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Kai and Sai, paw in paw, walked along the boardwalk to their end destination: the local St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It was always a big deal in their town, and since the pair hadn’t really gotten out much since Sai had returned, it seemed like a good first outing for them. Sai was his usual happy and aglow self, and even Kai was relaxing and enjoying the day, which was good as the leo most definitely needed it. It was on their walk that they heard the director of the parade absolutely screaming at a poor worker, who looked like he was about to curl up and die from the obscenities being shouted at him.

“What do you mean there is one less balloon?!”

“Sir, I’m sorry…”

“You’re fucking right you’re sorry, I will have your goddamn head if that missing balloon ends up costing us this fucking parade!”

“It wasn’-”

“I don’t give a shit whose fault it was, you’re going to be the one to take the fall!”

“Yes sir…” Sai, being the empathetic being he was, let go of Sai’s paw and ran over to the arguing pair. Kai waited patiently, leaning over the boardwalk’s railing and looking out into the sea. He had been working out lately, and as such was feeling incredibly buff as he did that. It also had him sore as could be, since his workouts were often very long and intensive, which left him tired… And with Sai being busy quite often as of late, it was all that the leomon did really; work out that is. The progress showed, with biceps the size of Sai’s head and legs bulging with muscle, not to mention abs which could cut diamonds. Yes, he was the epitome of incredibly shape, and he was proud to be showing it off on the boardwalk in spite of being sore.

Sai’s leaner frame came back over in a few minutes, leaning against the large leomon’s muscular side. The wolf was a lot smaller, both in height and build, but kept himself trim enough that he too got plenty of looks from going out. It didn’t help that neither fur bothered with a shirt unless it was absolutely necessary, but they didn’t care: They only had eyes for one another. “So, Kai… I am calling in that favor you owe me”

“What favor?”

“THAT favor”

“Oh… Really? Now? For what?”

“They need another parade balloon.” Kai’s face instantly went from relaxed and slightly smiling to confused and a bit stunned. He understood what the wolf was suggesting, somewhat, but it still didn’t make sense in his head. Why would he be any help getting a parade balloon. Sure, Sai could inflate him… But to that size? Really? Just what was that wolf planning to do to him…? It was swirling around in his head, till Sai spoke and explained. “I want to use you as the balloon Kai. A little hot air, a big pump… There’s that warehouse at the end of the pier. You won’t pop or anything.”

“No Sai, I don’t want to do it… I’ll be humiliated, I might pop, and it’ll hurt so much… Why are you trying to use that favor?”

“Because I want to see it, and because we both know I will make it worth your while… And I really, really need this…”


“Please Kai, please?” Sai’s pleading eyes and just intense curiosity won Kai over. He didn’t WANT to do this, but there was something intriguing about it, something new and foreign to being that immensely filled with air that he just wanted to try out and see what could happen. Sai saw that reaction and instantly smiled, leading the way with a reluctant and regretting leomon in tow behind him. It was a short walk to the old, abandoned warehouse, but every step felt rather long to the leo. He was nervous, and had so many questions about what was going to happen to him once they got into the warehouse that he was almost afraid to let his mind wander. But wander it did, and various images of a naked, impossibly bloated, and floating leomon instantly flooded his mind, but instead of keeping him frightened, his pants slowly began to tent out. He was warming to the idea, and maybe thinking it wasn’t going to be so bad.

Sai led the leo into the warehouse, which was by and large empty save for the little bit of padding, and a large pump-like apparatus. Had Sai planned this? No, Sai was too innocent for that, right? Kai had those thoughts and a couple others whizz through his head, but he was already committed to it now, so there was nothing he could do about it. He was going to get that balloonification done to him, whether he wanted it or not now… It was just a matter of accepting his fate and hoping Sai made it well enough worth his while. The wolf never had let him down in terms of… ‘Pleasure’ before, so why would this time be any different.

The leomon followed Sai over to the pump, sighing quietly to himself as he sat down on the padding. The wolf shook his head and then frowned, making the leomon sigh again before repositioning himself onto his stomach with his tight, sculpted arse up in the air. It was from that position that the wolf took over, sliding Kai’s pants down rather quickly then smirking a bit as he took the hose which he was going to pump him full of hot air and rubbed it between those tight, sturdy cheeks of the leomon. “You’re gonna like this Kai…” The leo shook his head slowly, purring very lightly from the hose rubbing in his rear. It had been a long time since he had been inflated by the wolf, and since their plan to fatten him had gone bust, anything other than muscle growth seemed out of the question for him. This was going to be something new, and though he was slightly nervous about it, he was looking forward to it secretly. That was why he was not only nonresistant, but he was all but helping the wolf as he pushed back into the hose somewhat. Sai saw that, and immediately began to use it to his advantage. He knew that once Kai got something arousing into his mind, that the leomon would never get it out until that fantasy had been fulfilled. It was with that in mind that the blue wolf slowly, and very lightly, stuffed the hose into the leo’s tight pucker to get the whole process underway. It was going to be a long and tedious process, what with Kai being so very out of practice on any form of inflation, but it was going to be worth it in the end. Besides, he had two whole hours before the parade began, so there was plenty of time to turn the leo into a balloon that would belong.

