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“Why are all the good ones always on the top shelf,” Kai muttered as he strained to reach and grab at some of the better movie reels on the top shelf in the projection room. He was in there to get a movie going for himself and Sai, as the two of them hadn’t spent more than sparse minutes together in nearly a week. The reason was the same as always: conflicting schedules, work, and of course sleep. They still wanted to try and get together as often as they could so when Kai suggested taking a day off and watching a movie in their home’s large theater, Sai had readily agreed. The two made a couple phone calls and some quick arrangements, and that was all it took to get Sai into the kitchen whipping up some sort of snack for them, and Kai looking for a movie for them to watch. What movie Kai would pick though was the hard part.

Kai was a big-time movie buff, having always enjoyed movies since the first time he had seen one. It was something about the story, how it was visual rather than told through text that conveyed it better to him. This was not to say that he saw every movie as incredible or that he hated reading, but there was something about movies that he found to be superior. The leomon wasn’t sure if Sai shared his opinion of movies, but he wanted to at least try and convert him over with his choice. That led him to the top shelf of the movies, where he hunted through them while straining to reach and standing on the tips of his toes. Clad in nothing but his normal military-green pants and the tape which was always around his paws, he had to be careful in his position; no shirt meant that he could get cut on the sharp edges of the shelves. That tiny risk was worth it though; there were so many good movies to choose from, with all of them telling excellent stories or having such impressive visuals that Kai was just torn as to what to display. He indeed had an idea, but he had a few other ideas… He might as well go ask the wolf to find out what he wanted, or at least narrow down those few ideas to one which was perfect.

Sai was cooking in the kitchen, whipping up a big dinner to feed all to the leomon. The wolf was still as driven as ever to fatten Kai up into immobility, which showed through in his gusto in the kitchen. He was not a messy cook by any means, but the speed at which he cooked inevitably made quite a mess of the place. That being said, there was still a little bit of flour on his fur, and a bit of sauce on his black pants. Wearing no apron like always that little bit of a mess was inevitable, but it made the wolf that much more adorable to the leomon, who thought his shirtless cook was quite easy on the eyes. Kai saw that mess as he walked into the kitchen, smirking to himself quietly as he padded over to the wolf with a gentle smile. He didn’t say anything immediately, but rather just watched the wolf do what he did best for a quick while. “Sai, think you can take a break for a little while?”

“Oh, sure Kai.” The wolf had jumped slightly as he heard the other speak, having not noticed him thanks to being so busy. He put down a potato he had been peeling, turned down the stove to a low simmer, and lowered the temperature of the oven all before turning to Kai and smiling his award-winning smile. Kai smiled back, looking the slightly-disheveled canine over for a moment before looking back at him. “What?”

“You’re a mess Sai… Don’t push yourself so hard, alright? We both know how you go at the bakery; I don’t need you going like that at home for me too.” Kai’s concern was evident in his voice, and it alone was enough to make the wolf’s ears droop. Sai didn’t want Kai to have to worry about him, ever, so Kai showing any concern was a very fine line that he had to dance along. “You know anything you do for me is enough wolf…”

“I know Kai, I’m sor-”

“Bah, don’t be sorry about making me a feast Sai, not at all. I’m sorry that it takes so much food even now to fill this gut.” Kai patted his burgeoning belly for emphasis, making Sai smile and Kai’s worry evaporate; as long as he could get the wolf to smile, things would be fine. “I just wanted to ask you if you had some idea of what movie you wanted to watch, then I’ll let you get back to it, alright?” Sai nodded his response, and then looked to think for a minute. His face twisted somewhat as he thought, pondering hard a response to Kai’s inquiry. The wolf did indeed know very little about movies, and it showed in just how long it took him to come up with any sort of answer.

“Just pick whatever you want to Kai, I won’t complain about it at all.” Sai smiled his smile again and turned around to go back to cooking. Kai just sighed, shaking his head slightly as he padded over to the wolf. He didn’t give that completely useless response a rebuttal, but he did give the wolf a small hug before departing. It wasn’t much, but any display of affection made Sai happy, and Kai loved seeing his wolf happy.

“You take care of the food; I do the movie, is that how we are going to do this?” Sai nodded as his response, his head resting gently against the leomon’s chest. Kai sighed to himself at that, kissing the top of the wolf’s head and nodding as well. “Alright, cook away then.”


Kai ended up choosing a ‘modern’ classic, something that looked new enough to not be hokey, but was old enough to have a decent plot. It was one of his many favorites, and as he settled in with Sai in the big theater, he hoped it would turn into one of the wolf’s as well. He had spent most of the time the wolf had been cooking agonizing over the choice, having even gone as far as to put a couple of the movies on display privately just to check to see if his memory of them was perfect. It was a tough choice for him, but one had come out on top, and that was what was showing on the big silver screen before the pair. It was good that the theater was quiet and private too, so that Kai could chat with Sai, as well as be able to eat without caring about how noisy, or frisky, he got. The little tidbit of that fact that he didn’t want to remember was that he had put that into consideration when he was picking a movie; the one he had picked had little dialog and a lot of visual styling, so it was one to be watched and not listened to.

