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Muzzles met muzzles; tongues greeted tongues; and the best kiss Kullo had ever had was under way. Passion flowed from him to his partner, a passion which was returned ten-fold by said partner in the form of warm paws and even warmer lips. Even with Kullo’s eyes shut, the possum could see this passion flowing between himself and the squirrel in his arms. He could taste it as their tongues met somewhere between each respective muzzle and wrestled one another for dominance of their mouths. He felt it radiating off the warm body in his strong arms as it slowly seeped into him through every pore on his body. It came to his ears through the small moans that the squirrel gave during the kiss. The smell entered his nose in the form of the musk building on the other creature’s frame, indicating that this kiss would be just the beginning of their shared passion.

Through all of this, Kullo didn’t let out a peep. He silently returned the kiss, giving as much passion as he had left in his body to the being violating his mouth. This still seemed like too little to the possum however, and after almost a minute of going at the kiss with the squirrel, he broke away. The sensuality, passion, ecstasy, and sheer enjoyment of the moment had overwhelmed his senses, but he hungered to have that feeling more than once. He thought that if he broke it off soon enough, the squirrel would not become bored of him, as so many others before had. A strand of spittle still connected the pair, whose muzzles were mere centimeters apart now that Kullo had stopped kissing the squirrel, but that strand was broken as the squirrel spoke.

“What’s wrong Kullo?”

“Nothing Nate, nothing at all…” Nate, the squirrel, looked at Kullo with a bit of a sigh. Both of them had just slits for eyes, spoke in barely audible voices, and had yet to release or move apart from one another. They were still trapped in the moment, and as such, the effort and loss of interest required in doing anything above what they currently were would ruin the passion which lingered in the air at that moment. Their slit eyes met for a moment, and not much longer than a moment as Nate had raised a paw and placed it on Kullo’s cheek, who gave the paw a gentle nuzzle with his eyes shut.

“I can tell when you’re fibbing Kullo, you know that…” Kullo, aware of that fact, nodded with an ever-so-slight sigh. The squirrel continued to rub the possum opposite him on the cheek, hoping to calm the creature down enough so that he could talk out what was bothering him, or at least get something ‘extra’ from the smaller of the two. Nate leaned in to kiss Kullo again, but his lips were met by a cheek instead of another pair of lips. This abrupt change of surfaces for the squirrel to kiss caused his brow to furl and his tail to fluff up a bit; worry and annoyance were penetrating into his furred head.

“I do… don’t want you to get bored of me Nate… You know how things ended with Hyede; I’d rather have you around for more than a quick fling.” The possum’s voice trailed off as he finished speaking, only further getting across how painful his last ‘relationship’ of sorts had been. Nate was a bit taken back by such an honest admission from the possum that had, up until then, been so secretive. The squirrel simply resumed stroking at the marsupial’s cheek, falling silent himself. There was much he wanted to say, and it showed through his face, but he wanted to make sure Kullo was better first.

A sigh from Kullo broke the silence which had been lingering in the air like a foul stench. Nate, who had simply been sitting there quietly and stroking at Kullo’s cheek, took it as a sign to start making sure the depressed possum felt better. He lightly shoved Kullo over and began to kiss him roughly, both his paws holding the head beneath him in place as he did this. Kullo, shocked by such a brute display of affection, felt himself becoming aroused as his lips brushed Nate’s over and over again. Both beings were pushing, grinding, and rubbing one another in this new kiss, the passion from the first replaced by an almost insatiable lust. Kullo went along with it, not because he was feeling better, but because there was one thing in the world that would make all his worries disappear no matter how sad he was: being dominated by force.

The second, more forceful kiss lasted for several minutes. It involved both of the pair stripping down to nothing, cries of ecstasy from both of them, and Kullo getting fingered by the squirrel. When they were finally done, no words were said, they simply broke apart from one another faces for a split second before Nate placed a paw on Kullo’s shoulder and flipped the possum over. Once on his stomach, Kullo braced himself for what he knew would be coming. He had felt up the squirrel during their first kiss, and knew that he had a very well-endowed being on top of him. Nate, on the other hand, knew he would have to take it slow into the relatively tight hole beneath the throbbing cock he possessed; he didn’t want to hurt Kullo after all.