The hose entering Kai was an experience unlike many that he had had in the past. It went deeper, and was wider, than any hose he had taken in before, and aside from Pand, and cock for that matter. It was warm and enormous, and it alone was enough to get him horny. It was not like he suddenly needed sex or anything like that, but he was all hot and bothered almost immediately thanks to that hose, which was butting up against his prostate and would soon be pumping hot air deep into his innards. Sai saw that, and immediately began to stroke over the bulging, incredibly immense musculature of the leo. It was impressive, the leo’s build. He had worked on it for months and it was something that he was not only proud of, but that he held as a sign that he was trying to maintain and keep his reacquired body maintained. He wanted to keep at it still, but with Sai intending to inflate him… It was almost as if he felt a touch vain for wanting to keep his body looking as good as he had worked so hard to get it. He tried to shrug that feeling off and just enjoy the obvious sexual pleasures that were going to take over his body soon, but it was a hard thing for him to shake, and he knew that he was going to have to work at it rather hard.

Sai saw the inner turmoil that was taking over the leo, and he went to work to try and lessen it as best that he could. He turned the hose on low and slowly let air seep into the leo. Kai heard the pump kick in, and waited for the air to hit his innards and really kick him into a frenzy. Sai, however, did not wait and went to work immediately beneath the leo, sucking and kicking lustfully at the large endowment above him. The leo began to pant from that, and then bellowed loudly once the air seeped into his arse and began to blow hotly against his prostate. It was enough to drive any fur mad, and it was certainly working as intended on Kai. The leomon panted, squirmed, and slowly began to bloat outwards with air almost instantly. He had such a small stomach at that time, and with the ‘low’ setting on that particular pump still enough to shove out several cubic feet of air per minute, it was enough to make him bloat out at a steady pace. He Of course, that was not nearly what the leo expected, so when he felt the pain of his skin stretching after just a minute of inflating at the paws of the wolf, he began to worry about exploding all over again. He had been reassured that nothing was going to happen, but of course… That was not something that seemed to be feasible when he was already nearing his limits around his middle so soon.

Sai, ever the expert, cut the air off just as the pain began to come to the forefront of the leo’s mind rather than being suppressed by the sexual pleasure he was experiencing. The wolf never stopped sucking and licking at the leo’s adulthood, just attending to it and loving it passionately since he wanted to not only keep the leo as happy and content as possible, but he wanted to make sure to keep the leo distracted from just how big he was getting. It was always a nice surprise in the wolf’s opinion for someone to be unaware of how big they were getting until they were far too big to do anything about it. Kai was in that state and Sai saw it and meant to capitalize on it. He did that by keeping up the sexual pleasure on the leo, which was not at all hard to do, and that he heightened by simply rubbing his paws over the incredibly sensitive and stretched skin of Kai’s belly.

The touches to the skin of his already-very-bloated belly were very nearly too much for him to bear. He came the second he felt paws on his gut in conjunction with being sucked off by the wolf beneath him. He was never that fast, and if he had been thinking clearly he would have almost been embarrassed for going off so quickly, but he didn’t care and in fact was slowly beginning to crave more air. This had to do with the fact that he was stretching out in accordance with just how much air was inside him, and thusly how much room his insides had to maintain that air. At this point, his skin was the main concern, and that was being taken care of by Sai’s gentle rubbing and the fact that the wolf was being so carefully slow that the leomon would only stretch, and never rip, tear, or burst whatsoever. Since the wolf could not maintain how fast Kai’s insides stretched out, he instead just went at what he felt was a logical pace, and listened to Kai’s moans of pain for hints that he needed to stop.

Kai was in bliss throughout all of this, and put none of that thought into it. He had no idea now why he had thought this would be a bad idea whatsoever; any thoughts of humiliation, bursting, or anything even remotely negative about the entire process had evacuated his mind the second he had cum at Sai’s gentle suckling. He noticed only 3 things in his current state: whether or not the pump was on, whether Sai was sucking him off, and where Sai’s paws were pleasuring his incredibly sensitive frame. He was waiting for the air to come back on, as he wanted that feeling of hot air blowing hard against his prostate as well as his gut slowly growing out and pushing more against not only the ground, but his arms and legs as well since the thing was nearing the size of an average beach ball. Kai was in an awkward position, so that probably was making it less enjoyable, but he didn’t care about it, and instead just relished how it made his gut seem even larger still.

