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With a light smirk on his muzzle and a look in his eye that could only spell trouble, Sasuke slowly waddled back and forth at the foot of the bed whilst rubbing his paws together. He would occasionally glance over at his freshly-captured prey, a mint-green wolf, but aside from that paid him little mind. The huge wolfdragon was planning things, that much was evident, and it was something that would probably not end ‘well’ for the squirming green wolf.

“Lobo, I think you need to gain a few pounds… It’s been so long since I last saw you that I could swear that you have lost some.”

“Oh, Sasuke, I sw-”

“Shut up, I didn’t say that you could protest, or even speak for that matter. This is my house, my domain, and here I make the rules, got that?” A feeble nod from Lobo was all that came in response from the wolfdragon’s barked out command. Pleased by that, the wolfdragon came over to the side of the bed and slowly leaned down against it, making the mattress sink heavily as his girth came to bear on the poor, unsuspecting mattress. The wolfdragon looked to have plans as he did that, and Lobo got a touch nervous at that thought, as the wolfdragon’s plans were never as innocent as one might think.  Sasuke did indeed have plans, plans plans plans… And the wolf had no way to stop those plans, thanks to bindings the wolfdragon had put on him as they had slept the night before. The wolfdragon had indeed been thinking about this for more than just the few minutes of pacing that he had done, and it seemed as though he was going to take it quite seriously from the looks that he was giving to the wolf.

“So, first, we need to make that rump of yours a little bigger to make it so that I can take care of you better…” The words hadn’t even finished leaving the wolfdragon’s muzzle before the wolf’s rear was already expanding, albeit slowly, with fat. Lobo squirmed and wiggled and tried to stop it, but it was to no avail: He was going to become a quite literal definition of ‘fatass’ whether he liked it or not. “You need a belly to rest on too for this one…” Again, just like before, the wolfdragon had not even finished talking before more fat began to slowly seep into the wolf’s belly, just out of nowhere. It was an odd feeling to say the least; randomly fattening from thin air… But it was by no means undesirable. It was like being filled with warm air and slowly having that air settle into heavy, warm flesh… Very hard to describe, but absolute heaven to experience.

Lobo was getting that heaven in a very large dose as well, as his rear and belly both inflated at a slow, but steady pace while the wolfdragon just watched and smirked. “I think that’s enough.” Sasuke muttered after nearly 5 minutes of just watching the wolf inflate with no real reaction to it whatsoever. Lobo, on the other hand, was at a sexual peak that he hadn’t been at in a genuinely long time; one that could only be brought on by the wolfdragon’s seemingly magical touch. It was, of course, not magic as to how Lobo was gaining from just breathing in air, but it was also not a secret the Sasuke was going to share anytime soon, so he just let the wolf believe in magic and grow to his heart’s content: Sasuke’s heart, that is.

“Now then, let’s get you on your belly…” Giving the wolf a rough push, the wolfdragon rolled Lobo onto his gut so that his bound arms were above him and he was resting on the newly-created sea of flab that the wolfdragon had granted him. Lobo wobbled and swayed and nearly toppled off the bed in that sea of nearly-immobilizing adipose, but there was just so much there that the wolf stayed put atop his perch and just murred with contentment. The wolfdragon had begun to murr as well, as he liked what he saw with that tail raised, the rump looking like sagging under-inflated beach balls and a belly that even he was somewhat impressed with, despite being smaller than his own.

“I guess now we get down to why I am here and doin’ this…” The wolfdragon grunted heavily as he rolled up into the bed, the poor frame groaning in protest as it supported nearly 3 and a half tons of furry flab as best it could. Sasuke ignored the frame, and the wolf’s moans, and just shimmied his way over to behind the wolf as best he could. Lobo was groaning and lightly humping into himself, but Sasuke saw that and instantly stopped the wolf by taking ahold of Lobo’s protruding member and giving it a rough, but not painful squeeze. “I get off first, and then you can have your turn… You go first, and you’ll be servicing God for a long, long time.” Lobo instantly stopped and feebly nodded his answer, whining quietly to himself as he stood at full attention but could do nothing about it because, well, Sasuke was selfish and wanted his turn first. It wouldn’t take the wolfdragon too long to get off, as he was always horny thanks to his own member rubbing away against his rolling thighs every step he took, but any sort of wait when one was at a sexual peak like the one Lobo was at seemed to be an eternity, but an eternity where one was getting mounted by Sasuke? That could be an eternity worth waiting through… Or so Lobo seemed to believe.