The head of the unsheathed cock rubbed Kullo’s warm and tight hole, causing the possum to yell out in absolute bliss. Back arched against Nate’s chest and his hole aching for a large cock to go in it, Kullo was almost completely overtaken by the lustful desires coursing through his body. Nate reached that point as he pressed the tip of his cock into Kullo’s hot rear, eliciting a grunt from Nate and another yell from Kullo. Nate paused there for just a moment, getting a grip on the possum beneath him and hoping to hold on tight enough so that he could thrust in and out of the creature without losing him. Kullo felt the paws wrapping around him and immediately grabbed at them, steadying himself on those paws as well as pushing them down to his nether regions.

In Nate’s cock went, the long, hard, and thick shaft penetrating deeper and deeper into the warm hole in front of it. Every inch it went in caused more and more lust to flow from Kullo’s small frame, and by the time the other beast had nearly hilted, Kullo was in a trance. He wanted nothing more than to be pummeled by the cock in him, to feel his prostate hurt, and to get his own cock stroked through it all. This became more and more outwardly obvious as the squirrel behind him began to pull out in preparation of going to town on the possum. Kullo moaned, grunted, yelled, bellowed, and made a whole host of other noises that could only be made during intense arousal. He used his paws to make sure Nate’s paws got the message as far as stroking the possum’s erection went. Kullo was in heaven, and when Nate’s cock re-entered him rather forcefully on its first real thrust, heaven was almost too weak a word to describe his feelings.

Nate knew all too well how much the possum enjoyed sex, and was not so much taking advantage of that fact for himself, but trying to improve Kullo’s mood through it. This was not to say the squirrel was not thoroughly enjoying pillaging such a tight hole by any means; he was entering a state of bliss as he pumped in and out of the hole under him. He had gotten Kullo’s hint around his second entry, but wanted to tease the possum first with just a couple fingers before giving him the pleasure of a full-blown handjob. Grunts and moans came from Nate at the top and bottom of each powerful thrust, due in part to the lack of exercise the squirrel got. His girthy squirrel-meat continued in and out of the possum, but he still had yet to get his rhythm down as he was only 5 or so plunges into what would be a long and pleasing romp.

Not 1 minute later, both beasts were fully erect and aching for release. Nate’s balls, which had been loosely bouncing off of Kullo’s rear on every particularly deep thrust, now pulsed with the load brewing in them. Kullo’s own sac churned its own load of seed in preparation of release; the hands on his cock were now doing their job flawlessly. Nate had found his rhythm and was taking advantage of that since nearly every thrust hilted his cock inside the possum beneath him. Kullo, on the other hand, shook with each shove of the cock as they were so hard and deep into him, but needless to say he enjoyed that fact immensely. Both creatures looked at each powerful pound from Nate’s cock as one step closer to the ultimate goal of this incredibly lustful encounter: release.

Kullo was the first to go, and he went hard. Cum shot from his cock in hot, sticky streams, the end result of the handjob finally coming into the picture. Nate, on the other hand, continued to pummel Kullo’s ass with everything his cock would give him. His thrusts were becoming more and more erratic, especially since Kullo’s release of seed had put him into a frenzy of needing to release into the hot hole under him. Seed had stopped coming from Kullo’s cock after a moment (he did not have that large of a load), but his cock still remained throbbing as if it wanted to release even more of the creamy white liquid. Nate noticed this, and it only further aroused him, making his thrusts even more erratic and lustful.

