out of his muzzle, and a loud moan came from the overstuffed and utterly immense beast. His only guess as to why it felt like tiny paws and a tiny muzzle was pleasuring him was that he missed eating someone on the planet, and he had missed the right furson: One who saw the giant hybrid as what he was; the god of gluttony.

It took only a minute or so before Lobo shot off a load which had been brewing for days, and took longer than even the over-stimulated wolf thought was necessary to end. The paws had been teasing the head of his member when he had gone off, and since he felt no wetness around his crotch that would have come from such a monumental amount of cum… He began to get an idea who had been pleasing him. He wasn’t surprised the wolfdragon had been down there, and started to remember pieces of his rampage where he had felt paws, or heavy breathing, and sometimes even a spurt of warm liquid, against his underbelly. To think Sasuke had been down there the entire time… He must have had time of his life with all that weight above and on him, and such a large member to please. He felt less indebted to the wolfdragon as that ran through his head, but feeling the light rubbing of much bigger paws and a gentle kiss on the tip of his mountainous length put him back in the blurry, horny state he had been in before his mind had cleared enough to form that thought.

He spent the next hour or so getting the pent-up lustful feelings he had let fester for his entire binge out of his system, all while he felt paws slowly climbing up his gut, chest, and then finally his neck. Sasuke was scaling him, but of course there was nothing he could do about that: Lobo couldn’t move a muscle in his body thanks to even his frame having too much fat to comfortably handle and compensate for with muscles or growth. He was essentially stuck in himself, and it wasn’t that he minded at all, he just wanted to be able to please himself by doing more than dry-humping his underbelly and rolling thighs. This wasn’t to say that process didn’t work well, it was just barely less enjoyable and more horny need than Lobo wanted it to be… But the sticky mess his legs and gut became before he was done said otherwise. He had coated himself and quite a large portion of space in his hot, sticky seed, and seemed quite proud of it all despite the whole process leaving him winded, sweating like a pig, and more tired than he had been in a long time.

It wasn’t long before Lobo began to succumb to sleep, but as he did, he noticed something waving from his nose. He had to look quite cross-eyed to see it, but he saw the wolfdragon who had started the whole process waving at him and looking quite proud of his handiwork. How Sasuke had escaped his rampage and stayed hidden for so long boggled the wolfbear’s mind, but he didn’t bother asking questions since the wolfbear could simply chalk the appearance of the wolfdragon up to being overtired, horny as all hell, and the simple fact that logic never seemed to apply to things around Sasuke. He did listen to whatever ; he did owe the big beast that much at least for giving him the time of his life, and making sure to extend that time with the best, and only, body-job he had ever received. The wolfdragon was polite enough to let Lobo catch his breath before speaking, and seemed content to wait even longer as he had slid off the wolfbear’s muzzle and was nestling himself into one of the many rippling chins that surrounded Lobo’s muzzle.

“How was lunch?”

“Great, but I’m beat… Can you wake me for dinner?” Lobo talked even as he yawned loudly, his booming voice shaking nearby planets somewhat thanks to how deep it had gotten from all the weight the wolfbear had put on. Sasuke shook a lot as well, but not from the voice, as Lobo’s talking made his muzzle move, and in turn all his chins with it. Lobo’s apologetic smile seemed enough for Sasuke though, as he simply waved off the mini-quake as nothing and repositioned himself before speaking again.

“I hear the sun is pretty tasty, so I’ll wake you when we get there, but… You didn’t finish your after-dinner mint.” Sasuke spoke as he pointed at the core Lobo had wanted so badly to eat, and suddenly the wolfbear’s hunger came back with a loud growl. As he set off over to his ‘after dinner mint’, he pondered how Sasuke could possibly know what the sun tasted like at all for a long moment. He shrugged it off soon-after though, as he had learned two things during those days around Sasuke: Don’t ask questions about anything around that mysterious wolfdragon, and he treats his toys pretty darn good. With that knowledge in paw, he continued onto the core to try and toss it into his muzzle somehow… For what’s a meal without some after-dinner mints? Not a meal at all.

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