The spread of food the wolf had laid out was impressive, even by his standards, and would make watching the movie rather difficult.  With the size of the meal, it would have been difficult to fit it into any sort of a normal theater, but the pair lived with Sasuke, and as such the theater was built for feasts like the one Sai had created. An assortment of meats, pastas, sides, and other dishes all filled the dining table in the middle of the room. The scents of it, the looks of it, those alone were enough to make Kai drool slightly as he surveyed the spread. He could not even begin to fathom the taste of it all, and when he saw what was for dessert, he knew just how stuffed he was going to be that night. The wolf had really outdone himself on the meal, so it was good that the movie was a long one; Kai would at least get a chance to talk and snuggle with the wolf throughout it. This wasn’t to say that Kai saw having his face stuffed throughout the whole movie a bad thing, but he did want to at least get some cuddling time in with Sai outside of their pre-sleep snuggling.

Sai sat at the head of the table, all cleaned up and looking pretty, his tail swishing back and forth very quickly as he looked at the leomon with expectant eyes. Kai’s expression had said it all, but the wolf liked hearing words of praise, so Kai tried his best to sum up his impression. “Wow Sai, just… Wow.” Sai’s tail wagged faster at that, and he pulled out Kai’s seat as fast as he could. Kai padded over to it and stopped, looking at the wolf for a brief moment before leaning down and kissing him softly on the muzzle. He held the kiss, licking at the wolf slightly and slowly wrapping his arms around that smaller, shorter frame. He didn’t stop kissing until he had the canine in a gentle embrace, backing off only a few centimeters from the wolven muzzle. “Thank you.”

Sai blushed hotly at such a display of affection, turning away and just nodding feebly. Kai chuckled at that, releasing the wolf and then sitting down in his seat, beckoning the wolf to sit beside him in the much-smaller space left on the chair. Sai happily complied immediately, sliding in beside the leomon and reaching to the table to grab something to feed him. Kai didn’t object, opening his muzzle wide and taking in the first mouthful of the many, many, many mouthfuls he would take that night. It was a sign of things to come as far as he was concerned, and it was a good sign as that first mouthful of luscious chicken was perfect in his mind. A deep purr came from his muzzle as a result of it, and that was enough for Sai to begin feeding him.

Kai only complied with the eating for a few bites, and then stopped Sai by shutting his muzzle and looking at him with a soft smile. “We going to watch the movie? Or do you just want to stuff me silly?”

“Can’t we do both?” They laughed lightly at the little quip, then stopped and looked at each other. That had been a serious question, and Sai’s answer had been a serious answer, but yet they both were pondering just picking one and sticking to it. Kai smirked first, with Sai doing it a second later as they both knew what the other wanted to do. Sai to stuff the leomon crazy, but even more so wanted to do whatever Kai did, and Kai wanted a lazy night with some passive stuffing throughout the film, with a real hard bit of sex afterwards; they both knew that within an instant. What they needed to do was meet in the middle, and doing that was the easy part as far as Sai was concerned. “Both it is then.”

Kai nodded in agreement, hitting a button on the very large remote for the projector, and with that the movie began. First the lights dimmed, and then the screen flickered to life as it was bathed in the images from the projection booth above it. The loud speakers crackled loudly as the first sounds of the movie came from them, indicating just how long it had been since the room had been used. The dust on the table was another indication, but Sai had done his best to make sure that the table was clean so that the leomon would have the best evening he could. Kai could’ve cared less about the table though; he had Sai by his side, a movie crackling to life on the big screen in front of them, and enough food to last him for at least a good few hours. It was the life for him in that old, dusty room… And he couldn’t be happier as he began to eat the burger Sai had been holding in front of his face since the movie had stuttered to life.

“Come on Kai, gotta get through all of this before the movie ends… Or else I may just have to tie you down and stuff it in you.” The last bit of what Sai said came out in a lower, more devious tone than what was normal for the wolf. Kai knew what that tone meant, and he looked over at Sai with a telling glance. He would have no issue with that, but if he had picked his movie properly, the wolf would not wind up doing that. The canine didn’t know that though, so it was just a matter of getting him to figure that out over the course of the film.