Sasuke didn’t really care one way or the other, he just wanted to get off and ride Lobo into the bed like there was no tomorrow, so he didn’t waste any time spreading those freshly-larded cheeks wide and sliding his huge, meaty member between them to spoon the wolf for a moment and remind him what he was in for. Lobo’s moans and whines turned to deep, guttural groans of lust as Sasuke did that, as the wolf remembered full well what the wolfdragon was packing, and what he could do with the thing once it was inside Lobo. Sasuke spent a moment spooning the wolf, just sliding his member’s tip along the base of the deep crevice that was Lobo’s arse, and not really seeming to do so with any real end or plan in mind. There was always a plan with Sasuke though, and it seemed to work perfectly too, for right as Lobo started to tire of the spooning, Sasuke rammed himself into the wolf full-force with no warning, and bottomed out on that first thrust. Lobo screamed out in both pain and pleasure, as Sasuke rarely did anything that brutal on his first entry, but seeing as he used both paws on the wolf’s love handles to really pull himself forward into the wolf as deep as he could get, it was blatantly obvious that the wolfdragon was going to ride Lobo like never before. Lobo didn’t mind that, not at all… Nor could he mind at that point, as his brain was too muddled thanks to being utterly filled with thoughts of lust and getting fatter and the pain of being utterly pillaged by the wolfdragon and the pleasure of that fact as well.

So much was rushing through the wolf’s mind, but the wolfdragon on the other hand had a clear mind. He was focused, filled with one emotion, and utterly set on letting that feeling rule his very essence for the time being: Lust. He was just pounding away at Lobo at full speed, every powerful thrust entering deep into the wolf and then exiting at just as fast a pace and with just as much dominance as the one before it. There was nothing that could slow the wolfdragon, nothing that could deter his mind from his goal, and with the grunts and sweat and smell of musk and so many other things that came both off him and from him… It just showed how much effort he was really putting into going at the wolf full-force. He was riding Lobo to town, and it was a ride that Lobo wasn’t going to stop thanks to not only being bound and too fat to even move properly, but the fact that there was no escaping the wolfdragon once he got into a state like this: it was either submit, or get bowled over. This was just apparent through how Sasuke was using the wolf’s bindings as a sort of handlebar to hold himself upright, in spite of knowing that it could not be comfortable on the wolf and knowing full well that it was going to probably undo the binding in the process. He didn’t care though, all he wanted was to get off, and as his knot slowly began to swell with arousal and his member reached a rock-hard state, it looked like he was getting there shortly.

Lobo was still at his peak, panting and groaning and grunting with every thrust that the wolfdragon took. He was swaying like a boat out at sea, just being tossed around like a salad from the sheer amount of force and not complaining in the least from it, as in spite of moving nearly 2 feet every lustful, powerful thrust from the wolfdragon as he pounded away and edged closer and closer to pumping the wolf full of gallons of spooge, Lobo was just high on the experience like he always was when being utterly taken for a ride by Sasuke. It was something else, and it was getting to the good part as he felt the wolfdragon’s swollen knot kissing against his hole every thrust now, meaning that a pairing and then an utter torrent of cum was imminent.

Indeed, it was, for no sooner had the wolf thought it than Sasuke slammed deep into the wolf, stayed in there, then howled like a wolf and went off like a fire hose. Lobo went off in unison, his own seed blasting into his underbelly and actually spraying a bit onto Sasuke’s underbelly as well as he went off with the same force that the wolfdragon was. Both beasts were panting and sweating and howling like dogs in heat, but that was what the moment called for, and neither would have it any other way. Sasuke stayed in Lobo and just spewed seed for nearly a full minute, all told dumping almost 10 gallons of the highly-fattening liquid into the wolf before collapsing onto him in a tired, spent, and still-paired heap. Lobo had long since stopped and just stayed as hard as a rock, the sensation of the wolfdragon atop him being more than enough to maintain his blissful, aroused state.

Neither talked, nor tried to really move, as they were both tired and panting but still so painfully horny that a second round was hardly out of the question… But they both needed a few minutes, thanks to just how much effort it was to do that when one weighed as much as a car. Sasuke was the first to move, sliding out of Lobo with a pop and stepping back to admire his handiwork once he had rolled lazily off the bed. Lobo was proportionally fattened out now, and not going anywhere anytime soon either. His limbs were bloated to the point of taking effort to bend, and his gut along was almost the size of Sasuke’s in spite of the fact that the wolf was feet shorter in height than the wolfdragon. It was just a sight to behold to Sasuke, and he was quite proud of it… Of course, there was always more that could be done…


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