As this happened, Kullo began to fear for his intestines, and as a result he slid off the humping cock which he had ridden so happily. Nate whined for a moment, but as he watched Kullo spin around, he knew what was coming. Nate fell onto his back as soon as that thought crossed his mind, the action eliciting a small smile from Kullo as the possum came closer and closer to his prize. Nate and Kullo both eyed the large, pulsing piece of meat sticking up horizontally from the squirrel’s vertical frame as if to will it to cum. Knowing that would not work, Kullo continued crawling closer to the squirrel with a bit of a smirk on his lips. His muzzle got closer and closer to that cock, and the look in his eyes had gone back to the lustful one he had during the whole time his hole was being pillaged.

Licking his lips lightly as he came within inches of the throbbing piece of meat, the smells of arousal wafting up into his muzzle like those of a Sunday breakfast, Kullo gave one last look up at Nate’s face before going down on that member with little more than his muzzle. Nate moaned loudly from that, as Kullo was an expert when it came to using his tongue and lips for pleasure. Kullo knew that, and took it to his full advantage as he shoved more and more of the squirrel’s girth down his muzzle and into his throat with little effort and more lust than anything else. He licked, stroked, and sucked on anything that was in his way on the way down, looking a lot like he was nibbling on something tasty as he did. This wasn’t to say that Nate’s length didn’t taste good to him, he just wasn’t thinking about that at the moment, it was what was inside that he was after.

Nate panted and heaved and tried so very hard not to hump up into Kullo’s willing muzzle. It took such a great deal of restraint and self-control during a moment of absolute sexual heat that he felt he would faint just for trying to do it, but yet he still hung on for dear life and just enjoyed every second of having Kullo pleasure him. The possum hit the bottom of the squirrel’s shaft and began to carefully lick around the base, using his teeth and whiskers so very lightly that they just felt like extra tongues to tease and pleasure the soft flesh beneath them. Nate could barely stand waiting to release now, with that feeling making him even more aroused still in spite of the fact that he had never been this horny in his life. Kullo could sense that, and started back up the long shaft in his muzzle to see what Nate’s limits really were.

He didn’t have to test for long, for it was on that return trip to the top of Nate’s length that the squirrel went off like a cannon. He came so hard that the possum nearly choked on the forceful seed that shot down his throat and into his flat stomach. Kullo hung on and sucked most of it down though, letting some escape out the sides of his muzzle as getting all of a load in one’s muzzle is nearly impossible, as anyfur will tell you. Nate was moaning and panting and letting out faint yelps of pleasure as he released, and to Kullo, it was the symphony of ecstasy. The possum enjoyed the sounds for the short while that he suckled down the squirrel’s seed, not being able to enjoy them for much longer than that as Nate just fell back onto the ground flat and lay there, breathing heavily. Kullo made sure to ‘clean up’ his little mess down around Nate’s nethers before laying down next to the squirrel, breathing a bit hard himself as he did.

“That was….”


“So much for not a quick fling?” Kullo gently, and playfully, punched Nate in the arm and rolled onto his side to face the squirrel, who turned his head to face the possum with a light smile. The leaned forward, kissed gently, and looked at eachother for a long moment before either one of them spoke. The heat of the moment had receded back into the dark regions of their minds, but their passion stayed, and they wanted to savor it and have it return to where it had been before lust had taken over before they truly spoke again.

“I dunno Nate, I could get used to our little ‘flings’… As long as they’re regular and only with me, and they have things in between them, and-“

“Shut up Kullo, just… shut up and enjoy the moment, ok? I think we both know this is going to be a regular thing from now on.” Kullo stopped talking and just moved closer to Nate, kissing the squirrel on the cheek before resting his head on the other’s flat shoulder. Nate saw that and smiled to himself, shutting his eyes and laying his head back flat on the ground. Kullo’s eyes soon shut as well, and silence fell over the two nude furs who smelled of sex and lay among a small sea of clothes. They were both going to be stiff in the morning, that much was certain when one sleeps on the floor in their positions, but… They were happy there, and that was all that mattered, for just like the kiss that started their whole ‘inaugural meeting’, passion flowed from one to another… And that is all either one of them needed.

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