“Alright, but take it easy for the first while. I want you to actually watch the movie.” Sai simply smiled his little smile and turned to the silver screen, idly feeding Kai the rest of the burger as best he could. The movie had gotten much clearer and the sound far better by that point as the bulb had warmed up and the speakers had dusted themselves off with their own vibrations. It was fully watchable now, and that made Kai glad as he licked the sauce from his first burger off his muzzle and wrapped a huge, sturdy arm around the wolf. He used his free paw to start working on a second burger, knowing Sai would not let him have an empty muzzle for long. Kai didn’t want an empty muzzle just yet either, so he just started to eat up his ‘snacks’ while the opening of the movie played.

The opening was short; taking no more than a couple minutes before the movie proper began to play. It was quite the cold opening, and when the shock of the cold opening happened, Sai jumped beside the leomon. Kai laughed softly at that, tightening his grip around the canine and giving him a kiss on the top of the head. Blushing at his little fright, Sai turned back to the screen and just kept his eyes there. That made Kai chuckle again, and give the wolf another kiss on the top of his head. He then got back to munching on some very tasty, fresh fries the wolf had made; empty muzzle rule and all that. Sai seemed intent on enforcing it for the time being too, because he kept pushing platters towards the leomon with his foot anytime one emptied. He hadn’t tried to directly feed the larger fur just yet, but he was still trying to make sure that Kai was eating.

So that continued for the first twenty minutes o so of the movie, with Kai eating away slowly and Sai staying snuggled quite tightly to the larger beast’s side. Kai didn’t mind their arrangement one bit as he would purr contentedly from time to time, and Sai didn’t either, as his wagging tail evidenced. It was comfortable, close, and something both of them had desperately missed thanks to how crazy things had been for them. The movie was beginning to pick up its pace at that point, and Kai had seen the movie enough to remember it. He began to mouth the words and act them out somewhat as he ate, albeit much more dramatically and goofily than the serious actors up on the screen. Sai didn’t notice this at first, much to Kai’s relief. It was inevitable that he would though, so Kai made the most of it just to get the silliness out of his system so that he could stay serious beside Sai, or at least not good off and spoil the movie.

Sai noticed before Kai was done with his ‘acting’ though, and sat up beside him, giving a quizzical look. Kai simply shrugged, then began to mouth the new scene while staring at Sai blankly. The wolf didn’t know what to make of it at first, but as a smile crept begrudgingly on the leomon’s muzzle, it was only seconds before Sai got it and smiled as well. Kai kept at it, gesturing to the screen so that Sai could see that he was indeed getting every single word right. The leomon knew the movie backwards and forwards, and it showed. The canine was entertained by that fact, and he lightly gave Kai a nudge to stop so that he could get back to watching the movie. “Ok silly, I get it…” Kai chuckled and wrapped an arm back around the wolf, pulling him back down onto the soft side where he had been resting. He did need to act out one more scene in the movie, but it wasn’t for a while yet, so for now the wolf would have his way and the leomon would go back to snacking.

That did only last for a minute or so though, as Kai looked down at the wolf to see a confused expression on his face. Kai didn’t like the sign of confusion, so he hit the pause button on the giant remote and gave Sai a gentle nudge. “What is it?”

“I’m confused… How is she going to get all the way to the top when she has so little ammo and no time?”

“They kind of explained it was hopeless while I was goofing off, sorry. Do you need me to rewind it a little bit?” Sai nodded and blushed slightly, his little mistake being enough to embarrass him even though it wasn’t his fault in the slightest. The leomon didn’t like that and wrapped his arm back around the wolf, hugging him rather tightly. “It was my fault for being silly through an important part, sorry… Glad you’re liking the movie so far though.” Smile returning and his tensed frame relaxing, Kai knew he had said the right thing again and relaxed as well. He was so intensely worried about that wolf’s happiness, and how fleeting it could be… It was his lifeblood essentially, and it was times like this that it truly showed. With that in mind, he rewound the video a small amount, shut his trap, and idly started to eat again as he held onto that wolf of his firmly, yet gently.

They managed to get through that scene again, and the leomon asked if the wolf if things made sense to him now. They did, and of course that made Kai glad to know that they could continue. He hit play, snuggled the wolf that much closer, and settled in himself to get even more comfy so that he could lazily snack and enjoy his time with the wolf. Sai didn’t seem to mind that at all, and just settled in as well beside the leomon while resting his head on the soft chest. It was quite a content little moment for the pair, as they sat there and snuggled and let the movie unfold before them. Granted, the movie was winding down from a rather intense scene to get into more plot development, but that did incite more cuddling. That made both Kai and Sai content, even though Sai was becoming a little antsy at the fact that he wanted to get back into feeding the leomon during the somewhat break.