Sai finally turned that pump back on as Kai’s mind was coming down off its high and starting to wander about just exactly what felt good. The feeling of air entering the leomon instantly shut his mind right back up and pushed it deep back into the background, and gave control over every faculty Kai had back to his lustful, sexual mind. He moaned and panted and purred again, right back to being lost deep in a state of bliss, while Sai attended to him sexually in a slightly different manner this time around. Instead of simply sucking the leomon off, he began to suck off the leo’s balls, licking and kissing them like a worshiper of a holy being. That got the leo as hard as could be, and he idly tried to hump his swelling gut as best he could. It was hard as he tried to hold himself up as well as hump into himself, but somehow he managed it, barely. He did that for a time before giving up, as while he was ready to cum again, his poor body wasn’t and left him throbbing with need.

So this continued, Sai inflating Kai some more and pausing anytime the leo began to show signs of discomfort or reaching the edge of where he could stretch to at that point. The wolf never did stop sexually pleasing the leo either, even once Kai’s belly had forced him off the ground entirely and slightly into the air. Sai, once that had happened, simply turned the leo over and continued, letting the leo float just above his attentive muzzle. The whole aspect of Kai hovering above the wolf made the entire thing that much more erotic, and both of the beasts noticed that the entire experience became that much better once it happened. Sai did have to tie Kai to the ground eventually since he didn’t want the leo to float too high to be ‘serviced’, but even that small matter took moments of ropes, and happened while the leo was being pleased by the air getting pumped into him.

The whole process took nearly 3 hours, but it was well worth it for both parties involved as each of them was utterly spent, both sexually and physically, by the time it came to an end. Kai was off in some state of blissful mind-altering glee that he would not come out of for hours, and Sai was just utterly tired, and so painfully horny that a single touch to his member from Kai’s ponderously-floating frame sent the poor wolf off like a cannon. He coated the underside of the leomon balloon with seed, which was nothing new considering just how much of Kai’s own seed was covering his body at that point, as he had cum more times than he could remember throughout the course of the whole entire thing. Sai’s cum was different though, and modified how the air was distributed in the leo’s body to make it more proportional, rather than all in the stomach as it had been.

It was as this was happening that Sai stepped back to admire his handiwork. Before him floated a leomon balloon which he had created, in just a few short hours. The balloon was probably around 100 feet around, maybe even more as Sai was horrid at guessing distances, and looked to be just bobbing there lazily. Sai’s seed had finished altering the air distribution in that balloon too, so instead of being just a full-belly-bloat, it was much more like an impossibly-bloated-yet-still-marginally-proportional leomon floated before him. Kai’s paws were forced open by fingers which had to be almost 10 inches in diameter, and palms which looked like what Kai’s gut had once looked like when they started: a beach ball. His feet followed that same pattern, as did his arms, all bloated out to several times their normal size and stretched out from his frame as much as they could be with their bone structure remaining intact. Even Kai’s face and tail followed this trend, the little tuft of fur at the end of his tail looking almost as comically small as his mane now. All in all, Sai’s mission was a success; he had created a balloon leomon.

Kai floated there, feeling all of what Sai saw, and purring deeply at it. He had long lost track of his size and his location in the room, and only concentrated on just how orgasmic the entire experience had been. Sai had done things to him as he grew which he had never even dreamed of, and even more past that. The wolf had been an animal, and it showed from the sheer scent of musk which covered the leomon from head to toe now. Of course, he would have noticed that had he not been cumming yet again just from the sheer fact that he felt so incredibly large, and that his cock had also grown proportionally as well. It was a massive appendage now, and along with his equally-swollen sac, looked more like they belonged on a hyper-sexualized tanuki rather than a leomon. Kai was no longer the size of an even abnormal leomon though, so they would just have to work… Though the sight of his nude form in public might cause a stir, but that was another thing Kai didn’t care in the slightest about.

Sai knew that as well, but… That is why he had called in the favor. The entire thing had been staged, from the very beginning. He just wanted Kai to have to do this, and given the perfect excuse, he got to do it. The wolf loathed that parade with a passion which he only matched in his love and sexual attraction to the leo, so getting out of it and getting to have one of the most passionate times in their long relationship all rolled into one… If there was a cloud nine, Sai had joined Kai on it through most of their entire session. There was something about air-based inflation, something so satisfying and fulfilling and, well arousing about it that the wolf was hopelessly attracted to. He also loved watching things happen to Kai’s perfectly sculpted body, so any chance he got to modify that perfect body, he took with an almost unnatural passion. This had been one of those chances, so he leapt at it with gusto and that truly showed.

Kai was starting to come around as Sai thought of all that, and the wolf would not have that. The leo would need even more air to keep himself under, and Sai was more than happy to oblige. The wolf started to head towards the pump, rubbing a gentle paw along the amazingly wide side of the leomon very gently. He was almost touching it as if he was a cub touching Santa’s belly for the first time. That was how he had been the entire time, but when Kai was as big as he was and only going to get bigger… It was truly that type of experience for the wolf with every cubic inch of air that entered the leomon. There were going to be a lot more of those cubic inches too, as that parade still did need its float, even if that float would never show up and would be completely nude and reek of sex once he was done… It didn’t matter to either one of the couple who were creating that float. All that both one of them cared about, and all that they wanted, was getting more air into that leomon so that he could do some more stretching.

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