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The wolfdragon sat there, entrapped in his own colossal girth which quaked and sloshed with every minute movement he made. His back and sides looked like steps leading up to a head which was barely even distinguishable from the rest of his blob-like frame. He was still eating though, slurping down gallon after fattening gallon of lard from a seemingly-bottomless tank. He had been like that for hours, entranced by it and just gaining even more and more weight to add to his incredible girth. Of course, he had long lost all mobility and bodily control, which included being gassy and drooling uncontrollably. Sweat, gas, and drool seeped from his titanic body, leaking down in all directions and making him not only slick, but also smell rather rank. He didn’t care though, and neither did a wolf which was only noticeable from the tail sticking out of a rather large roll of fat.

The wolf laid there, licking and slurping at the wolfdragon’s rolls lustfully while the immense creature gained above and around him. The mint-green canine had been at that task for some time, and though he did not seem to tire of it, he wanted more to come from it than simply pleasing his master. This was not to say that the wolf had no desire to please his master at all; he glorified and worshipped that gaining wolfdragon like a god: a glorious, gluttonous deity. All deities needed to be worshipped, and that was the wolf’s job for this particular one. He began to think of more ways to worship, and as such crawled out from the roll he had been under for nearly 2 hours to slowly begin scaling the mountain of fat and fur which he was so intent on keeping completely in a state of bliss.

It didn’t take him very long to reach the top, but once he did he began to kiss and attend to the wolfdragon in new ways. He knew the wolfdragon had a severe weak spot on his ears, and because his ears were one of the few bits of him that hadn’t been sucked so deep into his mass that they could never be found, the wolf began to lick them slowly and gently. It was then as he was there that some drool from the gluttonous god touched him. It slowly seeped into his fur, and the second it penetrated that thick rug on his body and touched his flesh, the wolf felt a sensation unlike any he had felt before. It was as if he had just exploded from the inside, but in such a way that was not painful, but orgasmic. He came the second it happened, having already been aroused to the point of near-pain for over an hour thanks to being in the presence of his god.

The wolf calmed down after a moment, panting and regaining control of his senses for a brief instant before even more drool hit him. It sent that feeling coursing through his entire, pudgy body again, and again he cried out as he stood at full attention. Little did he know, that explosion was literally an explosion within him, of sorts. He was gaining in bursts, each little explosion which caused him to either orgasm or get close enough to it that he may as well have putting almost 30 pounds of fat on his body. The canine probably wouldn’t have cared if he did notice that though, the utter feeling of every sexual feeling he had ever experienced taking him and going off all at once was enough for him to have to crave it like a drug addict.

It had only been approximately 45 seconds, but to the wolf it was enough to not only get him incredibly addicted to the feeling of that drool, but add 60 pounds onto his frame. The wolfdragon was far too deep in his trance of eating and sexual pleasure to even notice, and the wolf was too far-gone into needing that ‘drug’ of his to care either. Each was lost to their own pleasures, and each was going to fulfill them one way or another. The wolfdragon had his tube, and the wolf had pawfuls of the drool which he was now rubbing himself in. He didn’t know what it was exactly, but he didn’t care and instead just rubbed whatever fluids of the wolfdragon that he could all over his fattening and orgasming frame. He convulsed and screamed out in pleasure, literally exploding in both weight and cum as he felt the feeling of every single fiber of his frame being pleased as deeply sexually as they could. It was an experience unlike any other, and Lobo could not go without it anymore.

Lobo didn’t even truly notice his weight gain until he started to tire just from moving his arm. He stopped for a moment to check to see why, and was absolutely astounded by what he saw. Whereas before he had simply weight around 500 pounds, which was very fat, but still plenty small enough for him on his well-over six foot tall frame, he now weighed closer to 1000 pounds. It was a monstrous gain for such a short amount of time, and the green canine couldn’t have been happier with it. He slowly started to rub his paws over his newly-expanded belly, touching and kneading away at it like a child with a new toy. He was absolutely floored, aroused, and didn’t even know where to begin with the incredible thing. Touching it was as arousing as just looking at it, which was just as arousing as shutting his eyes and just feeling how heavy he felt now, which was a new sensation in and of its own right. There was still drool on him too, which meant that the feeling of being heavy was only going to increase… And that was quite a proposition to the wolf.

He kept right on growing, pushing more and more down into the wolfdragon for a long while until his own mass was just too big to be contained on his wolfdragon bed and slid off. Lobo had joined the wolfdragon at that point in utter immobility, thanks to both having gained nearly a ton and a half of pure blubber, and also thanks to being four feet shorter than the beast he had been using as a bed, at six feet tall. The drool which was on the canine quickly got sucked up into him, and once it was all gone his growth finally ceased. The feeling of absolutely over-the-top sexual pleasure ceased with his growth, and it was then that Lobo came for the 8th time since he had started growing larger. It was his largest and most immense load yet, utterly coating his rolling and tree-trunk things, sagging and rolling underbelly, colossal balls, and even the floor beneath his incredible bulk. Even through the feet of lard and fur which separated Lobo’s seed and his nose, the wolf could smell it and it made him murr deeply as he came down off of his sexual high.

The afterglow of such intense feelings was almost as  intense, and by that it meant that Lobo got sleepy within a minute of coming down off his high. He tried to fight it, tried his hardest to stop himself from giving in to sleep so that he could go for another round with the wolfdragon and please the larger beast some more. Lobo was fighting a loosing battle though, and then second he shut his eyes to blink, he had lost it entirely. The wolf teetered on his wide rear and spread thighs, but ended up letting his head fall forward somewhat onto his chest and chins where he instantly began to snore loudly. It was as if the wolf hadn’t slept in months for how tired he was, and how deep he was instantly asleep. Dreams of growing larger and doing what he had again and again filled his sleeping mind, and as the wolfdragon beside him grew slowly but surely larger and larger, it was only a matter of time before those dreams would come true. After all, what else was there to do when one was too fat to move?


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