The movie was in a bit of a lull shortly after that time, so most of the pair’s attention was now mostly on one another. Sai was intentionally trying to feed the leomon again, and while he was eating he finally started to get full. It wasn’t the kind of full that he felt after a night of true stuffing at the paws of Sai, but the kind of full he had once enjoyed: just eaten enough to be content. ‘Content’ was never enough though now for the leomon, as he aimed much higher thanks to the wolf increasing his standards. ‘Beached Whale’ was more his target, and as such he kept right on eating in hopes that he could get to it. His gut was taut as it was, and he wanted those pants he was wearing to stretch out as much as they could, but if they ripped… His little wolf would be a well and true animal in bed, if the leomon lasted long enough to make it to bed and still have the energy to go at it. “Mmmm… Getting kind of full here Sai.”

“Oh you are? Do I need to start using my charms to get you to eat more?” Kai smirked, pondering an answer to the wolf’s question for a long moment before just looking at him. The canine seemed to see this and just waited, his tail wagging slowly behind him in its own little display of both anticipation and arousal. Kai had yet to answer though, and was about to until the movie kicked into a good scene and he pointed the wolf back towards the silver screen. Sai seemed to almost pout for a moment, but quickly settled back in beside the leomon and snuggled up tight once more. The film was picking up its pace again, and that had saved Kai from any serious stuffing; he could go back to eating at his normal pace. Not that he would have minded, as it would have pushed him closer to his goal a lot faster, but he did want to spend some quality, non-sexual time with the wolf.


There they sat for nearly another hour before the movie began to wind down in its rapid charge towards the credits. Kai had been relaxing and idly snacking the entire time, and the results were showing as his pants were tighter, and his gut had grown about another inch in diameter. Sai had been rubbing it lazily for nearly the entire time, trying to do what little he could for the leomon without averting his eyes from the screen. The wolf had indeed been absolutely enthralled with the movie, just like Kai had expected. This fact made Kai happy, and he had to keep himself calm to not show it. Not to say that Sai would have minded the rather joyous display from the leomon, but Kai wanted to make himself seem as non-chalant as he could as he held the wolf slightly closer to his side. “So, did you like the movie?”

“It’s not over yet, shhh.” Kai chuckled quietly and kissed the wolf on the head, glad to see that Sai was so involved in the film that he did not want to be interrupted at all. His paw had even stopped rubbing over the leomon’s slightly bloated belly, which was a rarity by any means. Kai took little notice of that fact though as he was more concerned with the movie’s ending as well. It was a fairly good twist that he had forgotten, and rewatching it with his lover by his side made it not only more memorable, but take on a slightly deeper meaning as the story took a turn that was fairly similar to the circumstances under which Sai and Kai had first met well over a year ago. He could still remember that day like it was the yesterday, and seeing something like it happen on the big screen was enough to get him just slightly unnervered. He didn’t want to admit this to Sai, so he just shut his trap and gently began to rub over the wolf’s smaller arm. Sai stayed quiet and watched as well, but it was evident that he was having the same issues with the movie that the leomon was.

The credits finally rolled after a few more minutes of awkwardness for the couple. They both let out sighs of relief, then chuckled as they heard that. The pair looked at one another for a long moment after the credits had rolled in silence. It wasn’t an unsettled silence, more of one that accepted what they had watched, what was about to happen, and what they wanted to take away from the movie. Each knew the other’s take away was going to be different, but they both knew that they needed to get something out of it, so that they could at least say that the experience had been worth it. Kai, on one hand, had thought that he could get nothing more out of the movie until he watched it with Sai, and suddenly the entire ending took on a new meaning. Sai, on the other hand, had never seen it before and as such took away a great deal in terms of experiencing something new and being able to comment on it and enjoy it. He spoke first after their silence, looking over the leomon and patting that stomach. “The food’s gotten cold.”

“Oh well, I can always eat the dessert right?”

“Well, maybe…” Sai smirked, and Kai did in return, as they both knew what was being suggested. Kai had no complaints about it, and settled into his seat more as Sai slowly arouse once he was freed from the leomon’s grip. The wolf walked over to the backside of the table, stopping at the cake he had made especially for dessert. He looked the thing over for a moment, then back to the leomon, then back to the cake as the wheels turned in his head. Kai could see that process going on as he sat there anxiously awaiting his dessert. Sai didn’t get the dessert though, and instead turned and walked back to the doors of the theater. Once there, he locked them and put a chair in front of them to keep anyone from being able to enter. Kai knew instantly what that meant as he smirked to himself in anticipation of what would come next. “Need to give us some private time.”

“So soon after the movie? Don’t you want to at least take a break?”

“A break? From you? Never would I dream of doing that Kai…” They both smiled, as the wolf was back over beside the leomon at that point and clutching a platter of food in each of his paws. The post-movie dinner was going to be big for the leomon that night, and it was already getting him all hot and bothered under the collar. The wolf looked to be that way too, as his black pants seemed to be fitting a bit tighter around the crotch than normal as the leomon eyed them briefly. He didn’t have long though, as the first pawful of food descended on his muzzle. The first of many.

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